this video is so funny i can't stop laughing

Connect the dots - Charioce xvii version

Idek why it makes me laugh this much, but it does.

Imagine Karamatsu getting into recording live vlogs to spread the word of love and joy to his adoring fans around the world but all of his videos are just of him sitting with an annoyed/disenchanted expression as his brothers loudly argue in the background about the stupidest shit with no intention of leaving or stopping.
He waits for a pause, a breath of silence so he can continue but it never comes.

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A saw an ask that said the fat noodle couldnt jump and it reminds me of those cat videos where the cat is fat and when they try to junp they fall and I can't stop laughing

I felt guilty for laughing, but its so funny!!!!!

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Itachi scenario where his partner makes a joke and he laughs so hard and he can't stop laughing because my poor baby needs some more love :'( Please and thank

Alright people, I used a pun from that video on twitter that was too fucking funny for me I’m so sorry it’s horrible

When Itachi came home that day, he was exhausted. Another mission that had to be done. He kissed you and let his body fall on the couch heavily, sighing. It was probably the first time you saw him that tired. As usual, you sat next to him and asked him how his day was. He told you about it, briefly and simply. It was quite obviou that you were only going to sleep that night. 

You kissed him, sliding your hand on his torso but he broke the kiss and looked at you, shaking the head.

“I’m sorry [Y/N].”

You smiled, getting up from the couch. You approached the wall and glanced at your boyfriend with a dramatic look. Pointing at the light swich you couldn’t help but make a terrible mistake.

“All these switches and I still can’t turn you on.”

The room remained silent for a few seconds when you were wondering if you were going to jump out of the windown after this horrible pun.

Itachi bursted out laughing suddenly.

“I’m sorry.” You apologized, chuckling.

Itachi laughed even more, wrapping his arms around his belly as it was hurting.

You didn’t know why he was laughing like that but you jumped on the couch besides him and started to have an uncontrollable fit of laughter with him as well.

“Oh my gosh…” He managed to say between giggles, his eyes starting to water as he couldn’t help but laugh even more.

You both laughed for a long moment and when you stopped you started laughing again when you looked at each other. You ended up not knowing why you were laughing : because of your bad pun or because Itachi was laughing ?

After a while, Itachi’s laugh started to fade away as he whipped the small tear coming out of hie eye.

“That was probably the worst pun you’ve ever made.”

“At least I made you laugh.” You answered, smiling brightly.

He smiled back at you, his stomach still hurting.

Itachi didn’t often laugh, though when he’s tired he could laugh to anything.

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Not really a request I just can't stop the image of Bakugou with an S/O like you ever seen that vid where this dude is trying to "serenade" a girl all "I ain't ever gonna stop loving you- BITCH" and just... yeah. That's Bakugou. That's him all over. I can't stop laughing

Oh my god! I had to search it up, but YES! THATS SO FUNNY! Someone needs to stick his face on the video!

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“Hey Dan Show Me What You Got!” video by genefa_m

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I feel so bad for laughing but like you know how Johnny (NCT) barely gets any lines?? I was watching one of their videos on YouTube and in the comments they were talking about how Johnny came from Chicago an trained for YEARS only to become the Kool-Aid man (because all he was saying was "Oh yeah"....I'm cackling. I can't stop laughing omg they do him so wrong.


nah it’s sad but let’s not pretend like this isn’t funny.

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???? OKay I may be funny online but meet me in RL and im the lazyest potato ever. Its great. Video games, studying, working out all day basically lmAO

but thanks so much. Im having chicken nuggets rn and my day is already GOOD



relatable seventeen: vernon and jun finally catch a fish & get super duper excited about it… only to have it squirm right out of vernon’s hands and wriggle itself back into the sea HAHAHA