this video is really bad quality

I got a few asks about this picture. Sorry, the lighting was very bad in the exhibition and this picture was small. I had to zoom in all the way as they taped off this area and we could not get close. There was a desk where I assume Mashima sat (or was a recreation), and there was a video recording of him actually drawing this (which was really cool). This is the best quality I could take. Hopefully the actual picture will be released sometime or someone else managed to take a better photo.

Guys, are you aware that there’s a bit in Rogue One, after Cassian’s stirring speech and during Kaytoo telling Jyn he’ll be there for her, that Baze walks up to Chirrut and cups his face?

The entirely legal video clip I have is really bad quality so it’s hard to see, but it’s there, it happened and I am not okay someone hold me

The internet’s recent hate‐boner for Andromeda is really bumming me out. It’s not even that people think it’s a bad game (the trial seemed fantastic to me); it’s for nonsense like facial animations.

How has that even become a thing? Who gives a shit? I have literally never once changed my opinion on any video game I’ve ever played in my life based on the criteria of Facial Animation Quality. That’s such a weird cause for a hatedom to develop.

I’m not trying to be a fangirl, here, there are valid complaints—bad character creator and a downright painful UI come to mind—but how does that equal “BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT SINCE NO MAN’S SKY, 0/10”? :/

BioWare games are about the characters and world‐building, and both seem top‐notch in Andromeda so far. For any other company, this would barely spark a “rocky start for otherwise great game” headline. People just seem to have it out for BioWare.


Aqours -  Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM (preview)


Even Bech Næsheim laugh and smile Compilation. 

Please if you use it for any reason give me credit. (Because i worked really hard)


“For me the task is kinda be more involved and see how I can help, even if it’s just I don’t know, putting a smile on someone’s face or answering some questions or making somebody feel better. Listen, we’re all crazy anxious people, it doesn’t matter if I’m sitting here and you’re there. I’m awkward, I get nervous, I get panic attacks, I get crazy, depression. I mean it’s the world we live in. I think it’s important that we all remember that at the end of the day we’re just the same person [..] So, my job, I think, is to always just try to remain as honest as I can and just, I don’t know, help in some way.” - Sebastian on life goals (source)

A quickly analysis of  GOT7은 리얼리티 촬영중!! ❤️❤️ jackbum edition:

JB jealousy on fire!

First his murderous look to BamBam’s hand ( 00:09-00:11)

Looking to Yugyeom’s and Youngjae’s hand in Jackson’s back (00:12-00:25)!!!

Moved to see BamBam’s hand on Jackson’s ass (00:23-00:27)

And BamBam noticed!! ft he looked away when BamBam looked to him!!!! (00:25-00:26)

And again! (01:24-01:29) /01:42-01:46)

BamBam knowing (really knowing, just wach this for god’s sake) look (02:55-02:56) ft JB’s jaw Jinyoung noticed too

He is really done (03:03-03:07)

He is so done! (03:08-03:09)

This is so cute, Jackson using JB’s thigh as pillow (03:34- and a lot of times until the end) ♡

JB’s necessity to point the comment. He didn’t talk about any another comment, but this one… (03:43-03:48) AND THE WORST WHEN HE SAID “SARANGHAE” HE SAID SOFTLY LOOKING REALLY, REALLY DIRECTLY AT JACKSON 

JB don’t know if he looks fondly at Jackson or if he feels jealousy. Jaw and fondly look ✔ (sorry Jackson for the print and what is with that moan honey? (04:11-04:13)

As always Jackson says something and JB laughed fondly at him ft Jackson smile when he heard JB laughing (04:37-04:40)

JB pointing out that Jackson is too relax, is this jealousy? (05-37-05:38) 

JB wanting to leave again and everyone: already? (06:21-06:24)

And again, I really fear for BamBam’s life after this live (06:33-06:35)

Looking to Jackson (06:36-06:37)

And looking away (06:38-06:39)

Looking to BamBam and Mark touching Jackson’s ass (06:40-06:45)

I love video games so much, but YIKES the video game industry is so bad right now. PR nightmares everywhere, constant shitty releases and more and more terrible triple A titles, developers and publishers.

It’s really messed up how companies can release a game that is clearly unpolished or buggy or straight up non-functioning, but it doesn’t matter cause they can just patch it. What happened to quality control? So much money goes into development of these games, and what do we get? In the words of our savior Jeff Goldbloom; one big pile of shit. Not even indie games are safe. Indie games got popular cause triple A titles sucked, but now indie is just a really bad gimmick that has the exact same problems. UGH

tebarite  asked:

heyya can I ask you something? (<- I already did lmao) I love the blending effect your watercolors give, especially on blacks! it looks really cool, like kinda leather-ish✨ do you have any handy tutorials on how to do that effect and not die trying? or any advice bc i totally suck at watercoloring 💔 thanks in advance!!!

haha thank you! i made a rly quick demo thing, and i apologize for the reallllly bad quality video, it’s all pixel and just poop :[ but i hope it’s enough to get the idea across? if not i could do a better one if needed.