this was a cute ad

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have you seen the new burger king antibullying ad where this cute brown lesbian and a black guy stand up for this kid who's being bullied and everyone else ignores it

i dont have a tv or a local burger king

My dudes im like 25/12 duenk ad the self control o have to not text cute ER nurse is so many but I have goateiarderdre so gi team blue os best I habvent been yhins dry k is a qbike yikes

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oh man i feel ya on that webkinz post. i started webkinz the first year it came out and it was like a genuinely good website with so much cute shit but now its AD HELL and buggy as fuck. makes me sooo sad

YEAH DUDE i spent so much money and time and dedication on that fuckin shit getting a new webkinz was so exciting and satisfying the games were so much fun everything was so fucking good! and nice! and fucking god it was the SHIT

now the site barely can fucking run at all and im SAD man :^(

@icanhinatashouyoutheworld and i were talking about young Victor with pastel ombre hair