this video was removed omg why

Why did I buy this game again?

Oh, right. Fishing.

Character: Coraline (Mii Plaza - Ultimate Angler)
Drawn by me ( mimi-min ).
Please do not repost, trace, or remove caption. Thank you!

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OMG WHAT? Did you remove the tomato blush??

I should probably make a video all about why I changed since I get this asked so many times x’) It’s either about why I removed so much cc, or why I don’t use alpha on my series anymore, or why I’m so maxis match now, …

To sum things up I got an issue with my game in late August and because of it I had to remove most of my cc. I had 6gb and now I only have 0,84gb. So when this first happened it wasn’t really my choice, it had to be done. Because I don’t play by myself, I “play with others”. Smooth game play is something a lot of people care about. The last year and the beginning of this year were very rough for my channel because most of my comments were people complaining of how laggy my game was. I even blocked the words lag and laggy from my comments section, it was that bad…

I can deal with the lag myself but for those who can’t stand it I need to make my content at least decent so that people can enjoy it. Not only that but because when most of your comments are about how laggy your game is it can be very toxic, so I’ve been saving money and trying to improve things all throughout this year, it was my main goal for my channel :’)

But I have some folders with cc on my desktop that I add in when I’m playing on my own, but I then remove when I record for the channel ^^

Alpha cc, mods that don’t work with youtube’s “ad friendly” rules, etc… 

So to answer your question, yes my blush is not there when I record. I remove all the cc that I don’t use from my mods folder when I record and when I’m playing by myself I add all that cc back in. Complicated I know but that’s how it has to be :)

  • reasonable human being: hey so I feel like this victory pose for this character doesn't really fit in with their lore and personality and here's an explanation as to why
  • dudebros: omg look at this fucking sjw being offended by a pose in a video game!! are you TRIGGERED? LOLOLOLOLOL
  • blizzard: yeah that seems reasonable
  • dudebros: what
  • blizzard: we'll remove it from the game and replace it with something better
  • dudebros: wait no
  • blizzard: we'll do our best to keep improving!

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Ok but literally kookie was such a touchy little shit in the video. Like jimin wrapped his arm around hobi and next thing you know kookie is touching him and jimin removed his arm. Or when jungkook would just come up behind jimin to get cake so hed touch him and practically backhug him only to not get any cake. And jungkook kept side eyeing his hyungs whenever they touched jimin like "?? Why r u touching my boyfriend ??" And im pretty sure they were flirting 98% of the video

Okay, but yes tho??? Like, he was hyper af too (and I had literally just woken up to watch the video) and I was like, omg puppy calm down pls. Kookie was cute through the entire video. 

And yeah, again, with the holding Jimin’s shoulders/arms. It’s his thing now. And he tried to do it so many times and Hobi was like nope! and Yoongi was like nope! so then when it’s finally his turn to have Jimin’s attention he leaves off the ‘hyung’ like he used too. Like, this is when you get for not paying me any attention :P 

They were so cute (all of them were) and I’m usually way more articulate than this, sorry. It’s why I usually answer these at night. My brain doesn’t function in the morning.

(gifs not mine)

Edit: Just noticed in the first gif how Jimin moves over for Kookie just a bit and then just slightly leans into Kookie and I’m just asdfghjkl;