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Best marauders fics? ??

oh hoooo boy (most of these are gonna be ffn bc i was and still am SUPER DUPER into marauders fics before ao3 was a major thing.) (also, i love AUs) (also i p much only ready jily. i do ship wolfstar! but i havent actively gone and read any wolfstar fics) (also these are all p much from 2013-2015) but off the top of my head (under the cut bc this got LONG):

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Reunited - Two

A/N: This is a Jensen x Reader series. I’m choosing to call it an AU, because there will be a few inconsistencies here. For the sake of this fic, Jensen is single and he grew up in Austin. Thank you to my awesome beta @thorne93, and also to @melonshino for letting me test the story out on her, You guys all rock…

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Readers mom.

Warnings: Alcohol, Language, awkward situation.  

Wordcount: 2210

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“So, Jensen, how have you been? I see that life in Hollywood has treated you well,” your mom questioned as you pulled the salad out of the fridge and put it on the table.

“Hollywood is great, but you know me, I’m a Texas boy,” Jensen answered.

You were about to get some glasses for the lemonade when your mother asked Jensen if there was a special someone in his life, and you decided that if you were gonna get through this lunch you would need something stronger than lemonade. You pulled out three wine glasses and got a bottle of white wine from the fridge.

“A little early for wine don’t you think?” your mom asked, sending you a stern look.

“Special occasion, right?” you responded, putting the bottle on the table. “I have lemonade if you prefer that.”

Your mom rolled her eyes at you when you filled your glass almost to the rim as you joined them at the table. You tried your best to ignore the both of them, eating and drinking as the two of them chatted.

Jensen told you about this show he was working on, Supernatural, and that they had just been picked up for a fourth season. You had heard about the show, Rose was a huge fan, but you had avoided everything that had Jensen in it, and after about two year’s, Rose had stopped nagging you to watch it. It was one thing to break up with someone, but when that someone suddenly showed up everywhere, on TV, in magazines and all over the internet, it was much harder to get over them. Every time you saw his stupidly handsome face you were reminded of the heartbreak, so you had decided to try and avoid him altogether. Bang up job there (YN). You zoned out, poking at your food as your mind started playing the memories from way back when. It wasn’t until your name came up that you snapped back to the present.

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All my loving (part 1)

This was inspired by Dunkirk and Mr.Harry Styles dressed as a soldier. It’s an AU. Hope you enjoy!

Click here for part 2.


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New Years Eve, 1939

“I’m being transferred.” He breathed out, hands clutched together and head hanging low.

The sounds of the dance going on inside the old hangar were loud, the party on full swing and the sound of laughter and feet stomping on the ground as the couples danced to a famous tune were loud enough to wake the whole town, but the only thing on your mind at that moment was him.


Summer 1936

You remember clearly, the sun shining on your head as you rode your bike around the neighborhood, cheeks red with heat and laughter loud and happy, while Ellie, your best friend, chased you around, sneaking light pushes and  tickles on your sides. You were approaching the old Victorian empty house, just around the corner on your street when you saw him, carrying boxes and bags inside.

You stopped, feet reaching for the ground as you hopped off the bike, spotting your brother coming from behind a truck while carrying a few boxes himself.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, hand up and covering your eyes from the blinding summer sun. A bit breathless from the exercise, it was only fair to rest the bike on the sidewalk and lean against the pretty fence that circled the big house.

“Helping our new neighbors. Mother told me they’re old family friends.” Your brother said, turning his back and going up the stairs and inside the house right when the pretty boy who had just gone inside came back out, curly hair falling a bit in front of his green eyes as he walked down and stopped right in front of you.

“Can I help you?” He asked, a lazy dimpled smile spreading on his cheeks, a glint of cheekiness sparkling in the green eyes. You blushed, crossing your arms in front of yourself and looking down, a hand reaching for the ends of your skirt.

“I was just-“ You started, a bit startled. He was handsome, the kind of handsome you don’t normally see around your neighborhood and definitely not the kind of handsome that talked to girls like you. “My brother, he’s-“ You tried again and huffed when the words got stuck in your throat. You looked up, feeling the heat even stronger on your cheeks and he was laughing a bit at you.

Your eyes couldn’t help but wonder around his face, noticing the sharpness of his jawline and high rise and cut of his cheekbones, the broad and strong structure of his shoulders and how he towered over you.  You could feel butterflies rising in your stomach and your blush spreading down to your neck as you realized he caught you staring and your friend was giggling at your exchange with the pretty boy.

“I’m Harry.” He told you, probably sensing he wouldn’t get much out of you. You nodded and told him your name, a shy smile appearing on your face as he leaned down and planted a cheeky kiss on the rosy apple of your cheek. “It’s nice to meet you, darling.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Harry.” You giggled, charmed by the cheeky smile on his face.

“I like the sound of me name on your lips, darling.” He told, causing you to  inhale sharply and turn away in a flustered movement, reaching for your bike on the ground and hopping on just as your brother came out again.

“What are you doing to m’sister, Styles?!” You brother questioned, causing Harry to laugh just as you started to pedal away from them.

“I was just saying hi, Joseph.”

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what i did expect from Anne with an E: picturesque landscapes, fairytale plot, cute trip down the memory lane

what I did not expect from Anne with an E: a great deal of hardcore feminism, coping with loss, PTSD, multidimensional debate on education and gender roles, suicide, bullying, pedophilia, period shaming, gay rights, crying into my pillow

1 year ago today Avi picked me for Misbehavin and I’m still crying about it. I don’t know what my favorite part of this video is. Me screaming in Avi’s face, the fact that he doesn’t seem to mind that I’m screaming in his face or how he says “Oh this is going to be tough” and then literally walks right up to me without looking at anybody else

Loved You First (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: The reader just returned from a long trip abroad, only to discover her best friend, Peggy Carter, is engaged to none other than her heartbreakingly beautiful ex-boyfriend, Bucky Barnes. (Modern au!)

Word Count: 1.7k

Wanings: angst :)

Tags: @minervaem @imaginingbucky @buchananbarnestrash @illuminationunknown @aweways @aboxinthestars  @captainmqmeep @iamwarrenspeace @missmalfoy1703 @allyp1023@fourtyninekirbygamzeegirl @38leticia @love-dria @archer-whovian-violinist @rockintensse

Part 1

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“There’s hardly anything to talk about,” you said, rolling your eyes. You felt your spine tingle with anticipation, being so close to Bucky.

“There’s plenty to talk about.” Bucky moved closer, forcing you to face him.

“Okay sure, let’s talk,” you said, folding your arms. “Let’s start with the fact that you’re engaged to my best friend.” You raised an eyebrow. Bucky looked sheepish.

“I didn’t know she was your best friend, okay?” He ran a hand through his hair. “We met at a coffee shop. She often talked about you, but I never realized you were the same (Y/n) that-” Bucky broke off, staring at the ground. “I’m sorry, (Y/n).” You felt a small ball of heat in your chest, your palms itching. Bucky and my best friend, you thought. My best friend and Bucky.

“So, now what?” you asked, shivering involuntarily. Bucky raised his arm as if to warm you, but quickly lowered it, clearing his throat.

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⛩🎢 Ninjago at Disneyland, pt 1! 🎢⛩

Love Ninjago, but the weather in Carlsbad is pure garbage for your weekend whip?

Here’s a list of ways you can have a spinning good time at the Happiest Place on Earth!

In Disneyland Park:

🌪☕️Practice your Spinjitzu on the Teacups! Either have your group split up and see who can spin out in color the fastest, or all pile into one for a tornado of creation!

🐍🗡Take a high-speed trip down memory lane on Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye! After exploring what feels like a Serpentine tomb, you’ll come face to face with skeleton warriors, the Great Devourer, and an Overlord-like spirit!

🤖❄Loved Rebooted? Then Tomorrowland is where it’s at! Visit Borg Industry’s by walking through Innovations, blow up Project Arcturus on Hyperspace Mountain, and dodge the facial recognition camera on Star Tours!

👺🍜Feel like you got an invitation to the tournament by riding the Mark Twain Riverboat! Send a friend ahead to Tom Sawyer’s Island and have them periodically text clues to their location. When your ride is over, head to the island and get your buddy back! First person to find them wins!

👻💎Are thoughts of Morro possessing your mind? Get your ‘exorcise’ by reliving season 5! Climb the Wailing Alps via bobsled at the Matterhorn, head under the waves for dangerous tests on Finding Nemo’s Submarine Voyage, then plunge into the Cursed Realm on the Haunted Mansion!

⛵️✨Wishing for adventure? Head to the Bazaar and rub Aladdin’s Other Lamp, then immediately ride Pirates of the Caribbean! Just be careful what you say for the rest of the day!

I found all my old sketchbooks...

…and now I can honestly say that at the very least, I’ve improved over the past 7 years. 

So these cover from 2010, when I was in fifth grade, all the way up until this year. I’m about to go on a little trip down memory lane, so everything’s going underneath the cut if you want to skip past… but you’re going to miss out on some real gems like THIS:

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can i ask why u don't like her? i don't either but i wondered why u don't

I don’t like her for a lot of reasons but my biggest annoyance with her is the fact that she’s made to be this perfect person with no flaws and she feeds into it. Have you seen her instagram? It’s basically a photographers wet dream.You want to share photos of your kids, your bees, your flowers and whatever else go for it. But do not treat your children like props and please stop being fake. If you take a look at her twitter and her instagram can you find me one single photo that shows some sort of flaw? The kids are always smiling, they’re always poised and they never even have a stain on their shirt. They’re kids and you’re telling me they don’t get dirty? Here are some of my other reasons for disliking her…


Her twitter is usually pretty tame. She doesn’t post anything that could spark any sort of controversy, she rarely interacts with the fans and she knows when to tweet. By that she knows when Jared is getting attention and she’s just gotta bring it right back to her. Here are some examples x x x x  of her being judgmental or bringing the attention right back to her. Is smoking good? No. Is it good to do it around a child? No. But it’s not your place to judge that person! Who gives a shit how someone lives their life? Jared seemed to be having a great time at SDCC and she just had to point out that it was trending and that she missed him. You’ve never tweeted about SDCC before but now all of a sudden you’ve just gotta point out that it’s trending? Here’s a link to the article she mentioned in the one tweet. Are all Italians in the mob? No. Do all Russians like vodka? No. So please don’t paint all sorority girls with the same brush.


She’s been known to be inconsistent with her story but I like to call it her being a liar. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? To start the wedding photos, engagement photos and rehearsal dinner photos were all stolen. That’s a little odd because that was a shit ton of photos to be stolen and who could possibly access that many photos without someone alerting Gen or Jared? But wait! A couple years back she approaches the ladies of DLG and tells them how the photos were released with her permission and she chose which photos the photographer could put in her online portfolio. Did she tell the fandom as to stop people from thinking they were stolen? Nope. Set’s up a charity that supports equality but spends 90% of her time with a family that hates same sex marriage. She’s all for girl power but never about this before she had a girl. Now she’s so proud to be a female! It’s like having a girl is what truly made her a mom. Paleyfest rolls around (oh my God, those pictures of Jared kissing her are so bad!) and she tells the interviewer how it’s pilot season and she’s trying hard to book something. Couple months later and she’s pregnant with Tom. Oddly enough Jared told the fandom he wanted to wait to start a family because he wanted to be able to be home with the kids. Later down the road Jared says Gen wants to act but she’s busy with Tom and he’s lucky she’s putting her career on hold like that. Guess what happens? She gets pregnant again! She does a podcast and tells them how she’s just auditioned for the part in a TV show and wanted the fans to tweet said TV show about her getting the part. Then we find out she’s pregnant again! Anyone else seeing a pattern? She tells the DLG ladies that she doesn’t want to do cons, they just aren’t her thing and she doesn’t want to take away from Jared. Really???? Judging by JibCon and Asylum she LOVES being on the stage. She’s an attention seeking bitch. And please, she did not get high. That train story has gotten so fucked up that she actually tells a different variation of it to sound cool and give herself a bigger part in it than she originally had. The reason why she’s never had her own panel is because creation had gotten sick of asking her and her saying no. She’ll dress the boys and dogs up in Seahawks gear because that’s her team but when she goes to a game with Jared she wears HIS team. Logical.

Her Instagram fail:

This one should be obvious but I’ll explain why I cannot stand this woman’s attempt at a lifestyle blog. For one she’s making it seem like all these photos are completely candid and weren’t taken by an actual photographer. She’s using her kids, Jared and the fandom for her own personal gain and I find that to be disgusting. All the photos have the perfect caption and show off just the right thing to get the most amount of likes. She knows damn well the pictures with the kids will get the most likes so she posts them when she’s feeling needy and wants attention.She talks about how a “mylkshake” gets the kids to eat their veggies but doesn’t give them a sugar rush. But just last week she gives the kids ice cream and tells us how the sugar rush is real. I’m all for giving kids sugar but also giving them healthy food as well. She acts like she’s the only parent that does these things. My other favorite post of hers is when she talks about missing me time. At that point she attended her brothers wedding, went to a fashion show with her bestie, went to the zoo, had a couple workout dates with the bestie and also went to the beach with her trainer, bestie, besties beard and a disgusting homophobic pic. Not a lot of moms can do all these things and then have the audacity to complain about not having me time. Tells people how it can take a village to gets kids to eat properly. What in the actual fuck? People need to spend 600$ on a blender for kids to eat their vegetables? Why in the hell are you letting your kids dictate what they eat? Keep putting their vegetables in a blender and covering the taste with fruit and they’ll never eat them. Her friend Nicole owns her own baby food company and Gen just loves this! But Nicole often says not to mix fruits and vegetables so kids can learn to eat right without sugar being present. Here she agrees with a fan on how to avoid picky eaters but with her instagram all she’s doing is insinuating that her boys are difficult eaters. The kids rule that house while dads are in Vancouver. So, yeah. Her instagram is not a lifestyle blog for the average person. It’s a platform for her to show off her perfect life, perfect family and how much better she is than everyone else.


She doesn’t support Jared unless it’s to tweet that she’s proud of him. She didn’t even wear an AKF shirt! She admits that she didn’t do anything to prepare for the role of Ruby even though almost every single actor that comes on that show to be 2.0 or something says how they study the other person. All she did was take a character and ruin her and then complain when people had a problem with her rendition of the acting. It’s over the top or nothing with this girl. She can never just share a simple picture. She’s gotta have the perfect caption and she likes to try and fool people. Posts a picture of Jared and the baby making it sound like she just took the picture moments before hand. When actually it was taken the day they celebrating JJ. I absolutely hate how she spends JARED’S money on complete garbage. This bracelet cost almost 900$ and looks like a child could have made it. Yes, she does come from money but I seriously doubt that her parents are still giving her money to pay for her extravagant lifestyle. I believe she had a trust fund from her grandparents but I doubt that’s still there especially with he way she likes to spend money.

The fandom treats her like she’s made of glass and she’s right there with them because she loves the attention.Being made the victim is right up her alley.

Studying in Vet School

Vet school is not the easiest degree and therefore requires a lot of time (which we don’t have), dedication (which we must have) and motivation (which can be non-existent), in order to be successful. Now, there is no secret formula on how to study as everyone learns differently but, here are some study tricks, tips and techniques that may be useful.

To type or  not to type…

I was previously a hand-writing notes kinda gal but have recently changed my ways. I used to print off the lecture slides prior to class and then would annotate, scribble and highlight all over them during the lecture. After class, I would then write out the scribbles I had taken into coherent notes with diagrams etc. This method had successfully gotten be through vet school up until this year.

With the increasing volume of information I am expected to learn, I have found that typing is much more efficient. If I type during lectures, it saves me from having to re-write them like I previously did. I edit them, add additional information and pictures and then print them off. This also allows me more time to actually learn and understand the information. The added bonus of typing is that your notes are easy to put onto a tablet or to access from computers on prac or when you graduate using DropBox, Google Drive etc. 

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Textbooks; worth it or a waste of money?

I love textbooks and still call on my beloved Dyce for an anatomy refresher or Zachary and McGavin for a pathological process. I am head-over-heels for Ettinger’s Textbook for Veterinary Internal Medicine. I think it is a brilliant investment for your career. 

Textbooks are a good resource to have though they are very expensive. I suggest trying to source online PDFs if your pennies are tight, or have a look on Abe Books (secondhand books) or the Book Depository (may be cheaper than retail). 

If you aren’t too sure before you pass over your precious dollars, check out your vet school’s library for a copy and see if you think it will be a valuable resource for your collection or turn to the Vetblr community for advice on what they think is a brilliant reference or a review on a particular book!

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Go to your lectures 

Seriously, go to lectures. Even if they are recorded, still go. You will be in an environment surrounded by other people who are engaged in a lecture which can encourage you to concentrate as opposed to sitting at home and watching it with a million and one distractions. I know some people learn better in a home environment (and fall asleep in lectures) and that is totally fine, but for me, being present in the lecture is way more beneficial. Plus, if you are at home listening to a lecture, you may miss out on your professor imitating a horse walking with Stringhalt!

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Concentration is the key

I am sure that I am not the only one who sits there reading the same sentence of their equine orthopaedics notes over and over again because they are too busy thinking about how amazing cats are (am I right!?). I am also sure that I am not the only one who sits there typing notes to be seen 2 minutes later on Facebook or Tumblr. 

We all have those moments (sometimes days), where you just seriously cannot concentrate whatever the heck you do. When I am having one of these bouts, I put time restrictions on myself. I find that when I do this, I tend to stay more focused at the task at hand. The Pomodoro Technique is brilliant. You study for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. Repeat this 4 times and then take a 10 minute break, then start again. This way you are giving yourself a little reward after making your brain work really hard for those 25 minutes. There are some pretty cute apps out there as well for it!

Originally posted by firstars

Suffering from the zero motivation thing?

Books? Check! Laptop? Check! Highlighters? Check! Motivation? ….. Now you can be all set and ready to go but what is the point when as soon as you open that first page on your pathology textbook you just have absolutely no interest in what you are doing. Not only does this result in a miserable you, it also isn’t productive at all. I go through this from time to time where I just kick myself for wanting to be a vet and dragging myself through 6 years of uni and just can’t stand the thought of another second of cattle reproduction. 

Best thing to do when this happens is do not force yourself to study. It just makes everything a whole heck worse. Take a break (even if you literally just sat down to study). Go for a walk, go play with your pet, talk to a friend or call family. If I am really not happy, then I watch an episode of The Supervet or All Creatures Great and Small or take a trip down memory lane and look at photos from my past few years at vet school. Little things that remind you why you want to be here are sometimes all you need to get yourself into gear. 

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Organisation is also the key 

I don’t know about you, but if I have everything in files with dividers, books with labelled sticky tabs in a categorical order in my bookshelf and an assortment of stationery I just feel like everything is right in the world. Having your notes prepared and stored in an orderly manner makes it easier for you to access information and is a good habit to get into yearly on in the degree. Also organise your computer files in a logical manner and back them up too! I still frequently reach for notes from previous years and it helps that I know where everything is. 

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Exams - that one word that strikes fear in all vet students

Preparation is key. I try and start studying for finals about a month before my first exam. This easier said than done because in that month, because you are still learning new material whilst going over older stuff. I write a list of topics to be covered before the exam for each unit and tick them off as I go.

I use my typed notes as guide and draw on textbooks and journal articles to incorporate my understanding of topics into a massive mindmaps on A3 paper. I find hand writing mind maps and drawing out anatomy, diseases etc really reinforces what I learn’t throughout the semester. 

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Feel free to add anymore tips or tricks that you may have and happy studying!


*Requested* Imagine being there for Stefan after he loses his memories, and taking him down memory lane

Word Count : 630

Your name: submit What is this?

It is the day after Damon, Elena and you found Stefan at the cabin with Qetsiyah, or Tessa how she likes to call herself. After Stefan finally woke up he had no memory of knowing you, or any other of his friends. His memory was just wiped clean, leaving him with no remembrance at all.

Trying to trigger something, you thought it would be a great idea to take him down memory lane, reminding him of the awesome time you´ve had. After he got the crash course, including the names and significant traits of his friends, you start your short trip around Mystic Falls.

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Attitude, attitude, attitude! It’s the name of the game, amigos. You can see the showers as goofy because they’re outdoors, or adventuresome because they’re in the desert! Meal time is limited, or meal time is refreshingly diverse for a camping trip! Restrooms out back are a pain, or restrooms out back are an excellent excuse to look at the beautiful scenery! Exotic wildlife is terrifying, or exotic wildlife is just a unique opportunity to see the critters! Spartan accommodations are unpleasant, or dorm living 2.0 is a great trip down memory lane – and there’s a wall between me and those black widows!

I have a bad foot, bad sunburn, and the vestiges of a bad cold; have been anxious about this trip for three years; and generally do not like things throwing off my routine, but you know what? This is the coolest frickin thing when you look at it step-by-step, piece-by-piece, and don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m having a blast and am one happy camper! I love what I’ve already gotten to do and today promises to be another great day.

Cheers! ☀️⛰😎

2015 Luke Hemmings Highlights

Bc of recent events i’ve looked back in time and have fallen insanely and stupidly in love with 2015 Luke and i’d like to show you the highlights of 2015 Luke Hemmings.

 The first highlight is 2015 Japan Luke, what a time to be alive am i right kids? 

i mean you could set up camp inside of his dimples they’re that dEEP 

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who knew johnny martin was such a big fan of the ashes to ashes soundtrack?? who knew

listen here

disclaimers/infodump under the cut

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A/N: Ok, so I watching some old tv this weekend and came up with this crazy idea for a story.. Not sure how many parts it will be, we will just have to see where the story takes us.

No beta, so apologies for any errors.

Thanks to @frenchybell , @impala-dreamer , and @chelsea072498 for letting me use y'all … If anyone has not read their fantastic stories, please make sure to check out their links and read them!!! The links to their stories will be italicized.

Feel free to leave any feedback, it is always appreciated. If you want to me added to tags or deleted, just let me know!

Enjoy and Happy Reading!

PAIRING: Dean x Reader

WARNINGS: mention of murders, a little fluff

WORD COUNT: only 1681


TAGGING: @frenchybell @impala-dreamer @chelsea072498 @supernatural-jackles @jensen-jarpad @meganlpie @sis-tafics @d-s-winchester @treasurecastiel @mysteriouslyme81 @calicat79 @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @isis278 @catackles16 @multifandomwhore91 @lunarsaturn88 @ladyxdezi @deathtonormalcy56 @dracsgirl @loveitsallineed @moonlitskinwalker @sdavid09 @chaos-and-the-calm67

As the movie ends, I stretched my legs out and gently roll over to look at Dean. Yep, he fell asleep watching it. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey baby, wake up. Movie is over.”

“Come on sleepy head. I’m gonna check on Sam.”

I got up and left Dean stretching as he woke up. I walked down the hallway towards Sam giggling to myself. Never fails, Dean always crashes anytime I pick the movie to watch.

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Okay, so I’ve talked a lot about writing what you know and how important that is, but it’s hard to offer practical examples so here’s one: 

I lived in Hawaii for a while. Now, it just so happened to work out for the book I’m currently writing that four of my characters go on a weird, messed up vacation and Maui was the ideal destination. And let me just tell you, I’ve had a freakin’ blast writing about it because not only is it a great trip down memory lane, but there are things you’d never be able to describe about Maui unless you’d been there–like crawling up the side of a mountain in the dark in the jungle in a car with an engine that barely runs, wondering if you’re about to lose power completely and slide down a hill to your death. Or the way the whole island looks like it’s on fire when they burn the cane and how you have to close all the windows so you don’t wake up covered in ash in the morning. Or the absolutely unholy stench from the sugar factory that hangs over the airport. Or waking up and finding a lizard on the ceiling directly above your face. Or how you learn to just eat ants like a garnish because they’re fucking everywhere and there’s literally nothing you can do about it. Those kinds of details you really can’t manufacture. Now before you say, “But you lived in Hawaii, that’s so exciting, and my life is so boring, I don’t know anything” (because someone always says that), allow me to preempt you: this applies to everything and everywhere. Your high school, your hometown, that restaurant you worked in in West Covina. If you’ve ever worked a job or lived in a place or had a hobby where the details are familiar to you, you can write them with an authenticity that can’t possibly be faked, and that will add tremendous depth to your story, whatsoever it may be. It doesn’t matter if it’s not, on the surface, exciting. Authenticity in fiction is engaging and addictive, because that’s when a reader goes Wow. Yes. I can see that. Or even, I know EXACTLY that feeling. In some ways, the more mundane, the better. Because if you can do justice to a mundane experience, everyone else in the world who has had it will have an absolutely transcendent moment seeing it prose. 

So. Write what you know. You know a lot more than you think.

Lumen (part 7/ ): Warm intentions

Originally posted by buckwildbarnes


Read up here:

Part 1: Good intentions

Part 2: Honest intentions

Part 3: Dark intentions

Part 4: Wrong intentions

Part 5: Other intentions

Part 6: True intentions

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary of part 7: Bucky and Iona enjoy an evening in each other’s company, some more information is revealed.

Warnings: Attempt at fluff. I’m a sucker for fluff.

Word count: approximately 1.600 (without background information).

A/N: Took a different approach and chose to write from Bucky’s perspective, hope you guys like it. 

This is my first fan fic series, so bear with me. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this one, constructive criticism is appreciated! Also, since this is an ongoing series, the tag list is open as we speak, so feel free to send me a message!

Background: Iona Cole is a perky, gifted and ambitious assistant to a critically acclaimed professor at a renowned university. That is, until she snaps in the middle of class, the auditorium packed with students on introduction day. Having a long family history of psychiatric diseases, her mother sends her to a private clinic to receive the best treatment. In reality, this institute for people with “special needs” is a smokescreen for the underground operation Hydra is running there.

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hillflirty  asked:

So, real talk, when are we going to have another Rabbit let's watch party?

Gonna publish this so that other people can pitch in, kay

I wish I could spare every sunday to do that because it was great taking a trip down memory lane, with other fans who had been around for varying lengths of time

and I’m totally down for doing it again, and maybe this could be like a monthly thing? 

The real question is, what do we marathon next?

All the GTA heists. The Until Dawn Let’s Watch? 

All the horror games they’ve played through (aka PT, RE7, Layers of Fear, Outlast 1+2) 

Slenderman and all them man hunter types where someone’s the evil doll or slenderman etc and has to sneak up on the others.

Uncharted?  We got a lot of different marathon types we can do
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I’m a sappy fuck and took one last trip down memory lane for Heavensward, taking screenshots along the way. it was a good ride, a good two years…and great memories along the way, but stormblood is around the corner, and eventually i had to log off…man that was hard…but i can hardly contain my excitement.

Come on stormblood. give me better memories