this was a bad idea


HEY SO RANDOM, here’s my character from the oWoD Mage campaign I’ve been in the past several months! o3o 

Little babby Juichi Satoshi—whose paradigm is basically that the world is the Matrix and he’s Neo—a hacker extraordinaire, the less-disappointing-son in his family, and wannabe rebellious teenager. Our ragtag cabal looks to him for answers (which he Googles half the time), although more recently he has proven frighteningly competent when it comes to mass immolation. …His family also happens to be among the most powerful Technocrats in the country. 8′) His parents had…plans for him when he revealed to them that he had Awakened. But now, thanks to some “help” from his older brother, he’s running with a new crowd…and it’s not necessarily his cabal. >____>;; (more on THAT another time, I expect)

Anyway, I haven’t drawn him nearly enough, so *gestures* Also, a bonus doodle from when another PC (Thorn) botched a roll and…made a mess. (Juichi has now seen much, much worse :’D)

From that new au I made (which kind of took a turn thanks to ellipticalgalaxy1). I don’t know what to call it or if I should name it at all, but have fun with (slightly) battered Dende and Gohan in saiyan armor.

ok so i really really love fanart of the Voltron paladins + their lions in a human/earth size. like having a big dog or something. so hear me out:

mini-me voltron lion drones.

imagine if each of the lions could have their own mini-sized version of themselves, like a drone they could control or kinda transfer their sentience into (based on the idea they have more sentience than what we see so far).
so if the paladins had to go into an area where the full-sized lion would be too big or too noticeable, the lion could at least send their mini-me to help them with protection, surveillance, etc..

also consider: the paladins and mini-lions simply bonding. going on walks. cuddling on the couch. MiniBlack comforting Shiro during nightmares. MiniRed and MiniBlue helping Keith and Lance feel less lonely. MiniYellow forging in the forest with Hunk for foods and herbs. MiniGreen helping Pidge with repairs, tinkering, and reaching-of-high-shelves. They would be the best guardians, friends, and cuddlers, all in one convenient size! (^_^)

i haven’t been active on here in a while yikes, so send me asks!!!

The Signs (actually)
  • Aries:actually a red goat on stilts, has been screaming nonstop at the sky for days on end
  • Taurus:actually a tiny panda bear with one paw stuck in a jar of nutella and the other one stuck in a jar of peanut butter
  • Gemini:actually a pair of slippery slidey and dancey albino snakes
  • Cancer:actually a hermit crab that currently lives inside an old tennis ball
  • Leo:actually a giant lion that uses all the hair products in the world, believes they are the bomb diggity
  • Virgo:actually a god(dess), they entrance all of humankind with their eyes alone
  • Libra:actually a tiny butterfly, floats calmly through the air while debating politics
  • Scorpio:actually an eagle, perches on their rock and crows maniacally while watching others suffer
  • Sagittarius:actually a horse that is constantly running around in circles
  • Capricorn:actually like Aries, but has the demonic powers of Satan himself, and also boots
  • Aquarius:actually the entirety of the universe, but with glitter
  • Pisces:actually a tiny goldfish that is planning its escape from its glass bowl