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“But… To be together with Noctis again, even if only for a short while… It would mean the world to me.

I’d Love to Change the World (My Hero Academia AMV) (Hero Killer Arc)

Finally finished my first full MHA AMV! I hope you guys like it, I know some of you were hoping I would finish it after posting little clips on here. Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen up to s2e17 “Climax.”  Song link is here. Watch it on YouTube for HD (i made a second channel for this kind of stuff finally!):

also, i forgot that since it’s a brand new channel I can’t do custom thumbnails, but by the time I remembered that, I already made a thumbnail haha. so the thumbnail I wanted to have is under the cut haha

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You’re givin’ me a little MANIA!

So?  Did you fall for that little teaser video? ;D

The day before Mania’s launch, Victor and I mused about what would be a good song to cover next… *duh!*  We HAD to tackle this one!

The original song, “Time Trials,” was composed by Hyper Potions for Sonic Mania, then given killer lyrics by Skye Rocket as the fansong-turned-official-cover “Mania!”  Check out that WAY PAST COOL original mix by Hyper Potions, Skye Rocket, and DJ Cutman here!

Go show some love to Victor’s channel here!

Lgbt+ songs list

So I know that a great thing is seeing some representation of yo self in media, so here’s a masterlist of songs with lgbt+ themes. Some of the song don’t seem lgbt+ themed themself, but are stated to be by the creators or the singer is gay. Personally as a closeted queer I love hearing songs i can relate to

Love songs(songs about a romantic/sexual relationship of some sort:

Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko

All the things she said - t.A.T.u

My boots - Lights(actually about canadians winters but sounds very gay)

The blow - Parentheses

Cliffs Edge - Hayley Kiyoko

Wherever We Are - Human Life

Beautiful day - Brett Avery

End of the world - Matt Alber(sad ballade)

Venus - Lady Gaga(sounds gay too)

Too young to be in love - Hunx and his punx

Closer, Boyfriends, Stop Desire, etc - Tegan and Sara(the duo are lesbians so they have a lot of lgbt+ love songs.

Might tell you tonight - Scissor Sisters

Let’s make love and listen from death from the above - CSS

If I Had You - Adam Lambert(probably one of the most famous ones on this list)

I’m Not Gonna To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You - Black Kids(straight dude sings from the perspective of a lesbian)

She keeps me warm - Mary Lambert

Jenny - Studio Killers(AWESOME music video, must watch)

Girlfriend - Icona Pop(could be a bff song, but they use the term Girlfriends so)

Gay Pirates - Cosmo Jarvis

Him - Geo Louis

Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill(reccomending this to feminists)

She - Jen Foster

Sweet Girl - Nicole Dollaganger

Hood - Perfume Genius

Night Go Slow - Catey Shaw

SEE - Potions

Ghost - Halsey

Ironworks - Baths

Against the night - Child Actor

I didn’t just kiss her - Jen Foster(sounds a bit non consensual??but idk??)

Love You Anyway - Ji Nilsson & Marlene(i think Ji Nilsson has more lgbt+ songs)

Cool for the summer - Demi Lovato(some say it’s a biphobic song tho..)

I kissed a girl - Katy Perry(personally don’t like giving Katy Perry cred for making this song, since she also made the song “You’re so gay”)


Girls/Girls/Boys - Panic! at the disco

DON’T WAIT - Joey Graceffa

Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Spectrum - Boyinaband ft. Cryotic & Minx

Different - Naomi King

Define Me - Ryan Amador

Same Love - Macklemore 

It Gets better - Todrick Hall

Everyone is gay - A Great Big World

If you were gay - Avenue Q(from a musical)

It’s OK to be gay - Tomboy


Spectrum - Ryan Amador ft. Jo Lambert & Gyasi Ross

Gay Bar - Electric Six

Help Me - findingconnor(very nice song about being trans by a trans person)

My body is a cage - Arcade Fire

Transgender Dysphoria Blues - Against Me!

The Love You Have In You - Asbjørn(I think he has other lgbt+ theme songs??)

Around - Russell Elliot

She Likes Girls - Metro Station(it’s kinda like a straight dude’s perpective on lesbians/bisexual girls, but maybe you’ll like it?)

The Gay Song - Lesbian Answers

Only a girl - Gia(the music video is like a lesbian orgy fantasy of a straight dude tho..)

I don’t do boys - Elektra

Girls - Beatrice Eli

Girl or boy - Dani Shay

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of eachother - Pansy Division


COMING OUT - Ally Hills

Spa Day - Le1f

Girls and Boys - Blur

I’m your man - Alexander Jasper(he has other songs with trans themes)

Break Free - Ruby Rose

My Body Is Not A Apology - Aston Colby

Gay Goth Scene - The hidden cameras

Pansexual - PansexyJenny(bad audio quality, super cute tho)

Gay or European - Legally Blonde(also from a musical)

Feel free to add some and please share so others see all these queer songs!!

Modern AUs I Want to Happen
  • I need new glasses and you’re the optometrist running my vision tests, but your good looks are really freaking distracting
  • You’re allergic to cats but my cat really likes you my bad
  • I adopted a kid and you help me take care of them all the time since we’re neighbors, but you came over and got so involved in the kid’s life so much they think that we’re both their parents instead of just me
  • I got caught in the rain without an umbrella and an attractive stranger is sharing theirs with me
  • We’re playing Monopoly in the local library and the game just got serious, I think the librarians are about to kick us out
  • I have a crush on my younger sibling’s tutor, but I don’t know how to work myself into the scene without making everything incredibly awkward for me
  • You caught me having a Barbie movie marathon and now I’m trying to keep you from telling anyone about this!
  • My pet ran away, I got fired from my job, it started raining out of nowhere and I fell in the mud, and you’re just a random stranger at my bus stop but I really need someone to talk to
  • Alternatively, I’ve always wanted to tell a stranger my life story and I’m choosing you
  • It’s Spirit Week at school and I’m determined to out spirit you for once
  • We got put in the same group for the senior trip
  • This is a big ass mall and I just got lost, please help me
  • My rival and I are determined for us and our respective partners to be the ultimate power couple, but you and the other person in our rival couple really don’t care
  • You keep coming in to get your laptop fixed but I’m pretty sure your breaking it on purpose but you’re cute so I’ll let it slide
  • You’re my apathetic (onesided) rival at work and this month I’m determined to get Employee of the Month, which you always get without even trying
  • I met you at a convention and you’re cosplaying Person B to my OTP and I’m cosplaying Person A
  • We’re internet friends and we’re meeting up in real life today and I’m super paranoid because what if you’re a deranged killer and– omg you’re perfect
  • You got me addicted to playing Love Live and I’m ruining my life
  • I’m an artist who was at shit creek until I met you, so please be my muse, no, I’m not asking you out
  • I just showed you all the Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life videos and I think I just scarred you for life
  • I just crashed this wedding and one of the guests just asked me to dance and I’m pretty sure that they know I’m not a guest from either the bride or groom(brides, grooms) fml
  • Dude check it out this pair of jeans fits us! Shut up, they aren’t sweatpants they’re jeans
  • I’m donating blood today and I’m afraid of needles
  • We’ve been hooking up for the past few weeks and holy shit it turned out you’re my fifth grader’s teacher oh god this embarrassing!
  • Pack up man; we’re going on a road trip
  • Let’s get tattoos together
  • Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but can you go on the bungee jumping thing with me? Cuz I’m too scared to go by myself
  • I’ve never had a proper conversation with you, but I always see you at this cafe folding paper cranes and I you’re really peaking my interest
  • I’m forcing you to watch my favorite show and you’re more into it than I am now
  • We’re having our first argument as a married couple: do we explore this island, or do we stay in bed all day

So there’s this thing I want to share with you that happened at cologne… 😍 As some of you may know two dear friend of mine and I got to see the Killers on Friday. We queued and got right in front of the keyboard stand at the barrier 🙌🏻 I had the shirt on that you can see in my profile picture that says “darlin’” and when The Way It Was began to play I tucked at the end of the letters for Brandon to see as he looked our way and he did and smiled. That alone would’ve been enough, mission achieved 😍😄 But when the first darlin’ of the song came to sing he did it… and straight afterwards he pointed at me. My heart! 😱 The girls around me started screaming and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it 🙈😅 It can be seen in the video above which is from the lovely girl that was standing behind me :) I recorded it myself but as my heart went nuts with the pointing I didn’t hold the camera still so you can see it better in her video and it’s kind of the same angle. Anyways, I thought I’d share 😍

My MasterList For YouTubers Who Read Aloud: Ghost Stories, True Scary Stories, CreepyPastas, & So Much More!: 👻=================☠

*In No Certain Order!*   

[If You Have a Favorite or Recommendation I did not List, Please feel free to Comment! I love hearing from You All!] Also I will keep adding so keep checking in! -Stay Spooky!  

*Updated as of April 27, 2017! I had requests to add plus channels I like, so Please enjoy again and keep giving me recommendations!* -Paranormal-Geist

shipping aesthetic masterpost :)

aries ships

aries x aries: warm red; hungry first kisses; mini-dress wedding; taking shots together; childish arguments; playing video games

aries x taurus: luscious magenta; passionate make outs; personified vows; sexy dancing; unnecessary jealousy; days out at the fair

aries x gemini: bright orange; love bites; outdoor marriage ceremonies; drunk laughter; sassing each other; buying a pet dog together

aries x cancer: deep peach; caresses edged with yearning; crying over the vows; brutal advice; make-up sex; over-the-top snuggling

aries x leo: shiny gold; teasing kisses; massive wedding cakes; wild nights out; angry social media posts; competitive sports

aries x virgo: elegant black; tender make-outs; the first dance; yelling silly things and drunk-laughing; calming massages; little contests

aries x libra: lurid pink; lip biting; massive wedding dresses; amazing dancing; passionate apologies; bouquets of roses

aries x scorpio: intense crimson; dirty talk; tango music; really skimpy clothes; crying-shouting; cuddles that turn into make outs

aries x sagittarius: glittering bronze; second base; laughing through vows; silly dancing; poke wars; spontaneous adventures

aries x capricorn: rich maroon; impassioned disrobing; bows and curtsies; tugging at ties; let’s-calm-down-faces; tipping the chess board

aries x aquarius: sunny yellow; neck kisses; really weird music; making cocktails; hand-holding; under table kicks

aries x pisces: pale rose; playing with hair; tears of joy; “YES LET’S DO THAT OMFG”; arguing over who’s hotter; swimming

taurus ships

taurus x taurus: seaweed gold; yearning make outs; weddings; sneaking out to meet each other; ‘you’re all mine’; lots of pets

taurus x gemini: baby yellow; butterfly kisses; running around outside; fingernails scraping down backs; tongues sticking out; petting random dogs

taurus x cancer: pure white; the first time; romantic proposals; making out in school; crying all over each other; chocolate

taurus x leo: shining copper; third base; over-the-top weddings; drunk dancing; ‘no I’ll pay!’; Valentine’s Day

taurus x virgo: delicate green, respectful kisses; tea parties; giggling way too much during sex; wiping each other’s eyes; reading together

taurus x libra: warm pink; quick hugs; sentimental declarations of love; foot massages; yelling then cuddling; dinners out

taurus x scorpio: wine red; sex; vows of forever; highly sexually flirtatious dancing; screaming; champagne

taurus x sagittarius: soft khaki; trails of love bites; dancing in the rain; doing drugs together; ‘i still love you’; festivals

taurus x capricorn: elegant bronze; gently grazing teeth; hands squeezing tight; late night walks home; passionate anger; movie fests

taurus x aquarius: lurid aqua; biting; laughing so hard you can’t breathe; taking shots together; angry tweets; video games

taurus x pisces: powder blue; excessive cuddling; twirls; giggling; sobbing in each other’s arms; buying a puppy

gemini ships

gemini x gemini: bright orange; lip biting; killer high heels; sexy dancing whilst very drunk; inventive insults; reading magazines

gemini x cancer: pale tan; butterfly kisses; laughing-crying; sneaking out at midnight to meet each other; over-dramatic arguments; playing with hair

gemini x leo: shimmering gold; showing-off make-outs; socialites; mixing drinks; arguments that turn into sex; rolling in the grass

gemini x virgo: satin grey; holding hands; 20th century style wedding clothes; sexy dancing; snapping; cats

gemini x libra: hot pink; kink; old-fashioned girl band music; dancing the night away; sassy insults; extravagant, flamboyant gifts

gemini x scorpio: shocking black; love bites; intense eye contact; vodka; secrets; writing together

gemini x sagittarius: warm peach; hugs that turn into kissing; the first dance at a wedding; taking shots together; crying; walking the dog

gemini x capricorn: steely grey; lips brushing fingers; the MPDG archetype; laughter; ‘no, I’ll pay’; reading together

gemini x aquarius: lurid turquoise; hand-holding; adventures; weird drinks; ‘i do SO love you’; conspiracy theories

gemini x pisces: candyfloss violet; sweet, tiny kisses; cropped pannier skirts; stamping on cigarettes in high-heels; red eyes; flowers

cancer ships

cancer x cancer: rainy blue; lovingly tender make-outs; wedding dresses; long, sensual baths; ‘it’s gonna be okay’; dancing together to ‘our song’

cancer x leo: breath-taking gold; slow sex; laughter; music; shouting that becomes crying; cheating at Scrabble

cancer x virgo: elegant grey; hand kisses; bows and curtsies; long-term relationships; love letters; walks in the snow

cancer x libra: peachy pink; soft cuddles; strawberries; helping each other with appearance; cloud watching; the first day of spring

cancer x scorpio: deep maroon; hands clawing at each other; heels; taking drugs; passion in love and anger; rain

cancer x sagittarius: honey bronze; light make-outs that become more intense; road trips in a storm; smoking and dancing; tears; ‘forever’

cancer x capricorn: stunning white; hungry kisses; ‘unconditional’; walks in the woods; little white lies; help with homework

cancer x aquarius: lurid aquamarine; hand-holding; skipping; mixing drinks; bitch slaps; playing video games together

cancer x pisces: sweet silver; Valentine’s Day poetry; dancing in the rain; tripping for the first time; playing the victim; endless cuddles

leo ships

leo x leo: marigold yellow; tiny, gentle kisses; the sun; really loud music; unnecessary jealousy; walking the dog

leo x virgo: fresh green; ‘can I kiss you now?’; tea dresses; amazing dancing; telling jokes to stop them crying, cassettes

leo x libra: pop pink; PDA; weddings; pink champagne; really terrible insults; slow-to-fast dancing

leo x scorpio: burned bronze; sexy time; vodka; cigarettes; deep and laboured breathing; running really fast

leo x sagittarius: vibrant orange; love bites; dancing and skipping; high-heeled shoes; red faces; travelling the world

leo x capricorn: golden brown; passionate make-outs; warm, rich, slow laughter; slow breathing in darkness; shouting; painfully wide smiles

leo x aquarius: vivid indigo; scratching fingernails; raised eyebrows; drugs; excessive hiccups due to inebriation; giggles

leo x pisces: pretty peach; hair-twirling; full, lacy skirts; walking home late at night; wiping away the tears; just snuggling together

virgo ships

virgo x virgo: soft ivory; light kisses; wedding clothes; bright light; insults that make you go ‘ouch’; constructive criticism

virgo x libra: pastel cream; caressing hands; veils; carefully mixing drinks with exactly the right amounts; apologies; flowers

virgo x scorpio: classic black; biting; elegant outfits; cigarette smoke; viciousness; meaningful eye contact

virgo x sagittarius: rich tan; romantic make-outs; bouncy clothes; flat shoes; really terrible insults; buying a dog together

virgo x capricorn: honey gold; single passionate kisses; formalities; ‘oh my god this is so BAD of us’; arguing then make-up sex; homework help

virgo x aquarius: pastel green; finger-drumming; nail polish; really weird drugs; intellectual debates; ‘ewwwww’

virgo x pisces: delicate pink; the tiniest of kisses; flower posies; staying in; ‘I will never, ever, ever, ever hurt you’; teddies

libra ships

libra x libra: soft gold; sensual hugs; baths with rose petals in them; sexy dancing; passive aggressiveness; listening to music

libra x scorpio: deep rose; sex; lipstick; lots and lots of alcohol; trying really hard not to cry; very sexual flirtation

libra x sagittarius: pastel yellow; unexpected kisses; eye shadow; high heels; ‘we’re not fighting are we?? are we???’; silly dancing

libra x capricorn: pure white; massages; neat bedrooms; everyone’s looking at them; well crafted debate points; going to art galleries together

libra x aquarius: baby blue; fiddling with hair; bright lights; taking shots; ‘you did NOT just say that’; shitty video games

libra x pisces: warm peach; kisses that leave lip gloss stains; ducklings; being good; sniffling; cuddling with pets involved

scorpio ships

scorpio x scorpio: intense scarlet; unexpected sex; black satin; nights out at clubs; the silent treatment; making out to loud music

scorpio x sagittarius: rich gold; hickeys; steam-punk; sneaking out; distracting the other from anger with kissing; exercising together

scorpio x capricorn: classic tan; dishevelled chaise lounges; wood; grinding cigarettes under high-heels; rage; good food

scorpio x aquarius: shocking ebony; biting; metal furnishings; mixing drinks; amazing insults; take-outs

scorpio x pisces: deep navy; warm, soft kisses; a single flower; drugs; trying really, really hard not to get angry; nervous PDA

sagittarius ships

sagittarius x sagittarius: orange tan; just making out in general; fabric; elopement; excessive swearing; dancing to amazing music

sagittarius x capricorn: golden bronze; familiar yet intense kisses; vases; alcohol; ‘no I’M right’; watching TV

sagittarius x aquarius: bright purple; lipstick marks in weird colours + places; not getting married; shitty insults; poke wars

sagittarius x pisces: gentle violet; the first kiss; brightly coloured fish; weird drinks; third base; walks with the dog in the park

capricorn ships

capricorn x capricorn: coffee chocolate; sensuality; correcting one another’s formal outfits; cigarette smoke; ‘oh, really’; brilliant cakes

capricorn x aquarius: royal blue; small hickeys; going bird-watching; shitty old video games; heated debates; ‘we’re never bad’

capricorn x pisces: dolphin grey; second base; marriages; ‘you love me right?’; comforting each other; cuddling

aquarius ships

aquarius x aquarius: shocking orange; messy first kisses; building things together; taking shots; endless hypothesising; being way too competitive

aquarius x pisces: neon blue; laughing sex; original wedding ideas; cocktails; ‘this isn’t arguing’; old music players

pisces ships

pisces x pisces: delicate turquoise; third base; aquariums; tripping in heels; silly arguments that end in crying and cuddling; teddies

yutasgirlfriend  asked:

small au for yuta please!! 💓💖

  • world famous actor!yuta au
  • can do any genre, from action to romcom to horror to tragedy
  • has his own fanclub and his fans are called yutavers (yuta + lovers)
  • is like the nicest celebrity to ever grace the planet is always replying to people on twitter and posting selfies and making videos and trying to accept as many letters and gifts as he can (even though the company keeps telling him he can’t do that)
  • his kissing scene in a movie went viral because apparently some of his fans fainted watching it because yuta is ,,,,,,,, a killer,,,,,,,kisser. a killer kisser that’s what i meant
  • but as much as he loves to give back and be kind people can take it too far
  • and so that’s why he has you, his personal bodyguard
  • and you try to keep it all serious, no fun stuff at all times because that’s what professionals do
  • but it’s hard to keep a straight face when you’re going over his schedule in the morning and yuta comes out wearing a face mask, apple hair, and his one piece pajamas
  • like,,,,,,,,he’s world famous. people literally think he’s a God and here he is
  • in his t-shirt with luffy’s face on it asking you if he can just have ice-cream for breakfast and showing you his town that he just started in animal crossing
  • and you’re,,,,,,like it’s impossible to not grow fond of yuta. with his shining smile and his sense of humor and like
  • it makes you really want to protect him, not just because of your job but because there are people who want to hurt him for real and that pisses you off
  • which is why when you end up threatening to break someones neck after they shout something obscene at yuta,,,,,,,,yuta is like pulling you back by the shoulders and he’s like
  • “it’s ok, words don’t hurt me.” and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,i know but,,,,,,
  • and you know you overreacted and you’re embarrassed for the rest of the day until you’re alone with him in the car
  • and yuta suddenly nudges you and he’s like 
  • “im not gonna lie though, seeing you get worked up,,,,,,you’ve got a very sexy angry stare”
  • and you flame up with embarrassment and you’re like ,,,,s,,,,se,,,,sexY??? and yuta is like “i fell hard for you in that moment.”
  • and you make a face and you’re like “stop joking,,,,,”
  • but he just shrugs and is like “i already like you a lot and im good at hiding, but wow in that moment i wanted to kiss you.”
  • and it’s silent until you look over and you’re like ,,,,,, “really?’
  • and yuta turns to you and smiles and he’s like “really”
  • you: driver roll up the partition.
  • yuta: also put on some loud music
  • long story short you’re making out with yuta in the backseat of his expensive car,,,,,,,,,,,
  • he comes out with messy hair and his manager is like “what happened?” and yuta’s like “it was a bumpy ride here”
What's your strongest memory attached to a song by The Killers?

anonymous asked:

I have a question! In your video about Killer!Sans, I absolutely loved the frame with Sans holding the knife, looking pretty damn crazy and about to attack. It looked awesome! (The rest was just as amazing but that one frame gave me feels, heh) So I wanted to ask, do you still have that picture, but without the text covering it?

yes i have it :3 i want to upload some of my favorite pics from the video tho, but until then here :D

a yearly shoutout to all the people who make my tumblr experience great :)

thanks for your edits, gifs, writing, art, concepts and jokes. im glad to have found so many cool people to talk to here, to share my spn love with. it wouldnt be the same without you! i love ur blogs LOTS!!! creme de la creme homies

special mentions go to:

  • my irl friend Justyna, whom u can see tagged in a shit ton of posts and who is also a fan of spn (spn AND a gyros joint helped me found one of my best friends lmao)
  • Han, @sunnybauds, dude,,, i love talking to you about spn and food and music and watchin spn with you and just ugh, everything. You won me over when u were like, im gonna make a spotify mix for u… i’ll take it with me 2 my grave,,, love u even tho u made me listen to lorde’s album so many times that i ended up liking it wtf
  • Sarah, @srk1o3, you’ve brought a ton of A+ music into my life, some deeply regrettable, (i pray my dick get big as the eiffel tower??!?!?!! brAH i listened to it 2 many times i love it but like smh @ kendrick), you are thE ONLY RAP/ELECTRONIC MUSIC pal i can talk to abt this and ur taste is so good, great horror/video discourse, i hope we continue to talk next year cause goals
  • Marlz @lovelybenny wishes to see my dance moves and thinks im super cool but is afraid to admit it. also loves mountains??? nature?? but i still like her somehow
  • Alex @vintagesam has asked me the most important questions, like ‘what do you think about killer clowns from outer space?’ and thanks to him i got to know very good movies and music, thanks, i literally think about you everytime i watch some weirdo monster movie
  • Hanna @tipsysam, Dani @sensitivehandsomeactionman, Fiona @ruedesarchives, Sandra @lemondropsonice, Kaz @lipglosskaz even tho we don’t talk all that much i can’t imagine tumblr without u
  • Jenny @envydean, Aimee @scentofyesterday, Pika @lizziemcguire, Kahala @spacelesbians, Emma @fightdarcy and Sam @sammy-samulet, i consider y’all some of my regular best pals on here for years whether you like it or not

here are the blogs (and people behind them) that have been filling my dash with awesome posts this year: (under the cut cause thats A LOT of people i love so many blogs smh)

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I think I broke my zipper? | The Music of Harvey Beaks

In the episode “Rock Bark Rocks” Harvey attends his first rock concert and accidentally finds himself caught in a mosh pit. This short chaotic scene  reminded me of myself during my first punk shows as a teenager in Los Angeles (It was The Ramones, The Damned, and The Dickies on separate occasions at the Hollywood Palladium). There is a certain level of character building that can only come from getting kicked in the head to your favorite music– and a sense of hope that can only come from falling on your ass in a mosh pit… only to be rescued by a swarm of disembodied hands reaching down to pick you up.

I thought to myself, “Why can’t Harvey be stuck in the pit while one of my favorite punk bands is playing?” So I reached out to singer of the seminal Los Angeles punk band, The Dickies (The inimitable Leonard Graves Phillips) and asked if he wouldn’t mind singing on a 30-second song I wrote. I sent him the instrumental music and waited. A few days later I get a 5am text from Leonard with the following lyrics:

I got OCD. Don’t you pick on me.
Zipper. I think I broke my zipper.

I’m not one to argue with genius. I’ve admired Leonard since I was a kid. I told him it was perfect and a week later he was in my studio recording these very words. I just love that he sat there listening to my song and these were the lyrics that popped in his head. Life is absurd. I love how it came out and so honored to have this tiny connection to my favorite wobbly-voiced musician. Incidentally, this song is far from featured in the episode, it goes by very quickly and it’s low in the mix, but that’s why I put these videos up with the full volume mixes.

THE DICKIES formed in 1977 and are one of the greatest melodic punk bands of all time. Truly underrated, although they did have some much deserved success with the cult film “Killer Klowns from Outer space” and most recently, on the soundtrack to “KICK ASS” with their Banana Splits anthem. Enjoy!

"They would kill for this."

Loki x reader

Originally posted by lokihiddleston

You sang and danced around the room when Loki silently opened the door. He held a camera in his hand. As you twirled around the room and yelled the lyrics of a song you played way too much, you caught your boyfriend.

“Loki!” you laughed. He walked up to you and kissed you with the camera facing the both of you.

“What? I can’t appreciate my (s/o)’s killer dance moves?” he remarked. He panned the camera towards you to capture your signature eye roll.

“Go so I can sing again.” you pointed to the door. You cocked his eyebrow up.

“Seriously?” he asked. You nodded. “Alright. I’ll prepare dinner, my love.” You smiled and went back to singing.

After 10 minutes, he arrived at your door again. You spotted him and laughed.

“Go away!” you giggled out. He hugged you and let out a chuckle.

“Supper is ready.” he told you.


The video ended. Loki sat at the edge of the bed, crying quietly in his hands. Tony leaned on the doorway.

“You okay, big guy?” he asked. Loki was silent. He lifted his head up and spoke.

“They would kill for this.”

real talk… this music video blends comedy into five different upsetting backstories so well. like, we can empathize and feel bad for all the characters but also step back and laugh at it a little bit. and i think the video does a beautiful job completely making fun of “what it takes to be a man” by following different characters who care so much about their masculinity and their pride that it eventually leads to their downfall. part of the reason that’s so special is because if you’re just an average listener and don’t know brandon’s intentions behind the song, it can certainly come off as arrogant. but everything about the video completely goes against that