this violent idiot

Okay but what about Tony not getting along with his dad (because Howard) and he’s terrified to bring Steve home because what if Howard likes Steve more? Steve is everything Howard’s ever wanted in a child. He doesn’t know if he’ll be able to cope if he sees his dad being nice to Steve. But Steve is starting to feel hurt that Tony doesn’t want to introduce him to his parents, so he reluctantly sets up a meeting, and his worst fears are confirmed: Howard is perfectly pleasant with Steve and very cordial. Steve is sympathetic.

Tony goes to say goodbye to his mom before they leave just in time to hear Howard ranting, “I fucking hate him, he’s going to end up in jail, they met when Rogers punched out a guy hitting on Tony, Maria.” “When he was being harassed, Howard–” “Tony’s a fucking grown man, he can take care of himself, who the hell does Rogers think he is? And he’s only here because he’s on leave, why do you want someone who’s going to be gone most of the time for our son? He should retire from the army if he wants to be with Tony. What if he dies? It’s selfish of him to make Tony worry.” “Oh my God, Howard, are you saying our servicemen don’t deserve families and being happy when they come back from being deployed?!” “I’M SAYING THAT TONY SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WONDER WHETHER HIS IDIOT VIOLENT BOYFRIEND IS COMING BACK FROM A FUCKING WAR ZONE.” “Your son is happy and you’re not going to ruin this for him,” Maria hisses, and Howard makes some huffy noises before muttering that she’s right, he promised to behave. He thinks Tony can do better though. What about that nice girl, Natasha? “Natasha isn’t nice you oaf. She’ll eat him alive. Come on, Tony will want to say goodbye.”

“My dad hates you,” Tony says happily as he and Steve drive back to their apartment. “He thinks I can do better.” “You can do better,” Steve replies, and then, “Wait, I thought your dad liked me.” “Steve, my dad is a better liar than me,” Tony scoffs. “And Mom’s the best liar of us all. Don’t worry, she likes you. She has Dad under her thumb.” “What the fuck,” Steve mumbles, but this really explains a lot about Tony.

One headcanon I thought of that I just can’t get out of my head…

Many of their fellow countries think Russia and America are into some very rough activity in the bedroom, that really violent foreplay is a must when they sleep together, that wow they just can’t kiss each other without beating each other up-

But in reality they’re just over-excitable and klutzy.

Like England sees Russia with a bruised jaw and tells America “My god, you’re going to kill us all punching Russia like that.” What he didn’t see was America giggling stupidly the previous night, pick Russia up bridal style, and in his excitement completely accidentally bang his head against a doorframe.

France is ready to lecture Russia about investing in padded handcuffs when he sees America’s wrists are bruised. What France didn’t see was Russia accidently grab America’s wrist too tight when cheating in an arm wrestling match.

They’re not into this kinky wildly violent foreplay. They’re just idiots who don’t know their own strength when they goof off.

Can We Stop Grouping People?

I seriously hate the mentality Tumblr has created. I mean really. I support equality on all levels, honestly. But what isn’t equality is when people say stuff like, “He’s a white cisgender male. His opinion and speech doesn’t matter. He hasn’t seen what we’ve seen.” And you know what else isn’t equality? When people say, “All black people have done nothing wrong. They are an oppressed people. They need our help, every single one of them. They are all so poor and oppressed.”

Like, can we stop? Not every single minority is a blessed angel who cannot and has not done anything wrong in their entire lives. Not every white person is a spawn of Satan who’s only wish is to use minorities to further their evil plots.

That all being said, minorities are still minorities, and AS A WHOLE need our help. Believe me, I get that white straight people tend to have it better, and are the reason that basically everyone else is struggling. And I want to help. But “helping” isn’t labeling every single person based on their orientation or skin color. It’s actually funny, really, that Tumblr talks such talk about ending racism and judgement, and protecting everyone - but actually just wants to protect minorities, and is totally blind to the fact that there are some honestly awful people in the groups they’re calling saints. And there are people in the groups they scrutinize who legitimately want to help end racism, and sexism, and gain equality, but are immediately shut down whenever they try to talk because they’re white. Or straight. Or okay with their gender.

Ridiculous. Shame on any of you people who claim to support equality on all levels but then turn around and say people aren’t allowed to talk because of their color or sex or sexuality. Fucking ridiculous.

Whoops two black n’ white ones in a row! Pretend they didn’t come after each other.

Will Solace /// Spotify Link

  1. On Melancholy Hill / Gorillaz
  2. Blister In The Sun / Violent Femmes
  3. Stardust / MIKA
  4. Happy Idiot / TV On The Radio
  5. Surfin’ USA / The Beach Boys
  6. Shiny Happy People / R.E.M.
  7. See Me, Feel Me / The Who
  8. Guilt: The Song / Andrew Jackson Jihad
  9. My Medicine / The Pretty Reckless
  10. The Boys Of Summer / The Ataris
  11. Why Does The Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) / They Might Be Giants
  12. Camisado / Panic! At The Disco
  13. Judas / Lady Gaga
  14. New Noise / Refused
  15. Faith / George Michael
  16. Hands Down / Dashboard Confessional
  17. Kiss / Prince
  18. Dead Friend / Against Me!
  19. The Middle / Jimmy Eat World
  20. Shake It Out / Florence + The Machine
  21. Helicopter / Bloc Party
  22. The Phrase That Pays / The Academy Is…
  23. Relax / Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  24. Walking With a Ghost / Tegan and Sara
  25. Mr. Brightside / The Killers

This is a serious person who wants entire groups of people dead. And American politics has made a space for him.

This hentai watching, white-people-love-milk-and-mayo reinforcing, biscuit faced pony humping shit baby.

It says a lot to me about this country that he was ever allowed to come this far. Pathetic. America is disgusting.

I watched ‘I hate women because I can’t get laid; waifus 4ever’ types like this own entire boards on the internet, places that were so vile and full of shit that only the vile and full of shit wanted to stay, and I watched it be established that there was nothing to be done about such miscreant trolls because they always had the mods in their favor. These women-bashing, racist-meme-spreading misanthropist piss babies spread across internet safe havens, places that tolerated them because at the end of the day the men behind most popular social media sites were just as disgusting, just as enthralled and empowered by a cancer-roid of hatespeech and ignorant brofist revelry as the users.

And as I got older I watched that seed on reddit and for that very reason never frequented the site. Then I had to start marketing on twitter and I saw that mentality there; I watched people report and report and report while twitter refused to do anything about their vile speech.

And now we’re here.

I am a grown woman who works day in and day out, who has been dutifully involved in politics, who does her general best to abide by the law and who wants nothing more than to live my life in peace and quiet. And I have to be literally concerned about my future because this country has shown me that this…disgusting, worthless, ugly, idiotic, behavior– all of the most utterly apeish bullshit whipped together with the piss-stench of a bitter loser who hates everyone because he’s a cuck and a nerd who decides to ‘get back at everyone for good’– I have to be concerned about this kind of person. About the policies America has allowed them to influence. About the fact that figures who are presented to me as authorities are also them.

How fucking dare you, America. I’m sick and fucking tired of being ruled by violent idiots. How fucking dare you put creatures like this in power, how dare you tolerate their unfathomable fuckery.

No words can describe the depths of my lack of respect for this country. It’s houses of power are week, feeble, bitter and petty. Pathetic and just as glutted and stupid as every other country has always mocked us for being.

A fucking shame. An inglorious and abominable shame.

Asshole Endeavour. Protective Todoroki.

Warnings: Endeavour being a violent idiot.

You had gone to Shouto’s place a bit earlier then you had agreed on, so he wasn’t home just yet. You knocked on the door and waited for someone to come and open it, and someone did. That someone was Endeavour. When he noticed it was you on the door, his expression turned to one of disaproval.

“What are you doing here? I told you, I have someone already planned for Shouto, so leave.”

“I’m not going anywhere and I don’t need your permission to date your son.”, you growled.

You managed to squeeze your way in, under one of Endeavour’s gigantic arms. You took off your shoes, and started walking towards Shouto’s room. Then you felt yourself being yanked back by your arm. Endeavour pinned you against the wall by your shoulders, his flames were slowly aproaching your head. He was looking at you with burning rage in his eyes and his hands were gripping at your shoulders way too hard. You couldn’t do anything but squirm under his his grib. Your quirk wasn’t any use either, because there wasn’t any metal close enough.

“Let go, it hurts.”, you cried out.

“Leave.”, the man growled.

“N-no.” you stuttered. He was going to break something if he kept squeezing like that.

The flames danced even closer to your face and the heat was becoming more and more uncomfortable. It hurt, but you wouldn’t give this bastard the satisfaction of seeing you cry.

“You are weak, my Shouto needs a strong partner who can produce the strongest grandchildren for me. Your quirk is useless and a bad match for his anyway.”

“Let go of me!”, you screamed.

“I have told you before, not to come here and not to talk with my Shouto, this is what you’ll get for not listening.”, he growled.

You tried to turn your face away from the flames, but it felt like they were all around you. You felt like your face would start to melt off. You could feel the tears fall, even though you didn’t want to cry in front of him.

“You fucking asshole, let go, let go, let go!” you screamed.

It was the first time you were scared that Endeavour would actually do something to physically hurt you. Sure, he had insulted you multiple times before, but he had never actually hurt you. Not physically atleast. You turned to look at the door, praying for Shouto to come to your rescue. Then you heard the door open.

Todoroki was confused of the scene going on in front of him. His father was pinning you against a wall rather violently and you were crying, your eyes pleading for help.

“Let go off her, or I’ll swear to god, I will fight you.” Todoroki shouted.

He was enraged. Why did his father have to hurt everyone he loved? First his mother and now you.

Endeavour’s flames disappeared and he removed his hands from your shoulders. You dropped to your knees. You were shaking and crying. Todoroki dashed to you and cupped his hands to your cheeks. He checked to see if you were hurt. There were bruises on both your shoulders, left by his father. How dare he hurt you like this?

Endeavour was already walking away from the two of you, like nothing had happened. Like he hadn’t just hurt the person Todoroki loved.

“You bastard. Why would you do this? What did she ever do to deserve this?”, he shouted.

“She came here even though I repeatedly told her not to. She is just a distraction to you.”, Endeavour said.

“Sho-Shouto can we just go to your room?”,you sniffled.

“Of course.”, he smiled gently.

Todoroki glared at his father one more time. Endeavour didn’t even seem to care, and that made Todoroki even angrier, but for now he wanted to make sure you were okay

You got to Todoroki’s room and he sat you down on the bed. You were still breathing heavily, but your tears had stopped. You were so glad Todoroki had walked in when he did. Who knows what that bastard might have done.

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”

“Shouto, look at me.” -you said-“ none of this is your fault. Nothing your father did to me or your mother was your fault. He is an egoistic asshole, and he did this to me, not you.”

“I hoped I could keep you safe.” he whispered.

“You have, some stuff is just out of our control.” you said gently. “Come on.”

You pulled Todoroki to the bed with you. You just wanted him to make you feel safe again. You both laid down and you nuzzled your face to his chest. He wrapped his arms around you, and pressed his face to your hair.

“I love you, and I’m sorry for what that bastard did to you.”, he muttered to your hair.

“I love you too, and I’ll never let your father scare me away from you.”

pastel-snowdrop  asked:

Hello ! Please excuse my ignorance but what is antifa? Alt-right? and what are people talking about with nazis?

Antifa = Anti-fascist. Which would be great were it not for the fact that they’re just as violent and ignorant as any Nazi, except they want complete anarchy and/or a communist state instead of a bigoted totalitarian dicatorship in blissful ignorance that neither anarchist nor communist states ever actually work. And if you call them out as being the violent idiots they are, they’ll insist you’re a Nazi regardless or not if you actually are (and chances are you fucking aren’t, so they’re just a bunch of self-righteous asshats who want an excuse to set shit on fire). 

Alt-right is… hard to say since people use it more as a derogatory buzzword than anything else but mostly people define it as “they’re like SJWs except they’re hypocritical, hyper-obnoxious, hateful and constantly offended conservatives instead hypocritical, hyper-obnoxious, hateful and constantly offended liberals.”

Nazis have cropped up in the public eye again because the left absolutely refuses to learn from the mistakes that got Trump elected (ie treating the rural working class like they’re a bunch of cousinfucking bigot hicks and dismissing any concerns they might have about things like job security which was a major part of Trump’s platform), and have decided to smear any and all things Trump and his supporters might do as “fascist” regardless of whether or not it actually fits that bill.

they’ve spent at least four years now (probably more like at least a couple decades) decrying anyone who has any sort of problem with them as being a bigot (even especially if it’s a very legitimate problem) using the media and the common citizen was so desperate to give them the finger they were willing to elect Trump to do it. I just really fucking wish it was someone else. 

And now because they keep calling everyone who doesn’t agree with them a Nazi (thus removing any and all meaning the term “Nazi” has), ACTUAL Nazis are starting to crawl out of the woodwork gloating about how Trump’s victory is “a victory for the white man” and dumb shit like that. The Left is literally creating the very problem they’re making up and they’re too far up their own ass to realize they’re making everything worse. 

So the Nazis are ruining everything, as always, but this time they’re doing it by doing nothing except existing. Because on top of the media using them as “proof” that they’re right, Neo Nazi Richard Spencer was speaking on the corner one day and someone just punched him on camera.

Nobody feels sorry for him, but some people like me say that this is the first step to a dangerous precedent.


1. People already get called Nazis for the absolute dumbest reasons and they’re usually unjustified (see: JonTron), and if there’s one thing humans are good at it’s falling for witch hunts started by asshats. So now we have a buzzword some jackass with a grudge can use to not only ruin someone’s reputation without evidence, but get them assaulted and possibly killed as well. 

2. Even the person “fighting the fascists” could end up getting themselves hurt. Not all Neo Nazis are like Spencer. Not all of them are pansy-asses who’ll crumple into paper and run back to their holes if you stare at them hard enough. Some of them are big and tough and some of them carry weapons. Some of them have histories of beating the shit out of people who DIDN’T provoke them. So best case scenario, you punch them first out of the blue and not out of self-defense you get sued for assault and might face jail. Worst case scenario, you’re fucking bleeding to death in alley. 

3. This is pretty much the perfect excuse that any authoritarian in our government could ever ask for when it comes to restricting free speech. Because if you remove the right to speak freely from any group, no matter how morally repugnant and downright evil what they’re saying is, that opens the door to start removing that right from EVERY group who has a problem with how you (ab)use your power.  

The Far left, both in mainstream and social media responded thusly:

So basically society is about to fucking collapse because Far left extremism is breeding Far right extremism, which breeds more Far left extremism in return like an ever expanding spiral while the moderates and voices of reason get shouted down and I’m starting to believe Civil War 2: electric boogaloo is pretty much inevitable at the rate we’re going. 

Ideal Conditions

I’ve had a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head, regarding several recent events. Google’s internal issues have recently escalated and now word is starting to spread that their demonetization is not a carefully curated system, but something closer to a blockbot for people who have been put on a wrongthink list. And at the same time, we had the shit going down in Charlottesville which caught everyone’s attention when one guy crashed his car into a crowd, injuring 19 and killing 1. Someone died for this shit and people are acting like the Alt-Right/Neo-Nazis/KKK/Trump voters have finally gone too far.

I’m trying not to be too cynical, but I can’t fucking help it at this point. After so many terrorist attacks and riots and, well, everything that antifa has been doing that makes it a textbook example of what a domestic terrorist group is. A concert full of children being blown up by a muslim suicide bomber got less outrage than one fuckwit panicking and slamming on the gas when his car started getting pounded by idiots with black masks and baseball bats. It’s been a lot of crocodile tears and entirely too much apologetics on behalf of extremists and violent idiots. 

People are getting really worked up by a bunch of people chanting and holding torches, but when Antifa turns the G20 summit into a violent hellscape, with burning cars and war in the streets, or when BLM turns peaceful demonstrations into looting and people attacking anyone who looks white, people suddenly don’t care as much. The media pretends these constant occurrences are nothing to be concerned about, mayors and police chiefs look the other way when these people show up with m80s and metal baseball bats. 

The outcry from this latest clusterfuck has people decrying nazis and demanding that we finally do something about the growing hate consuming the country. To many, this is the milestone moment that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there are nazis and they are violent, murderous fascists. And to reiterate, we’ve got groups who are far more overtly violent who have ebeen getting a free pass for the past few years, now that they’ve move from small, cloistered ideologues, to full blown political activism organizations, with leaders and support networks spanning numerous western countries, with funding from people who vociferously advocate for violent, revolutionary action to destroy, destabilize, subvert, and conquer countries like America by any means necessary. This is a thing that is actually happening and has been happening for several decades now.

If you’re wondering why I can gloss over the whole nazi thing, that’s why. This shit they’ve done so far pales in comparison to the things antifa and its ilk do regularly and it diminishes the actual atrocities committed by the real Nazis and Fascists to call what we saw in Charlottesville naziism and fascism. 

 We’ve got shit worse than nazis already and they have the support of the mainstream media, academia, the entertainment industry, celebrities, entire parts of our government, and even some cities whose mayors will turn a blind eye and help extremist groups like antifa avoid any legal consequences. It’s part of a larger collective ideology that is the source of many of the problems we’re seeing today. There’s this relatively small, but very vocal collective that promotes an ideology which is self-defeating in a lot of ways. The kind of people who want gender equality, but want to give women special treatment because they think they are incapable of achieving equality on their own. The people who want to end racism by attacking and deposing as many white people as possible, whether or not they have power or control over anything in society. The people who say that they want a lively debate and a free exchange of ideas, but go out of their way to no-platform and censor the speech of others when it’s offensive and challenges their fragile worldview. 

From that side of the political spectrum, we also get a lot, of blatantly anti-white, anti-male, anti-western culture, anti-traditional values, anti-rule of law rhetoric. this sort of stuff goes unchallenged on college campuses and in the cases of private companies like Google and youtube, they tacitly support the people preaching things that, by any reasonable measure and their own beliefs, are absolutely racist, bigoted, hateful, and sexist, while going out of their way to shut down and set up digital roadblocks for anyone who opposes them. And sometimes, it’s not even that complex. Being Pro-Trump or at the very least, anti-Hillary is enough for your name to start appearing on blacklists.

The people who do these things embolden groups like Antifa, and it’s this continued culture war which has created ideal conditions to give rise to and support for White Nationalist and far-right groups. How everyone failed to realize that the shit they were doing completely validated the extremist beliefs of what used to be a fringe niche is baffling to me.

Allow me to lay it out really plainly for you. Ask yourself “what do these people believe?” Well, they believe that their racial and cultural identity is under attack and in threat of being destroyed by globalist organizations who want to flood their countries with immigrants.

What does antifa and similar far left groups constantly say they want to do? Destroy the white race and it’s culture and they have the help of parts of the government, multinational newscorps, the biggest social media companies in the world, and globalist organizations who actively say they want to flood every country in the west with as many immigrants as possible until white people are a minority, where they will be bred out of existence and destroyed.

Every time some snotty champagne social journalist pens an article about how white people need to stop having babies and how western culture is nothing but slavery and genocide, they are validating and lending support to far-right groups who only have to point at them and say “See? It’s one of the largest news sites in the world telling you that they hate you and want you dead.”

The harder they push this shit, the more extreme people will become. It’s a matter of escalation which we have already begun to see play out over the past few years. First it started with angry screeching idiots shutting down invited speakers at colleges, and it escalated to people showing up to free speech rallies with homemade riot gear because they knew that their enemies would be showing up with weapons, explosives, dangerous chemicals, and a reckless intent to harm. The longer it goes on, the more people will believe the most extreme voices on either side. It may not be the likes of Richard Spencer or the Daily Stormer, as much as they like that, but each time a violent horde of Socialists show up saying “We’re here to harm all of you for wanting to defend yourselves and your beliefs” more and more people will start to take up arms to defend those beliefs. 

This doesn’t mean the nazis are right and it doesn’t mean they are the victims here. The point I want to make is that this was very obviously going to happen. We saw the signs years and years ago. People like me and the people who follow me and this whole weird counter-culture collective have been saying this shit the whole time. We needed to do something about unethical journalism. We needed to do something about the radical feminist rhetoric that was being spewed on campuses. We needed to do something about the opportunistic race-baiting liars. We needed to do something about the extremist indoctrination taking place across the internet being dressed up as progressive liberalism.

It’s like there’s been this running joke for years and years.. “You want nazis? Because that’s how you get nazis.” We needed to stop extremism, because it only begets more extremism. We needed free speech and open, reasonable, amicable dialogue. We needed to be able to say without any fear of a public witch hunt that shitty ideas and rotten, cancerous failed philosophies like socialism and post-modernism have no place in our society. We needed to be able to collectively and cooperatively reach and understanding on these points.. But we didn’t. One side amassed a lot of power and created a prevailing narrative which emboldened and supported a steady, widespread shut down of communication and understanding.

Should we absolutely condemn Nazis? Fuck yes. They’re nazis. They’re idiots. If they were the ones in charge, using widespread control over media, entertainment, and education to promote a hateful agenda meant to destroy our country, then we’d be in the same situation we’re in now.. But we don’t live in a world where nazis continue to destroy countries and create brutal dictatorships. Far-right nationalists and overzealous patriots who feel alienated and disillusioned are a symptom of a larger disease consuming our country, but they are only able to amass power as long as they have an enemy giving reason for them to fight back. Even if we somehow got rid of them, we’d still be left with a self-destructive army of idiots who want to destroy the constitution, dismantle the government, assassinate the President, and engage in violent rioting and looting as a form of political action.

If you want to get rid of the so-called Nazis, the first step is to remove the conditions that create a political climate that they can thrive in. And to do that, we need to start doing what we should have done years ago, and address the massive problem of ideological extremism that has permeated our culture from the left outward.

anonymous asked:

While very much supportive of your "the alt-right must be destroyed" motto, I'm confused: aren't you British? And isn't "alt-right" a US-specific term? Don't you have plenty of racists and fascists closer to home to worry about, in Europe and in Britain? (And that you *should* worry about, if I may be so bold.) So is it just to communicate easier with a (mostly American) tumblr audience? Or are you more interested in American politics? Did *I* get the term wrong, maybe? Just curious.

The Alt-Right is largely American, but considering they got the literal worst person to run the country with the most industrial military power on earth, and what happens in the US tends to trend to the rest of the world, I am very disturbed by it all.
The Alt-Right does exist in the UK, but we don’t generally call it “Alt-Right”. But these are just labels for the same entity.

As far as dealing with facists and racists here, yes I do have people to deal with here, and have been doing so, insofar as I can. 

American politics is literally something I cannot escape seeing anymore, but I have not been able to spend a single day since Brexit not being made aware of how the UK has been striding toward the far-right.

I guess part of the reason I strongly hate the Alt-Right/fascists/neo-nazis/whatever they call themselves is because I’m a Brit. Unlike the US, who had the privilege of not ever having to really experience what years of being a bulwark against a fascist state (or like France, Poland, etc, spent years fighting them in their own homes), we still have the scars.
The city I live in has the remains of buildings that were bombed to shit by the Nazis. 
Our modern culture still has traces of Post-War culture because the Post-War period for us was such a long experience.
An observation my fiancee made is that we Brits have an obsession with death. This obsession seems to be visible in our culture from the 1910′s and peaks in the 1940s, if you look at any Cathedral in the UK, I’ve found.
Our museums are filled with details about WWII Britain, and the evil things the Nazi’s did. We rarely talk of WWII with any glory, for us it’s a solemn thing etched into our collective memory. 

To my mind, the US right now is a collective embodiment of the “Privileged White Guy” who says they don’t understand why other people are so offended at their insensitivity and ignorance of history, because we bled for years after the Nazis fell and it’s still in living memory. The US doesn’t have the bombed and preserved sites, the carefully maintained death-camps, the population that still REMEMBERS how entire communities would disappear, how the bombs fell on your heads, how we barely survived at all.

Well, that, and the US right now is kind of proving everything I was told by my parents growing up, that the US is a place of racist, violent, polarized idiots that rule the world through ignorance and fantaticism, is true.
Now try to imagine that, and think that “these are the people who rule the world through firepower”. Imagine if, once again, fascism truly took control of the nation with the biggest firepower in the world.

So yes, I’m worried about the UK, I haven’t forgotten things here in the least. But I am absolutely terrified of what the US has been, and is, becoming.
And yes, I consider the rise of the far Right and White Nationalism here to be a betrayal of the experience we had as a culture. We fought and bled and we are STILL finding the successors of the Blackshirts on our shores, in our communities.

The Alt-Right (or whatever they want to call themselves, the white nationalists, the fascists, the nazi-wannabes, etc) MUST be destroyed.
We have lost too much in the past, to have so short a memory of where this led before.

Hearth, Home, and Family

Summary: 3 times Nyx angered Drautos and the 1 time he didn’t.

AN: AU where everyone lives, Drautos and the Kingsglaive were loyal to the king, and Niflheim didn’t succeed in taking over all of Lucis and Tenebrae.  I truly believe that had Lucis won during the Galahdian wars and they didn’t end up giving up those territories, Drautos and the rest of the bad Kingsglaive members would’ve joined for the same reasons that Nyx did.  Out of loyalty to a king that saved them.  Slightly OOC and I’m sorry for that.  Also slight Lunyx.

Inspired from a lot of different places but mainly by Disney’s Tarzan.


Titus Drautos could begin to feel the vein in his head throbbing from the anger he was holding inside of him.  He looked up from desk to one if his soldiers standing in front of him, hands behind his back: Nyx Ulric.  Luche, Drautos’ second in command, who had delivered him the notices, stood to the side as he observed the scene unfolding before him.  Luche also stood tall with his hands behind his back, his commander’s anger not fazing him.  He expected this reaction.

“Tell me again, Luche,” Drautos said while trying to hold back his anger.

Luche took a deep breath before looking back and forth from the captain and Nyx and reciting again what was written on the paper.  “Last night at 22 hundred hours, squadron 2 went on a stealth mission to infiltrate one of the Niflheim bases.  At 22:40, word was received that infiltration was a success but the squad had but put under fire.  Contact was lost up until around 23:04 when we received word that squadron 2 had been successful in infiltration as well as capture of 2 generals and a lieutenant.  Only 3 members had suffered minor injuries but there is no casualty on our end.”

“And the base?”

“Destroyed in the fighting, captain. The glaives took the hostages and left the base to burn.”

Drautos’ anger was getting so high that he began to crumple the papers in his hands in a tight fist.  He took a deep breath.  His hard gaze never leaving Nyx’s while Nyx’s own gaze stayed solid.  “You lead the charge, Ulric?”

“Yes sir,” Nyx’s voice devoid of any emotion.

“Did I give you the authority to?”  Drautos’ voice was still eerily calm.

“No sir.”

Drautos finally snapped and in the blink of an eye stood from his desk, hands slamming down loudly.  “Then what the hell were you thinking infiltrating a Nif base?”

“I…”  Nyx began but Drautos stopped him.

“Don’t answer that!”  He yelled.  “You weren’t thinking at all!  Do you not understand what you were risking?  What you were asking your brothers in arms to risk?  And for what?  To feed your sense of heroism?”

Drautos walked over to Nyx and got close to his face.  He spoke in low tones.  “Could you live with the death of one of your brothers on your shoulders?”  He pulled away and turned his back on Nyx.  “Could you live with putting Lucis, our hearth and home, in danger?”  He turns back to Nyx.  “Maybe one day if you ever rise up the ranks, you’ll have your own squadron to look after.  And then you can do whatever it is that runs through that idiot mind of yours.  But until then, you and the other glaives are under my command and the King’s good graces.  Understand?”

Nyx stayed stoic as ever.  “Yes sir.”

Drautos nodded.  “You’re on desk duty for the next month.  The glaive is the only family any of us have here.  Learn to respect that.”

Nyx swallowed hard.  “Yes sir,” he said quietly.

Drautos eyed him up and down, a hard glare still on his face.  “Dismissed.”  And with that, Nyx nodded and left.

Drautos took a deep breath as Nyx closed the door behind him.  No one outside of the Glaive, other than the king himself cared about what happened to the glaive.  And King Regis had already given them a lot.  So if that meant that Titus Drautos had to play parent to the whole of the glaive then so be it.  Even if it meant punishing one of his problem children.

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Cold (Michael imagine) Part 3!

Requested? Yes! Also, thank you to @cliffwoes bc Krystal is amazing and gave me an idea for how to write this :-))

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: So many people wanted another part so I gave in and wrote one. I hope it’s okay!

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Masterlist | Have any feedback? | PART 1 | PART 2

“You’re the best person ever,” You say, relief flooding your voice as you look at your best friend.

Abby smiles, nodding in agreement. “I know I am. Now, enjoy the night and make the most of your alone time, okay?” You nod, pulling her into a careful hug.

It was her plan, taking Jasmine for the night to allow you to have a relaxed evening by yourself- something you’ve haven’t had in a while. You watch as Abby cradles Jasmine closer to her chest and gathers together the selection of bags full of bottles and food formula. 

“I’ll be back late morning,” She says, backing out of the doorway. 

“Okay, be careful with her!”

After waving them off in the driveway you walk back into your house, softly closing the door behind you. You walk into your living room and collapse onto the couch, burying your face in the soft cushions. 

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i decided to write this au fic after seeing this piece of gold. timeline is whenever you guys want it, but its probably post timeskip age.

home is where i want to be but i guess i’m already there
the one where sabo swaps roles with ace and is the one about to be executed instead.  

“I thought you were dead, brat." 

Sabo looked up tiredly at the towering shadow looming over him. The sun was bright today, he thought. The heat was unforgiving against his fair skin. The small relief the shadow gave him against the sun was brief and fleeting.

"Garp,” He smirked wryly. “Good to see you again, you damn geezer.”

The old Marine harumphed in annoyance and sat down heavily beside him. The two men were quiet, the chaos and noises from below the execution stand filling the silence between them.

“If you guys want to kill me, then do so already.” The blonde spoke up again. His voice was hoarse and tired, so soft that Garp nearly missed it. “What are you waiting for?" 

It has been almost two hours and Sabo’s legs and arms were getting cramped. 

He smirked as he gazed down at the crowd below him. There were at least one hundred thousand elite soldiers from around the world gathered today to witness and guard his public execution. The Admirals and even the Shichibukai were present. 

Really, he felt flattered.

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For being high class these people are pretty fucking low class. I mean Jesus, the Bitches Thrice really need to find a new hobby. And of course, Joon Pyo walks back in just in time to witness the humiliating event. Luckily, though, the Bitches Thrice managed to find dates as repulsively shallow and antagonizing as they are.

Hehehe, nice foreshadowing there, BOF! Hint, hint, wink wink… 

In any case, for once Idiot Chicken’s violent impulses are utterly and completely called for and deliciously satisfying.

That’s right! You make them respect your girl. GIT BOY. King Idiot Chicken for the wiiiiiin!

voldemrt  asked:

hey! do you have any tom riddle head-canons?

oh, do I ever :D here are some: 

- I like to think that Tom draws really well (in addition to having very neat handwriting). He would sometimes add sketches of interesting things to his diary (he would definitely fill pages upon pages with sketches of Harry)

- Tom speaks multiple languages. Definitely Latin, possibly French (I mean, he came up with Voldemort), he probably picked up some other languages during his travels as well. 

- Tom likes to keep himself informed about important things. In addition to the gossip he gets from his wealthy and well-informed housemates, he is an avid reader of newspapers and academic journals (he likes to keep up with news from the muggle world as well, if only to reaffirm to himself how violent and idiotic muggles are) 

- Tom is definitely an early riser. He considers sleep a necessity, but nothing more - having a lie in would be a total waste of time to him, because there is just so much to do and learn

- Tom absolutely loathes Christianity (a remnant of his childhood at the orphanage). He would probably like Nietzsche, if he ever deigned to read muggle philosophy

:) :)