this video was the worst lets be real

[[sorry I’ve been absent longer than I said!!! our new modem didn’t come in on Thursday like we expected, so now it probably won’t come till tomorrow (or by latest, on monday). and tomorrow I have prom, so even if I get my new modem tomorrow chances are I won’t be on at all. Let’s cross our fingers and hope I get my Internet back tomorrow!!!]]

for god’s sake parent’s monitoring what their children do on the internet isn’t invasive and creepy it’s NECESSARY think of all the WORST PEOPLE OUT THERE sending death threats and porn and videos of real people getting executed and computer viruses and it is NECESSARY that a parent doesn’t let their 7 year old child see these things, who only want to use the internet to watch frozen videos and play neopets
the internet is a disgusting place and these products that monitor websites and stuff are literally being made to protect children like,
 jesus christ