this video is one of my favorite things ever


@markiplier, thank you for everything you do and have done. Every video you’ve made, every convention you’ve been to, every charity stream, every promise, every person you’ve ever helped or made smile or laugh… That’s a starfish. Each video is a few million starfish, for everyone who’s watched your videos and heard your messages. Each minute, each second of video is a starfish for the people who need them to keep going. Mark, you’ve tossed easily billions of starfish back into this ocean, and even if they wash back up again in a day, an hour, ten minutes… you’ll be there to throw them back. 

I guess it’s a nice consolation to know that I was one of those starfish, or perhaps many of them, because you constantly inspire me to find my passion and drive to do wonderful things and create. You inspired this piece, for one. It’s actually one of my favorite things I’ve ever drawn. But more importantly, you inspire me to pick up some starfish as well. Hopefully I can throw my fair share back in this walk of life, like you have.

Anway, thank you so, so much, and I hope you have an incredible 28th birthday, even if you say you don’t really care about it. Much love <3

This piece was actually inspired by this video in particular.
(For better image quality, right click the picture and hit “open link in new tab.” That should help.)

I remember when you loved me. When you would drive 3 hours just to see me for a few minutes on your way to practice or when you would drop off my favorite food for lunch to cheer me up on days I needed it. I remember how it felt to feel your love, feel your forehead kisses or your body next to me when I woke up. I remember running around your house, screaming with laughter or spending a night in and watching funny videos. I remember being your best friend, being the one you ran things by and wanted my approval. You wanted my input on your life and that was more than I could have ever asked for, that feeling of being wanted and needed. I remember the last time I saw you and how you reassured me the next time, I would see you for longer but that never happened.
—  this is why I won’t ever be able to trust anyone again

Some screens I took from an interview Eddie did for People magazine in November 2014. Among other things, he talks about how he once forgot his lines while performing onstage! You can see the video HERE. 

(Personal note: The top pic is one of my favorite screens I’ve ever gotten. Doesn’t that look on his face make you want to give him a cuddle?

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Have you ever done an analysis on the gifset you just reblogged, with Phil saying 'You loved it, you wanna do it more'? When I first watched that moment I thought it was very flirtatious, the sort of thing that (back then) they wouldn't have normally said anywhere except at home with the cameras off

Could you pls talk about the you loved it iconic moment? I believe there’s not much to say apart from the obvious teasing and giggling but I still adore to read your opinions and what you believe they thought during that kind of moments ♡

ugh wow BLESS both of you for asking about this moment, bc i am truly emotional over how much i love this moment and really the whole scene that precedes it with phil quizzing dan about dragon words. you might think i don’t have a lot to say but like,,, do you know me?? ?? ?? naturally, i have SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS and am hAPPY to ramble about it at length. 

this video came out a few months before i started watching dan and phil and i remember going on an odyssey of watching all of their videos and seeing this moment and thinking that it felt so substantially different to any other particular scene from their vids in the past few years. and i decided that it’s because it is one of the only times where dan treats one of phil’s questionable remarks/innuendos as though it’s directly being addressed to him (bc it literally is lol) and he reacts accordingly (that blush!!!! the averted eyes!! !) when i first saw it i couldn’t decide if i thought it was super fucking cute or just horrifically cringe and awkward (i still kind of think it is the latter tbh, because something about it makes you, the viewer, really aware that THEY are really aware of the camera and the audience and you can physically feel them being constrained by this amorphous audience gaze in that moment). i settled on it being both though–that awkwardness is definitely there, where they’re flirting but they’re doing it in a somewhat stiff manner and dan is clearly searching for a sarcastic reply to phil’s “you wanna do it more,” in order to turn it into a typical ‘weird phil/normal dan’ exchange. this is why he starts saying “alright–that’s–that was–” but he’s clearly a bit too flustered to come up with anything witty and dismissive. so then there’s a really obvious jump cut and it’s just ,,, so good. cute that phil succeeded in making dan so flustered and just sat there gently giggling about it in his very phil way, cute that dan was so blush and giggly too, and then super fuckin cute and significant that they decided to LEAVE THIS WHOLE ExCHANGE IN THE VID and happily share it with us. i mean looking back on it now there’s hardly anything remarkable about it in comparison to all of the ridiculous and blatant flirting they get up to these days on dapg, but for that time it seems like the decision to not cut that part out was a big one. 

regarding the lil quiz scene before it … damn. some actual Gold. i feel like dan was genuinely surprised by phil introducing this bit (as in, it wasn’t pre-planned at all) and i love how candid his reaction to it feels. i think that the lack of preparedness for it is the reason that dan seems unable to even slightly conceal his fondness throughout. it’s just bursting out of him no matter how much he bites down on his smile, and it’s so fucking cute. the way he almost proudly is like ‘if you’re wondering what it’s like to be phil’s friend in any social situation … he comes prepared with icebreakers,’ to underscore how creative and funny phil is. THE LEVEL OF WARMTH AND SOFTNESS IN HIS VOICE and the cute, disgruntled exasperation when he’s like “that’s a phil” in response to “skeen,” it’s so!!!!!!!! ! !! ! ! the really intense way he just stares at phil with a tiny smile when phil is wrapping up the quiz and saying “come for the game leave with some knowledge.” ahhhhhh. dan tried so hard to maintain that sarcastic veneer of like,, ‘phil wtf u and ur weird ideas this is so dumb wtf it’s taking the momentum out of the game wtf i’m going to roll my eyes so hard they fall out w t f’ but like in actuality it is one of the softest things i have ever seen. it really reminds me of one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE dnp videos: the great baby animal quiz. i used to watch this ALL THE TIME when i was sick or sad bc it’s a solid 2 and a half minutes of some of the softest bants they’ve ever had, and dan just blatantly adoring the shit out of phil and his animal facts :( they are so cute and good and nice :(

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Hello! I saw your last ask and was wondering if there were tags or masterposts like that for liam? Cause I've seen more of zayn fonding over liam than the other way around. Could you link a few if its not too much to ask? Thank you ❤

I SURE CAN! Here are some great ones:

Liam looks at Zayn like he wants to spend the rest of his life with him

Liam Payne’s love for Zayn Malik

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A thirsty Liam Payne is a deadly Liam Payne

Masterpost of Ziam during WWA SA (Liam was fonding at capacity.)

Ziam Tunnel Vision (a mix of both, but lots of Liam fond.)

Here’s some Jealous Liam: x / x


This one because it makes me laugh



And since I linked their tags in my last post, deffo check out twistericecream’s ‘the fond is real’ tag, and that-regular-chick’s ‘Liam loves Zayn’ tag!

Enjoy! xxx

I really hope Lana tours this year. She says she has a lot of exciting things to still tell all of us. Only a few things and people actually make me happy in my life and obviously she is one of those few people. Seeing her live is just crazy beautiful. I don’t think I’ll ever stop going to her shows and I will probably always be front row, let’s be honest. This isn’t my video, but “Cruel World” was the second song I heard of Ultraviolence and I already knew this one would fuck me up good. Ever since then, it’s been one of top favorite songs officially released by Lana. Ugh it’s just so raw and you can feel everything she can.

This is, by far, the strangest thing I’ve ever drawn. But it was so fun! I hope it makes you smile as much as it made me. I encourage you to watch this before watching the one I made for some context.

Video is based off of “Friends”. Honestly, this is one of my favorite moments in the show, and I thought this was fitting for Sans and Toriel.

Imagine hosting a birthday party for your son with Chris.

A/N: Part 3, everybody. 💕 You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; Memory Lane - Masterlist)

The birthday party was meant to start at 2PM, but by 1:45PM, the very Mickey Mouse themed house was already bustling with guests. Jack, thanks to you and Chris, was now also a huge fan of Disney- his favorite character being Mickey Mouse. It made things easy because there were a lot of Mickey Mouse themed birthday decorations. The cake, however, could not be Mickey Mouse. It had to be a Captain America shield because he couldn’t leave out his favorite superhero; it was also because he didn’t really want to cut into Mickey, so a Captain America shield cake it was.

“He is seriously cute, Y/N,” Hayley told you as she joined you and Scarlett by the kitchen counter. You smiled when Scarlett nodded in agreement. “Look at him,” she said and you all turned, “he’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

The three of you smiled at your son who was across the room with his dad, Sebastian, and Anthony. They were watching one of the many videos Chris had taken of Jack in the living room a few nights ago. You’d just come home with Jack’s Captain America costume- one you had to thank Kevin for- in preparation for Halloween which was at the end of the month. You weren’t going to give it to him until Halloween was closer, but both father and son couldn’t wait and snuck it out of the closet while you were in the shower. The video was of Jack practicing his Captain America moves and it was pretty freaking adorable.

“Look look,” Jack pointed at the screen excitedly, tapping both Anthony’s and Sebastian’s legs. “I jumped off the couch and landed like Daddy.” Chris laughed, but he was very proud of his son. “Isn’t that cool?” He quizzed, looking up at his uncles for approval.

“Look at you, Jack!” Anthony appeased him, over acting his excitement. “That’s amazing! The way you landed-” He pointed at the computer screen, nodding. “I felt like I was watching your dad at work, there is just no difference.”

“Wow,” Sebastian agreed with a nod. “I’m going to need you to show me how to do that so I can use it the next time.” He glanced over his shoulder at Chris who was laughing even harder now. “Your dad could definitely learn a thing or two from you, bud.”

“That’s what Mama said,” Jack told them then scanned the room for you, grinning when he caught your gaze. You smiled back; beside you, Hayley and Scarlett beckoned him over. “Daddy, I’m going over there.” He said then ran over to where you were. Both Scarlett and Hayley descended to their knees, giving him tight hugs before getting back onto their feet.

“Have you said hi to everyone, sweetheart?” You asked, lifting him up and resting him on your hip so he could talk to people without straining his small neck. “I know you’re very excited to see Uncle Tony and Uncle Seba.” They were the most fun in his opinion. “But you have to go say hi to everyone else and thank them for coming. Especially when Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, and Nana get here. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” Jack nodded. “Hey, Mama.” He looked over at his dad who was walking over with Sebastian and Anthony; he suddenly remembered what Daddy, Uncle Tony, and Uncle Seba had said earlier and decided to share it with the three ladies they’d spoke of. “Did you know that Daddy’s kissed all three of you?”

“What?” Scarlett asked, glancing between you and Hayley; all three of you tried hard not to laugh.

“Your daddy’s a bit of a player, Jack Jack,” Hayley joked, smirking at Chris who was on his way over with Anthony and Sebastian. “Don’t you grow up to be like him, okay? Stick with one woman, one wonderful woman like your mom.”

“Auntie Hayley,” Jack giggled. “Daddy only kissed you and Auntie Scarlett for the movies, he’s only with Mama in real life.” You chuckled, pressing a kiss to your smart boy’s cheek. “Daddy loves Mama too much to kiss anyone else for real.” He said then hugged you tightly.

“Yeah, I taught him that one,” Chris whispered into your ear when he joined your side. You smiled and kissed his cheek as he wrapped an arm around you. “I really think he’s got a future in acting,” he commented, ruffling Jack’s hair.

“It’s Ally!” Jack gasped into your ear when Ally, Jack’s preschool classmate, walked in with her parents. “Mama,” he squirmed in your arms and you took it as a sign to let him down. “Ally!” He ran over to her and they shared an adorable hug.

“Because he’s as good with the ladies as his dad?” Scarlett teased.

“Something like that,” Chris chuckled and you shook your head, smiling.

“Wow, thank you so much!” Jack looked over at you and Chris holding up the present Ally- the girl he obviously liked- had just given him. Both of you nodded at him then smiled at Ally’s parents. “Let’s go play with the others outside,” he told her and took her hand, leading her to join the rest of the kids in the backyard.

“We should probably go make a round, see if anyone needs anything.” Chris suggested to you and you nodded. “Sorry guys,” he apologized; Hayley, Scarlett, Anthony, and Sebastian nodded understandingly. “Excuse us, we’ll be back soon.” He lowered his hand to the small of your back and led you away from the group.

“What time do you think our parents are going to arrive?” You asked Chris, wrapping an arm around his waist as you leaned into him. “Everyone else is already here, even those who had to fly in from California. You’d think our parents would be the first to arrive considering they’re living in Boston.”

“They should be here any minute, it’s fine if they’re a little late ‘cause there is no way Jack’s going to give them any attention with Ally around.” Chris chuckled when you did. “Plus- I think your parents are getting Jack something from IKEA that they have to pick up first.”

“God, please don’t be furniture.”

“I’m sorry,” Chris laughed, “why 'God, please don’t be furniture’?”

“Have you forgotten the trouble we had with our bed frame?” You raised a brow. “We had to call my dad to come help us? He was having lunch with a friend at the Derby and didn’t come till eight at night because he had to drive three and a half hours? Do you remember how condescending he was towards you? Do you remember how he tortured you? Do you really want to go through all that again?”

“Oh, it wasn’t that bad,” Chris chuckled. “In fact- I thought your dad and I bonded that day.” You laughed because that was not how you remembered it; your dad was crazy mean to him that day. “I don’t really take any of what he says to heart because I know he doesn’t mean it, he’s just being protective of his baby girl.”

“We’ve been together for almost nine years.”

“Sweetheart,” he chuckled softly, “when we have a daughter and she gets married- I’m going to do the exact same thing to her husband. I don’t care how many years they’ve been together, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s my baby girl.”

“I’m sorry,” you narrowed your eyes with a smile dancing on your lips. “Did you say when we have a daughter?” You quizzed and Chris nodded, smiling. “What makes you think we’re going to have another child?”

“The look in your eyes when you look at Jack,” he answered. “Maybe not right this second, but- we’re going to have another child sometime soon.” He kissed the side of your head, speaking before you could say anything. “It’s fine, I can wait. I waited six years for Jack, I don’t mind waiting another six years.”

“I don’t want a six year gap between our ch-” You scoffed, cutting yourself off when you saw Chris bite back his smile. “Okay, can you stop with your tricks and your manipulation?” He laughed when you gently slapped his chest. “Can’t you just be happy with Jack? He’s perfect.”

“He is,” he nodded, “but I’ve always thought it’d be nice to have a girl.”

“Of course you have,” you chuckled. “Tell me honestly, how many children do you want?”

“Honestly,” he chuckled, kissing your hair, “I don’t think you want me to answer that question.”

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Part 4 on its way.



I mean it’s no Tangled (2010), but it’s a really good continuation of my favorite movie

Things I loved:

- everyone seems so in character (except one). Rapunzel is the sweetest girl and Eugene is hilarious. Pascal is the best friend anyone could ever have and Maximus is still rocking is charge. Getting to see more of those characters and others really helps in loving them more. Cant wait for more adventures

- Cassandra is awesome! I didnt like very much the fact that rapunzel was out at night with only her and no pascal or eugene in the music video but watching the whole thing makes perfect sense now! Sorry for judging too soon!

- Mom and Dad moments! I totally love how comprehensive her mother is and I love when she says ‘’I only ask that you’d be safe, smart and, above all, be true to yourself’’. I can also understand her dad’s point of view but since I didnt like him that much I’ll discuss that in the ‘’things I didnt like’’

- THE WIG THING. I had a huge problem with the wig when it appear on the trailers because it was never established in the world of tangled that those things existed and I really disliked rapunzel with it. It seem something more for beauty and the beast and it make me think of cinderella 2. But, again, after seeing the movie it all made sense. I knew whe was using it to hide the hair but its not something they just threw in, so I’m gald and sorry for judging too soon.

- the hair growing back again made sense (even tho she touched the stone thing and not the ground where the flower was but okay). I really want to know what are those spikes

- the animation is really cute and consistent

- OTP IS BACK YEAH - eugene is so romantic and caring and funny and protective and everything rapunzel deserves. I loved when he declared himself her best friend because yeah they can be a couple of best friends!

- I also liked cassadra’s realtionship with eugene. sassy buddies

- I love the songs! (even tho they’re few!!)

Thing I didnt like:

- some cliches or plot holes like the opening scene (where they want us to believe rapunzel is running from trouble when it was all just a game they took too seriously?? i dont get the point of it, it seems forced just to indruduce the world she wants to visit), why is a rat delievering a paper to lady cane, how did she got into the castle (just because you put a fancy wig doesnt mean your automatically royalty), there are few guards on jail because most where at the coronation doing their incompetent jobs?

- my biggest problem is the king. Yes, the man that cried so emotionally that made you cry, the man that cried even when his wife didnt, the man that even without any lines whatsoever thill now delievered a great and super emotional performace. That man is now a stupid cliche ‘’i want to protect you so you stay locked forever’’ father. Dont get me wrong, losing his dauther would probably make him take those decisions but he alwasy seems so strick with rapunzel for no need. I wanted him to talk to rapunzel with kind and sad eyes explaining things to her, how he feels and how he felt, what he fears and trusting her a bit more- but he’s always like ‘’dont embarrass me’’, ‘’dont go out’’. I think he’s reaaaaally out of character

- I understand why rapunzel said ‘’no’’ to eugene’s proposal but why did they create that situation where she would be forced to say no? she would have never said no otherwise. I think they deserved better

I think that’s all I have to say



Heeey perras i‘m going to be doing blogrates to celebrate 700 :))


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Rule breaking & edges

This past weekend I was a bad girl and broke one of daddy’s rules. I had a little too much wine. I don’t ever intend to do it, but was dancing to old music videos with a friend and ended up being more than just tipsy. You’d think I’d at least be smart enough to not talk to daddy when it happens, but noooo, I went and told him. But any how.. previously a couple hours prior to my impromptu drunk dance party I asked daddy to cum. He said I could, but in doing so I would need to complete 500 edges over the weekend.
Making me ache and leak is one of daddy’s most favorite things, and with possessing a “set” time gave me the confidence that I could make daddy extra happy..
**Now hold on to your panties girls and boxers guys…**
I turned the orgasm down and would also commit to the 500 edges over the following two days. Yes, I see I got a little too confident there I will admit that. I fully regretted that decision by Sunday evening. But as you’ll see this was his plan all along. He knows me so well.
Sunday evening I was ecstatic to tell daddy, I completed my 500 edges.

(Insert dramatic music)

Daddy was happy, but he had a plan. I had broken one of his rules (this particular one, more than once). I was fully expecting the horrid rubber band snaps to my swollen button. Or a beating of some sorts, but nope. 500 more edges. Well, I was not feeling so confident then. Granted, I was thankful it could’ve been much worse.

Fast forward to this morning. Snow day!! Wahoo!! Daddy let me help him make his French press by being his timer and edging, funny I’ve come to enjoy this. It allows me to be a part of his morning. Then daddy wanted me to have some floaty edges. Now these are probably one of my favorites in the edging world. My whole body just relaxes and there’s no requirements. Just edging and floating. I edge till the timer goes off breaking me from the warm tingly sensation.
There’s usually no counting, no orgasms, nothing expected of me other than just slowing down and enjoying the edge.
Daddy’s cock was pressed nice and deep into his cunt while edging this time. It was nice to feel him stretch me wide and have something to clench down onto.
So if your trying to keep up with the total, as of this morning I’m at 772 edges in 4 days!

When daddy gives me tasks I tend to be an overachiever. It’s just my nature. Sometimes that can get me in trouble. Who am I kidding, it puts me in a lot of predicaments. But I just can’t accept mediocrity, I need to perform my very best and plus more. I hate to fail at anything. Daddy has told me more than once that’s what makes me so much fun. He noted that my task wasn’t his original idea. 1,000 edges before my next orgasm. Thus he wanted to put his own special twist on it. The first 1,000 edges would be an introduction of sorts. After my intro, he would like to find out how much longer I can make him happy by leaking and aching.
I’m screwed! All I want is to make my daddy happy and proud. I’m just going to have to push myself. This isn’t going to be easy by any means. Only by pushing myself, will I grow to be a better little and make my daddy happy! Or just crazy and needy!


ClexaCon photos and stories, grouped by fandom. Let’s start with Lost Girl.

Lost Girl was rep’d by “CopDoc”, Zoie Palmer & Rachel Skarsten (plus show runner extraordinaire, Emily Andras, who I’ll talk more about in my WayHaught post). Zoie and I go way back…in that I’ve seen her at two other cons since 2013, but we have a special relationship based on her belief that I look like Jodie Foster, which led to her (and anyone who was listening to Canada Talks radio show, Ward and Al) to start to refer to me as Fauxdie (fake Jodie). Before this I had met Rachel briefly at another con in 2015.  

Rachel is super chill and always joking, I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying being around her.  I spent most of Saturday with Zoie, this woman is a trooper. . She had been filming in Canada on Friday night until early Saturday morning, so she basically got done with work and started her travel to Vegas, where it seems she dropped off her stuff and came straight to floor to start meeting fans. She didn’t even take her scheduled break, I mean, serious devotion from this one, guys.

You probably know, it’s impossible to spend much time around Zoie without having funny stories. My favorite was a fan trying to explain to Zoie what a “Reaction Video” was, apparently the concept isthe strangest thing ever to Zoie. She proceeded to asked several fans getting autographs, “Do YOU film yourself watching tv?” It was pretty endearing.  

I wasn’t able to attend the Lost Girl panel (yet I do have a funny story about it, but it’s more of a messaging convo not one for posting) so this is about it for photos.


╄ 30 days Rammstein Challenge | Day 11: Favorite live moment: Bück Dich

There is one thing people should know about me: every being (except my parents, of course :p) that knows me and haven’t heard about Rammstein, will eventually be forced to watch the Bück Dich with me and there’s nothing they can do. In my last year in school I downloaded both this and the Pussy uncensored video, saved to my cellphone, called random friends to my desk and showed them lol I’m that kind of person, yeah. But, why the Bück Dich? ‘Cause that’s the first live performance that I ever watched back then when I was getting into the band, so you can see my little teenage ass surprised when Till pulls a dildo out of his pants and squirts at the damn crowd. I was shocked, curious, but more than anything, I was in love with the band already, so there was nothing they could do that would make me dislike them lol and honestly, I always been into people that had the guts to do stuff no one would, and let’s be fucking real here: who would do the Bück Dich? Only Rammstein. This live moment is precious, no one can tell me otherwise. (All I want in life is a high quality video of this moment tbh)

Full Challenge Here.

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phils vid called 'dreams of the future' is my favourite thing ever and more people need to watch this masterpiece <3

how could i snub one of my favorite old school phil videos… dreams of the future is a drugged up cinematic masterpiece and it projected phil’s sheer creativity and originality and it is just one of the most unique things in existence

can I just say again what a god damn incredible miracle it was for me personally that one of the only “new” interactions (meaning, characters we never saw interact in canon) that we saw in [S] Credits was Karkat and Jake?? jfc. I had been pining for this interaction. it was the most longshot thing on my god damn ending wishlist. after act 7 I never ever thought there was even a fraction of a percent of a chance we’d see canonical interaction. yall know what a fuckin shipper I am and my tendency to overvalue romantic interaction in fic vs platonic but let me tell you I was fucking DESPERATE for this friendship to Truly Exist beyond fanworks and WE FUCKIN GOT IT. Unbelievable. they are dueling with shaving cream. They somehow convinced Jade to participate in their nonsense do you have any fucking idea how hard I laughed at that one fucking panel. 

this is an update that had like 5 panels of dirkjake sappy (for them) nonsense out of nowhere in an environment where we werent even sure if they would work things out and make up in canon or ever get back together. like the enormity of the content in that video for the dirkjake fandom is unbelievable. and yet. yet. my favorite panel in it is the one where jake and karkat scream obscenities at each other (presumably) as they cover each other in shaving cream. god

and then it reiterated it with karkat flipping jake’s ass off on tv jesus christ I can’t believe out of all the boundless potential for New As Of Yet Unseen Character Relationships the one the credits gave us was fucking jake and karkat 

I love them and I am blessed