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Marry Me || Kim Taehyung

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Word Count: 2.2k

Genre: Fluff

You could feel his leg shaking next to you and you couldn’t help it as your hand reached out and you gripped his thigh gently. His knee stopped bouncing immediately as he recognized your touch and he looked over to you. He must not have realized he was moving so much until you had stopped him.

The tension was thick in the vehicle and you knew he was nervous, but he was just going to have to get over it. He had promised you he would meet your parents and now here you were, dragging him into a country he knew nothing about so he could meet the two most important people in your life, besides him.

“I’m sorry.” Taehyung apologized quietly. You knew he was apologizing for being so nervous but you just laughed. There was no reason for him to be sorry and the fact he was made you laugh. It meant a lot to him, and he had made it very clear on the days leading up to it.

He had constantly been asking you questions about how to say certain things in your language that way he wouldn’t embarrass himself in front of them. They had been basic things, like how to say hello and nice to meet you. He had asked a couple of things that had confused you but you had brushed it off, ignoring it at the time.

“You don’t have to apologize Tae, there’s nothing to be sorry about. They’re going to love you.” You promised. Despite how nervous he was, your parents were going to love him. They had heard all about him from you and they had already told you about how much they wanted to meet him and tell him.

“I just don’t want to mess up.” He replied. He wasn’t looking at you anymore as the words left his mouth and you couldn’t help but feel your heart clench more. Of course it meant a lot to Taehyung, but you didn’t understand why he was so nervous, it wasn’t like him.

Normally Taehyung would be bouncing in excitement at the thought of meeting the two people who created someone as amazing as you. Seeing him like this was abnormal and it made you worry. You weren’t sure if he was feeling well, but you let the thought pass as you rested your head on his shoulder and leaned back against the seat in the taxi.

Taehyung leaned back with you so your head wouldn’t move, and he turned his head to kiss your forehead gently. The action made a smile come to your face and you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have someone like him. He was everything you could have ever hoped for, and he was exactly what you had been looking for.

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My thoughts on the "Fake/Cloned Shiro" theory


Ok! So besides the glorious amount of Klance we got in season 3, alot happened. Like, Allura now being the paladin for blue, and Lance piloting red; even the Black lion not linking with ‘Shiro’ after his return.

Then there is the theory that the Shiro that returned wasn’t 'our’ Shiro, more of a clone or 'Fake’

So falling back to Shiro and his return to the voltron gang, it was definitely an emotional one. First Shiro had to escape the galra ship was on, then crash land on a planet, getting captured by rebels; then spending 7 days floating in a ship untill finally getting rescued by the paladins. Althouhgh alot of fans found a few things sketchy concerning Shiro’s return. As Shiro breaks out of his 'containment area’
He seems to pass another Shiro.

Earlier in the season, the fact of multiple universes containing the same people, but different events was covered (much like Hugh Everett’s Many - world’s theory). The Shiro we follow (Shiro 1) has long, unkempt hair and stubble on his chin, and just generally looks like he had been through alot. Doesn’t sound like our Shiro, does it? The Shiro Shiro 1 passed (Shiro 2) looks more like our current Black Paladin. His hair has its normal, clean, under cut (although it’s ruffed up from the previous events). Just as that happens, a Galra talks about the “Experiment officially being commenced”.

Now skipping to the time where Shiro 1 was rescued by the Paladins (thanks to the black lion sensing he was in trouble), we can already see changes in (who we assume to be the original Shiro, Shiro 1) Shiro’s* behavior.

* Our show’s Shiro will just be referenced as Shiro.

Now, VLD is always being praised for how accurately the writers potray Shiro and his PTSD. The way Shiro 1 was acting after all of what just happened can be classified as his PTSD. His actions seem to be rash and unorganized compared to our original Shiro. But for some reason I really don’t feel like that was what really is going on here. Just to start, when Shiro 1 cuts his hair before showing his self back to the paladins (shortly after a talk with Keith), the cut is choppy and much to short for it to be normal, almost as if the man couldn’t remember how to cut his hair. After that, battle commences between the Paladins and Galra, naturally Shiro heads to his lion, but as he tries to power up Black, he can’t seem to connect.

Doesn’t that seem just a little bit weird? Sure it could be written off that “Keith is the true Paladin of the Black Lion” but that doesn’t make sense in terms of the plot. Sure, after going through all of that, you shouldn’t expect the person to be the exact same as they where before hand, but how would that affect Shiro and his connection with Black? Also, throughout the time we have Shiro, he seems a little bit passive agressive towards the Paladins, especially Keith, the 'new’ Paladin of the Black Lion. The way Shiro 1 acts makes the viewers think something is up with our beloved Shiro. It’s so painfully obvious that that was not the Shiro we love.

All this really makes it sound like Shiro 1 really isn’t 'our shiro. And holy hell do I believe it.

But what really sold me was Shiro 1’s hair. The length it was during the time of his escape just doesn’t make sense. At most he could only have been gone for 3 weeks. At. Most. Hair doesn’t grow from an undercut to shoulder length hair in that amount of time. It takes well over a year. But Shiro 2 had our Shiro’s hair length. So I kinda think the Galra had a Shiro from a different dimension(Shiro 1), and programmed Shiro 1 with Shiro 2’s/ our Shiro’s memories and then sent him out as an experiment?

Honestly at this point I’m just rambling, but like really?? What do yall think?

Something Familiar... - 2(Diana Prince/FemReader)

Imagine Diana meeting Steven’s great-granddaughter… (Spoilers! ish) (<<<<Part one)

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NOTE: 1. We’re no longer in a helicopter…apparently they can only go short distances…which brings me to 2. For this story Central City is located in Ohio like the 1987 comics because…it works better *shrug* Soooo imagine you flew the helicopter to the airport! YAY!

“So Mr. Wayne…”

“Y/N, you’ve been my pilot for the last six years.” He smiled at you from the back, “You know you can call me Bruce.”

“Maybe when we’re drinking sir…but when I’m on the clock…you’re Mr. Wayne.” You smirked with a small chuckle, “Anyways…how long do you think we’ll be in Central City today?”

“Uh, not sure to be entirely honest.” He said looking down at this phone.

“Our friend is very expedient, hopefully we won’t keep you there too long.” Diana watched you as she sat next to Bruce as the plane caught some turbulence. She adjusted her headset, “We’ll get you home soon.”

 “Oh I don’t have anywhere to be ma’am, so there’s no rush.” You smiled glancing back at her. You looked adorable in your aviator glasses, “Just trying to get a time frame. This storm looks like it’s getting worse. We might be staying over night if that isn’t a problem.”

“Not a problem for me.” Bruce put his hand against the wall as they were shook a bit more, “Is that a problem for you?”

“Not at all.” Diana looked at him as he put his phone away as the shaking increased.

She heard you curse lightly before you spoke to them, “It’s gonna get a little choppy. The storm shifted, gotta love mother nature…she loves to….whoa…shit…”

Diana looked out window seeing one of the wings on fire, “Y/N…”

“I see it.” You stated flipping a lot of switches as more cursing began to fly from your mouth, “Uh…so sir…”

“Yeah?” He glanced at Diana who nodded at him.

“Yeah this isn’t going to be a nice landing…” You took hold of the stick as it started to shaking beginning a mayday call.

“Diana!” Bruce plane shook violently as she undid her buckle. The wing had snapped off sending them into a spin.

You didn’t know what was happening. You kept whispering how sorry you were like it would make it better as you eyes shut. There was so much you wanted to do. So much you wanted to see.

Then there was just air billowing around you. Finally you had the courage to open your eyes feeling someone adjusting their grip on you. You looked back at Diana holding securely. 

You looked back down your sunglasses falling off as your plane crashed into the ground, “…those were my favorite…”

As you descended slowly to the ground you noticed Bruce floating down a ways away with some sort of parachute. It wasn’t one of yours that was for sure. You were slowly making assumptions.

“Are you alright?” Diana asked as you both touched down. She began fussing over you, “Are you hurt?”

You stared at her for a moment, “You…can fly?”

Diana couldn’t help but smile, “In a manner of speaking…are you okay, Y/N?”

“I…we just…” You looked over in the distance at your plane, “ we…crashed..we…what…”

“Take a deep breath…whoa whoa!” As you started to fall backward Diana easily grabbed your hand pulling you to her for support.

“Is she alright?” Bruce asked running over.

As your eyes started rolling back into your head, “I think the fall is catching up to her. She’ll be fine once the adrenaline cools off.”

“Right…” He watched as Diana easily scooped you up, “Good thing…you wore the pant suit instead of the dress.”

“Shut up.” Diana rolled her eyes holding you, “Why don’t you call for help.”

“On it.” Bruce turned away from you as Diana began walking further from the crash.

She laid you down sitting down next to you. She smiled despite the situation. She reached over carefully brushing your hair from your face letting her hand linger on your cheek.

Your eyes fluttered open as you gasped. You felt her take hold of your shoulders making you calm down, “What happened?”

“I believe our plane was hit by lightening. The winds were strong enough to break the wing off.” Diana explained.

“I meant…you know…” You sat up slowly.

“Ah…” Diana let her hands fall from your shoulders into her lap, “Well…um…I…”

“You’re special…like Superman…” You stared at her as her wonderful eyes gazed back to you, “aren’t you?”

“Yes.” She nodded slowly, “My name is Diana, Princess of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta.”

“She’s Wonder Woman.” Bruce walked back over kneeling down to you letting out a soft sigh, “I’m Batman and we are going to be sitting here for a while despite all of special friends.”

Your mouth hung open staring at him for a moment, “This makes so much sense.”

“I get that a lot…actually I don’t…we don’t tell people.” He glanced at Diana.

“I get that…kind of hard to deny what I was sort of assuming on the way down to Earth.” You looked at Diana again blushing more. You’d seen clippings of her in the news paper. Never thought you’d be saved by her.

Diana shifted her gaze from you to Bruce as he began saying how they needed to come up with a story. She agreed but kept glancing to you. She was worried that all this information would scare you away. She didn’t want that.

When Bruce decided to go check if the help was coming Diana took the opportunity to speak to you, “Y/N, I hope…I know this is all very overwhelming.”

“Oh yeah…you know…crashing…meeting your heroes…” You rattled off smiling a little.

She smiled at you taking your hand, “I just want to make sure you’re alright.”

“I’m fine, ma’am.” You told her looking at her hand on top of yours, “Can’t say I’m not rattled, but this is the world we live in. I just wish I anticipated the shift in the weather. I’m real sorry. I should’ve looked again…”

“You can’t control the weather, Y/N. You’re not at fault.” She caressed your hand with her thumb. 

“That’s kind…but…”

“It’s not.” Diana said firmly.

You looked at her licking your lips before taking your hand back, “I…”

“Hey!” Bruce waved at them trucks approaching behind them.

“Well look at that…” You put a smile on your face, “I guess it’s times to go.”

Diana watched you stand to your feet. You offered a hand down to her taking her hand helping her up. She flexed her hand when you let go walking toward Bruce. She couldn’t shake how familiar it felt to her. How easy she found it to touch you. 

Diana walked silently behind you trying to get her emotions under control. It wasn’t often she felt her heart race outside of battle anymore. She liked it.

You Wouldn't Know

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Summary: Thomas gets an aggravating call from work and may have yelled a little to loud for Y/n’s liking.

Warnings: yelling, panic attacks, the use of the word “hell”

This was requested! Requests are indeed open!

Bam: heyyyyy. If you saw my previous post, you would know that I’m trying to improve my choppy writing. I’m so sorry if this is short. I know I used to write longer stories, but I couldn’t really find a way to lengthen this without being long winded. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it. Love always!


It started like any other Saturday morning since you moved in with Thomas, three weeks ago. Thomas was off on Saturdays, so you two slept in. You got up a little earlier than him, and decided to make coffee. While you were just starting the machine, you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your torso and a heavy head rest itself on your shoulders.

“Morning Darlin’. How long have you been up?” Thomas’s southern drawl was extra exaggerated when he was tired.

“Not long. I just started coffee.” You turned around and wrapped him into a warm hug. These were the moments that made the busy work week all worth it. Without warning, he picked you up and sat you in his lap on the couch, and you two sat there in blissful silence until the coffee was done.

You both walked to the kitchen and poured cups of coffee. You had planned to have a relaxing day, but then Thomas’s phone rang. He sighed with audible irritation and went to the bedroom to answer it; you followed.

“Hello, Seabury. What do you need, on my day off more importantly,” You could tell by his tone and the rubbing of his temples that he was already getting aggravated. You had never seen Thomas yell, but yelling in general usually made you shut down. You took a sip of your coffee right before-

“You what?! SEABURY. How in the hell did you LOSE Washington’s files?!” You flinched and started shaking. Flashbacks of your childhood flooded your memories, while every horrible thing that had ever been screamed at you played over and over again like a broken record. You snapped back into reality, but only to rush to the bathroom and locked yourself in. You collapsed against the door, shaking violently. You heard a frustrated sigh come from the bedroom.

“Y/n?” Thomas called through the apartment. You flinched at the loud noise, but also the call of your name. What if he yelled at you?

“Y/n? Are you in the bathroom?” You could tell that Thomas was now right outside the door, his tone still harsh. All you could do was let out a soft whimper.

“Y/n? Y/n! Let me in!” His voice boomed through the bathroom, ten times louder in your head. Stop, just please stop it.

Slowly, you got up and opened the door to find an aggravated Thomas. His face was cold and stern, but he looked at you for half a second before immediately softening. He rushed to you and gently hugged you, almost as if he was scared to touch you.

“What did I do? Please Y/n, help me fix this…” his voice was barely a whisper, and he gently cooed as he pulled away to look into your eyes. His big brown eyes held concern and sadness. Your voice seemed to be stuck in your throat, but your tears had stopped from falling.

“Y-yelling,” you mustered. Thomas looked confused for a moment before realization and panic momentarily flashed across his face. He looked back at you and gently grabbed your hand, leading you to the bed and sitting you down. He rubbed small circles into the back of your hands while his brows knit together in regret; you could tell he was searching for words to express himself.

“Y/n, I-”

“It’s okay. You’ve never yelled before, so you wouldn’t know.” Your voice came out shaky and unsure, but you tried your best to keep eye contact. He closed his eyes and looked away, clearly ashamed for yelling. He finally sighed and looked back at you, holding out his arms in an offered hug. You immediately fell into his chest, and he reclined back on the bed.

“Hey Y/n?” Thomas brushed his hands through your hair.


“No more yelling. I promise.” He kissed your forehead.

“I promise too.”


Race Report: Half Moon Bay Sprint Tri

My 2017 triathlon season kicked off with the Half Moon Bay Sprint Triathlon on April 23rd.  

With an official time of 1:33:35 and 8th place out of 20, overall this was a fantastic race for me and a great start to the season. Full recap after the break.

Race Morning: We woke up at 4:30am to make the 1.5 hour drive from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay and this was after my neighbors decided to play some really loud music from 9 to well after 10pm while I was trying to fall asleep. It was so nice of them to decide to be annoyingly loud for the first time ever since we’ve lived here for the past 7 months. Anyway, we made our way up to race course around 6:30 before my 7:30am start time. It was very congested in transition but I was able to squeeze into a spot in the club’s rack and get myself settled before walking down to the water with a good 20 minutes to go before race start.

Swim: .35 mile swim (616 yards) Garmin said I swam 499 yards in 10:38. Official time that accounts for .3 mile run to transition was 15:30.
This was an in-water start swim which was a first for me. I decided to actually warm up in the water to get acclimated to the low 50s water temp. What a difference that makes both physically and mentally. In my past two races I have been way to nervous and anxious that I decided not to do a warmup but it was so good to get in and swim around a bit so I could release a bit that excess nervous adrenaline and get my hands and face used to the cold. We swam out to the start buoys a little early because we didn’t realize the paddlers would be going out before us so I had to float around a bit longer than expected. It was fine though and before we knew it we were off swimming. It was a very choppy start and I got more than a few hands and elbows in my face but I was able to settle in quickly after a few mouthfuls of sea water. I really got into a groove and I am happy to say I swam 99% of this with my head in the water. A massive accomplishment for me over the past two races and many open water swims spent swimming water polo style.

T1: 3:54 - I really need to work on getting my transition times faster. I struggle getting my wetsuit off and then settling down enough to get going on the bike.

Bike: 10 miles - Garmin says 11.1 miles in 38:50 (17.2 Avg. mph) Official time 39:12 (15.31 mph)
This bike was the first race for my new carbon steed “Ghost” aka my used Specialized S-Works Amira. This bike is light and fast and it was fun to race her for the first time. The bike course was nice and flat but we had a nasty headwind for the entire second half. It pretty painful to grind along at 12 mph into the head wind but everyone was dealing with it and it’s just the luck of the draw with race day weather. The last couple miles of the course had a super flat, maybe even slight downhill straightaway where I was able to really turn up power and get up to around 29 mph. I passed several TT bikes on this section and felt extra badass going fast. While I felt great on this short bike leg, I forgot to open up my packages of chews and fig bar in my bento box so I didn’t eat anything which I would later regret when I settled in for the run.

T2: 3:09 - still super slow which I think accounts for me trying to run alway to the other side of transition in my cleats. I need to practice slipping my feet out of my cleats on the bike so I can just hop off and run with barefeet. Ideally I’d like to cut my transition times in half for these short course.

Run: 3.1 Miles - Garmin says 3 miles in 31:54 Official time 31:49
It always takes some time to get your body and mind settled into a run off the bike but I have been doing some short 10 minute runs off the bike after my long rides and I really felt the benefits of those in the start of this run. It took me no more than a ¼ mile before I felt comfortable. I did grab a gu to take with me on the run and took it just before the only water station at about the halfway mark. It was a little too late in the game though to give much of a benefit so I felt really drained and hungry during the run. A good reminder to really focus on my nutrition better for the next race. When I finished the run I felt a little disappointed in myself for not pushing harder, but now as I reflect on it, this was a great pace for me for where I’m at in my training and based on my past race performance. Ideally I am hoping to get down to the 10 minute mile mark but I was not to far off and I’m glad I was able to finish strong.

This was by far my best race (out of 3) and I just had so much fun! I really do love triathlon and I’m so glad I get to represent SCTA and compete alongside so many awesome teammates. I would definitely do Half Moon Bay again and I think it’s a perfect little season opener that was well run and conveniently close to home.

Down the Rabbit Hole, Part two

part 1

“Curiouser and curiouser.” Nico di Angelo spoke softly in the dark tunnel he was left in. He walked slowly down the tunnel until he came to a small door. As he reached down to turn the brass knob he thought he should just turn back, go back to Bianca and Bob, but he was so far now. He couldn’t just-

“Hey!” A voice cut off his thoughts. “That hurt!”

Nico whipped around, trying to find the source of the noise.

“Down here!” Nico looked down, making eye contact with the doorknob he held in his hands. Nico jerked back, scrambling away. The Doorknob wiggled his knob as you and I would scrunch up our nose.

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request: Can I get a scenario where you’ve been friends forever with wonwoo and have always had a crush on joshua and joshua starts actually getting interested in you & just as you’re about to hit it off with joshua you start realizing your feelings with wonwoo because joshua could never really click with you like wonwoo does hehe also with a little bit of angst with wonwoo in the process but it all ends up flufffyyyy. THANK YOU!!

genre: fluff, angst, best friend!au

a/n: I feel like this ran a bit long, but I didn’t feel right about cutting out some stuff otherwise it’d be choppy. i’m also trying to get these requests out of the way so i can continue with the second chapter of depends. thank you for reading! :)

“Is he looking this way?” you asked, your eyes darting in Joshua’s direction. He didn’t seem to notice you, which made you feel both relieved and a little annoyed. 

Wonwoo peered over at Joshua as well, watching as him and Soonyoung burst into laughter at something he said. “Is who looking?” he asked coolly, even though he knew exactly who you were talking about. He searched his brain, desperate to find a change of topic, but you both knew that once Joshua was on your mind, there wasn’t much that could get him off of it. 

You’d had a crush on Joshua for what seemed like forever, and although you were dying to do something about it, you weren’t willing to risk making things awkward with him if his feelings weren’t mutual. But still, you ached to let him know how you feel every single time he was near you, but you always stopped yourself. 

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Cowboy Luke.

“I can’t find my damn belt buckle! Have you seen it anywhere?” Luke’s voice shouts from his bedroom.

“On the floor beside your dresser.” You say as you step into the room. “I think we knocked it off last night.’

"Wow. Were we going that hard?” He asks, picking up with golden buckle sporting the words ‘Giddy Up’ on the front.

“We have great sex Luke, you shouldn’t sound so surprised.” You say, taking the buckle and hooking it onto his ass hugging jeans.

“That,” he pauses and plants a kiss on your lips, “we do.”

Luke heads to the edge of the bed and begins slipping on a pair of cowboy boots, his shirt unbuttoned and hanging open showing off his chest. You’ve never seen him dressed this way, but your body begins growing excited that you decided on country western couples outfits for the costume party tonight. After his feet reside in their proper footwear he sits up and looks you up and down smiling. You stand there in an unbuttoned flannel tied at the waist over a tight fitting tank top. Your legs are shown off between some daisy dukes and a pair of boots of your own. Your hair is tied back in low braided pigtails that flop over your shoulders and you’re pinning a golden star onto the left pocket of your shirt.

“So, what do you think?” You ask placing your hands on your hips and popping out one of your knees, rolling your foot to its toes. “Can I pull off the cowgirl look?”

“I think you can. And if not, I’ll pull it off for you later.” He responds, winking as he rises to his feet to move toward you. Luke places his fingers on his buttons and begins closing his shirt. When the two of you meet in the middle of the room you finish off the last of the buttons and peck him on the cheek. He grabs two hats from the floor beside the dresser and places them on each of your heads. “Ready for the ride of your life ma'am?”

“Let’s do it, but don’t call me ma'am. That won’t get these boots knocking.” You say as you slip your arm through his and he leads you out the door.

You arrive at the party and head inside. The room is filled with people dressed from head to toe in Halloween spirit. Spotting a few familiar faces you head to chat with some friends as Luke ventures off to get drinks. Looking around the room, you wonder if he will be able to make his way back to you. You try to stay in the same area to make it easier, but soon enough time has passed that you give up hope and head to get your own drink. Now, with a beer in each hand you sip and walk about the crowded space looking for your cowboy. You drink one beer down and set the cup aside with a stack of others like it. About halfway through your second drink you hear a voice shout through the crowd and into your ear.

“Howdy partner. Can I interest you in something to wet your whistle?” You turn around to see a tall handsome cowboy standing there passing you a fresh beer.

“Jesus. I thought I’d never find you in this mess.” You say taking the cup.

“Yeah it’s way more crowded than I expected. I feel like a cow in the middle of a cattle run.” He says. You give him a confused look and he continues, “that was bad. I have no idea what that means. I was just trying to stay in character to keep the evening interesting.”

“What do you say we make the rounds and then get these cowpokes back to the barn?” You laugh in response.

“Sounds like a darn good idea to me.” He says smiling and pulling you through the crowd.

Settled in the cab, Luke lays a hand on your knee and rubs it gently with his thumb. You place your hand on top of his, rest your head on his shoulder and he kisses the top of your head.

“I’ve never been so aroused by a cowgirl before.” He says.

“You’re aroused? Do you know the pain you put me through having to watch you slowly slip into that outfit tonight?”

“Well it seems to me that the only appropriate decision we can make tonight is to satisfy the hunger of these two country phonies.” He says giving your knee a bit of a squeeze.

“I know I’m not wearing much, but it’s literally taking everything out of me to keep my clothes on right now.” You whisper as the car pulls into the driveway.

Hopping out of the car Luke grabs your hand and the two of you run for the front door. He sticks the key in, turns the handle and the door goes flying open. Luke throws the keys to the floor and turns grabbing you by the hips and lifting you up so your face meets his. You wrap your legs around his waist, crossing your boots behind his back. His mouth engulfs yours as you begin making out. He holds you tightly as you move your arms to his chest and begin unbuttoning his shirt. Luke walks the two of you to the bedroom, knocking into a few walls along the way. You pull his shirt off of his shoulders and it dangles behind him, caught between your legs and his body.

When you make it to the bedroom, Luke drops you on the bed hard enough that your body bounces completely off of it before you settle. You kick your boots off one at a time letting them fall to the floor. He stands above you while his hands untie the bottom of your shirt and slide beneath your tank top up to your breasts. He plays with them momentarily over your bra until he pulls the shirts off of you completely. Luke leans closer to your body causing you to lie down on the bed. He unbuttons your shorts and pulls you out of them and your black thong. Now naked everywhere but beneath your bra you sit up again and move your hands to undo his belt.

“Legend has it that if you remove a man’s belt buckle and don’t follow the instructions written on it that you’ll be given eleven years bad luck.” He says gesturing to the words 'Giddy Up’ shining in front of you.

“Oh that won’t be a problem. I just hope your ready for the ride ahead.” You respond through a crooked smile.

You toss the buckle aside and rise to your feet to kiss him as you undo his jeans. Dropping them to the floor followed by his boxers, his penis springs up pointing directly at you. His hands reach behind you to unhook your bra and as your faces separate a little you notice he’s still wearing his boots. You turn yourself so Luke moves with his back now to the bed. Pressing your fingers against his chest you force him to sit down. You straddle his thighs and kiss him some more while guiding him to lie back. Sliding out of his lap you drag your hands down his legs and pull his boots from his feet. You throw them behind you and Luke scoots himself further back on the bed. You stand up and look at the naked cowboy in front of you.

“Well? Saddle up, cowgirl.” He says with piercing dimples. You quickly move onto the bed and throw a leg over him so his body sits between your knees.

“So would this here be the horn of my saddle?” You say closing your hands around his penis and moving them slowly up and down.

“I think I’ll just sit back and enjoy this ride.” He says through a bit of a quiver.

Gripping him tighter as you move your hands along his shaft, you guide the tip inside you. Gently moving yourself down to let him completely enter you, you begin grinding your hips forward riding on his penis. His hands move onto the sides of your thighs and he helps push and pull himself in and out of you. You lean forward slightly and place your hands on his chest as you continue rocking your body into his.

“Ride 'em cowgirl!” Luke shouts, slapping one of his hands against your bare ass. The sound of his voice causes you to look at his face and you notice him biting his lips together. You pick up speed and roll your hips into him harder and faster. Your breathing quickens and you let out short panting sounds as Luke exhales a deepened moan from the back of his throat. Once his voice quiets his hands wrap around your waist causing your motion to pause. He sits up, forcing you off of him and onto your back on the bed. “Time for this cowboy to finish what’s been started.” He says looking down at you with a mischievious grin.

Luke climbs on and reenters you thrusting his hips quick and hard. His hands move up your arms until they stop on your wrists on either side of your head. He puts a little pressure on them as he supports himself above you. Your breathing has become short and choppy as you release small high pitched moans. As Luke pushes and pulls himself inside you, he glides perfectly against your clit. Your moans soon become one big loud scream as you lose all control of your body. Your arms react and try to rise from the bed, but Luke holds them tightly in place while your fingers curl up and tighten in your palms. His thrusting slows to a nice steady pace waiting for your voice to calm and slowly match this motion of pleasure.

Finally as you catch your breath, Luke pulls out from inside you. Hands still holding you by the wrists, his face drops down so that his lips can kiss yours. He kisses you hard and slow and then rolls over next to you as your faces part. Your hands move and fall to your chest as the two of you lie there breathing heavily.

“I guess now I understand how we might have misplaced my belt buckle last night.” Luke says in a voice as if he’s just ran a marathon. You take a long deep breath in and roll towards him, lining the front of your body with his side.

Circling a finger lightly around his chest you respond, “should we have some more fun and see what else could go missing?” You raise your eyebrows at him and the creases in his face show up immediately. “Let’s see what might disappear with a little reverse cowgirl,” you continue as you rise from the bed mounting him once again.

Caught Wet Handed (Castiel x Reader)

⦁ Anonymous said:

Could you do one where the reader is like masturbating *blushes* and she moans Cas’ name so much that he thinks someone is praying for him? And then yeah. Hot Cas smut? I love this blog so much. You don’t understand. 😭😶💕

- Guys! I’m soooo sorry I haven’t posted since my first fic. I just started school this week and it’s been super hectic. But, hopefully, things will start to get better and I’ll be able to post more. 

Sooo, here you go!

You can find Part Two here.


- Castiel


Author: Castiel

Character: Castiel

Word Count: 860 words

Warnings: Smut

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jamesttiberius  asked:

Sam has a panic attack and at first Gabe is freaking out or Gabe makes no sense in the morning to until he has some sort of sugar so one day Sam prevents him from getting some because he thinks it's cute

ohh i’ve been wanting to write a panic attack fic for a while now thank you for reminding me! 

i’ll definitely write the sugar one at a later point because omg that’s adorable

At first, Gabriel didn’t realise what had woken him. He blinked around the dark room sleepily for a moment, then turned in Sam’s arms and snuggled into him again. 

That’s when he noticed Sam’s entire form was shaking.

“Samster?” Gabriel whispered quietly, leaning back to squint at Sam’s face in the dark. “You okay there, kid?" 

Sam didn’t reply. As Gabriel’s eyes adjusted, he saw the hunter’s face was flushed and his eyes were squeezed shut and his chestnut hair was plastered to his face with sweat. As Gabriel watched, Sam’s chest hitched with what the archangel soon realised was a sob.

"Whoa,” said Gabriel, sitting up and nudging the other man. Sam flinched away from him, sucking in a sharp breath. “Whoa there, Sammy. Calm down. What’s wrong?" 

Sam’s only response was a hiss of, “F-fuck!” as his eyes shot open. His breathing quickened even further and he shoved a fist in his mouth, biting down so hard that Gabriel could see a couple drops of blood swelling on his skin and trickling down his arm. “Fuckfuckfuck—” Sam broke off with a choking sound and paled suddenly, his skin taking on a greenish tone before he leaned over the side of the bed and threw up, violently. 

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Michael Imagine: Swearing in Your Mother Language

Author: Rhine


It started off as an accident, accidentally stubbing your toe walking up the stairs and letting a soft string of curses leave your lips in your mother language. 

He took notice of the words that were unfamiliar to his ears, and while he didn’t comment on it and merely kissed your pouted lips until the pain faded away, his eyebrows remained quirked, a faint smile on his lips.

He found himself noticing it more and more often, sometimes even listening closely to the words that your muttered underneath your breath when you’d be doing work or trying to remember what you had to do that day. 

Of course, he’d never actually understand what you were saying, but he loved hearing the words leave your lips anyways; how the letters and syllables and sounds flowed out of your mouth to form lilts and tones that he didn’t know you could create.

You didn’t speak much in your mother language to Michael, though it was a subconscious habit of yours to occasionally mutter to yourself in your first language when you didn’t quite understand something, or more frequently, when you swore.

Accidentally dropping something, running into doors and walls, forgetting your keys or tripping over your untied shoelaces; when you washed your whites with your colours by mistake or when you went out and forgot to get the eggs or the extra whip cream on his coffee that he always asked for.

It’d slip out of your mouth without you even realizing it, and while Michael didn’t understand the words, he knew that tone of frustration and exasperation in your voice that he used so often when he swore as well.

He thought it was cute, really.

He’s not sure why - there was just something so charming about the way your nose would scrunch up and your eyes would crinkle, how the words would leave your lips and he wouldn’t understand, your voice like music in his ears even though he knew what you were saying was probably less than nice.

Michael would always find himself smiling to himself when you’d let another cuss slip out; something undeniably adorably attractive to him in the way the foreign sounds your mouth elicited. 

You eventually noticed, of course - you found it quite strange how Michael would always smile when you’d be frustrated at something stupid you did or didn’t do, how he’d always look at you with this soft glint in his eyes despite your irritation. 

You brushed it off at first, but after noticing his increasing stares, it started to get on your nerves a little - why was he always smiling at you when you’d be annoyed at something you did? You didn’t want to think Michael was mocking you, but sometimes after a long day, your brain was too muddled and tired and frustrated to try and figure out what Michael’s curious little grin meant. 

You questioned him, asking him why he always smiled at you when you’d be irritated at something.

He’d merely scoot closer to you on the couch, wrapping his arms around you and burying his head on your stomach as he answered your question. 

You swear

You were confused at best, looking down at the top of Michael’s fuzzy coloured head on your stomach.

I’m sorry, what was that? 

He’d laugh lightly and you’d be able to feel the reverberations from his own body shake your own slightly, tickling your abdomen. 

You swear in your mother language. It’s cute. 

You’d be just as confused, his strange behaviour only succeeding in baffling you even more.

You are one peculiar person, Michael Gordon Clifford. What’s that supposed to mean? 

Even though Michael wouldn’t be making any sense to you, you’d still wrap your hands around him as he buried himself deeper into abdomen, looking up at you with light, playful eyes.

I.. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just cute. You just sound really adorable and I can’t help but to smile.

You’d shake your head in disbelief, and Michael would merely nuzzle your stomach, cuddling up to you on the couch.

You’re a strange one, Michael. I don’t know if I should be offended or not. 

He laughs lightly, kissing your stomach gently. 

It’s the cutest thing, kitten. I love it.

You’d roll your eyes playfully, but you’d still melt on the inside because Michael would always find a way to make you feel like you were special even if you always felt like you were far from it.

He loved every bit and piece of who you are; from every crevice of your body to the smallest habits, the small things you noticed and hated to the tiny tics that you never even realized you had. 

Michael loved them all and he made you feel like the sun even when you always thought of yourself as common and dull.

Teach me.

His voice is playful, childish as he asks you, an impish smile on his face.

Teach you what?

How to swear in your language.

I swear, Michael Gordon Clifford -

- pretty pretty please?

You could never say no to those large grey puppy dog eyes, and his voice was so sweet and pleading that you simply couldn’t resist.

Alright, alright - what do you want to know?


You’d laugh and roll your eyes, shifting your position on the couch so that he’d be able to stretch out on your, still refusing your unlatch his grip around your body.

You’d start off easy, introducing the basic words and their meanings in English, unable to hold back your smile or your laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation.

He’d watch you with avid eyes, a gently smile on his lips as he took in the way your mouth would move to form the words that were so vulgar in another language yet still so sweet to his ears.

You’d repeat the words over and over again, trying to drag out the sounds and place emphasis on the necessary lilts and accents on the words.

He’d try to copy the sounds leaving your mouth, his own words coming out a little disjointed and hesitant, a little choppy with the pronunciation just a smidge off from its proper form. 

You’d try to articulate the word a little clearer, but his own Australian accent was always lingering behind his every word, echoing the foreign sounds of the new words and adding a strange twist to the pronunciation.

B-b.. ba.. wait, what was it again? It’s supposed to lower at this point right, then back up again? No, wait - I got this, I got this.

You’d merely smile down at his attempts, his eyebrows starting to knit in concentration as he tried to twist his mouth like yours.

You’re getting there, Michael! It sort of sounds right..


I mean, if you were deaf, then yeah.

He’d pout and stick his tongue at you before going back to trying to perfect the diction that you had.

It was adorable, really - how he tried so hard to get the proper fluctuations of the tones in the words like a little child, though the words he learned was far from innocent.

After a few minutes of practicing some more, he’d turn back to you with pride gleaming in his eyes and an impish smile on his lips.

I think I got it down, actually.

It’s starting to sound a bit better now, really - soon maybe you can have a full conversation with me, yeah?

He’d laugh and shake his head lightly, grinning at you.

Maybe. I don’t think I’m quite at your level yet.

One day, Michael. Haven’t you heard that you’ve got an incredible teacher?

She’s alright, I guess.

You’d smack him playfully on the arm and he’d swat your hand away jokingly, bopping you on the nose before retracting and avoiding another one of your swings.

Keep up that attitude and you won’t be having any more lessons from me, Clifford!

Alright, alright! You win! 

You’d smile triumphantly at him, sinking back onto the couch again, spreading your legs out onto his lap.

So what do you want to learn next, Clifford? Another insult just in case you’ll happen to need it in the future?

He paused for a moment, expression thoughtful as he considered your question.

No, I think I want to learn something I’ll need to say every day.

Oh? What’s that?

His eyes are gleaming with  tenderness as he looks at you, cocking his head to the side, a small, mischievous smile on his lips.

How do you say ‘I love you’? 


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Orphan’s St. Patrick’s Day

So, I know it’s rather late, but it didn’t occur to me to write this until St. Patrick’s day, and I am a bit of a slow writer. It’s not much, just a little bit of fluff, but I think it’s cute, and I hope you will too. 

You can find the other parts of this series on my fics page here, if you are so inclined.

Orphan’s St. Patrick’s Day

As soon as she hears the banging, she knows what to expecton the other side. She’s already laughing as she shrugs her silk robe on over her pajamas, and makes her way through the living room.

The closer she gets to the door, the more clearly she can hear them in the hallway; two low bass voices in loose chorus with what must be Izzy’s high soprano. Rae winces, despite her smile. They’re making an awful racket and are bound to wake up Finn’s neighbors. She picks up the pace just a little.

“And it’s no, nay, nebber. No nay nebber…” Finn’s voice is less tune and more shout.

“I play the rover dover foreeevvvverrr mooorrre!” Izzy sings broadly, mangling both the lyrics and the melody.

“Spent all my money on whiskey and beer!” Archie chimes in.

The banging sounds again, followed by Chop’s irritated voice. “Oh, fucks sake! Shut up, you lot! Rae!”

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Holiday, Chapter 2

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Rating: M (for some language, but mostly in anticipation of things to come…)

A/N: Thanks so much for the kind reaction to the first part of this story. And thank you to the lovelies @d12drabbles for building this fic platform! I shoehorned this week’s prompt into this second chapter, I hope that’s not cheating! Again, if there is interest, I’ve got the third chapter underway and will happily post it if y’all want to read it. I honestly don’t mean to be a tease, and promise the story will start earning it’s M rating in the next installment. Fluff rules in this chapter, but smut is close on its heels!

The first installment can be found here:

I awoke to a stewardess’s hand on my arm and an offer of juice or coffee. She cheerily informed us that we would be landing in fifteen minutes. Katniss and I stared blearily at each other and she glanced down sheepishly as she pointed out a small wet spot on the shoulder of my shirt.

“Sorry, I drooled on you.” I smiled at her and resolved to never wash this shirt again.

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Watch out kiddos, this is gonna be a long post. I’ll probably end up repeating a lot of things I’ve mentioned before, but oh well.

Tokyo Ghoul √A is a fucking mess, I can’t even count the reasons why. To start off, the animation is awful and inconsistent. I figured with the manga being so popular and selling so many copies they could at least put a LITTLE more budget into it. It’s inconsistent because at most parts the animation is choppy, badly drawn, the fight scenes are slow and fake looking, etc. etc. and some parts are actually decently animated? The animation this season is actually somehow worse than season 1.

Many of the characters’ personalities are completely botched. First of all, we have Tsukiyama, who’s character has been reduced to nothing but comic relief, while I admit that it can be funny at times, they completely threw his character development into the garbage. Which is also the case with Touka, while there are still some one-sided romance implications between Touka and Kaneki in the manga (which is problematic, considering the age gap), it’s literally the only thing they associate with Touka in the anime. In the anime she has become nothing but a Kaneki-obsessed fangirl, her only character trait being that she’s “blushy-blushy in love with Kaneki!!” and it’s fucking stupid. Many female characters are treated badly and reduced to just “the girl that’s there to be in love with the main guy” which is a shitty and extremely boring/overused trope.

Kaneki, especially in the beginning, pretty much did a full 180 with his personality, going from his usual personality to extremely cold and distant with no emotion, as if he were a completely different character. Of course he changed after the torture, but in the manga he’s still the same Kaneki. Of course, his character isn’t nearly as messed up as others (i.e. Tsukiyama, Touka, also Juuzou) Now I myself haven’t gone that much in depth with Juuzou’s character, but I can easily recognize that it has been extremely infantilized, in the anime he acts like a complete child. The anime is doing the same thing where they give a character one trait and call it good. Juuzou in the anime is pretty much just “I’m excited ALL THE TIME and all I like to do is kill things” and proceeds to act like a child in every other situation.

Also in the latest episode (episode 7) there was (possibly?) hints of one-sided hinami//kaneki like do I really need to go into detail on why this is problematic as fuck (Hinami being 14/15 and Kaneki being 18/19???) With the scene of Tsukiyama talking about Kaneki and “True love” and her getting all flustered could have been signs of that..which for now I’m really hoping it wasn’t that. Also the scene (which was also in the manga) of Takatsuki asking Hinami if Kaneki was her boyfriend could have easily been taken out but it wasn’t. There was no reason for it to exist.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT, this one regarding the fandom. √A has inevitably caused many new people to ship Ayato//Kaneki, which is just as problematic. (In case you didn’t know, Ayato is the same age as Hinami) and also because of events in the manga it would be problematic for other reasons as well. Other than the fact that it’s, y’know, pedophilia.

So overall, √A is not only boring and cheaply written/animated, but it also botches a lot of the characters, reducing characters like Kaneki, Touka, Tsukiyama, and Juuzou to a single character trait, and hints at problematic ships. The list goes on and on. This doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to like the anime or you aren’t allowed to watch it, I’m mostly making this post to point out the flaws in it, and why I (and many other people) are dissatisfied with it.