this video made me cry really hard


So @asktheboywholived did this hilarious video of James, Sirius, and Remus dancing to Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake and I had to do this quick doodle because it made me laugh so hard. Watch it here. And give them a follow while you’re at it.
Whenever I’m in a bad mood I know that it’ll get lifted over on TT’s page. Whether they have me crying from laughing so hard or crying from a heartbreaking thread.
I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing this from me, TT but you really are a huge inspiration to me. 

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I just rewatched both versions of the robbers music video and literally cried bc I realized just how perfect your matty fic really was. you got in so much detail and I'm getting so emotional because that song and that vid mean a lot to me and your fic made me cry too once i re read it???heck, what I'm trying to say is that you're extremely talented and I hope you make another matty fic at some point. <3

oh my goodness, thank you so much!! i worked so hard on that fic, so im really glad you enjoyed it!! i’ll definitely write more matty :) 

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please please please reblog and tag markiplier because this was such a hard video to make and i nearly cried (even though i never cry)

this is really important to me, please reblog this, get it to the top of the markiplier tag. thank you in advance.

Nicole Arbour is still trash

Nicole Arbour (maker of the “dear fat people” video) also abused her ex boyfriend Matthew Santoro just in case you still like her. in this video Robb Dyke (Matthews good friend) describes that Matthew told him Nicole abused him.

Robb: “and he said ‘im leaving okay’. and she blocked the path, blocked the door and said, ‘you’re not going anywhere’ now he said ‘no im leaving, you need to move’ and thats when she struck him in the face, she struck him in the face, physically hit him”

interviewer: “she hit him in the face?”

Robb: “she hit him in the face, this is what matt told me” 

she also gave him his very first anxiety attack, made him cry (more like sob really hard), robb said that Matthew never acted like himself around nicole, she stopped him from seeing his friends if she didn’t like them, she constantly manipulated him.

after she hit him for the first time, he tried to leave and she didn’t let him, he literally thought she was going to kill him. robb also stated that Nicole contacted Matthew and said she would kill herself if he left her

Robb: “this is when Nicole said, allegedly, that she was going to kill herself, she was going to jump off her balcony and she was going to make sure that people knew Matt caused it” 

it’s 11:11 and I’m wishing you’d come back to me. I know things got hard and we weren’t really use to that. I mean you can’t deny we had a pretty perfect run. I guess it was too hard for you and I wasn’t great enough to hold on to. I love you and I think about you. I haven’t cried since I wanted to kill myself so I guess I made progress. I’m crying now though but I want to be alive. I watch our videos and see that dopey smile on your face that lit my whole fucking world and I don’t understand how I managed to make it fade. I still love you and care for you. I normally think I don’t but it’s time like this where I realize I do. at least I hope it’s an illusion. I miss everything. I miss you always calling me annoying after I scared the shit out of you. I miss crying to each other on Sunday afternoons because we both didn’t want to part. I miss making out after football games. I miss holding your hand. I miss making fun of your stubby toes and chubby ass fingers that I grew to love. I miss you coming over and bonding with my family and I. I miss talking about how happy I was with you to my mother. I miss listening to 2000 RnB on pandora and singing our hearts out and you chest bumping with one hand on the wheel. I miss your happiness. you were so happy man. I made you so happy. we would talk while holding hands. talk while kissing. talk with you in my lap with my hands in the opening of your shorts without it even being sexual. we just constantly needed that closeness. we were so damn addicted to each other. I was so addicted to you and with the way you looked at me I knew it was just the same. you were so damn beautiful. I could literally pinpoint every mother fucking detail about you well actually I can. like your hair and how it only parted a certain way and if even a strand was misplaced you looked different. how your eyelashes always had to be perfectly parted or you’d go nuts and do your mascara all over again. how your hairs on your eyebrow would mess up so I’d have to grab them and a line them. how your top lip was ¼ the size of your bottom. how your cheekbones were always high especially when I was making you smile so wide and laugh so hard. how your nose had that whole Cindy Lou Whoo look to it and I fucking adored it. how your almond shaped eyes were so blue when you cried and I only noticed when you actually let me see. fuck man you were so damn beautiful and I’ll never get the image of you singing or laughing or smiling at me out of my god damn head. everytime you laughed you had this habit of shutting your eyes and putting your hand to your mouth but all I wanted to do was kiss you. I remember the first time I kissed you like it happened an hour ago. I remember exactly how I felt and how I didn’t want to stop because kissing you wasn’t like kissing any other girl. you weren’t just any other girl. I fell for you so fast but the best part was it was mutual our love was so mutual and so pure. I hate that it’s over, I do. it kills me I swear it does i’m just not allowing it to. but it’s times like this where I’m replaying all these moments and how we first met and how there wasn’t a single negative vibe I felt when I got into your car and you thought you looked like shit because you just got back from a water park. if I could redo this over and over and still go through the month of pain over and over, I would. my mom warned me she said it would hurt and it does but damn your love was worth it and I told you that in the beginning. that I thought love was scary but I knew having my heart broken by you was worth it. at least I hope it is.
—  j.n.

it makes me genuinely sad and angry that peej had to make a video telling people to not reupload oscar’s hotel. just by watching the video and seeing how upset he is made me cry. he put so much hard work for this, he’s an ARTIST, he likes to make things and anyone who tries to take oscar’s hotel and “make it free” is just plain disrespectful. can you imagine? put yourself in his shoes. you’ve worked your ass off, committing 110% of your energy into a project that you are really proud of - only to find out that people are redistributing it, thus slowing down and maybe even eliminating sales altogether. for the season pass it’s about $10, whatever currency of yours, it’s not going to cause a huge dent in your pocket. if it does, i’m sorry, and if there is absolutely no way you’ll ever be able to watch it and dish out that money, then i’d even be willing to share my account info if you’re so desperate. but DONT. REUPLOAD IT AND EXPECT PEOPLE TO. that’s not right.


Screenshots from RIDE THE MAMMOTH! | Far Cry Primal #3! :D

Okay this game just became even more cool just because you can ride Mammoths in it! But yeah this was a really fun video and these videos are always full of great moments in them in my opinion. :) I think my favorite part of the whole video was when Jack was throwing the club at the Goats. The noise it makes when you hit them and the fact that it bounces off of them too just made me laugh so hard. xD