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Why I’m not okay with the pewdiepie thing

As a jewish person, I don’t care if pewdiepie is not actually anti-semitic. I don’t care if it was just a joke, I don’t care if it was “out of context” on the media. It doesn’t matter. It’s worse enough with the context.

The guy has 50 million subscribers, you don’t put that kind of message and laugh it off. You don’t help normalizing this kind of stuff. It’s fucked up.

There is an ENDLESS LIST of stupid funny shit you can have them write on that sign, was “death to all jews” really necessary? 

Death to all jews it’s not just some thing people said 70 years ago - No, we actually get it a lot. There are probably people out there who watch this video and smile because here is their stupid fucking radical opinion on a popular video. (the daily stormer actually calls him “our guy”). 

This sentence is not supposed to look like a joke to you, or something that can be used for a stupid meme. Please don’t be forgiving towards anti Semitic remarks while Antisemitism is clearly alive and well.

Some things to think about instead of this election

  • Pokemon Sun and Moon is coming out really soon!!
  • Almost time for Thanksgiving! Prepare to stuff yourself with a feast
  • Ya know what else is on the way? Christmas!! For some of you, snow too! We can build silly snowmen and send pictures to each other. 
  • I’m not supposed to tell you this but.. I heard that YouTube is full of funny videos. Cats, Markiplier, music. They got all the good stuff.

anonymous asked:

favorite videos during ace era :)?

funny enough I have a playlist dedicated to ace era on youtube [cracks knuckles, stares off into distance] I have been waiting for this question for ages

it was supposed to be a top 5 but I couldn’t leave one of these out, so:

6. that vine of taem trying to get a fan to kiss him through the glass that haunts me to this day;

5. ace (embarrassed ver.);

4. playing billiard with jongin and losing because he is a loser jongin cheated lmao;

3. this fancam;

2. his second win with Danger - and yes, The Face™ is iconic, but this one takes 2nd place because of Minho being all proud and happy for him;

1. and the Absolute Favorite: hosts trying to get him to act sexy while the bub is a flustered mess

So I crashed last night after watching funny YouTube videos with Tyler and around like the middle of the night like maybe 4 AM, I feel him wake up, touch my face, and kiss my cheek, and then his head fell back on his pillow and went back asleep.
You guys, find someone that loves you all hours of the day. Don’t settle for anyone else. It won’t be perfect all the time, but it’s not supposed to be. The point is that they make it worth it and you don’t want to be with anyone else. Love them as hard as you can, no matter if it hurts. We don’t have this one life to hold back, we have this one life to do as much as we can.

a compilation of my live reaction to yuri!!! on ice:

episode 1

  • it’s been 10 seconds in and ???? wow the gay is leaking
  • he’s so dorky wtf
  • @ yuri - same
  • what kind of weird ot3 is this
  • :’) this russian yuri reminds me of a version of andrew minyard omfg
  • oKAy bye i’m done i’m shipping ot3
  • sEnpai noticed him????
  • what the fuck i want senpai to notice me
  • gee i love time skips
  • @ yuri - same
  • wait what
  • ???? only 3 year age gap
  • yuri looked so young compared to victor in the first scene
  • ooh i like how victor’s charm works on boys too
  • me likey
  • 5 years???
  • it’s been 5 years???
  • aw yuri’s belly
  • also boyyyyy i love anime family relationships
  • they’re all so Functional!!
  • and Close!!
  • katsudon!!
  • @ cigarette sister - i like
  • hoLY SHIT
  • i can’t believe i’ve barely ever seen animes where they’re actually set in a place that is not tokyo
  • dude @ yuri oogling at victor on the tv screen
  • if this ain’t Love i don’t know what this is
  • the dad is cute
  • he’s healthy enough to run omfg
  • me @ myself - why can’t you
  • nice ass
  • he has a crush on her!!
  • cute
  • @ victor - bring back the long hair pls
  • i would think he’ll spell his name viktor because it looks cooler but okay
  • @ yuri’s sexual awakening has to be seeing victor skating with long hair
  • ????? are your serious @ yuri - i can’t even start listing embarssing things you’re doing
  • you’re displaying so many signs of having a crush
  • 1. reading magazines with interviews of victor
    2. getting a poodle bc victor has a poodle and likes poodle
    3. naming said poodle victor
  • this man crush is getting Out Of Hand
  • wait wtf when he’s on the rink he’s like “in the zone”
  • where his belly gone
  • SkInNy
  • i don’t think i’m supposed to be laughing at this supposedly important scene buT all i can think of is the people producing this anime literally has to draw all these frames and then hopefully repeating some of the spins
  • reusing frames 10/10 A+
  • wait so are they speaking russian or japanese or
  • @ one of the greatest mysteries of hetalia (what language are they speaking?)
  • this scene is way too long but then again knb literally has like 5 episodes of one game
  • the voice actor is one of my faves Damn
  • bruh @ yuri - your posters are exposing you
  • also he must have masturbated in that room when he first hit puberty. did he really do that in his room where it’s filled with posters of victor’s pretty face?
  • @ yuri’s reaction to video - same same
  • @ victor’s face - who is dis i like
  • why is it snowing in april
  • people whose second reaction to that dog is his idol’s dog must be Real Obssessed because clearly that’s almost impossible??
  • @ victor’s nice moan
  • @ victor’s nice ass
  • #victor is super embarassing
    #your dick is out bruh
    #pls don’t
  • fuck i can’t stop thinking about the “dicks out for harambe” meme
  • i feel like animes like to end their episodes with a “ehhhhhh??????”
  • they’re both dorks aren’t they

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Matt Bellamy’s Manson guitar Bomber was used for three years from 2003 to 2006, notably during the 2004 Absolution Tour, and made its last debut at Werchter in 2006. Bomber is also featured in music videos of Hysteria (US version) and Starlight.

Bomber is decorated with airplane rivets (from a scrap yard, presumably from the Second World War) to cover some faults in the chrome plate as the guitar needed to be done incredibly quickly, in only a few weeks time, to use it during touring. Hugh Manson commented on the guitar; “I was trying to make it look like a sort of burnt wing of a B52 bomber, I suppose. Luckily it turned out amazingly and it sounds awesome. It’s funny how something that starts out being a good project, goes through this potential disaster stage and comes round to being a massive success.”

You Wish ~ Josh Pieters (Requested)

Request: Do you think you could write some Josh fluff?? I can totally picture him getting in a serious relationship before the other guys and I think it would be funny if they made the others a bit jealous. Josh always having someone to cook for him or help him with videos or have a date for premiers. Maybe some snuggles. 

Word Count: 1,423

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I didn't laugh at anything Simon said in his recent draft vid (the fattest draft). Being someone who is slightly bigger than most girls, it actually started to hurt me as he said remarks about bigger people in the video. Like it actually started to become cringy and hurtful. I get that it's suppose to be for fun, but it's been bothering and rubbing me the wrong way all day. Sorry to bother, just a rant.

i haven’t watched the video but i get what you’re saying. they really need to lay off the fat “jokes”. they were funny for the first couple of times but now they’re just taking the piss.

Get A Handle On Things - Avengers x Reader

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Words: 528
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Warnings: swearing
Requested by @tonystarktrash101
Hey so there is this post on Instagram going around and its of this girl who broke the sink by pulling off the handle, so she couldn’t turn it off. Could you make an imagine for that with the Avengers like laughing and making fun of you. Thanks :)
Authors Note: ok so I haven’t seen this video you’re talking about but I found this request funny and thought that maybe this would be funny to write. It’s definitely shorter, but like I said, not much about relationship stuff, just for a laugh :)


Washing the dishes was suppose to be an easy thing.

But with everyone laughing and cracking jokes in the living room and kitchen area, it seemed to be a little harder.

It was your night to do the dishes that were overflowing in the sink. And you were still having conversations with everyone around you, multitasking.

“I’m obviously better than Cap.” Tony said. And your initial reaction was to laugh.

You were laughing way to hard for the situation, and it caused everyone else to laugh. It escalated to just a bunch of people laughing. And when everyone calmed down, you all were staring at each other. Causing you to burst out laughing again.

“I think you need help.” Steve said, with a chuckle.

“Yeah, let me call someone…” Tony smiled.

“Hey!” You yelled, pulling your hand off of the sink handle. Suddenly, you were splashed with water.

You were very confused by what was happening, then you looked up at your hand, realizing you pulled off the sink handle.

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it holds me 'til i ache, overflow and start to break - GalaxyGhosty - Video Blogging RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

AU. This was supposed to be an easy hit job, but Dark’s life has never been simple.

I think this is the only part that Jack doesn’t actively appear in. Funny, that. There is a scrapped version of this piece where he does appear, but I didn’t like it so I cut it out, leaving this to be the final draft. I hope it works just as well.

I thought it’d be some ridiculous, poetic injustice for Dark to be faced with this choice–however unlikely, it did come to pass, and though Dark is a slowly changing character, he is still a very bad man because of the nature of his work. I wanted to reinstate that, I guess.

Anyway, I’ll stop babbling so you guys can read. Enjoy!

Title from “An Act of Kindness” by Bastille.