this was a great day he looked so good damn

A lot of you seemed to like the concept of Chloe and Micheal being buddies after The Squip Incident SO HERE YA GO SOME HCS FOR YOUR SOUL:

• Obviously Michael never really wanted to be Chloe’s friend since she used to look down on people like him for being nerds and all that jazz
• It came about when Michael was visiting Jeremy in hospital and Chloe and Brooke came to visit Rich (Jake convinced them to)
• He was sitting by the bed when Chloe finally noticed him
• It was pretty awkward cause he was in the perfect spot for capturing a photo between Jake and Rich which she totally needed
• So she asked him to move
• Michael refused
• She then went into full on ‘popular girl Chloe’ mode and tried to threaten Michael into moving
• Give it up girl he ain’t budging
• She didn’t really have the energy to argue with someone like him at that time, plus the moment between Jake and Rich had already passed, so she just sighed and flopped down onto a chair opposite Jer’s bed while Brooke talked to the boys
• It wasn’t until then that she noticed the concern on Michael’s face and how concentrated he was over Jeremy’s well being, not even acknowledging the others behind him.
• “He’ll be fine you know. If Jeremy can control himself from sleeping with both me AND Brooke he can totally make it through this!” She tried to joke
• Michael didn’t really reply, only hummed in agreement and didn’t break contact with Jeremy for a second
• Chloe started to quiet down, fully realising how worried he was for his friend.
• “Hey I’m serious. He’s gonna be fine. You know him better than I do but… I just have a feeling that he’s gonna be ok”
• “And why should I believe that?” He snarled back
• “It’s like I said, you know him better than me, than ANYONE right?”
• This certainly got Michael’s attention. Chloe had never even tried to show concern for him or Jeremy before. He hadn’t really realised there was anything more to her than what meets the eye
• So they started talking. About the Squip, about Jeremy and about a few other things and eventually the two became tolerable of each other
• Once Jeremy recovered they began to hang out a little more in school, slowing beginning to enjoy the small chats they would share.
• It was never anything very significant. Maybe a new episode of a show that Chloe liked or a recent game that had just been released that Michael was dying to play.
• Either way, the two were having fun
• One day, Jeremy and Christine had gone out somewhere for lunch so Michael sat with Chloe in a cafeteria
• Immediately she opened a little bag she had laying next to her and said “turn and face me”
• Quite cautiously, Michael listened.
• “What is this about?”
• “Shut up for a second and close your eyes. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.”
• For about half of his lunch break, Michael was stuck sitting on a bench with his eyes closed having no idea what was going on. He could hear people walking past complementing Chloe on her fine work but it meant nothing to Michael.
• Finally he was allowed to open his eyes and….
• “Is that… eyeliner?”
• “Yeah! I knew it would look good on you. Would do you think Mike?”
• “…. I kinda like it.”
• It sort of became a tradition between the two. Whenever Chloe had a free period she would spend most of it doing Michael’s eyes. It was great practice and she loved to work on Michael’s perfect skin (WHAT IS YOUR SECRET MAN) so it was a win win
• Eventually Chloe invited Michael round for a full on makeover and though Michael wasn’t sure at first he ended up agreeing.
• So many selfies were taken that day HOT DAMN
• As the two grew closer Michael had began to notice a change in Chloe, especially when a certain someone was around. The way her eyes would sparkle just a little more or how white her teeth had become over the last few days
• He even noticed how her makeup had grown a little heavier than usual (he’s learning)
• When questioned about it during one of their little gossip sessions at Chloe’s house, she simply brushed it off and smiled
• Michael was going to push further when Jeremy suddenly called him and his face blew up like a tomato
• He waved the mascara wand away from his face in favour of answering the call immediately
• After a few minutes he hung up and turned to Chloe who had this look on her face
• After Chloe EVENTUALLY fessed up to liking Brooke the two spend their time going on for HOURS gushing over their crushes
• It was a good source of vent for the two, they certainly needed it everyday at school was turning into pining hell
• It’s sort of an unconscious game of 'who will get caught out first?’ (Michael totally lost and had to walk around school in a wig for a week but he rocked it)

Six of Crows lock screens

Kaz: he wasn’t going to customize it much, because y’know, keep em guessing, but he wanted to get rid of the default screen, so he went to see if any of the pre-loaded options were a darker color. then he saw that one of them was a black bird’s wing and he was like “oh shit. that’s my #aesthetic” and it’s pretty much been that ever since

Inej: a group selfie of her, Nina, and Jesper doing Blue Steel-esque faces. in the corner of the photo is a fuzzy black blur that is Kaz, completely ignoring Jesper’s “Kaz!! selfie! look up!!” (it’s prior to Wylan and Matthias’s addition to the group but she loves that photo so much, it would be a bummer to change it.)

Nina: she changes it all the time. some favorites include: her and Inej wearing sunglasses and too-cool-for-you expressions; an unflattering photo of Matthias caught off guard; a cup of hot chocolate being held by hands engulfed in the cuffs of a bulky sweater; a flowery background with “i do what i want” in a digital speech bubble on top.

Matthias: it used to be that his lock screen and home screen were both a snowy mountain landscape view; Nina bugged him about being boring, and after a while he changed it so the lock screen was a sweet picture of her smiling (he did not show her for like a week)

Wylan: a picture of him making an exaggerated surprised/happy face when Jesper kisses his cheek. Inej sees it first and actually groans out loud because it’s so cute; the noise catches Jesper’s attention so he looks over at it and says “oh my god you’re so fucking gay.” 

Jesper: it used to be like a really good selfie of himself. like, the kind of selfie that is flattering and also shows of your personality, the kind you post to three different social media apps and reblog if it doesn’t get enough notes. (“oh my god, your lock screen is yourself?” inej scoffs.  “that’s so vain.”/“but look how good this selfie is.”/“damn. you’re right.”) but then one day he takes a photo of Wylan doing something that captures his full attention (flute? equation? something sciencey? idk), and he looks at it and is like “goddamnit, this is such a great photo.” he puts a bunch of heart eyes/heart/gay couple emojis on top and sets that as his lock screen instead.

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um hello i just wanted to say that you deserve an award for drawing shiro like that, because, damn, he looks too good in your style. i feel like you should be given a medal for the awesomeness (and for the best drawing performance of shiro in whole tumblr fandom). PS: i love you art, you're great!


✧(´⌣`人)Thank you so much for your words!!!


Ok short story time but tonight I was lucky enough to be in the studio audience for tonight’s episode of The Project. As you could probably tell, DAVID BOREANAZ was also there. I have loved Bones and David for yeeeaaarrrss and actually being in the same room as him was unreal. They had him on at the end of the show so I was sitting through the news stories/some dude from Twilight and Manny Pacquiao thinking David would never come on. It just didn’t feel real. Anyway, just before they introduced him, he walked in the room. (The room was actually really small. Like just a bit bigger than an average living room.) I rememeber at that moment I lost all function. I was near the door side of the row which meant he was only a few metres away. Literally nobody was paying attention to the show as soon as he walked in. We were all glued to the side of the room where he was standing. Then of course they played his Buffy/Angel/Bones intro while he shook hands with everyone. Then the interview went on and he looked into the crowd and we had like 0.5 seconds of eye contact. I know we already knew this but damn hes good at interviews. So much energy, seems like such a decent guy. After it finished he waved goodbye to us and got photos with the Panel and then waved goodbye to us again. After that the hosts came and spoke to us saying how great David was.

So that was day ¼ of seeing David. I’m still shaking. I might livetweet or tweet the aftermath of actually MEETING him tomorrow and getting autorgaphs/photos with him over the weekend. Follow me if you wanna see some crazy Bones/David Boreanaz fan post some crazy tweets.

y’all i want a zelink ballet company au


  • So like hear me out
  • Link is the premier danseur of the Hylian Ballet Company and he is good as HELL
  • (just a little bit cocky about it too. a teeny bit. but he puts his money where his mouth is ya know, he can dance circles around most of the other dudes) 
  • Zelda isn’t the prima of the company but she’s been there for a long time and she’s decently talented as well
  • Anyway her and her friends in the company HATE Link, they think he’s obnoxious 
  • But one day the prima is injured as they need someone to take her place for the time being and the director chooses Zelda
  • So great. now she has to spend 6 hours a day in the arms of this prick
  • And he’s NOT handsome. he’s obnoxious. And irritating. And when he doesn’t shave she never notices how good his jaw looks with a little scruff ok??
  • They work on individual pas de deux and so they take lunch at a different time than the rest of the company sometimes so they have to get lunch together
  • They start to get to know each other and Zelda starts to realize that he’s not so obnoxious after all, it’s only really when he dances
  • And DAMN do his legs look better when they’re in shorts instead of tights
  • But anyway idk if it’s just me but these dancers have some sexual tension and Zelda and Link are no exception, they’re both WILD for each other by the end of the month tbh
  • But of course, they have to do their shows together so neither one of them is willing to budge before they have to spend two weeks in such close proximity just in case they get rejected
  • But anyway it’s closing night of the performance, and they ROCK their last sequence together
  • And literally they barely make it offstage and Link like, brushes against her wrong or something
  • But she basically drags him by his costume up against the wall and kisses him
  • They barely make it out for curtain call

**Feel free to use, just don’t forget to let me know and please credit (link back to the post)

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To your last Mchanzo-Oneshot: OMG that was so perfect an cute and everything I could ever wish for! What about a Reverse ? With pinning Mccree? I really Love to know how heute would imagine their home :3

Omg you are so sweet THANK YOU! I might have been low-key hoping someone would ask and already writing it right after Hanzo’s but just couldn’t get it to feel “right” and it took me darn near forever to finish. Anyway:

Note: a few “bad words”, a very mild innuendo?
Also read Hanzo’s pov first for full angst affect, HERE.

McCree felt Hanzo’s gaze on him -heavy and charged, like a buzzard on a carcass. That sonofabitch better be lookin’. He’d gotten all fancied up for him after all. Well, if fancied up meant he’d spent an extra ten minutes in the shower, trimmed his beard a little neater and made sure his hair wasn’t sticking up too wild. Subtleties, ya know. He couldn’t make it too obvious. It’s not like tonight was anything particularly worth fussin’ over so much, just a casual little after mission get together. His nerves hadn’t gotten that memo, and he’d also spent a great deal more time making the decision between the blue plaid and the brown shirt than he’d care to admit, before pulling the latter over his head at the last minute. He’d caught Hanzo staring at him in both, so he figured he couldn’t lose. The other man had showed up to the rec room surprisingly casual. Jeans that fit too well not to have been tailored (could you even get jeans tailored? Hanzo Shimada probably could.) a soft grey v-neck t-shirt which conformed to muscle like a second skin and dipped just low enough to show off that down-right tantalizing collar bone. His hair swept up in a top knot with sides freshly shaven. Damn. If haircuts could kill a man… Hanzo’s undercut could be the death of Jesse McCree.

Reinhardt’s roaring laugh distracted his thoughts for a moment. He’d only been paying about half attention to the conversation he’d been stuck in the middle of, some old rehashing of the ‘glory days’. After tossing back a convincing enough chuckle, his focus returned to the elder Shimada brother. Who looked so damn good standing there, even from the corner of his eye. leaning on the counter at the other side of the room, quiet but comfortable. A sight that was slowly becoming more frequent these days. Jesse knew Hanzo would never really settle in, he was too good at what he did –had too many ghosts that haunted him. Still, it was a pretty picture. Settled. He hummed against his glass as the word lingered warmly in his mind like the whiskey on his tongue.

The Great Hanzo Shimada settled down. Where would he go? Jesse wondered. As often as the archer spoke fondly of cherry blossoms he doubted he’d live anywhere other than Japan. But would he go back to his family home, or hang his hat up somewhere new? Hanzo seemed like a ‘in the mountains’ kind of guy, with the peace and solace they bring. He could picture the man sitting cross-legged on a great balcony overlooking a snow-capped mountain range, a crisp breeze blowing wisps of  graying hair from his face. The scent of  jasmine tea and incense mingling with pine. Then again, he’d spent so long in seclusion maybe a little night life would be just what the doctor ordered? A quite village maybe, that held yearly festivals with fireworks and taiyaki -all those simple things he and Genji talked about from their childhoods. If nothing else, Hanzo would have a traditional house or he’d eat his boot. With shoji panel walls and all hardwood floors. A big library he’d have to keep adding shelves to, and a small garden with a koi pond and his own personal Sakura trees. He wondered if Hanzo would let him add a cactus or two? Or maybe they’d have a big garden with space to grow vegetables, herbs and what not. Since they’d found a mutual fondness for cooking disasters together (ever since Genji and Hana’s intervention cooking classes), they might as well do it with home grown ingredients. He supposed they’d need permanent guest rooms for those rascals. Jesse could almost hear Hana convincing Hanzo to set up a nursery for the dragons too. That is absurd! Hanzo would huff before caving in and doing it.
Jesse knew he and Hanzo were about as different as you could get when it came to styles and habits but that hadn’t stopped them so far from finding common ground. Like the movie nights they’d recently started! That brought a vivid picture of curling up on a probably very white couch in front of a warm and well used but well kept fireplace, beside a snuggly Hanzo. the dragons curled up at their feet, with Mulan or The Good The Bad & The Ugly on for the umpteenththousandth time (the movie nights having long since become a tradition). Just cuddling and enjoying each other’s good company on a cozy quiet evening. Cuddles would turn into caresses, and caresses into kisses and the movie go on forgotten…

The trademark tap tap tap of Hanzo’s metal feet broke into this train of thought, robbing him of arriving at that nice little fantasy destination. Genji was talking animatedly as he followed his brother out of the rec-room. Jesse should have known he wouldn’t stay long, he never did. He rubbed at the back of his neck, feeling a hot flush run over his body. Yer a damn fool, McCree. The odds for Jesse’s fantasies lining up with Hanzo’s future, were pretty damn close to none -he knew.

But maybe, just maybe, he’d be that lucky.

By Valentines Day i mean Singles Awareness Day. (☞ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)☞  And now I have McSad headcanons about how Jesse day dreams about the future.

I Can Fix That - Owen Grady One Shot

Reader falls into cage and is pretty shaken up so Owen distracts her with sex

Warnings: Smut (hence the description)

Requested by anon!

Being around dinosaurs everyday always had something new to bring.  Some days the girls would listen exceptionally well and follows their commands the first time around, weren’t so great. And on those days you could cut the tension with a knife. Thankfully, today was not one of those days.

Coming out of your thoughts, you turned to look at Owen as he began calling out commands to the girls.

“Blue! Hey, Don’t give me that shit.” Owen shouted in  alpha voice.

“And we’re moving. Good. That’s damn good. Hold!”

Taking that as your que to bring over the bucket of rats, you smiled at Owen from afar.

“Hello Y/N,” Hearing Hoskins say your name made you cringe on the inside. “Did you consider my offer?” He said referring to the date you declined a few days ago.

“I already said no.” You said letting the annoyance slip. Thankfully Owen say Hoskins harassing you and stepped in.

“Ah, Owen! You and I both know what I’m here to talk about, as I’ve been talking about it for the past month or so. The raptors responded wonderfully today.”

Both you and Owen rolled your eyes as you ignored Hoskins and walked back towards the girls with Hoskins still following you.

Handing Owen the bucket, you complimented him on the good work the girls have been doing. Hearing him mumble a thanks, probably still pissed at Hoskins even having the audacity to continue asking about using the raptors for army purposes.

Tossing each of the girls one rat each, Owen dismissed them.

“Pig Loose!” The newbie yelled from the other side of the catwalk. Hearing that, Hoskins pushed past you as you reached down for an animal grabber.

It all happened so quickly, one second you were standing beside to Owen on the catwalk, the next you were lying on your back gasping for air.

“Y/N! Don’t move I’m coming!” Owen yelled as you felt the pounding of feet on the ground.

Maybe this was it, this is how you were going to die. Accepting this fate, you braced for the first bite. Instead you heard the opening of the safety cage and Owen yelling commands telling the girls to stand down. You sat up clutching your probably broken rib as Owen came to stand in front of you.

“Blue, stand down! Hey! Delta I see you.” Owen said as Blue kept creeping forward as you backed towards the safety cage.

“Barry come grab her. I said stand down Blue!”

Barry wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you on to your feet as you scrambled to get into the cage.

“Close the gate.”

“No!” Barry and you said simultaneously.

“You guys have to trust me on this. Close the gate.”

Looking towards Barry, he shook his head as he regretfully hit the button to shut the gate.

Forgetting to breathe you watched as Owen backed up and skillfully threw himself under the gate as the girls ran after him, sticking their muzzle into the slots between the bars.

Standing up and dusting off his pants, Owen looked up at you.

"Y/N, are you okay?”

He said putting his fingers under your chin moving your head around so he could see if you had any scratches or marks on your face

“I think I broke a rib or two but other than that I think I am okay,” You said pulling him into a hug. “But thank you. For saving my life.”

Finishing off your sentence you smiled at the way he slightly nuzzled into the crook of your neck. But not wanting to get too comfortable you pulled away, trailing your hand down his arm.

“Well, I’ll take you to the doctors and you can come back to my place and I’ll keep an eye on you-”

Owen said, possibly embarrassed at the last part. “Unless you aren’t comfortable with that?”

Nodding at him with a slight smirk you said “Sure, I’d like that.” Gesturing for him to lead you to his motorcycle.

Once the doctor had finally finished the x-rays and gotten them printed out, she informed you that you hadn’t broken any ribs, but you were going to need someone to keep an eye on you for a week or so.

Pulling up to Owen’s bungalow, you couldn’t help but gape at the view he had. Feeling the bike shift, you snapped you head to look at Owen who was holding a hand out to you. Taking it you blushed slightly at tingling sensation you got from the contact, but grimacing slightly at shooting pain you got from your abdomen.

“You okay Y/N?”
“Just shaken up a bit. And my back is sore. But other than that I’m swell.”
“Alright, lets get you inside.”

“Mi casa es su casa.” Owen said holding the door open for you, stepping into the bungalow you noticed that it was fairly clean; for a guy. Planting your butt on his couch, you thought about how close you were to death. Tears welled up in your eyes as you shifted your weight sending pain shooting up your back which made you wince.

“Woah, be careful, Y/N. Don’t need you injuring yourself any further.” He said helping you move on to your back. Patting the space behind your head Owen sat down and moved the hair out of your face.

“You know, I’m so grateful I had you there to be my knight in shining armour.” You said giggling slightly.
“I think it’ll be awhile before I go back to the raptors.”

You didn’t even need to think about the girls before you got goosebumps.

“I’m glad you think that,” He said smirking at you. ”Do you want anything to drink or eat?”
“No thanks. I just need something to take my mind off the pain and stuff.”
“I might have something in mind.”

When you said you needed something to take your mind off of the pain, it wasn’t in a sexual way. Sitting up to face him, you were about to say that but he had already pulled you on to his lap.

There was no denying that you thought Owen was attractive, you just thought that this would never happen. Especially like this. Looking into his eyes for like what felt like forever you couldn’t help but lean forward and kiss him. Letting yourself get carried away, you ran your arms up his and laced them in his hair, grabbing on to it as he lightly bite you bottom lip. Owen placed his hands on your waist, being careful to not hurt you. Smiling slightly into the kiss you pulled away desperate for air.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”
“Owen I’m fine.”

Locking lips once again he ran his hands over your butt giving it a slight squeeze, causing you to moan into the kiss. Taking the chance Owen slipped his tongue into your mouth. Owen, who was most definitely anxious to get his clothes off with any girl surprisingly took his time in moving both of you to the bedroom.

He gently laid you on the bed you couldn’t help but stare at his toned body as he pulled off his shirt. Just the thought of him naked was enough to make you ignore the pain in your back and nearly tear your shirt off, aching for Owen’s touch. Pulling him down into a fierce kiss you moved your hands down towards his belt buckle fumbling to get it undone. Finally getting it undone, you ripped it off as Owen pulled your hands away from him and placing them by your side.

“If you feel any pain or are hurting you have to tell me, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Nodding, you pulled him back down to you. He peppered kisses down your neck and in between your breasts, stopping to lift you up to unhook your bra in one swift motion. Owen began attacking your neck, running his tongue over spots on your neck he had viciously been sucking on. Your breathing was erratic and you couldn’t handle the fact that you and Owen still had barriers, blocking your skin-to-skin contact.

“Up.” Owen said letting you lift your hips so you could discard of your shorts.

Pushing him off of you on to the bed next to you; you straddled him, leaning down to suck on his tan skin, starting at his neck and making your way down to his highly toned abs. Slowly backing off his hips, you looked up at him and flirtatiously bit your lip as you toyed with the hem of boxers after you hastily removed his pants. Hearing him groan as he threw his head back only made your heat pool even more in your panties. You slipped off his boxers to reveal his wonderfully sized dick, erect with a bit of precum coating the head. You couldn’t stop yourself from putting up your hair and starting strong. You licked up and down his shaft before licking the head and taking in his entirety.

“Holy fuck, Y/n.” He said, a hint of shock laced in his voice.

Bobbing your head up and down, you looked ahead to take in Owen’s expression. Seeing Owen like that provided a whole new perspective for you, his eyes were screwed shut, and his chest rising and falling rapidly.

Occasionally in between moans he would try to complete sentences which mainly consisted of your name and “fuck, shit”, etc. His voice filled the room when you continued at a faster pace. Pushing yourself to the limit deep throating him every time you moved down, you could feel him throbbing in your mouth. Taking him out of your mouth you wrapped your hand around his shaft, stroking him at various speeds to finish him off.

“Just like that, baby.” Owen managed to get out while watching you lick up all of his cum.

Once you finished swallowing you moved over him and kissed him lightly. Owen pulled you close and flipped you so you were on your back. As he hovered over you a smirk played upon his lips before planting soft kisses over your breasts, taking some time to suck on the skin around your nipple, then sucking on it; appreciative of the head he just received.

Moving on from your breasts, he gingerly kissed down your stomach and stopped at your hip bones before kissing on the inside of your thighs. Taking his first lick your breath hitched in your throat surprised by the sudden pleasant sensation.  

Lick after lick, you began to squirm as he sucked on your clit earning a moan from you. You were extremely sensitive when it came to being eaten out and with every touch you swore you could feel Owen gazing at your small frame squirm after the slightest touch at your clit.

“Fuck! Owen! Fuck, yes!” You half moan, half yelled.

He kept his head buried between your legs as your euphoria took complete control of your body while you fought to keep your moans in.

“Fuck-” Similar to Owen you could barely make out sentences. “I’m- Oh fuck! I’m going to cum, Owen!”

Feeling him smile against your heat you nearly fell apart as he slipped a finger in, and then another, moving them slowly as he discovered (quite quickly you would say) where your g-spot was.

“Are you this wet for me,Y/n?”
“Yes-Oh, fuck! Owen, oh!” You said, as he picked up the pace hitting your g-spot each time, making you arch your back.

A tense feeling in your lower stomach began building up and soon after you felt your juices leak over Owen’s fingers. You took a few deep breaths before finding the courage to look at Owen as he licked his fingers clean of your cum. Seeing that made you feel like you could cum all over again. Both of you sat up to face each other breathing heavily before leaning in once again.

“Are you sure you’re okay, you haven’t said anything the whole time. Except when you said I was going to make you cum.”
“Yes, I’m fine. But just take it slow at first please.”

You kissed Owen once more before latching your lips on to his neck, leaving a few marks that were already forming bruises.
Owen grabbed you by the waist and laid you down as he slid inside of you, letting you adjust to his size.

Even though his thrusts were slow and causious, he continued to make you feel amazing. With every stroke he hit your g-spot and with that you could feel yourself coming undone as he complimented that with the way he massaged your breasts and left you hickeys wherever he wanted them.

“Owen, faster. Oh! fuck me harder please!”

You could feel him hesitate above you but you gave him a reassuring kiss. You were thankful that Owen didn’t go too much faster, but fast enough to make your vision cloudy with each thrust.

“Shit, Y/N! Fuck! You’re so beautiful.” Owen said in short and choppy breathes.

Wanting more you moved your hips up to meet his. Racking your nails down his back as his hips met yours at a faster pace. Looking up at Owen you embraced the sight of his body, sweat glistened on his arms and face. Your face also had a coat of sweat but nobody looks nearly as good as Owen did in that moment.

“Owen, just- Oh! just fuck me, please!”

Eventually you heard Owen mutter something along the lines of “screw it”, and the outcomes of that were oustanding.

At first it cause your back some pain but it faded into a new kind of euphoria. He thrusted at a rate that made your eyes roll to the back of your head and made you ball your fists in the sheets so much your knuckles looked like snow. Owen and you were really going at and after awhile you could feel your legs go numb. Curse words and moans were the only things that left both of your mouths until you moaned to Owen once again that you were going to cum.

“Fuck! Owen- Oh god!” You yelled as you pushed yourself up to meet his thrusts.

Feeling the familiar release of tension in your stomach and the dripping of your juices between your legs, you closed your eyes and slowed your breathing. Owen placed a kiss on your forehead as he collapsed on the bed.

“That was really fucking good.” Owen said before pulling you into him and wrapped an arm around you.

“I could say the same Mr.Grady. But I never pegged you as a cuddler.” Snickers came from the both of you as you quickly passed out in Owen’s arms.

Okay so my dad has just come downstairs, had a half hour conversation with me in which he defended the validity of transformative works in general, extolled on why people who question the validity of fan works are full of shit, told me how cool he thinks it is that there are these communities that can bounce off, be inspired by, and communicate so thoroughly with each other (basically ‘the internet’s great you just couldn’t have done that x years ago—you’d’ve had to write letters and everything would have taken weeks’), and asked me to link him in to my fanfics because he’d like to read them and would be interested to see my interpretation of the HP world.

So yeah, basically, my dad is the fucking greatest and I love him so damn much and I am so very, very lucky 

And actually, he’s always really good with things like this. Like, I love sewing—it’s another one of my beloved hobbies, and there was this tv show in the UK for a few seasons called The Great British Sewing Bee, and I was obsessed with it, naturally. And he’d watch the programs with me, let me pause and explain things I thought were cool, he’d ask questions about it. Then one day we’d gone shopping bc he needed clothes, and he was looking inside the waistbands of all these trousers, looking at the hems, pointing out cool bits of construction, identifying whether or not things were well designed and put together or not, and he was like “Wow, I’d never thought about how much work went into making clothes before, but now I can really appreciate how complicated a piece of craftsmanship even simple things are, it’s amazing, I mean look at how they’ve finished off the edge of that waistband…”

Like… he just really pays attention, he’s really, genuinely interested, he’s always appreciative and supportive of my interests… and I just love him. A lot. I think I possibly have the best dad.



Lance Tucker

Warnings: swearing, indirect mentions of sex

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Part two

Part three

Part four

“Well fuck, she’s good.” Hope sighs from the office, her eyes scouring the new America’s Sweetheart. It’s not that Hope didn’t like Y/N, she actually adored the girl and how open-minded she was. What Hope didn’t like was the extreme attention the short girl was receiving from the country.

Hope thought it was a rumor when she heard about what this girl could do. But, when she saw Y/N doing the entire Olga Korbut bar routine without so much as blinking an eye, she knew this girl was the real deal.

“She fuckin’ better be, I argued with her old coach for over three hours on the phone last week until he finally let me have her.” Lance smirks, walking up to the window to watch Y/N clapping some chalk on her hands.

“Think she’ll win gold?” Hope asks, her eyes trailing along Lance’s form when he’s not looking. 

“She’s going to win a lot of gold by the looks of it. Just gotta make sure she doesn’t get cocky is all.” Lance responds, moving to the door and opening it. “You coming or are you just going to stalk my protege?”

Hope rolls her eyes, trudging behind him. “I’m not stalking. I’m just watching to see how good she actually is. There’s no way she’s as good as everyone says.”

“Oh shut up,” Lance rolls his eyes, walking over to the uneven bars. “She’s a hell of a lot better than you. I bet she won’t bring a single bronze home, all gold and silver - just like her coach.”

They stand along the mats, watching one of the trainers spot her from below as Y/N jumps onto the upper bar. “Atta girl.” The trainer mumbles, his eyes locked on her form as she lifts her body up.

Lance can’t say he wasn’t impressed when he saw her during the USAG Championship. He was only there to watch, not to scout, but ended up tracking down Y/N after her performances. 

She had moved with such grace and fluidity that he was sure she was the girl who would bring home the gold during the olympics. So, naturally, he threatened his way into getting her on his team.

“Her arms are sloppy.” Hope chides, crossing her own across her chest. Lance smirks at her jealousy, finding it almost as amusing as the time she tried to out-sass him.

“Her arms are exactly where they should be.” Lance snickers, watching as his gymnast flings along the bars with ease, her body twisting and releasing along them.

Chalk flies from Y/N’s hands as she transitions from bar to bar, keeping her balance and speed. The trainer steps in to spot her as she performs a 2.5 twirl along the bars. 

“Legs!” Lance yells, watching as her feet near the lower bar. She tightens her core, keeping her legs loose and pliable. Lance watches, knowing very well her new move was about to happen.

Lance hadn’t seen her accomplish this task yet, or even had seen her attempt it. He simply told her what he wanted her add into her routine this morning and assumed she’d know exactly what to do.

In hindsight, it was a stupid ass idea on Lance’s part.

He watches as she releases her hands from the bar, flying up in the air to do a 4.5 twist. Y/N makes it around twice, nearing her third time when her foot smacks off the bar, disorienting her gravity.

The trainer misses her by an inch, her body falling into the mats from over eight feet. She coughs, her body taking a hard hit from the sound of the impact, her head laying against the mat.

“What the fuck was that?” Lance scowls, crouching down over Y/N to pull her up by her arms. She groans, her breath still knocked out of her beyond belief.

“My fucking foot hit it.” Y/N sighs, looking at the red, angry mark on her foot. “I can’t get that move down unless I release earlier, and if I release earlier then I won’t be able to grab the bar on my way down.”

“Tough shit, you’re gonna learn the move. Get back up there.” Lance pats some chalk off her back, his eyebrow cocking when she shakes her head. He can’t help but sneak a peak at her chest, rising and falling quickly.

“I can’t fucking breathe Coach, give me a minute.”

“Did I ask for your input? I said get the fuck back up there and do it again.” 

Y/N throws a look up at Lance, her eyes narrowing. “And I said I can’t breathe, so give me a damn minute or else I won’t do this at all.”

Lance chuckles, chewing on the gum against his molars. “C’mere. Hope, get her some water.” 

“I’m an olympic medalist, I’m not a water-boy.” Hope snarls, clenching her fists along her USA jacket. Lance gives her a look, sending the blonde off to get refreshments.

Y/N trudges over to Lance, her breaths shallow. He turns her, placing his hands on her shoulders. “You’re too tense, you need to relax. When’s the last time you got fucked?”

“Oh shut up.” Y/N snaps, groaning when Lance starts digging his fingers into her muscles, massaging out any kinks.

“I’m actually being serious right now. Sex helps loosen you up, it was my secret weapon during the Olympics.” He hums, remembering those long nights he spent with members of the Women’s US team.

“It’s none of your damn business, Coach Tucker.” She whines when he drags his fingers across a particularly large knot, kneading it away with his thumbs.

Tucker shrugs, feeling her hip shift. “I’m your coach now, everything in your life is my business. From what you eat and drink to exactly what positions you’re in when you’re having sex. So, when was the last time you had sex?”

He smirks when she rolls her eyes, a grin on her lips. He liked how she could take his attitude whereas many people found it repulsive. He was cocky because he could be, he saw no issue with it what-so-ever.

“Sunday.” She sighs, backing into his touch as he grinds his palm along her lower back. 

He nods, realizing that was only two days ago. “Well you clearly have to have sex more often if you’re already so tense after only two days. Did you take an ice bath like I told you?”

She nods, lulling her head to the side. “Yeah, last night. It fuckin’ sucked.” She says, causing Lance to chuckle. “How many times do I have to do it?”

“I want you to have one at least every night after practice, helps keep you from tearing anything. I could always join you, make the water a bit warmer.” He winks, watching her raise an eyebrow at him.

“I think I’m all set by myself but I’ll let you know.” She hums as Lance runs his fingers back up to her shoulders, pressing hard. 

He shrugs, liking the noises she makes when he hits a particularly achy part. “Did you stop eating those damn Cheetos like I told you to?”

“I did for like a day but they’re so good. I eat great otherwise, I don’t see why i can’t have some Cheetos once in a while.” She mutters, arching her back to allow him easier access to her muscles.

“You can’t have Cheetos because clearly they go straight to your ass.” Lance scolds, looking down at her bum. “I don’t even know how you fit it in your leotard.”

“Is that why you stare at it all the time?” She rolls her eyes, smirking. “Plus, it’s not like it’s hurting my routines. Hope has a huge rack and she medaled.”

“Hope also got bronze. We’re shooting for gold.” Lance pulls his hands away from her, tugging her wrists behind her back to stretch her shoulders. He peers down and see’s a bruise forming across her foot already. “And sweetheart, any guy with eyes would stare at it.”

“What if I only have Cheetos twice a week?” Y/N tries, throwing an award-winning smile over her shoulder.

It’s Lances turn to roll his eyes at the girl. “No more Cheetos. I set you on a strict diet and those carb-loaders are ruining it. I don’t need your ass to grow anymore than it already has.”

“If I give up Cheetos can I not do this routine until tomorrow when my ribs don’t feel like they’re cracked?” 

“This isn’t up for debate. You’re giving up junk food for good and you’re getting your ass back on those bars right now.” Lance orders, looking around. “Where the fuck is Hope with your water?”

Lance knows exactly why Hope’s taking so long to get Y/N water - she’s jealous. He figured she’d get a little jealous from all the attention he was going to shower Y/N with, but he didn’t think it’d be this bad.

“Probably poisoning it.” Y/N shrugs, lifting her leg up next to her head to stretch. Lance nods, not fully ruling out the idea. “So I heard a rumor about you.”

He cocks his head, beckoning for her to continue. “I heard you got your medal tattooed around your dick. Not that I want to see it, I’m just wondering if it’s true.” Y/N putters.

“Do you fantasize about my dick a lot?” Lance prods, a teasing smirk crossing his features. She shakes her head, not phased by his commentary by any means.

“No, more or less I wonder how much of an arrogant asshole you are. You dick doesn’t cross my mind.” She hums, pulling her leg higher up until a distinct pop comes from her hip. “Do you fantasize about my tits a lot? You seem to always be looking at them.”

He grins, liking her attitude. “Sometimes, usually when my flavor of the week leaves and I’m still horny.” He watches her cork an eyebrow, chuckling. “And the rumors are true, you can see it if you want.” Lance grins, griping the bottom of his shirt encouragingly.

She shrugs, lifting her other leg. “I think I’ll pass, but thanks for the offer. I mean, I guess it’s only fair that I know everything about you since you’re going to be digging into my personal life for the next few months.”

“Do you have any tattoos?” He asks, reaching out to grip her ankle so she can lift her arms above her head and complete the stretch.

She shakes her head, lowering her leg from Lance’s grasp. Hope walks up, a cup of water in her hands and a scowl on her thin lips. “Here’s your protege’s water.”

“Took you long enough.” Lance mutters, looking at the cup. “You can drink that, I’m gonna call it a night. Y/N, you’re free to go as long as you promise to do the routine first thing tomorrow.”

“Are you shitting me? It’s only eight!” Hope throws her arms outwards, nearly sending water from the cup.

“I don’t know who the fuck died and made you her coach, but I sure as hell didn’t. And as her coach, I say she can go home now.” He snaps down at the blonde, eyebrows raised in mock-confusion.

“What the fuck?” Megan snaps from her bed, shielding her eyes from the lights turning on. She sees Coach Tucker’s figure, her eyebrows cocking as she watches.

He turns and points at her, continuing his stroll through the hall. “Shut the fuck up and go back to bed, Megan.” 

Lance walks by the girls doors, their whines emitting through the walls from being woken up at three in the morning. He reaches his desired door, pulling it open and turning the light on.

Y/N doesn’t even budge, her body sprawled out across the mattress. “Wake up.” Lance says, pulling her blanket off her body. He wipes his eyes, looking at her bed attire.

A loose tee-shirt covers her body and a pair of tiny panties that don’t cover a damn thing. 

She groans into her pillow, curling up into herself. “Don’t fuck with me Y/N, we have to train. Let’s go.” He slaps at her legs, smirking as she starts kicking her feet out towards him.

“S’okay, you can go without me.” She slurs, her eyes clenched shut. Lance quirks a brow, nearly laughing at her words. 

“I don’t have to train, I already won silver and gold. You have to train because, oh, that’s right, you haven’t won a medal yet.” Lance snickers, pulling at her ankle.

She reaches a hand up, holding onto her headboard. “I haven’t even gotten to the olympics yet, let me sleep.”

She holds tighter to the headboard as Lance pulls her foot harder, shifting her body to lay out. She lays on her stomach, one of her legs extended into his hands.

“Get some clothes on and let’s go.” He snaps at her, barking orders. She doesn’t respond, settling into her pillow. “If I have to carry you out of this bed then so fucking be it.”

She groans as he lets go of her leg, placing his hands on her waist and tugging her even harder. “Let go, let me sleep.” 

He pulls harder at her, shocked at her pure desire to stay in bed after being manhandled. “Just get the fuck up, holy shit.” He seethes, clenching his hands on her waist and lifting her.

She releases the bed frame, dead-weighting herself in his arms. He catches her easily, shooting a warning glare at her only to see her eyes closed. She curls into his chest, trying to fall back asleep.

“Y/N, wake the fuck up.”

“You said you’d carry me, so no.”

“For fucks sake.” He grimaces, hiking her up his chest so he can look around her room. “Where are your clothes, you can’t work out in this shit.”

She mumbles into his jacket, pointing over his shoulder. He turns opening the closet doors and scanning through the neatly hung clothing. He grabs some shorts, looking for a top.

“You wearing a bra?” He hums, looking down at her chest for a minute.

She snorts, shaking her head. “Nobody sleeps with a bra on, makes your tits small.”

“Maybe that’s what you need. I’ve never seen a gymnast with a body like yours.” He snidely smirks, pulling a sports bra from the closet and assumes that was fine.

He grabs her bag in the corner of the room, tossing it over his shoulder while holding her with one arm. Kicking her door closed behind him, he moves down the hall. 

Most of the girls are still awake, looking at Y/N’s body in his arms. “Go the fuck back to sleep.” He nearly yells at them all, his hand curling around Y/N’s legs.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Y/N smirks into his chest, humming.

“No,” He snaps, “Not you. We’re going to train - I said first thing in the morning and I sure as hell meant it.”

He jogs down the small flight of stairs, reaching the foyer of the rented house for the gymnasts. “Happy to know you don’t stray from your word.” She snickers, nuzzling into him. “But it’s too early for this, take me back to bed.”

“I’m your coach, you listen to me. I’m not here to make you comfortable, I’m here to get you the gold. So shut the fuck up and keep your eyes open. You have to train.” Lance snaps, unlocking his car door.

She just hums, releasing her hold on him. “I think you just came over to see how cute I look when I sleep.” She teases, smiling lazily up at him.

“No, but good guess.” Lance smirks, placing her in the car.

She shrugs, watching as he moves around and gets into the front seat. “Lies, you totally just wanted to see me. You missed me, huh?”

“Shut up and start wrapping your hands.” Lance tosses, watching a grin form on her lips. 

He liked her, liked the realness and confidence she exuded. He hadn’t met anyone like her before and damn, she was a force to be reckoned with.

Sexy times to come..How do you guys feel about an equally as cocky reader? I feel like theres so many sub!readers for Lance and I figured i’d switch it up a bit?

Forever My Mate *Derek Hale Series Part 4*

Macy’s POV

The next morning I woke up alone. I didn’t see Derek or Isaac anywhere. I slowly got up and walked out of the train cart. I still didn’t see anyone so I decided to take my chances once again and run. I took the first step when a voice stopped me.

“You won’t make it. I’m a werewolf, I can run a lot faster than you.” I turned my head to see Derek standing there smirking. I decided to run anyways and headed towards the exit. Derek had his strong arm wrapped around my waist before I even took a fifth step. I tried pushing my way out of his arms but he threw me over his shoulder…again. He walked me into the train cart where I woke up. He gently laid me on the makeshift bed and I sat up. He grabbed my chin with his large hand and forced me to look into his eyes.

“I don’t know why you keep trying to escape me. I haven’t hurt you and I never will.” I scoffed at him.

“Oh gosh, I don’t know. Maybe because you took me away from my family and you handcuff me. I just want to go home!” I yelled the last part.

“You don’t understand. It’s not that easy for me. You are my mate. My instinct is to protect you and take care of you. If I let you go, I will go crazy.”

“Then go crazy because I just want to go home and see Scott and my mom. I just got back from college and I didn’t even get a chance to see my mom.” I said sadly. He cupped my cheeks and I tried to pull away but like always, he didn’t let me.

“It’s okay. You will get to see them again. Once you accept that you are my mate and understand all of this better, I will let you see them.” He told me.

“Won’t you be worried that I won’t come back.” He smiled and shook his head.

“No, because I know you will always come back to me once you fully accept the bond we have.”

“Don’t be so sure.” I said. He stood up and looked at me.

“What would you like for breakfast?” He asked me completely changing the subject

“Nothing, I’m not hungry.” He sighed.

“You didn’t eat anything yesterday. You have to be hungry.” I shook my head.

“I’m going to go grab my jacket and when I come back in here you better tell me what you want or I will choose for you. And you will eat it.” He then walked out and I thought of a plan. I laid on the bed and closed my eyes while trying to even out my breathing, to make it look like I was sleeping. I hoped he wouldn’t handcuff me. I heard him walk back in the room and he sighed. He brushed his fingers through my hair and kissed my forehead.

“I hope you will accept me one day soon.” Then he walked out and went to go get food for us. I quickly got up and searched to see if Isaac was around. Thank goodness he wasn’t. I ran to the exit for the third and hopefully final time. This time nobody stopped me and I was free.

“See ya never, Derek.” Then I ran home.

At Home

Once I finally made it home I went straight to my room and took a nice long shower. After I finished I got dressed and walked out of the bathroom. I opened the door and bumped into someone.


“Hi mom.” My mom quickly squeezed me into a tight hug. We pulled apart and she. started crying.

“I missed my baby girl so much.” I smiled and hugged her again.

“I missed you too mom. I’m so happy to see you!” We pulled away from the hug again.

“I have to get back to work but I promise we will spend time with each other soon.”

“Okay mom sounds great. Have a good day at work, love you!”

“Thanks sweetie, love you too.” She then walked out the door as Scott walked in the door. He looked at me shocked before running up to me and embracing me in more hugs.

“Next time I tell you to stay in the car, you better stay in the damn car! How are you here? Did Derek let you go? Are you hurt?” He bombarded me with questions.

“I’m fine, Scott and long story short, I escaped when he wasn’t there.”

“What did he want with you?”

“Well at first I thought he took me to get to you but then he told me I was his mate and that he needed to care for me and protect me.” Scott looked at me shocked.

“You are Derek’s mate?” I nodded.

“I guess so. Look I’m really tired and just want to get some sleep.”

“Okay, I understand. I’m going to head over to Stiles house after I shower.” I nodded.

“Okay just please make sure you lock the door on your way out. I don’t want Derek getting in.” He nodded and went to shower. I walked into my room, closing the door. I went to my bed and tried to get some sleep. I was almost asleep when I thought I heard my window open. I thought nothing of it in my sleepy state. I was almost asleep again when I felt the bed dip. I quickly turned around and saw my window wide open and Derek sitting on my bed with a very angry expression on his face. ‘Uh oh’ I thought.

Imagine: You and Harry get into a fight and then he apologizes

Both you and Harry had been feeling kind of off from the time you woke up that morning. It was a gloomy, gray Monday and neither of you had gotten much sleep the night before because there was a loud storm and the booming thunder made it hard to fall asleep, and even harder to stay asleep. So it wasn’t a surprise that both of you were a bit snippy that morning.

“Morning,” you mumbled to Harry when you walked into the kitchen to find him buttering a piece of toast, already dressed for the day. It had become a routine since Harry had been back from tour that you would eat breakfast in the morning together before he was off to meetings and events for the day, and then you’d spend the evening and the rest of the night together. 

“Morning, have a good sleep?” The hints of a smirk creeped onto Harry’s face as he knew damn well that neither of you had a good sleep.

“Mmm, great,” you responded sarcastically. 

“Thought so. So, erm, I know we’ve been planning on this vacation next week for awhile now, but I’ve gotta be at a promo event here a couple days after we’re supposed to leave - I know, hold on,” he interrupted himself as he acknowledged the look on your face of pure annoyance with a hint of disappointment. “But you can still leave when we were supposed to and then I can meet you there when I can get away so you can be there longer,” Harry proposed.

“Are you serious, Harry? Like are you actually being serious right now?” You asked, knowing full well that he was but not wanting to believe it. “Harry why the hell would I want to be in Venice for a few days by myself? The whole point is that we weren’t able to have the honeymoon we wanted because of your schedule! This was supposed to be an ‘us’ thing, come on.” Your mouth was slightly ajar and your arms were crossed. You just couldn’t believe his ‘Harry stuff’ was getting in the way of your time together, again.

“Hey now, you know if it was up to me I’d be there with you the whole time, but I just can’t control this stuff! I don’t think it’s very fair that you’re taking it out on me.”

“Don’t even do that, Harry. Don’t even act like you’re the victim here. Why do you always freaking do this!” You started raising your voice without being able to help it as you also found yourself unable to stop yourself from saying whatever was now swirling around in your head.

“Okay, what do you mean ‘always’?” Harry asked with a stern look on his face, lips pursed.

“I mean your career always interferes with ‘us’ stuff! And you know it, Harry. It’s like sometimes I just think how much easier it would be if you weren’t this crazy famous popstar.” You couldn’t help it at all anymore, the words were just pouring out of your mouth.

“Are you kidding me Y/N. What did you want me to do, just drop my whole life once we got together? Just give up everything I’ve ever worked for for one person? Because I worked fucking hard to get where I am and I hope you know I’m not someone who would let just one person stop me from doing what I love!” He knew it wasn’t sounding the way he meant it as the words came out but it was too late now.

“Just one person,” you whispered, tears forming in your eyes. “Just one person. You’re everything to me, Harry, you’re my husband. But maybe I should rethink your significance in my life if I’m just one person to you.” Harry knew it was bad when you didn’t even yell anymore when you guys were fighting. Because it meant you weren’t just angry, you were hurt. And he hurt you bad.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that I just -” “Stop, just stop. Just don’t follow me, I want to be alone right now. Have a good meeting,” you interrupted Harry as your tearful eyes locked on his wide ones. You backed away slowly and turned around to rush towards the bedroom so you could cry and not have to look at him anymore. At the guy who just said that you were “just one person”. The guy that you would do absolutely anything for. The guy who didn’t resemble just now the man you married. 

Harry was left standing in the middle of the kitchen, eyes wide and mouth slightly open, shocked. He couldn’t believe he had actually just said that to you but he was already running late for an important meeting so he finally grabbed his phone and keys and walked out the door, the sound of it closing only causing you to burst into tears. 

It was less than an hour later when the sound of the front door opening and closing momentarily pulled you out of your state of misery. You had been crying on and off since Harry left, mostly on, but you thought you’d have awhile longer to get yourself together because Harry was supposed to be gone until the evening. 

You looked up when the sound of footsteps reached the doorway, surprised when Harry pushed the bedroom door open to see his eyes slightly puffy and full of tears, his face stained from the crying he clearly had been doing. You sat up when he locked eyes with you, your own face tear-stained and eyes puffy as well. 

“Oh God, I’m so sorry,” Harry managed to say shakily, causing the tears to fall from his eyes as he walked towards the bed where you were laying. 

You were so torn between feeling so angry and sad about what he’d said earlier but also heartbroken looking at the man in front of you. You bit your lip as Harry sat on the edge of the bed furthest from you, clearly being cautious.

“I didn’t mean that at all, baby, of course you’re not just one person. You’re the only person that matters to me, the only person who could make me as happy as you do and the only person whose happiness is my number one concern even when I’m working and focused on my career. I want you to always be happy, little one, and I’m not making you happy and I’m so sorry, I’ve just been so stressed out with everything lately but that’s not any excuse.” He paused to gauge your reaction but you kept your eyes down toward the bed and sniffled when he paused. “I just love you so much, more than anyone and you are so special to me and you will never be just one person, never ever, not to anyone. And especially not to me.” He gave you a slight smile as you quickly made eye contact with him before darting your eyes away again. Harry’s smile quickly faded when he realized you still wouldn’t maintain eye contact with him. “I was thinking that if I can’t find any way to get out of the meeting next week then we should extend the vacation a few days to make up for the ones I’ll miss.” He finally stopped talking, looking at your face for any sign that you would be able to forgive him sometime soon.

“Love? Could you please look at me, I just need to know what you’re thinking. I need to know you’re okay,” he told you quietly, cautiously.

You were staring at your hands now when the tears started falling continuously. “I just don’t want to be there without you, Harry. The whole point is that we would get to be together, just us. Not your management or makeup team or the camera people or any of that, just us. But you don’t even want to be with me,” you broke off, crying too hard now to keep talking. 

“Oh baby, come here, I’m so sorry,” Harry moved closer to you on the bed and used the pads of his thumbs to wipe the falling tears from your face. “Of course I want to be with you, all the time. All the time! I just said things I shouldn’t have, things I didn’t mean, because I was tired and grumpy and I’m an idiot. But you’re my little one.” He knew that was the only thing that could help him make any progress at that point, calling you the pet name that you adored.

You finally looked up at Harry and pouted, the tears finally starting to stop falling from your eyes. 

“Hey, there’s my girl,” Harry smiled a little bit, glad you were finally looking at him again. “Love, I am honestly so, so sorry and I didn’t mean the stuff I said, I’m an idiot.”

“Yeah, you are,” you finally whispered, a small smile starting to appear on your face. That made Harry laugh, and it made you feel a little better seeming him looking not so broken anymore, even though you could still see the tear stains on his face. “Just don’t say stuff like that again because it made me feel like shit,” you admitted.

“Never ever ever ever ever ever again,” Harry drew out, but meaning every word he said. “I love you so much.” Harry kissed your cheek and you put your hand behind his head, raking your fingers through his hair to show that you forgave him.

“I love you, I guess,” you told him with a slight smile on your face, causing Harry to laugh again. “But you can come make me a hot fudge sundae now,” you offered, knowing Harry would do anything to please you right now, and the smile on his face told you the same. “Wait, don’t you have meetings all day?” You asked, suddenly remembering where Harry was supposed to be.

“Yeah, but I got out of those, said I was sick. They weren’t very important anyway. You are,” Harry smiled as he stroked your cheek.

“Yeah alright,” you laughed as you both started to get up off the bed and make your way to the kitchen so Harry could make you that sundae. 

“By the way, don’t think you can just call me your ‘little one’ and that’ll get you out of anything,” you told him as you walked past him, a smile on your face.

“Got it,” Harry laughed, following you.


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hahaHAHAHA [gross sobbing] I didn’t know how to make one of those fake instagram post so please excuse the mess that is the first picture. I really wanted to draw Phichit lately because tbh he’s more gorgeous than Yurio sometimes. Plus I love his skin color, it’s so damn pretty!

I’ve been on a roll when making art that I actually really like! I tried making a background this time, does it look good? How’d I do? lol it’s so hard, how do people do it! Oh that’s a selfie stick he’s suppose to be holding btw yea i know doesn’t look it lol. 

Also! Did you notice I redrew Phichit’s instagram profile pic? It actually came out great! lol (meaning the background, not him. He was easy to draw!)


My art

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RFA reacting to seeing the MC in casual, more tight/revealing clothing? Like crop tops paired with high waisted shorts, etc. :D


“Wow.. Just. Wow, MC you look great. No ‘great’ is not even close to how good you look”

• so many selfies~ and he also let’s his hands wander a bit oops 

• there may and may not have been a makeout session but who knows? He couldn’t help himself. Too hot hot damn 


*sweats* you look… really good *sweats* a-aren’t you cold though *sweats* holy shit 

• he can’t stop blushing and don’t really know where to look because ohhh god they looks so amazing? Hot damn is it warm in here or is it just them being hot affff

• if they go out he will still be blushing but will death glare at anyone who stares too long at them, i know they look amazing but don’t be rude yo 


ohhhmygod.. Holy shi- okay.. Alright. bREATHE. “You look great MC” 

• their outfit makes her weak, they look too good for their own good and wow. They got legs for dAYS 

• she and MC probably has like a little dress up session and now it’s MC’s turn to be like hot damn because Jaehee is hot af too


• *raises eyebrow* “Well this was… A surprise. I’m not complaining one bit however”

• he’ll have this smug ass look on his face and kiss their cheek with his hand resting on their hip. Lots of compliments!! 

• if someone whistle or make a indecent comment about their outfit he will not tolerate you dress how you want and people gotta keep their nasty mouths shut



• he’d be torn between blushing, staring.. and not staring, wanting to compliment them but ends up stutters and it’s honestly a mess. They are so gorgeous fuck 

• will hold their hand or hand his arm around them and pull them close. Kisses on top of their head 

Christmas Special *requested*(Part 2/2)

Daryl Dixon x Reader


Words: 1,300

“Good mornin’ sleepyhead.” You heard a faint gravely voice say, waking you up. You rubbed the back of your hands against your eyes and yawned, sitting up a little. Daryl was standing in front of you with a tray of food. Consisting of eggs and bacon, with some freshly squeezed orange juice. “What’s this?” You asked gaping at him. “Breakfast in bed. Don’t ya know anythin’?” He said and you just rolled your eyes and smiled at him, biting your bottom lip. He was standing there in a pair of boxers with a white t-shirt, and his hair was in a bit of disarray. You were convinced that there wasn’t a better sight in the world.

He put the tray carefully on top of your lap, and sat down next to you. “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.” He said kissing the side of your neck. “Merry Christmas to you too.” You said giving him a soft kiss. “I can’t believe you did this.” You told him, taking a bight of bacon. “I just wanted to do somethin’ nice.. I dunno..” He answered, shrugging his shoulders. You could tell when he was becoming self conscious, wondering if he had done something you didn’t like. “Well I love it, and I am going to expect this kind of treatment every morning.” You stated. “Yeah, ya wish.” Daryl answered, feeling relief that you had liked what he’d done for you. “Here have some.” You placed a piece of bacon against Daryl’s lips and he took a bight.


“Alright! Which one do you want to open first?” You asked Daryl, taking a seat on the floor next to the tree. Daryl just grunted and shrugged his shoulders. “Fine, here lets start with this one.” You said, handing the package to him. He smirked when he opened it, seeing the pants that he told you he didn’t need. You smiled at his expression and handed him the next gift.  His eyes widened when he tore off the wrapping paper, revealing a brand new crossbow. “Holy shit, where did ya get this?” He asked you, aiming it to check if the barrel was still centered. “A sports shop a few miles away from here.” You told him. “I think It’s the TenPoint Ca-.” “Carbon Xtra Deluxe with ACUdraw.” Daryl finished for you. “Yeah, what you said.” You replied grinning at him, you didn’t know shit about crossbows. “It also has that thingy that holds five arrows, instead of the three yours only allowed.” You told him. “Thingy? Ya mean a quiver?” He asked, chuckling at you. “Uh, I guess.” You replied smirking.

“Do you like it?” You asked. “Yeah it’s great, thank you.” He said leaning forward and giving you a deep kiss. “There’s also something for you in your stocking.” You said giggling. Daryl walked to the fire place, stuck his hand in the stocking and pulled out the motorcycle parts. “Cant believe ya remembered this.” he said in surprise. Daryl never had anytime to do anything for himself, let alone find new items that he needed. He was always thinking of others. “It’ll be nice for you to finally use your bike again. I know how much you miss it.” You told him. “I missed it too. Going on rides together, it’s been a while.” You said smiling and he nodded.

“I got ya somethin’.” Daryl said and you raised your eyebrows. He went over to one of the drawers and pulled out a box wrapped in glittery gold wrapping paper. “Carol wrapped it.” He told you, walking back over to you. He laughed at your eagerness, when you took the box away from him and practically tore it open. “Oh my god, Daryl.. I can’t believe you got me a polaroid camera.” You said, turning it around in your hands to get a good look at it. “Hearin’ ya goin’ on ‘bout it was almost as bad as Mrs. Niedermeyer and her damn pasta maker.” He mentioned, grinning at you. “I love it!” You shouted and threw your arms around his neck and peppered kisses all over his face.


For most of the day you went around Alexandria taking pictures of your family (for all intents and purposes). You got a great one of Rick holding Judith, with Michonne standing next to him on thei front porch. Carl putting his hand in the way so you couldn’t get a clear picture of him. Glenn and Maggie, walking down the street with Santa hats on their heads. Eugene staring blankly at the camera. Rosita sitting on Abrahams lap. And Carol, who was working on cooking for tonight, with Sasha and some other members of the town. Last but certainly not least was Daryl, he was the one you were taking the most pictures of. One of your favorites was him putting on the new parts you had gotten for his bike, kneeling on one knee.

“Come on Daryl I just need one decent one.” You weren’t able to get one of his face because he would always dodge it. “Please, for me.” You looked up at him innocently, swaying back and forth. “Fine.” He sighed and stood next to you. “You have to smile though.” You instructed him. “I ain’t smilin’.” He sternly told you. You ended up telling him a dirty joke that he actually laughed at and snapped the camera with perfect timing, putting your head close to his. “Look at this! It came out so cute.” You said, showing him the picture. He couldn’t believe it, he actually looked happy. He cupped your face in one hand, kissing you softly and you took the opportunity to quickly take another picture of you two kissing. “Fuck, I’m never gonna be safe am I?” Daryl said and you shook your head laughing a little.


“Dance with me?” You asked Daryl. You were at the Christmas party and Daryl was being his usual antisocial self, leaning against the wall. “Nah, I don’t dance.” He said looking at you as if you had grown a second head. “Ok. I’ll admit I’m pushing my luck a little.” You said chuckling. “Rick will you dance with me?” You asked Rick who was standing next to you and Daryl, talking to a couple of people. “Sure.” He said smiling at you and followed you to where everyone was dancing. Daryl just stayed there and watched you laughing and having fun. He noticed you glancing over at him a few times. Daryl wanted to be able to do that kind of stuff with you, but for some reason he just couldn’t. You both were complete opposites of each other, however there was no denying that you belonged together.

“C’mon, stop bein’ such a pussy. Do this for (Y/N).” Daryl mentally scolded himself. He made his way through the crowd to you. “Mind if I cut in?” He asked Rick, who had a surprised look on his face and so did you. Rick bowed to you and you did a little curtsy, laughing at each other. When Rick left Daryl slid his arm around your waist and you placed your hand in his. “Yer gonna be the death of me, ya know that?” He asked you. “You’re actually good at this. Who would have thought?” You said wrapping your arms around his neck. He rolled his eyes and grunted.


When the party started to die down you and Daryl went back home. “So how was your Christmas?” You asked him, pulling him closer to you by his shirt collar. “Best I ever had.” He said leaning his head down for a kiss, but you slid out of his grasp. “Well it’s still technically Christmas and I have one more present for you.” You said winking at him, taking slow steps backwards. Then you hurriedly scrambled up the stairs laughing the whole time, with Daryl following closely behind you.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Have a fun and safe holiday everyone! Please comment, letting me know if you liked it and would like more stories like this in the future! Xoxo

anonymous asked:

Because I'm obsessed with Ivar & Freja and your amazing story :) 10,14,19, 35, 38 & 39 please? Have a great night or day I love your story so so much

10. Which one stares at the other’s booty like “damn” and how does the other react when catching them

Ivar is always staring at Freja’s ass. He’s got a good vantage point from the ground and he loves to crawl just slightly behind her so he can look at it. Freja usually notices and tells him if he’s going to stare at it, he might as well touch it. That usually leads to finding a secluded place to get to business ;)

14. Which one rolls over in the morning to wake up the other one just to give kiss them

In the beginning it was Ivar, because he was always awake just staring at her and marvelling at how she is his. As time goes on, it’s Freja as she is the morning person. She wakes a grumpy Ivar with kisses all over his face and chest, giggling as he mumbles tiredly and pulls her closer.

19. Is one of them self conscious about their body? If so how does the other comfort them

Ivar definitely had some issues with his legs at first, feeling like someone like Freja should not be near something so ugly. But Freja was quick to tell him he is too harsh on himself, and she does not find his legs repulsive. She was sure to always tangle their legs in bed so he would get the message.
Freja is pretty confident in her body, she was a little nervous at the start for Ivar to see her naked but the look in his eyes was enough to help her feel more comfortable.

35. What be they kinks and do they try each other’s kinks

They pretty much love the same things. Blood, playing with knives, leaving scratches and bruises, hair pulling, power play, those sorts of things. Ivar’s unique kink would be doing it where someone could hear them. He loves when people know it’s him making Freja scream. Freja’s would be Ivar’s voice, she loves when it gets low and guttural and commanding. They are very comfortable and indulge each other their kinks frequently.

38. Which ones top, bottom, verse

They switch pretty regularly but Ivar is often on top because he likes the power and control. Freja doesn’t care where she is as long as Ivar is making her feel good.

39. What kinda sex they be having (gentle rough whatever)

All sorts. They have rough and fast sex, slow and sweet sex, whatever they feel like at the moment. A lot of it depends on what sort of mood Ivar is in. Freja is usually happy to go along with whatever he suggests. Although, she does like to set the mood and pace sometimes.

Whew that was a long one! Thanks for asking Anon, and for your kind words!!

anonymous asked:

Can I request how the RFA+V+Saeran would serenade MC? like who'd be smooth & who'd be rlly flustered trying to play a guitar? a̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶i̶m̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶u̶c̶k̶e̶r̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶b̶l̶u̶s̶h̶y̶!̶s̶a̶e̶r̶a̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶f̶l̶u̶s̶t̶e̶r̶e̶d̶!̶y̶o̶o̶s̶u̶n̶g̶ ̶l̶o̶l̶ :)

Thank you for your request!I hope you like it!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • Why had Yoosung this idea?
  • This is not going well…He doesn’t know how to sing!
  • And why he borrowed this guitar?
  • And why Seven lend me his guitar?
  • Wait…Why has Seven a guitar?
  • He’s flustered.
  • If you don’t like it? Hate it?
  • Who said this was a good idea?
  • Oh yeah, Seven had said woman love serenade
  • So Yoosung go to you with the guitar on his hands
  • Oh god, he doesn’t even know how to hold it.
  • He’s so flustered he can’t concentrate, and he didn’t even start
  • So he tries to play, be calm Yoosung, you can do it! Just remember all what Seven said and what you trained!
  • He starts to play and sing, his voice is broken because he’s flustered, his fingers in shaking, he can’t play properly, he never thought those guitar strings hurt so much to play!
  • He can’t go on, he stops, sweating, with his face all red…
  • Seven is there filming all this, his plan worked.
  • You start to laugh, Yoosung looks at you, you go towards him and kiss his cheek, making he got even redder “You’re so cute Yoosung!I loved it!”
  • Did he get even redder?How this even possible?
  • Well…Maybe that wasn’t a bad idea after all…


  • Let’s do this.
  • *Puts sunglasses*
  • “It’s time to make MC love me even more.”
  • He’ll destroy your eyes with such a beauty.
  • And your ears with such a masterpiece.
  • He and that guitar are only one now.
  • He plays to you beautifully, singing like an angel…
  • You are looking at him from the window…Of his own home.
  • Yeah, he made a surprise on his own home.
  • You clap when he finishes…Oh, he didn’t finish…
  • Somebody tells to Zen that has been 3 hours?
  • Please shut up
  • Oh, it’s raining! Now he’ll stop and enter his house…Oh…He’s singing in the rain.
  • He finds it romantic and dramatic, look at him all wet, beautiful image right?
  • Fuck this, you close the window and just hear a “BABE I DIND’T FINISH YET”


  • She’s not very good with those things, but she has this idea…Why?How? Not even she knows.
  • But she’ll try, she has a sense of the art.
  • Zen musicals hellooo, she has seen a lot of these.
  • You were taken by surprise when she comes to you with a guitar in her hands.
  • She starts to play it, not so well, but not so bad either.
  • And her voice is so beautiful, you’re smiling because of that.
  • Jaehee is a bag full of surprises.
  • “Jaehee..That was beautiful…How much time are you practicing on this?”
  • “Oh…I started yesterday.”
  • This woman is a blessing
  • Hallelujah!


  • He watches a  soap opera  scene where the man serenades to the woman.
  • She said “How romantic” to the men…This is interesting, maybe he can do this with MC.
  • Jumin Han can learn how to play guitar, easily, but he rather pays someone to play it.
  • Jumin doesn’t go with the rules.
  • He made his own rules.
  • So when you enter the penthouse, you see Jumin, with a guy with a guitar in his hands.
  • Jumin looks at the guy and he starts playing after a while Jumin starts to sing.
  • WTF
  • This is beautiful, omg, you’re going to cry.
  • This man’s voice is a blessing.
  • You heard the voice of the angels.
  • When he finishes you clean little tears that escape your eyes and starts to clap, you loved it.
  • He looked at the guitar player “You can go now, we’ll be busy.” The guy looked embarrassed for that moment, and run away.
  • …Wait..What happened after that serenade in the soap opera?


  • Let’s go!
  • He’s being romantic…This is odd.
  • But one day he got to you, then got to the top of the couch, looking serious, with a guitar on his hand.
  • He starts to play it, surprisingly well!
  • And singing surprisingly well too!
  • Oh god, this is good!
  • For the first time, you’re having a normal and romantic moment with him!
  • You clapped when he finishes and get off of the couch, you kissed his cheek and he smiled at you.
  • “Did you see how good i can be with my fingers?” He gives you a malicious smile.
  • Ok, this is not a romantic and normal moment anymore.
  • This is not odd anymore.


  • Well, V always thought this was romantic, but not as romantic as a photograph.
  • But he can try! His mother is a composer, so he’s familiar with music.
  • But he can’t play guitar and with his conditions, i would be hard.
  • But he tried, he wanted to learn one chord, for you.
  • It took some time, but when he learned he sit by your side with that guitar.
  • You’re confused…But V always keeps things a secret.
  • So he starts to play and singing, smiling, calm, serene.
  • His voice is so beautiful, you were not expecting this.
  • He puts so much emotion at this, it made you cry.
  • When he stopped, you’re a mess.
  • “Are…Are you crying?Did you like it?”
  • “Are you kidding?!I loved it!”


  • Saeyoung said this would be a good idea, why did he agree to this?
  • Maybe because he wanted to be a little more romantic with you…No!It’s not that…He just wanted to try!

  • He wanted to use an electric guitar, but Saeyoung said it wouldn’t be a good idea
  • It would be a great idea ¬_¬
  • He will listen to Saeyoung this time.
  • Saeyoung gives him some lessons to him about the guitar.
  • And about not breaking the damn guitar ¬_¬
  • The day has come, he goes to you with that guitar in his hands.
  • Saeran looks funny with that, but you wonder…What he’s going to do?
  • And why his face is so red?
  • And he started to play, it was good, not an expert, it was pleasant.
  • His voice cracks a little, but it was pleasant too…Saeran’s just like his brother, he learns fast.
  • When he’s finished, he looks at you, waiting for a reaction, his face is red, you don’t have any words to him…He began to get even more red for that situation.
  • “Saeran…You’re so cute!”
  • Now his face matches pretty well with his hair “W-WHAT?!!I’M…I’M NOT CUTE…!!I’M BADASS…!”
  • Cute little punk
I Once Was the Law

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

Seemed the moment I met inmate 111967 he had been setting me on fire the whole time and now everything we touched, we burned to the ground.

I was a guard at the local penitentiary and it never surprised me when the cocky prisoners would try to make a pass at me.

Until inmate 111967 showed up, all shaggy hair and dimples.

That’s when I knew I was either going to get my heart broken or break him out myself.

We met in the showers regularly and not once did we get caught, too in control of our own devices.

Hushed fucking, easy clean up, and those dimples.

His name was Sam.

I used to be a guard at the local penitentiary, I was the law, now I’m running from the law, and we don’t have to be quiet anymore when we fuck.

I always prided myself in my criminal justice classes and when I would ace an exam I’d treat myself to some crime show on demand, like CSI, or my favorite show, Prison Break.

When I got the job at the local penitentiary, I was one of two female officers. I carried a club, taser, and cuffs.  More for my own protection than the inmates.  I was on the receiving end of cat calls, attempted ass grabs, and I was quick to put them in their place.  Maybe that’s why they did what they did; they just wanted attention and being surrounded by goons, gang members, and psychopaths, a little female attention went a long way.

One day though, that all changed.  This newbie arrived, “fresh meat” to the crew, with shaggy brown hair, eyes the color of a lion’s mane caught in the sunshine, and these freakin’ dimples I wanted to plunge my tongue into…dip, dip, dip.  Extreme case of narcissistic personality disorder, Samuel Winchester, inmate number 111967 knew just how good looking he was and knew that regardless of his crimes, he had my attention from day one.  

I’m not going to go into detail about his crimes, because yes, I fully believed that the justice system did him wrong.  I didn’t get to where I was because I had a great rack and no brain.  I did in fact have a great rack, a nice ass, personality to boot, but my Law Degree held it’s own standing. Inmate 111967 was innocent, cocky as all hell, but being one of the few officers who had her ins with the Warden, I took a strong liking to his case.  He was up for parole in 18 months.  Maybe, just maybe I could knock it down to 6.  

Our initial meetings were just that, formal, down to the nitty gritty, rehashing his “incidents with the defendants”, yes plural, and his background history.  He came from a history of child abuse, alcoholic father, murdered mother, and a brother who was just as much a criminal as the others in this facility.  I had heard of the infamous Dean Winchester through my studies.  He to this day was a fugitive of the law.  He was just that damn good at hiding.  Sam, not so much.  He confessed under duress.  Looking back maybe I misjudged, but I wasn’t at all thinking with my brain anymore.  I was thinking with my labia, my clitoris, my cunt, my heart.

Which now brings me to my favorite show, and I get it, how cheesy was it that I thought I could break him out on my own?  But Prison Break had some great ideas, good plots, and I wasn’t the stupid nurse,, no offense to her, but I was the least one expected to fall for an inmate.  My father was the Warden.   Did I forget to mention that?  Warden Singer.  Toughest man in the state of Kansas.  Biggest heart of gold.  Easily manipulated by his sweet heart, tough cookie, of a daughter, I used my contacts in the FBI to contact Dean Winchester’s latest flop house.  Not too far from where we were situated in Lebanon, Dean Winchester was “found, plead guilty, and sentenced to Fort Kansas”.

That’s how my plan started.  Bring in the one notorious for staying out of the prison system and break the one who wouldn’t make it another day without me on the inside, from the inside.  

Dean caused a riot, beat the ever living snot out of six guards, four prisoners, and hardly had a scratch on him.  However before they carted him to solitary, he had to visit Nurse Ratchet and that’s when Sam and I made our move.  We used a sedative to knock out the nurse, bandaged both brothers up, I donned scrubs over my uniform, and I hijacked the keys from my father’s belt.  Simple hug and tug, that’s what Sam called it.  I was a quick study.  

I went from following the law to breaking it within a week and as we made our way towards the ambulance with one “dead body” and one needing immediate surgery, the prison was in our rearview.  Dean and Sam hugged, then parted, the eldest Winchester shook his head and told me he’d be seeing me again, “Bonnie” to his brother’s “Clyde”.  I kinda hoped we never would see him again’; he’s the one who got my blood boiling and not in the rapture sort of way.  That one was wicked like sin.

Our first mission was to remove any tracking from the ambulance, lit the sucker on fire, and made it across the state line to a farmhouse I had inherited from my mother Ellen’s side of the family.  Knowing that’s the first place my father would look, we fucked like rabbits, showered in the small confines of the cabin bathroom, and burned all our belongings.  IDs, licenses, everything.  I only kept my taser, cuffs, and baton.  Sam said the cuffs would come in handy one night.  I was holding him to the promise.  Sam donned some of my father’s old clothes, a flannel, jeans, and work boots, and a trucker hat, that made me giggle.  I had my step sister’s old stash of clothes and threw on jeans, boots, a henley, and tossed a flannel atop of all that.  We packed up two rucksacks and began our hike through the trail, the cabin aflame in distance.  

Seemed the moment I met inmate 11967 he had been setting me on fire the whole time and now everything we touched, we burned to the ground.

Sam/Jared Tags as of today: @mogaruke @d-s-winchester @jpadjackles @mrswhozeewhatsis @my-supernatural-dreams @roxy-davenport @sleepywinchester @stephizzle94 @stilliniski15 @supernaturallyobessed @xtina2191 @20secspnfam4 @dauntlessdiva @mayasmedberg @sup3rnaturalunkn0wn @waiting4thedoctor @sammyanddeano @obi-wan-my-only-ho @breexwrites @oriona75 @iwriteshortstuff @growningupgeek @faith-in-dean @faegal04 @deanwinchesterisamazing @chloemac86 @chaos-and-the-calm67 @buckysmetallicstump @adriellej @smoothdogsgirl @bohowitch 

A Little Bit of Poison

Pairing: Pietro x fem!reader

Summary: you were the girl who could freeze hell over from just a glance but it didn’t stop Pietro from exploring your soft side. You became good friends and even ended up developing feelings for each other. It only took some venom to confess them.

Request: Anon: Hey can you do a peitro imagine where the reader has the power to change into any animal.

Author’s Note: I wanted to concentrate on writing better fight scene and this one was pretty helpful. So, the reader can turn into any animal and is a good fighter. Sorry, I am not very active in writing imagines, I have a whole lot going on. Hope you like it!

Warnings: violence, blood and weapons.

Word Count: 1721

Originally posted by looking-over-my-shoulder

You were walking to your room from the gym after some intense training. You were humming with your bag of weapons dangling in one hand until you noticed tony with two people you had never seen before. You noticed a boy and a girl roughly about your age. Tony had decided to show them around but he wasn’t looking like he wanted to do the task.

‘who’s that if I may know?’ Pietro asked when his eyes landed on you.

‘that’s (y/n), she is new just like the two of you.’ tony explained. ‘hey (y/n)! come over here!’ he shouted and you obeyed.

‘Maximoffs, this is (y/n) a.k.a the hunter.’ Tony introduced you to the duo.

‘that’s a new alias.’ Pietro quirked his brow and folded his arms. Tony knew what was coming and smirked.

‘the person named “quicksilver” said what?’ you turned your head in his direction and he unfolded his arms.

‘well, I-um, that’s my alias because I am quick and- ‘

  ‘and silver.’ The girl said in a teasing tone and he glared at her. ‘please ignore my stupid brother, my name is Wanda, nice to meet you.’ she smiled and shook hands with you.

‘I like you.’ You shook hands with her.

‘well as for my alias,’ you turned to him and took out your knife. ‘I am called the hunter because no matter how small or big my target is I hunt them down with ease. My target never gets away.’ You stood awfully close to him as you snarled with your fangs out. ‘so get this, blue ken doll,’ you toyed with your knife and turned your eyes to that like of a beast’s. ‘I can kill anyone in a million ways, anything that can harm, I, can use.’ You took a step back and he gulped.

‘better be careful than sorry.’ You stated simply and put your knife back in your pocket. You turned to Wanda who looked like a scared bunny.

‘aww, did I scare you?’ you grinned and turned to your normal self. ‘don’t worry I won’t hurt you, until the time demands it. Come with me I’ll show you around.’ You took her hand and she followed you, too scared to do anything.

‘blue ken doll’ tony snickered.

‘you let something like her walk around free?’ Pietro turned to him.

‘hell yeah, who needs security when you have her and Nat?’ he said. ‘oh, and one more thing, she can turn into any animal of her choice, so, don’t piss her off. Her bites are pretty damn vicious.’ He started walking away leaving Pietro with wide eyes.

It was the next day and Pietro had just finished training with Steve. He was getting himself a bottle of water when he saw you sitting there all by yourself. Your hair were down and you looked peaceful. You were nothing like that girl who was about to rip his throat yesterday. You just sat there cleaning something shiny and sipping your drink. He decided to approach you.

‘hey (y/n), what are you do- ‘he noticed what you were cleaning; a gun.

‘hi Pietro.’ You smiled at him. ‘what’s wrong?’

‘uh, nothing.’ He tore his eyes away from the scattered knives and guns. ‘Can I sit?’ he asked and you nodded. ‘you are not mad at me now, are you?’

‘of course not, I just get a little angry when people criticize me that’s all.’ You chuckled.

‘great,’ he smiled. ‘so, that’s the first thing you do in the morning?’ he pointed at the table.

‘no, not really. They just needed some cleaning and I was free today.’ You kept a cleaned knife aside. ‘what about you? liking it here?’

  ‘yeah, its nice being around good people.’ He looked at you and you nodded. ‘tony told me you can turn into any animal. Is it true? Any animal?’ he tilted his head.

‘yeah. Didn’t you get a glimpse yesterday?’ you took a sip of your drink.

‘how can I forget; I couldn’t sleep at night.’ He said and you laughed. ‘so, people call you the sexy beast?’ he grinned.

‘not twice.’ You looked at him and his eyes narrowed. ‘can’t take a joke Maximoff?’ you grinned.

‘not when they scream murder, no.’ he said and you both laughed.

After that day, you became good friends. He would irritate you sometimes but he was great company to have. He too loved being around you. In his opinion, you maintained a scary exterior but you were cuter than a damn bunny once you were close to someone. He realized that his feelings were changing towards you, not in the bad way but in a way, he feared. Little did he know you were going through the same. He was looking at you as you read a book. Your expressions changing every time a drastic event took place in the book. He loved seeing you lost in your own world, it was the only place you could truly be yourself.

‘you like her?!’ Wanda whisper shouted behind him causing him to jump.

‘are you crazy? You can’t just sneak up behind people and read people’s mind! She could’ve heard you!’ he faced her.

‘that doesn’t answer my question.’ She folded her arms.

  ‘yeah, alright, I like her.’ He messaged his temples. ‘But if you tell her anything I’m going to kill you.’ he pointed a finger at her.

‘she likes you too, idiot.’ She grinned.

‘Shu-, what!?’ he said aloud.

‘is there a problem?’ you looked up from your book.

‘no, I was just asking him not to take my stuff.’ Wanda looked at you.

‘alright kids.’ You muttered and resumed reading.

‘how can you be sure?’ he lowered his voice.

‘I can read minds, remember? You’re so fucking dumb.’ She said in an irritated tone.

‘I am not dumb.’ He glared at her. ‘how do I tell her?’

‘that’s the task.’ She patted his shoulder.

Tony suddenly walked in the common room everyone else were quick to follow.

‘what is it?’ you kept your book aside and straightened up.

‘hydra’s enhanced this person and he is a major threat. We need to wipe out the base and get him.’ Steve explained.

‘does he have a name?’ Natasha asked.

‘all records of his past are were wiped.’ Steve said.

‘what kind of powers does he have?’ Clint asked.

‘the guy’s venomous and has enhanced healing. They call him viper.’ Tony looked up from the file. ‘nails and teeth only. He’s kinda like you (y/n). you are immune to poison, right?’ he looked at you.

‘yeah.’ You folded your arms.

‘you will have to take care of the guy if he gets out of hand.’ Steve said and you nodded. ‘everyone suit up. We have to get there as quick as possible.’ He said and everyone left.

You reached the base, it was located deep in a forest and was surrounded by tall trees and wild animals.

‘finally home,beasty?’ Pietro zapped too your side and smirked. You rolled your eyes.

‘flirt all you want after this, kids.’ Tony said. ‘(y/n) I need you to fly above the base and give me some details.’ You nodded and turned into an eagle.

You flew above the base and examined it properly. You came back and changed to your normal self.

‘armed guards at the gate, enhanced in the cell. More agents near the centre.’ You informed them.

Everyone soon scattered after discussing a strategy. Tony and Steve took out the guards while Clint, Natasha and Wanda took care of the agents. You and Pietro were looking for the cell.

You were checking the last cell until you heard faint footsteps behind you. you turned to see viper standing in front of you with his fangs out to attacks. He had bright blue veins running on his face and arms. His face showed no emotion.

‘we found him.’ Pietro said in his com.

He lunged forwards and you attacked him with your knife. To your surprise, the wound you had created healed instantly. He gave you a sinister smiled and threw you backwards. Pietro pinned him to the wall, but he sunk his fangs in his neck. Pietro let out a scream before the man threw him in a corner.

now you were enraged.

‘Wanda come here quick and look after Pietro.’ You said through gritted teeth.

You turned into a large wolf and aimed for the man’s neck. Wanda reached there and kneeled beside Pietro with teary eyes. You growled and licked your muzzle. The man hissed and you charged at him. you got hold of his neck. You separated his head from his body and threw it in a corner.

You turned to yourself again and wiped the blood from your face. You sat beside Pietro, his breathing was getting shallower every second. his face and lips were turning blue.

‘it’ll be okay.’ You assured them and sat beside him. You looked for the wound and placed his head in your lap when you found it.

‘it’s gonna sting a little.’ You extended your fangs and bit into the wound. He pursed his lips to muffle a scream. Wanda held his hand. You then sucked out the venom. He sat up slowly. Everyone had reached there by then.

‘what just happened.’ Natasha breathed after witnessing everything.

‘she took ‘biting someone’s head off’ quite literally.’ Clint said with wide eyes.

‘that was some real strong venom.’ You got up. ‘you’re okay, right?’ your gaze softened when you turned to Pietro. Steve helped him up.

 ‘yeah, thanks.’ He smiled weakly.

  ‘I couldn’t have forgiven myself if something would have happened to you. you mean a lot to me.’ You moved towards him and hugged him tightly.

‘it took you me being poisoned to realize you like me?’ he pulled back and smirked. ‘I would have kissed you if you weren’t covered in blood.’ he ran his thumb on your cheekbone you scrunched your nose but smiled.

‘back to the jet love birds.’ Steve said.

‘oh, and (y/n), please shower as soon as we reach there.’ Tony pointed at your face.

 ‘I’ll help you with it.’ Pietro whispered in your ear as everyone started walking.

‘I would love that.’ You grinned.

Spoiler Alert

(that’s the title, not a warning)

Just a dumb idea I got from a Friends gif.

Beast Boy lounged on the treasured couch in the tower, staring aimlessly but happily at the ceiling while the TV filled the room with background noise. He wore a tuxedo, minus the jacket, tie and and shoes, all cast carelessly about him. Today had been a good day. A great day. A day for the history books. He looked across at his sole companion in the common room, already changed into comfortable sweats and an even more comfortable sweater, nose in a ratty old copy of her favourite novel.


She had looked pretty damn good in that dress, too. He had thought about telling her so but was privately convinced she knew exactly how good she looked. Still, that didn’t stop her from swapping it for her current attire almost as soon as they had arrived home. He grinned in her direction, waiting for her eyes to meet his. When they did, he winked cheekily and spoke.

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