this video is such bad quality

ksoo getting teased about his jagi

Don’t know if this has been done but while watching the video where OSH and Ji have the “thigh strength battle” I noticed something:

(sry for bad quality) look at LH and Ksoo. Do you see that? Lh is looking at ks and slapping his back like: “your man has strong thighs huh?”

And right after it:

Pulling ks in like: “look at your strong bf”

While Ji is all shy and ksoo is happy af, lh is just a teasing little btch 😂

Honestly, why would lh slap his back as if ksoo was the one winning the battle? *whispers* because it’s ksoos jagi that won

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(with the note that I didn’t catch everything, most of all names, sorry, I tried to screencap as many as I could)

(also sorry because i don’t have a premium account so my streaming quality is kinda really bad so the screencaps aren’t great)

-SECRET GUESTS were an adorable cosplay pair of Sousuke and Kaname!
—When asked about the harisen, the Sousuke prompted her to hit him by doing the “I DEMAND A PLAIN ROLL!!” bit. She hit him so gently and then checked to make sure he was okay, I thought I was going to die from the cute

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leonardo dicaprio + best screams

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Murdoc Niccals | Strobelite [2017]