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Laundry • H.S.

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I huffed, shutting the dryer door with my hip as I balanced the basket on my hip, walking out the laundry room and into the living room. This was the third load of the day and I was deeply regretting packing both mine and Harry’s whole wardrobe for our vacation in Greece.

I set the basket on the floor, sitting criss cross on the white fluffy rug in the living room, surrounded by piles of folded clothes and paired socks. 

“Harry, can you help!” I shouted out, hoping to hear the sound of footsteps coming from the upstairs bathroom where I heard the water stop running and the door open. 

I carefully folded one of his silk shirts, putting it in the pile that was meant for hangers when they were transported into the bedroom. Soon enough, footsteps came down the stairs slowly and I turned my head to watch my tanned boyfriend walk down the stairs with just a white towel around his waist.

I smiled big, leaning back on my palms and looking up at him as he hovered over me, small droplets dripping around from his still wet hair. “You called?” He smiled, looking around the living room at the piles of clothes. 

“Can you please help?” I begged, pouting with big eyes and a jutted lip hoping to persuade him easier. I watched his face scrunch up before he leaned down to pick up a pair of boxers I neatly folded, dropping his towel and quickly slipped on the pair of boxers. He walked around me, sitting across from me and picking up on of my bralettes from the basket.

“You should wear this one day,” He nodded to himself, slowly folding the lacy piece before lightly placing it near the rest of my bras and underwear. I stopped folding the pair of jeans and looked up at him.

“Babe, I wore that yesterday,” I giggled, shaking my head and watching his eyes widen, looking between me and the bralette he just set down.

“I took it off s’quick I couldn’t even see it!” He defended himself, winking at me with a smirk on his face before grabbing a t-shirt from the basket.

After a few minutes and a now empty basket of laundry, I let out a breath, finally finishing the laundry that’s been piling up for days. I stood up, setting my hands on my hips and looking down at where he still sat, legs crossed in nothing but a pair of boxers, his hair laying almost flat from being wet.

“Y’know we still gotta go grocery shopping, mum’s coming over tomorrow.” I sighed, rubbing my temples, stressed over thinking about having the house perfectly clean for Sunday dinner with his family.

“S’what we doing just standin’ ‘ere, let’s go bub.” He snapped up, grabbing my shoulders and spinning me around, leading my up to the bedroom. “Gotta get dressed, th’ both of us.”

“All my clothes are down here you bum.” I laughed as he tried leading us to the stairs before stopping in his tracks.

“Shi- you’re so smart bub.” He said, turning my back around and tapping my nose. “Anyone ever tell ya that?”

“A few times,” I shrugged it off, laughing along with him before we searched for something decent to wear from the floor of our living room. Clean clothes this time.

(this was originally called domestic, donut be confused grasshoppers)

okay this might be some sort of a mini series, only because the idea of Domestic!Harry makes me so happy. Folding laundry, grocery shopping, the whole nine yards…

also sorry for any mistakes, i’m delusional at the moment :)

My heart is with Manchester right now, everyone please keep them in your prayers. Music is meant for love, keep that in mind and stay positive. Love you guys, stay safe x

Hey. So in high school whey would oped the doors at 7 am, and class started at 750, but they didn’t open the bathroom doors til like 730-ish. My friend had terrible nosebleeds and she couldn’t get a paper towel. Luckily she was in the science hallway the chem teacher walked in, not really paying attention and she asked to use his sink. he said yes. Then she said that he would need to get the door and he looked over and she had two cupped handfuls of blood. she said he kinda freaked out.

Secondly, in middle school a person burned broccoli in a microwave and the fire alarms went off. we had to stand out there for like 40 minutes. I was in gym. I live in Alaska. It was like 40 below zero.

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hello!!!! can i request a smut/ fluff (or fluff only if ya don't do smut) where min yoongi's girlfriend is feeling insecure about her body since she is wearing tight clothes (she normally wears loose + her body type is curvyish so larger chest + ass and a bit of tummy chub)& ppl r staring @her (but she thinks its negative) and as yoongi gets jealous and goes down on her she gets super insecure + they do it for the first time with lights on and she doesn't want him to see her stretch marks. TY!!


My Type:

“You look fine love, please stop looking at yourself.” Yoongi called out opening the bathroom door. Jutting out your lower lip you looked over at him, the black lace dress that hugged your frame made you feel self-conscious. You looked into the mirror one more, the lace hugging your arms in a long sheer sleeve. The black dress was in two parts, a darker black part was like a body suit hugging your body, the top layer was lace and long sleeved giving you a modest but sexy look. The dress rose around your neck to resemble something of a choker. Your hair was up in loose curls pinned together in a loose fitted bun with a few end strands falling into your eyes and framing your face. Your makeup was light around your base, the eyeshadow was something light to contrast against your face, and your lips were decorated with a light red lipstick. Yoongi chuckled letting his eyes roam over you starting at your feet. The black pumps you had on always seemed to make your legs stand out, his eyes continued upward looking over your plump thighs, how they pressed together, up towards your plump bottom that he knew looked so good but it was covered up sadly. He took notice of your little tummy that you hated, the main topic of discussion was your weight, but he didn’t understand you were beautiful in every way and he wished you would notice what you mean to him. He wasn’t with you for just your looks, it was your heart, your mind, your sexy aura. He just wanted you to know what you did to him, you were different from many other girls, and there was something about you that he couldn’t find anywhere else. You were his rock whenever he needed to be held down, and he was going to give you up because you couldn’t always see your worth, he was there to make it better and help you out along the way how you did him.

He let a deep chuckle slip past his reddened lips. Looking around he slipped inside of the bathroom, wrapping his arms around your waist as his eyes trailed up to your breast and your face that was staring back at him. The slight hint of the dampness there he pressed a soft kiss against your temple as he smiled at you humming.

“You are breathtakingly beautiful. If I didn’t think so, I would have never encouraged you to get that dress or to come with me today. I want you to be confident okay? You’re my girl, and I’m not going to let anyone hurt you.” He vowed kissing your left ear as he squeezed you close to him humming.

You were grateful for him, Yoongi had helped you calm down and take deep breaths. He grabbed at your hand making a joke about how you needed to get out before someone came in and caught you. He led you out of the bathroom and down the hallway going back into the restaurant you were both enjoying a date in sitting down with you across the table from him. A lot of people had been staring at you, and you didn’t think it was necessarily a good thing, but in Yoongi’s eyes it was different.

He had seen how those men looked at you, the first thing their eyes went to were your thighs, and then upwards. It infuriated him that you were being stared at like that, and he hated the looks that people gave him afterwards sizing him up and judging him. He bit on his bottom lip trying to keep his anger from spilling out but he would be glad to leave. Of course, you got some glares and looks from other women but he shrugged it off. He didn’t want them, he was never one to judge based on looks. You had been so shy around him and thinking that he wouldn’t fall for you that it drew him in more. He was in love with everything about you from the tiniest baby hair on the top of your head to your biggest toe on your foot. The thought alone made a goofy grin break out on his face as he tilted his head becoming a love-struck kid with a crush.

“What, Min Yoongi?” You asked with a nose wrinkle and a soft smile.

“Did you just call my full name?” He asked you softly, the tone he used made you straighten up as your face heated a few shades, stuttering over your words you tried to explain and Yoongi more than amused he sat back in his seat with that cocky ass smirk crossing his hands together in front of him.

“I. No. See what happened, I just. I wasn’t trying to mean nothing by it. It just sounded really good coming off my tongue.” You fidgeted trying to finish your food as you squirmed lightly in front of him, the dress tickling the middle of your thighs as you wriggled.

“Oh, is that so? Just like when you moan it then huh?” He asked causing you to almost choke on a piece of the fish you had, the smirk that was on his lips became wider as he tucked his lip between his teeth. He blew a kiss at you going back to his food the both of you eating in silence until you were both done.

Yoongi paid for the tab, he gripped at your hand pulling you out of the restaurant and waited for a cab as he held your hand, that is where it seemed to go downhill from there. People passing by gave you looks, and in your mind, everyone that was looking were judging you. Yoongi could tell you had self-doubt and he hated it so much. His anger started to slowly boil over, he could see it too. Some yes, they did judge you but the others, that looked at you with unspeakable thoughts of want. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up with how angry he was becoming. You were his, and you were never going to be anyone else’s because he wasn’t going to let you. Jerking you forward lightly, he pulled you into the cab holding onto you as he looked out of the window barking at the driver where to go. He knew he was acting out, but in the midst of all of this he was annoyed, upset and he wanted to shake sense into you. He was holding himself together, a poised expression covering his burning fire that was inside of him. When you got home he would make sure you knew it, he wouldn’t stop until you knew that you were beautiful, and loved. He was going to make sure you only remembered him and what he could do for you. His mind roamed with endless thoughts of what he could do to you, a tiny smirk ghosting on his lips as he got lost in his thoughts.

Arriving to your place, Yoongi paid for the fair, pulling you gently out of the cab he walked with you towards your apartment since he didn’t want to go back to the dorms today. Knowing the guys would be in, he wanted to make sure no one interrupted his plans with you. Yoongi grabbed at your keys unlocking your door, and you sat there wondering idly why he had been so distance, you knew he had to revolve around you and feeling guilty for not being able to hold yourself up you beat yourself up, escaping to your cruel thoughts that only harmed you and never helped you. Once you were inside, you took off your heels, and Yoongi took off his shoes as well and loosened his tie. You were about to walk past him but Yoongi gripped at your waist pushing you against the wall. His hand on your waist, he leaned close to you, slowly he inched, his breath cascading on your features and fanning your face as he continued to lean close. The world seemed to stop around you two, his eyes fluttered close slowly and his lips met yours causing your own eyes to shut. His lips pressed against yours with want and need. Each searing kiss left you breathless and clinging onto him to get more. His hands moved to trap your body against his. Yoongi could feel something spark inside of him, holding you close like this, feeling your hands come up his broad chest to tangle into his soft black locks. It was driving him on edge. He let his hands go down farther slowly, flicking across your bottom lip for entrance and when you gave it to him he slowly let his tongue enter into your mouth, his tongue roaming your mouth, over the insides of your jaw and the roof of your mouth. His tongue took the time to roam over your tongue and teeth, the kiss becoming sloppy somewhat but neither of you cared. Yoongi sucked on your tongue, pulling the wet muscle into his mouth before he would pull back with a pop smiling down at you. He pulled back to pick you up bridal style knowing that you didn’t like it because you felt you were too heavy for him, when he was stronger than you gave him credit for. You wanted to tell him not to, but when he was in this mode you knew better than to go against his word. Yoongi placed you on your king-sized bed, turning on the light to shine in the darkened room, he walked towards you, helping you sit up so that he could slowly take your dress off as his lips met against yours again in a slow dance. You reached up, trying to find the light switch so that you could turn the light off. Yoongi noticing this stopped your hand and pulled back from you causing you to give a puzzled look.

“But we always do it with the lights off..” You said softly feeling unsure in yourself.

“Not today, I want to see you baby.” Yoongi stated reaching his hand down to comb through your wild locks, with his anger died out he just wanted to treat you like a queen and make you focus on only him.

“I don’t know Yoongi-“ You stated even more nervous and he shushed you humming.

“Either you will, or we won’t have sex at all until you’re ready.” Yoongi stood his ground giving you an ultimatum looking in your eyes. He waited you out staring at you letting you decide what you wanted to do. After some time, you sighed, nodding your head as you gave in.

“Okay..  We can try it.” You said softly. You knew you had so much to lose, in your mind anyways. What if he didn’t like what he saw? What if it repulsed him so much that he stopped? Yoongi didn’t leave you alone with your thoughts too much, he helped you stripped down slowly until you were laying on your back in nothing under him. He gave a soft smile, stepping back he stripped for you as well, creating a puddle of clothes on the floor he crawled on the bed spreading your legs wide. He started at the crook of your neck and going downwards he pressed multiple kisses and hickeys onto your body, marking you as his. Your skin throbbed at the places you were bitten at or sucked on, and he made sure that with every hickey he made you whimper in pleasure. His mouth descended to paint your breast with his love bites and he kissed over your stomach, moving your hands that tried to hide your stretch marks. Yoongi licked over your stretch marks kissing them and letting his fingers brush against him as he nuzzled your stomach trying to be cute. It caused you to laugh and cringe, his whole face lit up seeing you smile even if it cost him his manly imagine. He spread your legs wide, his tongue circling around your heat. He pressed soft kisses against your soaking wet pussy. He let his tongue flick out against your clit, wrapping his lips around it soon after he gave you a few harsh sucks letting his tongue flick up and down around the wet pert bud. His nose inhaled your essence causing his mouth to water more as he focused on getting you off.

He moved to shove his tongue inside of your heat as well, curving it and instantly finding your spot because it had been mapped out in his head. His fingers came up to thrust in and out of you while others brushed against your wet clit, he was stretching you out and getting you ready for him. The sounds of you crying out in pleasure and clutching the sheets above your head for him, made his blood rush south and he was becoming needier for you by the second. His tongue changed paces from quick to slow, building you up and tearing you down until you were a begging mess under you. He pulled back rubbing your clit with two fingers.

“Tell me you’re beautiful.” He stated and you looked at him like he had just offended you, he smirked lazily slowing his fingers down before plunging two inside of you working you up.

“I. Can’t do that.” You struggled to get out between your moans. Yoongi let his fingers scissor you at a relentless pace before he pulled them out and tapped your clit, bringing you down from your high only to plunge his fingers back inside of you.

“Can’t or won’t?” He asked you as he repeated the same thing. You wanted to challenge him and see how long he would keep this up. First the lights now this? You shook your head thinking that if you could angle your hips you would make yourself cum. But Yoongi was smart giving you shallow thrusts and missing your spot completely teasing you and leaving you hanging at the same time.

“OKAY YOONGI! I’m beautiful!” You whined softly not liking the teasing game that he was playing with you.

“Good girl.” You cooed out removing his fingers from your heat. He sucked on his fingers as he moved to get between your legs aligning himself with your entrance. He kissed your lips slowly leaning over you as he sunk into your heat causing a moan to slip from both of your hips.

He held his hips steady letting you adjust to him, and once he felt you had, he started to slowly thrust in and out of you, letting you relish in the feeling of him stretching you. He was thick, and you loved it so much to feel it inside of you. Your hands moved down to grab at his hips and pull him closer, your eyes locking for a time as you took a deep breath. Yoongi leaned down to pepper your face in kisses gently chuckling at how needy you were being. He gripped at your hands with his gently moving them up above your head so that he could pick up the pace starting to slowly slam in and out of you. Your wet pussy wrapped around his walls, the juices sliding down from your slick folds onto his balls and the sheets under you. He shuddered enjoying the pleasure, hips meeting and rocking against one another. Your mind was going blank with just thoughts of him, his name rolling off your tongue as he fucked you slowly against the mattress. His speed picked up, drawing out with you looking so needy under him. He started to slam harshly into you causing the bed to shake as your hips met and touched one another. The sounds of your sex could be heard bouncing off the quiet wall, the room becoming hot as you grinded against each other on the sheets. Yoongi pressed his forehead against yours whispering a soft ‘I love you’ as he looked into your eyes. Freeing one of his hands he reached down to rub your clit in time with his thrusts helping to aid you.

“Yoongi- I’m going to cum.” You breathed out looking at him with water wetting your eyes from how good it felt.

“You know better.” He hissed in a deep voice leaning down to bite your bottom lip.

“Daddy can I please cum? Please daddy!” You begged as you felt your slick walls tightening around him, it wouldn’t be long and you knew it. Yoongi at first didn’t give in and listen to you, slamming his hips against yours pressing against your spot over and over again, but after seeing you convulse under him, he nodded his head burying his face in your neck. With the okay your eyes drifted shut as your hips snapped up to meet his pace, relishing in the feeling of him touching you and being inside of you, in no time you were cumming on his shaft spilling your essence out. Yoongi groaned biting on your soft flesh, giving you a few more pumps before he pulled out to stroke himself off letting it coat the lower part of your stomach. He hummed gently pausing above you to catch his breath.

Once he was calmed down he went to the bathroom to get a warm towel wiping you off with it. He made sure you were clean and put it into the dirty hamper moving to climb back on the bed and hold. Yoongi didn’t have to say much in the silence you knew that he loved you and he cared, so you stayed there in his arms letting him play in your hair until your eyelids were getting heavy and you were falling asleep.

I want a zelink college all-out prank war

  • Link and Zelda are freshmen in college and they’re really good friends
  • They live on the same floor and have gotten quite a group going
  • On Fridays they all go to the local pizza place together
  • It’s considered a sacred ritual to unwind in their group, but ALL the college kids go there
  • And the place knows it, they advertise the hell out of the place on campus. There are flyers EVERYWHERE for this place on campus
  • Anyway one day Zelda decides that she has too much work to do and bails on the group
  • Link is full of righteous fury after he can’t convince her to come, and in retribution, he tapes one of the flyers across her door
  • When she opens the door to her room to use the bathroom, she walks face-first into the flyer 
  • Of course, she knows exactly who does it. 
  • So the next morning she takes the pizza flyers that she has and stuffs his mailbox 
  • Link is momentarily annoyed when the flyers fall all over the floor in the common area but really he’s glad she’s giving him more ammunition. He waits till she’s in the shower and then throws an entire stack of them over the curtain and runs
  • She convinces Sheik to let her into his room and shoves flyers into every available container while he’s in class–the Keurig, his water bottle, his jar of Sriracha, EVERYTHING, and runs
  • It’s not even about the missing pizza date at this point, it’s about the real and true sexual competitive tension that they have been feeling all year and everyone knows it but them
  • He steals her binder for her hardest class out of her backpack when she’s distracted in the common room, takes out all her notes, hole punches the flyers, replaces them, and puts the binder back in her bag to discover in class
  • NOBODY touches her notes. And Link is going home for the weekend. So Zelda gets all of her friends together, pools together all of their flyers (which at this point have been stolen off of every available surface on campus) and they attack the room
  • Only Link’s side, of course, or Sheik would never agree
  • But they take these flyers and they COVER his room, creating a flyer blanket, a flyer pillow, flyer clothes in his closet, flyer rugs, and everything else. They take all the decorations out of his room (even his Women’s weekly calendar) and replace them with flyers. 
  • Needless to say, everyone is too sick of pizza to do pizza next Friday
  • they get tex mex instead

(based off a true battle between friends…pic after the cut)

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The Black Cat Flu - LWTM #2

Author’s Note(s): it’s kind of long and not exactly as great as I had wanted it to be, but regardless, hope you guys enjoy :) also there’s mentions of like puking and stuff so if you’re squeamish, I wouldn’t recommend this one. 

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Lamplight illuminated the dark room as your eyes slowly blinked open. You felt hasty movement on the other side of you. Rubbing your eyes, you rolled over, expecting to see Remus having yet another nightmare. Instead, you found the right side of your bed bare, both pillows thrown haphazardly on the carpeted floor, blankets bunched up near the bottom of the bed. You sat up slowly, rubbing your eyes and looking across the room where the bathroom door was slowly closing. 

You got up, nearly tripping over Sirius, who lay on the floor beside the bed wrapped up in a green knitted blanket. A small trashcan and a roll of paper towels sat adjacent to his head. You had no idea when or how he’d gotten there. You quickly opened the drawer on your bedside table and took out your wand just in case. You thought it was just Remus bumping around in the middle of the night, but with all the state of his side of the bed and the loud thumps that woke you up, you could never be too sure. 

Creeping into the bathroom, you turned on the light to see Remus hunched over the toilet. He glanced back at you for a split second before turning away. A terrible noise came from the back of his throat and he was vomiting moments later. You reacted instantly, flicking your wand in every which direction. The sink began to spew water on a rag as you dropped down beside Remus, rubbing circles on his back. You knew there wasn’t much comfort to give to someone in his state, but you could at least try. 

He puked until there was nothing but bile filling the toilet bowl. You’d been dealing with this all week at work. There was a stomach bug going around and you were sure you’d brought it home from St. Mungo’s. You’d built up an immunity to it by now after being surrounded by it day after day, but it was clear Remus’ immune system hadn’t. He spit thrice before taking the warm rag you’d handed him and wiping his mouth. 

“You okay?” you asked, standing up. You knew it was a stupid question. Obviously he was sick. 

He followed suit, depositing the rag in the hamper. Remus groaned, “This is the third time I’ve puked tonight.” 

“Well, it looks like that’ll be the last of it,” you said, glancing over at all the acid and stomach bile in the toilet. You weren’t ever squeamish and this was what work had entailed all week. Remus started to brush his teeth and you flushed the toilet before wiping the seat down with another rag. You sprayed far too much Lysol through the room. 

Remus put his toothbrush back in the holder, “I hope so.” 

You returned to the bedroom behind him only to find Sirius sitting cross-legged on the floor, fingers curled around the trashcan. His other hand was busy wiping his mouth with a paper towel. You sighed. There were two different kinds of sick people and here you had both of them. Sirius grimaced up at Remus, “You sick too, Moony?” 

“Unfortunately,” he huffed, crawling back into your bed and burrowing under the comforter. The lack of pillows on his side suddenly appearing to the wizard. He grunted, turning over and yanking one of your pillows under his head. You rolled your eyes. You hated when Remus was sick. He turned into a childish, complaining ball of frustration. 

Walking over to Sirius, your nose shriveled up. “Bloody hell, that reeks. What did you eat?” 

He almost smiled, “Marlene made me lunch…and well, you know how that goes.” 

You didn’t answer, just scooped up the bag in the can and tied it up. You looked over at Remus. His eyes were scrunched closed and it was obvious he had no intention of staying up. Sirius stood up, wrapping his blanket around his shoulders and following you down the stairs. You reached the kitchen to find the lights already on and James rummaging through the medicine cabinet in his underwear. He craned his neck around the opened door and looked at you, “Do we have any laxatives? My stomach feels like it’s going to explode.” 

You walked past him and to the trashcan, Sirius piping up before you could. “Vix, you hear that? Looks like James got the shitty end of the stick, literally.”  

He laughed as James whacked him with a magazine. Sirius was the complete opposite of Remus. He was very lively and didn’t seem to mind the fact that he was sick. You wished everyone was like that. After depositing Sirius’ bag of vomit, you directed your attention towards James. You plastered a smile on your face that you hoped just screamed “don’t worry, I don’t need sleep and your stomach explosions are very important to me.” 

Closing the cabinet, you spoke, “Why don’t you guys go into the living room and watch an episode of Jerry Springer while I put on some tea?” 

Sirius grinned, turning away from you and stalked into the living room, fist bumping the air, “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” James followed behind him sluggishly, clearly not as enthusiastic about Jerry Springer as Sirius was. You hoped that would keep the two of them occupied for a while, giving you time to wallow in the kitchen. Work never really does end, does it?

You moved to the stove, putting on some ginger tea. You knew the boys would hate the taste, but if it helped, they’d drink it. It would be at least twelve hours before they could keep actual food down, so tea was their best bet. You slumped down at the kitchen table, resting your head on your hands. This was going to be a long night. 

The tea finished sooner than you would’ve liked. You loved Sirius and James and didn’t want them to be in any kind of discomfort but you were supposed to be in bed dreaming about a certain brown eyed boy. You sulked into the living room where Jerry Springer was cracking a dumb joke on the TV. You noticed Remus had come down to join the “fun” and was curled up in the recliner with the comforter from off of your bed. 

“They’re all actors,” he yawned. “None of this bullshit is real.”

“Doesn’t make it any less entertaining,” James grinned, accepting the cup of tea you handed him. He took a quick sip and his whole face scrunched up, “This is putrid.” 

Sirius took a sip of his as well to test James’ theory. He shrugged, “I’ve had worse. Like the soup Marlene practically forced down my throat today.” 

You gave Remus a cup with a kiss on his forehead. He took it without protest and began to sip on it. You plopped down on the couch beside Sirius. For a few minutes, all was kept to minimal chaos. Sirius was chanting along with the crowd, Remus was complaining about the ignorance of the show, and James was egging both of them along. Until the show ended and James stood up, taking three big gulps of his tea. He looked down at Sirius, “It’s time.” 

“Time for what?” you asked, about to shoot down whatever crazy idea James was about to perform. It was two in the morning for Merlin’s sake. 

James started towards the bathroom. “McGonagall told me once ‘Potter, nothing is accomplished without a little hard work and a little encouragement. You’re the only one standing in the way of your own victory.’” 

“What does that have to do with anything?” Remus asked, annoyance lacing his tone. 

“I need to poop, so that’s what I’m going to do,” he answered promptly. “And Sirius, you’re going to encourage it. Come on.” 

“For fuck’s sake,” Remus huffed, exasperated, pulling his blanket over his head. You fought the urge to giggle as James and Sirius marched off the the guest bathroom. After a minute or two, you could hear Sirius clapping his hands and giving James a pep talk through the bathroom door. You crossed your legs on the couch, putting your head in your hands and listening closely to the ridiculousness down the hall. 

“C’mon, Prongs, you can do it! Just give me a little push! Keep pushing, James! Go! Go! Go! Merlin’s beard, you can do better than that!  A big push!” 

“Fucking Christ,” Remus muttered under the blanket. 

You did giggle then. Remus poked his head out, eyeing you with an annoyed expression. “If Pettigrew wasn’t awake during the fucking ‘Jerry’ fiasco, then he sure as hell is now.” 

You blinked a couple times. You’d forgotten all about Peter. Remus was right. You stood up, not bothering to give Moony an explanation before venturing off to Peter’s room. You picked at your fingernails up the steps. You felt like a bad mom. You reached Peter’s bedroom door and cocked your head to the side at what you found. Taped to Wormtail’s door was a white piece of paper. Written in big black letters, it read: SANITIZE BEFORE ENTRY

At the bottom of the door, a basket held two containers of hand sanitizer and a big can of Lysol. You chuckled under your breath, knocking softly, “Peter?” 

You heard movement behind the door and it creaked open moments later. Peter stood behind it wrapped in what looked like the slipping slide you bought last summer, held together with clothespins at the top. He had a doctor’s mask with pictures of Winnie the Pooh all over it covering his mouth and a pair of mittens on his hands. You raised your eyebrows as he spoke through his mask, “Did you spray?”

“What?” you asked. 

He gestured to the basket at your feet. You reluctantly picked up the Lysol and sprayed yourself thoroughly. Peter moved out of your way then, letting you into his bedroom. He pushed down his mask once the door was closed, “Sorry, Y/N. This is a germ-free fortress.”

He padded over to his bedside table and picked up a plastic cup full of purple juice. He held it out to you. “Grape juice guarantees you won’t get sick. Want some? Oh, and Vitamin C, here.” 

You politely declined. “Trust me, I don’t need it.”

“More for me,” he shrugged, sitting it back down. “So, if you’re not trying to get away from the germs, what are you doing here?” 

“Oh, I was just checking up on you,” you answered, plopping down on his bed. 

He took a sip of his grape juice, “Well, I’m good. So, you can be going, then.”

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to get rid of me, Pettigrew,” you snarkily replied, standing up. He laughed nervously following you towards the door. You stepped outside and Peter sprayed something behind you, presumably Lysol as you went. He closed the door and turned out the light, whispering something about germs under his breath. You ran your fingers through your hair in the middle of the hallway. What the fuck even is your life?

After a moment to yourself, you walked back down the stairs. You were met at the bottom by James. He held a roll of toilet paper in his hand and had a victorious grin on his face. You raised your eyebrows expectantly. He gave you an award winning smile. “I pooped.” 

“He couldn’t have done it without me,” Sirius said, appearing behind him holding a red pom pom. Where the hell did he get that from? He and James high fived and you pushed past them, not wanting to get sucked into that conversation. 

When you got to the living room, Remus was gathering up the blanket in his arms. He spotted you and sighed, “I’m going to sleep.” 

You yawned, “I think I’ll be right behind you.” 

He nodded, walking past you, placing a hasty kiss on your cheek. You heard him bicker with James and Sirius at the bottom of the steps and smiled, turning off the TV. After turning off the kitchen light, you went up the steps and into your room to find all three boys arguing around the bed. 

“You’re not sleeping in here,” Remus hissed. “No, absolutely not. James, don’t touch that pillow.” 

“Come on, Moony. Stop being such an asshat,” Sirius tried to reason. 

James spotted you in the doorway. “Y/N, tell Remus we can sleep with you guys.” 

You sighed lightly, shaking your head at the boys. Sure, they were a handful, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Cursed (Beauty and the Beast Jimin Au): Part 1

Request:  Hey love can i request a jimin angst inspired by the disney beauty and the beast? Where love magically makes him become more and more human? Thanks!🌼

A/N: There will be another part to this! I finally got motivation for this one and I hope this is ok. I didn’t do the whole Beast thing because idk i dont like that but I did it more like the movie Beastly than anything tbh. Hope this is good!

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Running up the stairs it was a wonder that he didn’t trip on a single step. His face burned. His whole body burned. He’d never felt anything like it and he was scared. Finally getting to his bathroom he shoved the door open and violently hit the light switch so he could see. Afraid to see what he looked like, there was reason all of this was happening to him.

 Many would say Jimin had it coming. Although he was beautiful on the outside, he was hideous on the inside. He made people’s skin crawl with the things he would say. Thinking he was entitled because he was rich and beautiful. Nothing could touch him. Not until that night.

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Hey, I hope I'm not a bother but I was hoping maybe you could write about 2-D caring for a depressed s/o?? Thanks!! No pressure though

There is never any pressure ;)

- It had been a long day for you. A very very long day. You felt like you were worthless and didnt do anything right. You decided it was the best idea to just go to your bedroom and stay there. 

- Once you were there for a couple of hours, it only got worse. You had closed the curtains and was sitting in complete darkness. You began crying for no apparent reason and was wondering if you could sneak in to the bathroom to get some razor blades. 

- At that point, the door flew open and 2D was standing in the light that flew in to the room. He saw you, crying, all alone and bundled up in some blankets. He knew about your depression and got a bit pissed that you didnt call him now. He wanted to be there for you and for some reason, you never really let him.

- He sat next to you, while he kind of picked you up and put you on his lap. He whispered some sweet words in your ear as he let his hand went through your hair and then stroke your back. He will make you a hot bath, as he makes sure you are clean and smell like your favorite soap. He will just sit next to you, with his sleeves rolled up so that they don’t get wet, and talk with you about your day.

- He would dry you up after that and put you in one of his oversized sweaters. He will cuddle up with you in bed while you watch your favorite movie. 2D texts Noodle if she could bring some of your favorite snacks and she happily does. You watch some more movies, until you fall asleep. 2D will kiss you on the forehead and only smile at his little bundle of joy, who he will always try to protect.

OTP Shower
  • Person A: *in the shower, Singing terribly*
  • Person B: * out side bathroom door recording*
  • ---
  • Person c: *spots B* what are you doing?
  • Person B: SSSHHH! *whispers* blackmail.

I love Sadrien as much as the next person but honestly?

I need more Madrien in my life


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Mutually Assured Dating

‘You were singing really loudly in the shower when I broke into your apartment but then i heard you slip and crash and oh god i should probably check on you in case i get done for murder instead of just robbery’ AU

It took all of fourteen seconds for Derek to realize he was in the wrong apartment.

First, he noticed the very large and scuffed up sneakers and boots ditched haphazardly kind of near the door but half into the living room. Cora was meticulous about her shoes and kept them neatly arranged in a shoe rack right next to the door. The only time they touched the floor was when her feet were in them.

Second, the stuff. There was so much stuff everywhere; clothes thrown over the back of the couch, dishes across the coffee table and all over the kitchen counters, books on every surface, a gaming console dragging wires across the floor and surrounded by games, in cases and out of them. Cora was an unintentional minimalist, in that she threw out anything she didn’t need and lacked a single sentimental bone in her body. Derek and Laura regularly made trips to wherever she lived to save family keepsakes and memories from her ruthless cleaning sprees.

Then he noticed the manly warble coming from somewhere deeper in the apartment, and Cora’s favorite topic of rant floated lazily to the forefront of his mind.

—but my neighbor, oh my god this guy! I’m going to kill him if I ever see him in the hall! His bathroom shares a wall with my bedroom and he sings in the shower, every shower, at all hours. Literally all hours, like 4am, and he only sings Christmas carols at 4am. I’ve have Jingle Bells stuck in my head for a week! 

Shoes, stuff, singing.

This was not Cora’s apartment.

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