this was a flash test

On one hand, I love that the Homestuck fandom does theme weeks, like cute little flash fanwork tests.

But on the other hand, the way every one of the is so clearly art-centric is really fucking frustrating. If all your prompts are art and aesthetic prompts, you’re kind of sidelining a lot of people who aren’t artists. Other kind of fanworks exist, thanks.

  • When to use flash cards: memorizing words/vocab, numbers, equations, names, dates, and verbatim facts or lines.
  • When to use mnemonic devices: memorizing steps of a process or sets of facts/information/people, especially in an order.
  • When to use concept maps or drawings: learning (rather than memorizing) relationships, processes, concepts, systems, etc.
  • When to use tables or charts: learning or memorizing systems (eg. conjugation in a foreign language), sets of sets of information (eg. people and when they lived and what they did), and other large/complex groups of information.
  • When to use songs: for learning or memorizing anything.
  • Disclaimer: this is a general guideline. If something else works for you, do it!
If You're a Student, Please Utilize: if you need a study tool. It’s very efficient in it’s use of flash cards and quizzes/tests and is helpful if you want to remember key things about certain topics. for research papers. It’s extremely helpful if you want more organized papers and an easier way to write down your ideas and even share ideas with other students if you choose to. if you need to calculate when you should fall asleep/when you should wake up. to break down your essays and give you tips on proper word usage, sentence structure, etc. to help you learn the basics of a foreign language. to view the solutions to your textbook questions for free.

*Some of these sites are apps


Alexa inspired me to post some of my tests from the Khonjin House finale, so… here ya go. Side-by-side of a test I did of Smack’s movement, from prelim to final product.

Connor asked us to make some demos of Pent and Smack moving, since they’re intended to have very distinct styles of movement. You can actually see one of my Smack drawings show up in the background as Pent is slowly rotating in the episode too.


So i didnt post my first trying at flash animation. So here it is.

Then i started learn Flash i wanted to make “test” thing with Hunk breathing but i couldnt and then i be like “lol, and what if i will do not test and thing wich i realy want” and then i made this

and then it turned to my animation video

so, something like that