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30 Day Negan Challenge:

Day 01: Your favorite Negan scene.
Day 02: Your favorite Negan quote.
Day 03: Your favorite quote about Negan.
Day 04: Your Negan OTP.
Day 05: Your Negan noTP.
Day 06: Your Negan brOTP.
Day 07: Your favorite funny scene:
Day 08: A song that reminds you of Negan.
Day 09: A quote that reminds you of Negan.
Day 10: A Negan scene that makes you sad.
Day 11: A Negan scene that makes you angry.
Day 12: Your favorite Negan insult.
Day 13: Negan + one dead character.
Day 14: Something that you wish happened but didn’t
Day 15: Your least favorite Negan moment
Day 16: Your favorite OMFG moment.
Day 17: Your favorite Negan outfit.
Day 18: Your favorite moment with Lucille.
Day 19: Beard or no beard?
Day 20: You favorite Negan personal item.
Day 21: Favorite scene with Rick.
Day 22: Favorite scene with Daryl.
Day 23: Favorite scene with Dwight.
Day 24: Favorite scene with Carl.
Day 25: Favorite scene with Olivia.
Day 26: Your favorite Negan episode.
Day 27: Negan + your favorite Savior.
Day 28: Who do you think will kill Negan?
Day 29: One character you would like to see Negan kill.
Day 30: Anything Negan related.

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In the scee where Isak and Jonas singing 'I'm yours' you can see Jonas laugh when Isak doesn't know the words and ramble things trying to rap, I think Marlon actually laugh in the scene because it's really was funny, you can see him giggle a few times.

lkjfdf marlon is thinking “what a nice meme this will be” *old rose dawson voice * and it is. it really is.


Newcrest’s Chronicles - Season 5 | Episode 2: Suit up!

stsciurussimblr a dit : It’s always nice to see a well dressed penis. ;)

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And that’s not often you can see this. :D

experimentalsims a dit : 😄

lifeasasim a dit : Hahahahaha

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Glad you liked this funny scene. ;)

keikosim a dit : Omg the first two panels are A+

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Thank you! :)