this was a glorious day


PS - Here are the other photos from after hiking on Sunday that I never posted. We ended up going to downtown Golden for food and wandering. It was such a glorious day and now I really cannot wait for summer. We have a lot of rain coming up, but hopefully I will still get to enjoy some time outside!

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/watch?v=bYnK96PbJEE what do you think about this clip? from what I know, this happened around the time the vday video leaked for the second time and shit went down *sigh* glorious customer service blog days but he seems quite interested in her, though I'm not sure.

(link to video)

My answer to asks like this is literally always going to be the same. There is no point where I’m suddenly going to say oh shit, you’re right, that one thing they said on camera is totally different from every other closeted push to hide their relationship. 

So I’m just going to c/p what I said a few days ago: 

There is massive context around their actions of that year or two. Closeted couples who genuinely are afraid that their sexuality or relationship might cause issues in their career, who believe that the pressure of coming out might impact their relationship, or who just plain aren’t ready don’t generally set out to sell a lie that they don’t want you to believe. The goal was to muddy the water enough that they weren’t held personally accountable for a video about their relationship that they weren’t prepared to address to their audience. It worked, for the time they needed it to work. They were, at that point, protecting what they thought they needed to protect. (And what, for all we know, they did need to protect.)

So I was just looking at the paladin armour and I noticed something. It’s made up of two parts, right, the white armour and the black bodysuit they wear underneath

So the black part in the middle…that’s the bodysuit. Yes? So basically the armour they’re wearing is a crop top and thigh highs

don’t let anybody tell you you’re any less than what you are!! you are important, and you deserve to be treated that way!

I’m constantly thinking about the fact that Ngozi got asked “do you follow the check please fandom?” and replied “I follow the Fry Guy fandom, yes.” 

Like, it’s such a perfect response????? when could your creators ever? It’s wry and affectionate and slightly sardonic without being mean at all and just…i can’t even tell you how much i admire the way that she handles her internet popularity and success and the attention it brings

Day Ninety

-Today I have been entrusted with the responsibility of being the operator. This seems like an oversight as I have next to no idea of how to be the operator. We will see how this goes.

-I found a pair of Valentine’s Day socks depicting a glorious Norse warrior with the caption, “I’ve taken a great Viking to you.” This is the single greatest seasonal item I have ever seen in my expansive seasonal item-hunting life.

-I inadvertently stumbled upon a solid stock of doomsday-ready supplies on a shelf in the hanger room. Hand-powered radios. Flashlights. Baby lotion. Everything one could ever need for armageddon.

-When given the phone, I was told to expect very few calls. This was a relief. I received many calls. I crossed my fingers I had been forwarding the calls correctly and not simply hanging up on confused callers. I still have no proof either way.

-I watched a toddler sprint off to the end of an aisle, wait for his mother to get close, and then sprint off again. This continued through the entirety of the store until he eventually sat down and let her catch up. Never again will I believe video game chase sequences to be unrealistic.

-A decidedly-creepy man asked a female coworker for a spare print ad. After being handed one, he walked off for five minutes to then return to her. He pressed a clipping from a Valentines page against her stomach. The cut-out paper read, “Let’s be friends.” I cannot be sure, but something in me says that this may not be the most effective method.

-From across the store, I heard the voice of a young boy chant, “Let me have my boobies back.” I cannot even begin to imagine the sort of monster who would take them from him.


Syriannas, completely fascinated by Dorian’s sleeping face in the early hours at Skyhold.

Draco wanting to support Hogwarts in the Triwizard Tournament but not daring to do so because there was no Slytherin champion.

Draco slowly realizing that he and Harry were both under pressure to constantly succeed.

Draco wishing Dobby wasn’t treated quite so badly but it was expected of him to think otherwise so he compromised by shouting and name calling but never hitting him.

Draco wishing he could watch the World Cup from the top of the stadium but never daring to mention so because being in the Minister’s Box is a glorious honor.

Draco spending days locked up in his room when his father’s friends came to the manor.

Draco dreading to come down for dinner because you never know if He will be at the table.

Draco being terrified of You Know Who but forced to speak his name.

Draco feeling physically ill when confronted by Voldemort but accepting the position because he is the man of the house while Father is in Azkaban.

Draco crying in his room at night because his forearm burns.

Draco wearing long sleeves because he has a constant reminder of what is being asked of him.

Draco vomiting as he flees the astronomy tower.

Draco feeling so relieved that he collapses upon hearing that Voldemort was defeated.

Draco still having to uphold the now tarnished family name.