this video spoke to me


This is a such a beautiful video about astral travelling and spirit work. While the ending is bittersweet, this video spoke to me so much!


This beautiful video spoke to me on levels I can never truly explain. So eloquently put, if you’re a cosplayer please watch this.

One Kiss, Two Kiss

(based on those ‘first kiss’ strangers kissing strangers videos)

~ my gift to my lovely followers ~


Dean was standing now, most of his weight held on his left leg. It caused his hip to jut out just slightly, and his right leg to extend in front of him to the side. It accentuated the natural bow to his legs, made them look long and strong. His hands were in the pockets of his jacket, with its collar turned up, edges brushing his down turned chin. His looked up without raising his head.

He was in the center of the front of a large classroom on Stanford’s campus. The area of this part of the classroom had been cleared away and lights had been set up to illuminate the space. A video camera on a tripod in between the two front rows was trained on Dean while the man behind the camera made adjustments and took light readings.

Dean waited.

Finally the man looked out from behind the camera and was joined by two other people that Dean knew very well. One was his younger brother, Sam. The other was Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica Moore. She held a clipboard in her hands, and Sam held a write and wipe board. The man behind the camera, Gabriel, was speaking to them in quiet tones. At length, Sam scribbled something on the board he was holding, then came to stand in front of Dean.

The board said, ‘Dean Winchester. Interview clip #1. SU Health and Human Sexuality “First Kiss” video. 04/04/14’.  Gabriel called out that he got the opening shot, Sam stepped away, and Gabriel yelled out, “Rolling!”


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I’m just taking a lot of time to process this boy’s face… HOW. He’s an angel one minute, and the next he’s pulling off the sexy serial killer look???

Suga’s been really giving me heartaches recently. Nevermind really hit me in the gut. Am I a Suga stan now? 
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I struggle a lot with social anxiety and for once I felt like a video spoke to me on that level and made it a little easier to cope with it. So yea, just thought I would share it.


So I managed to finish my Elementary video before Season 3 started!  Consider it a little reminder of the wonderful of an arc Joan got in the first season, and a gift of tribute to the gods in the hopes that she gets another.

I actually started out wanting to do a Sheriarty vid (mostly because I had the perfect song in mind), and then I started to realize how fucked up it is to focus on a character who’s honestly only been in two episodes, even as I often complain myself about how little attention and love Joan gets.  Heck, even the best fanvids out there are almost always equal parts Joan and someone else.

So this one is completely Joan-centric, with everybody else (Sherlock included) as supporting players; if there’s any pairing to be found here, it’s Joan/discovering her new career.  The video is mostly Season 1 clips because the story is based in the first season, but there are a few helping bits from Season 2 as well.  And while I’m not 100% happy with all of the editing, I’m hoping that’s just the perfectionist in me.

Much thanks and appreciation to beanarie, whose Elementary commentary continues to be spot-on, this perfect post by cleoselene, aseriesoffortunatemasterposts for the videos, Vienna Teng for her gorgeous music and the lyrics that spoke to me, and of course Lucy Liu, Robert Doherty, and all the writers at Elementary for Joan.


I absolutely adored the ideas mentioned in this video and they really spoke to me.  So, if you’re like me and like to look at other people’s book of shadows and notes and want ideas for your own, this is a fantastic video!  Seriously, watch it! :3

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Hablas español??

Ahahaha noo…I understand it more than I can speak it. I was being taught english and spanish at the same time when I was younger but the person who was teaching me spanish bailed and my mom only spoke to me in English.

It’s weird watching old home videos because smol Leslie was speaking spanish left and right like where did she go? She gone. 

Evan’s video really spoke close to home for me his relationship with his father reminds me a lot about mine. The video was so beautiful and thoughtful and it brought me back to the times when I would wonder if I’d actually care when my dad died. We haven’t had much contact and I avoid him as much as possible and it just opened my eyes as to how my future could be when I find out that my dad has passed away…. I really hope he’s okay and I’m so proud that he has spoken about it because it may not connect with everyone but it definitely hit something in me.


Fuck it All (Honest Final Exam Version) Music Video

This spoke to me on a spiritual level