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Weekly Fic Rec 28th May 2017

Adore You by @isthatyoularry
Set in the 1920’s, Harry spends the summer at his parents’ estate. Harry’s parents are keen for him to enter into a courtship with the Tomlinson’s son Louis. Harry is not keen at all.

keep them in your mason jars by sincehewaseighteen @pinkhalo 
The Mason jar fic. Louis has a lovely unique tradition of holding memories in a mason jar. Harry thinks the tradition and Louis are pretty wonderful.

Your Mess Is Mine by amore @amories
Journalist Louis is dad to the adorable Noah. Harry is a member of a boyband fresh from a two year break and a massive scandal. They fall in love

there was a reason i collided into you by sockslwt @feelinqblue
Louis and Harry are neighbours who meet one morning in the lift. It becomes a thing…

Ain’t My Fault by @afirethatcannotdie
A really cute one shot featuring misunderstandings, a Craigslist ad and a missing avocado!

Far Away by dimpled_halo @dimpled-halo
Harry is back in London after 5 years trying to make it in the music industry in LA. He finds all of his friends have moved on with their lives. This includes Louis, his ex and possible love of his life.

Rare Scythian Silver Moose with Cabochons, 2nd Century AD

A silver figure of a juvenile moose, head held down, eyes inlaid with bronze, small antlers and large ears; teardrop-shaped recesses between the shoulders and top of front and back legs inlaid with turquoise, red and pale blue glass.  From the Don River valley, Russia.

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Yahaba's little pink ribbon is goals

thank you, he appreciates it!!