this video makes me laugh so much omg

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I'm crying real tears omg I just had a dream where I was watching the finale and Liam somehow slipped up and admitted he wanted to kiss some other dude (I don't even know who) and I was so mad and I wake up and I see this video of Theo pulling Liam into the elevator and oh my god... Life is great fuck you brain for making that dream

“fuck you brain for making that dream”


Liam doesn’t want to kiss anybody but Theo, can you brain get that? C’mon brain, i thought we were on the same team!

How I see kpop groups new version

Exo: shimmie shimmie kokobop; high af mv; every other song on the album is a bop; i have no idea how this album/mv has a connection to the war; awful hairstyles; too many vibrant colors; what’s going on with lay; still not enough sehun lines

Bts: not today happened; love yourself is happening; seriously who can keep up with all those insane theories; every western artist want to collaborate with them; gyeonwo chong jojun balsa; still waiting for them jin lines and screentime; let jhope hold another v live without asking for other members

Ikon: alright since my earlier post ikon and winner totally switched positions; ikon where? somewhere in the basement; give them proper promotion; no more badass hiphop comebacks pls; i miss the team b era; i feel like all their predebut tracks were better; b-day is alright; btw what the hell are these new stage names; EVERYONE I LOVE IKON DON’T HATE ME

Got7: all their songs feel like a mess musically; give them songs that showcase their talents; something like the latest jj project release; bitch we had to wait 5 years for that jjp masterpiece; i honestly like trilogies but not got7’s; why y’all think jackson’s gonna leave got7; hard carry by monsta x is still hilarious

Winner: so yg rememberd they exist; i absolutely love their newer side (really really, island); thank you for not having a summer ballad; have you people realized what a gem jinwoo’s voice is; happy for namtae for his new band; sorry for namtae for struggling with mental illness; leave the boy alone don’t hate him for no reason; dude is really really an artist

Day6: thank you for spoiling us with good music every month; although i prefer their debut era, i think this is their true sound; but songs sound a bit same; still underappreciated; miss their buskings; thought jae is gonna take a longer twitter hiatus but gladly no; miss his hashtags; stop bullying wonpil 2k17; still no lines for dowoon

Astro: baby was not my style; but eunwoo is still a living god; stop growing sanha 2k17; still waiting for a more mature concept; mature, not sexy, no need to reveal anything; although they did it already

Seventeen: maaan their al1 album once again is a masterpiece; so mature; love the hiphop units new sound; the choreo dang; did you pay attention to joshua’s part? that dance is wow; minimal rap i like it; wainting for european dates within their world tour; hoshi rocked the orange hair; and woozi the red; too much hair damage

Vixx: they are one of my bias groups but not gonna lie, i hate shangri la; although a unique concept; use airconditioners or fans or whatever when they’re performing, no more fainting pls; but the lr comeback is here; such a 180 turn from beautiful liar; aesthetic mv; listen to beautiful night(?) it’s amazing; lr is amazing

Shinee: nothing new for them; thought they were one of the few groups without scandals; guess what i was wrong; take care onew; they need a comeback asap

Infinite: nothing since last october; hoya pls sign that contract ir i’m gonna flip tables; infinite with a unique sound and choreography; the choreo needs hoya; don’t want them to enter military, no, not yet; pls have an ot7 comeback

Monsta x: beautiful happened, shine forever happened BUT WHERE IN DAFUQ IS THEIR FIRST WIN????; a lipton commercial summer bop happened; tho i have no idea what does the title have to do with the song; from zero happened, i NEED a studio version; hyungwonho happened; monsta x in hungary didn’t happen; monsta x ray is happening, throw an oscar at them for that drama; i need more hyungwon and siwoo; starship why releasing that dating statement when noone knew anything; let them rest; hyungwon is officially a viral meme; mosta x still happens, hyungKwon also happens

Bigbang: gd’s solo is perfect; another scandal and shit; military service; that’s it

B.A.P: the cover of their latest japanese album is gorgeous; what are those awful hairstyles once again; i was too scared to check out yongguk’s solo; b.a.p in hungary happened; i wasn’t there; i love daehyun’s voice; hope zelo is not growing anymore

Block B: i’m not sure what’s up with them; but block b in hungary happened; without po; and i wasn’t there; miss their older stuff; i want more bastarz; still perverts; still business partners

NCT: not sure where nct 127 is going; cherry bomb was awful, a real mess; if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands is still stuck in my head; wardrobe and hairstyle were better this time; i love nct dream; the chorus from we young is so familiar; sounds like the theme song in the pc game insaniquarium; miss jaemin; where’s nct u; and hansol; give love to doyoung; let mark rest for god’s sake

Pentagon: critical beauty was so weird yet visually satisfying; but this album was my least favourite from them;  that wooseok and e’dawn pairing tho; missed yanan; why is there that right before promotions a member is getting injured; triple h happend for good; e'dawn is hot with a lot of tattos; never and energetic are bops; thank you hui

Btob: still so weird; everyone going solo; ballads are in the past bops are back; movie was not my style

Highlight: yaaay they have a new name; i legit thought it’d be bea5t; rookies yet swiping up them music show trophies; sometimes people still call them beast; i was hoping the fandom name was gonna be highlighters

Super Junior: i was anticipating their autumn comeback; but no sungmin; thank you k-„fans”; i’m so happy d&e are back from the military; please love the china line

Nu’est: my babies they are finally getting the spotlight they deserved since their debut; thought pd101 was not gonna do justice for them but hell it did; best choice ever; minhyun finally got a first win; soon is gonna nu’est w; love the meaning behind w; still fucking salty the nation’s producers forgot about jonghyun in the last minute

Ftisland: the more i know them the more i don’t wanna know them; love their freedom in everything-wise; the biggest perverts omg; why were y’all sleeping on wind when it was so important for them and it’s beautiful; sometimes i feel like they want to prove that they are relevant; and they are; 4757857+ years more together pls; WHY DID I SAY PUPPY WAS BAD IT’S A FUCKIN’ BOMB; ftisland in hungary is happening AND I’M FUCKING GONNA BE THERE; jaejin i’m coming

Cnblue: i want to like their korean music but I don’t; last time i forgot they’re giants; yonghwa solo

SF9: 2 comebacks within 2(?) months; bururengnya; the jungle game choreo is jawdropping but it’s not fit for a choreo; easy love was wow; kinda sounds like old kpop; too many taeyang lines; where are jaeyoon’s

KNK: sun moon star was meh; rain is also not my favourite but the mv is wonderful; how to be that extra as they are

2pm: i’m not sure what’s happening with them rn

U-kiss: i’m not sure also; kevin left the group

B1A4: sorry but still not sure

Teen top: god dammit love is was pure perfection; it totally gave me old kpop vibes; the dance was on point as expected; like the footwork once again; welcome back teen top

Wanna one: ongniel, winkdeep; jinhwi; jaehwan x minhyun etc, so many ships; wanna one go is hilarious; sungwoons grandfather is amazing; teach jaehwan how to clean; that psychotic laugh tho; i’m still burn it up team; weekly idol with them is… a mess; breaking tv show rating records; god how many music show wins they have already; there is so much more but it’s not a how I see wanna one post

Boyfriend: they just had a korean release; was it a comeback or what; i do love monsta with all my heart but boyfriend still exists if anyone needs a reminder; their evolution throughout the years is insane; they own a special place in my heart cuz they were the group who made me fall in love with kpop; so thank you boyfriend, thank you i yah, thank you hungary, thank you music channel

N.flying: i don’t know much about them, but the real is a great song; go check it out now; the mv is hilarious; i don’t recall whether i ever laughed at a music video; that plot twist omg; jang moonbok as a mermaid; clap clap; if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

So I just decided to make another ‘How I see kpop groups’ with the same groups, but it’s an updated version. I mean no harm with any of my statements and I think this time I was pretty positive (with a little sarcasm). Last time a I got a few hate comments about my Ikon statements so yeah. I love them. And this time I wasn’t shameless with group promo. I have a link to every song I mentioned so if you don’t know what/who I’m talking about then click the links. Hope it’s as fun as last time. And sorry if I was biased with some groups. Enjoy! :3

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can't wait to hear you thoughts on dream daddy leela <333

hihihihi ifjsodifsdf well you’ve probably heard wayyy more of my thoughts on this vid than u bargained for but here’s one last post of things i loved in particular. as i said in so many previous ask responses, i found dnp’s demeanor in this to be so lovely and natural and enthusiastic. they were perhaps less outwardly energetic but to me that just felt like a product of their being reasonably immersed and into the game itself and all the reading that comes with it. i loved so many bits and to make it a little easier i decided to break them up by person. i also did this bc of the volume of people who were concerned about phil being ‘off’ or seeming disinterested or irritated or any number of negative things. i just kind of wanted to make a point of the fact that so many of my fav moments were actually little things from phil as opposed to dan. also i should say ,, shout out to this game itself bc i’m genuinely loving watching it unfold. i’ve not seen any part of the game before so i had no idea what to expect. i wasn’t prepared for how uplifting the concept would be and how interesting all the characters are and i’m genuinely so excited for the next episode not jst bc it’s dan and phil content and i want to watch them play, but bc i just simply want to know what happens next!!!!!!!! so with that being said here are some of my fav moments of the vid, just a small selection of the reasons why i really adored the video overall <3

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Hey, guys!

So, a while ago I reached 600 followers and didn’t realize that 😂 so I decided to do a follow forever :) I want to thank any single one of my friends and my mutuals here on this website for being so kind and so awesome to me 💖 (sorry for the shitty header xD)

Personal favorites are bolded 💕 sorry if I forgot someone, I suck at this 🙈

 But first of all, I need to give a shoutout to some incredible people I met here:

@kimmichoursaviour : So Bea, I couldn’t start this follow forever without thanking you first. You are one of my best friends, one of the best people I ever met and that I only wish you all the best. That day you came talk to me (first of all I never thought you’d be my friend because you were way too cool to be friends with me 👀) I couldn’t imagine that you’d turn to be such a special person in my life and I’m really glad I had the opportunity to meet you. You are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, not to mention how talented you are (seriously guys you should read her fanfictions, 10/10 recommend, you won’t regret that). You’re also one of the funniest people I’ve ever met (even with your dad jokes) and I’m glad we have the same kind of humor 😂. I know you have a bright future ahead of you but I have to say I am already proud of you for everything you did and been through so far and you only deserve good things in your life. You are such a strong person but you’re also very kind, you are a role model to me. I know I already said all of this to you a lot of times but I had to say it again xD. Can’t wait to live closer to you when I finish my studies in university. Love you, thanks for everything ❤️

@dramatsfc : Boo! AAAAAAAA seriously, I always thought you were also way too cool to be friends with me 😂 well, I think everything started when you started roasting my memes (THE DISRESPECT) and I came to talk to you. You’re one of the nicest and funniest people I ever met and I’m very glad you are my friend (even with me takings ages to answer you back, I’m sorry). I hope one day we’ll meet and we’ll be able to watch Fred’s videos together and roast all the cast 😂 I die every time you send me Jacquin memes and I have to thank you for making me laugh so much even when I don’t want to. You are a good friend and I wish you all the best, love ya 💕 (ps.: mats is mine BYEEEEEE)

@fclewandowski  : Nina, I know that we aren’t that close and we don’t talk a lot but I also admire you a lot and you’re also one of the funniest people I ever met. I remember the day you came talk to me and I was like “omg she is so adorable 😍”  I think you are a very talented person and I wish you all the best in your life 😊 (your blog stills one of my top favorites byeee)

@paulitochulo  : Karen, we are also not that close but I know that you are a person I can always count and that you’re one of the only people I can talk about skam 👀. You are an amazing person and I wish you all the best too!

@olliewatkins  :  Amelia, I know you won’t see this now but I really hope you are okay 💕 I miss seeing you on my dash and you sending me the cutest asks ever. You are so kind and I hope only good things will come on your way. I hope you’ll come back here soon, I miss you 💖

@lewassdowski : Andrea, I have to thank you too for being so nice to me and to wish you all the best. I know we don’t talk much because I’m always busy with things from university and I suck at holding conversations 😂 but I hope you know I enjoy a lot talking to you and you’re one of my favorite blogs too 💕 I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet you on this website :)

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So, I know it’s a short list because I am very picky xD but if you are here it means I really enjoy seeing you on my dashboard, thank you all so much for everything! <3 (and again, sorry if I forgot someone or if I wrote something wrong)


First of all, I’d like to thank all the nice comments I received about my video! I’m happy a lot of people liked it or had a good laugh at the memes I dropped in. 

1. anon: Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it And I’m extremely flattered you watched it so many times. Makes it all worth it ;v; <3

2. @shadowtrmn8r : omg Pharmercy musical. Thank you so much! Yes welcome aboard the Somb.Va ship B)

3. @actualasamisato : I’m glad she’s both or this animation would’ve been awkward. Also thank you for supporting me on Patreon! I appreciate it <3

4. anon2: Thank you, anon! And Happy New Year to you too :)

10 Reasons Why Thomas Sanders Deserves All The Love!

1- He is insanely talented, like holy moly he’s incredible!

2- He is a ray of light!

3- His videos have always managed to cheer me up and make me laugh.

4- His vines are a masterpiece!

5- He’s so so creative!

6- He’s always so so positive, like he is just a beacon of positivity and I love it!

7- He is so supportive of his friends??!! LIKE SO SUPPORTIVE OMG!

8- He has no time for any heteronormativity AND I LOVE IT!

9- He generally cares about his viewers and it’s so amazing.

10- He’s just an all round great guy, he cares so much about what he does and he is a blessing that has been bestowed upon us!

@thatsthat24 thank you for constantly being an incredible inspiration for so so many people, you’ve gotten me through so so many hard times and I appreciate everything you do, thank you<3

The New Sander's Sides Video Brought Back Some Memories...

Thomas: Pump the brakes, Princey!

Me and sister: OMG! He said it!


Me and sister: *rewind video just so we can scream “FALSEHOOD” along with him.




P.S. Thank you so much to Thomas (that'sthat24) for always being able to make me laugh and smile. You’re an amazing man and your Sander’s Sides finds never cease to amaze me with their great story line, funny content, and serious message.

And of course, a huge thank you to Joan (thejoanglebook): for helping Thomas with his vids, making me smile just by being sweet, eccentric, you, and being so good to Talyn and Thomas.

And Talyn (tallykat3): for helping Joan and Thomas with the work you all do on Thomas’s videos. You are just as important to the channel as your partners in crime, even if you aren’t in all the videos Joan is in. Every vid you are in, you manage to make me laugh.


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I was having a pretty emotionally sad day today but this video made me smile so much they are good :(

omg i’m so happy they were able to make you feel a little bit better. lol i had to watch it in secret in a bathroom stall at work and i feel bad for anyone who was trying to have a peaceful pee and heard my muffled snorting in the background. i laughed so much i cried … they’re so fucking ridiculous in every way

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Also, did you ever saw "Levi drunk antics" video? 😂 How do you manage Levi, Mike and Hange when the four of you got out for the eve? Who gets to more drunk? Who prevents the others from doing stupid things? Who ends up in recovery position in the gutter? Or are you all responsible and well grounded as always? ^-^


Let’s see… whenever I treat the vets out for a drink at night, I always have to  remind myself that either I, or Mike, has to be sober enough to make sure everyone gets back safely.  The first one to get drunk is Hanji.  She can take at least 5 shots by the time we’re done with one.  And let me just tell you that she goes off the walls screaming, laughing, yelling, singing, wailing, you name it.  As much as I try to prevent her from doing stupid things, she still ends up hurting herself most of the time by running into various sorts of things.  The wall is the most common, since she’s always wanting to go beyond the Walls to see Titans.

Levi prefers to drink wine occasionally.  But when he does, he drinks a lot… like a lot.  And of course, he gets drunk real bad.  Sometimes he’d be arguing nonstop at Hanji to stop spitting everywhere or yelling at her to shut up as she’s wailing about Bean and Sonny.  Sometimes he’d even stand up on the table and pretend he’s playing the electric guitar like a hardcore rockstar while making high pitched guitar sounds.  Or better yet, he’d start dancing.  He thinks he’s break dancing but he’s actually just doing the chicken dance.

As for Mike, he likes to drink beer in large, glass beer mugs with the foam overflowing at the top.  He has the most endurance out of all of us, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get drunk.  When he’s drunk, everyone knows that they cannot bring a mirror to his face or else there’ll be a riot.  You see, his nose gets especially red after some drinks, and because he uses his nose a lot, he thinks he can’t use his nose for anything anymore.  Even.for.breathing.  Once he sees that bright, red nose of his, he’ll immediately freak out, cry, and stop breathing, and faint.  So yeah, no mirrors for him. 

I don’t really remember much about what I do when I’m drunk.  But I’ve heard that I would sometimes join Levi when he’s performing on top of the table.  Yup.  I’ve been told that I would pretend I’m playing the drums but then Levi would notice that I’m with him halfway through and decide to push me off the table.  He didn’t like it when I stole his spotlight.  Or sometimes I’d be laughing non-stop with Mike while giving him lots of hugs and never letting him go.  Or I’d be crying like a maniac whenever Hanji was.  

Ah, drinking with the vets is sure an adventure.

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OMG but the reason Mark laughs so much at the end of that video is Haechan is quoting his rap from Drop That where he says he wants to treat the Dreamies more. Markhyuck is so low key these days but that just makes it even more legit to me, like I go 6 months without even seeing my bff but then we are literally crying with laughter as soon as we meet up. They're like that to me

Strong bond without needing to show it off, yes ✨

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DUDES. That dragon age au, was so good. i mean all your stuff is good. but honestly.. the last time i was super into a cosplay group, i was like 14, and now 23, i feel like 14 again. tho i also feel like its grown up with me (kinda literally since i watched jack back then too) BUT OMG. i am so happy i tried to find jack again and therefore found you lovelies. every video makes me laugh so hard my cat is concerned. don't ever stop doing what you love.

Thank you so much! <3 I’m so happy you like it, hopefully we can keep on making you laugh for years to come :) let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see on the channel!

ok legit the lost boys life music video made me laugh and cry (at the end) like the whole thing was super funny, gaten is adorable, all those random people at the office making faces made me laugh so hard omg, and darren going oh my god on stage i mean gaaahhh i love it so much! and that adorable ending omg were they the cutest or what? leave it to darren and mia to make the cutest love story between two kids uugh 

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The extinction race because they suffer a lot, Dan is hilarious, how did phil's sock ended at dan's side????, pj being soft and apologizing to phil, pj being mean and laughing at dan's pain honestly same, pj's noise as he falls... idk man I cry laugh at that video every single time

so much same!! another vid me and emma have watched countless times, omg. phil pushing dan and dan falling dramatically and saying ‘that’s cheating’ in the most posh voice of all time makes us cackle. phil’s sock ending up on dan’s side is a personal fave moment of mine. dan freaking when pj dumps ice on him. phil obviously letting dan win. such a funny video, i do love watching them suffer in this way

tell me your all time fave dnp vid and why


Crazy for you / Neymar Jr. / Requested- Anonymous

Anonymous said: okay what about a neymar one where your a singer (your basically Beyoncé like ) and you guys are married and you use him in your music videos and the fans go crazy !!?!

I woke up with a phone screen full of notifications, from Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, and other social medias I’m in. Today my second music video with Neymar was upload, and I’m truly grateful about their feedback on it.

“Hi Neymarzetes! Thank you for supporting my new music video together with my husband, @neymarjr I hope you all liked it. We love you, always! 😗💕” I clicked on tweet, to post it on Twitter.

I was really amazed, as this is the second time I let Neymar join my music video, and I’m always amazed on how they love my husband.

“Good morning, honey pie, sugar pie!” Neymar said, as he was removing his sweaty shirt after playing basketball, and immediately lay down on the bed.

“Good morning, Mister Sweaty.” I said, while I smiled at me, and tried to pull me closer to his sweaty body. “Ney! Don’t! You’re so sweaty, eaky eaky!” I added.

“Wow! Picky. It’s okay, you haven’t showered yet too, we’ll have our bath time together, later.” He said, while he winked and bit his lower lip.

“Ha, not a chance! I’ll enjoy my hot bath by myself.” I giggled, while I was replying to our fans who commented on the Youtube video, as well as who tagged me in Instagram, and on Twitter, as well as Facebook.

“What are you doing, love?”

“Commenting on these sweet fans, music video is up, come on let’s read some of these, and reply to some of them!”

“WHAT?! The video is up?!” He said, and his face instantly blushed, as he was really embarassed about the music video, as he has to dance sexily.

“Come on! It really looked so good, plus the people loved your dancing skills.” I said, and laughed just by seeing his face.

“Y/N! I really love you, but I really don’t know how to dance, okay?” He said, and smirked at me.

“But Neymar, it was real hot, your steps can really step up the mood!”

“OMG!! This is what you call love!”

  “Thank you! You are so sweet! –Y/N & Neymar”

“I played this music video over and over, it was so sweet, everything makes me feel butterflies in my stomach!!”
        “Hihihi! Thank you so much, hugs and kisses. <3 –Y/N”

“I didn’t expect Neymar can dance that hot!!! Hahaha so cute!”

         “He was too embarrassed to dance that ‘hot’glad you liked it! <3 –Y/N”

We’ve read a lot of comments, and we really were happy about the positive comments we’ve been reading since the past hour, the music videos featuring him makes it our bonding time, as sometime we really are busy, we go home and we just see each other in bed.

“Come on, let’s take a bath already.”

“What? How about we’ll jump into the pool first, I really feel hot today.” I said, while I clicked the lock button of my phone.

“I was feeling swimming on the pool too! Come on, don’t forget to wear my favourite two piece of yours.” Neymar said, and wiggled his eyebrows before he went out of the room.

“Crazy, Neymar! Ugh!” I said, and let out a smile after saying it.

“Crazy for you!” He shouted.



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Did u like the music video?

i thought it was a cool concept, he looked hot, it was nice and interesting but.. There were a lot of mistakes, it wasnt done very well, idk how much of a budget they had but comparing the effects and costume and whatevers of ENC to that just makes it look WORSE, and like they couldve done so much better.. 

a few examples 

i honestly dont know what they were thinking bc this is like 2 seconds after he got stabbed??? you can see his full stomach and hes magically healed?? who is he??? deadpool???/ he would even take longer

do i even need to…..point it out……..whats wrong with this…… looks like someone took a picture of brendon and just moved it across the screen in fact now that i’m saying it yeah im pretty sure thats what they did, he doesnt fucking interact he looks like an ugly yet majestic bird escaping through the window after aunt hilda slapped it with a broom. he stays in the same position… the same….. position…i dont know………what these people were trying to do….. (also quick point out he doesnt have the injury there either)

no to mention how it never actually looks like the tentacles and brendon are legitimately interacting except for a few points/areas, and ik yes theyre gonna look like that to some degree but like it looks like one of those netflix movies that somehow has ½ a star about the sharktipus trying to invade iceland

i mean what is this????

ANYWAYS i could go on picking it apart but i dont want to..

I dont think it really fit the song? again at some points i could see and match up but like i was talking to my friend oliver @tinybren and like we both thought itd be more of like katy perry last friday night theme, but the whole tentacle monster thing doesnt really fit the vibe of the song at least imo, if they had had him getting fucked up and having fun and then waking up the next morning even w the girl and like going through having a hangover for just a short amount of time, or even if they like had him get fucked up and that was the cause of him seeing angry squidward, it still wouldve worked.. aha.. 

I guess i just have this image in my head of what i assumed it would be, it’s not my least favorite music video, i can understand why a lot of people dont like it for different/multiple reasons. I would say i dont dislike it, i like certain areas, i enjoyed the overuse of bedrooms eyes and the amount of licking he did (whether it be to his own lips or to someone else). Plus he looks good when he gets slapped. I can’t look at a lot of parts without laughing, im hoping he was really going for the ridiculous theme over scary/creepy because if he WAS trying to freak……honey……let me help you okay…..

I like it more than the Hallelujah video and ill probably make my mum watch and laugh @ it with me, all in all it couldve been better, i dont think the idea worked as well as they were hoping, and the next MV should have a much better budget or less special effects…this sounds mean ok i love my son ok i love brebdop i have been so mean recently with the tat and now this omg i love him ok i dont hate him or anything. im a monster fanatic, im a brendon urie fanatic, even more so with naked brendon urie (they did that part really well..i appreciated the camera work for that), put them together and youve automatically won me over so even if i dont like this music video it has a place in my heart!! forever! now. and in ways i have to automatically like it. Because i like that kinda shit, so.. To answer your question.. Yeah i guess i did/do.