this w as funnier in my head

The foxes as tweets during the 2016 US presidential election

Renee: “GOP: Grab Our Pussy”

Neil: “I relate to Hillary Clinton the most when she gets so homicidally angry with no outlet that she forces herself to look friendly and laugh”

Aaron: “I can’t wait until Wednesday to see if the world will be as horrible as it is or much worse”

Andrew: “ ‘How do you explain the gap in your resume?’ ‘I was in jail’ 'Okay sure you weren’t working for Trump’s campaign?’ 'Swear to God. Jail.’ ”

Nicky: pictures of girl wearing “latina contra trump” shirt “when you protest a trump rally but no one realizes your shirt says 'Latinas AGAINST Trump’ so they take pics w/ you like you’re supporters”

Kevin: “Fuck a wall. America should build a giant mirror to look at itself”

Matt: “*dead bird on a string drops onto podium* Hillary: well would you look at that? How uh TRILL is THAT haha WOOOOOO 🎵 THIS IS MY FIGHT SONG🎵”

Dan: “A sign language interpreter at a Trump rally just wildly swinging around both middle fingers in all directions as he speaks”

Allison: “is Quentin Tarantino directing 2016?”

i just saw a post w longcat’s legs on my dash but i guess i had that page open for a while so i don’t remember seeing if the head was reblogged but imagining someone just reblogging the legs is funnier than whatever the actual posts are supposed to be


This was waaYyYyYy funnier in my head but whatever its almost midnight and im tired!! It isnt clear bcs im a doofus but Nilo means this in a “i would enjoy being treated like you treat other people”, misunderstanding Andys playful pranks and roasts as like.. team exercises to them and he feels left out. Hes just bad w words…???
This is their thing. Trying to be friends but Andromeda cant take things seriously.


Has this been done yet…?

Aizaworm sensei is ready to kick ass after his metamorphosis into Chyo-to san (get it? ´cause butterfly in japanese is chyo-u chyo and his name is Shouta?



The face of confusion of those who witness this transformation.

Paper-Thin Disguise — Eisuke Ichinomiya (Chapter 1)

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Summary: Eisuke was definitely not the most hospitable person, but maybe working at the Tres Spades for a day would change that. Hopefully. Undercover Boss AU.

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Pairing:  MC/Eisuke

a/n: Watching the Star Wars Undercover Boss skit from SNL really got me thinking how Eisuke would be like if he actually tried working at his own hotel lmaooo (¬‿¬) I might have bullied him a bit here again, but oh well ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ I hope you guys enjoy! It’s fun imagining an awkward Eisuke haha.

              “Looks like the Tres Spades is number one in the hotel rankings again, Eisuke,” Soryu commented as he held up a tablet for all to see.

               “Of course. It’s my hotel, after all.”

               The past month had been hectic for the penthouse crew. Everyone had to put in extra effort to make sure the judging of the Tres Spades went smoothly. Soryu and Mamoru beefed up security, Baba had to fill in for one of the bellboys, and even Ota used his charisma to win over the judges. They were all glad that their efforts paid off in the best possible way. Eisuke, in particular, was practically beaming.

               “That’s great and all, but don’t you think this is all a bit ironic?” Ota asked, seemingly inquisitive.

               “What is?” Eisuke grew a bit defensive at the younger man’s question.

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