this video is so funny i can't stop laughing


“Hey Dan Show Me What You Got!” video by genefa_m




I’m laughing so hard right now 😂

relatable seventeen: vernon and jun finally catch a fish & get super duper excited about it… only to have it squirm right out of vernon’s hands and wriggle itself back into the sea HAHAHA



I can’t stop watching this…

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Watching the video diaries.. I feel like everyone was in love with Louis .. If any of them made a joke, they looked at Louis for confirmation that they are funny. Niall is copying Louis non-stop and sad if Louis does not acknowledge him.. Zayn finds Louis supercool and is already whipped. Liam tries hard not to laugh but just can't help himself.. and well Harry, he's just embarrassing..

Everyone is in love with Louis, still is!

Louis missing from the judges houses? “There’s something missing. We are not the same.”

Louis is cold? No problem, Niall gives him his jumper so he can be the one freezing in a t-shirt.

Louis needs a desk to sign a jersey? Here comes Niall offering his back.

Louis wants to get wet in a water fight? Liam is always there.

Louis wants to show off how he can singlehandedly undress a man in a button up? Yup, Liam is there again.

Louis has a sore throat? No problem. Harry runs off stage to get throat lozenge.

Louis in need of a hairband? Harry has one.

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Here is the video that has taken me so long to find omg