this was a good year

if there’s one thing we can count on for zelda u is that like every other zelda game it will be leaving you feeling like crap because the characters definitely deserved better(happy endings)

oh yeah

and tears

lots and lots of tears

Just went to a water park with my boyfriend and it was amazing! I was completely relaxed, actually thought I look really good and just had fun.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I wasn’t worried about my looks when somewhere around water in my bikini where there are more people around. 

Earlier I was lying in my bed to take a nap and it occurred to me that I somehow hit my happy and healthy goal? My body isn’t what I originally wanted.. the slim and really toned type. It’s just my body and I honestly love it and feel good about it.

Such a strange feeling and an even stranger realisation.

I’m still trying to process it all, it may be just a daily realisation, but I’ll take whatever positivity I get! 

So thank you body and thank you head for cooperating today! :3

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and positive day :) you guys are awesome! <3


Happy Birthday Drinks for Jeffrey Buttle’s birthday last night.

Everyone in the Bionicle fandom who wished me happy birthday and gave me gift art/writing, thank you so much. This means so much to me because I wasn’t expecting to receive gift art (except for those who gave me a heads up that they’d do it) and I’m just so touched that you guys went out of your way to do this for me. ;v;

I didn’t really have a good start today since I got less than three hours of sleep and classes decided to dump a lot of homework on me. I went to my dorm to work on stuff but I was so exhausted I konked out for a few hours. But later on my friends threw me a party and I got to eat funfetti cupcakes, got presents, watched a movie and had a chipotle dinner and omfg this more than made up for my bad start today, I still can’t stop smiling.

But anyway, not only did I have a lot of fun irl, but getting asks wishing me happy birthday and gift art from people in the Bionicle fandom, that right there made my entire day ten times better. I could cry, that’s how happy I am.

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to draw or send me an ask (whether you wanted to or not), that’s perfectly okay. You guys are still awesome!

Today was so wonderful.

I had a choice between Anti Virus protection for my computer, or the Mad Max Anthology.

Priorities, man.

When you hike a mountain, you see other, taller, more impressive mountains you could have hiked. And they taunt you to hike them someday.

From the top of Mount Ellinor, 8/27/2015.

Albania has been really fun experiencing my culture and going to beaches and spending time with family. It was really like grounding. But at the same time of all this I’ve become scrawny and this guy cut my hair and fucked me up lmfao but he was a good guy. so this whole experience has made me let go of superficial things that I’m constantly thinking about but I’m ready to go home in a day and go to the gym and grow my luscious hair out and become beautiful again 😂😂 when I get home I’m gonna run in my room jerk it all out and twerk for a good 20 min

anonymous asked:

Are we 100% sure that hannibal and will didn't already have sex with each other? I mean, they were in the house for a long time before Francis got there and *also* wills shirt was untucked(when he's standing in front of the window)!!!!!!! Am I just reading into this too much?

My answer gives me physical pain, but I can 2000% assure you that they did not have hot, sexy, bloody, passionate, burn-your-eyes-out-beautiful sex or even a tiny BJ…


Etgar Keret’s new memoir The Seven Good Years opens with the birth of Keret’s son, Lev, who arrives during a terrorist attack that shutters the hospital’s maternity ward. The doctors have left for the emergency room. The two remaining nurses are on a cigarette break. Even Lev seems to understand that his birth has been postponed, and his mother’s contractions slow. Keret is left to fend off a reporter who is disappointed that he’s missed the real action. “Too bad you weren’t there,” he says of the attack. “A reaction from a writer would have been good. Someone original, someone with a little vision.”