this video made me tear up

"I Feel Lost” Response

When I saw Mark’s newest upload this morning, I didn’t know what to expect. The title “I Feel Lost” made me both curious yet nervous as to what this would be about. 

I went to school today, working on editing photographs for my teacher and I put the video up in a new tab side by side. At first, I was just working and wasn’t looking at the screen. But when I heard the way Mark sounded as he spoke… 

I stopped my work, turned to the screen and listened. 

Before I knew it, I had a couple tears running down my face the same as Mark. His words on how he felt about himself and the life he has right now, I felt how geniune and how honest he was being with us. I’ve known Mark since 2013 and its insane to see how far he’s come since I first found him. Still crazy that I talked to him no less than 2 weeks ago. From how long I’ve watched him, He has inspired so many people including me and the fear he expressed about disappointing us tugged on a heartstring. Everyone gets that fear and its heavy and scary to feel that way. From talking to him about how he’s changed my life, I’m starting to truly see how much we’ve changed his. How his future since college has changed expotientally and how his drive and fire and passion and love for the community is so strong. The opportunities he’s had and the offers he’s turned down is because of us. He could have done those offers but he chose to dedicate it to us. All he wants is to give back to the community, thats all he truly wants.

He is so fucking proud of us..

The same way we are proud of him.

I’m happy he made this video and expressed this. It sounded like he really needed to say it and I’m proud of him.


Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes 2017 [FULL]


The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire | Dan and Phil’s Story of TATINOF

(made by two dorks on the internet, @danisnotonfire & @amazingphil)

I’ve been watching them for almost 6 years now and although I never got the chance to see them in real life, these two movies/videos really summed up everything I love about them and more. The performance was incredible (cringey but amazing) and the documentary brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to Dan & Phil for always making us constantly smile and inspired with everything you do! Also thanks to the Phandom for embracing me into this community. This is the most fun, I’ve ever had :’)!

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please write something about harrry and his gf meeting up at the airport after he's been on tour for a long time. that short video of him at the airport in la made me think about how they would meet up and can you make ti flufffy/cute?

Sorry darling for the long time, but I hope you like it! Enjoy it! I loved to write it and I had a little tear in my eye as I wrote it!!

lots of love as always 


You slide into your coat as you look at the clock, which is hanging in the hallway. A soft smile is on your lips, and you feel the butterflies in your tummy. Grabbing the keys, you look at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes are shining and your cheeks are red because you are nervous. You wear his favourite jumper and skinny dark blue jeans with your white sneakers.

It’s cold outside so you wrap your arms around your body as you walk towards the black Range Rover.

Every time you open the Range Rover, you smell him.  It’s like he is sitting on the passenger seat complaining about your style of driving with a cheeky smirk on his lips. God, you think of his lips as you slide into the driver’s seat. How long has it been since you have kissed his sensual lips? How long had it been since you felt his touch, his warm body, his arms which are your home?

With a sigh you start the motor; you have to wait until the gate opens automatically. It feels like hours. Why can’t the portal open faster?, you ask yourself, ready to kick the accelerator. Finally the gate engages with a deep wiry sound. Kicking the gas pedal, you drive out of the driveway and the gravel crunches under the heavy wheels.

It’s already dark. Only the street lamps give light in a warm orange. As you stop because of a red traffic light you thrum with your fingers nervously on the steering wheel. Your gaze wanders around and you see an old man walking with his dog. The dog walks slowly; obviously is he tired and old. You bend your head to the right as you smile softly.

The light switches, and you turn on the radio. His CD is playing and the corners of your mouth twitch. Elvis is singing as you rush past some houses.  You know you are driving too fast but you are so jumpy.  

As you arrive at your destination you look at the display. 20 minutes. You look at your phone, smiling as you read the last message from him, which he sent 9 hours ago. Sliding your phone in the pocket of your coat you jump out of the car. The airport is well-lit and you hasten into the building.

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New (OLD) photos of Zacky (and the boys) in Europe. Man seeing Jimmy in photos and videos made me tear up.

I’m bitter.

Thinking about the fact that I will probably never see the Cursed Child makes me wanna cry. I just listened to an audio clip from the play and started tearing up. I don’t know if JKR realizes this or not (although, judging by Scorbus, probably not), but she has cut off 90% of fans by making HPCC a play, and not releasing and video/audio of it. Fans want to see Anthony Boyle and Sam Clemmett and all the magic - reading the book is not enough. We have literally resorted to people describing scenes for us. I will never not be bitter about this.   


I’m watching this video by Supergymmie and I absolutely love how, alongside the amazing gymnastics, she’s (and I’m assuming Supergymmie is a girl because I don’t actually know for sure who’s behind the channel) captured such sweet moments from the Rio Games. I’m going to go ahead and list them all (in case you can’t/don’t have time to watch the video), because it’s just so beautiful. Truly the spirit of the Olympic Games.

- Sophie Scheder crying when she won bronze on bars (the music here really hammers it home and made me tear up)

- Simone waving to the crowd after her final routine of her Olympic Games

- Sophie smiling when Aliya kissed her gold medal

- Amy grinning at Simone showing the camera that she’s won four gold medals

- Simone beaming as Sanne kisses her gold medal

- Tears from Sophie on the podium and Amy after the floor scores were finalised; really shows how much these unexpected medals meant to these girls.

- Catalina giving Sanne a long hug after the beam final

- Marine Boyer being a cutie and waving either at a camera or someone in the audience

- Aly and Simone hugging/waving to the crowd after the AA

- Houry Gebeshian kissing the beam

- Aly in tears after her AA floor exercise (still crying over this)

- Houry Gebeshian kissing the bars

- Simone and Aimee crying when Simone won the AA

On another note; for some reason, this video really shows how incredible Simone was over everyone else BUT, also lets me marvel at the freaking HEIGHT Aly gets on her double pike Arabian!!

Title: how can I trust you again pt. 2
Type: fluff/smut
Pairing: Brendon X Reader
Request are open!

It’s been a week since I saw Brendon and I’ve been receiving messages and calls from him which I denied  because I just want to be sure with myself

Do I want go back with him after what he did to me

Should I trust him again

Your mind was just filled with those thoughts and one day you were just fixing up your room then you notice a box in a corner you went to it and opened it to find some old pictures of you and Brendon when you were together.

Those pictures brought up some wonderful memories and they made you tear up so much and then you found some videos of you and him on your phone and just can’t help but smile you can see how happy you two look and just how he only focused on making you happy and that’s what warmed your heart.

You started thinking “ maybe I should go back with him” you said in your mind and you had a feeling that you can trust him again

So you went on your phone and decided to call Brendon hoping he answers. You were full of fear and stress then you hear his voice

“Hello” he said

“Hey Bren umm I was wondering if you can come over to my house I need to talk to you” you said

“Why not tell me right now” he said

“I’d rather tell you in person” you said

“Ok just text me your address” he said

So once the call was done you texted him your address and you were pacing back and forth wondering how Brendon will feel you just hope everything works out well.

Then a few minutes later you heard a knock on your door you opened it to see Brendon with puffy eyes and he didn’t look well.

“Come on in” you said and he came in and you were just wondering how your going to start

Before you can say anything Brendon speaks in

“Look I’m sorry for all the dumb shit I’ve done, I’m sorry for all the pain I put you through I never meant to hurt you and gosh I can’t imagine how you felt you probably hate me still and I just want to say please come back I need you no another girl is perfect with me only you please come back” he said and that made your heart break

“Bren I don’t hate you and yes I must admit I went through alot of pain but that’s in the past and today I found old pictures and videos of you and me and it just warmed my heart knowing how much you made me happy and it brought back wonderful memories of us and I need you to your the only guy who made me feel loved, who made me feel like the happiest girl, and just means so much to me” you said

“So can we start over again” he said and you went up to him put your arms around his neck and kissed him and boy how much you missed him

“ yes we can” you said with a smile on your face and he takes his hands and puts them on your face and kisses you passionately and let go his forehead was against yours

“ I love you so much"he said

“I love you so much too"you said and kissed his cheek

"You can sleepover tonight if you want” you said holding his hand

“Of course I will babygirl” he said and kissed your forehead

So you guys spent the day watching Netflix in bed and you Guys were watching a movie and halfway through it you catch Brendon look at you with lust and you started leaning in and he kissed you passionately and you put your hands on his face while he puts his hands on your back and he put you his lap and you two still kissing you went to kiss his neck leaving marks and he took off his shirt quick and you did the same.

“Fuck your so beautiful baby” he said

he ended up pinning you on the bed and he nibbled on your ear then went to your neck with open mouth kisses and then he goes down and kisses down your chest which gives you chills then he goes back up he takes off your bra and he grabs your hands puts them above your hands and goes to whisper in your ear

“Don’t make any noise and you’ll be rewarded” he said in a husky voice

So you were going to do as he said and you see him reaching for your underwear and he’s slowly taking it off then once he took it off he leaves a few kisses on your thighs then he goes and leaves a open mouth kiss on your clit and he kept doing that and he put one finger in and now you were completely trembling under his touch

“Damn… Brendon just fuck me already” you said tugging on his hair

“As you insist” he said with smirk on his face

And all of a sudden he puts his member in going really fast and his hands grip on your waist and he went to your neck nibbling on your skin leaving big hickeys and he bites your lip.

“Damn baby girl.. ” he said

You had wrapped your legs around his waist and he went deeper and harder and you were clawing his back

“Holy shit Bren…” You moaned out

Brendon just hit your g spot and he goes down and kisses and nibbles on your chest and he kissed you passionately and leaned his head against yours and kissed your forehead then you guys had reached your climax.

You and Brendon were under the duvet covers and you had your head on his chest and you see him sleeping while he has his arm around your waist and you smiled knowing that the Brendon you first knew came back and is already making you happy

“Goodnight handsome” you whispered in his ear and kissed him on his cheek

Once you fell asleep you couldn’t stop smiling knowing you got the man you love back.

My initial reaction to “Wear It”

Well Ginny’s bathtub video scene made me totally tear up.

This episode was so hard to watch. But it was also kind of cathartic. It was amazing seeing Ginny let loose for the first time… ever. 

And they really did pack in everything they possibly could have, which done wrong would have backfired but here… worked.

Ginny has been boxed in from all sides, the pressure put on her way too much for any one person to handle without some down time. Which I don’t think we’ve seen her take until now. I mean yes she’s had some nice scenes with Evelyn and Blip and their boys. But that’s not exactly ‘cutting loose’.

And for all that Evelyn is amazing, Blip is her person. Like Evelyn is Blip’s. Which makes theirs a terrific marriage, and doesn’t make them bad friends (they’re great friends). But Ginny hasn’t had a person since her brother stopped being her agent.

And Amelia cares about Ginny. Hell Ginny is almost definitely the most important person in Amelia’s life. But Ginny is Amelia’s job too, which… complicates things.

And Mike was getting there, but now Ginny’s trust has been broken. So that won’t get fixed in a day. And she needs someone now.

And Trevor broke her trust by letting her believe that he was gonna quit baseball. And that old friend from last episode didn’t do anything wrong, but that didn’t make what did happen any easier. And Tommy, who surprisingly started to seem pretty okay got sent off to play in another city.

So yeah Ginny has pretty terrible luck at keeping a friend.

Which is why I loved Cara so much. I don’t know if she’s going to show up again, but I think she should. She’s fun and young and free and completely uninvolved with the rest of Ginny’s life which means she has no personal stake in it, no motive to influence Ginny in one way or another. And she’s trustworthy. And for the baseball sensation Ginny Baker? Trustworthy matters. Almost as much as the rest of it.

Getting a psychologist is great. She isn’t okay, and she needs help.

But she needs a friend too. And for this one episode Ginny let go and it could have gone horribly wrong, but it didn’t. I love that it didn’t. And while she got drunk and danced and played stupid party games for the first time in her life, she put her trust in Cara. And maybe she didn’t consciously let down her walls, but maybe that’s a good thing because if she hadn’t been at a breaking point she wouldn’t have let them down at all. What matters is that she didn’t get a knife in her back while those walls were down.

So potentially Cara could become her person. And if not that then at least someone she can go out with to a few clubs to dance when the pressure gets too much.

Anyways. This episode was so good. And most of the credit goes to Kylie Bunbury who does a phenomenal job in conveying all the layers of Ginny’s character. I actually don’t tear up that often when I watch TV, but watching as the emotions played out on her face as Ginny had a panic attack, as she forced smiles, as she felt like fleeing, as she cried her eyes out, as she admitted that she wasn’t okay? And at the very end when all she had to say to her pictures being released was ‘what else you got?’ because she might not be okay but she’s still gonna take on the whole damn world if she has to? Now that did move me to tears.

Because she’s so goddamn relatable

Honestly, Jack's vlog made me tear up a little.

Now that Anti is gone (for now) the community can move forward and keep moving forward, as Jack stated in his video. He was so real and honest and I don’t think there was any bit of a lie in there. It was fun, and it was a super cool activity for the JSE community, Jack, and Robin. It’s amazing how much attention Jack got from all of this and I think we’d all LOVE to see something like this happen again.

Robin was such a major part in this and it’s so unbelievable that he was able to edit the way he did. He really deserves more love and support, because without Robin, we probably wouldn’t have Anti.

This was such a fun and exciting experience and I’m so glad I could have been a part of it. The theories, the screenshots, the GIFs, everything! It was so cool to see such a large community with so many people get together for something like this. I’m so glad we all were able to put our heads together and do this.

Jack appreciates all of us, and it shows through his videos- not just his Anti videos, but his everyday, normal videos. This is such a loving, caring community and I’m so proud to be a part of it. You guys are all so creative and I cannot get over that.

You guys are amazing, and, until next time,
Happy Halloween

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Things need to be said. And everyone should hear it.

This is a message for everyone. Us fans, people who adore Robron, are supposed to be a community. Since joining tumblr, eventhough I’m not personally close friends with anyone, I feel like apart of a family. Social media has been the place that’s lifted me up when I’m down…. But its also the place that can drag me down further than I’ve ever wanted. I’ve been seeing too much hate lately and I’m sick of it. The AaronFan YouTube channel have made virtually all their Robron/Emmerdale videos private and its a massive loss to people who want to rewatch or people who dont live in the UK. Social media platforms should be used as a tool to work for and with the fandom… not tear everyone down. I love this site, especially, because of how close people are and how amazing it is when I see other people happy. But the downside is there are people who will hate, it hurts but there are. Nasty people hiding behind Anon tags just to tear others down. It’s not right. Please please please share/reblog this so others can see this message too. I think everyone needs to take a look, step back, and think about what this fandom means. It would mean a lot to me to see some positivity spreading soon.

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i check your blog like every morning when i wake up bc i love it so much 🙈

I check it every morning too. theres always something interesting waiting on me… todays best thing was a video that made me cry tears of joy and relief. 

You guys always send me such interesting things to wake up to. 

Thank you for all being there!

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have you watched that video 'lauren's body language' by lesbian world in youtube? it made me tear up. lauren is such a caring gf/friend/whatever to camila. her protective nature comes out for her baby camila. i bet that's why they called her baby C, its bc of her being lauren's baby that they all got used to it. camila is so lucky to be adored by someone like lauren but then again, i think anyone couldnt resist her since camila's just so adorable without trying.

I have seen it Munchkin. And I do love that video and Lauren’s protective nature. She’s like that with anyone she cares deeply for. But I think she’d sacrifice her life for a stranger too because her heart is that big!😍💖💕


The video made me tear up a little

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I just wanted to take a moment and praise you on your exquisite pieces of fanfiction... I binged those puppies for two, almost three hours straight over the weekend, and I'm already preparing myself for an exciting re-read. I love your style of writing. I love the scenarios that you incorporated into each chapter, and I love how you made everything flow; I felt like I was watching it play out like a film inside of my head. Thank you for being such a blessing to this thirsty fandom.

Y'all, tell me why I teared up reading this.


Seriously, it sounds corny, but… I used to be a film and video major in undergrad. So when I write, I’m trained to write things like a movie and I so hope that when people read my stuff that they are immersed in it like a film. I can’t convey everything my mind sees, from camera angles to certain lighting or whatnot, but I hope I give enough in words so that people can play it through seamlessly in their minds.

*sniffs* okay Ima take my emotional ass on, now

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Hi, im fairly new to digital and im still getting used to sai and its little wonders, i saw in one of your speed paint videos you replicated part of a tear drop design you made to make the background, can you show me what tool or buttons to push to do that? Thank you! 💕

Welcome to digital world honey!, I hope you have a great experiense
And, about the question, If I’m not wrong that was a Tsukki speedpaint, the only thing you have to do for multiply something is, selectionate what do you want to multiply (with the lazo, picture up), and then just press Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V, and your done!, you can multiply the times you want.
(I hope this was what you mean, if not ask again and I’ll do all I can to help you! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و)