this video was a religious experience


When Christian Rock musician Trey Pearson came out as gay one year ago, he was met with difficulties, according to his feature with Teen Vogue. He was uninvited from a Christian music event after members of the production team threatened to quit if the out musician participated (though he did end up joining another band for one of their songs at their invitation).

And yet, Pearson says since coming out, he is “the most free I’ve ever felt in my entire life.” He describes “almost every day, I have just received thousands and thousands of letters and continue to do so from people who have been impacted by my story.

Trey draws from his experiences with the Christian community in the music video for his first single as a solo artist, “Silver Horizon,” in which Trey enters a church, watching a young man singing at the front. Eventually, another boy, unable to contain his feelings any longer, rushes to the front and passionately kisses the singer. The churchgoers, at first shocked, burst into applause.

Through the video, Trey hopes to convey that the world is changing, and more and more religious spaces are becoming increasingly open and accepting. 



This video is the closest thing to a religious experience I’ll ever have

erinlyndalmartin  asked:

I'd love to see a post on writing Muslim characters. What sociocultural traits might they have that you wouldn't know if you weren't Muslim? I know there are many varieties of Muslim and I know not to make my character a terrorist, but I could use some help with the nuances. Thank you.

While this is a subject we all care about here at FYWH, this is something that falls outside our personal experiences in any way that would even scratch the surface of this topic. I hate to pass the buck, but … let’s get you started on some good starting places. 

[To any of our Muslim followers: See note at end.]

The Writing With Color blog has a lot of resources for you to start with your research. Here’s a list of just some of their resources for Muslim characters/Islam, and you can find more through the search function of the blog. 

It’s good that you recognize that “Muslim” is not a monolithic designation and that Islam has a rich and complex belief set and history. I hope you are able to find a more specific country/culture/generation to hone in on. Once you do that, you should be able to find plenty of reliable texts for the more factual knowledge and history you’ll need. 

To help combat religious illiteracy of all types, including about Islam, Harvard University has launched the Religious Literacy Project; other free resources are listed in this article (check out book rec slide show at the end of the article; more below). 

If contemporary society is your focus, Al-Jazeera has tons of stories, profiles, news, videos, etc… that can help round out your knowledge of the Middle East and the Muslim experience around the world. [They produce content on many topics, not just those relating to the Middle East or Islam, fyi.] 

Nothing will help more than finding a Muslim beta reader, too. Or just someone you can discuss things with as they come up in your writing. I haven’t gone through to see any specifics, but we’ve got links from our tags for beta/prepub help. Like this. This tumblr, tho on hiatus for new content. And help for giving and receiving criticism.

You might want to keep an eye on this project, too: Dinner With Your Muslim Neighbor. There’s one video that’s been made and featured on NBC News, but another is in the works. Real people getting together and getting to know one another.

Here’s a list of not-YA novels that shows just a bit of the breadth of how Muslims live (and have lived in the past) around the globe – though it is one person’s choice of books, just be aware. And here are some YA novels

(Not So) Final Note: I’d be happy to collate suggestions from our Muslim followers, too, for a follow-up post. Resources, experiences with cultural ignorance, good websites, etc … 

– mod Aliya 

“Deconstructed” Assimilation Plot

My wife and I were thinking of writing a near-future (2030) sci-fi novel with utopian/dystopian themes, revolving around an viral video (produced by a team of researchers) that causes a profound quasi-religious experience in a receptive viewer. As a result, people who have watched it are generally happier and have a sense of shared purpose and trust of others who have watched. 

They also become more altruistic, tend to want to “convert” dissidents, and organize together to do so. Essentially an optimistic deconstruction of the Assimilation Plot, which maintains individuality, so most of the typical reasons why assimilation is bad aren’t such large factors. We thought this had some fascinating parallels with a lot of different issues about identity, religion and politics, as long as we present it as something not entirely good or bad. We figured that this would be a great opportunity to have a ethnically diverse cast of characters to discuss the moral issues posed by such a ideological group attempting to integrate/assimilate different communities and groups of people. Our main cast is fairly diverse, though we plan to use their families and friends to offer more varied viewpoints, and avoid tokenism.

Anyways, we’re concerned about crafting authentic and nuanced reactions to this event, particularly among our main characters, so if you have any suggestions about how their ethnic backgrounds might contribute to their viewpoints about the event (either as converts or dissidents), we’d love to hear them. Two of our characters we’re particularly concerned about are a 30 year old former Syrian refugee female software developer (non-practicing Muslim, married to a white agnostic ethicist), and a 23 year old Afro-Latino cyber-security expert/conspiracy theorist (middle child from a stable lower-middle class family).

[ask shortened due to exceeding length, reminder: aim for brevity, askers]

Deconstruction is not the word

I’m confused by this question.  Let’s look at what a “deconstruction” in literature actually is.  Quite literally, you take a common or established storyline and break it down into its component parts, then examine each of those parts closely and play them through to their (often painful) logical conclusions.  In a deconstruction, if some action has a consequence, the deconstruction of that plot point is to to play that consequence cruelly straight without handwaving things away, seeing in gruesome detail what effects that conceit has on the characters.

In brief, when you deconstruct high fantasy, what you get is Game of Thrones.  When you deconstruct space opera, what you get is Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica.  Deconstruction is an intentional reading of an established formula with an eye counter to that which was originally intended.  Deconstructing modernism gives you Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” wherein the protagonist becomes a giant freaking bug for no god damn reason.  When you consider that many of the things that often occur in narratives would actually be incredibly psychologically damaging in real life, balance and optimism are not really a thing in deconstruction.

What Deconstructed Assimilation Looks Like

So, with this knowledge, let’s look at what deconstructing assimilation would look like in this context.

Cultural assimilation is about subsuming the characteristics of one’s native culture to the larger society in which one lives.  Wholesale assimilation requires you giving up your native food, your native dress, often your native name, because its “easier” or “cooler” or whatever.  People actually do this a lot. Often we choose to do so because it kind of greases the wheels when we live in a place where people like us are the minority.  But there’s a price.  Even the most psychologically well-balanced individuals are going to be torn by the tightrope act required by assimilation.  

I often give my name as “Nick” at Starbucks even against the twinges of feeling like I’m selling out my family, because it makes my afternoon proceed just a little bit easier.  Sometimes I don’t.  It’s basically a coin flip depending on how I’m feeling that very second.  But each act is a choice that changes a person’s sense of being an individual in an culture that regard them as an outsider.  If we deconstruct this notion we’re going to be playing the consequences through to the gory logical ends—every choice a person makes to assimilate or not assimilate is going to be affecting their sense of what being “an individual” means on a very basic level.  

In this sense, I see the whole point of a deconstruction being that “individuality” isn’t a discrete, concrete concept.  Deconstructing assimilation means deconstructing individuality, particularly cultural individuality, and a storyline that deconstructs the concept of assimilation can’t do so while maintaining “individuality” because the two concepts are inextricably and contradictorily linked.

Subverting Assimilation may be the word

If you mean subverting the concept, that’s different, but I have a very hard time seeing how deconstructing and closely examining the notion of assimilation can be done “optimistically” if you’re coming at it from the perspective that assimilation is a bad thing.

~Mod Nikhil

I’ve discussed people ‘deconstructing’ assimilation plots with a more positive twist here: [Pagan Scandinavians and Colonialism]. I’d suggest reading that post to get my full thoughts.

Risks of Adding Optimism to Assimilation

Broadly speaking, attempting to create a “positive” spin on assimilation runs an extremely high risk of sanitizing cultural genocide. The core rooted belief of converting others is that all other beliefs are wrong, your way of life is the best, and you should do whatever it takes to convince people to jump into your way of life because they’ll eventually see it’s the best thing ever.

This has huge problems. If you think it’s okay just because the doctrine will adapt to individual culture, allow me to point you to the sheer number of places Christianity got mixed with the local beliefs in order to convert more people. That’s what made it such an insidious religion; they were willing to adapt to whatever culture in order to get more converts (usually destroying parts of the Indigenous culture in the process, using the mix as a stepping stone to slowly assimilate them and have them lose touch with their original beliefs).

While some of the mixes have been taken back by their individual peoples, that doesn’t stop the mixed reaction many many many Indigenous people have with any religion that tries to take over. Trying to spin tactics that directly lead to cultural destruction as positive “this time” doesn’t hold up, because you haven’t created a situation that has addressed the problem. You’ve just draped it in new decoration, with a video instead of a metaphysical being. Otherwise, this mirrors colonialism. 

This sort of scenario has happened all over the world, with dozens of faiths, hundreds of ethnicities, and it always follows the same method: a group of people believes everyone should be like them, and is willing to use whatever tactics to get there. I see nothing different, at its heart, with your plot.

If you want to try and avoid it, get rid of the need to convert others. You could still have some squicky parts, but at least without a need to convert others there is far less room for psychological manipulation and coercion. 

~ Mod Lesya 

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for religious people who had a hard time distinguishing what their religion told them about not 'lusting after' people with their asexuality- there's a youtuber named youngblossom that did a video on asexuality and talked about his experiences with that aspect. just giving him a shoutout cause i think it could help many people (he also has videos on aromanticism and transness & is just A+, i recommend watching)

Oh fantastic! Thank you for letting us know about this.


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thank you for recording and uploading those videos!! ^^ what was your favorite part of the concert?

NOT TO BE BIAS BUT…. HOSEOKS MAMA PERFORMANCE !!!!!! he was singing and dancing like the king he is and then ??? a choir came out and it was truly a religious experience imo n everyone sang a long obv

honestly tho wings outro… there was a slogan event which they gave us banners when we gave our tickets and before bts it said “ARMY TIME” on the screen and everyone had the blue banners that said “방타만의 날개가 될게” (we will be the wings of bangtan only) and there was also a blue ocean…the fans rly sang along to everything it was so nice ;;; also 둘셋 had me emotional but that was expected…honestly I could go on and on 💀

also yall…..jungkooks choreo for begin is….srsly amazing 11/10 do recommend find the fancam asap


I JUST. THIS IS. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I have watched a live video of Pink Floyd in their prime and HOLY SHITTTTTTTTT firstly how did I not do this earlier??????????? and secondly oh my god what a fucking show. What a fucking performance. Roger and his fucking showmanship. Oh my god. I’m having something approaching a religious experience. 


On PewDiePie’s latest video...

Okay, so let me start by getting a couple of things out of the way.  I’m half-Jewish on my mom’s side.  That said, I’m not religious, I don’t observe Jewish traditions, and I’ve never been the victim of anti-semitism.  So I recognize that my own feelings and experiences aren’t going to be representative of everyone with Jewish heritage and shouldn’t be taken as such.

Second of all, I want to make it clear that while this post may be critical of some of PewDiePie’s actions at points, I don’t feel that he’s a bad person and I don’t want to start any drama.  This is just me getting my own feelings out there.

I’ll admit that I’m pretty new to PewDiePie’s videos, although in the relatively short time I’ve watched him he’s said and done a number of things that many have considered ignorant and offensive.  I don’t think that he’s said these things because he’s genuinely bigoted or actually wants to hurt anyone - I think he’s either going for comedy and/or using outdated jargon.  However, regardless of his intentions, he has offended some people and I don’t like how quickly some others are to invalidate those feelings.  Yes, something might not be offensive to you, but you don’t know how certain words and phrases have effected other individuals throughout their lives.  You don’t get to decide what’s hurtful or offensive to someone else.

I will say, though, that I feel that there are some people who like to take PewDiePie’s statements out-of-context and judge and attack him, not because his statements effected them personally or even applied to their demographic, but because they just don’t like him and this gives them a chance to feel morally superior tearing him down.  And these are the people who I think need to get a life, stop white knighting for minorities who can speak for themselves, and just avoid watching people they don’t like instead of throwing hate at them.

So now I want to talk about PewDiePie’s latest video and how it effected me personally.  Again, I’m not speaking for all Jews here…my experiences and feelings are very different from others, and while I don’t feel like I’ve ever been personally oppressed, I feel like what PewDiePie did still applies to me.  Now before anyone attacks me, yes, I understand that it was a joke that doesn’t reflect his actual mindset.  And, yes, I understand that when he typed that request in, he wasn’t expecting it to actually play out the way it did.  But hearing that Jesus-impersonator mispronounce jacksepticeye’s name so horribly was just something I wasn’t prepared for.  As a Jew, I really respect people with a good sense of humor, and while Jack himself may not be Jewish, his humor rivals that of any Jew I’ve ever known.  So I just can’t believe PewDiePie would publish such a horrible butchering of his name.  After that, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore of the video.  I’m sure it was hilarious and probably would have restored my faith in Pewds, and I’ll probably finish it later, I just need a little time.  Anyway, thank you for reading.

paladin headcanons

*wakes up at 4 in the morning in a cold sweat* i havent shared my paladin headcanons yet


· korean on his mom’s side

· totally shiro’s adopted brother

· dressed up as the red power ranger until he was like 12

· doesnt wear eyeliner bc he tried once and he ended up looking like that one snapchat filter

· you know the one

· aggressively homosexual

· cries every time he watches UP (shiro has it on video)

· mistook his crush on lance for pure hatred

· he totally understands memes he just pretends not to so he can fuck with lance

· can probably play the guitar

· bites his nails

· watches leverage religiously

· likes dark chocolate

· he was the second grader that always got in trouble for biting other second graders

· he and pidge would totally die for shiro

· immune to spicy foods… is keith even human…

· he and hunk cook together becausec hunk’s always experimenting with spices and keith’s the only one who wont die when tasting them

· has a cactus named red

· loves getting his hair braided

· has a mug reserved just for coffee

· silent crier

· argues with pidge about stranger things at 3 in the morning

· always sleeps curled up in fetal position with a knife under his pillow

· someone love this boy or i’ll do it myself

· gives lance pilot tips because he’s not a dick

· doesn’t know when he’s being mean

· he’s just really honest

· has no chill when it comes to clapbacks

· talks shit abt people in korean and claims he’s complementing them

i just [clenches fist] love keith kogane


· hawaiian

· let me have this

· has!! two!! moms!!!

· he calls his birth mom makuahine(mother) and the other one is just ma

· deathly allergic to lentils

· has a great dane named lila and a maine coon cat named creampuff

· can’t watch horror movies because he complains about how fake everything is

· watches ghibli movies like a dying man

· always in a constant state of anxiety

· has like 4 million followers on instagram bc of his fitness fridays which are basically him lifting heavy shit and being a cute cupcake

· the most viewed video is of him crushing a watermelon between his thighs

· lives near the beach which is how he and lance met

· has an older sister who majors in fashion design

· he and lance were her models before she went off to college

· always soft and warm like mash potato

· played football(running back)

· president of his middle school’s robotics club

· really good at gardening

· if he ever swears its one of those old one’s like “gosh diddly darn”

· the only time he legit cursed was when he dropped a wrench on his foot and yelled “fuck” really loud

· openly pansexual

· is that friend who always has snacks

· always

· knows how to play the drums

· also really good at singing.

· likes cooking because it brings people together

· brings coffee to his teachers bless this boy

· against jaywalking

· seriously lance you’re gonna get hit by a car

· literal sunshine

he’s such a good character


· spanish af

· has a cat named dabs

· sings this when asked what his sexuality is

· renee elise goldsberry is his hero

· hunk’s number one fan

· lance: “apparently spite isn’t an appropriate answer when asked what motivates me”

· petty as hell

· can hit ariana grande’s high notes but pretends like he cant

· volunteers at animal shelters

· actually really sensitive

· would die for bagel bites

· was an avid cookie monster fan as a kid

· shaves his legs

· really misses the ocean

· says fight me a lot and has probably got fuckin decked

· has two little sisters and an older brother who owns a beachside restaurant

· totally tried to set his brother up with hunk’s sister but turns out she’s a lesbian

· after he gets over the fact that he has no chance with allura, she turns into a sister figure for him

· has called pidge “pepe” at least twice

· had braces and glasses in middle school

· spends like 90+ dollars on fancy moisturizers and LUSH products

· deathly good at surfing

· listens to fall out boy and troye sivan

· actually really fucking smart

· wants to major in astronomy or marine biology

· owns the entire harry potter series and is a proud slytherin

· #1 beyonce stan

· confidently bisexual

· awkward around actual crushes

· can do the splits

· took gymnastics as a kid

i love this boy


· probably german or french canadian

· part of team “would die for takashi shirogane”

· “what’s your gender?” *shrugs*

· aroace as hell

· cries during those commercials that show abused animals

· also petty as hell

· *long suffering sigh* “men.”

· thinks of all the guys on team voltron as their older brothers but totally wont say it out loud

· drinks coffee more than they actually eat

· is probably 99.9% percent coffee

· that .1% is pure salt

· watches magical girl anime like nobody’s business

· gives really vague directions on how to fix things

· their dog back home is named rover so losing robo rover really hurt

· snorts when they laugh

· multilingual

· stubborn as heck

· lactose intolerant

· uses the phrase “eat now, suffer later” too often

· doesnt get how dry ass peanuts make the creamy goodness that is peanut butter

· cried while watching big hero 6

· always smells like oil

· really bony

· freckles easily

· sleeps in the vents

· lance and hunk have held funerals for all of pidge’s ruined hairbrushes

· says fight me too often but will most likely win the fight

· “get in the robot kogane”

· hacks shit in their free time

· sneezes rlly loud

· loves hamilton

what a shitlord i love them


· invests in waterproof eyeliner

· wears tight shirts to fuck with people

· doesn’t know when people are crushing on him

· has two german shepherds

· actually likes nsync

· has a bad habit of writing on himself and not actual paper

· climbed a shit ton of trees as a kid

· sleeps facing the door so people cant kill him in his sleep(an old habit from galra captivity)

· heteromantic ace

· sucks at ddr

· can only play rainbow road on mario kart

· can bench press lance and keith simultaneously

· jawline could probably cut diamonds

· overenthusiastic soccer mom whenever the younger paladins have solo missions

· once purposely lost the paladins so he could have a break and claimed it was a training exercise

· they believed him

· space chris evans

· has gray hairs because of pidge and lance alone

· accidental clapbacks

· joins in on the particle barrier noise discourse

· runs a positivity blog

· likes peppermint tea

· watches game of thrones

· constantly quotes star trek

· gets pissed when buff comic book characters arent given buff actors in movies

· “allura they can’t lift anything loOK AT THOSE FUCKING NOODLE ARMS”

· *long suffering sigh* “children.”

· helps old ladies cross the street

· will most likely jump out of a moving car if there’s a dog across the street

· terrible voice of reason

· once interrupted class at the garrison because there was a charizard outside the classroom

· brings pillows for people during exam week

· an actual angel until you get to know him

· prefers dc to marvel

· started a petition for a black widow movie

· has earplugs in his fanny pack but refuses to share

· wakes up at 5 in the morning

love this dork too

long story short: i think about the paladins too damn much and i need to be stopped

tuestika  asked:

Hello! Can I have match-up, please? :) Female who is attracted to males romantically/sexually. I am very sensitive person. I am kind and "nice girl", I have troubles with standing up for myself. It's usual to find me daydreaming/being in my imagine worlds in day more than once. I listen lots of music and my music taste varies between different genres. At least lyrics are important to me. I like/love fantasy stuff, and I read fanfiction from internet (reader inserts :3). I'm INFP(-T?) part (1/3)

(2/3) I have good sense of humor, and my jokes can be dirty. I spend time in internet, and with my internet/gaming friends I throw around memes and videos. I am religious and idealist? person. I have religious trauma/tramatization. I have bad experiences from past where I have felt that I haven’t been accepted as I am. I would like someone who doesn’t mind my sensitivity and accepts me as I am. I have aspergers. I dislike/hate prejudice. I feel responsibility of others and can be nurturing.

part (3/3) I play video games, like Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV. I don’t like conflicts and I’m not the best with aggressive/mean people. I dislike hurting others. I am not always the best with reading others face expressions/body language/voice tones (can understand them to some point tho) I am artistically creative person. I’m sometimes dork/clumsy when doing some normal/basic life stuff. I like cats and dogs. I don’t like lying and lies. I like honesty and kindness.I’m deep thinker. Thx!

You may of course have a match-up sweetie, for one piece. 

I think that a nice fella for you would be someone who is also caring but will also stand up for you. I seem to be matching a lot of people with this guy recently, but Thatch would be sweet on you. Standing up for others is something that just goes with any of the Whitebeard Pirates, so have no fear, he will always take care of you. He finds your daydreaming sweet and won’t snap you out of it unless you really need to focus, like if the crew was under attack or something similar. 

While I don’t think reading is for him all the time, I can see him liking romance genres so that’s something you can both share; book swapping. He also doesn’t mind your dirty jokes; he can throw them right back at you. Too many jokes can result in some of the other crew members teasing you though ;3 The Whitebeard crew accept anyone of all types so you’ve no need to fear about that Thatch or any of the other crew members either. He’s also very patient so even if you don’t get social cues such as expression etc. he’s not going to snap or make comments. He’d explain it, clearly and smoothly to you and he really doesn’t mind if you don’t remember or still don’t get it. 

Overall, he’s a kind and patient man who can accommodate you in anyway and will always look out for you

I was wondering. What if ghosts aren’t real? Now hear me out.

There are hundreds of videos and stories of shadowy figures appearing and disappearing into thin air. Many believe they are ghost, lost souls, etc. But what if they’re not? What if they are manifestations of another dimension/reality?

Looking at it more scientifically than religiously I would say that these “creatures” somehow managed to manifest themseves for a few minutes or so. Or maybe at some places on Earth there are distortions which weakens the layer between our dimensions leaving an opportunity for them to appear and disappear without a trace.

If it’s true, do they know about it? Do they experience it the same way we do? Or are they trying to communicate with us that way?

Who knows. But either the theory of lost souls or interdimensional creatures, both is amazing and scary.