this was a bathroom door

What Even Are Cats?

Me: I have got you two nice cat trees and you have over quarter of the sofa, not to mention probably all of my bed.

Molly The Cat: Yeah but! The inside of the sofa sounds like a good place to sit.

Molly The Cat: Human…. human…. HUMAN!

Me: What do you want?

Molly The Cat: HOW DARE YOU LOOK AT ME! *sassy tail flip*

Molly The Cat: You’ve been on the loo too long.

Me: Excuse, you?

Molly The Cat: *jumps and unlocks bathroom door from the outside.*

Me: Why?

Molly The Cat: Too long! *Pulls light cord on and off*

Me: *Brushes Teeh*

Molly The Cat: Human… No, this is not what you do with the stick… stop it silly thing *waves paw at me and chitters till i’m done*

Molly The Cat: Human… cat foot. *Sticks foot in my face*

Me: AWWWW toe beans!

Molly The Cat: DO not touch the toe beans! *Calmly removes foot from my face*

Molly The Cat: Human… cat foot. *Sticks foot in my face*

Me: AWWWW toe beans! Ima get your toe beans, tickle tickle *Tickles Molly’s foot*

Molly The Cat: *rolls around making a sound like laughing*

Me: *Does college work*

Molly The Cat: *Sits on college work

Me: *Looks at Molly*

Molly The Cat: *Looks at me*

Me: you win this one

Molly The Cat: *Sits next to me*

Me: Hello kitty

Molly The Cat: Don’t touch me

Me: opens front door.

Molly The Cat: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! I had to sleep on the sofa on my own so I chewed all your chargers and pulled the table cloth off and made a huge mess!

Me: Can I come inside, you’re standing on my feet

Me: moves

Molly The Cat: Where you going?

Molly The Cat: *Does something cute*


Molly The Cat: oh crud

Molly The Cat: It’s 3am so I’m going to run really fast over you and round the house then get stuck trying to fit under the door.

Me: Why are you headbutting me?

Molly The Cat: Human! *Headbutting me*

Me: Yes

Molly The Cat: Nothing, never mind.

Me: Ima get ya, i’m a big monster and i’m gonna get you *Pretends to chase Molly*

Molly The Cat: *Does a funny little tappy run* Nooooo! *rolls over then goes all bouncy*

Me: oh no you got me! *Falls on floor.*

Molly The Cat: YAY! *Pounces on me*

Molly The Cat: The stairs are to high take me back up.

Me: Then why did you come downstairs?

Molly The Cat: Do not question me human *Jumps on shoulder and almost falls off*

I seriously think there’s a damn ghost my dorm hall???? A couple days ago my jewelry box dropped on the floor and it wasn’t even placed on the edge of my table… last week I felt something staring at me in the bathroom and TODAY the damn bathroom door slammed on me ….but whomever is haunting me….let’s get coffee…let’s talk this out….

I'm here for you, but I am not your doormat

Divergent fanfic: Eric one shot
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The front door swings open and bangs shut. Eric stomps threw the apartment to the fridge and grabs a beer slamming the fridge door short. He stands giving me a nasty glare.

“In another spectacularly foul mood again I see,” I sneer looking up from my paperwork.

He still says nothing as he stalks to the bathroom, another door slamming. I’m not in the mood for this again and decide to go to the mess hall for dinner.

“Hey Y/N!! Where is your scarier half,” Uriah ask me laughing as I sit down.

“Probably still sulking like a child throwing a tempertantrum at home,” I scoff rolling my eyes.

I found I actually am enjoying myself and my company for ages. I care for Eric deeply, but him always taking his bad days out on me was just becoming exhausting.

“Hey Y/N, Zeke and I are doing drinks and Candor or Dauntless at our place tonight. You in?”

I sit and think about it for a second. You know what screw him. I deserve to have some fun.

“Hell yeah I’m in!” I smile widely.

“Alright. Let’s go have some FUN!!”

It was getting late, that much I know. Exactly how late I do not know. I had decided against playing Dauntless or Candor. Running threw the compound doing stupid pranks or telling people private information about Eric or myself would probably not end well for me.

I had however had more than a few drinks. I laid on one of the Pedrads couching watching my friends a little enviously. They all look so happy and carefree. Especially the couples.

I couldn’t even remember the last we had gone out and did something fun. Hell we didn’t even do anything not fun in forever. We hadn’t even been intimate in over a month. Eric was so tired and cranky lately.

“Y/N? Does Eric even know you’re here?” Four asked quietly.

I shook my head no. Feeling the room start to spin.

“Do you want me to help you home?” he looked concerned.

“Nope,” I smiled sadly rolling over and falling asleep.

I suddenly heard someone softly calling my name. I opened my eyes to see Eric crouched in front of me. But I didn’t think it could possibly be my Eric, because instead of looking pissed he looked concerned.

“Hey beautiful.” he had a small smile on his face. I smiled back

“Ready to go home?” he sounded almost nervous.

“Mmm k,” I mumbled. I went to sit up and felt nauseous. Before I knew it I was being picked up.

As he made our way out of the apartment I noticed him give a slight nod of his head to Four. I must be REALLY drunk.

“I can walk you know,” I slurred into his shoulder. But really I was enjoying the closeness at the moment.

“I know you you can,” he sighed kissing my forehead.

I didn’t get put down until we where in front of the apartment door. Eric fished the keys out of his pocket and opened the door. Then he took my hand walking us to the couch pulling me into his lap as we sat down.

I curled into his chest placing a light kiss on one of his leadership tattoo’s on his neck. He looked down at me wrinkling his nose.

“You smell like cinnamon. Fireball?”

I shook my head and giggled. “Hot Damn.”

He just shook his head raising a pierced eyebrow at me. Then he just looked at sadly for a few moments before he spoke.

“I thought I finally lost you, that you finally had enough.” I sat back to look at him putting hands on either side of his face.

“Eric I don’t ever want to leave you. You’ve been so tense lately. I can’t imagine what it is to carry the weight of a Faction on your shoulders. Especially at our young age. I know it has to be stressful, and I am here for you. But not as your door mat or punching bag.” My voiced wavered slightly at the end

“I know. I should tell you more how much you mean to me. I, I’m sorry, ” he quickly turned his head away. I knew how hard it was for him to say that.

I pulled his head back to look at me. He still had a pained look in his eyes. Slowly I leaned in and pressed a soft kiss on his lips. He placed his forehead on mine and took a deep breath.

“ I love you Y/N.” he spoke barely above a whisper.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked deep into his eyes.

“I love you too. Now take me to bed and show me how much,” I breathed out softly.

“There is nothing more I want to do right now.”

In Which Killua Dyes

“Killua we’re home!” Gon yelled over his shoulder closing the front door to the boys apartment.
“Kurapika and I got some stuff for dinner tonight. Oh, has Leorio called yet?” Gon and Kurapika wandered into the open kitchen setting the mountain of groceries onto the table cans crashing into bags a second of chaos.
“Killua?” Gon called out exchanging a worried glance with Kurapika who shrugged before reaching into the bags.
“Go ahead and look for him I’ll put these away.” Kurapika motioned Gon away with one hand.
“Thanks Kurapika I promise you won’t have to do anything else after I find Killua!” Gon affirmed before bounding up the stairs.

“Killua?” Gon knocked on the bathroom door. Light escaped the bottom of the door illuminating the hallway.
“Wha-? Ah! Fuck!” Killua squawked from the other side.
“Killua you okay?” Gons voice grew concerned trying to reach through the door. Kurapika stalked up the stairs following the boys commotion.
“Gon what’s up?”
“Is that Kurapika? Fuck! Gon yo- damn! Gon you said he was coming with Leorio!” Killua shouted over a crash and the sound of falling bottles and other bathroom accessories.
“He got here early, Killua are you okay?” Gon jiggled the locked doorknob.
“Gon I swear to everything under the sun if you open that door I will fucking smother you in your sleep.” Killua swore as the sound of plastic stopped and was replaced by cloths rustling.
“Oops!” The door that had been carrying their conversation split from its hinges and tipped into the bathroom. Gon’s hand splayed his face drawn with concern and curiosity.
“GON!” Killua screeched a hoodie haphazardly thrown on with the hood up. Kurapika leaned in the doorway.
“Hey Killua why are you wearing your hoodie inside out?” Gon asked innocently and lowered his hand.
“Killua you didn’t!” Kurapika gawked at the boxes and bottle in the trash.
“He didn’t what?” Gon’s curiosity peaked as Kurapika pushed past him and ripped the hood out of Killua’s grip and off his head.
“Kil- Killua your hair…” Gon’s jaw dropped almost as far as the Kurta’s.
“Yeah…the box said midnight somethin’ or other so I thought it was black not…this.” Killua motioned to his now neon purple hair.

“Do you…need help?” Kurapika offered his words drawn out. Killua shrugged scuffing his toe eyes piercing the tile floor. The purple dye stained Killuas hands that now sought refuge in his pants pockets.
“Okay…Gon why don’t you head back down and uh, work on dinner. Leorio should be here soon.” Kurapika stated taking control of the situation.
“Don’t say anything to him.” Killua growled to the floor red heating his face.
“Okay. What about Killua?” Gon crossed his arms.
“I’ll help him tone down the colour I guess.” Kurapika offered glancing at the mass of purple falling in Killuas eyes.
“It’s fine Gon.” Killua ducked under his bangs grinning at his best friends concern.
“But I like it! It looks like a flower!” Gon chirped as he turned down the stairs.
“Wha-!” Killuas sputtering followed Gon down to the kitchen along with Kurapikas laughter.

“So where’s Kurapika and Killua?” Leorio questioned sprawled on the sofa across from Gon perched on a love seat.
“Oh uh they…” Gon rolled the words in his mouth looking for an excuse.
“We’re coming hold on.” Kurapika slipped onto the sofa squishing into Leorios side earning him a blush and quick inhale from the doctor.
“I refuse!” Killuas shriek echoed around the corner.
“Killua it’s not that bad. I think it’s a good look!” Kurapika laughed leaning into Leorio. “Killua I want to see!” Gon whined fidgeting. “No way in hell!” Killua hollard back. The group paused. Killua sighed and stepped hesitantly into the room.
“Lilac!” Leorio shouted jumping to his feet. Killua’s hair had dimmed from a blazing violet to a pastel lilac. Kurapika and Leorio hurried over and casually reassured the blushing mess as Gon sat his own red tipped cheeks burning.
“You look beautiful Killua!” Gon stood abruptly loud enough to interrupt Leorio and Kurapika.
“G-Gon! You can’t just…” Killua trailed off ducking his head wide eyes trying to drill holes in his sneakers.
“Let’s go eat huh?” Kurapika redirected the group to the set table.


“Goodnight Kurapika! ‘Night Leorio!” Gon waved down the hall.
“Thanks for letting us use your room for the night Gon!” Leorio nodded. Gon headed up the stairs when the light for the bathroom turned on.
“Kurapika?” Gon slid the door panel, still off its hinges, and peered in.
“Gon!” Killua squeaked pulling his hood up. He had been meticulously staring at his new colour.
“Oh, Killua!” Gon stepped in the bathroom.
“Why are you hiding your hair?”
“Because well uh,” Killua stuttered pulling on the strings of his hoodie until just his nose, eyes, and a tuft of lilac where visible. His words muffled.
“Becausemyhairispurpleiguess.” The jumbled words made their way out of his hoodie. Gon took a step forward until their toes touched and whispered.
“Well I like it.” His cheeks warmed highlighting his spread of freckles. Killua’s face burned beneath the cloth. Without warning Gon leaned forward and kissed Killuas nose. Before Killua properly processed what happened Gon was out the doorway and in Killuas room where they were supposed to spend the night. Gon softly shut the door then leaned on it and sunk down his burning face in his hands and a huge smile filled his palms.

Killua ripped his hood off planted his hands in front of the sink and stared down his flushed grinning reflction.

The boys had the same thought racing through their heads.
“How am I supposed to sleep in the same room as him now?”

**Hilo this is I guess canon au but no chimera. None. I don’t need that thank you. I suppose some Leopika (Is that the name? That’s the name right?) Aged up boys. If you see anything is amiss lemme know! Thank!**

I love(d) you

Clarke finds the jacket—his stupid, ugly, brown jacket—four years after they break up.

It’s wedged in her closet, where it hangs innocently between two dresses, taunting her. Narrowing her eyes, she crosses her arms and stares at it, wondering how, of all things, she forgot to give that stupid jacket back.

After standing there for a stubborn half hour, she yanks the jacket off its hanger and brings it to the coat rack by her front door. Despite the fact that she held it far enough away from her face, she still accidentally catches a whiff of his cologne.

The memories that come rushing back are rosy-tinged bastards.

She curses her olfactory senses and her penchant for nostalgia and him, and hangs the jacket unceremoniously by her front door. With a sigh, she heads to her bathroom and sprays perfume until it hangs in a thick cloud around her head.

It’s still not enough to mask the memories still stubbornly playing in her mind.

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Could you please do a follow-up on that Gabriel (Supernatural)/Kagome drabble you did a while back?

Here you are, I hope you enjoy this!

She eyed her surroundings, not sure how to take the dating slash romance atmosphere she walked in on. Especially when she was positive the door led from the women’s bathroom back into the hallway of her university. If she had to describe it, it was like one of those cheesy covers to those romance novels. All that was missing was the half naked and somehow oil-slicked male. There was even faint ‘romantic’ music playing in the background.

“Enchante, mon amour.” a male voice purred just off to the side, drawing Kagome’s attention.

Ah. There he was. Her lips pursed when her gaze landed on him, he only added to the cheesiness of the whole situation. Reclined on some sort of red velvet couch, a glistening bare chest, ridiculously tight black pants, hair slicked back with a single free curl, come-hither eyes and a red rose between his teeth.

“I’ve died and gone to hell.” she pinched the bridge of her nose, not expecting to come across Gabriel after she just went to the bathroom of all places.

“Honey, trust me when I say, this is much better than Hell.” he plucked the rose from his teeth with a flourish, a waggle of his brows making her own tick.

“I know what Hell is like. As I know the Underworld, Purgatory and the Void. This,” she eyed the obviously supposed to be a romantic environment where Sauv John obviously had sex. “…this is on so many levels worse.”

“Oh, don’t be like that.” he threw her a pout. With a wave of the rose, as if it were some magical wand, the scene changed to a quaint garden. Though the large white lacy bed ruined that. “If the scene’s not to your liking…”

“I feel… violated. So violated.” pinching the bridge of her nose again, Kagome decided to simply walk away. The way she figured it, he either brought her to the actual locations, or it was all an illusion.

“Again, don’t be like that!” he was suddenly at her side, walking along with her. “What’s wrong with a little mood setting?”

“Mood setting? Talk about cheesy…” she muttered under her breath. “First of all, I don’t even know you. Especially not enough to get into any mood. So no mood.”

When he suddenly appeared in front of her, halting her steps, he waggled his brows at his next words. “Like you’ve intimately known all your flings?”

Face painted in anger, she planted fists atop her hips. “Look, I like sex as much as the next person. However, I’ve come to learn that it’s never just sex when my possible partner isn’t human.” her eyes narrowed as she leaned up a bit to get eye level with him, her cheeks warmed at her next words and their implications. “I don’t even want to know how you know about my sex life.”

Gabriel shrugged his shoulders, eyes twinkling as he smirked down at her. “You’re one of the last holy humans, if not the last one altogether. Of course, certain individuals are going to be keeping an eye on you.” his grin became positively wicked when he leaned down to her raised face. “I never knew you were that flexible or a little into the kink-!”

Kagome slapped her hands over his mouth, completely mortified. Oh, Kami, he knew?! It wasn’t like she was into anything extreme when she realized that she didn’t have to explain herself to him. “Look, you ever breathe a word of this to anyone, ever, I’ll… I'll” her sails lost wind when she didn’t realize how to threaten an angel properly.

He pulled her hands away to smirk down at her with a waggle of brows. “You’ll what, spank me?” at her frozen state, he took his chance to wrap an arm around her waist. “I don’t mind, really. All I ask is that you wear that sexy little school outfit of yours, the one you’re so famous for. Or perhaps a catsuit. The choice is yours!”

Feeling he had pushed her perhaps a little too far too fast if her shaking form and the angry blush on her cheeks was anything to go on and let’s not forget the fact he could feel her holy abilities just boiling beneath the surface, he leaned down to steal a kiss. “Just think about it, m'kay sweety?”

The few that were in the hallway jumped and turned to her when Kagome let out a sudden shriek of anger and began cursing as she stormed her way back to her classroom. She wondered if she could castrate an angel with her abilities. Until she learned if it was possible or not, she needed to figure out a way to shake her latest stalker.

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.