this was a good episode

things that could’ve been but didn’t: jack getting back the sword but is still bearded and half naked. or have an upgraded glowing armor just like his father did before. bearded jack was a treasure that i’ll never forget. he was depressed af but that didn’t stop him from trying to help ashi see the light.

trying Critical Role for the third time.  sigh.

watching the first two episodes of The Trial of the Take.

VM is on the verge of losing/winning a battle with a white dragon.

A few HPs remain in the balance, their tiefling friend repels the dragon’s attack with Hellish Rebuke. 

Mercer rolls.  Looks up…

And I finally understand the sheer joy of, “How do you want to do this?



Trigger really went all out on this. Everything was so beautiful from the story to the animation to the acting and the soundtrack. I got fucking goosebumps when everyone started boosting Akko and Diana one by one until the climax at the combined Shiny Arc using the Grand Triskelion. Even fucking Andrew managed to redeem himself as an ally on the non-magical side of things. The way everything wrapped up was just so well-executed, although I wish there could have been a bit more resolution for Croix and Chariot. Akko finally being able to achieve flight in the end put the fucking cherry on the cake.

I really wanna congratulate the staff for all this. I haven’t enjoyed an anime like this in a fucking long time. One of the best gems in the season. I really hope there will be a season 2 because there is more to be resolved on Croix and Chariot’s part and we need a deeper look at the more minor characters. I will be rewatching the entire thing upon its Netflix release.

Thank you, Trigger. Thank you so, so much for bringing LWA into this world.

there’s nothing worse than getting into two things at the same time because i can’t decide if i want to watch the x files or read the nightrunner series so i’ve just been scrolling through tumblr and watching makeup videos on youtube for the past hour