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Soft boyf riends headcanons????

ohhhh boi

-honestly they cuddle a lot, like those beanbags??? 10/10 for cuddles. also good for kisses? they kiss a lot because jeremy is Really Sad after the Squip Drama
-they play video games together and jeremy sits on michael’s lap??? how cute amirite???
-except jeremy is a tallass beanpole and michael is pretty short so like, he has to curl up to actually fit
-jeremy’s ok with that tho bc it gives him an excuse to bury his nose in michael’s jacket (michael smells like vanilla and soft drinks - the discord chat
-so yeah that’s fun, also when they’re playing competetive games michael kisses jeremy to distract him.
-they call each other pet names, it makes jeremy v flustered and blushy but michael thinks its cute.
-just like…them

internet friend!donghyuk

this is for u @cryinggoutloud luv u bab

i should be doing homework lmaO NOPE

- okok so

- u and dongyuck r internet besties

- yAll met bc yaLL were in a gc together w a bunch of other ppl


- “weirdo”


- ‘wow sassy ass bitch”


- “if y'all gonna b like this just create a private chat” - everyone else

- so ya did

- “hey biHHH’

- “ew wait i didn’t think you would actually-”

- start of a wonderful friendship

- y'all video chatted the minute you got home from school to the minute you went to bed


- you guys always texted each other

- lmao u get in trouble a lot 



- you guys roast each other a lot FUCKSKSKSK

- somewhere in between all the roasting n shit, you guys actually started to like each other 

- like - like like each other ya feel??

- you guys didn’t tell each other though lmao

- it was a secret for a very long time




- “uhhh who’s this?”

- ‘its- uh-”

- “im her dada nice to meet u ;))))))”


- when u got it again you see you have

- 14789 new texts messages, 653 calls, and 355 facetimes


- he rly missed u ok ;(

- anYWAY


- cause hyuk is,,,so,,,good,,,looking 

- aND yOU aLMOsT foRGot abOUT hiS bEAuty

- tbh y'all were blushing and stuttering???

- youve never done that before?

- super awkward?

- loL 

- once u guys were having a ft sleepover and u fell asleep first

- so he was just staring at u

- cause you were so beautiful?

- he would’ve stayed up all night and watched u sleep (lol creep) if it wasn’t for the fact that he was super tired like he’s not usually this tired bUT

- you woke up first and

- “is this what it would be like to date him? if so sign me the fuCc up”



- moving on lol



- “guess what”

- “wha ugli”

- “w0w ok i guess u don’t want 2 know”


- “OK,,,,,so,,,,,i got tickets to visit u!”

- cue u screaming and yodelling @ the same time


- you guys started counting down the days omg it was so exciting hahsjhsjhsjhs

- “4 daYZ!!!”

- u couldn’t keep yo shit together omg 



- like u were waiting and bAm!!! thErE hE iS!! 

- u squealed and like ran up to him

- he like dropped his stuff and engulfed u in a hug


- everyone around y'all were cooing

- tbh u were cooing

- n like u pull apart and he just???pecks??your???lips??

- your faces were so red omgomgomgomg 

- so like u guys were pretty much a couple

- so while u were touring him around u guys would hold hands n be all mushy and he would be so sweet like giving you gifts

- u liked him so much but ugh he would have to leave soon :(

- time skip to the day he was leaving

- like both of y'all were crying

- and clinging to each other

- it!was!so!sad

- but he said he would visit again sOOn when he finished school


- anyway imma end it here cause i don’t have any other ideas

- but donghyuk loves u and y'all will work thru long distance relationships just fine





•constantly playing with his curls
•cuddles when he’s annoyed
•slow kisses
•him videoing you without you knowing it until it’s too late
•ship names you embrace
•stealing his jackets and sweaters constantly without him knowing (or so you think)
•killer fashion advice
•"you just WISH you had hair like this"
•stealing blankets just as an excuse for you to eat closer to him.
•supporting him when he feels down
•baking him food when he comes home from LA or tour.
•"Daniel doesn’t like my piercing. Do you like my piercing?“
•little notes around your house after he’s left for LA/tour/etc
•snap backs
•waiting up late for the video to come out but falling asleep
•cute snores

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Ohhh in family au does Hunk, Lance, and Pidge ever find the 1980s Voltron show. That would be sooo cute if they did and Keith and Shiro would be like, "What?" lol.

[The Voltron Family] Shiro and Keith would take their usual nap around lunch on weekends while the kids do what they want: watch movies or play video games in the living room. So when they woke up, Keith heard the kids laughing and so he got up from bed.

Shiro: Hey, it’s not even three yet. *yawns* Get back to bed.
Keith: True. But I can’t go back to sleep now. I’m hungry. *pouts*
Shiro: *chuckles* But we just ate lunch.
Keith: Well excuse me for being hungry. *crosses arms* I’m getting ice cream whether you like it or not.
Shiro: I’ll go with you. You know I can’t sleep without you beside me.
Keith: *rolls eyes* My god. Stop flirting after our nap time.
Shiro: *smirks* I’m your husband. I can flirt with you whenever I want. *gets up and pulls Keith into a bone crushing hug*
Keith: Apparently that involves killing me. *tries to escape* Let go of me you, gigantic crab.
Shiro: *blinks* Gigantic crab? Last week I was a cute shrimp.
Keith: You’re like seafood to me.
Shiro: Really now? Why so?
Keith: I love seafood.
Shiro: *hugs tightly* NOW WHO’S FLIRTING?!!! You know I love you right?
Keith: *chuckles* Yeah. Everyday. Can we please get my ice cream now? 

When they got out of their bedroom, they noticed the kids all eating ice cream while watching an anime series. What caught Keith’s attention was someone shouting “SHIROGANE!”

Keith: *turns to the tv* What did he just say?
Lance: *laughs* Did you know Voltron has our names? 
Shiro: Oh my god. *gapes* That’s so true. 
Keith: What?
Hunk: The red lion pilot is called Shirogane and the black one is called Keith or Akira? Which is funny cause those are your colours but like opposites. *giggles*
Pidge: And a dude is named Darrell a.k.a. Pidge. I feel like Matt was a Voltron fan and used that nickname for me. *laughs* And Lance is there too and Tsuyoshi which is Hunk.
Shiro: *sits down on the sofa with the kids* *grabs the ice cream from Lance*
Lance: *shock* DADDY SHIRO!!!
Shiro: Shush, child. I technically paid for this. Oh my god.
Lance: *pouts*
Shiro: *kisses Lance’s head* You can share with me. *turns back to the tv* This is such an old anime. I was a kid when it came out.
Keith: What? *still standing unmoved* 
Shiro: When I watched this I was pretty sure Shirogane and Akira had a thing. *raises eyebrows up and down* But they didn’t push through with it. Shame.
Hunk: So you and Daddy Keith made it a reality instead. *laughs*
Shiro: The names can’t be a coincidence. *looks at Keith*
Keith: What?
Shiro: For such an anime fan you didn’t know about Voltron? I trusted you and you failed me! *absolutely shocked*
Keith: WHAT?
Shiro: *laughs* C’mon, love. Sit down and let’s watch.
Pidge: Sit beside me, Daddy Keith!  *pulls Keith down*
Shiro: *sits back and eats more ice cream* Let’s start with episode one.
Three kids: *groans* But we’re episode 4 already!!
Shiro: Oh quiet you. My house, my rules. Now go back to episode one. 

After the marathon, the kids named their school bus “Voltron.”

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those tickle head canons were so cute! Do you have any for MTMTE Drift, TFP Soundwave, and poly BO/KO? human s/o? thank you!

TicklishS/O Headcanons



  • He’s devious. When you’re least expecting it he sneaks a tendril around you and tickles you. 
  • Don’t bother trying to tickle him. he’s not ticklish. He was, once, but one day he decided to just… not be.
  • If he’s had a rough day he tickles you because you’re laugh makes him happy.
  • He’s got about a billion recordings of you being tickled. You’re just so cute! Sometimes Starscream yells at him, and as soon as he leaves the room Soundwave plays videos of you giggling. 
  • He doesn’t like it when anyone else tickles you. Excuse, that is his human. How dare. One of the vehicons tried to tickle you once. Just once. Where is that vehicon, by the way? You haven’t seen him in a while…

Poly BD/KO 

  • They both think it’s super adorable how ticklish you are! 
  • They’re gentle. Breakdown is scared of being too rough with you and Knock Out’s digits are pretty sharp.
  • Breakdown is ticklish under his arms and on his tummy. Knock Out is only ticklish on very specific places on his tires and pedes. If you’re sneaky about it you can find them and reach them. Just be careful- he may screech and fling you off if you scare him!
  • Tickling is their favorite way to cheer you up when you’re grumpy or sad. 
  • Knock Out gives you and Breakdown routine medical check-ups. It almost always ends up in tickle fights because you’re both wriggly giggle boxes.


  • He’s also extremely ticklish- especially around his neck. Tickle fights are common with him, but usually only when he’s in his holoform or mass-displaced form.
  • He tickles you on accident a lot because he often pets you absent-mindedly. 
  • If you tell him to stop he stops immediately and asks if you’re okay. He would never do anything to make you uncomfortable on purpose.
  • If he ever accidentally hurts you during tickle fights he just. Feels like the WORST boyfriend.  
  • It’s like this video
The Fitting (Part 5)

(Jungkook acts like a horny teenager at work despite agreeing to keep your relationship a secret from everyone. You continue to question whether or not this relationship is a good idea.)

Warning: smut, dirty talk, intercourse, cunnilingus

You laid on your bed, looking over at the empty spot next to you.  Not that long ago, Jungkook was lying naked in that very same spot, looking at you.  He had started to drift off to sleep when you reminded him that people would get suspicious if he didn’t wake up in his own bed.  You felt bad kicking him out, but if this so-called relationship with Jungkook was going to work, the two of you would have to carefully guard your secret.

Your emotions were a bit of a mess, alternating between joy and panic.  Even though you were all alone, you blushed at the memory of what you and Jungkook did tonight.  It was a juvenile reaction, but you just felt so happy to have a boy who liked you and thought you were pretty and wanted your body, that it made you giggle.   But then reality would creep in, reminding you that this was, by its nature, a temporary situation and one that carried huge risks for your career.  The mature woman inside you wanted to chastise you for making such a stupid decision. You knew that taking on Jungkook as a lover was a rash choice and not one that any sensible person would make.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? I guess I could end up humiliated, jobless, unable to get a reference and potentially kicked out of the industry.   When you thought of the possibilities, it made you a little nauseous.  But then you thought of how good Jungkook’s skin felt next to yours and the way his admiration of you made your feel more confident and self-assured.  Fuck it.  I’ll just deal with the future when it happens.

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😊Fanfic (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Can you do an imagine (grayson x reader) where grayson finds out that reader use to write fanfics about him and Ethan? And maybe they read some for a video. think it would be pretty funny.

Warnings: None

A/N: Gurrrrrlllll I love me some fanfics! I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, but I gave it a shot and I hope you guys like it <3 Requests are open!

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“Okay guys so we’ve done dirty fanficton, reading dirty comments, and now we are going to read just fanfiction, but not just any fanfiction. We have recently learned that Y/N used to write fan fiction.” I could feel my entire soul being pulled from my body. Recently the boys found out I have a tumblr account and asked if I ever wrote about them. Of course I said ‘No!’ But they googled my name and my tumblr was in the few first results. I was sitting in class earlier this week when Gray texted me.

Grayson😊💚: Girl we have a great idea for this week’s video ;)

I did not expect the video would be over my stories over the boys. All they did was made me sit here and watch them read my stories aloud.

“Okay so this one is called Star Crossed Lovers E.D oooo this one’s about me.” Ethan scrolls through his phone while Gray looks over his shoulder.

“Find something juicy E.” Grayson says when he looks up to me. “Y/N where’s the juicy stuff?” Grayson asks which makes me laugh.

“You won’t find anything juicy. I never finished these fics after I met you guys.” I lied. I actually wrote a little bit of juice in the Ethan one but my Grayson one I’m worried they’ll find. It was like 50 Shades mixed with Twilight and it was pretty cringe worthy.

“Ugh Y/N why are you terrible?” Ethan asks as he keeps scrolling.

“Now for those of you guys who don’t know, we met Y/N at Coachella this year. She said she was a fan of us and we thought she was pretty cool. We exchanged snaps and soon we all became really good friends. Found out she lived in the LA area and well here we are.” Grayson says looking to me and smiling. Grayson and I have had a little relationship going on too. Since Coachella we’ve had a snapstreak and he was always my last message before bed. Neither one of us has ever said anything about whatever we had being official, but that didn’t matter because I knew the feelings were there.

“Ah here’s something!” Ethan exclaims. Grayson breaks our contact and turns to Ethan. “‘Ethan what are you doing?’ Molly asked as the giant man pressed her against the wall. ‘What I want to do.’ Just then his gigantic hands pressed my small body against the wall while he kissed me. His lips tasted of cigarettes and mint. A concoction I never thought I would fall in love with.” Ethan and Grayson are in a spit of laughter while I’m trying to hide my embarrassment. Grayson starts coughing from laughing so hard which makes E and I start laughing too. “Wait wait there’s more. ‘I feel Ethan’s hard on press against my shin. He was so big.’” The boy laugh even harder and Grayson even falls out of his chair. I cover my face and cringe so hard. “Y/N gave me a mega dick.” Ethan then looks down at his crotch. “I mean it’s pretty big but not down to your shin.” Ethan then starts laughing again.

“I was 13 give me a break!” I defended and both the boys laughed.

“Oh I found the one about me! It’s called Feels Right GD. Here we go ladies and gentlemen.” Grayson shoots me a wink and starts reading. “Day in and day out it was the same thing. He would call me at 1am wanting me to come over. I always went to his house. Sneaking past his brother who would fall asleep on the couch to go to his room. I was married but he didn’t care. ‘Callie….’ He moaned to me as I softly kissed his neck. This wasn’t who I was meant to be but damn I loved this. I loved the way his fingers would–and that’s enough of that!” Grayson says laughing.

“No keep reading!” Ethan takes the phone from Grayson after we both attempt to protest. “‘Grayson I can feel you hardening against me. I love this, but why do I feel so bad? This is wrong.’ I said as I grinded against Grayson softly. ‘It may be wrong, but it feels so right. I want you to–We are not going to flag this video!” Ethan shouts while Grayson and I both cover our face laughing.

“My girlfriend’s writing is so cute I swear.” As soon as he said what he said he realized what he said. We both popped our heads up in shock and I see Ethan staring us down.

“Excuse me? Girlfriend? What?” Ethan asks us the 40 questions we had been trying to avoid. Ethan gets up and turns the camera off. “How long?”

Grayson and I both exchange looks. “Well I didn’t know we were official until he said that, but we’ve kinda been talking since Coachella.” I answered and Grayson looks at me.

“I just assumed with all the talking that we were official. I mean we didn’t tell anyone about us in order to avoid rumors and questions.” Grayson looks up to Ethan then back to me. “But if it isn’t too much trouble, would you want to be my girlfriend?” He asks making me smile.

“I don’t know. I mean Ethan’s dick touches me shin. That’s pretty impressive.” I said referring to the fanfiction they read which caused everyone to laugh.

“Yeah but my fingers do things just the way you like. Even if it’s so wrong.” Grayson says trying to be seductive which caused me to crack a smile.

“Hey you two I’m going to not listen to that. I’m happy you guys are together but when do you plan to tell the fans? I mean I can edit it out of the video, but then we don’t have much of a video.” Ethan says eyeing the camera.

“Let’s finish reading the fanfics and we can decide. I want to read the The Right Choice one about E and I.” Grayson says and I look to my feet.

“It’s a messy love triangle I will not deny that.” I said which made Grayson smile. “But obviously I made my choice.” I said standing to my feet and walking over to Gray and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“The right choice.” He corrects me. I rolled my eyes as Ethan started rolling the camera again.

“You guys stop being gross. I think we both know I’m the only choice.” Ethan says flexing his muscles. Grayson just laughs while rolling his eyes.

“Let’s see what this one is about. Obviously I won so I mean I know how it ends.” Grayson says laughing while Ethan playfully pushes him. He looks to me and blows me a kiss which I just rolled my eyes.

“Stop being such a dork.” Ethan says making me laugh. 

“Dork with a girl.” He says which made me blush. “A cute girl.”


bbomb was really mad abt zico not following him on ig and zico said earlier that he doesnt really feel the support from the members then bbomb’s like “I HEART ALL YOUR POSTS” 😂
no excuses zico!

zico thot everyone was asleep when in fact they were watching him on vlive in their rooms and came to surprise him 😭

Well I decided to help myself feel slightly better and write some papa franku headcanons.
Enjoy some trash 😎


Filthyfrank (Joji Miller) headcannons:

-He seems a little loose in the noggin in videos, but in reality he’s pretty chill and relaxed but with a splash of filthy.

-He’d probably teach you some cute Japanese phrases.

-But in reality they’re super inappropriate and probably will get you in a shit ton of trouble.

-(Like saying the word *ochinchin, and him telling you that it means you look lovely or some shit.)

-Getting frustrated with his lewd words he teaches you and ending up using them on him.

-(If they’re dirty enough it low key ends with sex)

-10/10 had a fight with him in the minimal Japanese you knew which was funny because you can’t even form full on sentences.

-If you are fluent in Japanese you both have a foreign language fight to the death until one or the other gives up.

-You guys have some pretty funny inside jokes with each other that confuses the shit out of everyone else that doesn’t know about it.

-Poor Ian and max are incredibly confused because you never tell them any of your jokes.

-The jokes being something stupid like you telling an elderly woman about your *ochinchin without knowing the meaning, and him finally telling you what it means.

-You freak out because of how embarrassed you feel.

-Apologizing profusely to the woman.

*since we’re this far and you’re probably confused on what the word means, it’s the child word for penis.
You’re welcome.

-You’re definitely a background character in his videos. Finally getting comfortable enough to want to be a main character.

-Joji gets super excited over this.

-You’re probably filthys girlfriend in most of his skits.

-Since you’ve been in so many of his videos, he decides to ask you to move in.

-His excuse is that it’ll be more convenient for videos, which you can clearly see through his lie.

-10/10 say yes.

-He’s totally geeking on the inside, but trying to stay super calm on the outside.

-He probably breaks his stoic façade and freaks out in front of you with that cute smile of his.

-You’re now a main face in most of his videos.

-The fans are excited to see a new face, and not knowing you two are dating yet.

-Bloopers, so many bloopers of you two breaking character.

-Joji finding those times absolutely adorable.

-Finally getting comfortable enough to have a reveal video about your relationship status.

-Actually being surprised about how happy most of the fans are for you guys.

-Non supporters get shut down by the supporters.

-When you’re settled at home, and hanging around, he’s super relaxed, it’s almost like a completely different person walked through the door.

-But that doesn’t mean he’s always calm.

-You guys, like every other couple, have their ups and downs.

-Sometimes Joji is in a shitty mood but doesn’t mean to take it out on you.
(you do it too)

-This leads to backlash and starting a short but heated fight, ending with you in either tears or an extremely red and angry face.

-But most likely tears, because he turns into a complete dick and says things that shouldn’t have been said, but so do you.

-You’re both hurting, so this means you both take time to yourselves.

-Relocating to different sides of the house, sometimes even completely leaving, walking the streets or taking a drive for a few hours.

-When you finally calm yourselves, it’s an awkward but meaningful apology, but will take a day or two for it to fall into place again.

-10/10 Joji gives the best “I’m sorry hugs”.

-Wtf am I saying, he gives the best everything hugs because they feel like home, they make you feel comfortable, safe and they’re warm.

-Speaking of warm, he’s a literal heater. Fuck blankets, just cuddle with him, I’m pretty sure you’d warm up in an instant.

-You both have poor circulation, meaning your feet are probably cold af.

-Can we say, warm fuzzy socks?

-Can we say, steal all of our boyfriends sweaters?

-He’s missing 95% of all his sweaters by now, low key doesn’t care because he likes seeing you wear them but puts the “it’s super inconvenient” façade.

-Has a folder in his phone dedicated to pictures of you and him. But most of them are you.

-His background is a picture of you, or a meme you and him laugh at a lot.

-If it’s a background of the two of you he most likely got heckled by Ian,Max or Chad(maybe all three) about the picture and that’s why he’s changed it to the meme.

-Low key whipped for you, especially when you’re sick.

-Like the one time you had a cold and you said it was fine for him to go out with friends because you could take care of yourself. You called him like an hour later saying you needed cold medicine, he left his friends to grab you some and bring it to you.

-They’ve never let this down, now there’s a running joke along his friends about how whipped he is for you.

-Tbh you guys have broken up once or twice.

-Every time it’s happened, he’d always drunk call you about how much he missed you or how depressed he was alone, without you or how quiet the apartment was without you there.

-You’ve been together since, because you were low key feeling the same, and it was hard for either of you to be away from each other for so long.

-It’s a really healthy and stable relationship.

But also imagine Yoonji’s face when she finds out that Park Jimin and Jung Hoseok, her best friends of years, are also friends with Taehyung a.k.a the girl that is dating her bf and also the girl Yoonji wants to keep for herself. 

Yoonji usually spends her afternoons in the art room of their college working on paintings or writing music but for once she decides to surprise her favorite people with snacks. She stops by the store and loads up on chips and drinks and heads over to the campus dance studio ready to surprise Hosoek and Jimin only to stop in her tracks when she spots a familiar head of lavender hair. Her mouth literally drops open when she sees the girl playing on a pink game boy with Jimin sitting besides her resting his head on her shoulder. 

Hoseok picks that time to notice Yoonji and head over. 

“Why are you here with chips and why are you staring at Taehyung?” 

Yoonji is just legit so (jung)SHOOK.

That’s her.”


Hoseok’s eyes widen then to match Yoonji’s because he knows what she means finally. Taehyung is HER! Taehyung is the girl that Yoonji had been talking about. HOLY SHIT TAEHYUNG IS HER!

Yoonji already knows Taehyung has no idea her boyfriend is seeing someone else. She made sure to do her research before confronting the “other woman” in her boyfriend’s life and figured there was no point in yelling at someone so beautiful when she was getting played too. Yoonji uses that as an excuse to walk over to Jimin, and Taehyung, and introduce herself. 

She honestly never expected to hit it off so well with Taehyung. 

Weeks later finds Yoonji and Taehyung sitting together in a cafe near their school drinking coffee while Taehyung goes on and on about the new Sistar music video. Really Yoonji’s not paying attention. Taehyung is dressed in a really cute flower print skirt that stops right at the beginning of her beautiful thighs, she’s just so distracted by all the tan skin on display. 

“You know, Hyorin is so hot i wouldn’t mind a night with her.” 

Yoonji chokes on her drink as Taehyung giggles. 


“Hyorin, of Sistar, she’s so pretty don’t you think so too?” 

Yoonji’s never been sure if Taehyung was bi or pans or whatever but she figures this is good enough for her to guess. The plan she had before of stealing the beautiful girl from her (their) boyfriend literally pops back up and he smiles before moving closer to brush some of Taehyung’s hair behind her ear. 

“Honestly, i think you’re prettiest.” 

Yoonji feels smug as fuck as she sits back to see the way Taehyung blushes a deep red. 

“Yoonji, do you have a boyfriend?” 

The black haired girl stiffens. 

“Um kind of i guess.” 

She can see the way her answer makes Taehyung furrow her eyebrows in confusion and it’s honestly so cute. Yoonji just can’t help but leaning down to press a kiss to Taehyung’s forehead. Taehyung is resting with her head in Yoonji’s lap as they watch movies together and Yoonji is running her fingers through the soft lavender hair, it feels so intimate  and nice really all Yoonji wants is to be able to really kiss Taehyung. 

“I have a boyfriend but i think we might break up soon. He’s been ignoring me more and not answering my text. Last night we had a date and he never showed up.” 

Taehyung sounds so sad Yoonji remembers last night her(their) boyfriend had shown up at her apartment for a late night fuck and anger flows through her. How could anyone leave Taehyung stranded?!?! How could anyone ever want to hurt Taehyung?

Yoonji grabs Taehyung’s cheeks between her hands gently and makes the girl turn to look at her. 

“If you ever, and i mean ever, want to dress up and go out call me. I promise i’ll always show up okay? No matter the time i will show up.” 

Yoonji pretends her heart doesn’t skip several beats when Taehyung turns to snuggle her face into her stomach. Yoonji pretends she doesn’t feel guilty for not telling Taehyung the truth when the girl presses a kiss to her clothed body before giggling. It was for the best Taehyung didn’t know what kind of guy she was really dating. 

(i needed to write more of this au im flying with ideas tbh)

  • Tjeffs and Mads: Oh hey Burr how have you been? I really like that new outfit! Where did you get it?
  • Aaron: Oh it's so nice right, I got it at this cute little thrift shop down the street.
  • Tjeffs: Thrift store? Oh no no no honey, what is you doin?
  • Mads: I didn't know times were that tough for you, maybe we should start a gofundme?
  • Aaron: Excuse you? Look I know you all aren't acting boujee about second hand clothes when you've got that second hand hair on your head.
SNSD Reaction to: Watching One of Their Girlfriend’s YouTube Videos

Edit: this request below ⬇ is very similar to this one ⬆ so I grouped them together, I hope that’s ok!

Taeyeon: “fany, come here, look, look! it’s my jagi’s video! whoa, she looks so pretty on camera!” she watches all your videos on her phone, esp. on tour to feel closer to you. also proudly shows the others

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Jessica: watches your videos before bed, whether she’s on tour or not. it’s part of her routine at this point. will tease you if you’re there though; “aww, look how cute you are! ~”

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Sunny: eats while watching the videos, talking to the screen as if you could hear her; “wait, your “annoying girlfriend” didn’t clean the dishes - uh, excuse you??”

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Tiffany: finds great joy in watching your earlier videos, that are so different to your newer ones; “fetus y/n is so precious!”

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Hyoyeon: “ah, she never told me she was doing a collab with [famous youtuber] …” gets jealous sometimes if your onscreen flirting/banter feels a bit too realistic. esp if it’s someone you’re shipped w. but as long as you don’t collab w them often, she’s super supportive & proud of you

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Yuri: watches your videos so often that the girls try teasing her for it but she doesn’t even care. she’s so happy while watching you that their teasing will never stop her

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Sooyoung: will text you smart comments like ‘wow, the lighting you use must be really good since you’re not that pretty irl! :P’ but is also super supportive & watches every single video at least ten times each

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Yoona: “oh wow, this ‘condom challenge’ is so funny!”

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Seohyun: “ah, you always do makeup tutorials of my comebacks, so cheesy! and a reaction video to our new song, really?” teases you playfully but loves that you’re being creative & living off of that, while also showing your love for her through your cheesy videos 

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How The Boys Found Out

Oli was the first to find out.

He and Joe were to be filming a video that night, and he was due over at Joe’s flat, but had decided to come a little earlier since his meeting had finished. Someone let him into Joe’s building, and he knew the door would be unlocked, so he simply let himself into the apartment. And that was when he saw Joe and Y/N asleep together on the couch, curled up together.

They woke up when Oli let his bag fall to the floor, resulting a loud thud and a knowing smirk on Oli’s face. The couple tried to stumble over an excuse, but he had waved them off, saying they were cute and it was about bloody time.

And after swearing to not tell the others, because they were waiting, it was still new, Joe and Oli filmed the video.

Conor and Mikey found out together.

Their group was out at the club, the night was turning into early morning, and much alcohol had been consumed. Which was why Conor and Mikey were trying to find Joe and Y/N, so they could all leave as a group. Because Josh and Caspar were drunk out of their mind, something about South Africa winning, so they were celebrating, and everyone wanted to get them out of the club before they got kicked out.

Conor saw Joe first, the lights from the club flashing across his face as he leaned in close to the woman he had against the wall. From the angle Conor was at, he couldn’t see the face of the woman, but had nudged Mikey and grinned towards Joe, thinking that his friend was pulling.

And then Joe shifted, pulling the woman closer, which resulted in Mikey and Conor’s mouths dropping open as they discovered it was Y/N.

It wasn’t until the next morning that they talked to Joe, who had tried to claim both boys were imagining it, until Conor reminded him that he had been practically sober the night before. Then Joe admitted to his and Y/N’s relationship, promising them both to keep quiet.

After teasing Joe, the two had agreed.

Jack was next.

The whole group was over at the Maynard/Pieter’s residence for a party. Everyone was having a great time, and Jack had stumbled into his room to grab something, although that item was quickly forgotten. Because he was too busy smirking at the two flustered people that had jumped apart mighty fast when the door opened. Joe’s hair was messed up, and Y/N was fixing her shirt. Both of their lips were swollen, and Jack was fairly sure that Joe was not wearing any lipstick when he last saw him.

“As happy as I am for you two,” Jack looked between the two, enjoying their flushed faces as they shifted uncomfortable under his stare, “It is entirely unfair that you are getting more action in my room than I am.”

“That’s what you have to say about all this?” Joe shook his head, laughing at his friend.

“What else is there to say?” Jack shrugged, grabbing the iPod he suddenly remembered was the reason for coming in here. “It was bound to happen.”

“Don’t tell the others.” Y/N told him.

“Does anyone else know?” He raised an eyebrow as the couple shared a look.

“Oli. Conor. Mikey.” Joe responded.

“Alright.” Jack shrugged, scrolling through his songs. “What do you want to listen to?” He asked, turning and heading back out of the room.

Josh followed Jack in finding out.

He was over at Joe’s, they were planning and filming. Joe was currently in the other room gathering supplies, and both of their phones were face down on the counter.

So when one of them rung with a new text, Josh had picked it up because it was the same tone as his texts, and both phones looked identical. He hadn’t really been paying attention.

Until he began to read the text messages. Because he knew there was no one who would be texting him kissing emoji’s and hearts. And when he looked at the name, he had raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Which was when Joe had walked back in the room.

“So,” Josh smirked over at the shorter man. “You and Y/N?”

“What?” Joe froze, eyes widening.

“She just texted you. Saying how excited she was to see you later, followed by some kissing emojis. It’s adorable really. And who knew Joe Sugg was such a romantic when it came to texts.” Josh held the phone towards Joe, the screen showing some texts between him and Y/N.

“Uhm,” Joe blinked, glancing between the phone and Josh, knowing there was no way to talk his way out of it.

“No worries, mate. So, who’s video we filming first?”

When Josh left later that night, he had winked at Joe and told him to have fun that night, but not too much fun.

Finally, Caspar.

Poor innocent Caspar.

Because he was the unlucky one to walk in on them together.

Of course, Caspar had no idea when he let himself into Joe’s place. Because it was the middle of the day. And he had headphones in, so he didn’t hear any noise, humming along to the song blasting into his ears.

But when he turned the corner, and saw them together on the couch, he let out a scream, covering his eyes quickly as he stumbled backwards into a wall.

It was fine seeing Joe naked, it had been done plenty of times, so that wasn’t a big deal. But Y/N was there too. And Caspar considered her like a sister, and he did not want to see his sister naked.

He yanked the headphones out of his ears, repeatedly saying sorry as he continued to cover his eyes, wincing as he bumped into wall again, stumbling over his own feet, suddenly meeting the floor.

“Jeez, Caspar.” Joe grumbled from somewhere across the room, and there was the sound of shuffling before Caspar felt soft hands on his, pulling them from his eyes gently.

Y/N was crouched in front of him, a blanket wrapped around herself, eyes shining with concern.

“You okay?” She asked, a small frown on her face. Caspar’s face turned red as he lifted his eyes over her shoulder to see Joe standing there, only his boxers on, arms crossed.

“I’m sorry.” Caspar said again.

“It’s fine, Caspar.” Y/N reassured him while Joe simply chuckled.

“I mean, that’s one way to find out. We did plan to tell you mate, just not like this.”

“How long…” Caspar ducked his eyes to meet Y/N’s again, but then he remembered she only had a blanket covering her, so he lifted them back to the ceiling. “How long has this been happening?”

“Probably near two months.” Joe replied casually. “Don’t take it personally, though. We just wanted to keep it to ourselves.”

“Does anyone else know then?” Caspar scrambled to his feet as Y/N also stood, moving to stand beside Joe.

“Uhm, all the other boys.” She shifted on her feet awkwardly. “But they kind of found out on their own.”

“They walked in on you too?!” Caspar exclaimed, jaw dropping.

“No!” Joe shook his head quickly, “The worst was Jack, he caught us making out.”

“Oh. Good.”

“Are you sure you’re okay? You hit the wall pretty hard.” Y/N asked again, but Caspar nodded.

“I’m fine. I’m just going to…” He took a small step back, glancing over his shoulder. “I’m just going to go for a walk. And then come back in a while. When you are both dressed. In clothes.” Caspar nodded firmly before spinning around on his heel and making his way out of the door quickly. He needed to find a new image to replace the one currently stuck in his mind.

nonveganzombie  asked:

Ok, should've done it on this blog, sorry 😅But what kind of Pokémon do you think the mm squad would have? Persian feels obvious for Jumin

bro i LOVE coming up with pokemon squads thank you for giving me an excuse to do these guys i put way more time and effort into this than i should have whoops


  • Rockruff
    • Puppy! Enough said lol
  • Skitty
    • Since he’s a vet, he’s gotta have the standard puppy and kitten. Skitty also represents Lisa!
  • Pawniard
    • I knew Yoosung would want a sword/knight Pokemon in there somewhere because of his LOLOL fantasy, but I chose Pawniard specifically bc it tries to be edgy and like “FIGHT ME” but at the same time it’s so small and cute?
  • Pikachu
    • He loves video games, of course he’d have the main mascot! Plus the color scheme fits, so cute~
  • Audino
    • Obligatory healer Pokemon haha
  • Togetic
    • Togetic’s all about hope and happiness, and Yoosung always tries to be a really cheerful person, so I feel he’d like one!


  • Roserade
    • I mean… look at it. Don’t tell me Roserade doesn’t scream “Zen” lmao
  • Meloetta
    • Another obvious one haha… I like that it has the Pirouette form too, which kinda represents his acting as well as his singing
  • Alolan Ninetales
    • It’s gorgeous and silvery and beautiful. Just like Zen~
  • Gallade
    • Zen’s always going on about how ~knightly~ he is haha
  • Abra
    • Psychic dreams, yo
  • Seviper
    • …read farther (also I genuinely feel Zen would dig snakes)


  • Mienshao
    • I know there’s actually a judo Pokemon, but I felt Mienshao suited Jaehee better than Throh in just about every aspect 
  • Pidgeot
    • I just kinda feel that Pidgeot gives off a Jaehee vibe? It might be the color scheme and also how diligent it looks.
  • Noctowl
    • Why am I associated a bunch of bird Pokemon with Jaehee? idk man I’m just going with my gut… Noctowl is associated with nighttime and this girl’s always up late :’D Also the color scheme! And it’s super smart.
  • Chatot
  • Kirlia
    • Ballet! Also it’d be cute for Jaehee to have a Gardevoir and Zen to have a Gallade >v>
  • Ampharos
    • Since there’s no caffeine/coffee Pokemon, I figured electricity would be the next closest thing haha. I felt Jaehee would like how Ampharos looks, as well as its gentle nature


  • Meowstic (f)
    • Female Meowstic is probably the closest thing to Elizabeth 3rd you’re gonna get with Pokemon!
  • Alolan Meowth
    • Instead of Persian I think he’d have this for a couple reasons: it is (or was, I guess) associated with high class (bred for royalty and all) and also Meowth is just associated with money, of course. we’re not gonna talk about Alolan Persian shh
  • Espeon
    • First, cat. Second, all its Pokedex entries talk about how loyal it is, and it’s evolved via friendship. Jumin really values good friends and loyal people.
  • Lilligant
    • Jumin really cares about the environment and likes gardening, so he’d definitely have at least one grass Pokemon. I feel Lilligant fits his aesthetic, I guess, out of all the grass Pokemon out there despite it being very… woman-like whoops
  • Cherrim
    • …the cherry farm lol (also this is like, the closest I could get to associating a Pokemon with grapes/wine? :’D)
  • Zangoose
    • Grumpy, v srs kitty. ò^ó Also bc I couldn’t resist giving Zen and Jumin rival Pokemon heheh


  • Rotom
    • Imagine the mayhem he’d cause with a Rotom omg he’d love it
  • Beheeyem
    • Because space. Also apparently its appearance is supposed to resemble a secret agent lmao!
  • Metagross
    • Gotta give him a robot Pokemon right? Metagross is also apparently based off both a supercomputer and UFO, so I thought that fit haha~
  • Mimikyu
    • He’d. Relate to Mimikyu a bit too much, I feel. A thing pretending to be something it’s not to be noticed and loved? kill me ;v;
  • Litleo
    • I felt he would definitely have at least one cat Pokemon, and out of all the cat Pokemon out there I thought Litleo suited him best! Fiery lil kitty <3
  • Cubone
    • do i need to explain this one it’s even more tragic than mimikyu /sobs
Not Your Average Video: Kian Lawley (Requested Smut)

{Sorry this is so short but I added a few GIFs; that aren’t mine, to compensate. This was an anon request from ages ago that I just never seemed to get to.. Once again I’m an awful person and I have no excuse. I am going to finish requests by the end of this month no matter what.. I hope you guys enjoy this.. }

“Do you wanna make a video with me today, (Y/N)?” Kian questioned you. “Of course,” you replied, pecking a kiss on his soft lips. He smiled at you, but the smile soon turned into a grin, “Wear something cute, this video is going to be special.” You nodded without question, obliging to him as usual. There was no question of worrying with Kian, you trusted that boy with your life and in any other way possible. He went out of his way for you whenever he could, after all, you and Hazel were his life. You walked into your guys’ bedroom and opened your closet pulling out your favorite cropped sweater and skater skirt. After getting dressed you slipped on a black pair of high socks adorned with a single bow on the back of each one, and lightly scrunched up your hair where your curls from this morning had fallen flat. You looked at yourself in the full length mirror on the wall and shrugged, flicking off the light and leaving the room.

 "Baby, I’m ready,“ you spoke leaning against the door casing of the spare bedroom where Kian usually filmed. He smiled as he approached you, "Hey cutie,” he grinned, lightly poking at the narrow strip of skin your crop top revealed. You blushed as his thumb ran down your jawline and his other hand made its way to the small of your back, pulling you closer to him. Kian placed a long kiss your lips then suddenly pulled away, whispering, “Jump,” into your ear. As you jumped he placed his hands under your thighs to support you. You wrapped your hands loosely around your neck, reaching up, running your fingers through his slight quiff. He smashed his lips onto yours once again, moving his hands up to you ass, kneading at it, causing you to moan out. 

He took the opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth, deepening the kiss. Your fingers continued to tangle in his hair as he placed you onto the bed. Kian’s hands ran over, what seemed to be, every inch of your body. You squirmed at his gentle touch on your highly sensitive skin, only wanting more. “Baby,” you groaned as you tugged on his shirt. He pulled away ripping off his shirt, allowing you to slip off your sweater. The both of you continued to strip off your clothes without hesitation, almost as if your lives depended on it. 

You smiled as Kian sat next to you on the bed. He tugged on the toe of your socks, struggling to slip them off. You couldn’t help but to laugh at his failed attempts only to have him give you a dirty look. That dirty look quickly transformed into a sexy little lip bite when he said, “Leave them on, it’s hot..”

He proceeded to pin you down on the bed, peppering kisses onto your bare body. “You’re so beautiful,” he groaned, taking your breasts into his hands, roughly groping at them. He soon took one of them into his mouth, sucking on it then lightly nipping at it. You moaned out his name as he he continued to kiss down your body, leaving a trail of bites down to your core.  He looked up at you momentarily, then almost immediately plunged his tongue into you. You twisted the sheets between your fingers, “Kian!” You moaned out once again as he began to rub at your clit. Your hands found their way back into Kian’s hair and you pulled on it causing a groan to escape from Kian. 

The vibrations from Kian’s moan hit  your core as his lips pulled on you clit, causing you to hit your high. “Baby, you’re so good,” he smirked as he sucked up the remainder of your orgasm. “Kian, I need you, right now,” you begged as he stood up. “Of course Cutie,” he spoke softly as he threw his boxers to the ground, “Hands and knees,” he demanded. As you repositioned yourself you felt the bed dip down. You were soon situated then Kian thrusted into you from behind. He immediately began to hit your g-spot causing a string of moans to escape from your lips. “Fuck,” you moaned as he pounded into you. 

You began to clench around him as he flipped you over into a missionary position. You bucked your hips into Kian, curses flowing out of his mouth. “(Y/N)…” He moaned, “You are so tight..” You clenched around him once more, feeling his dick twitch inside of you. “Kian, I’m-” was all you could get out as the knot in your stomach was eased by your second orgasm. Kian pulled out only to release into your mouth, you happily accepted. You licked off his tip as you came down from your high. “(Y/N)..” Kian whispered as he lay down next to you. “So much for filming a video,” you giggled as you spoke. “About that,” he added as stood up and walked towards the camera. 

“We actually did,” Kian flicked the camera off and faced you with an innocent smile, one that you couldn’t say no to..“You’re lucky you’re cute Lawley…” He layed back down in his former spot, pulling you into his embrace, “No, I’m just lucky I have you..”