this view never gets old


Re-watching Downton Abbey from the start. You forget how wonderful that first season was until you see it again.

Seeing Matthew and Mary as well as Bates and Anna falling in love never gets old.

An absolute joy to view once more.

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Are you still taking prompts for ficlets for SPN? If so, would you wanna write a ficlet of Destiel with Castiel or Dean having a great attraction to backs? Like shoulder blades, shoulders, back muscles, the physique of the back)? haha Idk if that's a good prompt or not? ^^;

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This prompt is my jam. I may just make it a full-on one-shot because I couldn’t even keep it to my ficlet word limit of 600. :P Set at the beginning of S11, with Cas recovering in the bunker, established relationship.


This view never gets old.

Dean propped himself up on one elbow as he sprawled across the mattress, his gaze firmly on the grumbling angel across the room. Sam and Cas had returned to the bunker from a grocery run, and one of Kansas’ balmy summer storms had clearly caught them on their return; the angel’s navy t-shirt was soaked into his skin, clinging even further to his muscular frame and sending Dean’s not-so-innocent thoughts straight into the gutter.

Castiel muttered darkly under his breath as he kicked off his shoes. The angel wasn’t pleased about having to save his grace after being weakened by Rowena’s attack dog spell and was clearly less pleased about having to dry himself off the human way. He tugged the t-shirt over his head, back muscles flexing as he fought with the damp fabric and Dean swallowed heavily, his eyes glued to the expanse of tanned flesh before him. Rolling his shoulders, Cas turned to face Dean, one eyebrow arching at the hunter’s rapt attention.

“I think the phrase is ‘see something you like?’” Castiel asked, his voice dropping to a rough purr as he stalked toward the bed, shedding his jeans as he went.  

And yeah, Dean did. Physically, Cas’ vessel hit every hot spot Dean had when it came to men and that wasn’t even taking into account the angel himself that Dean had fallen for. Masculine without being overly bulky, muscular and strong without being overdone. He reached out and slid his hand down Cas’ bicep and tugged gently. “On your stomach?” He was never sure what the angel would object to, but he hoped Cas’ dominant streak wouldn’t object to allowing Dean this small indulgence.

Castiel hesitated for just a moment before capturing Dean’s lips, nipping gently. Dean submitted to Cas’ lead, not wanting things to go further just yet, and trailed his fingertips down the angel’s back in what he hoped would be a soothing gesture. Pulling back slowly, Cas met Dean’s eyes for a moment and shifted over on the bed, lying on his stomach. He watched the hunter curiously, seemingly content to let Dean have his way for the time being.

No one could say they had to tell Dean twice when it came to back massages. He eagerly swung one leg over Cas’ hips and sat back on the angel’s thighs. A spike of lust shot through him as Cas rolled his shoulders, accentuating the lines of his shoulderblades and the solid trapezius muscles. Taking a deep breath, Dean attempted to stamp down his arousal; he wasn’t treated to this view very often and he intended to make it last. He brushed his fingertips across Cas’ broad shoulders in a silent request for the angel to relax – Cas still occasionally forgot to tone down the granite-level strength and resistance when it came to touch when he was irritated.

Dean shifted his weight and leaned forward to drag open-mouthed kisses down the back of Cas’ neck, nibbling gently at the top of the angel’s spine. Castiel groaned into the pillow, visibly melting under Dean’s ministrations. Trailing down the centre of Cas’ back, Dean buried his face between the angel’s shoulderblades and breathed in the sharp ozone scent. Cas was more sensitive here, Dean had discovered one night after a long series of questions about angel wings. He grinned against the tan skin and turned to mouth at Cas’ left shoulderblade that was standing out in stark relief as Cas flexed and tensed.

Abruptly, the positions were reversed. Dean found himself face down on the mattress before he could blink, a very aroused Castiel pinning him with his weight and growling a sharp “stay” in his ear. A bark of laughter escaped Dean as he arched his back to further entice the angel. So much for a long back massage, but Dean was pretty flexible about his plans.

Preference #81 Easter with the Family


“Do you see all the eggs the Easter Bunny left you Whit?”, Niall was parading Whitney around the backyard to show her all the colorful eggs that you had laid out on the lawn earlier that morning. The three of you were spending the weekend at Niall’s parents house for the Easter holiday. It was always nice to be able to visit with them and Whitney seemed to be having a great time. She would clap her hands and squeal each time Niall would pick up and show her a new egg. You were sat on the patio with Niall’s mom watching the scene unfold in front of you. The view of your family would never get old. 


“Alright let’s go find the next one!”, Liam had been helping the kids with the Easter egg hunt that your mom had made for them. The three were in a line holding hands as they travelled the backyard. You laughed to yourself, wondering who was having more fun; Liam or the kids. Things like this were the reason you hated living so far from your parents, they were missing out on your kids growing up. You made sure to capture every moment with pictures to preserve the memories. 


“C’mon Leighton! Look at all the eggs Drew has!”, you were visiting Louis’ parent’s for the holiday weekend. Currently, you were sat outside with his mum and sister’s as you watched Louis take the kids around the yard searching for eggs. You made sure to take pictures, as the scene was just too cute. Soon enough, all 3 of them were barreling toward you. “Go show mommy what you found!”, both Leighton and Drew were in a fit of smiles as they showed you each egg they had found one by one. Days like this were the reason you loved having kids of your own.


“Go show Grandma what you found!”, Harry had just finished bringing Eric around the yard to collect the array of colorful eggs that were scattered about. The two were now making their way over to where you were sitting with Anne and Gemma. “My goodness, the Easter Bunny was good to you!”, Anne was now holding Eric on her lap as he handed her each egg that he had found. A wide smile stretched across his face. Both you and Harry laughed at your child’s excitement. You couldn’t think of any better way to spend Easter than with your family.


“Look at the purple one over there Blair!”, you had been staying at your parent’s house for the weekend, to spend the holiday with them. This was only Blair’s second Easter, so the idea of finding eggs was still new and exciting to her. Both you and your mum watched as Zayn held onto Blair’s hand, as the two of them roamed the backyard. Each time she would pick up a new egg she would squeal with excitement, earning a laugh from all of you. Days like this were always something you looked forward too. Being surrounded by family; things couldn’t get much better.


These past few evenings have been like this one. What’s just as amazing is how people just stop what they are doing all at once to watch. It’s a gathering until it’s no longer visible.

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