this was a heart attack to make


“I am going back Derek” Stiles whispered so no one will overhear them, even though they were standing in the treeline where no one walked by

“I assumed so when i saw the girl with the trousers standing there and you wearing your old clothes again“ Derek chuckled with a small smile that didn’t reach his eyes, the silence hung between them, eyes not meeting each other.

“Derek, i-”

“Me too,” Derek interrupted, the pain is visible in his eyes “ I wish I could’ve come with you, I wish you could stay with me,” he shuddered and reached for the younger man’s hand, lips hovering over Stiles’s knuckles before he placed a soft kiss on top of them and placed them over his heart “tomorrow the Confederacy will attack and just as all the soldiers here think, i might not make it-”

“Derek you c-”

“I don’t care,” Derek finally looked up “i don’t care if it means ill give a future for you to come back to” a soft smile played on his lips though his eyes are visibility wet “If souls are really bound to find their other half i hope mine will find yours again, even if its worlds apart i hope my soul will find you again”

“It will,” Stiles wrapped his arms around the man’s neck, holding him tight “i will find you” he moved back to look into Derek’s eyes, determination visible to both of them making Derek chuckle.

“Stiles! we need to go! the portal is closing!” Lydia shouted one foot already in the glowing blue circle. Derek sucked in a breathe, pain coming back to his eyes.

“Derek,” he took the man’s face in his palms “ill find you,” he placed a soft kiss to the man’s lips “i will, no matter where you are,” he pulled back “ill find you”

“I know” Derek smiled and let go of Stiles who walked over to Lydia. with one last glance behind him stiles disappeared into the portal.  

@write-light “Civil war era OR in a vortex”

…how about…both…buahahahaha
he does find Derek btw. in a bakery in beacon hills. owned by the hale family and a really frowny werewolf who later becomes Stiles’s boyfriend and many years later the father of his children.

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if it's not too much, could you do uf sans and papyrus and us undyne with an so who is irresponsible with their phone (ex. not charging it for days, or only charging it when they think they're gonna need it)? (totally not self indulgent)

Ahhhh I’m too dependant on my phone to ever do this omg how. But hope you like it!


Sans (Red)

Sweetheart. Babe. Charge your fucking phone. He’s not over protective or anything but if he tries to call you and you don’t pick up his mind almost always assumes the worst. All he wants to do is ring you up for lunch without having a heart attack. 

Papyrus (Edge)

This would never happen when you date Edge as he makes sure everything is on charge each night! He likes to stay prepared and never wants to be out of contact of those he cares for most. Especially you! 



Undyne is guilty of this as well so she invents a new battery for each of your phones to make it last longer. But lets be honest, you’re with her most of the day watching anime anyway so phones don’t really matter. 

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Trini with her nightmares or panic attacks


-so I hc that even before being a power ranger Kim has a crazy sleep schedule/rarely gets sleep so she’s usually the one to help Trini with her nightmares.
-also. They all have nightmares. But Trini’s seem to be the worst.
- once the other rangers find out about how serious/ often Trini’s nightmares are, they want to make a buddy system. 
- When Trini wakes up from her nightmares, she’s either gasping for breath or tears are running down her face. 
- The first time it happens in front of Kim, she’s awake almost instantly and she stares in shock at Trini. 
- Its the first time she can see how deeply the attack of Rita, Billy dying and them fighting goldar has affected Trini and it just breaks her heart. 
-sometimes Trini doesn’t want to go to bed at all, so her and Kim have little jam sessions. Trini will play on her keyboard and Kim sings. None of the boys know about it.
-her mom finds out about her nightmares and wants to get her help, and when Trini says that she can’t get help, that’s when he parents start to suspect that maybe the whole “Four kids and I from angel grove found a spaceship buried underground. I’m pretty sure I’m a superhero.” Wasn’t a lie
-ALSO her brothers help her with her nightmares, even without realizing. Just knowing that they’re okay before she falls asleep makes the night easier to get through.

i really love how s7 of gilmore girls handles luke/lorelai, like, A LOT. i think it does a great job reestablishing how much they love each other and support each other–even when they are estranged, both of them are THERE for each other as their first instinct, and that gets me right in the feels. i love lorelai showing up at the hospital when april has appendicitis; i love lorelai making schmoopy eyes at luke while rory recaps all the disastrous gifts he gave her in her youth; i love lorelai agreeing to write the letter and the long-delayed snow finally starting as soon as she puts it in the mailbox because mother nature ships luke/lorelai; i love luke flying to lorelai’s side at the news of richard’s heart attack even though lorelai is LITERALLY MARRIED TO CHRIS; i love the hay bale maze apologies; i love literally everything about “it’s just like riding a bike”, an episode i can describe as nothing save Spiritually Transcendent in how effectively it healed my luke/lorelai wounds when i first watched it back in 2008 or whenever.

but honestly, i think the place where i would part ways from s7′s choices

is that after the “i will always love you” karaoke scene in 7.20

i totally would have had luke and lorelai, like, run into each other outside afterwards, or somehow encounter each other in a place that was empty save for the two of them, and just STRAIGHT UP KISS EACH OTHER’S BEAUTIFUL FACES.

and then spend the next few episodes being all “we’re going to TALK ABOUT THIS and WHAT IT MEANS!” and accidentally making out instead (yes, i am copying this from lorelai and max, but i don’t care.)

while simultaneously having to hide the fact that they are now sort of back together-ish from the entirety of stars hollow, because you know that news would be way too much for the town to handle gracefully. you can’t just spring that on the town! probably they have at least one misadventure – but really, let’s just say multiple misadventures; let’s make an episode subplot of it! – where they are kissing and nearly discovered by various townspeople. hiding under the diner counter from taylor! (aww, a callback to “that damn donna reed”!) hiding in the stockroom at doose’s, again from taylor! lorelai having to pull a shane and hide in the closet of luke’s apartment because liz and tj drop by for a visit! luke ducking down under the front desk at the dragonfly while lorelai tries to have a very poised conversation with sookie and michel!

and then the s7 finale could have hit the emotional beat of, like, ‘yes, i actually want to give another go at a committed life with you; this doesn’t just keep happening because of all the residual feelings we’ve got and because we never came to terms with breaking up or whatever.’

i just think it would have been nice to have something new for them instead of one more round of “we can’t ever admit how we feel to each other and we’ll take those secrets to the grave!!!!”, which honestly feels like a special kind of torture to go through YET ANOTHER TIME at the VERY END OF THE SERIES. and bonus points for it being a plot filled with kissing and also slapstick comedy nonsense.

if only i had a time machine, and the ability to really influence david s. rosenthal


I am thinking about the Camilla Tominey article. You know the one…the “Airport”….

I do see the humour and get that they are making fun of Meg-It! That’s great….no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is how they make Harry look. The press have no problem attacking him and making him look like a self entitled, lazy, party pig! I find this very frustrating! He released the statement…we know it was a BIG MISTAKE! Get over it! He won’t release another, lesson learned! However, they keep going after him! I don’t understand the lack of loyalty to HM! They are all quick to talk about her yrs of service, her dedication…and yet…this is her grandson! It matters not to the press! It saddens my heart to think of her sitting and reading their portrayal of him. He isn’t perfect…we get that! But, how would you feel if you were privy to the goings on in every detail your son’s life…your grandson’s life? Maybe it’s time for the press to give this some thought. Maybe they should take more responsibility for what they write. Maybe it’s time for change. Maybe it’s time to stand up and say HM deserves more from us!

The Signs as Cats
  • Aries: A small, friendly calico cat that loves to play and run around. doesn't enjoy cuddling too much, but is lovable as hell!
  • Taurus: Fluffy Siberian cat with big eyes that you fall in love with the second you see them. Very sweet and loving, they're the cat you'll want to keep.
  • Gemini: A Manx, very cute and friendly, but they're different than the rest. Usually an outsider, but they have a heart of gold.
  • Cancer: Munchkin cat! They're loved by everyone, a crowd favorite. No one can say no to them, even if they can be a little evil sometimes. They're always forgiven.
  • Leo: A small, fluffy, Scottish Fold. Leo's are great friends, and not everyone can have them as their friend. But if you get one, you'll feel extremely lucky.
  • Virgo: Siamese cat that is beautiful inside and out. They're kind and fun and always make everyone feel welcome.
  • Libra: A fluffy Maine Coon. They're sweet and pretty and fun, but if you get too close, they'll attack. They love your attention, but don't get too friendly!
  • Scorpio: Big ass Persian cat! Lovable and sweet and your best friend - but you have to let them warm up to you before you get too close.
  • Sagittarius: Savannah cat. They look like they won't be friendly and they'll attack, but they're just as nice as any other cat.
  • Capricorn: A sweet, loving Ragdoll. They don't get as much love as they should, but they don't mind. They appreciate any amount of attention and kindness they get, and they'll give it right back!
  • Aquarius: A classic Tabby cat. Some may say they're not special or unique, but they each have a personality you can't help but love.
  • Pisces: Bombay cat. They're cute and friendly at first, but they can attack you like a panther if you don't give them what they want. Make sure you give them lots of attention and love, and they'll be your best friend.

Why is Rick Riordan getting hate again? This man worked so hard for YEARS to make an entire generation fall in love with reading, and to help kids who have ADHD feel included. And represented SO MANY different types of people with different sexualities, religions and disabilities. And now he is being attacked bc reyna isnt a lesbian?? like??

1) I completely agree with him, the stereotype of lesbian girls “becoming” lesbian because a man broke their heart is extremely harmful and VERY overused in media. little girls who read the books shouldn’t think “oh so lesbians are only lesbians bc they gave up on men or are heart broken” because that is a terrible massege.

2) Its his original charecter he gets to do whatever the hell her wants with her.

3) Rick’s books have a LOT of lgbtqa representation already (bi, lesbian,gay, pansexual,asexual/aromatic, non-binary and many more)

In conclusion be nice to uncle rick bc he is doing his best ❤

Pleasing you

Synopsis: Stolen from Earth when you were only a teenager, what is left of your life consists of training to become an obedient pleasure slave on Sakaar… that is, until the Grandmaster, your slave driver, decides to gift you to King Loki, who seeks to visit to observe one of the Grandmaster’s infamous gladiator fights. Now, you belong to him, obliged to fulfil his every need. A truly tempting opportunity, is it not? After all—who is the God of Mischief to miss out on all the fun that comes with being king of Asgard?

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Rating: M
Chapter: 1/1 (Oneshot)
Words: 6725
Warnings: (sexual)
submission, kidnapping, (sexual) slavery, imprisonment, mentions of abuse, dub-con, smut

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