this video sent me to my grave

the whole heteronormativity on Vikings:
(just replying to this here cause the post would probably be too long)
its funny cause my dad said the same thing “Ragnar is a Viking KIng. He had a wife, he is brutal, he kills people, he can’t be falling apart for a man.” Cause bi people don’t exist, cause you have to be straight as hell in order to lead. Because you can’t grieve if you are in a strong position.

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My best friend sent me this and I may or may not be crying: Darth Vader, if he was voiced by Samuel L. Jackson


Found one of my older works and I brushed it up a bit and posted it on AO3 as well.. Posting it here too though…

1 week after the fall

Keep an eye on her and keep me updated using this number.

Billy only had one number coded into the phone he’d recieved from Sherlock and that was the number of the man himself. It had been an easy way for them to stay in contact when Billy was helping the consulting detective with a case, and now his mission.

The number he’d just gotten the text from, he didn’t know, but somehow it was clear to him that it was Sherlock. Sherlock had obviously gotten himself a new phone, one that would be untraceable; there was also the fact that Sherlock was the only one who had the number.

It wasn’t hard for Billy to figure out who the message was about either; there was only one woman Billy could think of that Sherlock wanted updates on.


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