this video was the worst lets be real

When a company like Louis Vuitton makes billions of dollars a year in profit, you’d think they could hire the best models, right? Or at least models that exist with real physical bodies? No, for their 2016 spring line-up, they hired computer-generated characters from Final Fantasy XIII as models. Which isn’t even a very good video game. In fact, it’s the worst-reviewed Final Fantasy game of the series and, one might argue, the double-worst place to recruit handbag models.

This is Claire Farron, better known by her protagonist/stripper name of Lightning. She was the lead character of Final Fantasy XIII and even got her own spinoff called Lightning Returns. Don’t let her gentle features and pink hair fool you; Lightning is a no-nonsense badass, who would probably see a clutch handbag as nothing more than a way to safely transport the genitals of a slain adamantoise to the nearest genital alchemist. Even in the ad, she seems to have no idea what they’re for. She flips around and brandishes the purses like a programming bug accidentally replaced her sword.

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