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SNSD Reaction to: Watching One of Their Girlfriend’s YouTube Videos

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Taeyeon: “fany, come here, look, look! it’s my jagi’s video! whoa, she looks so pretty on camera!” she watches all your videos on her phone, esp. on tour to feel closer to you. also proudly shows the others

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Jessica: watches your videos before bed, whether she’s on tour or not. it’s part of her routine at this point. will tease you if you’re there though; “aww, look how cute you are! ~”

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Sunny: eats while watching the videos, talking to the screen as if you could hear her; “wait, your “annoying girlfriend” didn’t clean the dishes - uh, excuse you??”

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Tiffany: finds great joy in watching your earlier videos, that are so different to your newer ones; “fetus y/n is so precious!”

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Hyoyeon: “ah, she never told me she was doing a collab with [famous youtuber] …” gets jealous sometimes if your onscreen flirting/banter feels a bit too realistic. esp if it’s someone you’re shipped w. but as long as you don’t collab w them often, she’s super supportive & proud of you

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Yuri: watches your videos so often that the girls try teasing her for it but she doesn’t even care. she’s so happy while watching you that their teasing will never stop her

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Sooyoung: will text you smart comments like ‘wow, the lighting you use must be really good since you’re not that pretty irl! :P’ but is also super supportive & watches every single video at least ten times each

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Yoona: “oh wow, this ‘condom challenge’ is so funny!”

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Seohyun: “ah, you always do makeup tutorials of my comebacks, so cheesy! and a reaction video to our new song, really?” teases you playfully but loves that you’re being creative & living off of that, while also showing your love for her through your cheesy videos 

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imagine going out for frozen yogurt with hoseok, feeding each other bites, purposefully trying to shove more and more of the treat into each other's mouths until hoseok complains of a brain freeze, pouting at the mild discomfort. he readily accepts when you offer to kiss it better though.

you know that video where hoseok took the mic from kookie and when kook tried to take the mic back it hit hoseok in the mouth and he screamed? yeah that’s the exact sound I imagine him making when he gets the brain freeze


but this is such a cute concept because I love frozen yogurt and I love hoseok. I can just picture his stupid lil pouting face and it would be soo cute. but the way he’d smile before the kiss is even better. I love his lips so much, any excuse to kiss them is a good one. I might not make it a quick kiss but…I mean that’s just because it’s to fix the brain freeze so it has to take some time right?

also listen his dimples while he ate the frozen yogurt listen they are so cute and I would just stare at him the entire time I love him and I love his stupid and adorable dimples

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nimdle anon here again to tell you about how proud ty track was that he was the one who made mountain man laugh :') it was in the nimdle lunch bts. have a great day~

NIMDLE ANON… my sweet nimdle anon… i’m so sorry i didn’t reply your ask the last time omg and thank you for sending me these asks i feel so blessed ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

they were so cute in the lunch behind videos i love hate how yuta kept trying to make excuses so as to why he laughed whEN WE ALL KNOW HE LAUGHED BC HE JUST LOVES TAEYONG his excuses weren’t even good he was like oh youre my friend so i had to laugh um?????????? is everyone in nct not your friend???? or was he basically saying taeyong was his special friend????? hm?????

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen - episode 07

Hey, this episode managed to make me like Higuchi a little! Him knowing Miyokichi isn’t really an excuse for being the creeper he is, but that at least explains why he’s so curious about Yakumo’s past.

Those rakugo scenes were awesome. Even though we’ve already seen these stories in the first season (or at least, I think so), it still feels fresh and entertaining because of the way they’re presented.

And Yota sitting closer to the screen than Matsuda and Higuchi was really cute. He seemed so happy to watch those videos.

And that death scene… I was wondering if there wasn’t still something to be said about it, because Konatsu’s vision of Yakumo holding her father’s bloody body still hadn’t been explained, but I was not expecting this. This makes everything even more dramatic, because Konatsu is actually partly responsible for her parents’ death, and because Yakumo has been suffering in silence during all these years.

Well, at least everyone seems to be smiling in the preview, but that only makes me even more worried.

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❤️ and aesthetics I associate with you: the colour rose gold, krispy kremes, watercolour paintings, mustard yellow jumpers, strawberries, white cats, lace, constellations, red velvet cakes, florida, cute NY apartments, snow and succulents

this is so sWEET THANK YOU SO MUCH. and now i get to compliment YOU!! ok dude, you’re such a sweet and thoughtful person seriously, when i was anxious as fuck you sent me a hilarious video (high school musical bad lip reading) to get my mind off what was happening and it worked! and you’re so??? beautiful??? pretty?? gorgeous ?? like excuse me, but you’re a star so what are you doing down here on crappy earth when you deserve mystical and magical things in space? like space dogs and space drinks? i love you dude, and i consider you to be a good friend💞

Things about this video:

  • “homo-six-ual”
  • Gleeson and Bates actually working out their disagreements like normal people
  • Bates whisking furiously after talking about his feelings, calm down mate
  •  Gleeson stopping his stirring because he so knows Bates is talking about him
  • licking the bowl because of course
  • kissing kissing kissing
  • “that’s me!” just stop being so cute ugh
  • “are you insulting my icing technique”
  • Gleeson’s exasperated tone when he says “Oh, god”
  • The fucking icing heart excuse me WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BE THIS ADORABLE

All in all this is pretty gosh darned adorable and today is the best day even though I’ve only been awake for like 45 minutes.

Me in the last hour

Me: Ahh life is good
Youtube: *uploads youtube 2015*
Me: OMGOMGOMG phan and youtubers and shite
Me: *watches video*

Me: Holy shit what they are SITTING on EACH OTHER, and they are TOUCHING I CAN’T PROCESS THIS *deeply inhaling*
Me *watches behind the scenes*

Me: THIS IS SO CUTE! *squeals* Little angels pure as-
Me: EXCUSE ME PHILIP LESTER, where is your hand?????
Me: *Goes on twitter* *recovering from the battle of phangirling*

Me: O K A Y  I M  N O T  O K A Y  W H O  A L L O W E D  T H I S  T H E Y 
W H E R E  T O U C H I N G  T H E N  T H E Y  D I D  I T  L I K E  2 0 T I M E S *falls out of a window* *screams into the distance* *runs into the distance* *makes the world record of most squareflakes made*

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TAG your It! Tell 5 things you like/love/enjoy/whatever about yourself! Also send it to 10 of your favorite followers, NO EXCUSES! Have fun😋

1 - I love sweets, my favorite being a cake named “Cookie Cake”

2 - I enjoy watching the sky, either at the clouds or stars

3 - I like watching videos of dogs doing funny/cute stuff. It amuses me greatly.

4 - I love horror movies, or the horror genre overall.

5 - I’d love to visit Disneyland at least once. 

As for tagging, I have no favorite followers so just do it if you feel like it!! 

 Just before the World Cup in South Africa 2010. Shakira was doing the Waka Waka song. And she chose me to do the video. I didn’t meet her during the video, but with that excuse I met her once in Madrid. Some friend introduced her, and from then on we started to talk, to chat. And, I don’t know, it happened. During the World Cup, it’s true that one of the motivations was that she was singing in the final. So, I said to my team, “Come on, we have to arrive to the final, so I see her again.” [Laughs.] And, we arrived, and I see her again. It was great. 
—  Gerard Piqué

“A video in Spanish, seriously, Josh? This is what I wake up to?”

That’s the first thing she says when I answer her anxious Skype call. She’s been calling for a while, but I’ve been out. Of course I don’t tell her that even though she’s not stupid. She knows I have to go out.

“Hey, I miss you, too. You look lovely, by the way,” I say nonchalantly. She does look really cute with her blonde hair all messy, but the bags under her eyes tell me she had a lot to drink last night. Fucking birthday parties that I always have to miss.

“Don’t you dare change the subject. She’s been teaching you Spanish, hasn’t she?” she asks in a very whiny tone.

“She told me every word I had to say. But yeah, I’m learning a little. Come on, there’s gotta be something for me in this. I might as well learn a new language.”

“So you go out with her friends, you go shopping, you pose with every single fan that’s been told where to find you-

”-that was the deal, Jen-“

”-and you’re still in the mood to learn Spanish?“

"I have to be seen, you know that. And not a lot of people here speak English, so I’ve been picking up some words.”

“When are you coming back?”

She’s clearly not interested in my responses. This Skype call was made for her to vent. To snap at me to show me she misses me. She always does that. It’s her way of saying ‘I’m lonely, I need you’. 

“I- I don’t know." 

"What do you mean you don’t know? I thought you had a flight back like tomorrow." 

"I do, but I haven’t been told that I can go. There might still be some-”

“-you better get on that plane tomorrow.”

“I hope so.” Then I remember. “Jen? Te quiero." 

"What the fuck is that?”

“It means I love you in Spanish. We usually think it’s te amo but-”

“Ugh, shut up.”

“But I do love you-”

“Get your ass back here tomorrow or I will fly there and kick her ass and punch everyone who’s making you stay there another minute. There, have fun translating that into Spanish. Adiós.”


regina mills/henry mills {my little prince}
watch in HD for best viewing, earphones recommended.