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I love how charmed Magnus always seems when Alec is stammering. It's honestly one of my favourite things with them when they interact, it's so sweet and heartwarming seeing how patient Magnus is. I often get my words mixed up and end up stuttering trying to correct myself and it's so embarrassing, like i wish someone looked at me like that when it happens.

awww same, he always looks so fondly on Alec? I mean, Magnus doesn’t want slick and cool; he wants genuineness and heart, and Alec gives it to him in spades. And when he stumbles for words but still looks so earnest and determined to say what he wants to say, I feel like that touches Magnus in a way few others have.

tbh when Alec stutters, too, it’s interesting because you can see his stubbornness even in small moments like this, like. he doesn’t ever stop or give up, he just keeps pressing on because he has something to say and dammit he’s going to say it no matter what – but you can also see the way his face lights up when Magnus gently fills in for him, when he gives Alec the words he can’t quite find. Alec has gone much of his life with so few people really understanding him aside from his siblings.

I also get the sense that while some of it may be nerves, it’s also partially a sign of Alec actively trying to look for the right words to say? Like, Alec is normally quite blunt and I don’t think he’s unaware of this. I think he knows he’s blunt, and so with Magnus because he likes this man and he wants Magnus to like him, too, he’s sort of – maybe thinking twice about how he phrases what he means and that causes a lapse between his brain and his mouth that usually isn’t there (since it only really happens around Magnus.)

anyway, these two are so soft around each other my heart genuinely hurts. :( sometimes i come across a gifset of magnus being angry and then magnus around alec one after the other, and the difference is night and day.

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Erm, hi! I normally don't request stuff, but, I really love your writing and I would like to see if you could write about the RFA + V + Saeran would react to an MC who really enjoys housework! By housework, I mean cooking meals, cleaning the house, and just being very house-wifey! If you could write that, it would be super cool! (You can skip Jaehee, I don't like writing for her too much either) Have a lovely day!! >w<

(this request is so cute oh my god)


  • He would find it really cute
  • It would be very nice for him, since he’s really bad at taking care of himself with eating habits and keeping his stuff organised
  • since he’s often busy he doesn’t have time for those things, so its very reassuring for him to know that you’ll be waiting for him with dinner when he gets home 
  • He would of course help you if you asked but he’s kind of terrible with cleaning
  • He would definitely call you his “little wife” even if you weren’t married (unless it made you uncomfortable, of course)


  • what do you mean, he’s the housewife here
  • No but seriously, he loves cooking so he would love to do that as a couple-activity with you!
  • He’s also pretty used to cleaning and organising, but he finds it kinda nice to not be responsible of that all the time
  • The two of you would share recipes and switch on who is making the dinner for the day
  • He would really like the house-wifey side of you, and he’d find you very helpful
  • (this is so domestic and cute aww)


  • He would think it is a very endearing quality
  • Although, he insists it isn’t really necessary 
  • He has like a thousand maids to make sure everything is spotless, and professional chefs to make healthy meals
  • (Jumin stop you’re ruining the domestic vibe) 
  • After some complaining and protesting he will let you do some stuff for yourself. He just wants to see that cute smile your face
  • He ends up really looking forward to seeing you still with your apron with newly cooked dinner ready for him to enjoy with your company to make up for a stressful day at the office


  • He needs it. Desperately.
  • Have you seen his apartment??? This boy lives in a jungle of empty cans of doctor pepper and half-full bags of honey buddha chips
  • Its kind of impressive honestly 
  • You would help him get more normal eating habits too
  • You would just sigh and suddenly feel a lot of respect for Vanderwood for keeping up with this for so long without tasering the shit out of him
  • Maybe you could take over the job and give Vanderwood a (well deserved) break too
  • He might joke around and act like a baby, telling you to spoon-feed him


  • He would really enjoy your house-wifey nature
  • He’d always look forward to see smell the meals you make for him, and he kinda needs you to clean the place since he cant see
  • Even so he would hate to burden you with anything, and insist that you don’t have to do anything for him if you don’t want to
  • You have to convince him that you do this because you like to, and he eventually gets it and just accept all the help you’re willing to give him
  • Every day when you sit at the dining table, you thoroughly describe everything thats on his plate. What colours are on there, the method you used to cook everything, and he loves hearing about it


  • Since he’s not used to getting proper meals at home when he was a kid nor when he joined the cult, its very weird for him to get used to it all
  • You cook his dinner everyday, and makes sure everything is nice and clean since he has a weak immunity system and gets sick easily
  • For a while he refuses to eat anything else other than ice cream and sweets, but after tasting your home-cooked meals he never wants to stop eating it
  • If you come from a different culture/country, he would be interested in the different dishes you grew up with
  • He may not voice it very often, but he really appreciates everything you do for him. He’ll show it in ways like sneaking behind you while you’re doing the dishes and just resting his head on your shoulder 

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Hi! Can u tell me what tumblr theme do u use? It's so cool but I cant find it( I feel a little stupid about it, I'm sorry

ur not stupid! i believe it’s called “redux” and it used to be the default blog theme on tumblr.

i like it cuz its so simple and familiar but the only thing is i wish it had date/time stamps for the posts instead of “x years ago” and it’d also be rly great if it would let me click on “via” and “source” links for posts that i reblogged.

so if anyone knows of a redux theme that has those features but still looks exactly like the original redux, please let me know!

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Have you seen the video of a d.og head being kept alive with outside pumps? Like it is literally just a head and they show it reacting to stimuli and everything. Science is great but it made me sick to my stomach to see that.

The Video

I find it pretty fascinating, but you know of course it’s kinda like that 50/50 “Oh thats cool” and “Oh god what the fuck” kind of thing.

Science is lit.

The Japanese subtitle for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is The Other Hero King.  On one hand, I really like that name because it calls to light the fact that Alm is sort of the forgotten lord and he sort of parallels Marth in a lot of ways and it also just sounds really cool to me, honestly cooler than Shadows of Valentia which I find somewhat dull as it doesnt say anything except “bad things will happen to this fantasy world in this story”.  On the other hand, naming the game after Alm with no mention of Celica when they are both main characters is kind of a dick move so I’m glad our title doesn’t have any inequality between the two lords. 

Ha ha like I was just thinking.

Like I’m actually really happy people out there enjoy my OC Gene?? I never would have thought anyone would really.

Originally course I just made her as a character to play and stuff, but within the last few months I opened up about her. Giving her about her background, her quirks, personality, etc. And I’m really surprised I was able to do this without fanfic XD since I can’t write a story for the life of me I like to turn to my artwork to show her off or create those comics.

Idk, I find it like really awesome. Originally I never thought Gene would be cool enough, but here we are with The Meme™ and doing all sorts of things with her.

I mean come on now, her fuckin signature look is sunglasses for Christ sake

One thing that I haven’t seen being talked about is how cool it is that in 1926, the American Wizarding government had a black female president. The American Wizarding world in 1926 is more progressive than the real America in 2016.


I’m so happy with the way Nancy turned out. The response to her is really satisfying. A lot of times, there’s a lot of damsel and victim roles around. It was nice for me to get to play a girl who finds her strength, who is really courageous and does cool things. I was really happy with that. I hope that I brought that to life in some way. Nancy is all badass. I always love to give credit to the Duffers for giving the backbone to that character. — Natalia Dyer for LADYGUNN Magazine

In 2017, I hope you

-have clear skin

-never have to return something you were really excited about 

-pet so many dogs 

-find something you really love that’s super cheap 

-buy a new favorite shirt 

-listen to a lot of good music 

-find really cool and useful coupons 

-make new (internet) friends

-achieve your goals

-meet someone you really like

-watch some really awesome shows

-are happy

-learn a lot of awesome things

-discover a new hobby 

-receive cool gift cards 

-find your new favorite products


Joyeux Noël à @abadmeanman! I was your @mlsecretsanta 💝🎅✨

It’s a mutual reveal scenario! In which its a direct mirror of the ever infamous umbrella scene (sans the umbrella and rain).

(Shocking, I know) 

So a for the longest ive been wracking my brain on what to get you. Honestly i considered many possibilities and i still am but those, i decided, were better off as separate projects ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) because i wanted to go for a sfw approach.

I know it’s not much (trust me i wish i could have done more bc ur a cool dude) but this is the best i could do atm. it was my first time working with animations and i came across a lot of technical difficulties (like finding the right size so the finalized thing fits under 1MB or tweaking with the settings so it doesnt look wonky) but im actually proud of the outcome :)

anyways, i hope u like this and that you have a neato x-mas and a happy new year!💛🎉🎅

watching Fantastic beast and where to find them

me: ok pls dont kill credence, he needs help and support after a lifetime of abuse.

*credence gets killed*

me: *internal screaming* , ok…. ok at least dont kill of percival graves, he is such a interesting character that has a lot of potential, he could be an anti hero of sorts, not with the good guys but not with grindlewald either.

*turns into johhny depp*



“I’m so happy with the way Nancy turned out. The response to her is really satisfying. A lot of times, there’s a lot of damsel and victim roles around. It was nice for me to get to play a girl who finds her strength, who is really courageous and does cool things. I was really happy with that. I hope that I brought that to life in some way. Nancy is all badass. I always love to give credit to the Duffers for giving the backbone to that character”. 

Natalia Dyer for LADYGUNN Magazine. 

Things I love about Yuri Plisetsky



-gets mad at yuuri for having the same name as him I mean really

-plan to find victor is go to Japan and yell his name a lot

-plan to fly under the radar is undone by need to take selfie with cool new shirt

-Edgy Fashion ™

-has a cat motif I mean seriously A+ fave character material right there

-sad about losing to yuuri PROTECT MY SON

-loves his grandpa

-thinks he’s a tough cool tiger

-Is actually an angry little kitten

-Perpetually Annoyed by Embarrassing Dads

-so unhappy someone hug this boy

-Face ™


I’m so happy with the way Nancy turned out. The response to her is really satisfying. A lot of times, there’s a lot of damsel and victim roles around. It was nice for me to get to play a girl who finds her strength, who is really courageous and does cool things. I was really happy with that. I hope that I brought that to life in some way. Nancy is all badass.
Natalia Dyer for Ladygunn Magazine

When I first joined the studyblr community, I was taken aback with the amount of studyblrs posting photos of their planner and their bullet journal spreads. I’ve only known and been in the fandom side of Tumblr for years, so I found it really cool that there are others who share the same appreciation for keeping things organized and staying productive.

I began to post my own planner spreads and since then, I would receive a lot of messages every day about planners/bullet journals and how to set them up. I decided to create this series to give you an overview of the art of using a planner or a bullet journal (right on time for the new year!) and address if not all, most, of your questions. Hopefully, as we progress through the series, you’ll find that keeping track of your tasks and staying organized isn’t as hard and tiring as it seems!

In this first part of the Plan and Play series, I’ll be covering the basics of planners, bullet journals, and planning in general. So let’s start: a planner and a bullet journal, what’s the difference?

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Hey, where I can find your effect stars (gif) with your edit here => /post/153925981468/defenders-smoke-bomb-photography

@cpn-america also asked me something similar, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a tutorial! 

how to make something like this:

or this:

you will need:

  • photoshop cs6 (or cs5)
  • a basic knowledge of said program
  • the top gif from this post (this is where you get the sparkly effect, so just drag it onto your desktop)

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what i find really cool about the dance pics is that you can really tell who the characters are by their dancing? like, yurio dances with a lot of anger and without a lot of finesse - he does a lot of cool stuff, sure, his body can do all sorts of things - but he doesn’t have any beat or flow. he’s just making his body do impressive things to impress, he’s not giving a good overrall experience. that’s something he’s struggled with in his skating, where he did amazing technically but had no feeling behind the routine. chris, of course, uses a pole. he’s a very strong man, proud of his body, and very sexual. pole dancing really highlights his skating, and his interactions with the other skaters so far. he’s got nothing to hide. then viktor - viktor is clearly moving his body with a lot of finesse and style, but he looks like he’s still on the ice, not really dancing. he throws his legs out like one would during a routine, poses his hands in the same way, doesnt use his hips. its got class, sure, but its not super dance-y. at the same time, it’s not nearly as serious as his skating can be - he’s there to have fun. viktor wants to have a good time, and dancing with yuri, he is. and speaking of yuri: he, of course, dances like his body is the music itself. just like how viktor described his skating. on top of that, interestingly enough, he seems to go along with the styles everyone else is doing. he breakdances with yurio, pole dances with chris, dances like he’s doing couples skating with viktor. going along with the flow - that’s something that yuri has admitted to struggling with, particularly in regards to choosing his own music for his routines. even though he started the dance-off, he still went along with the styles that everyone else chose. it’s really cool to see all of that reflected in the pics