this was a good year


Selena Gomez’s videos posters/movie style/cover

“Sometimes you’ll have moments where you’ll feel weak, they are supposed to encourage you, they are supposed to motive you and push you. Whenever you have a goal, people are going to bring you down, I always tell people that if you have something you fell passionate about, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it”

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Vok@ Fancy: “Pardon, but I’ve noticed you seem to care for a lot of other pokemon, and during some winters I’ve noticed that some family’s tend to.. decrease. Hopefully this helps you and your, er, kin out this season.   I  had extra laying around.“  The Ghost offered the pile of knitted goods to the Kanghaskan.

Fancy wasn’t pleased about a stranger approaching her out of nowhere. But after hearing their words and receiving such thoughtful gifts, she switched to pleasantly surprised. With only a tiny bit of suspicious confusion on the side.

“Ah, thank you…! Very much really. These are well made and will definitely get a lot of use. Especially this scarf.”

She smirked, glancing down at the Vee struggling to free her mouth.

“It doesn’t sit right with me to not repay you though. Would you prefer valuables, or perhaps more material to replace what you used in these?”

so thanks to @spazzbot I realized the first Tron fic I ever wrote is gonna be four years old this March. and it’s weird but also kinda nice to think about how much has changed since then (although clearly some things have stayed the same).

if I get the guts to read it thoroughly, I might have to rewrite and post it again because the plot is actually not awful