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New YouTube Video! It’s Black History Month, and this video was extremely important to me and my friends. We’re so happy we could make this video and we hope you enjoy it too!!  

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  • when i say this is the cutest thing peter has ever done for you
  • i can’t even exaggerate it
  • saying goodbye to him was a bitter-sweet moment for you because you were always worried about him and would miss him, but you were extremely proud of him for getting to go on his first mission
  • peter knew you’d be missing him
  • and of course lil’ homeboy was desperately wishing you could’ve gone with him
  • “happy, why can’t we bring y/n???”
  • “do you even think about the things you ask me before you do so?”
  • “no….”
  • anyways peter wanted to make sure you still felt included on this huge milestone of his
  • he’d decide he was going to take videos to keep you posted like all the vlogs he had seen on youtube
  • oh my god he tried to keep it secretive so he could surprise you once he got home
  • but he was just so excited you ended up getting multiple vlogs a day
  • and you were most definitely not complaining about how cute your boyfriend was
  • “ok so we’re getting on the plane now…if you were here you could’ve sat here”
  • and he’d point the camera to the seat directly next to him
  • “or here :))”
  • and now the camera would move to his lap
  • but he’d move the camera away hella quick as soon as happy came by the aisle and shut up
  • he didn’t get much sleep on the flight, so that was probably the longest vlog
    • a good 40 minutes after being edited
    • he had to split it up and send it to you in like 9 separate parts 
  • you watched every second of it
  • “what’s a movie we haven’t already watched?”
  • “how far do you think i can throw this cup without hitting anything?”
  • “i wonder if my webs would stick to clouds- wait no that doesn’t obey any laws of science or physics…they’d just cut right through… should i invent webs that stick to clouds??”
  • “oh wait, you can’t answer me at the moment so i should stop asking so many questions..”
  • waking up happy every hour or so with his shenanigans and getting it on film
  • stark even got a huge kick out of these clips
  • “ok.. *yawn* i think i’m gonna get some sleep since we got 35 minutes *yawn* left.. i miss you already”
    • pouty, sleepy peter aw 
  • the next one came from his arrival in berlin as he was walking around with happy
  • “so…not sure exactly why we’re here, but this is so cool!”
  • “oh my gosh i’m totally bringing you to berlin next time!!!!” 
  • “happy, say hi to y/n!!”
    • “please save me from your boyfriend” 
    • also: “i really don’t know how you’re dating him” 
  • him showing you allllll the scenery 
  • “woah, i feel like a really cool narrator” 
  • lots of !!!!!! coming from peter at actually everything he sees 
  • “peter, you know we’re in public, people are staring” 
  • “sorry babe, i guess that’s my cue to go, i’ll call you when i get to the hotel” 
  • lot’s of kisses being blown to the camera
  • him opening up his camera right after ending the last one 
  • next up was the iconic hotel introduction 
  • “we could both have king size beds in here”
    • “wait, that’s dumb you can just sleep with me” 
  • peter setting down the phone while he’s changing into his little homemade suit so the camera goes black for a minute and you hear a small crash 
  • peter hyping himself up in the camera and it makes your heart swELL 
  • “do i look ok? i think stark is gonna be impressed, i added a new-” 
  • “what is that? what are you wearing?”
  • “it’s my suit :))” 
  • oh my gosh you actually had to take a screenshot of the look on peter’s face when he showed you his new suit stark had designed for him 
  • sending him loads of supporting texts after getting all these videos that make him blush 
  • you don’t hear from him for the rest of the day, which is a bit alarming, but you try to think only the best and hope that he’s doing alright
  • then all of a sudden you get a facetime call
    • i know, not a vlog, but i think he’d actually do this tbh
  • he’s actually in the middle of the airport fight 
  • “woah, there’s captain america…black widow..hey who’s the new guy?”
  • “shit, babe that’s me i gotta go” 
  • hearing him in the background 
  • watching various superheros flying across the screen of your phone and seeing random explosions 
  • peter screaming often 
  • him swinging across the camera
  • head ass just left his phone chilling while he fought 
  • thinking he could actually get in lots of trouble for this??? 
  • oh well
  • after everything calms down, a disheveled peter returns to the screen
  • “oh hey, angel,  you’re still here”
  • he sounds kinda outta breath
  • his mask is half on 
  • he’s got a few bruises forming
    • followed by: “sHIT I GOTTA GO MISS YOU LOVE YOU BYE” 
  • him hanging up very quickly with a panicked look on his face 
  • not hearing from him until another hour later 
  • this one was shorter but it was still cute as hell 
  • he stopped when there was a knock at the door
  • “hold up, baby” 
  • homeboy flipping across the bed
  • you’re still in aw of his abilities ????
  • “hey” 
  • “we have thin walls, you know” 
  • “so sorry, happy, it’s for y/n!!” 
  • “goodnight, y/n” 
  • “goodnight, happy!!” 
  • *no response* 
  • “ok, i’m back.. i think i need some sleep though, i can’t feel the left right side of my face. but i love you and miss you a lot and i think i come home tomorrow, did i mention i miss you?  anyways, goodnight baby!” 
  • he didn’t even edit it he was so tired, but it made you happy he was finally getting some rest 
  • in the mornings he made you another vlog 
  • “ok, good morning, *rubbing eyes, lots of yawning*, i’m on my way home, berlin was crazy, did i tell you i stole cap’s shield last night, babe?” 
  • “anyways, i really really miss you. god, i haven’t kissed you in like 30 hours this is ridiculous” 
  • he also had tony give you a little hello 
  • “peter did great at the stark internship retreat, y/n, and-”
  • “oh, mr. stark, she knows it’s cool, she’s in on our little secret” 
  • lots of bloopers of him messing up his lines that he prepared in his head 
  • trying to speak german 
  • key word: trying 
  • retelling the captain america story 
  • talking about taking out bucky and sam 
  • he said he missed you about 73847493 times 
  • and he made sure you knew that
  • and you definitely felt it 
  • but it made it much more bearable having him being gone


actual things that happen in the Book of Mormon/why it is the most Extra™ musical ever
  • “Have fun in hell!”
  • Norway: land of gnomes and trolls
  • France: land of pastries and turtlenecks
  • Japan: land of soy sauce and Mothra
  • Elder Price’s lifelong dream is to get sent on a mission to Orlando, Florida, but instead he gets sent to Uganda
  • “UGANDA! COOL! ….where is that.”
  • Kevin goes along with the happy upbeat choreography despite feeling extremely ripped off
  • “well, he has a very active imagination–” “I LIE A LOT!” “no”
  • Kevin’s dad actually gets a random woman to dress up like someone in The Lion King and sing Circle of Life
  • “Personally I like Star Wars, but I’m willing to like Star Trek more if you think it’s better”
  • the writers probably only made Price’s first name Kevin because it rhymed with heaven
  • You and Me (But Mostly Me) aka every group project ever
  • Arnold tries to make a video diary
  • Josh Gad screaming
  • the entirety of Hasa Diga Eebowai (it’s such a jam though)
  • “Raise your middle finger to the sky and curse his rotten name!” “wait what”
  • “Well, let’s see. Eebowai means God, and Hasa Diga means, Fuck you. So I guess in English it would be: Fuck you, God!” “WHAT?!
  • Cunningham gets REALLY into it.
  • someone tries to fuck a baby
  • “But that’s horrible!” “I know!” “Hasa Diga Eebowai!”
  • everyone has AIDS
  • Nabulungi has the purest expression on her face while doing the most vulgar choreography ever
  • All the nicknames for Nabulungi, including but not limited to: Bambamchelfi, Jon Bon Jovi, Hockaloogie, Nagasaki, Nabagamba, Neutrogena, Neosporin, Nintendo 64, Nordstrom, and Nutella
  • Elder Poptarts
  • a fun, lighthearted tap number about repressing your emotions
  • Elder Thomas was out buying an iPhone while his sister was dying of cancer
  • “My hetero side just won” *thumps chest*
  • when the lights go down and when they go back up all of the Mormons are dancing and wearing pink sparkly vests. Including Kevin.
  • “Imagine that your brain is made of tiny boxes, then find the box that’s gay and CRUSH IT!
  • Andrew fucking Rannells had to have the words “no, no, i’m not having gay thoughts” come out of his mouth
  • the sound of tap dancing in the background as Elder McKinley leaves the living quarters
  • “There is no Bishop Donaghue! I made him up!”
  • arnold cunningham just wants his dad to be proud of him for once
  • Cunningham steals Price’s blanket despite having one of his own
  • Nabulungi uses a typewriter as a texting device
  • Cunningham has a panic attack when he sees that there’s no doorbell
  • Gotswana has maggots in his scrotum
  • “what the fuck is a steak knife”
  • General Butt Fucking Naked
  • Nabulungi, one of the purest characters in musical theatre, singing “soon life won’t be so… shitty”
  • “So he crawled up on that cross, and he stuck it out” hjdhfjqgfhnjs
  • Elder Cunningham hip thrusting to rock metal
  • “YOU’RE NOT MY FATHER” *stabs Darth Vader*
  • “Heavenly Father, why do you let bad things happen? More to the point, why do you let bad things happen to me?”
  • “We will listen to the fat white guy”
  • right as Act 1 ends, Gotswana reminds us that he has maggots in his scrotum
  • “i know you’re really depressed, what with all your AIDS and everything,”
  • Arnold’s conscience consists of his father, Joseph Smith, Moroni, hobbits, and Yoda
  • arnold convinces everyone that fucking a frog is the solution to all your problems
  • clitoris
  • Boba Fett
  • Kevin mistakes hell for disneyworld
  • Elder Price has spent his life plagued by guilt over blaming his brother for eating a donut with maple glaze when he was five (5) years old
  • Elder Price has a nightmare that he gets sent to hell and Jesus calls him a dick
  • spooky wooky
  • Hitler makes an appearance, because of course he does
  • Elder Price thinks abandoning your mission companion is worse than serial murder and genocide
  • McKinley dancing seductively with the red boa
  • Jeffrey Dahmer and Kevin’s dad having anal sex
  • McKinley blowing Hitler
  • the music stops just so Kevin can scream that he can’t believe Jesus called him a dick
  • “That would take something… incredible” *spotlight on Kevin as his head whips around to face the audience fast enough to get whiplash*
  • Andrew Rannells licking his lips every other line at the Tonys
  • Elder Price forces General Butt Fucking Naked to dance with him
  • baptism is a euphemism for sex
  • A song called I Am Africa sung by the whitest people ever with the whitest choreography ever
  • Elder Price actually gets the Book of Mormon shoved up his ass
  • “let us smile and laughrica”
  • Elder Price drinks twelve (12) cups of coffee because he’s lost all faith in the Mormon religion
  • just fucking. planet orlando
  • orlando (reprise)
  • “I’m Joseph Smith, and I’m going to fuck this baby!” “WHAT”
  • Moroni from the Starship Enterprise
  • “Will you fight the clitoris man?”
  • magical fuck frog
  • “Let’s be really fucking polite to everyone!”
  • the dysentary sequence
  • Jesus wanting everyone to fuck each other and everyone wears HUGE dick garments
  • Nabulungi convinces everyone that Elder Cunningham was eaten by lions and then Cunningham walks in and they’re like “HE HAS RISEN”
  • “If you do not get out of this village right now, he is gonna command the Angel Moroni… from the DEATH STAR… and unleash the KRAKEN! Which will then…” “Which will then launch Joseph Smith’s TORPEDOES from its mouth of CHRIST and turn you into a LESBIAN!”
  • the fact that that somehow scares off General Butt Fucking Naked
  • elder price says fuck
  • “my name is Elder Butt Fucking Naked.” (brief pause) “did you know that the clitoris is a holy sacred thing”
  • The book of Arnold
  • the last line of the show is literally Gotswana singing “I still have maggots in my scrotum!”
One of the Good Nights

Every so often, I have one of those nights I feel truly in tune with myself, where I am, and what I intend to do. It’s an alignment of the mind and spirit that gives me a clear vision of the road ahead.

The first half of this year has been, in short, a trainwreck when speaking in terms of my productivity and regularity on the channel. Two deaths, two months of taking time away to help with major living environment moves (the second of which was for myself and involved packing up/throwing away years of my life) and one month of a big themed video marathon that was cut down by not one, but two videos that canceled their ability to be covered on me at the last minute.

Have you ever rode a bike that kept skipping a link in the chain every other turn, stopping you from going the speed you wanted and having a good ride? That has been my experience with the channel so far this year. Every other turn is good, every turn between makes the bike trip.

I am extremely happy to say I feel like I’ve got a new bike and the chain is in perfect condition. No more stupid skips or jumped links.

I’m settled into my new living space, an environment in which I have more freedom, control, and open availability at all hours to do anything I need to than ever before in life. I can only foresee one weekend in the future that I’ll be occupied and unable to work on the channel or its related projects, and as far as compromises go, that’s a really good one to compare to an entire future of open running room.

I’m done making announcement posts about being done with interruptions–aside from anyone else dying (which, you know, I pray doesn’t happen) I am not going to be blocked by interruptions again.

One video a week. It’s not only possible, it’s easy, now. I am back in control, I feel like it, and I’m ready to show you all what I’m capable of now with this much freedom and ability.

It’s a good night. Just a few months to October. 11 days until the second birthday of Night Mind. 

Let’s get back to the most mysterious and creative corners of the dark, online and off.

- Nick Nocturne

I always get made fun of for basically worshipping these men. But there’s a reason behind my obsession. I came across “Danger” on YouTube one day and I decided to watch it. This was during one of the lowest points in my life. I really felt like there was no hope for me left, I was just so done with fighting for a life I didn’t even want to live anymore. Even though I was a bit weirded out by it at first after a couple of listens and Bam I loved it, it was so catchy! Then I decided to check out the rest of their music and I enjoyed every single song, I’ve watched them progress and grow was a group/individuals. I soon enough learned who was who and what made them unique. I found myself just slowly feeling less and less miserable. I’ve started going out more, speaking more and being less anxious about every small thing. Sure there are still those days where I feel extremely upset and I just cannot function. Bts has been a great source of happiness and support for me. They have shown me that not only does “teamwork make the dream work” but that with perseverance anything is possible. This encourages me to keep pushing forward and maybe one day I’ll achieve my goal of being depression free. Battling depression is never an easy task. No I’m not saying they cured me but they definitely do make me happy. Considering how I was before, I’ve definitely seen change. And for the better! I’m sorry if all I do talk about bts 24/7. I owe my happiness to these guys. Seeing pictures or watching videos of them just brings a smile unto my face. Not a forced one, it just comes naturally. Bts has a special place in my heart. Thanks for helping me become a better and happier person. I am also extremely grateful for the opportunities that they have been given, and the love that armies all around the world have given to the boys. They deserve all of it. Army fighting! 💕
………….Idk I’m tired and having bts feels………….

Simon Imagine - Official

REQUESTED: ‘a simon imagine where he meets your parents for the first time’

I parked the car. Instantly my head turned to Simon, who looked slightly paled and nervous in the passenger seat.

“Simon, don’t be nervous okay. They’re gonna love you honestly they’re not hard to please.”

Taking my hand in his I rubbed my thumb across his knuckles for reassurance. His face softened.

“I hope so.”

“I know so. They’ve seen some of your videos! They practically already know you.”

“That makes it worse,” he squirmed. “I don’t know what they’ve seen, that’s so…cringey.”

“Simon, my parents are extremely laidback okay, I promise you they’ll love you.” I lowered my voice slightly. “I think more than anything they’re just happy to see me bring back somebody new, after all this time.”

It was his turn to comfort me, pulling me on top of him in the passenger seat as he rubbed my hair.

“Don’t think about it, Y/n. Let’s go in okay. I’ll make the best impression possible.”

As we clambered out of the car I took his hand. Our eyes met and he smiled briefly. Without us even needing to knock, the door opened, revealing my Mum.

“And you must be Simon!”

She engulfed him in a large hug. A giggle fell from my lips as Simon stumbled back in surprise at my Mum’s affection. He caught his balance and returned the gesture, wrapping his arms around her back. The next to greet him was my stepdad.

“So you’re Simon, it’s nice to meet you. Don’t worry: I’m not as full on as my wife is.”

They all laughed as the two boys exchanged a hand shake. We stood in the hall for about ten minutes, my mum cooing over poor Simon, my stepdad wanting to ask questions. Eventually I noticed his exhaustion.

“Alright Mum, how about we go and start on the dinner?”

“That sounds lovely darling,” she smiled a warm grin; suddenly I felt an intense wave of love. “Let’s leave the men to it!”

Pecking Simon on the cheek quickly I followed my mum into the kitchen. Instantly she assigned me to chopping vegetables, just like I’d done as a child.

“The dinner’s nearly ready love.”

“That’s good Mum. So…what did you think?”

A feeling of nerves arised from my stomach and I pushed them back down. It wasn’t that I was scared of what she would think of Simon, because I knew she loved him already. It was just the idea of introducing someone to my parents again. This made it official, and I loved Simon, but I hated the prospect of maybe getting my heart broken once again.

“He’s lovely! So handsome in real life, a charmer. He’s tall, isn’t he?”

She turned to look at me, noticing my unsatisfied stare. For a second she put down the cooking equipment and touched my shoulder.

“Darling he’s a keeper, this one. You’ve done so well to let someone back in, and you couldn’t have done a better job of picking who. I’m so so proud of you love. This is a future thing, I can already tell.”

Tears surfaced in my eyes and I blinked them away, pulling my Mum into a hug. Her smile was warm against my neck, her comforting, motherly scent making me feel nostalgic.

“I really love him, Mum.” I whispered.

“And he you, darling, it’s clear. Now go, you, and tell them both dinner’s nearly ready.”

Complying with her request I exited the room, heading towards the living room where Simon and my stepdad sat. As I approached the door I heard the deep, soft sounds of their voices, as if they were talking intensely. I stopped to listen.

“So you’re serious about her, then?”

“Couldn’t be more serious Sir. I love her, I’m certain of it. I’ve never loved anyone before but I know that I love her.”

“That’s warming to here son. Be careful with her. Although I’m certain that I don’t need to tell you that.” I furrowed my eyebrows together, unsure of where the conversation was going. “Do you think you’ll marry her one day?”

“I hope to, Sir.”

My eyes widened. Again, I tried to surpress tears. He wants to marry me?! Do i want to marry him? Of course I do. I love him, so much.

“Well I would love to see it happen. I think you’re a great man, Simon. I can’t think of anyone greater for my daughter.”

My heart softened in my chest. Part of me didn’t ever wanna enter the room, too scared of disrupting this beautiful conversation, however I walked in anyway.

“Dinner’s being served.” I mumbled at their knowing smiles.

My stepdad stood first, patting my arm lightly as he left the room. Then came Simon.

“What did you think?” I asked, looking up to meet his eye as he wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing a kiss on my forehead.

“Y/n, I love them, and I love you. All there is to it.”

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what's something panic-related and not panic-related that makes you happy? like for me i like that making-of video of 20 dollar nosebleed where brendon accidentally growls too deep singing "PERManent" .... but I also lose my shit over Fiona the baby hippo on the cincinnati zoo's instagram

panic related hmm.. i will never stop bringing up this video its like my favorite panic related thing

and non related, i used to be very obsessed with sharks so much that my parents got me a pocket shark encyclopedia to carry around and even though i dont spend as much time reading about them and all that jazz they still make me extremely happy an i watch a lot of shark related things sometimes … and i still wanna go shark diving very badly 

Jaemin Appreciation Post
  • i haven’t seen my baby in so long, i swear that i almost cried when i saw his pictures today
  • i’m just so soft for him??? he’s such a king
  • i really really hope he’s having an amazing day because he doesn’t deserve any less :’) <3
  • but anywas, let’s start talking about him and his perfection already
  • because, oH bOi i have things to say
  • okay so,, first of all,,, we need to talk about how deadly beautiful his smile is
  • full ofense but he has the most beautiful smile i have ever seen in my life
  • i love it so much when he’s all happy and smiley because that precious smile lights up his whole face in seconds
  • and it makes him look twice as ethereal and makes me twice as emo
  • also, this baby is the happy virus of the dreamies so every time i see him it’s death to me because of all his cuteness
  • talking about cuteness, i can’t be the only one who misses his cringy-worthy aegyo like crazy, right?
  • nEver let this video die
  • neither this one, even if it’s extremely awkward
  • he’s just too cute
  • i’m completely in love with his never-ending positivity, like that’s so crazy?? i’m so jealous ¿?
  • he has such a beautiful personality and i just can’t believe a human as perfect as him exists
  • we don’t deserve an angel like him
  • and can we talk about how talented my boy is for a sec
  • like, we didn’t get to appreaciate his voice too much but,,, he’s such a great dancer??? even while riding a hoverboard¿¿??
  • i seriously hate when he does that, it scares the shit out of me
  • also, he has such a beautiful relationship with all the rest of the members???
  • like, he created such a strong friendship w chenle and renjun in just a couple of months
  • and he’s even close with the rookies, whAt
  • how is this kid so social and how can i be like him
  • uGh i’m going to get sad after this bUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT JAMIN’S FRIENDSHIP WITH HANSOL???
  • he’s just so kind with everyone and treats everyone so nicely without expecting anything in response and, ugh
  • i seriously can’t explain how beautiful and pure his personality, this baby deserves the whole world
  • but anyways, i should end this up already, i’m getting emo and sleepy
  • basically, this baby has a heart made of gold and we don’t deserve someone as good as him
  • only jeno does ;)) wink wonk
  • na jaemin, i wish you nothing but pure happiness and success in your life baby because that’s what you deserve and more for being such an incredible person
  • happy birthday boo, i truly hope you had the best day ever today

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Screenshots from WHO WILL IT BE? | Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Part 6 (END)! :D

Oh my god I absolutely adored this series! Seriously though these have been my favorite videos that Seán has been uploading recently because they always made me smile or made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside even on days where I was feeling completely awful. These videos were really important to me because they they reminded me of how important it is to see the positive and why it’s important to enjoy yourself and what you do. I actually thought seeing his character and Craig together was really cute and it felt like the ending really fit for how Seán played the game. There was so many moments in all these videos that I loved and honestly I think this one of my favorite series that he’s ever done on his channel.:) 
This game was so heartwarming and funny. It was so my sense of humor and there was moments where I really related to the writing. I absolutely loved the characters in game and how they felt like real people and stereo-types. Amanda being my favorite out of all the characters! xD You can tell that the developers put so much love, passion and hard work into this game and it seriously really shows. Next time I get money for steam I definitely am going to buy this game not only because I want to play it and date Mat. But I want to support the developers too for putting so much into this game. I appreciate all the hard work and passion that they put into this and I 100% want to support that and I’d definitely love to see them make more games in the future. ^_^
But yeah like I said before I absolutely adore this game and Seán’s videos on it too. Even though it was a silly game about dating hot Dads and silly videos with Seán wearing a crop top they still meant so much to me. They kept me positive while I went through an extremely low moment with myself for a few weeks. But now I’m feeling much more like myself and I feel a lot better. I appreciate these videos for making me feel super happy even on some of the worst days. 

I loved this game! I loved watching Seán play this game! I LOVED THIS SERIES!!! :D 

Also because he didn’t wear this in this video it’s only fitting to end the post with this.

Crop top FTW! ;D


I am super sorry if it did not make much sense towards the end! I was literally dozing off when I wrote this more specifically at the very end. That aside, thank you for sending in this request and this probably is not what you were looking forward but I do hope you will enjoy it nonetheless! Yay for some more Jon Kent stuff! And just in case if anyone is ever wondering, you are a Vlogger on YouTube and this is your reaction surprise video.

You lift the camera up so that it is filming you instead. “Jon doesn’t know this but I am planning a surprise for him.” You grin and use your free hand to push away the hair from covering your face. “So Jon is currently outside with his dad and brother and to be honest, they probably already know this but Jon doesn’t so I am really hoping I can pull of this surprise.” You explain to the camera before turning to film the present you have been holding in your hand.

“So tonight is the annual family Christmas dinner at Clark’s house and everyone is already here too and it’s been so fun catching up with everyone and seeing Jon feeling extremely happy because he finally gets to see his family and all makes me happy too.” You ramble before remembering the purpose of your video. You lift the present up and focus on it with the camera. “So some of you might have already figured out especially when I talked about it in our previous Q&A session and yes, I am pregnant. I am about seven weeks pregnant now.” You made a little cheer for yourself.

“My present for Jon is in this box and I really hope he will be happy about this.” You say to the camera as you turn it back towards you. “Jon and I, we aren’t necessarily trying to get a baby. We are just simply going with the flow and even though it’s been seven weeks and I have only known about this since the third week, I really think I am looking forward to becoming a mother.” You move to pick up your phone from the bed and head outside of the bedroom, filming the newly renovated Kent house.

“Clark has been planning on renovating the entire house for a while now and he finally got around to do it. So there’s that.” You move your camera slowly, making sure to get as much footage as you possibly can before you turn the camera back on you as you get off the stairs. “I do this a lot – I pick up the camera to film with one thing in mind but then it just suddenly becomes a very random video of me talking about a couple of things – like right now. But yes, back to the whole point of this video.”

You pad over to the kitchen, grabbing a few sneaky bites of the cookies meant for dinner and walk outside where you greet Lois. Lois smiles at you when she spies the camera in your hand. “Are you willing to help me surprise Jon?” You ask Lois, focusing on her and Lois laughs quietly to herself before nodding her head. She grabs the camera from you and you are now free to walk towards where Clark, Conner and Jon are playing around.

It really is nice to see that despite being all grown up, the three men can still play around as if there is no care in the world.

Jon is the first one to notice you – mostly because he is so in tune with the sounds of your steps – and he stops playing, padding over towards you instead. He then spies the camera in his Mom’s hand. “What’s up?” Jon reaches over to wound an arm around your waist, dropping a kiss on your forehead.

You smile at him, comforted by his smell. “Well, I have a surprise for you.” You tell him as you pull away from him. Jon furrows his eyebrows and tilts his head to the side when you hand over the box to him. Jon shakes it before looking at you skeptically. “It’s nothing too fancy – we agreed on no fancy things.” You say casually.

Jon chuckles. “Y/N, I thought we agreed to no present this Christmas. I didn’t get you any.” Jon whines as he stares at the present guiltily.

You pat his hand, aware that his entire family are now surrounding you. Jon is still oblivious to this because he is still staring at the box, wondering what gift you had gotten him. He feels super guilty for not getting you any present at all. “This present is enough for the both of us. Open it.” You tell him and this is when Lois steps closer, to fill Jon.

The frown on Jon’s face deepens as he begins to unwrap the present – finally take notice that his entire family are watching – and once he is done, he stares at the naked box. “What’s inside?” He asks himself as he shakes the box. It makes some bit of a noise but that was about it – nothing about the way it sounded or the shape of the box can give him any clue as to what the present may be.

With your prompting, Jon finally opens the present and when he finally realizes just what in the world he is currently staring at, Jon feels extremely giddy and he drops the present to the ground before pulling you to him in to a very tight hug and showering your face with kisses. You start tearing up the moment he realizes, laughing as Jon would not stop showering your face with a lot of kisses.

“I am pregnant, Jon. Can you believe that?” You ask him with tears in your eyes. You can finally share this secret with your husband and even though life is only going to get more dangerous now that you can be a prime target to the Supers’ enemies.

“Congratulations, Y/N, Jon!” Clark pulls the two of you in to a hug. “Group hug, everyone!” Clark exclaims before pulling everyone in to the hug, including Lois who had until then been filming the entire thing. Conner rolls his eyes before wrapping his arms gingerly around everyone.

Clark gives you a kiss on the forehead. You smile at your father-in-law before reaching to hold Lois’s hand. She has since then stopped filming due to feeling extremely touched and the tight hug as well. “We are so happy for Jon and you, Y/N.”

You grin at your family. “Thank you so much, everyone!” Jon mirrors your words before turning to look at you lovingly, giddily. He presses a palm against your stomach and rubs it a few times, soothingly. This is definitely one of the best Christmas presents Jon has ever gotten too. He definitely cannot wait to be a dad – he wants to be just like his dad, only much more involved. 

Jon knows he is going to be the best SuperDad ever.

Wanna Bet? - Alex Wennberg

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Hehe some Wennberg smut! I’m into it, i’m into him!  I hope you guys all enjoy it, much love pals! <3

Word count: 1767

Warnings: smut, sex, a couple swear words

Request: ”Could you do 71 with Alex Wennberg please? Thank you :-)))” - @pizza-can

Prompt: #71 “Make out with me.”

Up next: Zach Werenski


You and Alex had taken quite a liking to playing NHL 17 together on the xbox, it was often how you would end most nights.  You had first seen Alex playing it a couple weeks ago with some friends and you were immediately intrigued.  You weren’t normally into video games but maybe you liked this one because your boyfriend was actually in it.  Honestly, that’s probably it.

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anonymous asked:

hey guera, your art is honestly one of my biggest inspirations and i was wondering how you draw translate irl people into a more cartoony style? like what aspects of a real persons face do you know to convert to a more cartoonish style? im really struggling with this and have found absolutely no advice on it... im worried ill never manage to get it right

Ahh!! Thank you so much anon ;o; you are so sweet and kind that i have decided to make a quick little tutorial for you! Its basically just how I personally  go about stylizing people when turning them into characters! Hopefully this can help you out a bit c: This tutorial can apply to more stylized work as well as more realistic styles! It all depends on how much or how little you exaggerate your shapes!

I’ll put it under the cut for you since it got kinda long lol 

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Youtube and life balancing.
Jacksepticeye 2017
Youtube and life balancing.

I know that it’s probably extremely weird that I made these parts of the final Dream Daddy video into an audio post. But I wanted to make a post about this and I feel like hearing Seán say all of this would be much better then just reading it off of my screenshots. Plus it would take way too long to use screenshots and text anyway. :P 


Seán, I know tons of people have probably said something about this already to you and I don’t know if you’ll even see this post or not. But I still want to say something to you about all of this and speak as genuinely and honestly as I can to you too. 
It’s nice to see that you care so much and that you love what you do and it says so much about you and who you are as a person that you put others needs before your own. But you need take time for yourself too, which I know you’re aware of and you have gotten much better about all of this but still. People in your life will come and go but you’re always going to be with yourself for the rest of your existence. You’re going to still have yourself here even down the road when you’re done with Youtube. So it’s extremely important to treat yourself like you would your best friend. Which means letting yourself walk away from Jack once in a while to spend time with Seán and see how he’s doing and making sure that he’s okay and that he’s happy. I know that it’s way easier said then done but you’re not just a Youtuber and you’re not a video making machine, you’re a person. Please promise me Seán that if this ever becomes too much for you and you know that you need to walk away to let yourself breathe and think, then do that! I know that all of this makes you so incredibly happy but I care about you and I don’t want to see you get burnt out or to see you loose yourself in the consistency of your upload schedule. You do so much for millions of people every single day, you touch and change millions of people’s lives just by making them smile and that’s absolutely incredible to me. So even if you have moments when you don’t feel like it you 100% definitely do enough! I appreciate everything that you do every single day! I appreciate all the time, effort and hard work you put into doing this and to making people happy! Not saying that you can’t try to do and achieve more for yourself but you have so much to be happy about and proud of with where you are right now in your life. It’s important to take a step back and to look at the big picture to truly appreciate everything that you have and everything that you’ve accomplished. Which I know that you know because that’s what you’ve taught me to do for myself with my life. But everyone still needs that reminder to look at all the good that they have and to remember how far we’ve come in our lives. You’ve come such a long way since making videos in a cabin in the woods with crappy internet dude. The community, your viewers and people in general will understand if you need to take a step back and take time for yourself and they’ll be here when you come back because they care about you just as much as you care about them. I know that all of this means so much to you and just want to make people happy but please remember that your needs and your happiness are equally important and matter just as much as the needs of all the people in your life. Like what Jack Daddy said to his bro Craig in this. 

All I ask of you is to just remember to take care of yourself too Seán!


One thing I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while, especially after watching the latest Sanders Sides video which is my new favorite: who are those morons giving a thumbs down to Thomas’s videos? I don’t understand how ANYONE could do such a thing. His acting is outstanding! He’s working his butt off to create those videos, gets very little sleep and has awesome friends who helped him with all the hard work and they did such a fantastic job! Like, for real! They even created a whole new setting, even though it’s just Thomas’s living room looking different. That’s amazing!

I’ve rarely seen Youtube content that has made me SO extremely happy. So thank you @thatsthat24 for everything you do. You are a literal angel and deserve so much more praise. Give this man an Oscar!


First of all, I’d like to thank all the nice comments I received about my video! I’m happy a lot of people liked it or had a good laugh at the memes I dropped in. 

1. anon: Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it And I’m extremely flattered you watched it so many times. Makes it all worth it ;v; <3

2. @shadowtrmn8r : omg Pharmercy musical. Thank you so much! Yes welcome aboard the Somb.Va ship B)

3. @actualasamisato : I’m glad she’s both or this animation would’ve been awkward. Also thank you for supporting me on Patreon! I appreciate it <3

4. anon2: Thank you, anon! And Happy New Year to you too :)