this was a doujinshi i forgot the name


After my canceled and delayed flight now I finally arrived home and can take a short breath to talk about my first time botcon.
I met all these awesome and fabulous artists, I didn’t buy that much prints but I got what I need. Josh is an lovely dork everybody loves him U-U, please pet him gently he would do BBB dance for you.
Sandlake finished that Knockout within an hour or maybe just 30mins, I was dead. O(-(
…I died at least 30 times in botcon.
I finally met Sakamoto, oh god what an lovely and kind person, I felt so sorry I shouldn’t let him know I redrew his abandoned page of HELEX in mtmte39.
He said he saw my drawing before, I died again.
Me and Sakamoto we scared each other a lot.
He was so embarrassed I was so embarrassed also.
But I regret nothing.
Sesame knows Japanese she helped him while Andrew wasn’t there. We stayed in his table for the rest of botcon.
I love you Sesame.
I drew a humanized female version Overlord, just cuz I want to.
Matt Frank and Thomas Deer’s table were next to each other we got a chance to talk at the end of the con which is amazing.
And Thomas yes thank you, please keep working on the awesome Windblade I can’t wait.
After the conversation security kicked us out lol….. ( no they didn’t )

Oh btw I totally forgot about the postcard giveaway sorry I think it’s because I died too many times. O(-(

Kotteri still love Knockout I’m really happy, MGR remember my drawing also (or my name on pixiv????) but anyway I died again.

I died happily.
And now I must reborn to write my doujinshi
Deadline is coming.


Okay, so I’m going to start by apologizing so so so so much. *begs for forgiveness*

A while back we were asking for scans for this MakoRin doujinshi Doshiyouka by Asou Kai and someone was kind enough to send us scans for it.

Unfortunately I’m forgetful and totally forgot who sent it (OMG I am so sorry I’m horrible with names) and yefione is about to release it but she can’t until we can put proper credits.

So would the kind soul who shared their scan please come forward?

OTL Again I’m so sorry for forgetting who you are