this was a happy moment sheesh

Happy people—sheesh!

Okay, Dan. We get it. You’re on vacation with Phil and his family. You’re doing all kinds of fun stuff together. You’re being all domestic with buying groceries and playing pyjama pranks. You’re deliriously happy. We get it. Do you really need to post pictures of every single moment of your bliss? Really, Dan? Do you really need to rub our faces in it by obsessively documenting every single tiny morsel of the extreme joy that is currently your life, and then shouting it to the world by posting it on every available mode of social media?

Answer: Yes. Yes, Dan, you do. Keep up the good work.

Restart (Stiles Stilinski)

Warnings: none

You and Stiles were like any other cliché couples. In fact, you two are high school sweethearts. Everyone wishes their relationship was like yours. Stiles was the sweetest and almost the best boyfriend you could ever ask for. Everyday, Stiles would bring you to school every morning, and after each class he’d wait outside so he can walk you to the next.

You walked out the classroom smiling expecting Stiles to be waiting with his usual goofy smile but your smile faded realizing he wasn’t there. Just as you were about to leave you hear the sound of footsteps rushing towards you. You turn to see Stiles frantically running towards you. “Uh hey there” you say as you turn your little frown upside down “Sorry I came late! Mr. Harris was such a pain” he sighed. “It’s okay, I know he hates you” you chuckle. He groans and grabs your hand dragging you to your next class…. Gym. Good thing you two were classmates though.

You two walk in the classroom with your hands intertwined. Coach Finstock sees you two walk in and looks at you with fake disgust “Ugh. PDA this early in the morning? Stilinski, stop” “Good morning to you too coach” Stiles jokes while pulling you towards him as you walk towards coach’s desk. “Stilinski! I said get lost” Finstock sighs rubbing his temples. Stiles just smirks and kisses you over and over again. Covering your face with soft kisses in front of coach. Finstock rolls his eyes then blows his whistle “get your girlfriend and sit down” he shouts annoyed. Stiles smirks then you both let go of each other’s hands walk to your seats. You sat behind Stiles and beside him was Scott. Beside you however was Allison. Immediately after sitting down, Stiles grabbed your hand again making you guys intertwine your fingers yet again. “Alright. So we’ll talk about running. When you run you need to reme- STILINSKI CAN YOU PLEASE NOT TOUCH YOUR GIRLFRIEND FOR ONE SECOND” Finstock yells obviously fed up with Stiles’ antics.

“Sorry no can do sir” Stiles replies smiling and kissing your hand. Finstock gags and walks out saying “Gahh this is too much. I need a minute"

You two smile at each other more than in love. 

But now, where did that all go?

You sighed. It was the third time Stiles blew you off. You sat down at the park frustrated. “Hey y/n” an all too familiar voice greets. “Hey Scott” you say sending a small fake smile. “What’s wrong?” He says sensing your discomfort. “Stiles has been blowing me off. In fact I feel like I bother him. He keeps texting me with one word replies as if he’s busy. And not once has he sent a text to me without me starting it” you ramble.

He looks at me intrigued then asks “What about in school?” You sigh looking away from him “at school, he barely notices I’m there. He doesn’t pick me up from each class anymore and he always holds my hand like he doesn’t really want to” Scott’s eyes widen as if he knows something. “What is it?” You ask. “Y/n, what comes first, family or bro like family?” Scott asked. “Uh I’m pretty sure it’s family first I guess” You reply “Well this is easier I guess. Sorry stiles……” You look at him weirdly “what’s easier? Why are you saying sorry to stiles he isn’t he-”

“Stiles has another girl’s scent on him” he finally blurted.

Your Eyes widen in shock and before You know it, tears are streaming down my face and you’ve sadder than You’ve ever been before. Your knees just give up at the thought of my stiles cheating. After your little melt down, You wiped your tears and went home with Scott. “When’s mom coming home?” You asked Scott taking some frozen pizza out of the fridge and popping it in the toaster oven. “I’m not sure. But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere” he says giving me a side hug. You smile at my brother and grab the plate full
of pizza and sit down on our couch.
“I’m really sorry about Stiles” Scott sighed.
“It’s fine. I just wanna know who…. Is it Lydia?” You asked, still kinda scared to know the answer.

“No. I think it’s Malia” he says unsure. 
Suddenly my phone starts buzzing.
You look at and answer the phone without checking caller ID.

“MALIA! Where are you I’m here already” Stiles’ voice rang through the phone. You put the phone on speaker and close the mic.

“Who is it?” Scott asks obviously confused.

“Shh listen” You whisper

“MALIA? Why aren’t you answering? Gahd I didn’t ditch y/n for this” Stiles shouted somehow frustrated. Scott’s eyes started to glow red and You just put your arm on his shoulder.

“Relax” you say closing the phone. You sighed and cuddled into your brother just wanting everything to end. Scott and You were half way through the movie 10 things I hate about you , the movie that resembles your emotional state at the moment till you both hear a knock.

“Who’s that?” You whine. “Aww I thought my girlfriend would at least be happy to see Me” said a familiar voice you once loved. You turned around and glared at Stiles. “Sheesh someone’s grumpy” he laughs. “Stiles get out” Scott says as calm as he can. “Wtf dude no” Stiles said playing dumb. “You know what you did to my sister and you don’t deserve to be here now, so move” Scott says trying to push Stiles out. “Dude what are you talking about? I love y/n” You and Scott look at Stiles shocked that he’d still try to lie to your faces. 
“Apparently not enough, have fun with Malia” you growled pushing him out the door. “Y-y/n” Stiles tried to reason. “I think you should go” you whisper, tears falling from your eyes. It pained you to say something like that to
him but you knew it had to be done.

After a few months since the incident happened, Stiles tried his best to prove to you and the pack that he really loved you and that he will never cheat again

“Guys I love y/n please believe me” Stiles rambles. “but you hurt her” Lydia says plainly. “I know but that was 3 months ago” Stiles said frustrated. He loved you but no one seemed to forgive him for what he did. “I know you do” Malia whispers guiltily, after all she was the one who hit on Stiles first. “Can you please just stop talking?” Stiles says glaring at Malia. “It isn’t her fault you know” Scott says finally speaking up. “So? She has as big as a fault as I do yet I’m the only one unforgiven” Stiles says raising his voice

“But you were her BOYFRIEND” Lydia shoots. “I know, and I’m really really sorry. Guys you have to believe me when I say that I am in love with y/n. Scott if you’ll have me, I’d ask you for your consent to try and make things right with y/n. I love her and I promise I won’t do anything like that again” Stiles says pouring his heart out.

Scott and Lydia look at each other as if they were talking using telepathy. 
Stiles bites his nails a little nervous. Okay. A lot nervous. He just really loved you and wanted his best friend’s approval

Scott nodded. “But if you hurt her-” Scott tried to warn but Stiles cut him off with a small thanks and ran out the house.

He walked towards the McCall residence only to be greeted by you.
“What?” you ask Stiles. Although a lot has happened between you two, you refused to let yourself be eaten by hate and ended up being friends with him.
“I still think about you. Every hour, ever minute, every second of everyday. Please forgive me” Stiles pleaded.
“Stiles… I don’t know….” you whisper looking at the ground. You really did love him but right now you were trying to look out for yourself.

“I’ll take better care of you I promise. I won’t ever hurt you again” Stiles said as tears started falling. “I need you” he says, his voice cracking a bit. “The past 3 months were hell”

“Y/n, I love you with all my heart” he says falling down on his knees.
Your face flushes with worry and you run down to him. He looks really skinny from his lack of eating. You sigh and bring inside making him a meal.
“Y/n….” he starts.

“Stiles, I can agree to start over with you. But restart. It’s no pause and play. You have to earn my trust and woo me in again” you said pushing a plate of bacon and eggs towards him.
His face instantly lit up when he heard those words “Thank you. You won’t regret it” he smiles
You smile and watch the boy you’ve always loved eat happily as if his life was complete

“oookay so i’m going to try to be a little more positive! h-hah. i’ll probably fail- it’s hard but i really need to get over these negative thoughts! it doesn’t do anyone any good! neither do you- stop it. sheesh when did i get so rude?”

“think of something nice. like a warm fire or climbing a tree. or that anime! that’s a good one. saitama is so cool! i should work on my punch. if i put enough force behind it i could probably-” 

“oops. i got lost in thought for a moment there. anyways, happy thoughts. not being a downer. learn to like myself more. i can do this. if they can like me then i can like me.”

New Look.

I stood nervously in front of the mirror, combing my fingers through my newly dyed hair strands for the hundredth time today. I took a strand roughly between my fingers before tossing it back. I huffed a deep sigh and frowned to myself.

I was the type to make decisions on a whim. If I wanted to hop in my car and take a two hour drive to nowhere, I had no problem doing that at the drop of a dime. Granit liked to call me spontaneous and most importantly, crazy. I simply laughed every time he insisted such.

But now I could see what he meant as I stared at myself in the mirror, observing my very new and very different appearance.

I had been surfing the internet randomly last night and somehow found myself looking at different hair colors, styles, and cuts. I was so used to my boring, long brown hair that seeing anyone with anything remotely different made me anxious to change my own hair strands.

And so I did.

I settled on a dramatic blonde color that, to be fair, seemed to contrast beautifully with my skin tone. It was just now I didn’t have my long locks to hide behind. Instead my hair now stopped above my shoulders in a bob style I was not used to.

I had long hair for practically all of my life. I couldn’t remember a time where I wasn’t fussing with my strands as I tried to wash them in the shower. There were times it aggravated me and all I wanted to do was take a dull pair of scissors and snap away those ends but somehow I had avoided such dramatics.

Until today.

I scheduled an ‘emergency’ appointment with my hair stylist and rather than getting my usual wash and trim, my brown locks went blonde and the hair that stopped down my back was now inches shorter. What was the scariest thought was I hadn’t even told my boyfriend my plans. It would truly be a surprise when he walked in the door and that scary moment was probably only a few minutes away as he had text me 30 minutes ago to tell me he was on his way to my place.

His approval meant a lot to me and if he dare even flinched, I’d probably end up in a puddle of tears. He had a fascination with my hair, always complimenting me on how the long strands fell down around my face and how he loved the deep brown color that only seemed to lighten in the summer. Even when he was sleeping or close to sleep, he’d pull me close and run his hands through my hair.

Now he barely had anything to run his fingers through.


I turned from my own stare in the mirror as I heard my living room door shut which let me know he was here. A dramatic gulp ran down my throat as I heard his steps nearing and I simply stood still where I was staring at the door he would enter.

“Did you already—“ His statement ended abruptly and his steps fell to a halt as soon as he reached my bedroom doorway and was able to see me.

That was not the reaction I wanted. At all.

I gave a meek smile. “Did I already what?” I figured it best to maybe deflect for a moment but Granit wasn’t much up for that idea.

“Your hair…” He now began to move closer to me, his eyes not giving me a specific emotion to let me know whether he was horrified or delighted.

I’d go with horrified.

Self-consciously, my hands went up to where his eyes drifted. “Is it that bad?”

It seemed at that moment he caught himself and realized how his reaction had probably come off. “No, no. It’s not bad at all. Just…different.”

“Different is usually code for bad.”

He cracked a smile and shook his head. “Not this time. You look fucking stunning. Wow.”

I felt a little more relaxed with that reaction as I blushed in response. He simply took my chin into his hand and lifted my chin to look directly at him, his lips meeting mine for a few passionate pecks.

Well sheesh, he seemed happy.

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. Wow.” He stepped back for a moment to look me up and down, though aside from my hair the rest of me was casual as I wore a pair of jeans and a fitted t-shirt of his.

“Am I stunning enough to maaaybe get you to take me out for dinner tonight?” I playfully batted my eyelashes and giggled, causing him to laugh along. He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around my waist, peering down at me.

“With that hair, you can get everything you want.”

thequeenandherswan  asked:

Prompt: Emma and Regina have a movie night at Emma's house. Snow and charming walk in on them snuggling, asleep on the couch.

“I hope Neal wasn’t a problem for Emma and Regina tonight,” Mary Margaret wished as David turned his key, unlocking the door of their apartment.

“Emma’s great with him and you’re always reminding me how Regina is no stranger to crying babies and dirty diapers.  She did raise Henry.  She knows more than we do!”

“True…”  As the door opened, she slipped off her cream colored beret and heard the sound of the DVD player looping a film’s menu repeatedly.  A glance to the couch revealed the two women sleeping and snuggled close in each other’s arms.  She gasped in surprise.  "David!“  She whispered as loud as she could to alert her husband but quiet enough not to rouse either of the couch’s occupants.  "Look!”

David walked over and spied his daughter and their former nemesis wrapped in each other’s arms and the sight mystified him.  What exactly was going on?

This was Henry’s weekend with them and he had pleaded with his other mother to come over and partake in a Star Wars movie night.  At first Regina was hesitant but Henry wanted to spend his evening with both his mothers, and Mary Margaret suspected that it only made it easier to say yes, because she and David wouldn’t be home.  They were all on friendlier terms now and spent a lot more time together these days but she had a sneaky feeling that Regina was spending time with all of them more and more, not just for Henry’s sake, but to spend time with Emma.

At first this notion was unsettling to Mary Margaret, but with time, the thought had actually grown on her.  From the looks David was shooting at the couch, she might have to help her husband along a bit.

She walked over to the crib to fetch her sleeping son, whom she held close to her.  Standing next to her husband, on an exhale she asked, “Are we really so surprised?”

His head whipped to hers and he looked pensive for a moment and then resigned, “No.”  He even smiled then, but it faded a second later.  ”What about Hook?”

“Captain Dunderhead?  The sooner that’s over, the better.”  Snow rocked Neal gently to give herself something to do while she considered her thoughts.  "I mean if he was who she really wanted, then, I would continually try and be happy for her, even though I have never really completely trusted him.  I’ve just always wanted the best for Emma.“

"Do you think I might get a chance to hit him again?  I kind of like hitting him.”

Mary Margaret nudged him with her arm.  ”You are such a he-man.  Sheesh.”  The woman looked down on her son and said, “I hope you turn out to be a little more like me when you grow up, little one.”

“Yeah… great.  Singing with deer and talking to birds.”

“And that would be ENTIRELY ok!”  Mary Margaret retorted aghast.

At that moment, a mumble came from the couch and the two Charmings bumped into each other awkwardly and scattered trying to occupy themselves so that they wouldn’t be caught staring.

Regina stirred first, shifting her chin slightly and realizing that it was perched on a head of golden hair.  Emma Swan’s scent permeated the air all around her.  Her arms were circled around the woman, who seemed to fit in them perfectly.

Emma jerked awake then and turned her head up into Regina’s quizzical face.  They both seemed to notice that they were wrapped comfortably in each other’s arms.

They both opened their mouths to speak but their lips were so close that it seemed only natural to just move closer into a kiss, however Emma caught the movement by the crib first and straightened.  When Regina saw what caught the blonde’s attention, she sat up and scooted away, straightening her clothes.

“Mom!  How… uh… how long have you guys been home?”

“We just got home.”  Mary Margaret shook off the question with a simple answer and thought she deserved an Oscar for her acting performance.  "How was Neal tonight?“

"He was fine,” Regina gladly confirmed, and then she picked herself up quickly off the couch.  "I suppose Henry went to bed.“

"Uh… we just got home.”  Mary Margaret swore inwardly turning back to Neal.  Ok, maybe she didn’t deserve the Oscar after all.

Regina afforded Emma a glance and said quickly, “I’ll just check on him and be on my way then.”

Before the blonde could reply Regina headed for Emma’s bedroom where Henry had a cot set up.

Mary Margaret watched her daughter stare longingly after the older woman and she silently sighed.  Her daughter had all the feelings, showed all the signs, but yet had no conscious CLUE what was really happening.  Emma could say whatever she liked, but Mary Margaret knew she never looked at the pirate quite like that.

Oh, the road they had ahead of them.  The path to true love was always rough.  That she knew well.  Now it was Emma’s and Regina’s turn to find their way.

Just a few more stories to write, good luck, me!

Genres: romance, comedy

Pairing: Gruvia

Prompt no. 22 - Giggly kiss

Word count: 987


“Stop laughing, it’s not funny!”

“Stop laughing, it’s not funny!”, Gray said, red from embarrassment, as he and Juvia were returning from a mission. The girl tried to stifle her laughter, but she ended up laughing even louder, and Gray groaned as he buried his face in his hands.

“Aw, Gray-sama! But Juvia thought Gray-sama was adorable!”, Juvia cooed, still giggling. Gray peeked through his hands and looked at her from the corner of his eye, then pouted and stuffed his hands in the pockets of his jeans. He mumbled something incoherently, which prompted Juvia to stop laughing (after several long minutes), and look at Gray with a slightly worried expression.

“Is Gray-sama angry?”, she asked, but before her confused companion could ask her why would he be angry, she entered her imaginary world and started panicking. “Oh god, Juvia made Gray-sama angry! What should she do? How could she apologize? Juvia never meant to make Gray-sama angry, Juvia just really thought that Gray-sama was cute and that’s why she was laughing, but that obviously made him angry, oh no, now Gray-sama won’t ever talk to Juvia again, even worse he won’t want to see her, and…”, she kept blabbering, not even listening to Gray anymore, who was desperately trying to return her to the real world.

“Oy, Juvia, it’s not like that, c’mon, listen to me, hey!”, he tried to call out to her, but she was too deeply engrossed into her imagination, so Gray had to find a different approach. He stood in front of her, grabbed her shoulders and lightly shook her, which finally snapped Juvia out of her daydream (or in this case, nightmare).

“Juvia! Listen! I’m not mad at you, okay? So stop whichever films you’re playing in your head!”, Gray said, and Juvia blinked several times. She slowly raised her eyes towards Gray’s, and he felt a bit of warmth creep up his neck and ears.

“Gray-sama… isn’t mad?”, she asked, tentatively, as if she was a bit confused, but also very relieved.

“No, well, I’m not really-”, Gray tried to say, but Juvia jumped on him before he could finish his sentence, effectively bringing both of them to the ground. Gray struggled beneath her, trying to get up and peel her off of him, but Juvia’s grip was too tight and she refused to let go. She snuggled into him, and after moments of fighting, Gray gave up moving. Juvia was like quick sand – the more you struggled, the more she’d take a hold of you. So Gray just lay there, waiting for Juvia to calm down before he could finally get up and regain his freedom.

Juvia started sobbing out of relief, and even though Gray knew those weren’t sad tears, he didn’t know how to deal with them. Or that was how it used to be, but now, after spending so much time with Juvia, the mage whose body was literally made out of water, and whose tear reservoir never seemed to dry out, Gray learned that the best solution was to let the woman cry herself out. As Juvia’s sniffling subsided, Gray slowly raised himself and the water woman up.

“Ju-Juvia’s s-so happy that G-Gray-sama isn’t angry! Juvia d-doesn’t know what she would d-do if Gray-sama was a-angry!”, she said, honestly glad, and Gray sighed before offering a small smile to the woman in his arms and ruffling her hair.

“Like I would get mad for something that stupid! Sheesh!”

“B-but, Gray-sama muttered something under his breath…”, Juvia murmured, and Gray stiffened a bit. He relaxed a moment later, though, and with a tint of pink on his cheeks he told her what he had said that time.

“I said that it was your fault…”, Gray said but regretted that right away when he saw Juvia’s eyes starting to water again.

“S-So, Gray-sama really is angry!”, she said, starting to sob again, and Gray frantically waved his hands around.

“No, no, I was just p-pouting a bit, I wasn’t angry! I was just a bit… cross that you were laughing, but nothing serious!”, he tried to convince her, but Juvia eyed him skeptically.

“But you said it was Juvia’s fault. What exactly was Juvia’s fault?”, she asked, and Gray sweated a bit, but after a long sigh and a big blush, he decided to tell her.

“…’S ‘cause you looked like you were flirting with him…”, he said quietly while rubbing his neck, and Juvia blinked a few times before she processed what Gray said, and then burst into laughter once again, while Gray looked a bit hurt.

“H-hey!”, he complained, but Juvia threw herself at him (once again) while giggling, and Gray shut up.

“Gray-sama thought Juvia was flirting? That was why he embarrassed himself like that? No, no, no”, she shook her head, “Juvia was just chatting with our client. But it’s nice to know that Juvia isn’t the only one to get jealous.”, she teased, and Gray averted his eyes while clicking his tongue, prompting Juvia to giggle some more. She took a hold of his face and turned it around, then started planting sloppy kisses all over him, too busy giggling. Gray weakly struggled and complained, before he finally gave in and started chuckling as well, and so the two started a silly battle of sloppily kissing one another while laughing. Eventually they started kissing on the lips, but as neither could stop giggling, chuckling and smiling, that turned out to be quite silly as well.

After they finally remembered that they should get up from the ground, they stopped kissing and Juvia got up, helping Gray up as well. She then immediately seized his arm, but instead of complaining, Gray fondly shook his head and let her hold onto him.

“Damn, you’re turning me into an idiot.”

Juvia just giggled at that, leaning her head onto his shoulder and they continued walking with smiles on their faces.