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The Bus Smut

Summary: While on the TATINOF american tour bus, Dan convinces Phil to leave their own private bunks in the middle of the night to spend the night in the “forbidden bedroom” at the back of the bus. But, spending the night together innocently isn’t what Dan has in mind. Add a suspicious unnamed tour manager and a bumpy road and things get interesting. 

Pairing: Dan Howell/Phil Lester

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Daddy kink, rimming, blowjobs, unprotected consensual sex

“Bye guys!” I smile, Dan smiles, waving at the enormous crowd ahead of us, flashing lights and squeals bombarding us.

We walk off the stage, and once my eyes adjust to the significantly darker lighting backstage, I suddenly become aware of Dan’s erratic behavior. He grimaces at every person who walks past us, pulling off his gold show-jacket as he speed walks into the dressing room.

“Dan?” I yell at him through the people, running after him.

He doesn’t stop, plowing past staff.


He slams the dressing room door in my face, and before I can say anything, I hear the lock click.

“Dan? Come on, what the hell is going on?” I pound on the door.

I stand there for a few minutes, assuring all the staff that he’s fine. I make up a lie about him having a stomache ache, and the stage lights made it worse.

I eventually sink to the floor, giving up my fight, talking to him through the door. I gasp for air, my lungs still not adjusting to the extremely high altitude of Colorado. Mile High City indeed.

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Casting and Closing A Circle

This to me is one of the first things that you should learn when venturing into the world of witchcraft. By learning this, you are learning to protect yourself. Casting a circle act’s as a barrier too. That keeps what you want in and what you don’t want out. I will say that circles are not a necessity in magick but I do find it very useful to know about. 



The first thing that I do before casting a circle is find a space comfortable for me to work in. This is usually a flat, open space with a lot of space to work with. Set up your circle how you feel most comfortable. I usually use a blanket to sit on and then use 4 candles as signified points. One representing each element that I ask to join my circle. once that’s complete, I follow these steps. 

1. From within the circle face east. 

2. Relax your breathe and envision air filling your lungs and surrounding you. In my case I call upon my Spirit companion who is a wind spirit to bring the element of wind to my circle. 

3. Turn to the south and ask for the element of fire to come to your circle. Envision large flames surrounding you in a circle and adding a ring of protection around you.

4. Turn to the west and envision the element of water. I envision huge waterfalls and transfer the energy from the rushing water into my circle. 

5. Stand in the middle facing North and envision a bright white light connecting each of the cardinal points. And roots burrowing from your feet and creating a circle around you.

Once you feel that all the elements are present say:
“I invite the elements to come to my circle and work as a protection to my body, mind as soul.” (You can also invite them individually as you are envisioning them)

At this point I am ready to work within my circle. Be sure not to break the circle by leaving it. Bring all the materials you will need for your workings in the circle ahead of time. 

Closing A Circle

Now that you are ready to finish up your ritual, you should close the circle.

1. Start by facing North Envision the roots leaving your feet and returning to the earth. thank the element for being present in your circle. 

2. Face West and imagine the water returning into the ground. Thank the element for being present in your circle. 

4. Face south and envision the flames dying down into ashes and thank the element for being present in your circle. 

5. Face east and envision a strong wind dying down and thank the element for being present in your circle. 

then say: “The circle is open but never broken. I hope to see you all again.”

At this point your circle is closed. 

frostedpuffs  asked:

“Literally, you could crush me between your thighs and murder me and I would probably say thank you.” + ladynoir omg (love your writing for these prompts btw)

For the wonderful @frostedpuffs because this prompt was made for Ladynoir <3

“Literally, you could crush me between your thighs and murder me and I would probably say thank you,” Chat Noir grinned.

Ladybug furrowed her brows. “You’re…welcome?” She felt her cheeks warm. “You really shouldn’t say things like that.”

“And why is that, my Lady?”

“It’s…well, it’s unprofessional,” she said primly. “And what if someone heard you?!”

Chat Noir glanced around the empty rooftop pointedly. “Who exactly is going to hear me up here?” He stepped a little closer. “You seem a little flustered, Bug.”

She retreated a step. “I’m not flustered.”

“Your cheeks are red.”

“Well…well, yours could be too and I wouldn’t know because of your dumb mask.”

“My mask is dumb now, huh?” he asked, moving closer again. 


“I can make it disappear if you would like.”

“No!” Ladybug shook her head quickly. “Don’t…you know we can’t…” She stomped her foot. “Stop teasing me!”

“Who said I’m teasing?” he smirked.

“Chat, you’re trying to provoke me and you know it!”

He finished closing the distance between them and looked down at her. “And why would I want to do something like that?” he asked, voice low.

“So I’ll kiss you,” she answered petulantly.

“I think you’re projecting.”

“You’re the one who is all up in my space and licking your lips.”

Chat Noir stepped back, chuckling in surprise. “I didn’t lick my lips.”

“You so did! You leaned in with your voice all in sexy mode and licked your lips and–”

“Sexy mode, huh?”

Ladybug huffed and grabbed Chat Noir’s face, bringing it down to hers and kissing him. He melted into the kiss, winding his arms around her middle and pulling her closer. She squeaked when her feet left the rooftop and pulled away from him. “Put me down.”

“No,” he grinned. “Never again.”

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Missed Dreams and Lost Sleep {Rowaelin AU}

So my beautiful best friend, @tacmc and I decided to do a prompt exchange! The prompt we went with is “The fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the apartment next door is standing next to me in his underwear,” with a Rowaelin pairing.

Let us know if this is something you’d like for us to do more often!

You can find her half of the exchange HERE (it’s so damn cute, UGH) and mine below the cut! Enjoy!

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But like can we please talk about the 7 going on a camping trip please?

  • Coach Hedge coming along to chaperon and making the boys and girls sleep in separate tents
  • Hazel, Annabeth and Piper braiding each others hair.
  • Some how Leo ends up mushed between Jason and Percy who won’t stop throwing marshmallows at each other
  • Frank turning into a bulldog to go to sleep and curling up at their feet. 
  • Percy and Leo drawing dicks on Jason’s face once he falls asleep.
  • The girls playng a prank on the boys? Like tping their tent or something?
  • Frank just sleeping through the whole damn night 
Loved You First (Part 4)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: The reader just returned from a long trip abroad, only to discover her best friend, Peggy Carter, is engaged to none other than her heartbreakingly beautiful ex-boyfriend, Bucky Barnes. (Modern au!)

Word Count: 2.0k

Warnings: angst

A/n: I AM SO SORRY THIS HAS TAKEN ME SO LONG. Seriously. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Also if you’ve tagged me in anything, I’m reading it later today/this weekend!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Originally posted by minmiin1d

“That is not what happened!” you exclaimed, throwing a fry at Bucky’s face, trying to suppress your laughter. Bucky simply caught the fry in his mouth, winking at you playfully.

“That is exactly what happened, and you know it!” he replied. “You went up to grab your coffee and tripped over your own two feet!” He laughed again, clearly enjoying traveling down memory lane that featured your most embarrassing moments.

“The floor was slippery, it could have happened to anyone!” You moaned, putting your head in your hands.

“Well, you definitely caught my attention that day,” Bucky said with a chuckle. “And look where that led us.” You felt your stomach twist unexpectedly as you recalled the duration of your relationship with him. Bucky sipped his water, seemingly unbothered by the almost suffocating waves of nostalgia.

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Autumn: My Old Story

Part of “Tell me of an Eternity” { Autumn | Winter | Spring | Summer }

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
  • Genre: Angst, Werewolf!Jungkook
  • Words: 9.5K
  • Description: Tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after, he’ll wait for you forever.

Originally posted by jjks

The faint crackle of the fireplace is the only sound drifting afloat the peaceful atmosphere of the taciturn room, flames emanating from the pile of logs mesmerizing the gazes of all those gathered around, growing and fading like the waxing and waning of ocean tides pulled by the moon.  

Sitting on a rocking chair in the comfort of the old-fashioned living room, in the familiar company of your grandchildren, you bask in the calming ambiance of the night, a tranquility numbing enough to lull you into unadulterated slumber. But the bold voice of a small child pulls you away from your oncoming doze.  

“Grandmama, tell us a story” Your young granddaughter eagerly requests, tugging at the hem of your blouse. Her clear doe-eyes were dripping with enthusiasm as she peers at you gingerly, waiting for the response she hopes to receive.

You smile down endearingly at the youthfully innocent child, brushing her silky hair tenderly with your trembling hand. “Oh alright, I guess I do have one interesting story that has yet been told.”

It’s a story you should have long forgotten long ago, one that is tucked away in the deepest layer of your vanishing memory. But there was something about the way the moonlight was elegantly flowing through the glassy panes of the open window that makes you take a deep, sedative breath, reminding you of something that had long been lost to time and this mysterious universe. Shifting your gaze toward the direction facing the dark forest outside, trees densely packed only a few meters away from the quaint little cottage, you nostalgically begin recalling the age-old tale.

“I was young like you when I moved to the forest covered oceanside…”

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bane-magnus  asked:

Sterek prompt #10 omg <333

i’m so sorry this is so late but like i couldn’t stop smiling as i wrote it! thanks for sending it babe! 

“Okay, so you go in with Archie and smooth talk the lady at the counter. Throw some heart eyes around—and for fuck’s sake, smile—while you’re there. Her heart will go aflutter and we’ll have the mission in the bag. Got it?”

Derek scowled, quickly hissing back, “I’m not using my sister’s kid—my nephew—as a way to bribe the lady at the cash to give us free cupcakes!” As if on cue, Archie gurgled from his carseat, waving his stuffed wolf around.

“Oh, stop acting like such a sweet, innocent summer child,” Stiles retorted. “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids. And you”—he gestured wildly at all of Derek—“fit!”

Derek sighed. For some odd reason, he actually thought that Stiles wouldn’t have an ulterior motive going on a date while Derek babysat Archie. To be completely fair, his sister probably had been in on it. Laura loved any pastry that churns out from Annie’s and so did Stiles.

If anyone asked Derek’s opinion on it, he would say that those cupcakes were to die for. But no one asked and so, he refused to answer.

“I can’t believe that we’re going through all this trouble for cupcakes,” he grumbled.

Stiles flicked his cheek. “Archie’s doing all the work. You’re just standing there looking hot and scrumptious as usual.”

Derek rolled his eyes, fixing a sly smile at the end. “Scrumptious, huh?”

A soft blush began to appear on Stiles’ face. He leaned forward, bringing his lips close to Derek’s until they were brushing and whispered, “Oh, you know it.”

Derek could feel Stiles smile, a ghost of a movement so close, and surged forward to press their lips together, hands cupping Stiles’ face and noses pressing together until he tilted his head slightly. Stiles reacted almost immediately, rushing to grip Derek’s hair and pulling him against Stiles’ body. He pressed forward, chasing the sweet taste of what was irrevocably Stiles, gasping into Stiles’ mouth when he felt like he was running out of air, before quickly moving away.

They looked at each other for a bit. Chests rose up and down as they both remained entranced with one another. And then all too quickly, Archie began to babble, his stuffed wolf becoming the subject of Archie’s inconsistent flailing. Startled, they both looked away, small smiles gracing their faces.

“You think you’re all that,” Stiles mumbled, cheeks flushed, lips swollen, as he leaned against his jeep. He kept his eyes loosely fixed on Derek’s form. 

Derek winked as he moved to remove Archie from his seat, quickly propping him up in his arms. Blowing a quick raspberry onto Archie’s cheek, he turned around and headed towards the bakery.

A few feet away from the entrance to the bakery, he called back, “Hey, the Stiles loves a guy who’s good with kids.”

Stiles couldn’t hold back the massive grin breaking out on his face. Stiles really did love a guy who was good with kids when the guy was Derek Hale, of course.

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Kate's Magical Lust (18+)

(note. Short story for @blueberryballoons contains breast and butt expansion, and suggestive themes)

“Humph.” Kate pouted as she sat down at the edge of her bed. She just came home after a long day of college classes. She stared straight ahead into the mirror in front of her that stood on top of her dresser. She eyed herself up and down, straightening her back and turning her head from side to side. She stood up from the bed and turned around in the mirror, bending over and trying every sexy pose she could think of. No matter what Kate did, she still wasn’t confident enough in her body. She didn’t think she was pretty, flawless, or gorgeous as her friends always told her she was. She sighed and flopped back onto the bed, staring up into the ceiling.

“I just wish my body would change, I’m so sick of the same old me. I want bigger boobs and a bigger ass like all the other girls I know. It’s not fair.” She groaned. Suddenly a low rumbling shook the room slightly, flickering the lights on and off. She looked around the room in fear, she’d never been in an earthquake before. She stood up and was about to run for the open doorframe when suddenly there was a loud crash. The double Windows to the left of her bed sprung open and a small purple glittery from came tumbling in through the air like a badly thrown football. It clattered to the ground and rolled a few times, letting out little polite “Ooh”-s and “Eek”-s as it spun.
“Oh dear, oh my, oh heavens.” The small little woman mumbled to herself as she stood to her feet brushing dust and paint and wood chips off of her glittery purple dress. She was no taller than 3 feet, had a face caked with makeup, silver gray hair pulled up into a bun, and carried a child’s plastic magic wand. Kate stood there leaning against the dresser, her hand over her heart with an expression of shock painted on her face.

“Why hello there darling!” The woman cheerfully chided. “Sorry for such a rude entrance, I’m still getting use to the new wings.” She giggled, pointing to the fluttering neon wings on her back. Kate still stood there frozen in disbelief.

“W-Who…” Kate whispered quietly, slowly recoiling from the shock and stepping closer to the magical woman.

“Now that’s no way to greet your fairy godmother!” The woman said playfully.

“M-My fairy wha?” Kate continued to mumble.

“Come give me a hug, darling!” She said so reassuringly that Kate began to step forward. She crouched down onto one knee as the fairy wrapped her small gloved hands around Kate and gave her a tight hug. “My, my, you feel so thin child. What are these people feeding you? Tsk tsk.” She said disapprovingly.

“So you’re my fairy godmother? Like in the movies?” Kate asked with childlike wonder, staring into the fairy’s eyes.

“Yes, yes! Of course. Every young girl has one. You can call me Bellinda.” She said with a smile on her kind, aged face. “Now, I heard you muttering some nonsense about your frame. I understand it’s causing you some distress. In my opinion you should love yourself no matter how you look, especially a girl as beautiful as you.” Bellinda smiled stroking Kate’s cheek with the back of her palm. Kate smiled back, her cheeks blushing. She stood up from her crouched position. Bellinda followed Kate, her wings flapping effortlessly like those of a hummingbird as she raised two feet in the air to match Kate’s height and just hovered there.

“Now you’re in luck little lady. You see fairies like me that have been around a while have the ability to grant one major wish every month or so. I’m ready, are you?” Bellinda asked.

“Uh, well I-” “Great! Now take that hoodie off, we wouldn’t want to damage it. All you’ll need is a plain white t-shirt and some bottoms you don’t care very much for.” Bellinda said sternly as she began to wave some kind of magic over the end of the wand. Kate stood there for a minute confused before she turned around and walked to her closet and changed.

Two minutes later Kate emerged in a baggy white t-shirt and some running shorts. She stood there in a cute, awkward way with her hands in her pockets waiting for Bellinda’s approval. The Fairy turned her head, “Oh! Perfect! Now come here dear.” Kate walked over to Bellinda. “Stand here in the middle of the room” She said “Yes, perfect.”

Bellinda began to wave her wand in the air, magic glitter and sparkles appearing around the end of the wand as she muttered some nonsense spell.

“Bippity…Boppity….BOOP!!” She yelled as a pink laser blast shot out of the end of the wand, sending Bellinda across the room. The beam shot directly into Kate’s belly before disappearing and encasing Kate in a pink aura that made her feel funny for a moment, like her whole body had fallen asleep, and then the aura faded. Kate stood there in the moonlight, the room filled with silence, looking down at her body for any noticeable changes.

“Nothing happ-” Kate stopped herself. A small muffled sound could be heard, like an inflated balloon slowly letting out air. She looked down as she felt a pressure around her chest. She looked down the collar of her loose shirt and saw her bra slowly begin to push out and rise, obscuring the view of her flat stomach.

“Oh my god.” Kate whispered. She gently placed her hands onto her tits, feeling them press out into her hand. They were filling with air like balloons! She was completely fascinated, feeling her boobs grow bigger, rounder, and perkier. And it was soon visible as her breasts surpassed a B cup, pressing out against the white fabric. She was amazed, watching her once small boobs grow bigger and bigger before her eyes and they showed no sign of stopping. A sudden feeling of arousal washed over her.

That feeling was quickly overridden by a new sensation. She felt the same pressure as before only around her backside. She tried to look over her shoulder left and right but couldn’t. She jogged over to the standing mirror, her new still-growing tits bouncing with each step. She turned to the side and arched her right leg. What she saw she couldn’t believe. Her once loose running shorts seemed to be shrinking in size. The loose cuffs began to ride up her thighs as they thickened and plumped up along with her butt. Her ass began to grow fatter and fatter, filling out the backside of the shorts. She spun around, seeing her perky bubble butt continue to grow along with her new thunder thighs. She was being flooded with this feeling of arousal. She’d never been turned on by her own body, and now she finally could.

Her ballooning tits had stretched and lifted the white t-shirt to the point that it looked like a white crop top displaying her entire stomach. Her shorts were now practically panties, completely wedged between her ass cheeks. The erotic feeling was intense. She had been completely bomb shelled and bimbo-ified. The waves of pleasure ran over her again, as she moaned and quivered. She had to act on this urge immediately. She closed her eyes and absent-mindedly crawled into bed entirely powered by pleasure. Under the covers she began to rip off her ruined clothing and appreciate her new ass.

“I’ll leave you alone for this part dear.” Chuckled Bellinda as she fluttered out the window, it closing behind her leaving a trail of purple glitter tinkling to the ground.

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Legs (Ivar Soulmate Series) Part 2

Originally posted by ivartheheathen

It had been two whole days since Ivar awoke to find himself in the care of a crazy man named Jonah. He had been here on this beach for a total of five. This man…this crazy man…talking about soulmates and fixing his legs. No…Ivar would not be so gullible. Yet a part of him still wondered, was it all true? Were the words Jonah spoke real? Was there truly a possibility that Jonah could fix his legs…and that he would finally walk? 

Ivar sat on the beach looking out at the water that brought him here. His eyes then traveled down to his arm and the words written on his skin. Her name is (Y/N). And she has been waiting for you as long as you have been for her. She has been waiting for him…for him?! Part of him couldn’t help but continue to feel as this as some sick joke. But then…the other part of him felt the pull of the markings. She was here on this land…waiting for him. Finally Ivar made up his mind as he heard the sound of Jonah’s boots crunching in the sand. “Have you thought about it?” He asked in his heavily accented voice. The older man leaned onto his right leg as the other sat at ease. His arm resting at his hip. “What do you wish to do Ivar?”  

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thehundredbellarke  asked:

hey!! congrats on 1.5k followers that's AWESOME and we loved caramelkru but mellamymake is so cute too! <3 can we request a fic? with the prompt "we drunk-kissed but you forgot about it and i don’t know how to act around you anymore wtf" or "okay i get that there are no seats left in this cafe but like i am trying to read here no you cannot have this chair my feet are using it thank you very much please get out of my face now” au please? Thanks for doing this :)

ahhh thanks you guys! ty for all the love <3 it’s def very much reciprocated!


[also on ao3]

“You’re late,” Raven announces when Bellamy walks in, barely looking up from where she’s shaking M&M’s into a bowl with a distinct air of mild vengeance. “The last time we did movie night, you gave me all kinds of shit for being, like, two minutes late. And now, you’re late. So, A+ for hypocrisy, I guess, assho—”

“Shut up,” Bellamy says automatically, ducking into the kitchen with a furtive glance down the hallway. A chorus of muffled laughter drifts in from the living room, a small whoop from Jasper ringing clear above the noise. “Is Clarke here?”

Raven tears her gaze away from her snacks to raise a brow at him. “Of course Clarke is here. Why the hell wouldn’t Clarke be here? Why would you come all the way in here just to—” Her eyes widen, and she drops the bag of M&M’s onto the counter, turning to face him. “What the hell did you do?”

“Nothing,” he says defensively, crossing his arms in front of him. “Nothing’s up. Why would you think something’s up?”

Raven’s sharp gaze narrows. “Because you walked in here to find out if Clarke was here instead of just going in there and, I don’t know, using your eyeballs?” She cocks her head, face scrunching in suspicion. “Also, I didn’t ask what was up. I asked what did you do.”

For a brief moment, Bellamy pauses to think about what it would be like to attempt lying to Raven, just to get out of this awkward situation.

It takes him approximately two point four seconds to arrive at the conclusion that it would most likely be far less awkward if he chose not to attempt it at all.

He takes a deep breath, glancing warily over his shoulder. “Okay, fine. If you must know — last night, Clarke and I were hanging out—”

Big shocker,” Raven deadpans, one brow arched. “Continue.”

“And we were— well, we had a few drinks—”

Raven snorts. “Even bigger shocker. And?”

“And then,” he says, his voice strained. “And then we… kissed.”


Raven frowns. “And … ?”

He reels back a step, unsure how to react to her total lack of surprise. “And… that’s it. We got a little too drunk, and we— we kissed. By accident.”

Raven rolls her eyes. “God. You two are literally the most boring couple that aren’t actually a couple to have ever existed in the history of forever.”

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Anxiety (Chris Evans x Reader)

A/N: Thank you for all the support on my first fix, so heres a second! CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY PLEASE!!

This was beta’ed by the lovely @the–blackdahlia! Love you girl!!

WARNING:The fic has strong themes of anxiety. Please do not read this if it will trigger anything. Stay safe!

Readers P.O.V

Anxiety can most commonly be described as a feeling of worry. Not for me. When I feel anxious, I can’t eat, can’t sleep, and feel like I’m being crushed by the weight of everyday tasks. You know, the usual definition doesn’t even scratch the surface of the pain and suffering my fucked up brain gives me.

I’m currently laying in bed at 3 AM with Chris fast asleep beside me. I decide that I can’t lay there simmering in my own thoughts anymore. I get out of the bed as quietly as I can. My bare feet quietly pad over to the couch. I sit in my shared pitch black apartment feeling more alone than I ever have. My hands are covering my face, shielding my eyes from my struggles. My leg is bouncing and I’m sweating everywhere. My breathing starts to pick up and I can feel the panic trying to consume me like a riptide trying to pull me under. My heart feels like it’s about to pound directly out of my chest and onto the coffee table in front of me.

I shoot up off the couch and speed walk to the kitchen in an attempt to get some water. I grab a glass but my hands are so shaky that it slips through and collides with the cold tile floors. I sink to the floor trying to pick up the shards of glass when Chris emerges from the bedroom.

“Baby?” Chris asks with love laced into the word. I look up at him with a great deal of panic in my eyes. I start to stand up but, I step on some glass shards. I’m about to fall but Chris’ strong arms keep me steady.

Tears are streaming down my face as I cling to the safety that is Chris. He lifts me into his arms as I cry into his soft sleep shirt. The pain in my foot is nothing compared to the way my lungs feel as the desperately attempt to breathe.

     “Chris, I-I can’t b-breathe” I whimpered.

     “I know baby, I know” Chris said. He sits on the couch with me still in his arms. He positions my head on his chest so I can hear his heartbeat.

      “Match my rhythm, okay?” I nod in compliance and listen closely to the beating of his calm heart.

        After about fifteen minutes, once my breathing calmed and my tears dried, Chris stood up with me in his arms. He gently placed me on the coffee table and walks to the closet.

       “Chris?” I call out into the darkness hoping to hear my boyfriends deep calming voice call back to me. He comes back quickly with a damp and dry rag, tweezers and a box of plus sized band-aids.

         “This might hurt” Chris whispers as he places a kiss on my forehead. He uses the tweezers to pull the pieces of glass out of my bloody foot. He then cleans the wound and places one of the band-aids on my foot. He pecks a short kiss over the band-aid then helps me up. I hold on to him as we walk into the bedroom. Chris helps me into bed, but then walks away from the bed.

         “I have to clean the kitchen, but I’ll be right back okay?” He says. I suddenly feel very guilty that Chris has to clean up the mess that I made.

         After what feels like an eternity, Chris comes back to bed and pulls me to his chest. He is running his hand through my hair when I whisper just loud enough for him to hear,

         “I’m sorry.”

         “You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for, you can’t control when you feel like this” He whispers as he kisses the crown of my head multiple times.

          “I love you Chris.”








Originally posted by pleasingpics

Prom -Zach Dempsey

A/n: omg y'all idk if this is accurate, I never went to my prom Hahaha, enjoy babies! ❤

I put whip cream on a cappuccino and handed is over to Alex Standall, “enjoy your coffee.”
He smiled at me and took the drink of the table and left to sit with Jessica and Hannah.
The front door opened and I’m came Zach looking around Monet’s before spotting me. He smiled widely at me and started to walk over. I looked at my best friend Skye helplessly. I’ve had the biggest crush on him forever.
She shrugged and continued making someone’s drink.
“Y/l/n! What are you doing here?” He asked laughing slightly. He was pretending to be shocked to see me.
“Hey Dempsey! Yeah, I work here. I have for the past, oh, I don’t know, year and a half.” I said annoyed, “and you’ve seen me here since school started this fall, yet, you’re still pretending like you don’t know I work here?”
His smile dropped but he just reached for his wallet, “one Hot Chocolate please.” And handed me a 5 dollar bill with it.
I was about to start to count up his change, “keep it.” He shrugged.
I smiled and put the money back down before scratching hot chocolate on a paper in front of Skye.
“I’ll have that done in a second for you.” I nodded toward Skye who slid a coffee across the table to a middle school age girl.
“Y/n,” Zach said once I went to put the remaining change in the tip jar.
“Yes, Zachary?” I turned around to look at him.
“Um… I actually came here because I was just wondering if you had a date to prom yet?” He asked nervously.
“No,” I said walking over to the other side of the counter and changing out the filter, “i don’t know. I really have never wanted to go.”
Zach’s smile dropped, “oh…” he muttered.
I walked over to his finished drink and put while cream on it just like I did to Alex’s, “why? Do you need advice for asking someone to prom. Those promposals are getting so serious.” I laughed at how much effort people have been putting in for one night that doesn’t even matter. Skye handed me his drink which I put a thick, baby blue, striped, straw into. I slid his drink across the table.
“Um no. I just thought, maybe, you’d wanna go with me…” he looked down at his shoes.
The corners of my mouth tugged upward, “sure.”
He sighed, “I understand.” And grabbed his hot chocolate.
I laughed pushing a stand of hair behind my ear, “I said yes dumb head.”
“Wait really?!” He asked shocked.
“Sure why not,” I said well another person came towards the counter, “you should probably get out of here though, you have practice in,” I glanced at the clock, “about… 3 minutes and I have to take this order.”
Zach realized what time it was and he scrabbled to his feet and he just took his drink, smiled at me, and jogged for the door.
I looked at myself in the mirror once again, “i think I’m ready.”
My mom nodded and her eyes welled up with tears and she quickly wiped them.
I covered my face with my hands ever so gently to not smudge my makeup, “mom don’t cry. I’m just going to prom, not disappearing.”
“Oh don’t do that.” She took my hands away from my face and smiled fanning her eyes, “you’re just so grown.”
My friends and I all decided we wanted to all come to my house, with our families, to get ready for prom.
“Okay! Ladies, I think we’re all finished here?” My mom announced. Everyone nodded in agreement.
I linked arms with my best friend, Jaylyn, and she and I walked together outside. I stepped down the steps of my porch to see Zachary and all my friend’s dates outside too.
I smiled at in Zach’s direction to see him in depth of a conversation with Jaylyn’s boyfriend.
“Cameron!” Jaylyn said happily walking over to hug him.
“Hey.” That pulled him out of his conversation and put all of his concentration on Jaylyn. I looked at my best friend and her boyfriend admiringly.
Zach stared at me with wife eyes before I made my way over to him.
“Staring is rude, you know?” I joked and he laughed putting his head down.
“Hey baby.” He said happily dragging out the ‘y’ hugging me.
‘I am not the only traveler
Who has not repaid his debt’
My heartbeat quickened at the sudden slow song. I brushed my hands over my dress, smoothing out the sequins of my royal blue dress.
Zach walked back from talking with Justin and Jess.
“So… it’s a slow song.” He pointed out obviously before grabbing my hips lightly and pulling my body closer to him, “and I’m pretty sure this is the part when we dance together.”
I laughed lightly looking down, I wrapped my arms around his neck, having to lean up on my heels a little bit, “I guess so.”
'Take me back to the night we met’
This was one of my favorites songs, and only one person In all of Liberty knew that. I glanced up at tony, who gave me a wink and pointed to his DJ table.
I shook my head, internally laughing.
So it is, I went to prom with Zach Dempsey, The star basketball player. It almost didn’t feel real, but In a good way. I relaxed and I felt like no one else was in the room besides us.
The only thing that mattered right then, was Zach.
“You’re so beautiful.” The boy in front of me said snapping me out of my thoughts.
My eyes met his and thanks to the dim lights, he didn’t notice the pink tint rise on my cheeks.
“You’re not so bad yourself.” I smiled taking a 'freshly-done-nails-hand" to run through his soft, black hair.
“I love you y/n.” He whispered seconds later.
My stomach did a flip and my knees got weak but Zachary’s gentle, but firm grip on my hips stopped me from slouching even a little bit.
“I love you too…”

God’s Punishment

summary: seeing a little brown and white kitten meowing outside your door at four in the morning isn’t exactly what you’d call an ideal all-nighter. but when receiving the kitten turns into something else, you just end up realizing that you’re in for one heck of a month.

genre: fluff n tiny angst

a/n: i love animals n everyong (i didn’t mean for this to be so long lmao srry) ((maybe an alt angst ending if y'all want???))

* okay so basically
* you’re in love with kittens
* and receiving one at four in the morning on a tuesday night was a very nice surprise
* especially when you’ve been drowning in work and stress that won’t stop
* so let’s elaborate on this fine night
* you had just come home from the usual late night at work, and was literally about to pass out from the fatigue
* it was 3:30 am and you knew that there was no way you’d be able to make it to your room without tripping all over yourself
* so you settled for the couch that had the tv and kitchen near it
* you opened the front door, and threw your shoes off your aching feet
* “oh my god… i’m so tired.” you whined, simply moving towards the couch and falling face first into the maroon cushions
* you almost cried from the amount of pain your body was in
* you hated life the most right now
* so once you had fallen onto the couch, not bothering to even change into proper clothes are take off your make up, you were pretty much almost asleep
* that was, until there was a burst of thunder and rain started to pour down heavily
* the drops hit the windows hard, making loud noises that immediately startled you from your much needed slumber
* you jolted up, eyes wide and mind jumbled
* you calmed down after seeing the situation outside, and got up to get a cup of cold water, getting ready to pull an all-nighter to finish your studies and extra work
* “god.. i’ll never be able to sleep if this is what’s gonna happen.” you complained, finishing your second cold glass of water
* it seemed that there was always something that stopped you from resting
* you dragged yourself to your room, grabbed the essentials needed for the night, and unhappily sat down in front of the coffee table that you very much wanted to smash
* you took out all of your work, and began to do the things you wished didn’t existed
* about 20 minutes into the session, you heard a quiet sound coming from your door
* it almost sounded like scratching
* you paused in your movements, and turned to look at the door
* what the heck…
* to say that you were scared was an understatement
* there it was again
* the weird, but decipherable sound that was extremely similar to someone scratching hard at the wood on your door
* grabbing the object closest to you, which happened to be a hard-cover book, you slowly stood up and tip-toed towards the entrance
* in the heat of the moment, you swung open the door, holding the book in front of your face and closing your eyes
* that was when you heard a faint meow
* your eyes turned big, upon noticing a small, brown and white kitten who simply stared up at you with its big brown orbs, meowing once again
* “what the…” you whispered
* why was there a kitten sitting outside of your door at four am on a tuesday night meowing???????
* you bent down and hesitantly stuck your hand out to the cat, letting it lick your finger once
* this was all so weird
* “hey little guy, what are you doing out here?” as you said this, you gently thrusted your hands towards the harmless kitten
* it slowly climbed onto your hands, walked in a couple circles, and finally settled into the centre of your palms
* it nuzzled its head into the crook of your thumb, and quietly purred
* this cat was so cute
* it made you feel calm
* you stood up, the kitten still curled up in your palms, and looked to both sides of the hallway in the apartment building
* all the lights were off, and there was no sign of recent activity that could’ve happened
* shaking your head, you walked back inside to your apartment and quietly shut the door with your foot
* the kitten was asleep, but was awakened by the sound of the door shutting harder than you had intended
* “oops.” you smiled sheepishly down at the kitten, who had now uncurled from its position and stood up on all four legs
* you moved towards the couch again, where all your previous work lay
* the cat meowed again, and jumped onto the sofa from your hand as soon as you got close enough
* it continued to walk around on the cushions, before looking at you again and purring
* “so…” you started, rubbing a pillow and cuddling into it
* “how did you get here?”
* all it did was come towards you, use its little teeth and bite the sleeve of your sweater that was laying on a small sliver of the couch, and pull towards the other end of it
* “huh? what do you want?”
* the kitten continued to pull so you complied and moved, laying your full body onto the surface
* the kitten meowed the loudest you ever heard, since it’s presence showed itself to you
* you smiled and giggled at the cuteness, letting your much-needed sleep come over you, as well as the furball who decided to cuddle between your arm and body
* okay so fast forward to the next morning
* instead of waking up on the couch you ended up on the floor
* your back ached from being against the hardwood for the majority of the night
* you sat up, mind still cloudy but slowly coming back together
* as soon as you realized that you were awake completely, you looked beside you to the couch
* well, you could only turn your head so far, until you knocked your forehead into something hard
* “ouch! what the..?”
* oH
* your eyes widened, and you shouted
* the loudness of your voice woke him up, and once he laid his eyes on you, he moved back in shock
* but after a couple seconds, the shock disappeared and he gave you a slight grin
* “uh.. hi. im seongwoo..?”
* you were still scared for your life LOL
* you stood up, hands trembling from the scare
* he stood up as well, and you clearly saw his defined abs
* you instantly blushed, turning away so that he didn’t see your face turn beet red
* he must’ve been embarrassed too, because he grabbed the nearby pillow laying on the couch
* “im sorry! uh, this is a little bit awkward, huh?”
* a littLE BIT ?????
* “what are you doing in my apartment? i dont remember knowing a ‘seongwoo’.” you turned back around and glared at him intensely
* “you see…” he started, scratching the back of his neck, “i may or may not have been the kitten that you took in yesterday.”
* you gave him a confused looked that for sure, told him he was crazy
* “believe it or don’t. all i know, is that i’m stuck with you until god decides that this punishment’s over and i can go back up to heaven.”
* you gave him a suspicious look, and eyed him up and down
* he didn’t seem harmful, but there could’ve been something bad under that so-called “innocence”
* “sit, and explain everything to me in detail.”
* a good hour passed by, and you now had full knowledge of seongwoo and why he was here
* so to quickly break it all down
* seongwoo’s an angel who takes care of cats
* he did something bad in heaven (by bad he means that he accidentally dropped a cat and broke its neck oOF)
* so to serve time in return for hurting the kitten, he has to live on earth as your kitten/pet for a month before going back
* during the day, he’s human but at exactly 7:00 pm, he turns back into a kitten
* for the first few days, he dreaded life with you
* he was quite energetic and wanted to do a lot of stuff
* but because you were always so busy, coming home late at night and always working during the day, he hated not being able to do anything
* especially when he couldn’t go out
* a factor god put on him, was that he was basically tied to your apartment
* the poor guy was forbidden to leave, and seongwoo always complained about that
* after a couple weeks passed by, he was content and didn’t really complain or whine anymore
* you bought him stuff to do or play with so that he wouldnt be so bored all the time while you were gone
* on days that you were home, he was so happy
* interacting with someone else other than in a game was something he needed
* somehow during all of this, you managed to fall in love with him
* even though it seemed silly
* being with him throughout that one month made you happier than expected, and you came to love his craziness that you thought was cute
* not to mention the adorableness coming form him when he was a kitten
* but as the end of the month came around, seongwoo seemed to be getting more distant and cold towards you
* he always complained or was rude when you talked to him, and didn’t interact with you as much
* and when he was in cat form, instead of cuddling into your arm like usual, he slept somewhere else away from you
* you were getting sad and confused at his actions, because where did the old seongwoo go ????
* on the very last day of his punishment, you confronted him as he was getting a book to read from your shelf
* “seongwoo,” you grabbed his arm and turned him around
* he looked at you, surprised, but then furrowed his eyebrows
* “what you do want, Y/N?”
* his tone was harsh, and your heart broke a little
* “why are you acting like this? i thought everything was going well between us?”
* he ripped his arm out of your grasp, staring at your hand that was just resting on his a second ago
* “nothing’s wrong…” he grumbled, and stared at him
* “seongwoo, you’ve become so distant and moody. there’s definitely something wrong, just tell me.”
* suddenly, he threw his arms up in the air, and shouted
* “i like you, okay!? and i dont want to go back to heaven…”
* there are no words to describe the shock you felt after he said that
* “…what?”
* he continued with a frustrated expression
* “i like you a lot. but i’m leaving you, literally tomorrow. do you know how much that hurts me? to leave someone you like who probably doesn’t even like you back in the first place?! my heart hurts, and its been hurting for a while now! i dont even know how i fell for you, maybe it’s because you smell really ni-“
* you cut off his rambling with a tight hug
* you smiled through the fabric of the sweater he was wearing
* “stop talking, and just hug me back.”
* you could feel seongwoo tense up, but slowly put his arms around your smaller frame
* “Y/N.. why are you hugging me?”
* your rolled your eyes, smile getting wider
* “you’re such a dummy sometimes. i like you too.”
* he sucked in a breath, before tightening his hug
* “really? thats great to hear.”
* but the moment didn’t last very long, because he pulled back from the hug with a frown on his lips
* “but, im still leaving tomorrow. us confessing doesn’t change anything.”
* you looked down at your feet, grabbing his hands
* “well, i guess we have to make the best of it.”
* it was only 4:00 pm, so you still had time to spare and do stuff as human-to-human, rather than human-to-kitten
* of course, you both cuddled and fed each other small marshmallows
* basically you guys just did really cute stuff until 7:00, when seongwoo changed back into a kitten
* it was just around the time you would usually go to sleep, and seongwoo was already resting on the couch as you got ready for bed
* you stared hard into the mirror, tears slowly flowing out of your eyes
* “i don’t want him to go..” you told yourself
* despite your silent protests, there was nothing you could do
* you fell asleep next to the kitten with a frown on your lips
* the next morning, you woke up to strong arms around your waist
* your cheeks immediately heated up, but went away as you remembered what today was
* the day he leaves
* you got up from his grasp, and left for the kitchen
* “seongwoo!” you call out
* he groaned in response, and you smiled sadly, “do you know how you’re leaving?”
* you heard a faint grumble and a “no”, taking that as a sign to drop the topic
* as you walked by, you noticed the weather outside begin to get darker and windier
* it was quite nice the whole month, so this abrupt change startled you and seongwoo
* suddenly, rain poured down so hard, you felt the floor shake
* “seongwoo..? whats going on?” you asked, beginning to get scared
* he took a deep breath, opening the window in your living room
* “they’re here to take me back.”
* grabbing his arm and pulling him in a tight bear hug, you looked up at him with an unreadable expression
* you weren’t ready for him to go so soon
* and then, just as you thought the winds would take him away, a small, yellow note flew through your windows and landed gracefully onto the floor
* you left seongwoo’s arms, and slowly picked it up
* “theres always an unspoken rule: if you want to become fully human again, draw a black circle on your wrist and blow.”
* your eyes widened
* so did his
* you stared at each other, no words spoken between you two
* by now, the rain and winds were gone and replaced with a beautiful sunshine
* seongwoo wasted no time in grabbing the black marker that sat on your table, drawing a perfect circle and blowing
* as he blew, the circle slowly disappeared, and the word “human”, bolded in black appeared right after
* everything was silent
* “seongwoo,” you said softly, “are you human now?”
* “i think so…” he replied, brows furrowed
* “i just dont understand, why would he let me do this?”
* as though someone was there right beside the both of you, there was a whisper
* “you deserve it, seongwoo. love her well, and dont lose her.”
* a bright smile replaced the confusion on your face, and you turned to seongwoo, giving him the biggest hug
* “don’t leave me now, seongwoo.”
* he laughed, returning the bear hug “i wouldnt dream of it.”

I’ve had my dog since the day I was born

by reddit user inaaace

Ok, now that I’m writing this I can see how strange it is that I’ve had my dog for almost 31 years, but when you live with something every day of your life, it’s kinda normal, you know? I mean, sure, it crossed my mind here and there that, hey, how come Snoop is 20, 24, 26 years old, but I never gave it extensive thought. Good nutrition and daily exercise is what I’d say and move on. It wasn’t impossible, right?

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heavy, dirty soul (Jungkook x Reader) - Chapter 1: The Meeting

Genre: Angst, smut, fluff, there will be all
Word count: 3,727
A\N - I would like to mention that there are all the usual warnings for a Mafia!AU so if you are uncomfortable with the whole blood, murder, rape, torture pack you shouldn’t read this.

I want to mention that this was originally written as a gift to one of my friends, but I decided to post it on Tumblr since I liked it very much. Angela, the OC is a partial reflection of myself, and so are a few other original characters I put in. There are also appereances from other groups and people from the Kpop industry. In this chapter it’s a brief mentioning of FTISLAND and History, also EXO and GOT7) If you enjoyed my story, have a theory about it, or simply wanna talk, hit me up in the inbox, or come chat privately!

I would very much appreciate feedback! Enjoy!

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3 AM

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader
Prompt: 3 AM is that magical time of day where everything is possible and everyone feels invincible. -  Prompt by @creativepromptsforwriting
Words: ca 800
Warning: Me trying to write like a pro and probably failing miserably…

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“Friendly Stalker” One Shot

SUMMARY: You and Bucky happen to cross paths in the restroom of a bar. What ensues next is hilarious!!!

Word Count: 1,293

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Cussing 

PROMPT “I met you last night when you were drunkenly petting my dog in my backyard at 3 in the morning and when i asked you what the hell you were doing you slurred something about dogs being great and then you threw up on my feet and then fifteen minutes later you were passed out on my couch so that’s why you’re here right now also what the fuck is your name and why were you petting a dog in a stranger’s backyard in the middle of the night”

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The Joker x Reader - “No Names” Part 1

When The Joker told you he found somebody else, your world shattered to pieces. But what hurt the most was the fact that he didn’t even bother to come around and see his little girls; very hard to find excuses on why their father is missing, especially when the triplets adore him. And extremely hard to cope with the gloomy future after you found out some details that might explain his estrangement.

Part 2 :

Part 3:

At the present moment, the four year old triplets (Emma, Mia and Evie) are fighting about who should sit in daddy’s lap. There’s some fake crying, some pushing around followed by a tantrum and J finally gives in and lifts them up one at a time so they can all sit on his knees. Very crowded and hardly any space for everybody, but somehow it works.

“Are you good now?” he asks, trying to reach over so he can type on his laptop. They all giggle and then the bickering starts again.
“Daddy’s mine,” Emma pulls The Joker’s face towards her and kisses his pale cheek.

“No-oo-o,” Mia whimpers upset about it.“Daddy’s mine!” and she yanks his head and gives him a kiss.

Evie almost has a fit:

“He’s mine! I’m going to marry him!”

The Joker snorts as the girls argue in his lap. You never intervene when stuff like this is going on because you believe he needs it: doesn’t hurt to be reminded you’re human from time to time. And that includes the King of Gotham.

“I really have to send an e-mail, OK? Behave, brats !”

“No, I want to marry daddy!”

“No, me!!” and the fight continues regardless J’s request. He sighs and interrupts:

“Be quiet, girls! Stop moving around !”


“Hey, what did I just say? There’s plenty to go around for everybody, even if mommy gets the best part,” and you get winked at.

You stop your current task, which is opening a bunch of boxes with new clothes for your daughters and give him the look.

He starts laughing.

“Yeah, your mom knows what I’m talking about; she’s so lucky!”

“Right…” you mutter to yourself.

“I want to play with daddy’s hair,” Mia whines, attempting to touch the green locks. The others follow:

“Me too!”

“Me too, daddy!”

“I don’t have time little Dolls,” he huffs and gets ready to remove them from his lap.

Crying begins – the spoiled kids type; he spoils them rotten and you do too. Guilty as charged.

“Fine, fine, you win!” The Joker gives them the satisfaction and the girls are now on the floor around their father, caressing his hair and fighting about which one of them should get more to play with.  He just sits there in between them, huge grin on his face. 

Mia pecks his temple.

“Ahh, thank you Evie,” J sighs, very pleased with his current situation.

“I’m Mia, daddy,” she corrects him.

“No you’re not,” he teases more.

“I’m Evie, daddy,” the other little girl snickers.

“Nahh, you’re Emma, don’t lie to me.”

“No, I’m Emma, daddy,” the third one points.

“Nope, no way!” and the little ones start talking in the same time, trying to explain to their father which one is which.

“Are you sure?” he frowns, pretending to debate.

“U-hum,” they nod, lined up in front of him.

“Well, if you say so, I guess you know better…”

They jump around, excited The Joker finally got it and he wants to get up.

“Y/N, come help me up,” he signals you and you go over.

“What is it, old man? Can’t do it on your own?” you smile, aiding him.

“Hilarious, Kitten, you should do stand-up comedy,” he mumbles, suddenly sour.

“I should, I’m pretty funny. Something wrong?” you check, noticing the painful grimace on his face.

“It’s nothing; my back hurts again. These kids are wearing me out!” he blames it on the 3 small Princesses at his feet.

“It’s their job, baby,” and he gets a kiss from the Queen herself.

“Behave, woman!” he growls in your ear. “I have to go and you’re distracting me.”

“Hey, wanna make an appointment for a back massage tonight?” you offer, eager for some time alone with him.

“I can’t…I have so many things to plan and transactions on the black market to attend to.” There is definitely something going on behind those blue eyes you can’t quite pinpoint.

“Again?!…I want you to sleep here, you’re away too much. Stuff can wait, ok? Plus, I can help.”

“It’s fine, my Queen needs to rest,” J makes up this lame excuse again and heads towards the elevator with the girls following him.

“Daddy, up!” they whine since he’s not paying attention to them anymore.

“I can’t lift you up, Dolls. I’m busy, go play!” he sends them back to you and they pout but obey.


It’s very late and The Joker didn’t come home. You still keep on waiting, hoping he is going to show up. You smile in the darkness when you remember the first time you showed him the ultrasound picture with the triplets. J stood there still, holding it in his hands, staring with his mouth open.

“Oh my God!”

That’s all he said.

“Ummm, oh my God as in oh my God yes or as in oh, no ?” you asked, intrigued.

He didn’t even hear you.

“I’m so awesome!!!” he blurred out, snorting. “I’m more than incredible ! Three in one strike! Ha!”

“I think I have my share at this since I participated in the project,” you protested, annoyed.

“Shut up, Y/N, this is obviously me,” and he seemed so mesmerized and thrilled you actually let him win. “I have some serious skills,” J smirked, arrogant to a fault and you rolled your eyes so badly they almost fell off the back of your head.

And the things he would say when you got so big since you had three little beings growing inside of you.

“Damn, Pumpkin, you can audition for Godzilla’s part in the next movie!”

“You – you are the rudest person ever!” you got so mad but he didn’t stop.

“Well, maybe not Godzilla, I don’t want to exaggerate. I think you could get the part of a whale!”

You glared at him, pissed because you were fed up with his mocking. The Joker enjoyed teasing you more than anything. Such an easy prey due to your…condition. Just one look down at your bump and:

“I – I’m huge!” you started crying up a storm, hormonal and emotional since you were super pregnant, tired and cranky.

“Awwww, com’ere,” The Joker would try to fix it and made this strenuous sounds when you sat in his lap. “Jesus, woman, don’t break my legs!”

“You’re horrible, I hate you!” and you would wipe your eyes and your nose with your sleeve, not giving a crap. Too uncomfortable to care.

“Ewwww, Kitten, are you gonna change your shirt?!” J couldn’t help it; he had to taunt more.

“No, I don’t want to,” you would sniffle, not looking at him.

“That’s fine; you sure are a sight for sore eyes,” and he kissed you to make it better. “So sexy…for a whale,” he has to keep going, considering it his sacred duty to ridicule his Queen.

“I really hate you,” you complained, exasperated.

“Thank you, Doll,” and that silver grin got wider.

Once, he found you having a nervous breakdown at the hideout near The Bridge of Angels.

“What’s wrong, hm?” J cautiously approached, wondering what the new crisis is about.

“I was trying to load guns… “ and you took such a deep breath, not being able to stop bawling, “…and I dropped a box of bullets,” you show him the ammo on the floor, scattered all over the place. “I can’t even bend to pick them up,” and tears kept on rolling down your cheeks.

“That’s soooo sad, Pumpkin,” and he took your hands in his, kissing each finger. “These sausage fingers, so chubby and puffy, of course they can’t do anything.”

“You suck,” and kicked his ankle, but calmed down a bit.

“Thank you, Doll,” that satisfied smile lingered on his lips as he was finishing what he started.

When the girls were almost two years old, The Joker ended up at Arkham and took a while to bring him back. He was so out of it from meds and electroshock therapy that barely had the strength to crawl on the couch in the living room and passed out. Didn’t even go to see his daughters.

Evie was the one that heard the noises and woke up, came to see what’s going on and that pure joy on her face when she saw J made your heart skip a beat. You told the little one to be quiet and placed her on his chest; she fell back asleep right away.  You brought the other two sleepy heads and placed them on the sides of his body. He sensed the movements through his restless dreams and squeezed his arms around them, suddenly more at ease.

He knew he was home.


You didn’t see him in a month. The Joker said he’s out of town with business and that was all. He responded to your texts and phone calls, but in a very short manner. Something is definitely not right. You just know it.

For the moment you are in the basement, watching him stash a few guns in a suitcase. You’re so upset you can’t think straight. The kids are not at the penthouse and J doesn’t want to wait for them to come back from the playground so he can see them.

“Where are you going, baby?” he gets questioned and that pisses him off.

“I have urgent matters to attend to, ok?! You know our lifestyle, I don’t have to explain it to you !!”

“Does this…urgent matter…have a name?” you whisper and he stops, giving you an evil gaze.

“You wanna do this NOW?”

“What… what exactly are we doing?” you panic, not sure what is going on.

“Of course she has a name, are you completely stupid ?! Didn’t you notice how much I have to pretend around you and YOUR noisy girls? I thought you were smarter than this!!!” the tirade begins and you are not prepared for it. “I am so tired of you, you bore me to death, can’t you see ?! Why do you think I keep on avoiding you, huh? I need someone younger, prettier and energetic to keep up with me!!!” he dramatically gestures, burning you with his blue eyes. “You’re none of these; not anymore !!!” J takes the suitcase and storms out, bumping into you as he passes by.

You gulp, stunned at all the hurtful words:

“Don’t be pathetic and take the hint, Y/N!” the barks at you before disappearing up the staircase.

“I’m gonna kill you!” you yell after him, shaking from the tension. “And her too!!”

“Don’t make me come down there again or YOUR kids will be orphans!!” The Joker shouts and you hear the basement’s door being slammed so loud it makes you jump.


You detest calling him. You do it for your children; they won’t stop asking about The Joker. What hurts the most is the fact that he doesn’t even bother to visit his little girls; very hard to find excuses on why their father is not present, especially when the triplets adore him.

They miss him badly and you telling them he’s on vacation all the time doesn’t help. It breaks your heart when they start crying:

“I miss my daddy,” Emma squeezes your arm and you wipe the tears, so upset it’s hard not to cry yourself.

“Me too,” Evie slides her head in your lap, whimpering.

“I want my daddy,” Mia weeps and you hold them close to you in the big, empty bed.

“He’s coming, honey,” and you kiss their foreheads. “He is on a vacation and he’s coming back soon, alright?”

“When, mommy?” the little voices insist.

“Soon, very soon,” you sigh, fighting to maintain a fake smile on your lips.

After they fall asleep, you carefully get out of bed and go on the balcony, calling again.

“What do you want?” J snaps as soon as he picks up.

“Are you going to come see your daughters? It’s been three months! I don’t know what to do anymore; they really miss you. Would you please come? Just for a little bit?” you beg, irritated you have to bargain for something you shouldn’t have to.

“I’m busy! I’ll try but I can’t promise anything.”

“Are you ready Mister J?” you hear the woman’s voice in the background and you drop the phone, startled. The screen cracks but you can still hear him:

“Yeah, coming! Hold on, she’s bothering me again!”

You bite on your cheek and grab the cell, tossing it over the edge of the terrace. You didn’t want to hear that.


The home phone going off at 2am wakes you up abruptly. You answer as fast as you can, not wanting to wake up the little ones.

“Yes, Frost?” you mumble, tired, wondering what he wants.

“Hi, Y/N. I need to talk to you about Mister J,” Jonny begins and you won’t have any of it.

“Is he coming to see his kids?”

“I don’t know, but…”

“Then I don’t care!!” you raise your voice without realizing.

“Mommy…” Emma complains, turning towards you and you just hang up.

The phone rings again.
“Stop calling, Frost!”

“I need to talk ab…”

You hang up and place the phone under all the extra pillows at the side of the bed. You feel it vibrating and ignore it.

After about an hour you hear the elevator going up at the penthouse.


When the elevator’s doors open, Jonny Frost finds a very displeased Y/N in front of him, arms crossed on your chest.

“Can I help you?!” you sulk, vexed he has the nerve to actually come uninvited in the middle of the night.  

“I know you don’t want me here, but I really need to talk to you,” and he steps inside the living room, decided not to drop it.

“Is it about J?”

“Yes, I told you…”
“I don’t care! The only news that would make me happy is him coming to see our daughters. That’s it. Is he coming?”

“I’m not sure wh…”
“Then get the fuck out of my house!” you push Jonny, bitter and resentful. “Go serve his every need and that bitch he’s with. GO!!!”

Frost is a strong man; makes it hard for you to move him if he doesn’t want to be moved.

“There is no woman,” he utters, keeping his composure.

“Did he put you up to this?! Get out!”

At this point you are so mad you can’t listen to anything anymore.

“I’m not leaving. I need to talk to you. Y/N…” Frost gets in your face, still calm. “There is no woman. You know me; would I lie to you?”



You sneak inside the hideout, not having a clue on how you are going to handle the situation. I guess you’ll have to improvise as you go.

The Joker is coming out of the kitchen in a pair of shorts and halts when he sees you. Not a pleasant surprise, that’s for sure. He breaks the silence:

“What are you doing here?”

You don’t reply; you just analyze him and conclude it doesn’t seem good at all.

“Did…did that asshole ran his mouth?” J tilts his head to the left, grinding his teeth. That’s the only explanation he can think of and it makes him angry.

You ignore his inquiry and have a question of your own, even if you already know the answer:

“What are those?” you refer to the bruise-like spots on his skin; you can see them on his chest, a few on his arms and legs.

“Go away, Y/N. Go home to the girls!” he rushes you, wanting to get rid of your presence as fast as possible.

You nod a no and step towards him.

“It’s contagious, stay away!” The Joker snarls, backing out.

“No it’s not,” and you get closer.

“Are you ready, Mister J?” the woman’s voice coming from kitchen alerts of a third person in the warehouse.

“Is that your girlfriend?” you give him the look as you slip by his body and finally see her: probably in her mid 50’s, holding a syringe. Her eyes get big when she realizes you’re there. “Younger and prettier, hm?” you address The Joker and he’s silent, aware you already know what’s going on.

“Give me that!” you gesture towards the syringe and she hesitates:

“Mister J…”

“I said give me that!!!!” you yell, yanking it from her hand. “This is my job, not yours! Get out! “

She looks at him and J signals it’s ok. The woman complies and walks away, leaving you two alone. You lick your lips and The Joker comes closer, taking a sit on a chair nearby.

“Well, since it’s your job…” he extends his arm and waits. You go in front of him, struggling to be tough.

“Tell me where…,” you sniffle and his finger shows you the spot on the shoulder.

“This is so awkward, Kitten,” he slowly blinks, grabbing your shaky hand. “I can do it.”

“No, I will, “ and the needle finds its way into the skin, slowly releasing the medicine. “I hate you!” you burst into tears as soon as you’re finished.

He knows why; no explanation needed.

“I hate everybody too, so I understand,” he pretends to be sympathetic.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” and you look so devastated J can’t make a stupid joke about it.

“You and the girls have to get used with me not being around,” he admits to the truth.

“How – how bad is it?” you stutter, wishing you could really hate him.

“Pretty bad, it’s spreading fast.”

You cry harder.

“All this stuff you have around, is it helping any?”

“Somewhat, I guess… I’m still breathing for the moment.”

The fool doesn’t even notice how unbearable it is for you to hear such things. You straddle his lap and hug him tight, sobbing.

“You’re not dying; you’re gonna live forever,” you manage to articulate.

“God help Gotham then, hm?” The Joker holds you so firmly it hurts but you don’t feel the ache. “You should go home to OUR girls. This is making me very sick; I don’t want you here. I don’t want you around it. Shit, I don’t want to be around it, but I have no choice.”

“I want to be around it,” you wipe your face with the sleeve of your shirt and he really needs to point out:

“Ewww, Princess, are you gonna change your shirt?”

“No, I don’t want to,” and you kiss him, too desperate to smile at the silly memory.


The medication has such nasty side effects: gives him something similar to seizures and a lot of nausea. Even if he swallowed pills to help with that, it took a while to kick in. The back pain was so strong you couldn’t move him afterwards. He remained on the bathroom floor, curled up in ball, resting his head in your lap, drained. You used towels to cover him up and he dozed off, exhausted even if it’s only 9:59am.

You text Frost to ask for a favor:

“Please bring the kids.”

** The girls enter the bathroom and gasp when they see their father.
“Daadddy!!!!” they all exclaim, running and dropping on their knees by him, happy like you never seen them before.

“Ssstttt,” you bring your finger to your lips. “Please be quiet, daddy’s not well; he needs to sleep, OK?”

“Ok, mommy,” Emma bends over to peck his cheek and the other siblings do the same.

“Is daddy back from vacation?” Evie excitedly stares at her father, not being able to take her eyes off him.

“Yes, honey, he is,” and they are so excited they get up and run out, fastly returning with blankets and pillows. They stash them around you two, cuddling on the pile of fluffy covers, all eager to touch The Joker. They hold his fingers and he wants to open his eyes but can’t. 

His clouded mind has the strength to recall that he hates everyone, except the annoying Godzilla he can’t stand and three little Dolls. No names because it’s a well-guarded secret.

J gently squeezes their fingers in his sleep, growling.  

He knows he’s home.