this video was a religious experience



This video is the closest thing to a religious experience I’ll ever have

On PewDiePie’s latest video...

Okay, so let me start by getting a couple of things out of the way.  I’m half-Jewish on my mom’s side.  That said, I’m not religious, I don’t observe Jewish traditions, and I’ve never been the victim of anti-semitism.  So I recognize that my own feelings and experiences aren’t going to be representative of everyone with Jewish heritage and shouldn’t be taken as such.

Second of all, I want to make it clear that while this post may be critical of some of PewDiePie’s actions at points, I don’t feel that he’s a bad person and I don’t want to start any drama.  This is just me getting my own feelings out there.

I’ll admit that I’m pretty new to PewDiePie’s videos, although in the relatively short time I’ve watched him he’s said and done a number of things that many have considered ignorant and offensive.  I don’t think that he’s said these things because he’s genuinely bigoted or actually wants to hurt anyone - I think he’s either going for comedy and/or using outdated jargon.  However, regardless of his intentions, he has offended some people and I don’t like how quickly some others are to invalidate those feelings.  Yes, something might not be offensive to you, but you don’t know how certain words and phrases have effected other individuals throughout their lives.  You don’t get to decide what’s hurtful or offensive to someone else.

I will say, though, that I feel that there are some people who like to take PewDiePie’s statements out-of-context and judge and attack him, not because his statements effected them personally or even applied to their demographic, but because they just don’t like him and this gives them a chance to feel morally superior tearing him down.  And these are the people who I think need to get a life, stop white knighting for minorities who can speak for themselves, and just avoid watching people they don’t like instead of throwing hate at them.

So now I want to talk about PewDiePie’s latest video and how it effected me personally.  Again, I’m not speaking for all Jews here…my experiences and feelings are very different from others, and while I don’t feel like I’ve ever been personally oppressed, I feel like what PewDiePie did still applies to me.  Now before anyone attacks me, yes, I understand that it was a joke that doesn’t reflect his actual mindset.  And, yes, I understand that when he typed that request in, he wasn’t expecting it to actually play out the way it did.  But hearing that Jesus-impersonator mispronounce jacksepticeye’s name so horribly was just something I wasn’t prepared for.  As a Jew, I really respect people with a good sense of humor, and while Jack himself may not be Jewish, his humor rivals that of any Jew I’ve ever known.  So I just can’t believe PewDiePie would publish such a horrible butchering of his name.  After that, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore of the video.  I’m sure it was hilarious and probably would have restored my faith in Pewds, and I’ll probably finish it later, I just need a little time.  Anyway, thank you for reading.

shinynaoto  asked:

thank you for recording and uploading those videos!! ^^ what was your favorite part of the concert?

NOT TO BE BIAS BUT…. HOSEOKS MAMA PERFORMANCE !!!!!! he was singing and dancing like the king he is and then ??? a choir came out and it was truly a religious experience imo n everyone sang a long obv

honestly tho wings outro… there was a slogan event which they gave us banners when we gave our tickets and before bts it said “ARMY TIME” on the screen and everyone had the blue banners that said “방타만의 날개가 될게” (we will be the wings of bangtan only) and there was also a blue ocean…the fans rly sang along to everything it was so nice ;;; also 둘셋 had me emotional but that was expected…honestly I could go on and on 💀

also yall…..jungkooks choreo for begin is….srsly amazing 11/10 do recommend find the fancam asap

So earlier my fever addled brain gave me a religious experience at 4am and I thought of an idea for a YouTube channel or something that I’ll probably never make but will now cast out into the void.

Its called “Animergency Broadcastation” and the idea is that it would feature clips from animes but after a few seconds the audio loops on the vowels and eventually makes the opening sound of an emergency broadcast, then an emergency broadcast will replace the rest of the audio for the video.

Every video on the channel would be like this and there would be no explanation anywhere or interaction at all.

When people talk about being religious in the a-spec community I find that they often mean Abrahamic when they say religious, and that’s always kind of rubbed me the wrong way because lots of religious a-spec people don’t belonging to any of the Abrahamic religions.

So I want to invite religious, none-Abrahamic A-spec people to submit their stories and experiences, or to post them in the #A beyond Abraham tag. Videos, writings, songs, comics, etc are all welcome. Hopefully we can get a discussion going!  

I need to stop...

…watching videos of Jensen singing last night. My ability to can has been severely affected. My brain is swimming. Watching that man sing is a religious experience.


thank u @fabulouscourier for sending me this it is truly a religious experience 


I got to see FEMM live! Admittedly, I wasn’t the hugest FEMM fan prior to seeing them perform. I thought they were ok. I liked their image. Their video’s were interesting. But then I saw them perform live and holy shit, I am such a huge FEMM fan now. It was the closest thing to a religious experience as you can get without seeing God herself.

It’s hard to translate into pictures just what an engaging spectacle they were to witness, which is why I will be uploading their FULL CONCERT VIDEO on YouTube this weekend.

Today my classmates had a religious experience. The teacher put a pentatonix video on and was saying how they only used theyre voices and no instruments at all and then i said “wanna see real talent?” And i played that little mix how ya doin acapella vid (u know the one) and at first he said it wasnt that especial but tHEN the “lets break it down” part started and everyone dead silent. No one said shit. My friend got chill and he was speachless. And i fell so fucking cocky, like YASS THOSE ARE MY BABYS BITCH YASS THEYRE AMAZING BITCH!!!


Happy Evolution Day, everyone. Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection was published on November 24th, 1859.

Although evolution is overwhelmingly accepted by scientific communities, it remains a taboo and often misunderstood subject for much of the rural American South. Dr. Amanda Glaze studies this deeply rooted cultural sentiment and its religious and societal influences in universities, schools and communities throughout the Southeastern United States. Using both quantitative and qualitative approaches, she strives to understand the lived experiences and perceptions of her fellow teachers and the community around her to better inform science teaching and teacher education nationwide. She also teaches evolution-based science courses for high school and college students in the hopes of shifting the next generation’s views on the subject.

As I was leaving the house this morning:
Mom: “Arielle calm down its just a concert”
*storms out of house*
*then storms back in cause school doesn’t start for another hour*

Watching the Hotline Bling video was a religious experience. That’s all I have to say. God fucking bless Aubrey, god bless. That video made the Giants getting beat okay. Cause you used to call me on my cell phoneeeeeee

Made tour in Melbourne.

okay so I’m on mobile now and I’ll probably post videos when I get home but today was like a religious experience and I need to document all this down asap.

so I bought the vip package and I’ll be honest I was a little disappointed at first. Everything was so chaotic I literally had no idea where I was supposed to be and where cause there were fucking massive ass lines everywhere. After getting moved around a lot I was finally sorted into a slightly shorter line while waiting for soundcheck. The vip package was a'ight, I got a little laminate and a bag (which I ended up losing) but it cost fucking $45 for a light stick (that ended up malfunctioning and wouldn’t stop flashing sporadically) so I was a bit disappointed there but the real kicker was soundcheck.

Soundcheck was supposed to start at 4:30 and apparently go until 5:30. After waiting around for an hour and a half it finally started at 5 and finished at 6, we of course were told absolutely nothing and had no clue about anything that was happening. Any anger I had completely vanished tho when we finally got inside and soundcheck actually started.

Seungri, taeyang and daesung looked fiiiiiine af and were really energetic. Especially taeyang, I mean in soundcheck u don’t really need to go hard but man taeyang was treating it like it was the real deal and it was absolutely amazing.

Seungri was especially rude during Bae Bae he got right up the edge of the stage and did these little slow hip thrusts and right there I died I fucking died.

Daesung the Angel was more reserved but he interacted with the fans a lot more, at one point he smiled and pointed towards me and a friend (we were the only ones along the side of the stage next to the stairs)

Gd and especially top seemed really tired so they were a bit sluggish. Gd would bow and kinda walk around and top just took it easy and made some weird background sounds .

So after soundcheck we left and got snacks, drinks etc. before heading back into the venue to get our seats (cause I had reserved seating right next to the side of the stage)

U know how they play mvs while waiting for the actual show to start?? Well when fantastic baby started playing the crowd went fucking iNSANE. Waving light sticks and belting out the lyrics to the point the sound guy whatever he’s called actually turned up the fucking volume super duper high it was seriously the best.

Now on to the actual concert: it was the beeeeest thing ever but one thing really stood out, or rather one person, fucking taeyang.

Youngbae man, he is literally the sweetest most amazing person on earth istg. He looked soooo happy to be on stage and it translated over into the crowd. He was definitely interacting the most with the fans, when ever he got to the edge of stage he would actually look at people and smile, encourage them to dance and sing along. I was so close to him that we actually made eye contact, I expected him to look away ya know and give attention to other fans but nOPE THAT ASSHOLE LITERALLY HELD EYE CONTACT WITH ME AND SMILED AS I LITERALLY SCREAMED OUT THE LYRICS TO FANTASTIC BABY. Okay so yeah he’s defs competing with seungri as my bias.

Speaking of seungri my god I don’t even have words. He obviously talked the most out of all of them, promoted Google a lot and was basically just…seungri. He would blow kisses to the fans and dance erotically which made me die inside every time. He didn’t really come over to my side of the stage he focused more on the other but damn son whenever he even got close I would scream and wave my light stick around like crazy. Sadly I was not noticed by him .

Now daesung man daesung he’s just…. Wings was definitely my favourite solo song and one of my fave performances of the concert. His voice was just ugh and his smile just ugh and his legs in those tight jeans were just ugh. He would wave and point at fans and at one point he did those little chest pumps that made me want to jump over the railing and let death claim my soul.

Gd. Has. The best. Stage. Presence. My god he could just stand there and do nothing and I’d cry. He was obvs awesome cmon it’s gd, he screamed and got the crowd riled up. One thing I did notice was that in person, bro is actually pretty short and skinny. I would’ve been concerned if he hadn’t of taken off his jumper and let everyone bask in the glory oF HIS FUCKING BICEPS DAMN SON THEY LOOKED BETTER THAN TAEYANGS!!! Also he killed a bunch of fanboys during crooked rip.

Noooooow top. I have never in my life seen someone as attractive as top. During the concert he actually had a lot more energy which made me happy. He didn’t interact with the fans much but honestly he would occasionally glance over and I would just melt into a puddle on the floor. Fucking slayed doom dada I lost my voice from screaming.

So all in all a little piece of me died today. I’m not religious but imma start going to church. Like honestly today was like the best fucking day of my life. Rip me.