this video is so lq i can't even

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Harry looks like such a rockstar, it even comes across in a distant lq video of him walking through the airport lol. I love that cardigan, it's totally him (aka extra and interesting in the best possible ways) I can't wait to see more from that Gucci shopping spree 😋 now that he's back in LA, hopefully we'll start to see more. Who knows what his plans are and when things are gonna start rolling, but I have no doubts that it's all going to be exciting to follow 🌠

His walk is so mean, and every jaw drop, when he’s in that Gucci cardigan alright (alright)

There’s something about Harry and airports that makes him look like the love child of a rock god and a catwalk god, I mean….

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That’s some good shit right there 👌💯