this video makes me feel like someone else understands me


This message is rather important, so if it could be spread as much as possible, that’d be fantastic. If you’ve ever tried adding ‘Caddicarus’ on Playstation, that isn’t me. I’ve had an account for YEARS - way before I even started making videos - and by the time I got the idea to try and steal that username to make it mine, some arse had already taken it. I mean, I would understand if it was a vague name that anyone could take, but ‘Caddicarus’? Seems a little bit too specific to be an accident, if you ask me! Same with Tumblr, and Reddit. THOSE ACCOUNTS ARE NOT ME.

But yes, I’m rambling. It’s my own fault for not taking my own name before someone else did, but I still feel like it should be said. I’ve tried contacting this guy, and I got nothing back - so all I’m saying is that if you’ve tried adding/talking to this person and they’ve either been rude to you or claimed they are me, they are lying. I won’t post my real account name here because it’s visible on loads of videos I’ve already done, but rest assured, just watch out!

Please share this around to anyone that’s tried accessing my account on PSN, and please remember to stay beautiful! <3