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Can We Stop Grouping People?

I seriously hate the mentality Tumblr has created. I mean really. I support equality on all levels, honestly. But what isn’t equality is when people say stuff like, “He’s a white cisgender male. His opinion and speech doesn’t matter. He hasn’t seen what we’ve seen.” And you know what else isn’t equality? When people say, “All black people have done nothing wrong. They are an oppressed people. They need our help, every single one of them. They are all so poor and oppressed.”

Like, can we stop? Not every single minority is a blessed angel who cannot and has not done anything wrong in their entire lives. Not every white person is a spawn of Satan who’s only wish is to use minorities to further their evil plots.

That all being said, minorities are still minorities, and AS A WHOLE need our help. Believe me, I get that white straight people tend to have it better, and are the reason that basically everyone else is struggling. And I want to help. But “helping” isn’t labeling every single person based on their orientation or skin color. It’s actually funny, really, that Tumblr talks such talk about ending racism and judgement, and protecting everyone - but actually just wants to protect minorities, and is totally blind to the fact that there are some honestly awful people in the groups they’re calling saints. And there are people in the groups they scrutinize who legitimately want to help end racism, and sexism, and gain equality, but are immediately shut down whenever they try to talk because they’re white. Or straight. Or okay with their gender.

Ridiculous. Shame on any of you people who claim to support equality on all levels but then turn around and say people aren’t allowed to talk because of their color or sex or sexuality. Fucking ridiculous.

Whoops two black n’ white ones in a row! Pretend they didn’t come after each other.

Will Solace /// Spotify Link

  1. On Melancholy Hill / Gorillaz
  2. Blister In The Sun / Violent Femmes
  3. Stardust / MIKA
  4. Happy Idiot / TV On The Radio
  5. Surfin’ USA / The Beach Boys
  6. Shiny Happy People / R.E.M.
  7. See Me, Feel Me / The Who
  8. Guilt: The Song / Andrew Jackson Jihad
  9. My Medicine / The Pretty Reckless
  10. The Boys Of Summer / The Ataris
  11. Why Does The Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) / They Might Be Giants
  12. Camisado / Panic! At The Disco
  13. Judas / Lady Gaga
  14. New Noise / Refused
  15. Faith / George Michael
  16. Hands Down / Dashboard Confessional
  17. Kiss / Prince
  18. Dead Friend / Against Me!
  19. The Middle / Jimmy Eat World
  20. Shake It Out / Florence + The Machine
  21. Helicopter / Bloc Party
  22. The Phrase That Pays / The Academy Is…
  23. Relax / Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  24. Walking With a Ghost / Tegan and Sara
  25. Mr. Brightside / The Killers

This is a serious person who wants entire groups of people dead. And American politics has made a space for him.

This hentai watching, white-people-love-milk-and-mayo reinforcing, biscuit faced pony humping shit baby.

It says a lot to me about this country that he was ever allowed to come this far. Pathetic. America is disgusting.

I watched ‘I hate women because I can’t get laid; waifus 4ever’ types like this own entire boards on the internet, places that were so vile and full of shit that only the vile and full of shit wanted to stay, and I watched it be established that there was nothing to be done about such miscreant trolls because they always had the mods in their favor. These women-bashing, racist-meme-spreading misanthropist piss babies spread across internet safe havens, places that tolerated them because at the end of the day the men behind most popular social media sites were just as disgusting, just as enthralled and empowered by a cancer-roid of hatespeech and ignorant brofist revelry as the users.

And as I got older I watched that seed on reddit and for that very reason never frequented the site. Then I had to start marketing on twitter and I saw that mentality there; I watched people report and report and report while twitter refused to do anything about their vile speech.

And now we’re here.

I am a grown woman who works day in and day out, who has been dutifully involved in politics, who does her general best to abide by the law and who wants nothing more than to live my life in peace and quiet. And I have to be literally concerned about my future because this country has shown me that this…disgusting, worthless, ugly, idiotic, behavior– all of the most utterly apeish bullshit whipped together with the piss-stench of a bitter loser who hates everyone because he’s a cuck and a nerd who decides to ‘get back at everyone for good’– I have to be concerned about this kind of person. About the policies America has allowed them to influence. About the fact that figures who are presented to me as authorities are also them.

How fucking dare you, America. I’m sick and fucking tired of being ruled by violent idiots. How fucking dare you put creatures like this in power, how dare you tolerate their unfathomable fuckery.

No words can describe the depths of my lack of respect for this country. It’s houses of power are week, feeble, bitter and petty. Pathetic and just as glutted and stupid as every other country has always mocked us for being.

A fucking shame. An inglorious and abominable shame.

pastel-snowdrop  asked:

Hello ! Please excuse my ignorance but what is antifa? Alt-right? and what are people talking about with nazis?

Antifa = Anti-fascist. Which would be great were it not for the fact that they’re just as violent and ignorant as any Nazi, except they want complete anarchy and/or a communist state instead of a bigoted totalitarian dicatorship in blissful ignorance that neither anarchist nor communist states ever actually work. And if you call them out as being the violent idiots they are, they’ll insist you’re a Nazi regardless or not if you actually are (and chances are you fucking aren’t, so they’re just a bunch of self-righteous asshats who want an excuse to set shit on fire). 

Alt-right is… hard to say since people use it more as a derogatory buzzword than anything else but mostly people define it as “they’re like SJWs except they’re hypocritical, hyper-obnoxious, hateful and constantly offended conservatives instead hypocritical, hyper-obnoxious, hateful and constantly offended liberals.”

Nazis have cropped up in the public eye again because the left absolutely refuses to learn from the mistakes that got Trump elected (ie treating the rural working class like they’re a bunch of cousinfucking bigot hicks and dismissing any concerns they might have about things like job security which was a major part of Trump’s platform), and have decided to smear any and all things Trump and his supporters might do as “fascist” regardless of whether or not it actually fits that bill.

they’ve spent at least four years now (probably more like at least a couple decades) decrying anyone who has any sort of problem with them as being a bigot (even especially if it’s a very legitimate problem) using the media and the common citizen was so desperate to give them the finger they were willing to elect Trump to do it. I just really fucking wish it was someone else. 

And now because they keep calling everyone who doesn’t agree with them a Nazi (thus removing any and all meaning the term “Nazi” has), ACTUAL Nazis are starting to crawl out of the woodwork gloating about how Trump’s victory is “a victory for the white man” and dumb shit like that. The Left is literally creating the very problem they’re making up and they’re too far up their own ass to realize they’re making everything worse. 

So the Nazis are ruining everything, as always, but this time they’re doing it by doing nothing except existing. Because on top of the media using them as “proof” that they’re right, Neo Nazi Richard Spencer was speaking on the corner one day and someone just punched him on camera.

Nobody feels sorry for him, but some people like me say that this is the first step to a dangerous precedent.


1. People already get called Nazis for the absolute dumbest reasons and they’re usually unjustified (see: JonTron), and if there’s one thing humans are good at it’s falling for witch hunts started by asshats. So now we have a buzzword some jackass with a grudge can use to not only ruin someone’s reputation without evidence, but get them assaulted and possibly killed as well. 

2. Even the person “fighting the fascists” could end up getting themselves hurt. Not all Neo Nazis are like Spencer. Not all of them are pansy-asses who’ll crumple into paper and run back to their holes if you stare at them hard enough. Some of them are big and tough and some of them carry weapons. Some of them have histories of beating the shit out of people who DIDN’T provoke them. So best case scenario, you punch them first out of the blue and not out of self-defense you get sued for assault and might face jail. Worst case scenario, you’re fucking bleeding to death in alley. 

3. This is pretty much the perfect excuse that any authoritarian in our government could ever ask for when it comes to restricting free speech. Because if you remove the right to speak freely from any group, no matter how morally repugnant and downright evil what they’re saying is, that opens the door to start removing that right from EVERY group who has a problem with how you (ab)use your power.  

The Far left, both in mainstream and social media responded thusly:

So basically society is about to fucking collapse because Far left extremism is breeding Far right extremism, which breeds more Far left extremism in return like an ever expanding spiral while the moderates and voices of reason get shouted down and I’m starting to believe Civil War 2: electric boogaloo is pretty much inevitable at the rate we’re going. 

anonymous asked:

Yeah, the roles of the main Gaim Riders other than Kouta were supposed to reflect the overlords. Kaito was the counterpart to the violent idiot who just wanted to tear shit down, Micchy was the scheming backstabber, and Takatora was the good hearted king who got led astray by trusting bad people. In the movie Takatora's life was made closer to Roshuo's (such as adding a wife) because Kouta's counterpart used some of his own memories in creating soccer world.

That’s pretty interesting actually

Cold (Michael imagine) Part 3!

Requested? Yes! Also, thank you to @cliffwoes bc Krystal is amazing and gave me an idea for how to write this :-))

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: So many people wanted another part so I gave in and wrote one. I hope it’s okay!

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Masterlist | Have any feedback? | PART 1 | PART 2

“You’re the best person ever,” You say, relief flooding your voice as you look at your best friend.

Abby smiles, nodding in agreement. “I know I am. Now, enjoy the night and make the most of your alone time, okay?” You nod, pulling her into a careful hug.

It was her plan, taking Jasmine for the night to allow you to have a relaxed evening by yourself- something you’ve haven’t had in a while. You watch as Abby cradles Jasmine closer to her chest and gathers together the selection of bags full of bottles and food formula. 

“I’ll be back late morning,” She says, backing out of the doorway. 

“Okay, be careful with her!”

After waving them off in the driveway you walk back into your house, softly closing the door behind you. You walk into your living room and collapse onto the couch, burying your face in the soft cushions. 

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i decided to write this au fic after seeing this piece of gold. timeline is whenever you guys want it, but its probably post timeskip age.

home is where i want to be but i guess i’m already there
the one where sabo swaps roles with ace and is the one about to be executed instead.  

“I thought you were dead, brat." 

Sabo looked up tiredly at the towering shadow looming over him. The sun was bright today, he thought. The heat was unforgiving against his fair skin. The small relief the shadow gave him against the sun was brief and fleeting.

"Garp,” He smirked wryly. “Good to see you again, you damn geezer.”

The old Marine harumphed in annoyance and sat down heavily beside him. The two men were quiet, the chaos and noises from below the execution stand filling the silence between them.

“If you guys want to kill me, then do so already.” The blonde spoke up again. His voice was hoarse and tired, so soft that Garp nearly missed it. “What are you waiting for?" 

It has been almost two hours and Sabo’s legs and arms were getting cramped. 

He smirked as he gazed down at the crowd below him. There were at least one hundred thousand elite soldiers from around the world gathered today to witness and guard his public execution. The Admirals and even the Shichibukai were present. 

Really, he felt flattered.

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This Muslim subway station agent was assaulted because she was wearing a hijab.

Soha Salama was on her way to work when she was shoved down the subway stairs. The mother of 4 has been in the US for 20 years.

Recently, an off-duty Muslim police officer and her son were harassed by a man who said she was part of ISIS and threatened to slit her throat.

I believe that far not all people are full of hate. We suffer because of a few violent idiots who think that someone will support them.

No, America is not with them.

Spread love, not hate!


Because I haven’t written anything for these losers and because this ship hurts my heart. Enjoy.


Crowds of people gathered around the plaza as they enjoyed the last few moments of the year, some laughing at jokes while others sipped their hot tea.  The freezing snow wasn’t really appealing but Sakura decided to go out anyway because all her friends were there.

And Naruto. 

She smiled to herself. This was the perfect time to tell him her secret. 

“Sakura-chan! Over here Sakura-chan!” Naruto called out, waving his arms around for her to see. He left the giant group he was in to meet up with her.

“Naruto, stop!” Her cheeks flamed and were now the same color as her nose. “Everyone’s looking over here because of you!”

“Aw c’mon! They should know who the future-hokage’s wife is!” He grinned, slipping his arms behind her back. “I’m glad you came.”

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For being high class these people are pretty fucking low class. I mean Jesus, the Bitches Thrice really need to find a new hobby. And of course, Joon Pyo walks back in just in time to witness the humiliating event. Luckily, though, the Bitches Thrice managed to find dates as repulsively shallow and antagonizing as they are.

Hehehe, nice foreshadowing there, BOF! Hint, hint, wink wink… 

In any case, for once Idiot Chicken’s violent impulses are utterly and completely called for and deliciously satisfying.

That’s right! You make them respect your girl. GIT BOY. King Idiot Chicken for the wiiiiiin!

You know, I just realized something.

If Vriska hadn’t insisted on  messing with him and making him to go her planet so that she could sexually assault and abuse him in person, he might have ended up being the only troll to actually finish his personal quest instead of rushing through everything and straight out slaughtering the Denizens. Didn’t Vriska even say that he probably found a different way to deal with his Denizen anyway?

He was already completing puzzles and actually playing the game before Vriska forced him over to her hive. Maybe if it wasn’t for that and the whole “traumatized to the point where he stopped playing the game and slept until it was over” thing, he might have actually grown as a person - you know, like how the game is supposed to help you do when you’re not just rushing through it like an idiot and violently killing everything without stopping to talk? Or are just looking for treasure? Or wasting your time on killing game constructs that aren’t even supposed to be your enemies?


Protesting the visit of Milo Yiannopoulos Crybullies at American University assault a Milo’s fan for recording them (0:24) and them historically scream that the security should take him away from them (0:58). All while accusing Milo Yiannopoulos for advocating violence.

That’s how SJWs look like in the real life - hypocritical violent irrational idiots.