this was a awesome moment mainly because of the look in his eyes

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I’m still not over homecoming guys 💗💘

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warnings: spoilers for homecoming, please don’t read if you haven’t watched the movie yet.

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content: Dean feels uncomfortable with the flirting attempts by the cashier at the grocery store, but thankfully Castiel comes to his rescue – though seriously not the way Dean expected.

word count: 2,174

Dean really doesn’t like visiting the small grocery store in Lebanon right at the town’s center.

And thankfully most of the time he’s got other options – mainly the big supermarket next to the highway –, but once in a while he’s got no other choice due to time issues or saving gas or whatever else might come up.

And it’s not like the store itself is crappy or something. No, not at all. It may be small, but it’s got everything they need, even Dean’s favorite brand of beer. Hell, they even sell those awesome chocolate brownies you can’t find nearly anywhere anymore!

So yeah, it’s a nice enough store.

But there’s a big problem – the cashier who seems to live in that stupid shop!

At least Dean’s got that impression since she’s always there when he walks through the door, smiling at him so broadly as soon as she spots him as if the only purpose of her life is waiting for Dean to arrive at the store.

Her name is Stacy and she looks like seventeen although she reassured him many times before (by emphasizing Every. Single. Word.) that she’s old enough to drink – while at the same time giggling like she just shared a juicy secret and fluttering her eyelashes in a way she probably thinks seductive. Her flirting attempts are countless, clumsy, awkward and leave Dean highly uncomfortable.

But she never stops.

Dean can’t help admiring her persistence a bit. Not even hints that he could easily be her father age wise made her back off. Dean tried being nice and polite about it and used grumbles and grunts a few weeks later when his maturity hadn’t been very effective, but nothing seems to impress that girl. Every time Dean starts to talk and attempts to make himself clear she simply sighs deeply and gazes into his eyes or checks out his ass, not at all interested in what he has to say.

It’s infuriating.

Even the apocalypse hadn’t been that annoying.

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Everdeen Vineyards

happy valentine’s day, just barely! here’s a little drabble that wouldn’t leave me, hope you enjoy <3

“Have you had a chance to look at the menu yet?” Katniss asked the back of the man’s head, her eyes already scanning the room to make note of the new patrons she still needed to greet. A steady flow of customers through the tasting room was keeping her busy–not that she was complaining. Not much, anyway.

The man turned around, and she snapped her gaze back to him, a polite smile fixing itself to her lips. “Not yet, I’m afraid.” He smiled, and her expression froze as she got a look at his face for the first time. “Hey, Katniss.”

It took an embarrassingly long moment for the synapses in her brain to fire, and her smile slipped. “Oh–Peeta?” Why she phrased it like a question, she didn’t know. Of course, it was Peeta. She’d recognize that face, with those blue eyes and that sweet smile, anywhere. She just hadn’t expected to see it here. “Oh my god–what–I mean, hi. Wow.”

He laughed slightly, and she felt herself blushing. She shook her head, forcing a laugh too. “I’m sorry. How are you?” she asked awkwardly. She wasn’t entirely sure of the protocol for greeting an old high school classmate who’d existed mainly on the periphery of her acquaintances. The last time she’d seen him was graduation 10 years ago.

“I’m good,” he said, sliding his hands into his pants pockets. “I just wanted to check this place out. I, ah, saw your post about it on Facebook.” He looked sheepish when he said that, and she blinked. She wasn’t sure how to feel about that–the fact that he could, and did, apparently, read her posts on Facebook. She’d accepted his friend request years ago in college without much thought; they weren’t friends or anything, but she’d received numerous requests from people she barely knew from high school over the years, so it hadn’t seemed too strange. Some–actually, probably most requests–she’d declined. She hadn’t seen the harm in adding him, though. She didn’t know him well, but Peeta Mellark was nice. Funny. Popular. College wrestling champion two years in a row, or something like that–not that she was keeping tabs. He’d regularly show up in her feed over the years, even though they never interacted.

Since she barely used Facebook these days, it just didn’t occur to her he would ever see anything from her.

“Right, of course,” she said with a dazed laugh. “That was the point. Um, thanks for coming. That’s–that’s really nice of you.” She folded her arms over her chest, feeling uncomfortable and not sure what to do with her hands. They were trembling slightly.

Peeta pressed his lips into a small smile, his eyes darting around as he surveyed the room, the people milling around them. “This place looks incredible.”

She wondered if she was ever going to stop blushing at this point. “Thank you. I mean, most of the groundwork was already laid.” She took a deep breath, not wanting to launch into that story. If he’d seen her post, then he’d already learned of her efforts to revitalize her family’s old vineyard, which had been in disrepair since her father’s death more than a decade ago. “Let me get you a menu.”

He nodded while she grabbed a paper menu from a nearby table, holding it out for him. “We do glasses and bottles of the wines listed here, but we also offer a tasting where you can sample seven of our wines. If you haven’t been here before, I recommend that.” She stopped herself and laughed, shaking her head. “Which, of course you haven’t. This weekend is the grand reopening. I just mean–that’s probably what you want to do.”

His eyes flicked up to her from the menu, a wide smile spreading across his face. “Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll do that. Thank you.”

“Sure. Just find a seat outside if you’d like, and I’ll bring the wine to you,” she said with a vague gesture toward the patio, already turning away to scurry to the bar. She needed a moment to compose herself, inexplicably rattled.

It was just…Peeta. Mellark. Here. To see her. Or rather, to see her vineyard, but it was her vineyard. And he’d come because she’d made a post on Facebook proudly announcing the reopening of Everdeen Vineyards, after three years of planning and toiling and fermenting wines until they were just right.

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I was wondering if any [past or present] Jonerys, Pro-Daenerys fans like myself feel this way.....?

Firstly Id say please be nice i just enjoy analyzing the shit out of fandoms I like, (im a history/polysci major ((with an emphasis on Peace Justice and & Conflict Studies)) all i do is analyze and try to be diplomatic lmao) but considering all they petty drama between both ships as well as pro/anti Daenerys stans ON BOTH SIDES I’m going to be “That Person” and at least ask for people to be respectful/civil, I want to hear from everyone and their metas/what they think which is why i tagged like, all the tags, no matter if you love her/the ship or cant stand it, as long as everyone can keep civil

So firstly I’ve loved Dany both books and show from the beginning. She’s gorgeous, wants to be the best person she can be, and her hair/fashion style game is always ON POINT.  That being said, somewhere around season 5 i think i’ve found my opinion on her cooling a little bit, ep after ep, till now. Like I still like her bc she was my first character love on the show but I’ve def soured in my opinion on her. Maybe it’s because I love learning about the subject that im more baised (im hoping thats the case) but she just seemed to have no interest in actual governance, just the reputation (esp of being the ‘rebel queen’)/the awe/the power/the thrill of the adoration that went along with it to the point where I feel like though she still wants to be a ‘good queen’ or at least wants to be seen that way, she doesnt want to do much work for the title. Like yeah she freed all the slaves and that was a def progressive and awesome move on her part (major props! slavery is sin and im glad someone recognized that who had the power to do something about it) but she didnt handle that aftermath or ensuing problems well at all nor really mulled heavily on the subject to find the best solution. She just got fustrated with pretty basic/common (albeit complex in themselves) issues of standard governance and kind of went agh! fuck this! (obv not actual quotes but that was the vibe I got). And then ESPECIALLY after season 7 her character has kind of nagged at me in the back of brain which i hate but its inherent like its just a feeling i cant help it?? I just dont know why to be honest that Im feeling so negative towards this character i used to love.  The whole ‘ bEnD thE knEe ‘ thing w/ Jon and yet pinning it on Jon’s pride not equally on his and her own was more than a little hypocritical, when hon they can discuss it later like at that point they have two common enemies the WW and Cersei they both want to do away with, and then again with the Bend the Knee or Die bit w/ the Lannister soldiers. In fact the whole sequence before that point felt kind of villinous I dearsay, I mean  deliberately burning the harvest that most of westeros needs for the winter or even strategically not willing to try, and well, nOOt intentionally burn the food considering its winter, the harvest is over (so likely not much is gonna grow in the time being) when she has a G I A N T ass army of her own to think of feeding???? Like i get it is war shit happens soldiers die but the F O O D ? Was that an impuslive in the moment mistake or did she just not give a fuck? And back to the aftermath scene/Bend the Knee 2.0, her speech was again quite hypocritical…and burning dickon?????? not willing to keep prisoners???? either bend or die??? I actually am glad she did away with Papa Tarly bc he was an awful human, but dickon????? a young idealistic man about to loose his father??? the heir to a major ally/house???? And honestly that bend or die strategy is soooooo dumb bc now she cant trust any of them like theyre only bending the knee out of self preservation homie, no one wants to die. they bend  the knee to survive and now they all of the sudden think youre their queen? Nah fam, prisoners were better, all you got are spies in your camps or people willing to backstab you at the smallest promise of coin. And i dont want that for my girl

IDK the whole “im gonna BREAK THE WHEEL,,,,,,,,yet im stating my claim mainly on my housename (aka the predominant force of said wheel for a literal dynasty) and the fact that i can scare people who otherwise are unconvinced bc lets be real westeros has had a bad run of rulers a lot of which were Targs in the past couple decades, into submission bc ill burn you otherwise???” doesnt sit well with me nor does it feel like the character ive been rooting for the past five-ish seasons. She just doesnt seem to put into effort on understanding Westeros, why things go wrong, being self-critical or sharing the blame,thinking on what a “good” ruler would do…. anyone else feeling this way and if so do you think this is just shitty writing? D&D butchering her character? or a new arc for her? perhaps the way shes always been? She just seems like a tantruming child bratty and entitled idk (a beautiful child but still) 

As for jonerys…… im not gonna go into it much but how are other shippers happy????????? I honestly dont understand. I was SO looking forward to this season/this ship. like so much! But it felt so forced? And i know a lot of people claim its cause its rushed but tbh we’ve had a lot of romances in a similar time frame that felt like A C T U A L romances…..even Talisa/Robb who the Northerners will prob compare any of this too were so much better. THIS WAS MY EPIC SHIP DUDE. I feel the dany side of things (took a while but theres def heart eyes) and yet Jon???? He felt hollow. Still does even after sex. Im so disapointed but more than that I cant see the romance or the chemistry. He looks constipated. Hes never smiled like with his teeth around her the way hes done w others he cares deepily about (ygritte, toramund, sansa, even fkin gendry in the first scene they had together). He never reveals anything about himself. And between the “my queen” ep (and remember he was look warm when discussing her to toramund throughout it) and the previous the only thing that changed was that he saw the actual difference dragons made against WW. You could argue she saved them all too but that doesnt make you fall in love w someone out of the blue and also people have saved his ass before and??? Sansa w the vale anyone??? (Not an argument for jonsa js its happened) (though ill admit ive transitioned to loathing jonerys and loving jonsa more as a potential couple in the space of seven eps where if you asked me I wouldve been like PSH u cray. I never thought it would happen in a mill years but D&D ruined my ship and here i am! Shipping aside tho since its best too look at these things as neutral as possible).  Anyways the sigh of his after she left and when he pretended to be asleep…. idk. The only scene that felt genuine and where Jon smiled and it didnt look like a full on grimace and they actually kinda joked around was really nice and at the pit at the finale and if they do a LOT more of basic romance stuff like that I could ship it again but. It was followed by boatsex and boy. 

I was hoping boatsex might rekindle my like for the two together. I could see the chemistry the passion. I was hoping the passion would overwhelm me and make up for the rest. But instead……like there was no foreplay, it lasted 2 seconds, and it was overplayed by brans voice and a reminder of future conflict or at the very least major angst b/w the two. i didnt see the parallel between regear and lyanna playing alongside their scene as anything romantic or that it should be taken as such. and the look they shared…. I was hoping jon would bring it bc Dany’s look in her eyes is like soooo smitten and adorable and say what you will I still have a space in my heart for her and still dont want her to suffer, but again Jon looks like oh shit/constipated. And not in a good oh shit way either. 

There is a bunch more too but Imma stop there bc Im just tired at this point. 

So many things were just….off this season. And it cant all be blamed on the “rushed” time frame. I’ve read the undercover lover theory and hon it makes the most sense (not perfect sense but still, more than what we’ve been poorly spoon fed) but im not willing to believe it just yet. Still, maybe D&D are just butchering a lot of things like making the romance believable and stuff for the sake of time that could be true i guess. But they like to go AHA GOT U so 

Idk I dont find a lot of meta in the jonerys tag bc honestly (((((i think its bc the tag and ship are more popular and theirs more people both good and bad)))) it doesnt seem like snowballing theories is something all fans take really well in the tag at all. But whatever. I really want to know, is there any meta or theories im missing to either validate the icky feeling Im haveing about D or her “romance” or on the flipside anything that might make me change my mind about it? Theories, meta people!

I just want to reiderate im not trying to hate on anyone or any point of view and I will flag any comment anti one ship or person or another if its plain hateful or rude. I just want to understand it and see what Im missing, esp because of how much I was looking forward to her arc and jonerys’ dynamic and how much the words “falling short” dont seem to cover it. And to see if im not the only one to either have critique on the ship or her character [or even actually change ships]

Also i apologize for how much ive said “IDK” i just….. I DONT KNOW 

Unrequited Ch.1

The common room was full of smiles and laughter as the team of humans and Alteans took a moment to relax. They played a number of games, suggested by both species in the castleship. Norwillian Jerkestand was a surprisingly fun game that seemed like a combination of Truth or Dare and The Question Game. One person would be asked a trivia question and given a ridiculous dare. If the person answered correctly or completed the dare, then they would give the asker a personal question they had to answer truthfully. However, if the person answered wrong or failed to complete the dare, then the asker would ask the whole group a personal question they had to answer truthfully.

That is how they got in this situation, with Lance dangling hazardously from a support beam he was dared to climb. He got up to the beam, but he slipped before he could reach the light that was his goal. Hunk and Shiro stood below him, ready to cushion his fall.

“Guys, if I fall, and you’re right below me, there’s no way you could catch me. I’d land on your heads!” After Lance’s surprisingly good point, Shiro and Hunk each took a step back. Now, both of them held their arms out bridal style next to each other. Lance decided that would be good enough, so he let go of the beam he had been holding. He let out an embarrassing squeal as he dropped the short distance into his friends arms, where his breath was knocked out of him. Shiro and Hunk supported Lance perfectly, but Lance landed in their arms the wrong way. His thighs were alright, but it hurt when his sternum impacted with two large arms.

“You good, bro?”/“Are you alright?” Hunk and Shiro asked as they gently set Lance on his feet. He stood for a moment in silence, worrying the others that there might be something wrong, before he spoke up.

“I failed the dare.” Though it was a simple statement, and didn’t mean anything bad, Lance spoke as though a great tragedy has occurred. Keith simply scoffed, smirking.

“I told you you couldn’t reach the light,” Keith stated.

“Well why don’t you try it then?” Lance retorted.

“That’s not the way the game works. You have to answer a question now, and so does the rest of the team,” Keith taunted.

“Fine. What is it, then?” Lance pouted.

Everyone waited while Keith paused, realizing he had forgotten to think of a question. He racked his brain for something better than ‘what is your favorite animal’ or ‘what is your best subject in school’. He glanced around the room, trying to find something that would inspire a good question, but there was nothing interesting enough. Suddenly, he saw Lance rub his wrist, and he immediately knew what to ask.

“Who’s your soulmate?” Keith was genuinely interested after he thought of it. Lance is always flirting with random aliens, maybe his was platonic or something. Lance had paused, but Coran cut in before Lance had a chance to answer.

“On the fact of soulmates, I had been wondering how those work for humans. I wasn’t even sure if you had them,” Coran mentioned. “Would one of you mind explaining human soulmates to Allura and I?” His eyes scanned the crowd.

“Soulmates are complex things. Almost everyone on Earth has a soulmate,” Pidge spoke up with an in-depth description of Human soulmates, likely found on her computer. “They’re marked by a name written on the inside of your right wrist. The most common type of soulmate is a romantic bond, it means that they are destined to be together and love each other. The second most common type of soulmate is a platonic bond. Platonic soulmates are destined to be together, but they are there more for mutual comfort and support rather than love. There are three more types, but all of them are exceedingly rare; mentor, unrequited, and unmarked bonds. Mentor bonds are when the soulmates are destined to teach each other. This could manifest as a student-teacher like relationship or simply as someone leading you to a large revelation in your life. An unrequited bond means that one person has a soulbond, but that person either has someone else, or has an unmarked bond. This could lead to some form of a relationship between the Unrequited and their soulmate or it could leave the Unrequited lonely or depressed. Unmarked bonds are when someone simply doesn’t have a soulmark, so they have no way of knowing who their soulmate is.”

Coran spoke next, “For Alteans, soulmates are not simply assigned. We do have differing types of soulmate bonds, as humans do, but ours are bonds that were built. There are many different types of soulmate bonds, ranging from familial bonds to lover bonds to soldier bonds and more. Familial bonds mean that you have formed a platonic connection strong enough to be considered true family. This can be seen mainly as siblings or parent and child, but can be found as cousins, aunt/uncle and niece/nephew, grandparent and grandchild, etcetera. Lover bonds are just as they sound, a strong bond between lovers. Soldier bonds are when a bond is formed during a time of struggle. This can be seen as an actual war, or as something like fighting depression or anxiety, or having a large conflict with another. There are more types as well, such as one similar to the mentor bond you mentioned, but there are much too many to speak of now. Though we do not have any sort of ‘unmarked’ or ‘unrequited’ bond, as we form our own. For an Altean, your bond is shown during a time of great connection through the coloring of our cheek scales. The colors represent the bonds, and can oftentimes have more than one.”

“Dang, that’s so cool!” Hunk exclaimed. “So, are we going to share our soulmates now?” He paused for only a single tick before continuing. “Because I wanna go first! Okay, my soulmate is Shay.” Groans were heard from the group, accompanied by an ‘I told you so’ from Pidge as Hunk continued speaking, “She is really cool and awesome, but we aren’t sure about what type of relationship we have. It’s either platonic or romantic. For now we’re settling on platonic, with the whole, oh you know, war with the Galra to save the universe going on. When that’s over though, we wanna explore a bit together and see if it might be romantic.”

“D’awwww. Hunk, my man, you’re so cute. You have such a huge puppy-love crush on her, I would bet my favorite pair of sunglasses that you guys have a romantic bond,” Lance cooed, loving the way Hunk would gush about his perfect lady.

“Alright, well aside from the fact that Hunk in no way has a platonic bond, I do,” Pidge butted in, “None of you guys would know him though. It’s a guy I met in sixth grade. We bonded over nerd stuff and he actually helped me learn how to act like a guy and get used to pretending to be a guy when I snuck into the Garrison.”

There were various comments from the team of how her acting made more sense and how cool that was. There was a slight pause before Shiro decided to speak up next.

“I always wanted to meet my soulmate on my own. I didn’t want to search them out by their name or always wonder if anyone who had that name was my soulmate. Because of that I- I didn’t really pay attention to what the name was. I usually covered it with a sweatband or something and tried not to look at it much. When my arm was taken, I didn’t have to worry about that anymore… But now I can’t remember their name and I have no way of knowing who it was.” Emotions ran heavy through the air as Shiro took a few calming breaths.

Keith placed a hand on Shiro’s shoulder, silently reassuring his brother-like figure.

“You’ll find them, they’ll know,” Hunk said as he passed a plate of cookies over to their leader.

Pidge gave Shiro a sympathetic look from over the top of her computer, and Lance smiled sadly, “Hey, they’re your soulmate. They’ll find you.”

“Now you are free to find your own soulmates, like us,” Allura said. “I haven’t found a soulmate yet, though with these times being as they are I’m nearly positive that my bond will be one of alliance or soldier.”

Coran dove in shortly after, “I have found my soulmate! You all will actually know of them, especially you, Allura! King Alfor was my soulmate.” A chorus of exclamations rose from his listeners at that statement, settling down only after realizing Coran would not finish until they were quiet. “We were brothers who became soldiers together. I was only a servant at the castle before we found our bond. After that, Alfor started looking more into my files and decided to promote me to Royal Advisor! We worked and joked side by side for many a year before the terrible incident with Zarkon. He saved the lions, his castle, daughter, and brother. I only wish I could have saved him as well.”

Allura rested her hand on Coran’s shoulder. They took a moment of silence before looking up and motioning to the final two paladins that they should tell their stories. The two looked at each other and communicated with their eyes. Keith seemed unwilling to share about his soulmate. Lance steeled his resolve and spoke up.

“You guys all have such cool stories about your soulmates, I kind of feel awkward about how short mine is. I have an unrequited bond. I met them long ago, but they never recognized me even after I tried to approach them about it.” Lance stated it like a long-rehearsed verse, quick and to the point. His tone left little to question, except—

“Who was it?” Shiro asked. Lance simply shook his head, refusing to say a name.

Keith took that as his queue to speak up. “My story is also pretty short. I have a soulmate. I haven’t met him.”

“Well, can we ask you who it is?” Hunk prodded.

Keith nodded, rubbing his wrist gently. He spoke one simple word, a noun, a name. As Keith moved his lips to say it, Lance’s world stopped. His whole universe jerked to a halt and started spinning in reverse, his mind was racing faster than the castle going through a wormhole.

“Wait… What?”

I finally got this posted!! I have been trying all day to post this!! Here is chapter 1, 1775 words of my first story! I hope you all like it!

Darling Part 3

Reader x Draco

Thank you guys so so much for everything! I am glad you all like this imagine! 

I don’t really know what to do now..I mean this could be an ending, but as I already said earlier, if you want another (last) part, let me know :) 

PS.: Thank you for your requests, I am working on them.

Imagine: You and Draco are best friends but things change rapidly when he starts dating Pansy Parkinson and your friendship with him is going down.

Warnings: Language


You haven’t talk to Draco since your little incident in his dorm, which was two days ago. You were still mad at him about the whole ‘Piggie’ thing, but that kiss you shared with your best friend haunt you even in your sleep. You could not decide whether it was wrong or not.

Wrong! Of course it was wrong.

Draco had a girlfriend and he is your best friend. You knew him since year one, you always saw him as a brother, nothing more, nothing less. He was always there for you and you were always there for him. He was hot, yes, but you never felt attracted to him.

Then why the hell do I want to kiss him whenever I see him?

You frowned and shook your head at your thoughts. For the rest of your way on the Quidditch match you tried not to think about that blonde arrogant idiot but it was not as easy as you hoped.

“I hope Malfoy is ready.” said Y/F/N when she caught up with you. “He has to catch the snitch today, we can’t loose to Hufflepuff! What a shame would that be.” you just rolled your eyes and didn’t response to her. Somehow some stupid Quidditch match against Hufflepuff wasn’t important to you at all. 

You both silently made your way up to your seats. The whole castle was there, everyone cheering mainly to Hufflepuff.

“He is gonna be amazing, he trained so hard this week!” you heard Pansy Parkinson chatting with her friends as she took the free seat right next to you. Ahead of you there was nothing just an empty air because you were in a front row…You were good few miles above the ground…Would someone like Parkinson survive that fall? You were tempted to find out.

“Oh, hello, Y/L/N.” she suddenly turned to you, pretending she didn’t know about your presence. “Glad you decided to come even after what happened in the common room that day…You must feel so embarrassed right now. Everyone saw how Draco settled you down.” she smirked.

“Well I hope nobody saw the rest.” you mumbled to yourself not noticing that Y/F/N heard you.

“And here are the Slytherins!” cheered Lee Jordan as seven Slytherin players appeared on the pitch including Draco. With his platinum blonde hair and that tall figure-

You quickly shook your head again to get rid of these thoughts.

“Hey, Y/N, you okay?” Y/F/N asked you worriedly.

“Yeah, yeah everything is fine I’m just nervous. You were right, we seriously can’t loose to Hufflepuff.”

“Oh god, it’s already been three hours! I’m freezing!” said Y/F/N breathing on her hands to warm them a bit.

This match was longer than anyone expected. Slytherin was loosing to Hufflepuff, it was 120 points to 150. The snitch hasn’t been caught yet and everyone was nervous and freezing.

“My Dracie will catch the snitch by any second, I can tell.” said Parkinson. You looked at Draco who was slowly flying on his broom around the pitch trying to find that little gold thing which obviously just decided to be invisible.

But then it happened. Suddenly you lost track of Draco as he was flying faster than ever reaching his left hand to catch the snitch. Everyone in the Slytherin were shouting and screaming Draco’s name. Including you.

“DRACO MALFOY CATHES THE SNITCH! SLYTHERIN WINS!” screamed Lee Jordan suddenly and you started screaming and clapping your hands.

“Hell yaasss!!” you give a high-five with Y/F/N as you both made your way on the pitch same as everyone else in the Slytherin house.

“Fuck guys this deserves a party tonight!” screamed loudly Theodore Nott once he got on the pitch so everyone else could hear him.

“LANGUAGE, NOTT!” screamed professor McGonagall.

That evening all your thoughts and fears about the incident with Draco disappeared after you drank your fifth shot of Firewhiskey.

Everyone was celebrating, laughing, dancing and mainly snogging. You, in your short and tight black dresses were dancing with your friend and a cup of Firewhiskey in your hand. You were totally drunk. You were always so drunk when Slytherins threw a party. And Draco always checked on you. But you still haven’t talked to him so you didn’t even noticed the pair of grey cold eyes staring at you and checking your every move from across the common room. 

“I’m gonna go to bed now, I’m about to die there all alone.” you chuckled and threw the rest of the drink in your throat. A common feel of warm flooded your whole body as you left the common room slowly making your way up to your dorm but those stairs were somehow harder to manage then you could remember.

“Hey, let me help you.” you heard that beautiful familiar voice and felt two cold hands on your back.

“Draco! Hi!” you hugged him which caused you two almost falling down on the ground if he wouldn’t catch you. “What a great seeker you are. But now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bed.” you turned your back to him and tried to manage the stairs again, but you failed completely.

“Come on, Y/N, let me help you.” to your surprise, he waited for your permission before he carried you like bride to his own dorm.

“Woah woah woah, Malfoy! My dorm is the other way, this is your dorm I don’t want to be here I don’t like it here!” you screamed like a little child when he slowly and carefully put you on his bed.

“Relax, darling, you’re gonna sleep here tonight. I don’t think you could manage those stairs anyway.” he said as he covered you in his green blanket, which was somehow much more comfortable than the one you had in your bed. You had no idea if it was by that awesome menthol smell, or simply because you were drunk, but you decided not to think about that for now. 

“Don’t call me that, Draco.” you said angrily. A sudden flash of sober hit your brain as you realized where you were.  “No no no no no no no I’m not staying here tonight. I’m still mad at you!” you screamed as you tried to find your way out of those hell comfortable blankets.

“I know you are, but I-just lay back, okay?” he asked you politely as you finally got up on your own feet. “Please, Y/N, I miss you. Stay. At least for a few minutes.” Draco gently put his hands on your cheeks which made you look into his eyes.

“Haven’t you heard me? I’m mad at you! I HATE YOU!” you screamed and pull away from him.

“No, no you don’t. You don’t hate me at all.” he shook his head and closed his eyes for a moment. “I know you’re mad at me but I’m not letting you to cut me off of your life like this, Y/N.” 

“Why not? I can’t handle this I-“

“I broke up with Pansy.” he cut you off.

“Wait, what? What did you do?” you asked shocked ignoring the joy in your heart.

“You heard me, darling.”

“Everything’s Going To Be Just Fine “ - Brett Talbot and Scott McCall AU Imagine

Requested by @supercarricat - Hello lovely writer, I want to request an imagine (english isn’t my first language, so sorry for grammar mistakes): Can I request an Imagine where Y/N and Brett transfer to Beacon Hills High School and she sees Lydia flirting with him and gets jealous. And she confronts Brett an they fught? just fluffy happy end (with the happy end it can be as sad as you like in the middle. But please, happy end :D) Thank you very much 

Requested by Anon: Oooh. Could you please do a Scott imagine during S6 and the reader is a celestial kitsune and isn’t affected by the ghost riders? Maybe during the lacrosse game or something. Its up to you but mainly like, fight scenes?? Or when Theo comes back. Thank youuuuu

Word Count: 2,993

Warnings: reader being stabbed

Author’s note: Okay, because I was struggling to come up with something long enough to read for both of these two requests, I decided to put these two together. Especially since the person who sent in the Scott request didn’t specify if the reader was a love interest for Scott or not. I decided to have them be best friends and the reader is romantically involved with Brett. I hope y'all don’t mind with the changes I made for this imagine. Happy reading!

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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When my best friend, Scott, called to tell me The Ghost Riders were in Beacon Hills, I knew transferring to Beacon Hills High was the perfect solution. I’m not a werewolf like Scott and Liam, a werecoyote like Malia, or a banshee like Lydia. However, I am pretty savvy with a sword and know martial arts, the perks of being a celestial kitsune for 500 years.

When I explained to my boyfriend, Brett, why I was transferring schools, he didn’t like the idea at first. He knew Scott was a great True Alpha and had a pack that always seems to beat the impossible, but he refused to let me out of his sight. He transferred with me, as he is very protective when it comes to my safety. You’d think I would find it sweet, or even romantic, but lately it’s been annoying to have someone on your heels of every second of every day.

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@hazel-the-witchHey Hazel! Thanks for giving me carte-blanche on this, and I hope you liked where I took it! I just couldn’t resist including awkward Derek and insecure Stiles :D Happy Holidays to you!

Stiles is not attracted to Derek. Not at all. And no amount of half-naked werewolf showing up bleeding on his bed is going to change that.

by @yoshifics

Stiles had known it from the first time he’d seen Derek.

I’m never spending any length of time with that guy, he’d thought.

It hadn’t only been Derek’s murder face that had convinced him to promptly give up the idea of attempting something with the man. Sure, he’d seemed like a grumpy murderer at first glance, but Stiles knew better than anyone how hard bad first impressions could be to shake off (Mrs. Carlson two houses over still eyed him warily whenever he got within 20 feet of her front door).

No, the true problem was not in Derek’s face. Or rather it was, but not in his expression as Stiles had briefly entertained. The root of the problem laid in Derek’s everything!

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Rainy Day Candles

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Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Thank you nonnie! Ilysm <3 You’re amazing too bb & you don’t bother me xx

Prompt: “Hey づ。◕‿‿◕) I just wanted to say your fics are AMAZING!!!! I can’t believe how fast they come out (><) also I was just hoping that you could do a Raphael x reader were Raph comes over on a rainy day to the readers house while the reader is making cookies Please? I hope am not asking too much or bothering you. You’re Awesome!!”

Word count:

Warnings: Swearing, 1 butt slapping occurrence

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

Rainy days were some of you favourite. Not just because you got to stay inside and cuddle up in blankets, but also because your big (incredibly violent) teddy bear usually always came to keep you company during the nights. Rainstorms aren’t exactly peaceful to fall asleep to, but your big hunk (aka walking radiator) boyfriend is the perfect body pillow.

Making cookies was one of your favourite pastimes, mainly because you liked eating them at the end, and Raph sometimes would help you with them. Or distract you, depending on his mood.

The red-masked turtle was supposed to be at your apartment at 7:30 and it was 8:17 now, so it was safe to say you were angry he was late. He was always late, regardless of the situation. He’d probably be late to your wedding, and the birth of your first child, and your fucking funeral-

“Babe, I’m here!” he walked into the kitchen, wet through and out of breath.

“Wow the candles worked.” You gave him that look. The look that he knew he was in trouble.

“Candles baby girl?” he walked over to you, wrapping his large arms around your waist and kissing your cheek. “Yer know I’m really sorry I’m late princess…”

“I really like candles so I lit a bunch of them just now,” you wriggled out of his grip defiantly, motioning to the candles around the room “and I apparently accidentally summoned you from the depths of hell since it took you so fucking long to get here-”

“Baby, I’m like 50 minutes late, it’s not even that bad-” He’d looked around the kitchen and noticed you were making cookies, which meant there had to be cookie dough lying around.

“And now you’re in my apartment, probably going to sleep in my bed tonight too… and eat my fucking cookie dough! Raphael!” you snatched the bowl of cookie dough away from him as soon as you noticed he was stuffing his face before you could take it off of him. You growled at him and put the bowl into the sink.

“Purr at me again kitty cat…” he gripped your waist again, pulling you into him and leaning down to kiss you, a smirk plastered on his face. Smiling, you pressed your lips to his and wrapped your flour-covered arms around him, sprinkling the white powder all over him.

“I hate ya sometimes.” He mumbled, trying to shake the flour off of his body, but it just ended up looking like he was dancing. You covered your mouth to stop you from laughing, but you ended up wheezing and bursting out into a fit of giggles. “Oh ya think this is funny, do ya?” he shook his head, a grin on his face as he took some flour into his palm and shoved it down the front of your top.

“Raph!” you narrowed your eyes at him playfully “you’re gonna pay for that, you big meanie!”

“Oh I’m the meanie? Sure babe-” just before he could finish, you had already thrown two eggs at him, and a fistful of flour. You didn’t even have time to laugh, when Raph threw you over his shoulder and dunked his hand in the flour.

You felt a sharp stinging pain on your butt, and you knew what he had done “Raphie!”

“Yeah baby girl?” he grinned smugly, sitting you on the counter top and resting his large hands on your waist.

“You need to apologize.” You mumbled, watching him as he drew his face closer to yours.

“Apologize fer what babe?” A deep red blush covered your cheeks as you put two hands on his plastron and pouted

“You know what! Everything…”

“Can I apologize in kisses?” Nodding, you wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your head in the crook of his neck.

After a long moment, he finally broke the silence with a kiss on your head, “yer so fantastic to cuddle because I can, like, hold all of ya. No place misses out on my hugs, ya get all the hug, the full hug, all’o’ my love.” Giggling, you pecked his snout and rested your head against him again.

There was another long pause, of him just playing with your hair. Running his fingers threw it, twirling it. He loved your hair because he’d never experienced anything like it before. It was new to him but just seeing it, feeling how soft it was between his fingers. He loved it. He loved you. He knew he did, and you knew he did. Raph just wasn’t very expressive with his feelings, and that was okay.



“Do you smell burnin’?”

Survival 101: Earth (Part 1)

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Pairings: Bellamy Blake / Reader (Sawyer)

So I’ve been working on this one for quite a while, its been done many times before, the whole rewrite of the 100 with your own character. I’m not expecting my version to be any better than anyone else’s but i’m hoping people will enjoy it anyhow. 

I’m going to be going along with the episodes and adding in parts and maybe changing it up a bit as well. I’ve given the ‘reader’ a name just because I needed one for the storyline. 

I really hope people like this and depending on how it goes down i’ll keep writing it along with the seasons for as long as people want to read it. 

If anyone would like to be tagged in the next parts please just let me know.

@angelaiswriting @georgiagrl1990 @angryares @selldraug


So overall you were having a pretty crappy day. It had started out normal enough, waking in your tiny, cold cell in the Skybox. Now however, it seemed likely that it would end with your death in a large fiery explosion.

You and the other 99 ark delinquents had been marched from your cells first thing this morning, systematically tranquilized and gradually reawakened in a drop ship hurtling towards earth.

From somewhere you could hear Chancellor Jaha explaining what was happening to you all. You weren’t paying attention though too focused on the bone jarring rattling that you were experiencing. Your entire body was shaking in your seat as the ship rocketed back towards earth.

The whole ship was groaning with the effort of re-entering the atmosphere and not breaking into tiny pieces. Across from you a boy floated, enjoying the final moments of zero-g. He was talking to a blonde girl, a girl you recognised as Clarke Griffin. The chief mechanics daughter. You’d seen her a handful of times since she entered the skybox. Mainly because her solitary cell was right next to your own.

“The parachutes are going to deploy. Get back to your seat or die”

Parachutes, parachutes meant almost certain pain. Yeah there it went, the metal of the exodus ship almost screamed in protest as everyone started shouting and shrieking with fear. Cursing you held tight to the seat belts laced around you. Gravity reasserting itself as you were slammed back into your seat, head feeling like it may explode inwards from the pressure.

The floating space walker had vanished, thrown into the side of the ship. Maybe even dead from the impact.

With another groan and horrific impact crash the ship hit the ground, sliding for what seemed forever before coming to a sudden stop. The machines went quiet and for the first time in your life you couldn’t hear any hums from life support machines or engines.

Clarke had unclipped herself and was bending over the spacewalker checking his pulse as the others unclipped and ran down the stairs to the lower levels. You carefully unclipped yourself as well following the main group of teenagers downstairs. Watching as they argued loudly about whether or not to open the door.

The main instigators being the reappeared Clarke Griffin and a man wearing a guard’s uniform. You didn’t recognise him and he seemed older than the 18 year cut off for delinquents in the skybox.

“If the air’s toxic we’re all dead anyway”

He had a point there. “Bellamy!” a dark haired girl appeared. Finally you smiled, Octavia. So the boy she was hugging must be Bellamy. The brother she couldn’t shut up about. Silently you moved carefully through the mass of people getting closer to the front of the group.

You could hear mutterings about Octavia as you got closer. “That’s the girl from under the floor”

“No one has a brother anymore”

“That’s Octavia Blake the girl they found hidden under the floor”

Octavia’s head spun around and you saw the violence in her eyes. Before she could act on it you’d turned and driven your fist into the nose of the boy speaking. His eyes rolled back in his head and he dropped like a stone. All talk stopped as eyes turned to you as you looked over at Octavia. Her eyes widened in wonder as she took a step forward.


“O!” she grabbed you as the two of you locked your arms around each other holding tight.

“Octavia?” Bellamy snapped “Who is this?”

It was Clarke who answered him, staring at you like she’d seen a ghost. “That’s Sawyer Kane. Councillor Marcus Kane’s niece”

“Hello to you too Griffin” you glanced at Bellamy and the uniform he was wearing once more. “You never mentioned the almighty Bellamy was one of my uncle’s underlings O”

“He wasn’t anymore…”

“Enough” Bellamy snapped pulling Octavia away from you, he grasped the lever and ignoring Clarke’s shouts pulled it down. The dropship ramp groaned and slowly swung open. Earth lay there in front of you. You were home.


Predictably the delinquents had gone crazy when allowed off the ship. Racing around, screaming and laughing. Pulling things from the earth and generally living up to the role of renegade teenagers. You however had climbed to the top of the dropship, enjoying the freedom of being able to move your limbs and muscles once more. All you could see from the top was more forest, laying out in front of you like a never ending green carpet.

Below you Clarke was arguing with Wells Jaha about how to find food for the whole camp.

“And how are you two going to carry food for all 100 of us?”

“4” the space walker, Finn, announced grabbing two gangly boys who unfortunately happened to be walking by him at that moment. “Can we go now?”

“Not yet” Clarke looked up catching your eyes “Sawyer?”


Clarke sighed “Don’t make me beg Sawyer. Please”

You stared levelly at her for a moment longer before nodding “Fine 5” you jumped from your perch landing easily on your feet in front of Wells.

“Wait if Sawyers going so am I” Octavia announced linking arms with you “Make it 6”

“Hey, O! What the hell are you doing?”

She shrugged off Bellamy pulling you along behind her “going for a walk”

Bellamy glared hard at your back as you passed by him. He disliked you already, not something you could do anything about right now.

“Earth, Sawyer. This is so fucking cool”

“Yeah, awesome” you looked carefully around the woods. You had no idea where you were, what was out here and what the world had left in it. So until you all did, the best thing to do was be cautious. Very cautious.


You were walking easily over the forest floor, taking point in this group of teenagers. Behind you the others stumbled along tripping over tree roots and multiple other debris. You were close enough that you could hear when the conversation inevitably turned to what you’d all done to end up being thrown in the skybox in the first place.

“I got to know what you two did to get busted” Finn was asking the other two boys. Monty and Jasper just shrugged smiling at each other.

“Sumac is not the only herb in the garden, if you know what I mean”

“Someone forgot to replace what we took”

“Someone has apologised like a thousand times” Monty hissed at Jasper the two of them then continuing to bicker between themselves like an old married couple. Jasper was the one whose stare eventually fell on you curiously.

“So what did the ninja princess up there do? What can Kane’s niece have possibly done to get kicked down here with us criminals?”

You stopped walking at the question. It was always going to have been asked eventually, you’d thought you might have had more time but even so you turned to stare evenly at the group of teenagers behind you. It was Clarke who answered the question. She seemed to have a habit of answering questions not meant for her.

“She killed someone. Murdered her mother”

“What?!” Monty squeaked out now looking terrified.

You simply smiled at them all, turning to keep walking. Octavia running to catch up with you despite Jasper trying to grab her. “Sawyer tell them the truth” she urged.

“Why?” you kept moving helping Octavia over a broken tree. “I did kill her”

“You know that’s not true”

“O listen to me” you looked straight at her. “It’s as much of the truth as any of them need to know” you framed her face with your hands smiling at her “it’s cute that you want to protect me but trust me, I don’t need it”

It was Finn who approached the two of you later on, eyes flicking between the two girls.

“Kane teach you anything about these?” he held out a simple knife.

“Where’d you get that space walker?” he chose not to answer as you took the knife off of him. “Sure you want to risk giving the sharp and pointy weapon to a killer?”

Octavia smacked your arm “Don’t be an ass Sawyer. He’s helping”

Finn continued to stare at you evenly “I don’t think you’re going to hurt us if that’s what you’re implying”

You spun the knife round a few times, easily letting it rotate around your fingers “Not right now I’m not”

Laughing at the confused look on his face you continued onwards. The group straggling out into a vague line as you eventually hit a massive lake. Clarke coming up to you.

“This shouldn’t be here”

“Yet it is”

Clarke glared at you “Sawyer. If you can’t help…”

“Watch it Blondie. I’m here aren’t I? Didn’t even get angry when you announced to the group that I’m a murderer. So choose your words very carefully Griffin before I start to become actually unhelpful”

“You did kill her” she muttered stubbornly.

“And If I can kill my own mother, just think about what I could do to girls with too loose tongues”

You smiled nastily as Clarke’s eyes widened in sudden panic. Before you could say anything else though Jasper whispered from behind you “I fucking love earth”

You turned just in time to see a half clothed Octavia jump into the water, surfacing with a smile as she dripped water over her skin, clothes sticking to her body.

“O, get out” you snapped coming closer to the shore line.

“Come on Sawyer, live a little” she splashed water over at you making you jump away again.

“Yeah come on ninja girl, take your damn clothes off and get in” Jasper was rushing forward when suddenly he froze, voice changing to terrified. “Fuck! Octavia get out of the water”


You’d seen it now as well and it was big, swimming straight for Octavia. “Octavia NOW” you were halfway to the edge when with a scream Octavia had been pulled under the water.

“Octavia” without thinking you started pulling clothes off. “Distract it” you ordered Clarke. “Get its attention away from O”

Clarke ran with Finn to start throwing anything they could find into the water. While you waded into a river that had a killer snake in it.

Shit it was cold, you had the knife in your hand that Finn had given you only moments before. Who knew that would be coming in handy so soon afterwards.


Her head surfaced for a moment and you changed direction as with a shriek the thing seemed to let go of her, Clarke was throwing who knew what into the water and you could see its outline chasing towards the splashing further up the river.

You had a limited amount of time to get Octavia out of the water. Grabbing her shaking arm you pulled her into your body where she clung. Teeth chattering.

“Come on O, move it” you commanded starting back out of the pool of water.

“SAWYER IT’S COMING BACK!” Finn screamed running for the two of you.  

Pushing Octavia as fast as you were able you got her to the shore line and stumbling into Finn’s arms. Dropping down on the stone yourself as the blurry outline of the sea snake vanished once more, denied its meal.

You were breathing hard as Finn having passed Octavia to an incredibly thankful Jasper leant over you.

“You ok?”


He smiled offering you his hand, clasping his wrist you allowed him to pull you up to your feet. Handing you your still dry clothes. “That was an incredibly brave thing to do for someone you met this morning”

“Who said I met Octavia this morning?” you pulled you shirt back on, shivering from the cold of the water. “And not brave… stupid”

“The girl under the floor… she’s been in the skybox for 2 years. How do you know her?”

“Don’t call her that” you snapped instantly. Eyes clashing with Finn’s. “She has a name”

Finn held his hands up in peace. “How did you meet Octavia?”

You looked carefully at Finn. He seemed genuinely curious and not just trying to get information for bartering purposes.

“Solitary. I met O in solitary. Ironic really, but even the Ark couldn’t keep us alone 24 hours a day. She had the cell next to mine. I looked after her… I look after her”

“Sawyer?” Octavia appeared stepping into your body wrapping her arms around your waist and letting her head lay on your shoulder. You let one hand rest on the back of her head maintaining eye contact with Finn who was watching the pair of you carefully.

“You’re no killer” he mouthed silently before turning back to the others. Unfortunately he had no idea just how wrong he was, just how much of a killer you actually were. None of them did even Octavia.


“We’ve talked about this all night, someone just needs to hurry up and go first” you snatched the vine off of Finn who had been hesitating for what seemed like forever.

“No, wait…” it was Jasper and you looked at him impatiently. He reached out a hand unsteadily “let me?”

“Fine, go” you handed it over and watched as he took your place at the front.

Finn whispered something to him slapping him on the shoulder once. Jasper nodded and changing his grip once more screamed out “See you on the other side bitches” and took off, the vine held and in what seemed no time he was stood on the other side of the river, jumping about and waving his hands in the air.

You joined the others in celebrating, arm punching the sky as you smiled and threw an arm around Octavia’s shoulders as you waved at Jasper.

“Let’s go Princess your up” Finn shoved the rope at Clarke, who was on the edge of the cliff when something flew past your heads.

You all watched, unable to do anything as a wooden spear lodged itself in Jaspers chest, right under his sternum, he was thrown backwards with the force of the blow, choking on the blood pooling in his mouth. Octavia screamed in your ear as your grip on her tightened.

“JASPER!” Clarke was pulling at the hold Finn had on her as he pushed her to the floor.

“It came from behind us” you whispered to Finn putting Octavia behind you as you glanced back into the forest. “We’re not alone here”

anonymous asked:

Kolivance is obviously canon I mean it's hitting you in the face the first episode. The blade could choose any lion to ride in and they chose blue? Not red, the fastest which is piloted by one of their own members? It's obvious Koli wanted to ride with his boo and wouldn't take no for an answer

Hi there nonnie! Mod Blob here taking over this reply!

First of all, you should know that all of us mods screamed over this ask in our chat and we all agreed we love you.

Like. This ask is us.  This is us in a nutshell.  Amazing.

Moving on! I’ve been waiting for an excuse to talk about S3EP1 for a while now and I finally have it!!!!! I’ve got the screencaps ready! I hope you guys are in for a long post because goose do I have stuff to say…

I introduce you to a guide on how to read too much into less than 5 minutes of an episode, written by me

In EP1 we are shown that each member of Team Voltron is basically doing their own thing.  Keith (with Coran’s aid) is looking for Shiro among the remains of their previous battle with Zarkon, Allura is getting ready for diplomatic meetings, Pidge is on her own looking for her family.  Out of all of them, only Hunk and Lance are the ones fighting to liberate yet another alien civilization that fell under the claws of the galran domination.

Both Yellow and Blue are big lions, bigger than Red and Green, and out of the two options we are shown that Kolivan and more BoM members are riding on the back of Blue.

(I’ll put the rest of my reply under a read more so it won’t be tiring to scroll past this post on mobile)

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Criminal Beginnings

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A/N: Dangerous Y/N

Just because you had technically been blackmailed into this job didn’t mean you couldn’t enjoy it, like how often do you get to nosy around Ironman’s personal workshop unsupervised? He’s a living legend; renowned for awesome tech, engineering brilliance and general murder. It’s not like you actually knew how most of the tech functioned but that didn’t stop it from being fun to play with, besides the job was kinda nerve wracking and you needed something to take your mind off of all the lives held in your shaky hands.

You had a fifteen minute time slot to get in empty and out with the codes that your partner Ivan was stealing in the next room. He practically came in his pants when he finally got into the mainframe of StarkLabs so you didn’t see why you couldn’t find a way to enjoy yourself too in the ten minutes you had to spare. See how much trouble you could cause the billionaire butt hole.

The avengers were all out saving New York from some random monster that just happened to arrive today, a total coincidence. You had the place to yourselves and the large dark rooms were pretty creepy in their sheer silent vastness. You strode into the only light room and picked up a large hammer on a cleared table and proceeded to smash everything in sight. This would actually serve as a good distraction from what you were really stealing but it was mainly just hilariously fun. Every blaster and perfect shiny part pissed you off. Why did he get to have such perfection in his life when he obviously didn’t deserve it. You broke the glass tables and the computer screens, you even made a sizable dent in the walls but those damn pieces of his suit were near indestructible and all the more irritating for it. Your aunt had been out giving aid in Sokovia when it was destroyed. The pain of her death was fueled by the fact that it was needless, the only reason it happened was because Stark had a God complex. You hated him for it, yet you could help but admire his genius.

Funnily enough your heart felt lighter for destroying a bunch of Stark’s shit and with a final swing that sent the mallet flying, you laughed joyously. As you made my way back through the rooms your joy faded.The lights suddenly turned back on and an alarm started blaring. Shit. You sprinted for Ivan, praying he was finished.

“We’ve got a problem” You panted. Was it really necessary for the halls to be that damn long?

“I know. I’m just erasing our footsteps now.”

You could hear the elevator traveling towards you and the jets of Ironman approaching from the left. He must be terrible at covert operations.

“Hurry Ivan.”

“I’m trying.”

“Try faster.”

“Done.” You were both sweating. You really didn’t want a confrontation in Stark’s territory.

You tied the metal briefcase to his back then ran to the balcony and shot a wire at the building opposite. He clipped himself on and looked at you. A moment of silent communication passed between you. You both knew what to do. He attached himself to the line and jumped just as the elevator dinged. The codes were the priority and since you had no clue what to do with them you were the disposable one, the distraction. You heard footsteps as they started filing out, running towards the room you were defending. You snapped into your mercenary persona letting the message of: ‘there’s was no way in hell you are going to win this round’, run through your head.

The first to come into your line of sight was Captain America, looking righteous as always. On his left Falcon and on his right Hawkeye. Banner probably wouldn’t let the monster out in such an enclosed space which meant only the Black Widow was unaccounted for. You threw a knife behind you without taking your eyes from the avengers before you, cutting the cord and simultaneously saving Ivan and trapping you.You took a last deep breath as your eyes hardened and your fear receded. You’d find a way to win. You had to.

All eyes were trained on you and you watched as Stark himself arrived and stepped out of his suit. “As much as I love having gorgeous women in my home, I’m not a fan of theft.” His easy going smile and relaxed posture was betrayed by his shrewd eyes. You smirked, if he wanted to play you’d happily oblige. “I haven’t stolen anything, Anthony dearest. I’m merely taking a look around a beautiful home and enjoying the view.” You walked over to the bar not taking your eyes off of the hostiles standing twenty feet away. They only moved to angle themselves towards you.

You jumped backwards landing perfectly on the bar then jumped again so that you were behind it. The others you’d been told to work with should arrive with stun grenades and a helicopter in approximately seven minutes, they wouldn’t leave you to give away any information. You poured yourself a glass of scotch and sipped it with a smile. “That’s the good stuff. Anybody else want some while I’m here. I heard Anthony isn’t very good at sharing so this may be your only chance.” None of them cracked a smile and you huffed at their annoyance. “What? Can’t a girl do a little breaking and entering without the surly look of disappointment?”

“What did you come for?” It was Hawkeye who spoke. He smiled at you and you saw him relax and stride towards you with an easy grace. Five minutes.He was the most experienced agent so it would stand that he was the most experienced in extracting information.

“I didn’t come for anything sweet cheeks, I’m only the protection.”

“My lab would tell a different story.” Stark said lightly but he had stiffened. It seemed he didn’t like it when people touched his toys. The smile slipped off of your face and you downed the rest of the scotch.Time to get a little more real.

“That wasn’t part of the job, that, my sweet, was personal.” You saw him scan you as he tried to place where he’d met you before. “Oh, don’t worry. I’m not a crazy notch on your bedpost, I’m just related to one of thousands killed in Sokovia.” you saw him flinch almost imperceptibly and you frowned. Men like him didn’t feel guilt. They couldn’t. He didn’t say anything though. No cocky comeback or one liner to say that he didn’t care. It was unsettling. The rest of them were good people but high society’s were so detached from real life that they tended to be psychopathic. You refilled your glass and glanced at the clock. Less than two minutes. You walked around the bar never turning your back on them and moved towards the platform suspended over New York.

They all could see where you were going but were silent. Even Hawkeye’s demeanor had changed at the mention of Sokovia. Too right, it was a shit show. You didn’t really know what those codes did but if they brought Stark down a few pegs you’d do it again of free will.

Less than a minute. You threw the glass down and let it smash loudly. The chopper was close enough to hear now. You smirked again and winked as you spun around only to crash into a hard chest. Your character broke and the fear came back. This wasn’t in the plan. A hand reached behind you to crush you to him then you were thrown to the floor with a metal hand around your neck. You looked up into the most beautiful eyes you’d ever seen and smiled genuinely for the first time since you’d met these people. There was a faint noise in the background like shouting and gunfire but you just reached up to cup his face gently. If this was how you were going to go it wasn’t so bad. You had closed your eyes as you were suffocated willing to let sleep take you, when suddenly you could breathe. You stood getting ready to fight when you caught sight of his face with clear eyes. Everything about him was beyond words.

Your momentary pause was enough to take you out because you saw a look of vague confusion cross his features before something hit the back of your head and were knocked unconscious.

A/N: Another series.

This is just the tester chapter but it will be Bucky x Y/N


This is my entry for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge.  My quote was  “You seem troubled. Course that’s a primary aspect of your personality so I sometimes ignore it.” - Cas

Summary: Your senior year of high school isn’t turning out as epic as you hoped it would.

warnings: Cas fluff, HS AU, slight teenage angst at the beginning

word count: ~1650

Originally posted by destieltime

You sat on your front porch, cradling your chin in your hands and staring blankly at the street in front of you.  Here you were, senior in high school, finally the “top dog” at school instead of just some dorky underclassmen.

Wasn’t senior year supposed to feel…better than this?

You didn’t feel any different than before.  In fact, you felt a little more like a loser, mainly because you hadn’t all of a sudden become super cool, like you hoped would happen.

Sure, you had your friends, your family, a few college acceptances that were ready to go.  But you weren’t quite…

There were no words – you must just be in a funk.

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joshlerenna: ch. 1

“would you like a threesome, josh?” mwahaha 

ch. 2 will actually involve jenna and more smut 


“hey um, josh?” tyler mewled, sounding like he wanted something. josh has known tyler long enough to know what he sounded like when he wanted a favor. 

“what would you like, tyler?” josh asked, thinking it would be another idea for the live show. he loved pushing josh’s comfort zone, and this is exactly how he sounded when he asked josh to play the trumpet. and to do the drum line. yeah, it was nothing like that. 

“i want you to bang my wife. in front of me.” tyler came right out with it like it was the most casual thing in the world. like ripping off a band-aid. josh stared at him dumbly, thinking he was playing some cruel joke. maybe jenna was hiding somewhere, or he was recording it on his phone to let her listen. 

“you…you want me to have sex with jenna?” josh stuttered, clearly taken aback. he started bouncing his knee, a telltale sign that he wasn’t too sure how to respond. 

“come on man, chill. it’s no big deal. so are you in?” tyler shrugged, grinning like a kid. tyler had an idea josh would react like this at first, but also knew he was lowkey down with it. if josh had a super active sex life, he wasn’t showing it. tyler knew that for a man like him in his twenties with that body and face, it was a sin to not be having tons of hot, sweaty sex. he just wanted to include josh in that part of his life. 

“so, will it be a threesome, or are you just going to watch? also, does jenna even know about this?” josh began questioning, still wary. he didn’t know why he was feeling this way. tyler’s pranked him before, but never with something so big. tyler smiled happily once he seen josh warming up to the idea. 

“it’s my wife, she does as i say.” tyler spat. josh gave him an appalled look, and tyler literally cackled. “i’m kidding josh, please, relax. of course she knows, and she said as long as you’re cool with it, she is. and it’s my fantasy, so you don’t even have to worry about me. as far as the threesome, i want the first time to mainly be you and her with me watching. then if you want to try some stuff, we can make out and go from there. what would you like the threesome to be like?” tyler asked, wanting some of josh’s input. he was really curious how far josh was willing to go. 

“jenna’s cool with me banging her? wow, i had no idea. i always got the vibe she just liked me as a friend. and yeah, making out with you sounds awesome. i would be more comfortable if jenna was in control and directing the whole thing. i’d probably rather her be on top.” josh explained. his face heated up at the images of threesomes in his mind. he tried to turn a little because his cock was already swelling and he didn’t want tyler to see how eager he was for all this to happen. his and tyler’s relationship has always been platonic, with little spices of flirting and touching here and there. there was actually lots of sexual tension, just never crossing any boundaries that would lead to something. he felt both liberated, and relieved he’d no longer be the 3rd wheel. 

“of course she is, jeez! have you not seen her checking you out, especially when you’re all shirtless with those shorts riding so dangerously low on your hips? even i can’t ignore that. you’ll be a fucking hot addition to our marriage. we’ll talk with jenna tomorrow. also, i can see you trying to hide that boner, josh. you’re not fooling me. would you like to practice the making out now, maybe?” tyler asked a really antsy looking josh. 

“you guys talked about this a lot, huh?” josh asked, grinning. the fact that his hot friends were checking him out and talking about getting him in bed, probably while post-coitus, turned him on more than it should. “yes, tyler. let’s make out! can you imagine how crazy our fans would go if they knew this? with the fan fic…” josh joked as tyler scooted right up to him on the couch and wrapped his arm around him. tyler didn’t say anything, just stared at josh and brought his face closer while closing his eyes and puckering his lips. josh melted at the sight and closed the distance, kissing his closed lips slowly and softly. josh felt tyler exhale through his nose and kept still, lips parting a little, and josh parted his lips and pressed them to his. his cock literally twitched when when tyler sucked his bottom lip and slid his tongue over it, and he let a moan slip. his eyes shot open to see tyler smiling lazily at him. 

“fuck, tyler. you’re a good kisser. your lips are amazing.” josh confessed, and tyler giggled softly. 

“thanks, you too. c’mere” tyler said before attacking josh’s lips again, pulling him closer by his neck and really leaning into it. josh loved feeling tyler’s wet lips on his, his tongue pushing into his mouth, and his warm body crowding him. as they passionately made out while holding each other close. it was only serving to exacerbate josh’s problem. he didn’t try to check, but from tyler’s whimpers and how desperate he was sounding, he knew tyler had a problem as well. 

“do you, want to uh maybe, dryhumpmetilwebothcum?” tyler asked quietly, trying not to push josh too much. 

“i’m sorry ty, what did you say?” josh asked, smirking at tyler’s sudden bashfulness.  

“we can grind on each other. that’s part of making out, right?” tyler asked, fingers toying with the curly hairs on the nape of josh’s neck. 

“it’s a little more second base i think, but yeah” josh answered, pushing tyler onto his back. josh rubbed himself through his shorts, adjusting his erection before rubbing tyler through his skinny jeans. “are these gonna get in the way?” josh asked, unbuttoning tyler’s jeans. tyler just nodded, too breathless and shaky from how aroused he was. josh pulled them down his thighs, and tyler lifted his hips, then feet so josh could get them all the way off. he settled between tyler’s thighs, finally letting his bulge touch tyler’s. a jolt of pleasure shot through both of them, causing tyler to buck his hips and josh to grind down on him. they moaned together, and josh dipped in to lick and suck the hot, tanned skin on tyler’s throat as his head tilted back. 

“feels so good, josh” tyler moaned as josh continued marking up his neck. tyler bucked his hips up towards the friction while running his hands up and down josh’s back under his hoodie to feel bare skin and muscles. josh started out grinding on tyler fairly slow, but picked up the pace as tyler’s sounds got more desperate. he was back to kissing tyler’s lips again, tongues sliding together once again. 

“you c-close, ty? i’m close” josh mumbled into the crook of tyler’s neck. 

“yessss josh, oh my god. just don’t stop” tyler whined, meeting josh’s aggressive thrusting and relishing in his sex noises. he focused on the pressure of josh’s cock pressed against his, josh’s weight on top of  him, and how josh nipped at his tongue with a particularly good thrust. tyler moaned loudly as his body threatened to give in. the only thing he could say exuberantly was joshjoshjoshjosh while tapping josh’s back. 

“go ahead tyler, we’ll go together. i’m ready” josh cooed, thrusting harder in anticipation. tyler held is hips up, letting josh continue grinding him until his cock started spurting and wetting the front of his briefs. josh released at the same moment, cumming hard while rolling his hips slower and giving little panting moans. tyler watched josh’s face as he came as his cock gave another spurt. 

“oh my godddd aaaahh” tyler groaned embarrassingly loud. josh collapsed on top of him for a moment, and tyler kissed josh’s neck while rubbing his back. 

“you’re incredibly seductive, you know that, tyler?” josh asked, shifting to an upward position to peel off his clothes. 

“well you’re incredibly good with your hips” tyler retorted, knowing it had to do with his rhythm and drumming abilities. it was actually pornographic, the way he naturally knew how to add just the right amount of pressure and speed. 

“i guess because i’m a drummer? and drummers know how to bang things with sticks.” josh joked, knowing it sounded beyond nerdy. 

“we should change our clothes though, and hide these at the bottom of the laundry. we don’t need the others seeing our cum stains” tyler said, adding his clothes to josh’s pile and rooting through his bag for fresh clothes. seeing each other naked and getting dressed was nothing new. but it’s safe to say they have officially crossed out of the friendzone by making each other cum. 

All the Clinginess Part 1

Warnings: Swearing and poorly written fluff/smut
Word Count: 2394
Part 2 | Part 3


Michael has been clinging to you for the past few months. However, in his defense, you had gotten into a rather bad car accident a few months back. You were in a coma for a few days back then. Ever since you came back to school, Michael could not keep his hands off you. Walking through school, you heard people whispering about you and your boyfriend, but you cared not. Until three certain girls started talking.

“Oh my God, it’s another day of the Stoner never letting go of his alcoholic girlfriend,” Chloe said to her friends, Brooke and Jenna.

Jenna scoffed and rolled her eyes, “God, he’s so desperate for human contact that he can’t stop touching that alcoholic.”

You growled and snapped your head to look at them as you and Michael passed them, “Go fuck yourselves, you pussy-sucking cunt-breaths! I’m not a drunk! I got smashed head-on by a drunk driver!”

Michael pulled you close to him, placing a kiss on your forehead, cooing at you, “Oh, c'mon, babe. You know they’re just fucking with you, don’t let them get to you.”

Melting into your boyfriend’s kiss, you smiled and answered, “Fine~ I’ll let it go this time, but they do it again, I’m gonna smack them.”

“Hey, (y/n), Michael!” Jeremy said, waving to them.

You looked at your other best friend and answered, “Jer, my man, how you doing?” Michael placed a kiss against your temple, stroking your waist. “Mikey, the hell are you doing? I’m not going anywhere,” you told him, leaning up to kiss his cheek.

Your dark-haired geeky boyfriend smiled at you and said, “I dunno, I just want to kiss you and never let go of you~!”

“Michael, we still have school to do. You’ll have to let go of me at some point,” you spoke truthfully.

Pouting, the geek answered, “Then I will do it whenever we see each other!”

Jeremy laughed, “Michael, don’t smother (y/n/n) with your obnoxious love.”

“I’m not smothering her, am I, babe?” Michael asked with a frown. He really didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable and if he was smothering you, he wanted you to tell him.

The things Jeremy put in your boyfriend’s head made you want to slightly punch him. You sighed and rolled your eyes, lightly punching Jeremy’s arm, “My fucking God, Jer! Look what you got him saying!” You looked at your boyfriend and said, “No, Michael, you’re not smothering me. Even if you were, it would be amazing to have you smother me. You touching me all over? Sign me the fuck up~!”

Both Jeremy and Michael’s faces lit up with blushes. “B-babe…” Michael stuttered. He leaned in to your ear and whispered, “Do you want to sign up for that?”

You smiled and whispered back, “Yeah, sure, why not? You touching me all over, sounds like fun. Mind signing me up for it?”

A giddy feeling rose through Michael’s body as he answered you, “Of course, (y/n/n), I’ll sign you right up. You’ll get yours after school, sound good to you?”

Jeremy looked at you and Michael as you whispered back and forth. “Could you two wait for like, eight hours?” he snickered.

“No, I can’t,” you laughed. As if on cue, Michael kissed your cheek. “Michael~”

“What, babe?” asked a grinning Michael.

You looked at him and kissed his cheek back, “Stop kissing me every five seconds~!” You were obviously joking.

“But I love you so much and I wanna show it to everyone that I love my AWESOME GIRLFRIEND,” he shouted so the whole school could hear his proclamation of his love for you.

You blushed and try to wiggle out of his grip. “M-Michael…” you mutter.

Jeremy laughed at you two and said, “Match made in heaven.”

“Jer!” you exclaimed.

Michael brought his other hand to cup your cheek. He stopped you three in the middle of the hallway; he looked into you (e/c) orbs for an abnormally long period of time. Eventually, your geeky boyfriend started to leaned in for a kiss on the lips. Shortly after he started leaning forward, your lips touched, but only briefly. Jeremy interrupted you two before the kiss could escalate with a nervous laugh, “Guys, we’re in the hallway.”

Pulling away from the kiss, Michael sighed, “Thanks, dude. I would’ve gotten carried away.”

“I know, dude, that’s why I said something,” came his answer.

You blushed and comb a hand through your hair. “Yeah, we woulda forgotten where we were at,” you muttered. You saw the time and gasped, “We have to go to period one guys! Michael, I need you to let go of me so I can go.”

The handsome young man frowned and looked at you, saying, “No, please no, (y/n/n). I can walk you to class.”

You looked into his eyes and said, “Fine. You can walk me to class, Mell.” Michael smiled and walked you to class.

“I’ll meet you at your last period and then we go to the PT Cruiser,” he whispered into your ear.

“And you’re gonna never stop touching me the whole way, yeah?”

He smiled goofily, “You know me so well, babe.” You rolled your eyes and as you reached your classroom, you give Michael a kiss on the cheek and walk inside your class.


There were five minutes left before school ended. Five fucking minutes. And you were peeved off to the max. The whole day you had been made fun of by Brooke, Jenna and Chloe making fun of you and Michael and it ebbed at your nerves. You wanted to bash in their slutty heads all day, but your glorious boyfriend and best friend had kept you at bay. Mainly with your boyfriend’s arm being slung across your waist and peppering kisses across your face for the majority of the day—which you were perfectly fine with, you loved when Michael showered you with attention.

You sighed and leaned against your left hand as you imagined your boyfriend. His tuft of dark brown hair styled upwards, his chocolate eyes that you could get lost in all the time, his caramel skin that you loved to touch and kiss. And the crème de la crème—Michael’s gorgeous lips had your mind reeling for days. His goofy smile sent you into orbit. Not to mention some things his mouth did set your whole body aflame.

Oh, like what he did a few weeks ago that had your whole body tingling as you reached your peak. Boy were you loud that day. Your mom was so proud of her little girl’s man that she made you your favorite cobbler (or dessert of your choice) the next day. Yep, your mom was one of those moms, but you loved her so much.

You remembered that one time you decided to be bold and gave him some quality road-head when you and him were going to the 7/11 late at night. That was so much fun. You remembered the look in his hazy, darkened eyes as he looked down at you every time the car stopped, even if just for a moment. A shiver shot down your spine as you remembered some words he groaned out in a gravely voice; and a rush of electricity shot through your body as you recalled how he pulled your hair and refused to let you out of the car before he finished. Oh yeah, that was fun, 10/10 must do again.

Thus that was how you spent the last five minutes of school you spent thinking about your boyfriend, in many ways. 95% of them not safe for school. But you were still really pissed off. Like, really pissed off. “God I fucking hate them,” you mumbled to yourself.

The bell rang and you shot out of your seat. You were ready to get the hell out of that school. Ready to get away from those sluts who pick on you and Michael and Jeremy—before you throttled them. As soon as you bolted out of the classroom door, Michael was there to catch your waist. “Hey there, babe! Where you going in a hurry?” he asked you.

“Oh geez, Mike! I was ready to go,” you said, your foul mood shining through your words.

Immediately, Michael noticed your bad mood and said, “Babe, what happened? You’re in a bad mood.”

“I’m just ready to get out of here,” you hissed.

“Okay, let’s go, babe. You can tell me what’s wrong when we get home, okay?” he said as he lead you away. Towards his PT Cruiser.


After thirty minutes, because you two stopped at 7/11 for slushes, you arrived at Michael’s house. “Okay, babe! We’re at mi casa!” he laughed goofily as he got out of his car.

You got out of his PT Cruiser and crossed your arms. “Yay,” you said sarcastically as you walked to his door.

“Okay, that’s it, tell me what’s wrong, babe,” he said in a concerned tone as he walked up to you.

“Don’t fuckin worry about it,” you answered, walking into his house.

Michael stepped into the house and watched as you kept your back turned to him. “Babe,” he said as he walked up behind you. Hugging you from behind, arms wrapped snugly around your waist, he said gently into your ear, “C'mon, dude, tell me what happened today that made you so upset. Please.”

You sighed and breathed in his scent. It was a calming scent to you, but to others it was the smell of cherry slush with the slightest hint of weed. “Fine,” you breathed out, “Brooke, Jenna and Chloe pissed me off today. They wouldn’t stop calling me an alcoholic, you a stoner and Jer a fucking loser. It fucking got on my last god damn nerve today, Michael! I’m sick of them thinking they’re better than you or me or Jeremy, they aren’t anything more than pussy-sucking cunt-breaths!”

Michael sighed and laid his head on your shoulder. “Babe, you know that’s how they are,” he answered, his warm breath hitting your neck.

Shivering at the warmth of his breath on your neck, you answered, “I know it is but…” you sucked in a breath, “…it’s annoying.”

Knowing the effect he had on you, Michael started to kiss your neck. You shuddered and if Michael hadn’t had his arms wrapped around your waist, you would have fallen down. “C'mon babe,” he whispered against your skin, “wanna go to my room and—”

“Get stoned?” you questioned with an amused grin.

Michael’s face lit up as he saw a smile grave your lips. “There’s a smile on my gorgeous girlfriend’s face,” he grinned, “but, hell nah! I don’t want to get stoned right now.”

You blushed and covered your face, muttering, “We should finish our slushes!”

“Oh, we can always go get more afterwards,” he spoke near your ear as he leaned against your neck again. He pressed a kiss to your jaw. “Right now I have another addictive taste on my mind,” he whispered.

“W-why do you get so… like this, Michael~? You don’t even see like the type to be so dominant,” you gasped as he started nibbling on your neck, rendering you helpless.

You felt him shrug as he answered, “Because you just do something to me, I guess?”

“Fuck,” you breathed, “just take me to your room…”

Not needing to be told twice, Michael dragged you to his room. Halfway to his room, you had wrapped your arms around his neck and started heatedly kissing him. Your fingers combed through his soft hair, and he hummed appreciatively into your kiss. You gasped into the kiss as one of Michael’s hands grabs your ass and grinds you against him—and boy was he excited, but so were you. After all, how couldn’t you be excited? You still tasted his slushee on his lips and he was your geeky boyfriend who always strived to make you smile and giggle.

As you two stumbled into his room, you were quickly pressed against the bedroom door. Michael had reluctantly pulled away from your heated kiss to look into your eyes for a brief moment. “God, you are so gorgeous, (y/n)~ what’d I ever do to deserve you,” he spoke sweetly as he undid your pants and pulled at your shirt. Michael left open-mouthed kisses down your neck, nibbling occasionally as he tried to find your sweet spot.

You squeezed your eyes shut as Michael found your sweet spot. He pulled down your pants and left you only in your panties and shirt (with a bra on). When you peaked open your eyes, all you saw was Michael kneeling before you. “M-Michael, n-no,” you weakly protest.

Looking up at you from between your legs, “Oh, but (y/n), yes. Right here, right now,” Michael said. He smiled up at you and pulled your panties down, marveling at your core. He licked his lips and breaths in your intoxicating smell (to him at least), “Oh the sweet taste of you is something I can never get enough of.”

That geek’s words turned you into absolute mush. You looked down at him and just the sight of him licking his lips as he gazed at your core. “Oh my god,” you shuddered and collapsed against the door, sinking to the floor.

“Oh, this works, too,” Michael said, leaning close to your core. “God, you’re so gorgeous, both inside and out,” he spoke, dipping two fingers into your folds. You gently throw your head back into the door and gasp. Michael pressed a kiss on your inner thigh, enjoying the sight of you sighing for his touch. His kisses hiked up as his mouth got closer to your core and your blushing and gasping got worse. “If you were any hotter, (y/n), my glasses would fog up,” he snickered and leaned into the apex of your thighs.

“M-Michael! Get on with it,” you moaned. “Also, fucking quit saying that shit, you sexy geek. Eat me or fuck me!”

“Is both an option?” he asked with a grin, from between your legs.

Your breath hitches as you answer, “Both is an viable option! Just… please…”

Take It Slow

Title: Take It Slow

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: mention of rape, fluff.

A/N: This is a request from @miwinski19. Sorry it took me so long. To everyone, please read the warnings carefully. This fic hints at some pretty sensitive content. This particular topic hits home for me, so I’m sorry if you wanted a little more detail. I’m not super open about it. I hope this helps your friend, love. Just make sure this is a topic she is comfortable reading about. Lots of love. <3

Request: “Hi, I was wondering if you could write either Sam×Reader or Castiel×Reader based on the song Holy Water by Big & Rich? If you aren’t comfortable with it, I completely understand, since it’s about a sensitive topic (It’s about rape). My friend has been having a hard time with an instance similar to the song, and I know that you’re an amazing writer who could write something to cheer her up. Thank you so much.”

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Sam leaned over what must have been the fifteenth lore book he had flipped through that morning. And, of course, the massive text still said nothing about the particular creature they were hunting, one they had never encountered before. Now that was something new.

He glanced over to you, frowning. You sat across from him, leaning your head on your hand as you skimmed through various articles on your tablet. The sweet, joyful smile that usually covered your face had been gone for some time now, leaving you aloof and numb. He couldn’t stand seeing you so down.

“Find anything?” Sam inquired, trying to break the painful silence. You just shook your head, not looking up from the screen. Letting out a deep sigh, Sam stood from his chair and headed over to you, plopping down directly beside you. He had to do something to cheer you up. It had only been eight months since the assault, but he needed to see you smile again.

Your eyes flicked over to him. “Can I help you?” you mumbled as your legs crossed.

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No Control

So here it finally is! My Big Bang fic for this year! I’m so happy to be finally posting and I really hope you like it cos I worked really hard! Huge shout out to all the admins of the @pjohoobigbang for being patient with me and organizing this whole thing! Also a massive thanks to my two awesome betas @strugglinginthedatabase and @poison-for-breakfast for not only getting me out of many slumps but also geeking out with me about the books! And of course to my artist @nightowlagainsttheworld ! Enjoy!

*****EDIT here’s the link to the art

Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus and lieutenant of Artemis, made her way quietly towards the Big House of Camp Half-Blood where Chiron was waiting for her. The old centaur had chosen his human form for their meeting and was seating by the fire when she walked in, a blanket covering his fake human legs. His smile was warm but his eyes told her he was all business today. “So glad you could make it.” he told her, “Please, have a seat.” Thalia did as she was told, anxious to know what this whole meeting was about. “Were you surprised to get my Iris message?”

Thalia and Chiron had always kept good connection with each other, but it was mainly due to their links to the Hunters and the Campers respectively. “Yes.”

“It’s nothing bad,” he reassured her. After a pause he added, “Annabeth is fine.”

Thalia eased a little, but -as always- was uncomfortable by how easily Chiron could read her.

“I need a favor, one that might include you donating some of your time to the camp.” Chiron could tell that the idea didn’t particularly settle with Thalia. “I’m asking now because I know Artemis has given your hunters a bit of a break at the moment. Not that you’re not still busy.” He added the last part to appeal to her pride, which he knew resembled the one of another certain demigoddess, but it just made Thalia even more suspicious.

“What is it?”

“I want you to teach.”

Thalia allowed herself a small chuckle. She always felt like she had to be extra professional around the old centaur. “Teach what exactly? I know you have no shortage of great fighters. Unless something’s happened…”

“Nothing’s happened, my dear child, and you are right we have no shortage of great fighters that can teach how to throw a javelin or archery. But we both known that for some those are not their only weapons.”

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morleysfreckles  asked:

okay okay but a fic where bellarke decide to get a puppy but can't decide on a breed and when they end up at the pound, are torn between like two dogs pretty pls!!

Thanks to the Internet for the puns and thanks to @selflessbellamy for being her awesome self and helping without realizing it!

From Raven:

ur gettin a dog???

with bellamy????

u realize hes gonna make tons of stupid puns??? how r u gonna survive this??

Clarke rolls her eyes as she reads Raven’s texts.

To Raven:

thanks for being overdramatic!!!

yes we’re getting a dog and it’s awesome and we’re gonna be the most precious family in town!

From Raven:

u used to be fun

Clarke rolls her eyes again and doesn’t bother answering. She turns to Bellamy, sitting next to her on the couch, his laptop on his knees. He has been searching “everything you need to know when getting a dog”.

“Raven thinks you’re gonna be insufferable because you’ll make tons of bad puns.”

“She’s right… It’s gonna be ruff” he answers grinning.

“Ugh” she groans while nuzzling her head in the crook of his neck.

He laughs softly.

“You sure about this though?” he can’t help to ask, a little anxious.

She brings her head up again and looks at him in the eye.

“Of course Bell. It’s gonna be great” she smiles.

“Pawesome!” he answers and she punches him in the arm. “Stoop! Okay so where do we start?”

“I think we should go to the pound” Clarke says “that way we’ll be helping a poor dog.”

Bellamy stares at her for a moment then.

“What?” She asks, almost defensive.

“I think I’ve never been more in love with you” he manages to say before surging to kiss her.

She makes a short noise of surprise and she’s laughing into the kiss.

“You’re an idiot you know that?” she breathes when he starts kissing her jaw and neck.

“You told me that before” he smirks. “I still happened to made you fall in love with me.”

“Yeah yeah you’re puuuurfect.”

Bellamy stops as soon as the word comes out of her mouth.

“You’re the most perfect woman on Earth.” And he starts kissing her neck again.

She has to force herself to push him.

“Bellamy… If we want to do this, we gotta do it now. Before I change my mind.”

He gets up immediately and takes her hand, already running and forcing Clarke to follow awkwardly after him.

“Let’s not lose any more minute. Try to keep it in your pants woman.”

“You were the one kiss-attacking me!”

“To the car!”

Clarke just laughs at his ridiculousness.

In the car, while Bellamy is driving, she checks her messages again.

From Raven:


why r u not answering

did bellamy kill you with his puns

that’s it isnt it


To Raven:

u were right!!! im going mutts!!!

From Raven:

friendship over

When Clarke tells Bellamy the exchange he has to stop to kiss her again.


At the pound, the girl welcoming them is really nice and takes the time to give them some information on the dogs they have. She tells them that’ll be better for them to take a puppy, easier to raise etc etc, and when Clarke meets the eyes of one she can’t disagree. The girl explains that most of the dogs they have here had a pretty rough – Clarke and Bellamy exchange a look and try not to laugh out loud – time, some of the dogs were beaten, some were abandonned. It breaks both Bellamy and Clarke’s hearts to hear that and they know they made the right choice by coming there. Their instincts to protect everyone will be a good use.

The only problem is that Bellamy and Clarke can’t seem to agree on what kind of dog they want. Obviously they want a small dog because they don’t have a garden yet and the poor dog would be just unhappy in their appartment.

Clarke has found a little jack russell that she finds a-do-ra-ble! It’s a boy and he starts licking Clarke’s hand as soon as Clarke kneels down to pet her.

But Bellamy has only eyes for the small beagle. This one is a girl and her ears are falling a little bit, she has been rescued from a dog fight – her first and only one thankfully – but she still has a small scar on her tail.

The girl from the welcoming desk lets them argue over which puppy is the cutest and will be the best companion for their future life and kids.

“Bellamy Blake I’m divorcing you if we don’t take this adorable boy into our house right now!”

“We’re not even married Clarke! Mine is cuter and must be protected at all cost. She’s been in a fight!!”

“Your intention is noble but your opinion is wrong.” She takes her puppy in her arms then and levels the puppy’s eyes to Bellamy’s to try to move him.

Bellamy reciprocates by doing the same with his puppy and the picture of them two holding their puppies to face the other would make their friends roll their eyes and laugh their ass off.

Clarke and Bellamy though don’t realize how ridiculous they are.

After an hour or two – yes hour – the girl comes back to see them arms crossed each on one side of the room staring at each other.

“Err… Have you guys decide? We’re closing soon, so…”

They both share a look, uncross their arms and come closer to the girl. Bellamy takes Clarke’s hand in his own when they say in the same time:

“We’ll take both of them.”


They name the puppies Picasso and Cleo because they are nerds and they’re embracing it.

In the ride’s home, after getting everything they needed for the dogs (plural!!!), Bellamy and Clarke agree on some rules to keep the eventual mess to a minimum.

No dogs on the bed (both Picasso and Cleo end up in their bed this very night).

They have to take turns on the potty training (Bellamy finally does it because Clarke can’t stay mad at the puppies long enough for them to understand that it is not okay to piss on their cushions).

They also have to take turns on which one of them is supposed to feed the dogs (and after Bellamy forgets for the third time Clarke just decide to do it every morning before going to work).

But mainly their goal is to annoy their friends as quickly as possible. Bellamy bets they wouldn’t bear with their puns more than two weeks. Clarke has even less faith in their friends’ patience and bets one of them will throw shoes at them the next time they hang out.

It’s the sentence “Whatevfur we’re so happy with the puppies, it’s very diffurrent from the cat I had in high school, furtunately Bellamy is pawesome with them! We’re gonna keep them furever!” that do it.

Both Miller and Raven throw their shoes at the laughing mess Bellamy and Clarke form in this moment.

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