this video is one of my favorite things ever

Gintama - Mythology Symbolism

So I saw this comment on a video and It’s an interesting observation.

Mythology references and symbolism is one of my favorite things, so naturally I wanted to learn a bit more.

So this is The Moon Rabbit & The Three Legged Crow/ also known as The Sun Crow.

Lets start with the Sun Crow.

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“Despite everything, it’s still you.” This quote is simply one of the best things ever to be in a video game. It’s honest, powerful, and sincere. It’s so hard to find words that incredible sometimes. 

Pssst, Fictionkin:

Want to know what makes me happy?

Somewhere out there, my favorite fictional characters, especially the ones who’s lives weren’t what they wanted them to be, are getting another chance.

Maybe they’re shopping.

Maybe they’re watching silly youtube videos.

Maybe they’re laughing with friends, or playing a favorite game, or driving to work, or making dinner.

So wherever you are, fictionkin, whatever you’re doing, just know that you’re what everyone hoped for, a new chance for the character that they love!


The Beginner’s Guide is probably my all-time favorite video Jack has ever uploaded. There are so many parts that resonated with me, that made me think about things…I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I’ve watched it.

This part right here probably impacted me the most because whenever I found something I loved doing, something or someone would make it so I couldn’t do or even dream about it. I’m still looking for that one thing that makes me feel inspired but I know when I do, I’ll be able to go after it.

Everyone deserves to find that thing that makes being busy something they look forward to.

It was uploaded a while back but still, thank you for playing it. The video means so much to me.

Heeey perras i‘m going to be doing blogrates to celebrate 700 :))


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I mean it’s no Tangled (2010), but it’s a really good continuation of my favorite movie

Things I loved:

- everyone seems so in character (except one). Rapunzel is the sweetest girl and Eugene is hilarious. Pascal is the best friend anyone could ever have and Maximus is still rocking is charge. Getting to see more of those characters and others really helps in loving them more. Cant wait for more adventures

- Cassandra is awesome! I didnt like very much the fact that rapunzel was out at night with only her and no pascal or eugene in the music video but watching the whole thing makes perfect sense now! Sorry for judging too soon!

- Mom and Dad moments! I totally love how comprehensive her mother is and I love when she says ‘’I only ask that you’d be safe, smart and, above all, be true to yourself’’. I can also understand her dad’s point of view but since I didnt like him that much I’ll discuss that in the ‘’things I didnt like’’

- THE WIG THING. I had a huge problem with the wig when it appear on the trailers because it was never established in the world of tangled that those things existed and I really disliked rapunzel with it. It seem something more for beauty and the beast and it make me think of cinderella 2. But, again, after seeing the movie it all made sense. I knew whe was using it to hide the hair but its not something they just threw in, so I’m gald and sorry for judging too soon.

- the hair growing back again made sense (even tho she touched the stone thing and not the ground where the flower was but okay). I really want to know what are those spikes

- the animation is really cute and consistent

- OTP IS BACK YEAH - eugene is so romantic and caring and funny and protective and everything rapunzel deserves. I loved when he declared himself her best friend because yeah they can be a couple of best friends!

- I also liked cassadra’s realtionship with eugene. sassy buddies

- I love the songs! (even tho they’re few!!)

Thing I didnt like:

- some cliches or plot holes like the opening scene (where they want us to believe rapunzel is running from trouble when it was all just a game they took too seriously?? i dont get the point of it, it seems forced just to indruduce the world she wants to visit), why is a rat delievering a paper to lady cane, how did she got into the castle (just because you put a fancy wig doesnt mean your automatically royalty), there are few guards on jail because most where at the coronation doing their incompetent jobs?

- my biggest problem is the king. Yes, the man that cried so emotionally that made you cry, the man that cried even when his wife didnt, the man that even without any lines whatsoever thill now delievered a great and super emotional performace. That man is now a stupid cliche ‘’i want to protect you so you stay locked forever’’ father. Dont get me wrong, losing his dauther would probably make him take those decisions but he alwasy seems so strick with rapunzel for no need. I wanted him to talk to rapunzel with kind and sad eyes explaining things to her, how he feels and how he felt, what he fears and trusting her a bit more- but he’s always like ‘’dont embarrass me’’, ‘’dont go out’’. I think he’s reaaaaally out of character

- I understand why rapunzel said ‘’no’’ to eugene’s proposal but why did they create that situation where she would be forced to say no? she would have never said no otherwise. I think they deserved better

I think that’s all I have to say



anonymous asked:

phils vid called 'dreams of the future' is my favourite thing ever and more people need to watch this masterpiece <3

how could i snub one of my favorite old school phil videos… dreams of the future is a drugged up cinematic masterpiece and it projected phil’s sheer creativity and originality and it is just one of the most unique things in existence


Was in need of a little pick me up, and so naturally I thought, “Bring on the man-lovin’!!” This lil gem immediately came to mind. 

Captain Jack Harkness and Captain John Hart (from Doctor Who spin-off - Torchwood.) 

Still super hot and remains one of my favorite scenes ever. xD I thought I would share it here in case anyone else is in a bad/poor mood and could use a lil somethin-somethin to lighten things a bit. Hope this helps.

It’s funny because people attack Louis’ voice because they aren’t smart enough to hear how beautiful it is. He doesn’t sound like every other person out there, his voice is special, it’s unique, it stands out.

Voices like Louis’ are rare in the music world. His rasp, his gentle tone, his crystal clear diction, he has something that not a lot of other artists have. He’s distinguishable, once you know which one is his you can always pick him out.

He is kind, generous, sassy, precious, sweet, and a damn good vocalist. And anyone who thinks otherwise needs a hearing check and a MRI.

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Would you like to see the return of Forest Patrol? I still think that was one of the most underrated segments that Rhett and Link ever did, probably because it was on the Mythical Show.

I generally love anything that showcases R&L’s dark humor, it makes up some of my favorite videos of theirs (BFFs, Famous Last Words, etc.). I’d be down for more of it in whatever form it takes.

Gus: It’s past want, at this point. I mean, I feel like I need energy balls.
Russel: They are mildly habit forming, so you need to keep that in mind.
Gus: I dream about them things, I want ‘em real bad. Like, what do you put in there to make me want ‘em so bad?
Russel: It’s simple. It’s sugar and it’s butter and a little bit of flour.
Russel: …
Russel: And um… nicotine.

nyeisha95  asked:

All in all, I agree the musical was unnecessary, but I did enjoy the WA parts and the Millie and Iris parts, CP did a fantastic job, it wasn't a complete flop but I don't want them doing this again, ever. My favorite thing is knowing that the SB's are seething right now, one on twitter even tried to say the ratings are bad cuz of WA, even though the ratings stayed steady.

Also I was watching a reaction video to this ep with this black kid and his mom that watches together and when Barry sang to Iris, the father came out and started lip singing the song to the mother, even though he didn’t know the words and the son was all mad and then the parents kissed and he was like “don’t kiss each other on camera!!!” It was so cute.

They are definitely going to do it again, but we should at least not have to worry about it until about this time next year. I have been having a great time looking at all of the salty-butthurtness on Twitter today. LOL

That reaction vid sounds cute <3

Harrie Thing

rules: you must answer the questions till the end and then tag another 10 harrie blogs to do the same! you can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the questions.

I was tagged by @cheshirepuddin @gayanqel and @hazthelove Thank you so much guys!! <3 Hope you’re having a lovely day x


Favorite Look: Well this is not a Look™ but wow the yellow shorts are definetely my weakness.

Favorite Tweet: Harry’s tweets are iconic and I don’t have a particular favorite one but I love this one bc this song is one of my favorites ever.

but I also love this one. ..i h8 beetroots

Favorite Interview (Why?): This whole interview is just hilarious and I love Narry interviews with my entire heart.

Favorite Stage Moment: well well well… dispensa comentários.

Favorite Hair Style: I love Harry’s 2013 hair style but this one…damn…

Favorite Family Member: Anne is the sweetest and Gemma is the funniest. Don’t make me choose.

Favorite 1D Bromance: HA! Narry, of course. Also I reaaally love Lirry.

Favorite Celebrity + Harry: Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran and James Corden…They are all amazing. Gryles as well.

Favorite Tattoo: The mermaid with saggy boobs, for sure.

Favorite Quote: ‘I used to be a baker’.

Favorite Instagram Post:

Favorite Music Video: Best Song Ever!!!!

Favorite Another Man pic: omg this is unfair!!!!!!!idk tbh but i love these two

Now answer:

Your name: Ingrid.

Your Age: 18.

Where you live: Brasil sil sil

Have you ever saw Harry live in concerts or met him? Any special moment?: No, l haven’t. Yes, I’m bitter.

What’s your favorite thing on Harry? I love every little thing about him. I could write a whole book about my love for him but unfortunately I am a shitty writer.

What is your favorite line/lyric of Harry’s on 1D album? Idk but I love ‘If I Could Fly, the entire song.

What is the song that reminds you the most of Harry? The whole 1989 album lmao byeee.

What is the movie that reminds you the most of Harry? Grease.

For how long you’ve been a Harrie? Since 2012.

Where you were when Dunkirk first trailer came out? I have no idea lol.

What do you expect for HS1? aquele album que mal conheci e já considero pakas

What are your tags for Harry on tumblr? adorable baby pumpkin.. … ..i kno. But I always tag pics in which Harry is smiling and looking happy as ‘hs smile’. I love scrolling through this tag when I’m sad or when I miss my son.

Who is your favorite Harry blog? I don’t have a favorite one but I really love @harryvideo bc I love watching videos of Harry <3<3<3

If Harry could read this now, what would you say? Hello my sunshine, I love you to pluto and back. I’m so proud of you and you make me really happy, thank you for everything. You mean the world to me. (i’m boring sorry)

I’ll tag @magic-view @walkingintheamm @fairylightsstyles @harrystylesgotmefuckedup @harryhateblog @complexstyles @preciousharry @oflostandbrokenhearts @lovedandinlove1d @manipsandeditsof1d @stylessemantics @fuck-h-styles @gotaheartandsoul @haroldysl @trulymadlysydney i tagged 15 people i guess ….fine!!

akrilykos  asked:

What's your favorite video game? Or do you not have one?

Well, I actually have a great deal of trouble with technology. Most of my long-time readers know that my Siri and her counterparts all seem to conspire against me and very amusing ways. It is the same with appliances, televisions, and I fear that if I ever became too excited or upset with a game, I would do something terrible to the game system. This means that all my experience with said enjoyments has been rather rudimentary, done in shifts over long periods, and involves things that are not like to annoy me.

I have only played on game to completion, and that was Portal and Portal 2. I am exceedingly fond of puzzles, you see, and found the games entrancing. But even so, I did have to be cautious that my anticipation didn’t also fry the poor machine.

I have three MacBook pros, 5 iPhones, and spend an exorbitant amount on light bulbs every years. I have to be careful to make certain that no one electronic device spends any length of time in my company in the “on” position, and so alternate. But game systems are not so easy to shift between, as I understand it, and really, with two businesses and my publishing and investments to look after…

I can easily say I don’t have time.

But! Technology and culture provide! I have discovered the “LetsPlayers” phenomenon, and do frequently watch, so as to comprehend what the devil you lot are saying when you talk about things.

I hope that answers your question.

harrie thing

rules: you must answer the questions till the end and then tag another 10 harrie blogs to do the same! you can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the questions. 

I tag @bigdicksquadd​ , @ifheartscouldfly​ , @gayanqel​, @namelesspops​, @harryandlana​ , @cheshirepuddin​, @packerhaz​, @17-blackaf​, , @harrysfashioncampaign​ , @lookformyownparadise@packerhaz and @namelesspops


Favorite Tweet: 

Favorite Interview (Why?)
Four promo was iconic but this one………….. amazing

Favorite Stage Moment: Kansas!Harry will be my favorite ever.

Favorite Hair Style: Long hair don’t care… I miss it.

Favorite Family Member: Name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait.

Favorite 1D Bromance:  
They are married (for more lirry, click here and here)

Favorite Celebrity + Harry:

Favorite Tattoo:
I love the butterfly so much that I have it on my skin

Favorite Quote: “Is Olivi-er even a person? Is Olivi-er an emotion? Is she a place? We don’t know.” from here

Favorite Instagram Post:

Favorite Music Video:
And Drag Me Down.

Favorite Another Man pic: I def can’t choose just one 

Now answer:

Your name: Gabriela/Gabe/G

Your Age: 22 

Where you live: São Paulo, Brasil

Have you ever saw Harry live in concerts or met him? Any special moment? I saw him on brazilian concerts, and on São Paulo concert he literally just threw potato chips on us and I felt blessed.

What’s your favorite thing on Harry? His big heart, the way that he never judge people and is always gentle, kind and polite to everyone - even the ones who don’t deserve it.

What is your favorite line/lyric of Harry’s on 1D album?“And I know we’ll be alright child/Just close your eyes and see/I’ll be by your side/Any time you’re needing me”  and some many more, but walking in the wind has a special place in my heart.

What is the song that reminds you the most of Harry? Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison the most, but those ones too and many more.

What is the movie that reminds you the most of Harry? Pride and Prejudice for some reason.

For how long you’ve been a Harrie? Since 2012

Where you were when Dunkirk first trailer came out? Home, freaking out and crying bc of drowning scene.

What do you expect for HS1? Nothing but the unexpected. It’s going to be amazing, that’s all I know.
What are your tags for Harry on tumblr? #curly #olivia #disrespectful #why and many, many more. you can check here 

Who is your favorite Harry blog? SO MANY!!!!!!! The ones who I tagged and so much more!

If Harry could read this now, what would you say? Alright, I would say: Hi Harry, you don’t know me and I know that there’s a very little chance for this, but I’d like to say thank you for everything you ever did to me on those last years and for the things you keep doing. You brought to me a new life, new dreams, new friends, a new family and so much more I can’t even count… You’re a bless and a angel on everyone’s life and I just like to let you know that I love you, that I’ve been here for a long and I’ll be here for much more, that I’ll support you in all our choices. You changed my life for best and I just wish that universe and gods above give you this back, you deserve all the love and all the hapiness in this world. I love you and come to brazil.

damn, this is long.

#WeAreTheCrankyCrew Questionnaire

(1): What made you come to the channel?
I first saw him on Mark’s channel, and I immediately knew that I had to subscribe to the Blue Boi

(2): Do you have a favorite video or series that Ethan has done?
My favourite series right now is probably Oxenfree because it’s got all kinds of cool stuff happening and I love long playthroughs!!

(3): What types of videos/lets plays that you want to see in the future?
I seriously want to see Ethan play more Slime Rancher. I just love watching his reactions when he sees something cute lol I’d definitely like to see him play some horror games too though!

(4): What is your favorite thing about Ethan and the community?
My favorite thing about Ethan is how sweet/silly he is! As for the community, I can easily say it is one of the nicest, most connected communities I have ever been a part of. 💙

(5): What is the reason you wanted to be a part of the community on tumblr?
I decided to join the tumblr community since I was already part of Mark’s, Jack’s The Game Grumps’, etc.’s communities on tumblr and loved the way everybody interacts.

(6): Do you watch his friends G and Brian (ogchan/girbeagly)?
Not yet, but I’ve watched some of their collab videos and I need to start watching them immediately lol

(7): What is your favorite shade of blue that Ethan’s hair has been?
They’re all so pretty ;-; I think the paler, more turquoise-y ones are my favorites though

(8): Do you have a favorite gif of Ethan?
This is one of my favorites because all of the Tyler jokes crack me up

Originally posted by dork-iplier

(9): Tag some friends you have come to know through the community and spread this around!

@nestorquik (We haven’t talked but I love you)

This is one of the videos you just NEED to watch before you die. Haven’t laughed so much in a long time :D

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am a freshman in highschool and next year I am taking Accelerated Algebra II and that encompasses Algebra II, Pre-Calc, and Trig all in one academic year. Do you have any tips for NOT dying in a pit of despair? And what are the best resources if I do need help?

It will be difficult, but not impossible. I think that algebra 2, pre-calc, and trig are all pretty decently related and applicable to each other, so learning them all together shouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Basically–just practice a lot and do all the homework you are assigned. Also–don’t be afraid to ask your teacher questions (this pays off in more ways than one–if you ever need a recommendation letter from a teacher, ones who know you are serious about learning write the best ones. just fyi). Lastly, khanacademy is my favorite tutorial video website if you really really need help.

Harry Q & A thing

Rules: you must answer the questions till the end and then tag another 10 harrie blogs to do the same! you can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the questions.

@harryfeatgaga thank you for tagging me in this!

this got … out of hand but i enjoyed doing it lmao. it’s pretty long so im gonna put it under a cut (:

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