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Theo Raeken ~ Defending

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Word Count: 583

Warnings: A lot of yelling and stuff. IDK, it’s really tense in the begining, but then fuff, soooo 

Request: @aliyahraeken SAID:
Can you do an imagine with theo, defending him, when Scott attack him, your in his pack but he’s not kicking you out, you wolf out when you attack him, at the end, the reader kiss theo ? Tysm💙

A/N: Hey guys! I’m halfway asleep and may or may not have watched the Barbie vlogs the entire time. It’s not my best work.
Anyway, should I finish the Baby Liam series or put up a Scott Smut? Send in answers!


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               I watched with my back pressed against the wall. Stiles snickered beside me as Scott yelled, eyes flashing. “Who accepted you into their pack when no one else would? Who kept you safe? Who made sure you had somewhere to live? Me. You can at least respect the other pack members while you’re here!” Scott screamed, trying to control himself. Theo was making fun of someone and had said the wrong thing. I didn’t really know as I had walked into him ranting. Theo looked like he was getting yelled at by his parent. He held an annoyed face, but you could see him trying to hold back tears. He had been trying to be better, everyone could see, but I guess he had a slip-up.

               Now, I, personally, did not know him all that much, but it seemed like Scott was about to go a little bit too far. He didn’t yell much, but when he did, it was scary. “Hey, Scott,” I spoke, stepping off from the wall and reaching a hand out to touch his shoulder. “Maybe you should calm- “

               “Don’t get into this, y/n,” Scott yelled, hitting my hand away. My eyes widened as did Stiles’ and Theo’s. Scott was too into his argument. Theo’s eyes narrowed and he took a step forward.

               “Don’t touch her,” he growled out. Scott growled in response and also took a step forward. This was so out of character for Scott, even Stiles looked uncomfortable.

               “Don’t tell me what to do with my sister,” he grunted dangerously.

               “Stiles,” I whispered to him. “When’s the next full moon?”

               “Tomorrow, but doesn’t he have this under control,” he whispered back.

               “But he doesn’t have an anchor. He just lost Kira,” I said. Scott and Theo had gotten dangerously close. I watched them closely, both were growling at each other like annoying puppies.

               “You’re yelling at me for disrespecting someone when you just did it yourself,” Theo laughed before speaking again. “Real mature, Scott.”

               Scott let out a deep growl before lunging at Theo, claws, completely wolfed out. I walked over, trying to stop them. Theo growled back and pushed him off. Before I knew it, half the room was destroyed, Theo had a long, deep scratch down his face, and Scott was being covered in fire extinguisher fumes. Stiles had told me once that was one of the ways to get him out of his trance. I pushed myself in front of Theo and stepped back so he would follow. I placed my arms in front of him to make sure Scott couldn’t get to him.

               I watched Scott shake himself from his delusion. “What- what happened?” He questioned, trying to stand up.  I felt Theo’s arms wrap around me protectively making me tense questioningly. Scott looked up at us and swallowed loudly. “What did I do?”

               I shook my head softly and grabbed Theo’s hand before walking out. I pulled him into my bedroom and sat down. “I’m sorry for what he did. He’s not normally like that, you know.” He took one of my hands in his large ones, kissing the tops of my fingers, leaving me blushing.

               “You’re perfectly fine,” he spoke, smiling happily. I smiled and looked down. “Now, we both don’t know each other all that well, but I would love to. So, how about I take you somewhere nice and we just have fun.”

               I grinned widely and pulled him into a hug. “I would love to.”

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what do people expect david to say? he's not actually doms boss or guardian, what durte dom does is up to durte dom. saying nothing is best for everyone in the vlog squad except for dom. he is the one that did something, he needs to address it, nobody else.

David can apologize for putting Dom’s jokes in his vlogs. it’s not his place to apologize on behalf of Dom at all, but he has to have some sort of thoughts or opinions on this


this is the best Shrek related purchase- maybe even the best purchase hands down- I or anyone else has ever made in the history of the known and unknown universe


New York City in the Snow…

I (finally) made a video and tell the secret to how I take my NYC snow photos like the ones in this post here…

It’s also my recommendations for the best cameras for YouTube, for travel, for beginners, and for people on a budget! :)

Hope this is helpful. 

Called It

A YouTuber AU SnowBaz fanfic for the Carry On Countdown


Simon Snow’s first YouTube video is one of my favourites.  It’s as painfully awkward as any other YouTuber’s first video.  He sits up too straight in his chair, he smiles and laughs too mechanically, and the film quality itself is poor, with half of his words lost to shoddy editing. Yet despite all this, it’s adorable.

           And of course, it’s the origin of the biggest OTP on YouTube, SnowBaz.

           “Hi guys,” Simon waves at the camera, his hand going all pixelated at the movement.  “Welcome to the first video on my channel!”  He’s inserted a sound effect of people cheering.  I have to laugh.  It’s so damn cringe-worthy.

           He goes on for a few moments, trying to make jokes and jump-cuts that work, when finally, it’s everyone’s favourite part.

           “What are you doing, Snow?” comes a voice from off-camera.  My heart turns to mush.


           Simon’s new flatmate, or at least he was new at this point.

           “Making my first YouTube video,” Simon grins up at someone behind the camera.  “Come say hi!”

           “-bleep- no.”

           Even the censor sounds old, like it was stolen from the year 2007.

           Simon looks a bit panicked, like he’s realizing that he’ll have to edit out the swear word.  A door slams somewhere out of the shot.

           “That’s my new flatmate,” he tells us.  “His name is Baz.  He’s kind of a prat.”

           “Just you wait,” I whisper at my computer screen. “Just you wait.”


           Simon and Baz do not get along.  At all.

           That much is clear from the first video, but it become increasingly obvious as Simon posts more frequently.  He often films in the living room, which drives Baz insane.

           “Why don’t you film in your own room?” he says, audibly annoyed.

           “The lighting in there is terrible,” Simon protests.

           “Well, I’d like to be able to walk around my own flat, if you don’t mind.”

           “Go ahead, no one’s stopping you,” Simon shrugs. “Besides, the viewers keep saying they want to see you.”

           “Well, who wouldn’t?”

           Good old Baz.  Sarcastic and full of himself.  They don’t appear to realize it, but the two of them balance each other out perfectly.

           Little by little, Baz begins to make his mark on Simon’s channel.  At first we only hear him from off-screen, offering his two bits about nearly everything Simon has to say.  Many of his comments are admittedly quite mean and uncalled for, but Simon never edits them out.  Baz is the invisible heckler.  Viewers begin to latch onto this weird relationship of apparent hatred and, as YouTube viewers are wont to do, turn it into a new ship.  “SnowBaz” they call it, and before long the comment sections on all of Simon’s videos are full of things like “I ship it” and “OTP”.

           I try not to fall victim to this shipping trend myself.  It feels insensitive to me, shipping real live people that I’ve never even met like they’re objects of sorts.  But even I can’t deny that the two of them would be cute together.  Provided they stop hating each other.

           Then Baz appears onscreen for the first time.

           He’s on the couch in the background, facing away from the camera.  All we can see is long black hair.  He only moves when he’s shouting ridicule at Simon’s words.  Once he turns his head further to make himself heard, and we catch a glimpse of the light brown skin of his face.  This time the comments are all “is that Baz?” and “OMG BAZ”.

           After that he starts to appear more often. Sometimes he’s facing the screen, looking down at his phone or a book.  He’s tall, and his hair reaches his shoulders.  The expression on his face goes between concentration and a sneer, that latter of which he reserves for his heckling.  It doesn’t take long for people to start commenting on how attractive he is.  Still Simon leaves all the footage of Baz in his videos, not hiding a single rude comment from his viewers.

           Once, Simon tries to get Baz to join him for a “meet my flatmate” video.  Baz responds simply by flipping Simon off in the background, which Simon has to pixel out. He’s gotten better at editing at this point.

           Sometimes Simon posts daily vlogs on days when he does things that he considers exciting.  The things that Simon finds exciting are too cute for words.  They tend to be little events like going to a coffee shop, things that are almost mundane but for some reason they excite him. He does this thing where he dances when he’s excited.  He’ll bob his head cheerfully as he walks, glad to just be out.  He’s gone to the grocery store with Baz a few times in his vlogs.  Those videos are some of the best ones.  They bicker about everything from which kind of milk to get to who gets to carry the baskets.  Sometimes we can see Baz’s mouth quirk like he’s trying not to laugh, like all this bickering is just a game for him.  Of course, this sends the SnowBaz shippers into a frenzy, the idea that maybe, just maybe, Baz doesn’t hate Simon as much as he lets on.

           But there’s one video on Simon’s channel that is the absolute bread of life for anyone who ships the two of them.  Simon is doing a Q&A, and as usual Baz is sitting and reading in the background.

           “This question is from Twitter,” Simon says, reading off of his phone.  “They ask ‘Are you in love with anyone right now?’”

           And if you look closely, you can see Baz go rigid.

           “Well,” Simon leans in close to the camera, “I have been messaging with someone quite a lot.  I don’t know who the person is, but we’ve gotten really close and I’m starting to think -”

           “Could you keep it down, Snow,” Baz pipes up, his voice tight.  “I’m trying to read over here.”

           Simon doesn’t speak of it any further, but Baz sneaks glances at the back of Simon’s head more than once before the video is over. I don’t know how Simon could have not noticed it.  Certainly every single one of his viewers did, which is to say over a million people. Perhaps love is completely daft.


           When I arrive home from work on a particularly rainy day in October, I am delighted to open my computer and find that Simon is in the middle of a livestream.  Comments flow constantly from the sidebar and I settle in to join the party.  He’s in a different room this time, one with a neatly made bed on which he sits, and I gather that it’s his room.  It looks so clean, but I wonder if there’s a disaster hiding behind the camera.

           Simon leans towards us like he’s trying to read all of the comments and questions as they flood in.  He gets a lot of I love you’s and he grins in response, trying to return as many of them as possible.

           “I’ve got to go soon,” he tells us and I sigh in disappointment, “but I’ll answer a few more questions first.”  He’s quiet for a minute as all the viewers catch up with the stream.  “Here’s one: ‘Did you find out who was messaging you so much?’”  He pauses before answering.  “Funny you should ask, because yes, I did, and that’s a perfect segway into what I wanted to talk about.”  He shifts on his bed.  “I have a bit of an announcement -”

           His door opens behind him, and Baz in all his glory appears in it.

           Comments start flying in of “BAZ” and “OMG”

           “What are you doing?” Baz asks without a hint of a sneer in his voice.

           “Just filming a live show,” Simon tells him. He seems… nervous?

           “A live show, eh?”  Baz strolls over and – wonder of wonders – sits down on the bed next to Simon.  We’ve never seen him this close to the camera, and his eyes are this lovely mix of gray and green.

           We’ve also never seen him this close to Simon before.

           My heart kicks up a notch.  I’ve fallen down the slippery slope and now there’s no denying that I ship it completely.  I grab a pillow to hold to my chest and go into fangirl-mode, overanalysing every inch of their proximity.  With a click I maximize the screen, blocking the other comments from my view.  I want to see every pixel of this.

           “I was just going to make that little announcement,” Simon says, staring at his hands in his lap.

           “Ah,” Baz nods, apparently understanding.  “Go on, then.  Carry on, Simon.”

           Did he –

           Did he just call him Simon?

           He never calls him Simon!

           “I can’t do it if you’re here!” Simon protests.

           Baz gives a shrug.  “Then I’ll tell them.”

           He takes Simon by the collar and kisses him.  

           I scream into my pillow.

           Simon and Baz are kissing, right now, in front of millions of people.

           I can practically hear the collective aneurism that the fangirls are currently having.

           They’re still kissing, and Simon is grinning against Baz’s mouth.  It’s the most genuine smile he’s ever graced the internet with, and it’s not even for us.

           I’m tearing up, I’m so happy for them.

           Baz lets Simon go and turns to smirk at the camera. “That one’s for all you SnowBaz shippers out there.  Don’t think we don’t know.”  He winks. He fucking winks.

           And then he leaves.  

           Simon turns back to the camera, his cheeks red and his lips puffy.  He grins sheepishly.

           “Um, yeah,” he stammers, “that’s what I was gonna tell you about.”

           I tap the comment box.

           pennyforyourthoughts: Called it.


This is not related to Kpop 📢

~~Hello my beautiful human beans~~

I’m sorry I wasn’t very active these last days. I am just going to leave this video here. A trip to Zurich with my best friend + Shawn Mendes VIP Experience. I hope you like it!! 💛

It’s half a year away but I’m calling it now:
Jack said that it’ll be a long time before we see Anti again and even teased that he may not come back at all.
That last part unnerves me because it’s perfect for the following scenario:

October rolls around. Jack does what he does best: games, vlogs and skits. The fans wait with excited anticipation, October means Anti’s return. The first week there’s nothing, same with the second and third week. No glitches, no sign of Jack feeling unwell or doing anything out of the ordinary. Fans are getting twitchy. The last week surely would see Anti return. Theories are running rampant, art work of Anti increases, people are outright calling for Anti and tag is flooded with his name.
Fans are practically begging to see Anti as Halloween comes. Someone invents a tag #BringOutAnti. It trends on twitter and tumblr. The first video comes out, Jack looks like he’s panicking and scared for his life. He’s pleading with the viewers to stop mentioning Anti. Then it cuts to black as he falls out of shot. There’s pained groans and one more desperate whimper to stop. We hear static and we’re left with a high pitched cackle and zalgo text:

T̵̨͓͉̝̯̭̰̜͉̥́͋̆͑̓̽͒̑̔͠h̴͙͙̖̦̰͉̰̩̪̺̅̈́́̄̉͌͛̃́͠i̶̲̞̜͓͎̖̰͙̠͇̔̂͋̽͗̍̀͝͝͠s̵͇̣̖̖̱̪̝͈̘̥͂̈̽̉̍͑́͐̚̕ ̷̖̥͔͕̼͍̞͚̥̦͋͒̈́̃̅̑̈̌͐̽i̶̛̪̘̙̟̣͙̰̳͉̗̋̍̓̑͒̀̾̚͝ş̴̲͎͉̲͖̲̰̬̜̃͂̀̎͒͊̉̕͘͝ ̸̛̹̬̠̭̘̝̖͓̤̓̈̔̂̋̏̾͊́ͅw̶̡̤̳̦̫̬̭̝̾̈́̑̐͌̉͆̍̇̾ͅͅh̵̘̗̘̭͖̩͕̭͔͔͐͂͛̅̈́̌̽̏̄͘a̴̛̛̫̟̥̪̖̖̬̲̼͍̿̈́̈́̍̾̅̅͠ţ̶̛͇̗͓͔͍͎̗̞͖̏͐̈́̀̏͆̉͘͠ ̶̥̟͓̫̰̣̦̺̤̅̒̇͊̒̂̽͠͝͠ͅy̴̢̗̮̯̲̖̝̻̝̯͌͐͑́̈̋̊͗͋̒ȍ̴̢̹̟͖̻̩̗͇̺̃̀̏̂̂̓͑͐͝ͅư̵͙̮͇͓̻̭̜̩̲̜̋̒͑̿́̊̀̑͝ ̷̧̡̛̬̯̪̠͍͔͖͍͛́̄͊̋̽̂̌͝w̵̨͚͔͉̲̻̤̗̘̓̃͛̊̓̒́́̿̚͜ā̵̡̡͙̝̱͓̼͔̝͓̆̓̆̄͗̿͛͋͘n̴̨̢̢̰͓̰̙̥̻͈͆̉́̔͗̅̇̈́̌͝t̶̡̢̨̪͓̻͖̦͇̻̊́̏̄̿̈́͑̚͝ẹ̴̡̨̛̛̫̺̺͚̗͎̄̍̃̋̌͒̆̌ͅd̷̝͈̼͓̝̳̭̥̓̀̿͗̍̾̑̿̐̑͜ͅ

This is then followed by a insurmountable amount of panic by the fan base which is fuelled even more by a late video. When it does appear it’s just Anti taunting the viewers for a couple of minutes telling us how he gained an unbelievable amount of strength by our constant mentions of him all through the month and how his grip on Jack is so strong that the Irishman doesn’t stand a chance of getting his body back


He’d have to think of SOME WAY to outdo his previous ideas and beat the PAX takeover. What better way than for Jack to outright tell us to stop because he’s afraid?

Some Doomworld/post-Doomworld headcanons because why not honestly: 

  • They end up just chilling in Nate’s basement all the time and Nate’s mom is happy because wow he has friends now. 
    • Malcolm and Darhk have nowhere to go so?? They just end up joining the Legends to try and figure out what to do about Thawne. 
      • “Aw, Nate, you have two new friends, how nice.” 
      • Nate and Damian: “He’s not my friend.” 
      • Malcolm: *already into his 5th sandwich* “These are delicious, Mrs. Heywood. 
  • Axel the Rat is enjoying a life filled with sandwiches and tiny pastries and Mick will randomly make kissy noises at him, which earns him weird looks (except from Ray, who’s happy Mick loves his present). 
  • Doomworld Stein is just really confused about everything. The guy witnessed a murder and a bunh of time travelers fighting; at this point he goes home and when Clarissa asks about his day he shrugs, says, “the usual” and goes immediately to sleep. 
  • Even Janitor Ray knew his true calling: vlogger. He would end up vlogging about his life, the best cleaning methods, hopes and aspirations. Thawne found his vlogs one day and groaned. 
    • He subscribed though. And he liked the videos. 
  • Rip knows how to make the best cakes so now every time someone has a birthday he spends the entire day making a cake specialized for them (and lord help the person who tries to help him because Rip will hole himself up in the kitchen making this cake). 
    • Ray tried to lick the frosting and Rip almost killed him.
      • “Ow! It’s my cake!” “It’s my masterpiece!” 
      • He’s petty and puts in “Happy Birthday Mr. Palmer” instead of Ray and also puts Ray’s real life atom suit on top. 
        • “Aw, is that a little mini m-wait is that my suit?”
    • Nate got a Star Wars theme and Ray cried for him. 
    • Amaya’s has a cute animal theme and she freaking loves it okay.
    • Stein’s is probably like, universe related and has formulas written on the side in frosting and he spends an hour pouring over the formulas and explaining them while everyone else half nods. 
      • Sara tries figuring out if she can just eat some cake without Stein noticing. He does, and pulls the cake away and tells her that he’ll be happy to let her eat after he explains every formula.
    • Gideon even gets her own mini cake; Rip designs the cake for a week before he finally uploads it and the team sings her a happy birthday. 
    • Mick’s is big and has literal donuts in the cake because Mick requested it. Rip is a little horrified but does it anyway. 
      • He also made a pizza cake because Mick said he wanted meat. Mick ended up eating the whole thing and didn’t share with anyone else. 
    • Rip couldn’t figure out what he wanted for Jax’s theme, so he made the cake three tiers and put in a different thing for each tier: the bottom layer was green and looked like a football field (with it’s own football player and football), the next layer had tiny cars and looked almost like a racetrack, and the top layer had sparklers and was fiery red. 
    • Sara’s has knives all over the cake. Literal knives. She almost tears up when she sees it. 
marry me- h.s imagine

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Anne came up behind Harry and smiled. She rested her chin on his shoulder and followed his gaze. “It’s beautiful, Harry.”

Harry looked at his mother and smiled. He looked back at the jeweler in front of him and nodded his head. “This is the one.”

“Is Y/N going to be joining us soon?” Y/N’s mother asked while looking down at the menu. Harry wiped his sweaty palms on his pants. He quickly cleared his throat, “Actually no. I wanted to ask you something.”

Your mother looked up from the menu and gave him a questioning look, “What is it, sweetie?”

Harry looked into your mother’s eyes and exhaled. “Ms. Y/L/N, you’re Y/N’s best friend.” Your mother smiled softly. “Not only are you her best friend but you’re her mother. Your opinion means everything to me and I know it’ll mean so much to her if I get your approval..” Harry quickly pulled out the ring box from the pocket inside of his jacket. He gave it to you mother who already had tears brimming her eyes. Your mother opened the box and gasped, amazed that something so beautiful could exist.

Harry looked at the ring and back at your mother. “I wanted to know if I had your blessing to propose to your daughter.” Your mom quickly nodded her head. “Of course, Harry.” Harry smiled brightly, “Really?”

Your mother wiped a tear that fell and nodded her head once more. She put the box down and reached over and placed her hand on top of Harry’s. “I couldn’t imagine her with anyone else.”

“Nervous?” Niall asked, snapping Harry out of his thoughts. Harry shook his head, “Surprisingly no.

Niall sat down on the couch in front of Harry, beer bottle in his hand. “No?”

Harry smiled and looked down at the floor. “She’s it for me. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’ll say no.”

Niall smiled at his friend, hoping one day to find someone he’ll adore as much as Harry adored you. “I know she won’t say no, mate.”

Harry gave Niall a smile.

Niall smirked before he took a sip of his beer, “Just afraid you’ll shit your pants while you’re asking her.”

You were in your usual spot, finishing your lunch before having to get back to work. You were finishing reading the novel Harry told you about when all of a sudden a shadow was in front of you. You looked up to see Harry smiling down at you.

You instantly smiled. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Harry sat down next to you and pecked your cheek. “Wanted to surprise you.”

He grabbed your hands and brought them into his lap, playing with the rings on your fingers. He nodded towards the book on your lap, “How are you liking it, love?”

You looked down at the book and smiled. “Love it, thanks for suggesting it.” Harry nodded and looked back at your hands, “Good, I’m glad.”

The two of you sat in silence. Not the uncomfortable kind of silence; the kind of silence that said you were just content being in each other’s presence. Both of you were staring at everything else going on in the park.

While Harry was staring in front of him, he suddenly spoke up, “You’re my best friend.”

You looked over at him and smiled, unsure of where he was going with this. Harry turned and looked at you. He cleared his throat, “You’re my best friend, Y/N. I couldn’t imagine anyone better to be my best friend. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. I couldn’t imagine not spending the rest of my life with you.” He pulled out the ring box from his pocket and you instantly gasped. You brought a hand to your mouth, tears surfacing your eyes. Harry looked into your eyes. “I want to spend every minute of my life with you. I want to wake up next to you everyday. I want to have the privilege of introducing you as my wife. I want to be the only one that makes you happy. I want to be the reason you smile. I want to be yours forever.” He opened the box and showed you the most delicate, beautiful, ring you have ever seen in your life. “Y/N Y/L/N, I knew from the moment I met you that you were special and I can’t waste another minute. Will you marry me?”

You let out a sob and nodded your head. You threw your body against Harry’s while he laughed. “Yes.”

not my best! lol but i just watched a vlog where he proposed to his gf and instantly got inspired. wanted to write this quickly before the thought left my head! don’t forget to send requests on what you think i should do next!