this was a good season for couples

can we just appreciate isak saying “i don’t know [if even is the man in my life]” because that’s such an honest and self-aware answer with a well thought-out reasoning, it’s so in keeping with isak’s ideas of uncertainty and anti-determinism (which have been his theme throughout the season) and yet shows such growth in that isak no longer needs to fully know and understand something to accept it while also providing a really nice contrast to the last time we heard the phrase, when isak and even were still in the honeymoon phase, when neither of them really knew what they were getting themselves into, when they were idealising everything and it actually gives me such hope for them as a couple because it shows that isak knows it’s not always going to be good and doesn’t take their relationship for granted but rather is ready to fight for it one day at a time


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Budget Witch Tips

-Unless you’re planning to consume it, buy pink Himalayan bath salts instead of regular ones. They come in large bags, pre ground, and are significantly cheaper!

 -Always keep a list laying around somewhere of replacements for herbs, crystals, etc for when you can’t afford to use expensive materials 

 -Research foods that can regrow in water (such as green onions). Great for kitchen witches

 -A simple incantation can work just as well as a full-blown spell. It’s also good for when you’re in a time limit

-Don’t worry about having the fanciest tools to work with. The human body can replace such tools easily (Such as the finger can replace the wand) 

-If you don’t have the time nor money to make a proper altar this season, you can use your dresser at home! I placed a couple different-coloured ribbons on it with their correspondences to the sabot, and a vase of flowers for the season. Your dresser usually contains many of your personal items in or on it, and will naturally give your spells power

-Start practicing herbalism and natural medicines if you don’t have access to free health care. Natural medicine should never be used to treat a very severe illness. However, for things like a cold, stomach aches, or sore joints, quick tinctures and salves can be made for much cheaper than doctors fees 

-Keep your left over egg shells and make money powers out of them

-Speaking of eggs, if you have any leftover egg whites / yolks from cooking or baking, keep them! Use them to make a hair mask. This will not only nourish your hair like crazy, but the magickal properties in eggs can be used to bring about fertility and rebirths to you

-Dollar stores are your new best friend. Especially local ones ran by individuals of a religious cultural background. In my area anyways, I’ve noticed that these dollar stores carry incenses, candles, and hard-to-find spices and herbs for incredibly cheap! I got a brass cleansing bell from one of these stores for only $7! And don’t even get me started on the jars 

-Tarot cards can get seriously expensive. Go to Walmart or some other discount store and buy card paper or some other tough paper material. Find and print all of the cards in a tarot deck and print them out. 

-An even cheaper idea (but much more time consuming) is to make your own tarot deck. Not only do you get to put an essence of yourself into the deck, but they’re pretty fun to make too

-If you’re like me and have a hard time getting access to crystals or find they’re all too expensive, use rocks. I’m not even kidding. Go outside and find a small stone that calls to you. Bring it inside and wash it. Allow your stone to dry in the sun, then cleanse it in the moonlight. I then charge the stone with my intent and use it in place of a crystal

  Feel free to add onto this list!

2017, Season 4, and Series Ends

Hey Friends,

Does everyone have a minute? I wanted to share a couple of things about the future of Wolf 359 and what we’re going to be doing this year. And, as is so often the case with these sorts of things, it comes in the form of Good News and Bad News.

First, the Farnsworth bit: good news, everyone! Wolf 359 will be back this year, and we will be doing a full season. Hooray! Season Four will begin on June 12th, and it’ll be fifteen…ish full episodes. I know that’s a longer gap between seasons than we’ve had before, but we want to spend a bit longer on the writing and the production of these upcoming episodes. And - more good news! - that also means we won’t be taking a mid-season hiatus this year. Once new episodes begin, we’ll run, uninterrupted, every two weeks until the final episode on December 25th.

Which leads us to the bad news, and that is that… well, there’s no easy way to say it, so let’s just get it out: Wolf 359 is coming to its end. This upcoming season’s final episode will also be our series finale.

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What I say: I’m Good.

What I really mean: Why is Penetrator Chris always dissed? Can we see his family? Are him and Eva a couple? If William and Chris are best friends where are the scenes? Chris pops up only for hooking up with Eva (totally fine with) and just to get hurt!? I want more Chris scenes, where are they? Can he have season 4? Does Chris actually care about Eva? Can we get some scenes between Noora and Chris and Noora tells him if he hurts Eva she’ll break him? CAN CHRIS JUST BE FUCKING APPRECIATED?

throughout this season we saw 

  • isak struggling with his sexuality and internal homophobia  
  • isak not being on good terms with his parents 

  • isak struggling to open up and reaching out to people 

  • isak having prejudice toward people who have a mental illness 

  • isak’s relationship with the boy he’s fallen in love with being uncertain

all these main issues have been resolved now and i think that was the point of this season? at this point with only a couple of days left, i know they won’t undo any of that. and i think friday will be just be a fun, hopeful ending, and us knowing that isak has accomplished all of that, which was the most important thing all along 

Shout out to Emerald City for not being afraid to put their couple together early on in the season for fear it would become “stale” or “boring”, and for not saying that “audiences like the chase, they like having a couple pine after each other for 10 seasons, they stop caring when the couple becomes official”. 

Shout out to Emerald City for not relying on the overused and unwanted trope of love triangles. 

Shout out to Emerald City for finding a way to make a couple fall in love early on and have it believable, and to use the opportunity to actually explore the relationship throughout the season as they experience and overcome trials and tribulations together, united and in love.

Shout out to Emerald City for not relying on love triangles or slow burn to make a couple interesting, and actually use their brains and adequate writing skills to keep them fresh and exciting by simply… writing a good narrative.

I am so sick of television being afraid to write a story with an established couple who remain united and in love throughout the series, so thank you Emerald City for taking the leap of faith.

Cre: ByMySide_KookV

On the left is Tae’s arm
On the right is Kookie’s arm
tHe DiffErenCe IM
Their nicknames - ‘paper doll’ and ‘muscle pig’, respectively - do exist for a reason!! 1!11!! Brb imma read some muscle kink goodness!!! 1!

during this festive season i’d like to post this reminder that animals are Not gifts.

Animals, no matter how big or small, are not to be treated as an accessory or a cute gift. they need to be taken care of and loved just like a human being.

DO NOT purchase an animal if your intention isn’t to take care of it properly/your kids aren’t good with animals/you don’t have the proper living space for said animal/you plan on giving it away after a couple of months.

Animals will love you for the entirety of their lives, do you really want to break their heart just for a good facebook photo? if you answered yes do me a favour and jump off a cliff. thanks so much!

I hope everyone had a good holiday season. Just a couple quick updates. 

  • I finished my masters degree! and got all A’s in my last semester!
  • I’ve been working on a spring collection of art for my etsy. I’m experimenting with new metallic paints and feminist quotes. 
  • I also will be selling some prints on my etsy too! (I’ve been cleaning up images all week - it’s really kind of fun.)
  • My wife might be selling some of her wall tapestries on my etsy as well- They are so amazing! 
  • and my dad might be selling some of his copper sculptures on my etsy too - so a lot of etsy news (I’ll definitely post more about it during the spring when it’s all up and running)
  • My wife and I are planning our honeymoon - a trip to Copenhagen and Iceland 
  • and finally I’ve found a bunch of new art for you, I’m excited to share it! 

“you really never want an uncomplicated declaration of love for a couple you like”

yeah um full offense after watching laura and carmilla go through so much together. seeing them suffer and nearly break apart for good in season two and come back together and still love each other with their everything in spite of every reason they have not to– in laura’s dying moments there’s literally nothing wrong with them saying i love you to one another. can she fucking stop.

“The Lord is good to those who wait hopefully and expectantly for Him, to those who seek Him.” Lamentations 3:25
Are you waiting for “the one”, the simplest yet most complicated blessing of your life? Birthdays have come and gone but nothing seems to be happening. Maybe you’ve concluded that there’s something wrong with you, or that God has forgotten you.
This is the most vulnerable season of your life, where the enemy comes sneaking in with all his lies…“you are getting old” “you are not good enough” “guarding your heart and walking in purity is in vain”.
Don’t believe a word. The love of your life will come. God has someone special in store for you. In your desperation, don’t fall for what is second best or walk into the trap the enemy has set for you. A God ordained godly spouse is always worth the wait.


Lets get one thing straight, if either Lukas or Phillip was actually a girl character this show would have had a season 2 filmed and a season 3 in the works. But since the eyewitness writers wanted to mix up the playing field and throw some new ideas out there, by making the lead couple gay, Eyewitness is placed at the bottom of the USA Network’s shows of priority. All because of a boy loving and wanting to be with another boy. Eyewitness is a good, scratch that, a damn great show with amazing actors, directors, and amazing writers. This show is thrilling and heartfelt, it gets to the raw stuff that other shows don’t get to or that don’t want to. Eyewitness is more than just a show about a murder, it’s a show about family, love, and relationships, not just between lovers but between friends. Eyewitness has everything, from drama to a little bit of humor. Nothing about this show is wrong, in my eyes. But then again i’m not homophobic. I embrace all that Eyewitness has to give with nothing to complain about. I think that people would love this show if the USA Network would actual do more than post a video or two about it online. If the USA Network did half the social media work they do for The Walking Dead, Eyewitness would be more popular and would probably be way past it’s quota of 1 million viewers. All I know it that the USA Network is letting go of a really good show with great actors. Tyler and James deserve more for the work they put into their acting, but also the social media work they do. And for the way they ship Phillip and Lukas more than some fans. Cheers to them and cheers to the whole cast. But also Cheers to the fans of Eyewitness! Heres to sticking around and sticking together through all the craziness that has been Eyewitness. And sticking with this show even though you knew it was only going to be 10 episodes.  And heres to the hope of having a season 2 and many more! 

Have a Cracking Holiday Season With The Sims 4 Holiday Pack!

It’s that time of year again, the decorations are up and everyone is feeling festive, so why not your Sims too? Well, good news! We’ve updated the free Holiday Celebration Pack* for The Sims 4™!

Last year we added some gorgeous outfits, the light up tree, snowflake decals and a couple of other items to help give your Sims home a festive glow. This year, we’ve added a few great new objects to join the existing line up! Make your Sims home a festival paradise with the new Nut Cracker sculpture, place the new holiday candle for atmosphere, and add the fireplace with holiday garland to really round out the room.

Then the fun can really begin, with the new Holiday Cracker! This is an interactive object that a Sim can use, and they have a few different outcomes. Your Sim might find a piece of candy inside, which they’ll immediately nom (obviously!) that might just give them a change in mood. Maybe they’ll accidentally break what’s in the cracker and find some scrap upgrade parts. Maybe they’ll get a totally empty one, aww. Or maybe they’ll find one of the new collectible objects. That’s right, there’s a new collection, gasp! The Holiday Cracker has a chance to grant one of 8 different themed plushies, but we’ll let you find out what the themes are. They also give off a Playful aura!

All this is of course in addition to the original items in the pack, including holiday hats and the classic holiday necessity – the ugly holiday sweater!

Plumbob! I was REALLY hoping for “gift-giving” too, this year. [shucks]

also if it makes anyone feel better (while generally accepting the reality of the episode):

I don’t know about you, but I remember really HATING what they were doing with season 3 until we got HLV, and then retroactively seeing how good the storyline was and how strong the Johnlock angst was. 

So maybe let’s just hang on to our asses for a couple more weeks.