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I'm kinda wondering how everyone would react to playing FNAF

Google–has the timing down to a science, and has beaten even the highest difficulty level. It’s not really a challenge to him after he learns the formula, but he does it just so he can say he did it.

Ed–rage quits every single time.

Bim–can’t and won’t play it. It scares him too much, and he’s never able to look at a bunny the same way again.

The Host–is blind. But he loves listening to MatPat’s theory videos on the lore of the games. He has his own theory that he wants to share with the YouTuber one day.

Doc–isn’t half bad, but every time he gets jump scared he throws his tablet across the room (on accident of course)

Silver–wins on pure luck. He played through the entire five nights on his first try, and everyone was absolutely dumbfounded.

Dark–finds the game amusing rather than scary. He takes notes on the jump scares and files them away for future use.

Wilford–thinks the animatronics are adorable. He keeps asking Google to build him his own, but the droid refuses on the grounds that they don’t need another four killer robots running around the building.

(Thank for for this! I had a lot of fun writing this one!)

i’m truly screamin rn ok you know how i spent the entire last quarter of 2015 being called a dumb stupid bitch for acting as taylor swift’s unofficial tumblr lawyer and making posts defending her against claims that she spent her plentiful spare time @ her computer gleefully reporting every youtube video that used .3 seconds of any of her songs????? and you know how that all started because of the posts that went around that claimed that taylor personally caused the audio of rose and rosie’s wedding video to be muted because they danced to shake it off for thirty seconds???? and my entire defence was that it would have been youtube algorithms that detected the song and that it didn’t make sense for taylor herself to be personally responsible??

WELL it turns out that the audio wasn’t even muted because of shake it off at all, it was because they included literally 3 seconds of a black eyed peas song from 2008, and it was actually taylor’s team who advised rose and rosie that this could be the case and this was what helped them get the audio back up, and nOBODY KNEW ABOUT ANY OF THIS UNTIL TODAY WHEN THEY UPLOADED A Q&A VIDEO WHERE THEY WERE ASKED ABOUT IT

like none of this even matters now because people are just having too much fun with their image of taylor sitting around preying on unsuspecting fans who enjoy her music but i genuinely find this so funny and also i will never be able to listen to a black eyed peas song the same way again

Neymar playing with little kids on the field after his training with Brasil. The father of one of the boys wrote the following with the video. | 27.03.17

“They [the kids] had already taken multiplayer photos. Dream accomplished. Then Neymar arrived.
They at the height of the excitement asked: “Neymar, do you play football with us?”
I replied: “No, now he’s going to rest because tomorrow he has a game. Another thing, I remember what we agreed on was, if you enter the field uncle (security) will drive everybody out.”
Then Neymar turns and says: “You want to play football?”
They respond: “Siiiiiiiimmm”.
Neymar: “Then come!”

There, their lives will never be the same again” 

“What’s this?” Kent asked as he bent down the retrieve the mouse toy Kit had dropped his feet.

Kit stood proudly in front of her prize, waiting for his reaction.

“Thanks, Princess,” he said, giving her a quick rub on her head before he dropped his heavy bag by the door and headed to his bathroom. She could hear the shower turn on and the beginning, telltale sniffs of crying.

Kit pawed uselessly at his door in frustration. The toy was supposed to cheer Kent up, a sign of Kit’s willingness to share her worldly goods with him. Jinx had assured that it would work.

She laid down in front of the bathroom door, waiting for Kent to be finished. Absentmindedly, she groomed a paw while she cycled through a list of other things try next.

The fact was this: Kent was sad again.

Kit had started noticing it about three weeks ago, ever since Kent had come home after one of his away games. She hadn’t seen him so depressed in a long time. Lines of fatigue appeared on his face from sleepless nights and she could hear him sniffling quietly when he was alone.

She’d shared her concerns with the cat from upstairs, a persnickety tuxedo who lived on the floor above, when they met for their weekly session on the fire escape.

“Did he talk to his ex-boyfriend? That always makes my human cry,” Jinx asked.

“I don’t think so…” Kit hesitated. “No one has come over in a long time,” she had added.

“Yeah, but has he been spending more time on the computer? My human Facebook stalks her ex all the time.”

“What’s Facebook?”

“Never mind.” Jinx waved a paw dismissively. “Has he been on his phone or computer more than usual lately?”

“Well,” Kit said slowly.  “He’s been watching videos and it’s always the same human in them. He’s usually cooking something in them.” She paused to search her mind for the correct word. “Pies.”

“Maybe, he’s hungry,” Jinx offered with a shrug. “Or, he’s bored. Bring him a toy.”

Jinx hadn’t been much help, but then again, he wasn’t as smart as he liked to believe. Kit didn’t know what she’d expected, but nonetheless, she tried to bring Kent various things in hopes that something would make him feel better. Each time, the reaction was always the same: a pat on the head and a smile that never reached his eyes.

The sound of the water shutting off interrupted Kit’s thoughts as she perked up in anticipation. She followed Kent from the bathroom to where he flopped on the couch and started to flip through the channels. She jumped up, half-landing on Kent who winced.

Kit settled into the spot by his chest and it wasn’t long before Kent started scratching behind her ears. She was warm and content for a while, half-falling asleep with the low sound of the television in the background. 

Before she drifted off, she heard Kent quietly whisper, “Thanks, Princess.”

Minhyun: “We have to be more humble. Always be humble.”

NU'EST’s participation on Produce 101 season 2 has brought upon a lot of scrutinize on the boys, and definitely on us, the L.O.V.E fandom. Dear L.O.V.Es, things we do or say can and will reflect on the boys. Just like Minhyun said - we have to be humble, and careful of our actions. There had been a lot of upsetting moments, frustrations and unjust assumptions, but those are not reasons for us to get warped in bitterness. 

There’s a lot of posts and anger directed to Pledis, but there’s nothing worth your time to focus on it right now. As Baekho mentioned in the interview, they had lower and lower album sales each time, and we have to ask ourselves, how many of us supported them during the most crucial promotion period? L.O.V.Es, let’s stop the hate for a moment and reflect upon ourselves, then build ourselves up from square zero again with the boys. 

Help to guide new fans and show them what NU’EST have to offer; pick no fights with those who attack us and they will pass us by; never put someone else down to elevate the boys’ because that is exactly the same as what they are going through right now; respond with tactfulness when needed; show support with gifs and encouraging messages, with likes on videos and positive comments. Remember, we are called L.O.V.Es, so let us focus on the positive, and spread the love. We are in it together, and we have to be more humble, we have to always be humble.

Sincerity is what touches people, positive mindset is what makes them stay, and humility is what helps us grow. Keep supporting the boys in any ways you can, and be awesome, fellow L.O.V.Es!

With ♥
Admin A

(Note: All real nhl teams are populated by fake fictional people in this fic.

Also note: I’m sorry this is disjuncted, I just needed to bang this out.

Triple note: yes this is a pride and prejudice au. 

edit: Part 1

“Brah, brah!” Shitty burst into Jack’s apartment. Jack was sitting next to his counter with a protein shake and smiling down at his phone dopily. “You gotta listen to me.” 

“The emergency key is for emergencies, Shits.” Jack sent a smiling emoji to the other person and received a string of unintelligible emojis in return. It was adorable. 

“There are two emergencies today,” Shitty said. “No, strike that, make it three. So the first emergency is that I wanted to see you.” 

“You can’t keep using that excuse to burst into my apartment whenever you feel like it.”

“Shhh,” Shitty put his hand over Jack’s mouth. “Just let me love you.”

“The second emergency is that I finally ran Chad Wickham out of Providence and I wanted to celebrate that with you,” Shitty plopped a bag of booze and snacks onto the counter.

“Shits, I’m not eating that junk,” Jack said, still looking down at his phone. “Anyway, Eric left some pie and pastries we can eat if you have to celebrate this.”

“That’s the third emergency, brah.” Shitty said seriously. “That bro is bad news. You gotta ditch him.”

Jack’s phone buzzed twice. 

Eric: Omg Shitty is there? Tell him hello from me! 

Eric: I left some banana pie in the fridge for him tell him to help himself!!! UuU

The two of them looked down at the text. 

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Beep beep! Folks, we have an official Darkiplier sighting!

…Or, well, at least we think it is. All evidence is pointing to that, anyway

For those who may be confused, in Mark’s video “FILE.exe” at 3:26 the first jumpscare occurs and it is FAR more severe than the rest (EDIT: it’s been confirmed that everything that changed onscreen was edited in by Mark). Mark’s camera goes dark, with only the outline of his headphones and EVIDENT BLOODY TEARS edited in for a split second (this is hard to see if your brightness is low, his cam is in the lower left). He also says the following: “Aye! Fuck you! And me! That was me, but fuck me– you! …Alright then…(clearly shook) just gonna carry on like that DIDNT happen…” Which could either be referring to Dark or just Mark babbling after a jumpscare.

In addition, Mark says a few things about Dark in the video itself, casual throwing about of his name as things get creepier and creepier.

At about 3:00, an NPC (that is, perhaps coincidentally, noted to look like Mark; example “Oh, is that me?”) says “How did I get here?” To which Mark responds, “I don’t know, maybe Darkiplier got you!” In a clearly joking tone.

At about 4:30, the same NPC asks “Seriously, how did I get here?” Mark responds with “Once again, I must reiterate… probably Darkiplier.”

At a bit before 7:00, the NPC says “What is going on?” Mark’s retort here is “Again, you know, with Darkiplier, you never know what’s gonna happen.”

These so far have just been casual mentions of him. Nothing out of the ordinary or even creepy– but it’s a bit unorthodox to have Mark fully embracing the idea of Dark and mentioning him several times in a video.

There’s one final thing that stood out to me as well– at the very end of the video. Instead of saying something along the lines of ‘if you find any secrets or have any suggestions let me know in the comments below,’ he says “…If there’s other secrets to be told, tell your fellow viewer what that’s all about! Yeah– oh yeah! There’s a lot of people watching this! So tell ‘em! (cut) If you’ve got secrets… share 'em with the class.” Mark seems oddly sincere here, in my humble opinion– almost concerned.

But honestly, I could dissect every single word Mark said in this video and find “ehmahgerd dark confirmd!!!!!” but here are a few basic points to think/talk about.

-The content of the video and the nature of the characters FILE.exe and Darkiplier
-The implication, though perhaps not serious, that Dark can trap you in a game or just in general
-The connection between the NPC that looks like Mark and the dialogue about Dark
-The timing of the “Dark” appearance (after he’s been mentioned once)
-Mark’s dialogue and expressions after the “Dark” appearance

Just food for thought.

Anyway, here’s hoping for more things like this in the future!


The feeling of music wrapping around your body, soul, and mind is unlike anything you can understand if you’ve never been to a concert.
The giddy feeling of seeing other people with the same taste in music the closer you are to the venue. The shaking hands at the gate getting your ticket checked. The pounding of your heart in your ears as you hear the crowd. The soaring feeling of first entering the main concert area. The fleeting nervousness of wondering if it’s everything you’ve been building it up to the past few months. The jumpy starts and ‘wait it’s starting’ that you say 100 times thinking you see the artist entering. The roaring of the crowd with the excitement filling up your whole body, soul, and head. The dead silence of all the lights suddenly turning off. The anticipation of the whole crowd filling your whole body in an overwhelming breathtaking excitement. Those few seconds of the best type of agony in the world waiting for those opening lines. And finally.

The blog rushing in your ears, and the louder-than-a-bomb screams, the heart soaring and feet stomping and screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs until you just know you won’t have your voice again for a few days. The few moments where you take a step back to realize where you are, to savor it, to engrave this feeling deep into your heart and never forget it. Because you’ve been waiting for months upon months for this concert and not a damn soul is going to ruin it for you. The first song you will always remember, because even if you’ve only heard it live once it’s permanently engraved deep into your brain, the thunderous ear and heart pounding yells the sudden change from neck breaking anticipation to the heart swinging, foot stomping voice breaking pure unadulterated joy and adrenaline when you finally hear the first cords.

And of course, every concert has a few songs that take you back in time. Whether it’s songs from their first album, or songs you grew up hearing your parents playing on Friday nights when the neighbors came over and you’d dance till your feet were sore in the living room. Maybe a slow song that gave you a different type of joy. A heartbreaking joy that reminds you of the good old days, of how time is still moving forward whether you like it or not. Reminding you that just for a few hours time doesn’t exist, the songs come one after another again and again. Maybe a heartbreaking song from the past instead of reminding you of the old days and how you’re moving forward it reminds you that it was a different kind of broken perfect. It makes your heart want to pause time and cry for hours on the floor or the safe corner in between the bookshelf and the wall. But instead you hold your head high, unabashedly crying, because the people and music surrounding you make you stronger. And you’re. Not. Giving. Up. Today.

And suddenly the music is back again. The music that makes you stomp your feet and swing your head and shout the lyrics till your voice is hearse.

And then… it’s over before it feels like it even started, hours streaked by in what seems like seconds. You want to turn back time. You leave your seat, or the pit. Awestruck, maybe with leftover tears on your face, or fresh tears. You get a shirt, because this place will never leave your heart. It’s forever engraved in your heart. You’ll visit this place in your dreams, you’ll talk about it for weeks on end. Just to make sure you don’t forget a single detail. If you came with a friend or alone, you’ll sit in awestruck silence on the way home, your brain still remembering and replaying every memory. Certain bits played again and again in your head like a perfect broken record.

And then your home, and you’re so exhausted that you can’t fall asleep. You play back the videos you took. Relishing in the moment. But it’s not the same. The sound is, empty. It’s not the same. You know you’ll go back. You have to go back.

Because that’s what I live for. The heart pounding, feet stomping, head swinging, whole body experience of a concert. Because it’s not just the ears. It’s my soul, my body, my feet, my eyes. Every sense and ten other that you didn’t know existed coming to life.

You’ll be back, maybe a few months, maybe a few years, you don’t know when, but you know you will. Because this is not the end. This is not your last. The music and the crowd will always draw you back, back to a place where you and I can both feel safe.

Small Rant (Leafy vs. Onision)

okay but why are people still acting like leafy is worse than onision?

i understand that leafy has done some shitty things such as the videos about kids and feminism and i don’t condone those videos as being right.

but the thing is, unlike leafy who has made videos about kids and making fun of mostly their music, greg SEXUALIZES these kids. (not the same ones, mind you) i’m not saying i condone his actions but you have to consider which is worse, making fun of them or sexualizing them? especially when the said person is in his 30s.

and people keep bringing up that leafy made a video on an autistic guy. you can see that leafy made a full apology video and said what he did was wrong. the only way he defended himself about it was by saying he didn’t know the guy was autistic. he took the video down and never mentioned it again.

Then you have onision who makes apology videos and then proceeds to defend himself in the apology videos over and over again. (which makes the apology pointless, btw) Then after the apology he has nothing to show for it. He keeps the videos up and then a week later he does what he said he wouldn’t do in his apology video. An apology video is worth absolutely nothing if you don’t act on what you’re apologizing for. It shows he doesn’t care about the people, he cares about the views and the money.

Also, leafy never claimed to be a feminist in his videos and actually showed the opposite. Unlike greg who claims he’s a feminist and then goes along shaming women but then back it up saying “no guys it’s okay because its BODY POSITIVITY!!!!” meanwhile shaming girls bodies and calling them shrek because they have a bit of weight on them.

I just don’t understand how people can say that leafy is as bad as greg when gregs on a whole other fucking level.

TL;DR: greg is a sack of shit and is way worse than leafy.

Elope || Jughead Jones

Request from anon: 26 with jughead and then maybe she’s says I don’t care I will always love you idk I thought it would be cute

Request from @jughead-babe​: 28

26.) “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”

28.) “How drunk was I?”

The reader and Jughead get eloped after a drunk night together. This fic deals with the aftermath.

A/N: The reader and Jughead are like 18 in this chapter to make the marriage legal (because I think you need a form filled out by a parent if you’re younger than that).

Gif by @ravemreyes


Being the Sheriff’s kid, there was a lot of stuff Kevin Keller could do. One of which was get himself and his group access to the gay nightclub “Innuendo” for the night of his eighteenth birthday. You had never been to a club before and although you weren’t a fan of crowded public places, you had always wanted to check out a club. Your parents would’ve never allowed you to go, which is why you didn’t tell them you were going and were eternally thankful when they announced they were leaving on Friday morning to go on a couple’s retreat, giving you the place to yourself for the whole weekend. Your best friend Jughead on the other hand had never wanted to check a club out and seemed to have planned to spend his entire life away from crowded public places. Nevertheless he came after you begged him for days to join you. In the beginning, the two of you were just hanging out at the bar talking to each other. Then the bartender snapped at you to either order a drink or leave the bar. The two of you complied, not wanting to give up your seats. One drink led to two. Which lead to three. Then four. After that, everything was a blur.

The bright light peering through the blinds was just one of the many things that woke you up in the morning. Combined with the pounding headache, your aching limbs, and the ringing in your ears, you felt horrible.

You opened your eyes and groaned as the light nearly blinded you. The only thing you noticed was that you were in your room.

Good you thought. At least things didn’t get too crazy last night. Probably just had too much to drink.

You fumbled blindly for your phone on the stand next your bed before your fingers came into contact with a cool screen. You forced your eyes to open again as you attempted to read the messages that had come in. A second later, you felt the full extent of your hangover hit you and you swallowed down the bile that threatened to come up.

God. How drunk was I last night?

You forced yourself to look at your phone and tried to read through the messages again.

You got crazy last night! Hope you had fun with Juggie! ;) -Ronnie

Wow, Y/N, I didn’t know you had it in you! -Betty

I told you you and Jughead were endgame! -Kevin

Do you know where Jughead is? He hasn’t responded to my texts. -Archie

You frowned and pulled your covers back, sitting on the edge of the bed, still looking at your phone. It was then that you noticed you were completely naked and your cheeks became bright red as you held your sheets up to your chest.

What had happened last night between you and your best friend?

You froze as you felt movement from the other half of your bed.

Did you dare turn around?

You turned your head slowly and you eyes widened when you saw the all too familiar black hair splayed on the pillow next to yours. You didn’t have to be a genius to know who it was.


He was on his side, his bare back facing you, his body slowly moving up and down with each breath he took. You panicked.

“Jughead! Jughead!” you exclaimed.

Jughead jerked awake immediately and fell off the bed with a thud. You quickly got up, holding the sheets around you.

“Jughead?” you asked, quieter this time.

A groan sounded from the floor as Jughead pulled himself up.

“Y/N?” he said groggily as he stood up all the way, still half-asleep.

Your eyes widened and you quickly turned around once you saw he was naked as well.

“Juggie, you’re naked.” you quickly said, cheeks reddening.

Jughead was now wide awake as he looked for something to cover his lower region. He quickly settled for the pillow he slept on, now on the floor.

“Uh, okay, you can turn around.” he stuttered.

You turned around and the two of you gave each looks that said, “What the hell happened last night?”

“Okay, don’t panic,” you said. “Jug, what’s the last thing you remember?”

Jughead racked through his brain trying to find something that stood out. He looked up at you.

“I don’t know, we had three or four drinks and then after that it’s all fuzzy. What do you remember?” he asked.

You were about to answer when you ran a hand through your hair and winced as it got caught on something. Your pulled your hand away slowly and you eyes nearly popped out of your skull when you saw you were wearing a wedding ring and plastic engagement ring. You looked up at your best friend who looked like he was going to pass out. You then realized he had on a wedding ring too. Jughead followed your gaze and turned as white as a sheet when he saw the metal on his finger.

“What. Happened. Last. Night?” he asked.

You looked down at your phone on the bedside stand and got an idea.

“Just—Just look through the photos and videos on your phone. I’ll look through mine. Maybe they can tell us what happened,” you said. “But first… Let’s put some clothes on.”

After the two of you got over your initial shock and gathered up your clothes, you could focus on your hangovers which had dissipated a little after the both of you threw up three times each. You had just heard Jughead spit out his mouthwash when he emerged from your bathroom, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Okay,” he said, sitting on the edge of the bed next to you, pulling his phone out from his pocket.

“Let’s see what went down last night.”

The two of you went through your photos and videos. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot, just some blurry photos of you and Jughead at the bar and some of you dancing. Then you found a video.

“Hey,” you said, getting Jughead’s attention. “Check this out.”

You played the video and were greeted by the view of a wood floor.

“Is it recording?”

“Juggie, I know how to use my phone! Wait, let me turn it around.”

The camera flipped so it was facing you and Jughead. Anyone could see that the two of you were very obviously plastered. Based on the background of the video, the two of you were at the town hall.

“We’re married!” you said as you and Jughead held up your hands, revealing your rings.

“I want to thank the lovely judge who married us, I can’t remember her name but she was really nice! Oh, and to the town hall who gave us these wedding rings!” you said loudly.

You winced at drunk you’s loud voice.

Video Jughead looked at your ring and frowned.

“You know the diamond in your engagement ring is fake right? It’s plastic. I found it in the cereal box we bought earlier.”

Video Y/N shrugged.

“I don’t care. I’ll always love you no matter what.” you said.

“I love you too.” Jughead said before the two of you kissed, the video cutting out.

You slowly put your phone down and silence enveloped the air.

“So…” Jughead said. “We’re married. We’re really married.”

You nodded.

“Guess so.” you said.

Why didn’t you feel upset? You were still in high school for God’s sake! You had a whole life ahead of you!

“How… How do you feel about all this?” he asked.

You shrugged.

“Honestly… I’ve had worse.” you said, letting out a breathless chuckle.

Jughead smirked.

“Yeah, same.” he said.

The two of you were quiet again. You decided to take a chance.

“You know, what I said in the video…” you began. “That was true. That wasn’t the alcohol talking. It was all me.”

You didn’t know why you were unleashing all of this on him now. The two of you were already overwhelmed with so many thoughts and feelings. 

Well… One more wouldn’t exactly hurt now, would it?

Jughead chuckled.

“Really?” he asked.

You smiled and nodded, shyly looking down.

“I feel the same,” he said quietly and you turned to look at him.

Jughead chuckled again.

“Kind of wild, huh? Best friends for six years and then straight to marriage. We never got to do cheesy confessions of love and the dating in between.” he said.

You decided to be bold.

“We could do it now,” you said. Jughead looked at you. “The dating. I mean… we have the rest of our lives right? Til death do us part?”

A smile grew on Jughead’s face.

“Til death do us part.” he agreed and held your hand linking your fingers together.

So maybe everything was moving a little too fast. Maybe you and Jughead were pretty young. Maybe your engagement ring was a plastic toy found from a cereal box the two of you had bought at four in the morning to satisfy your drunk cravings. But as long as you and Jughead were together, nothing could stop you.


A/N: Holy SHIT, this took me five hours. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Send me feedback! The huge mashup one will be posted later tonight!

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Quick question: Do you happen to follow Richard Ian Cox (Inuyasha's English dub VA) on Tumblr? He has an account, so I know a lot of fans follow him. Just curious. :)

I do follow him!!! He’s a really cool guy lmao. A pervert but still a cool guy :p 

I love how he still answers every question he gets even if people ask him the same questions about inuyasha over and over again haha  also i will never forget that one time he made a video of him saying “happy inuvember” that was the best thing that has ever happened to this fandom asdfghjl

The New Neighbors x Dan Howell & Phil Lester

Originally posted by movingdiscourse

requested by anon ; Hi :) now that Dan and Phil are moving out of their appartment, could you write something where they become your new neighbours? Thank you

A/N : I know they don’t really moved to an apartment (i think) but let’s go with it for the sake of the storyline c:

The apartment next to [Y/N]’s had been empty for a while, something that was rather odd for a building in London. Not that she didn’t mind to have the floor to herself. [Y/N]’s downstairs neighbors hardly ever were home, so she could turn up the volume of her stereo just a tad more.
But one day [Y/N] got rudely disturbed while she were watching her favorite TV-show. Loud screams and groans were heard from the stairs.
‘For fuck sake, Phil,’ She heard a guy say, followed by another guy laughing – probably Phil.
‘I can’t help it!’ Phil said, still laughing. ‘We’re both way too weak for this, Dan.’
‘Oh, talk about yourself, will you. You’re the one that had to take all this bullshit stuff with you.’
[Y/N] had a hard time to not burst out laughing, since the conversation was pretty hilarious. But at the same time she did want to open up her door and yell at the guys for interrupting her Netflix binge watch.
But she decided to eavesdrop for just a little bit longer. Judging by their voices, they were around her age. But you never could be too sure.
So [Y/N] took out her earbuds, pushed away her laptop from her lap and onto her bed.
‘It’s not bullshit! Those are all memories from my videos.’
‘Whatever, just lift up the box again.’ It seemed to stay quiet for a bit, until she heard them run down the stairs again. That went on for a bit, accompanied with occasional cursing and screams. She did hope they weren’t that loud at night.
And what did the one guy mean with … videos. [Y/N] could only guess what was meant with that.
The cycle of silence, shouting and running down the stairs was repeated for a few times. [Y/N] was still not sure if she should open up the door or stay inside the safe space of her apartment.
But, a loud BENG pushed her over the edge and made her walk towards her front door. When she opened up, she saw two guys standing in on the stairs, a brown box between the two of them.
‘Eh, excuse me, but what the fuck are you two doing?’ [Y/N] asked loudly so they would understand and hear her.
The guy with the brown hair turned his head since his back was facing her, and the one with the black hair looked up.
‘Oh, hi!’ The last one said. ‘We’re, eh, we’re moving in. Sorry to disturb you. We’ll be done soon.’
‘Soon? Ha, wouldn’t count on that since somebody can’t lift for shit.’ The one with the brown hair said.
‘What?! That’s not true! You just don’t have any coordination!’
‘Oh, but –‘
‘I hate to disturb your lovely conversation, but you two know that there’s an elevator, right?’ [Y/N] said, pointing towards the steel door where the elevator was behind.
‘Oh God.’ The one with the brown hair said, softly shaking his head. ‘That’s just great.’ The guy with the black hair just started laughing, making [Y/N] smile too.
‘Welcome to the building.’ She grinned. ‘I’m [Y/N], by the way.’
‘Well, hi, [Y/N], I’m Dan, and that there is Phil.’
‘Nice to meet you,’ [Y/N] grinned again. ‘Need some help getting those boxes up?’
‘If you don’t have anything else important to do,’ Phil smiled. ‘Because then yes, please!’
‘I was just binge watching a show, so it’s fine.’
‘I think we’ll get along just fine,’ Dan laughed. ‘C’mon Philly, let’s get this box up the stairs.’
They got the box up the stairs, and then [Y/N] went downstairs with them to get the last couple of boxes with the elevator. Dan and Phil both couldn’t understand how they’d missed the lift, but [Y/N] found it very entertaining.
When all the boxes were in their apartment, they invited [Y/N] over to thank her by paying her pizza, they all ate together.
At that moment, [Y/N] knew she would get along just fine with her new neighbors.

😊Now or Never? (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:  “meeting the boys at like a meet and greet or something and whispering “hi daddy” or something like that to ethan and him being shook and yeah, ethan’s daddy kink will be the death of me - your fav ethan girl, sam”

Warnings: Mention of daddy but not much else

A/N: Y/S/N-Your sister’s name. Thanks for all the notes on my first imagine you guys! Means a lot to me! Requests are OPEN!

Also all the love for Sam @dolantwinswriting :) <3

I did not want to get up this morning, but I needed to. I had to meet my sister to go over some stuff for her wedding this summer. Thankfully we were meeting at Starbucks and her fiancé works there so we get discounts. I crawled out of bed and walked to my closet. I didn’t want to dress too fancy but I also didn’t want to look too bummy in case the cute barista Kyle was working. I decided to wear an oversized powder blue t-shirt with black leggings. I applied a little amount of eyeliner and baby pink lip gloss. I brushed my hair down hoping it wouldn’t frizz to terribly. I threw my black vans on and ran down the stairs and out the door muttering ‘bye’ to my mom who was standing in the kitchen with my dad. I felt the cold wind brush my skin. I sucked in a breath, wishing I had grabbed a jacket. Thankfully, Starbucks was about a 5 minute walk from my house so I didn’t see any reason to grab one. After all, the high for today is 70°F degrees so I’m not too worried. Hopefully the walk will warm me up.

I was wrong. The weather was getting chillier than normal. I could feel my teeth slightly chatter. I checked my weather app on my phone which read 54°F. Thankfully I could see the Starbucks in the distance. Instead of ordering a caramel frappucino I decided I’ll get something a little bit warmer. I pulled open the glass door and I saw my sister inside wearing her varsity jacket and glasses. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun and her black framed glasses rested near the tip of her nose. I made my way to the barista who was smiling at me.

“Hey Kyle.” I said blushing a bit. His dark slicked back hair looked really good in his green hat. His dark eyes and big hands grabbed a venti cup as he wrote my name.

“Hey Y/N! Caramel frap extra whip?” He asked me and I shook my head. “What? Y/N are you okay?” He asked setting the cup and marker down. I could hear my sister laughing from a few tables away.

“Yes I’m fine but it’s also -2 outside so I’m feeling something on the warm side.” I said looking up at the menu. “Ooo a white chocolate mocha latte sounds good. I would like that.”  I smiled as his marker wrote on the paper cup. I paid the discounted price and I went over and sat with my sister. “There the soon to be bride!” I exclaimed and she covered her face.

“Hopefully we can pick dresses and flower arrangements today. The colors are pink and charcoal so the guys will have pink boutonniere and the gals will have pink bridesmaid dresses. And you Y/N will wear a charcoal dress with a pink bow around the waist, yes?” My sister says and I scroll through all of my social medias on my phone. Y/S/N was still talking and going on and on about this wedding this August. I didn’t really care at this point. I would rather be at home in my warm bed watching 13 Reasons Why. I was scrolling through twitter when I saw one of my favorite twins had tweeted.

@ethandolan: Just finished editing the video for this week you guys. Probably Gray and I’s favorite so far! See you on Tuesday!

I smiled at my phone. “Hello?” I snap out of my thoughts and look at my sister puzzled. Her eyebrows were furrowed like she was confused but her lips were in a flat line as if she knew I wasn’t paying any attention. “Y/N have you been listening to me at all?” Y/S/N asked and I decided to lie.

“Of course Y/S/N! You and Tyler want flowers at your wedding.” I saved and she rolled her eyes, obviously not impressed.

“What kind?”


“Tyler’s mom is allergic to daisies. We want orchids. Gosh if I would have known you were going to be on your phone the whole time I would have just invited mom to help me.” Y/S/N lectured me when I heard the sweetest sound.

“White chocolate mocha for Y/N.” Tyler, sister’s fiance, says and I look at my sister. I hear her huff as I stand from my seat. I walked to the bar and grabbed the little plastic piece you can stick in the mouth hole to keep you hot drinks from spilling. I decided I wanted to add some milk to tone the heat down. I looked around before I saw the touch up station which had sugars, cream, milk, etc. so you can make your coffee how you wanted.

As I was pouring my milk into my drink to help cool it down, I heard the bell ring signalling someone had walked into the store. I turned my head and I almost dropped the milk when I see two familiar faces. Ethan and Grayson Dolan had just walked into Starbucks. The Starbucks I go to on a weekly basis. The Starbucks my soon-to-be brother-in-law works.

“Eth what do you want?” Grayson asks as they both walk up to the menu. He was wearing a black snapback and a long sleeved shirt with jeans. Obviously he knew it was chilly outside today. I am shook right now. I look around to see the only people in the Starbucks is my sister, me, baristas (like 5), the twins, and some old guy. This was my chance.

“Caramel frappuccino extra whip? Why do you even ask.” He says as he runs his fingers through his hair. He was wearing his 4OU hoodies and some sweats. He must have been at his house just chilling and editing when he probably got a craving. He looked extremely attractive right now. I was about to ask for a picture until my sister snaps at me.

“Y/N!” I heard my sister snap. I look towards her and I notice the boys also look my direction. Embarrassed, I scurried off to my seat across from my sister and I’m basically hyperventilating. I want to go up and ask for a picture because how often does this happen? Never! Ethan and Gray don’t casually always come to the same Starbucks as me. Then again, I don’t want to bother them. They are probably just getting coffee and leaving to go finish for the video for Tuesday. My sister looked towards the twin and then mouthed ‘is that them?’ to me. I nodded and put my finger over my mouth signalling her to please not say anything. “Go ask for a picture.” She says and I shake my head. She looked back at the twins who were talking and waiting for their coffee.

“Y/S/N please.” I begged.

“Hey!” She shouts and the boys turn their head towards us. “Are you guys the youtube kids?” She asks and I bury my face in my hand. I could feel my cheeks changing temperature from a nice cool to fire burning red right about now.

“Yeah I’m Gray and this is Ethan. We just finished this week’s video it will be up Tuesday.” He says smiling at me. Ethan was smiling at me too and I blushed even harder.

“That blush is super cute just saying.” Ethan says and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t know what to say.

“Excuse me?” I said and Ethan laughed again.

“Your face is as red as Winnie The Pooh’s shirt. I said it was cute.” He says changing his posture to be standing taller.

“T-Thanks. It’s nat-natural.” I said awkwardly stuttering. Ethan kept smiling. He even licked his lip, cracking a wider smile.

“Sorry she doesn’t get out much and plus she’s a big fan.” Y/S/N said and I lightly hit her

Shoulder which made Ethan laugh.

“Haha don’t worry about it. We’ve had girls who were hysterically crying to the loudest most boisterous people ever so we’ve seen it all. What’s your name?” Grayson asks us with a smile.

“Y/N.” I replied smiling.

“Well Y/N would you like a picture? Your sister can be in it too if she wants.” Grayson asks and my sister looks at me.

“I wouldn’t but she would.” My sister points to me. She pulls out her phone and Grayson stands in front of the muffins and other baked goods.

“Come on Y/N.” Ethan says as he pulls out my chair making me get up. I stand to my feet and walk over to them smiling. My sister follows and stands a few feet in front of us.

We take normal pictures, funny pictures, even pictures of them kissing my cheeks. They were honestly the sweetest most down to earth guys I have ever met. We even did a picture where they picked me up sideways and held me. That one took a few shots because we all kept laughing.

“Dolans!” The barista shouts.

“I got it.” Grayson says leaving just Ethan and I by ourselves. I looked at Ethan who was smiling which made me smile.

“Sorry for being awkward earlier and thanks for the picture.” I said picking at my jeans. He chuckled throwing his head back.

“Don’t worry about it. Want to do another picture? Just us two?” He asks and I nod. I pull out my phone and angle it up. This was my chance. I was never going to see them again and I was just going to be any other fan. Ethan kisses my cheek and I snap the picture. I showed Ethan and he nodded his head. “Make sure to tweet that to me so I can follow you and so I can have it on my phone. I love meeting fans.” Ethan says as Grayson walks up with coffees.

“E we have to get going. It was nice to meet you Y/N.” Grayson says giving me a hug. I hugged him back of course. I turned to Ethan. Now or never. I lean in for a hug.

“Thanks daddy.” I whispered in his ear. I could feel him freeze. I pulled away with a kiss on his cheek. I heard him gulp as I pulled away from him. “Hey Y/S/N ready to go?” I hollered at my sister not even worrying about the shocked Ethan that was standing still. “Hopefully I’ll see you guys around!” I said with a wave. Grayson waved back and Ethan stood frozen in his place.

Part 2?

Maybe, Possibly

Summary: Phil’s mother is adamant that he should be settling down, so invites one of his turbulent exes to an annual family get-together the following day. In a moment of panic, he tells her he’s already dating someone. With no other options, he turns to Dan.

Genre: Reality

Word Count: 9k

Warnings: Some swearing, references to alcohol

Read on ao3

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Playlist: Left Eye

Left Eye died 15 years ago and I wanted to collect all of my favorite verses from her in one playlist.

I might be in the minority, but I’m a much bigger fan of Left Eye earlier in her career.  The longer she was in the game, the lower her voice got and the more philosophical her rhymes became to the point where, honestly, some of her most classic rhymes I still be like “…what?”  I don’t she was getting the respect she deserved as a lyricist because she was cute, in a group, and sounded like a little girl.  The other women in rap were a lot harder than she was and instead of staying true to what I thought made her unique, she changed her style to meet theirs and it wasn’t quite as successful, to me anyway.

I put these songs in chronological order, but I wanted to put this video for “Freedom” (1995) at the top because you can really see how unique she was alongside other Queens of Rap at the time.  "Freedom" was the theme from Panther and the original R&B version featured artists like Monica, Vanessa Williams, TLC, En Vogue, SWV, etc.  An alternative Rap Version was produced and shot as well featuring Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, Patra, MC Lyte, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Salt N Pepa and another artist I don’t recognize.  Unfortunately it’s not on Spotify so I can’t add it to my playlist, but you should find it and download it.  It’s one of my favorite moments in Left Eye’s discography.

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Anti and the Egos

Warning: Mild violence (duh)

Anti is tired of vying for the attention of the fans. Now he’s up against Markiplier’s multiple Egos and losing ground quickly. So far, he hasn’t made a move…

But that’s about to change.

Mark gets a text from an unknown number, and normally he would just delete it. But it’s got a picture of Amy in it, and she’s tied up in a place he doesn’t recognize. The same number calls him only seconds later, and Mark answers. His heart feels like it’s trying to hammer its way out of his chest. The voice on the other end is somewhat familiar and somewhat… not.

“Ḧ̷̪̜̥́̍e̶̺͌́ḽ̷̮̂l̶͖̜̦͌o̴̻̱̯̔̋͝,̴̣͉̦̀̀͗ ̶͙̍̂M̶̥̣̾̓ạ̷̰̌r̴̺͖̽͒̉ḱ̵͎̫.̷̦̓͆͝”

Mark’s heart drops into his stomach, and he drags a labored breath through his lungs until he can speak that one word, “Anti.”

Anti makes a simple demand. If Mark will delete his channel and never make another video or ever interact with his fans again, Anti will return Amy. She might come back unharmed. She might not; a glitch doesn’t make promises. Anti hangs up.

Mark dials another number, this time the voice is all too familiar. “You are speaking to Wilford Warfstache.” Wilford listens to Mark’s every gasping word, and his usual light-hearted, smiling face turns deathly cold. When Mark pleads with Will to help him save Amy, Wilford whispers three words.

“We’ll handle it.”

Anti waits expectantly in an abandoned house on the edge of town with a frantic Amy tied up on the couch. She has a single bruise on her left cheek, but ever since she bit Anti’s hand and kicked him in the shins, he’s left her alone. He keeps waiting for a call, refreshing Mark’s page—waiting.

There’s a knock at the door, and Anti can’t imagine who it might be. He walks up and peers out a window to see Mark standing at the front door. But how did he find them? Anti shrugs because what can one puny human do to him? He opens the door.

Mark’s eyes flash from their usual dark chocolate to a bright, burning blue, and Google gives Anti a chilling smile. “Hello, glitch.” Anti stumbles backwards into the house and trips over a piece of toppled-over furniture, landing on his back on the floor. Google strides into the room, and his piercing eyes flash to where Amy is staring at the two of them with tears in her eyes.

Anti glitches to his feet, a knife appearing in his hand, and he’s about to lunge for the droid except three more appear on every side. Anti is just starting to think this is a little more interesting than he was bargaining for when the Host shambles in through the front door in the middle of a barbed narration.

“Antisepticeye stands surrounded by his enemies, and he suddenly realizes his mistake in assuming that the Egos would never help Mark. You see, Anti made a miscalculation in his plan. He did not factor in Amy Nelson and what she means to the Egos, and just as that realization sinks in,” the Host cocks his head to the side and grins—almost the Author again, “Anti feels a sharp pain in his back.”

Wilford Warfstache draws the knife from Anti’s back and watches as the glitch staggers forward before turning and staring up at the pink Ego with wide, black eyes. Anti chokes on his own blood and spits fowl curses at the Egos before sloppily glitching away. Wilford shrugs and wipes the blood on his knife off onto one of the Google’s shirts.

As soon as Anti is gone, Mark—the real Mark—rushes into the room, straight for Amy. He carefully peels the duct tape from around her wrists and unties the gag in her mouth, tears streaming down his cheeks. Amy, trembling, throws herself into his arms and buries her face in his chest.

The Egos stand there awkwardly for a few moments and are about to turn and leave when Mark looks up at them and gives them a broken smile, “Thank you.”

The Host answers for all of them when he whispers, “The Egos would do anything for Miss Amy.”

I see so much concern about charts on my dash, but guys please please remember that one of Harry’s absolute best qualities as an artist has always been how incredible he is during live performances. He somehow manages to both be “totally self-adoring and cosmically benevolent” at the same time, and all that. Sign of the Times is doing fantastic right now, even if Harry were planning to drop off the face of the earth for the next month and never promote it again. But that is not the case. He’s playing the long game here. Not only has he yet to release a music video for it, but he has also yet to perform it. Harry and his team know what they’re doing. Harry has wild amounts of charisma and stage presence. He’s been working on his voice and technique. (He may even be playing a freaking piano????). So when he comes out and does this song on SNL, it’s going to absolutely blow up online, and people will take notice. The song’s popularity will skyrocket, creating a whole new wave of interest. This goes for the music video as well, and other live performances, and magazine releases, and album promo, etc. He has so much more coming, there’s absolutely no reason to be worried right now. If people wanna talk shit because he doesn’t score a #1 his first week (which is still such a premature prediction because the song has only been out 3 days), then let them talk. It’ll become clear pretty soon that this song, nor Harry, is going anywhere anytime soon.

Sorry I just see so much stress going around, and this is supposed to be an exciting, amazing time for us as the Harrie fandom! Of course we all want Harry to do well, and I encourage that if you are able/want to stream or request the song, then definitely do so. But also enjoy the moment and know that the song is largely being supported by the general public right now, and while interest may wane a bit in between, it will pick up again in a major way very soon. Let’s put some trust in Harry and his team, just like we did about his promo (which was incredible), and the song (which could very well end up being iconic). Harry’s got this 😊