this video is so damn hard to color


sugamon rookie king moments. 👀


5SOS meme ➜ Luke Hemmings in every music video (She Looks So Perfect)

Simmer down, simmer down, they say we’re too young now to amount to anything else but look around, we work too damn hard for this just to give it up now, if you don’t swim, you’ll drown but don’t move, honey

I’ll be honest, my oil painting heart cries out in agony every time I see paint mixing videos, because they’re inevitably with really liquidy acrylics in color combos that don’t make sense, and the people doing them often have no idea how to use a palette knife

like I’m not going to ever diss anyone for liking paint mixing videos, for stim reasons or whatever, but like, just know that’s not how you should mix paint for art reasons okay just don’t do that

And Starscream’s lines are DONE! WOOT! You can tell how long it took me with the little timer up there. I am recording this and the video might be up tomorrow. I don’t know if I’m finishing this Jet tonight. I’m going it at least get Star’s colors down cause all Starscream artists know how big of a nightmare that is.

Here’s a close up of his face cause hot damn. I don’t usually praise myself for a job well done but…since robots are my weak spot I’m gonna pat myself on the back so hard I’ll bruise! Better yet! Scream! Pat me on the back so hard that I’ll land in China!