this video is pure gold


Hyper Projection Engeki «Haikyuu!! The Winner and the Loser»  Dress Rehearsal Video~

This stage is pure gold! Т_Т




this whole video is pure gold


This video is the reason I live 

*watching the "comin' in hot" music video*
  • Jorel: *walks up in a giant fucking mustache and rainbow poncho*
  • Jorel: *in a horrible country accent* fellers. man senor heffes daughters are how you say, muy bonito?
  • me: *laughing my ass off* JOREL WHAT THE FUCK

hamilton AND beyonce in ONE video??? ? this is perfection, pure gold.. my ears have been blessed i’m

(watch the whole video)

Workout Log 3-16-17

Huff, huff, huff. I did cardio this morning. I decided, “do I really need to do two leg days a week?” I’d rather just do my long and more advanced routine on Saturday that actually kicks my ass. My mini leg workout in the midweek ends up barely feeling challenging, and I have a half marathon in October. So, it’s probably best to get my heart more accustomed to the running again, which I admittedly haven’t done as much since the half marathon last October. 

It’s been awhile since I got my heart up into peak range, so that means I challenged myself a bit more this morning. My sweat puddle is evidence of this. I’ve been slowly, slowly eeking up the paces so I become more accustomed to them. 5 mph is starting to feel pretty comfortable, and the 6 mph bursts are becoming easier as well. So, I tried a few 6.5′s and held them for about a minute before I returned to my slower pace and caught my breath. Toward the end of my workout I sort of just started doing walking cycles, and uhm–browsed Tumblr on my phone. Then I was all “oh, I’m still here–right, about that…I can leave now…”

Playlist Picks: I want it to be known that in my pop star crush Hall of Fame is Lady Gaga. And, because I still have “Telephone” stuck in my head at this very instance I think it deserves the playlist mention today. The music video is pure gold. I do love some pop music and am absolutely unashamed! A lot of people get a bit confused when I turn around and say, “Ah, man. I do love me some Slayer, ‘Ghosts of War’ is amazing”