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I know it's stupid, but I feel like such a terrible fan. You're my favourite YouTuber and yet I will never be able to draw amazing fanart, I will never have a popular blog dedicated to you, I will never meet you, I doubt you'll even reply to this. The best I can do is watch your videos and on the one hand that's great, I love your videos! But on the other, I just wish I could do something to show my appreciation.

No no no no no, not at all! Please dont feel like that! You are awesome! Just showing your support at all is incredible! The simple act of you watching my videos everyday is amazing!!! Thank you so much for watching my videos. I don’t value one person over another just cause they can make art or something like that. I appreciate everyone thats here so much. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO


How I Met Your Mother: Simself Style!

Featuring the simselves of: @sandy-sims, @sim-bubble, @wild-pixel, @our-dazed-sims and @alwaysimming

This was so incredibly fun to make! It’s just a simple homage to one of my favourite shows, as well as a few of my favourite people! I’d definitely reccommend you check out the full video on youtube, and I’d love to hear what you think in the replies! I’ll be uploading all the poses I created for this very soon! 

- ̗̀ Please watch The Full Video Here!  ̖́-

Hey friends! I recently came across an old video (2011) of Tyler singing a snippet of Isle of Flightless Birds and thought I’d share! Please please please watch this. Tyler puts the same breathtaking amount of emotion now as he did back then, and I think that’s pretty incredible. (x)

What to watch during Sean’s break

We all know that Sean is having a break from YouTube while he’s on tour, which I think we all fully support given how hard he works on all of his videos. However, that’s not to say we won’t miss his two videos a day, and may need something else to fill the septic-eye-shaped voids in our hearts (lol cringe).

As a result, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Jacksepticeye series’, in addition to a couple of stand-alone videos that I’ve loved. If you have any additions, please feel free to add them!

Papers, Please

Number of episodes: 12 (complete)

Average length: 29 minutes


  • Intruiging story
  • Interesting visuals/sounds

  • Sean’s passion for the game really helps to sell it


  • May be a little slow in pace for some people
  • Pretty heavy on dialogue (not a weakness for me but can be off-putting to some people)

Link to first episode:

Content warnings: violence (mild), themes of terrorism

Slime Rancher

Number of episodes: 19 (ongoing)

Average length: 24 minutes 


  • Adorable!
  • Easy to follow and understand
  • Jack gets so attached to all the slimes


  • Some parts feel a little repetitive
  • Not greatly plot-based

Link to first episode:

The Last Guardian

Number of episodes: 8 (complete)

Average length: 1 hour 3 minutes


  • The game itself is absolutely beautiful
  • Very plot- and character-based

  • Jack is so enthusiastic about it


  • ??????? Too good

Link to first episode:

Pokemon GO

Number of episodes: 3 (complete)

Average length: 15 minutes


  • Fun and easy to watch
  • A different style to the typical gaming videos

  • Remniscient of a purer time


  • It’s Pokemon GO

Link to first episode:

Undertale (pacifist route)

Number of episodes: 10 (complete)

Average length: 1 hour 6 minutes


  • Probably my favourite game ever
  • Excellent characters, plot and dialogue

  • Sean’s character voices (especially Papyrus and Undyne!)


  • Some people may not like the art style (pixelated, simplistic)

Link to first episode:

Undertale (genocide route)

Number of episodes: 4 (complete)

Average length: 1 hour


  • Gives an entirely new perspective on the game
  • More Papyrus/Undyne voice acting 


  • Episodes 3 and 4 are largely taken up by a **certain** battle which may feel repetitive after a while

Link to first episode:


Number of episodes: 10 (complete)

Average length: 26 minutes


  • It’s plain ridiculous but you’ll love it
  • Great characters and dialogue

  • T H E  N U G G E T  O F  F R I E N D S H I P


  • Gameplay is based on repetition to get to the end goal which might feel a bit repetitive
  • Jack isn’t fully engaged with the series for the first few episodes (but bear with it!)

Link to first episode:

Content warnings: violence/gore (moderate, but cartoon)

What Remains of Edith Finch

Number of episodes: 3 (complete)

Average length: 43 minutes


  • Calm and relaxing (mostly)
  • Character-based

  • Engaging


  • A little slow in terms of pace
  • More of a “walking simulator” which some people dislike

Link to first episode:

Content warnings: death/drowning

Crash Bandicoot Warped (N Sane Trilogy)

Number of episodes: 5 (complete)

Average length: 37 minutes


  • So nostalgic if you played the game when you were younger
  • Fun, upbeat and easy to watch

  • Aku Aku is a babe


  • Very energetic - not a weakness, but maybe don’t watch this particular series if you’re looking to chill out
  • Not character- or plot-based - again, not necessarily a weakness, but if you prefer depth in characters and plot then this might not be for you

Link to first episode:

Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location

Number of episodes: 4 (complete)

Average length: 26 minutes


  • Loads of Antisepticeye moments
  • Facecam glitches out a lot which is cool

  • Did I mention Anti is in it a lot


  • It’s FNAF

Link to first episode:

Content warnings: jumpscares (mild)

Dream Daddy

Number of episodes: 6 (complete)

Average length: 59 minutes


  • The game is really pure and has a load of representation for trans guys!
  • Really good dialogue and characters

  • Gay


  • Very dialogue-heavy, almost a reading sim as opposed to a game
  • Could have been slightly longer

Link to first episodes:


Number of episodes: 6 (complete)

Average length: 29 minutes


  • Old Jacksepticeye makes me nostalgic (to what, I’m not sure, as I didn’t start watching him until 2016)
  • A really cool game idea


  • It’s an RPG Maker game so it’s not top-quality, but if you can look past that it’s still fun

Link to first episodes:

Content warnings: jumpscares (very mild), horror/gore (mild)

Golf With Your Friends

Number of episodes: 3

Average length: 28 minutes


  • Played with Mark, Bob and Wade - the four of them have a really strong friendship (don’t be put off if you don’t watch any of the others - I don’t watch Bob and Wade regularly and I still love these videos)
  • Funny from start to finish



Link to first episode:

Content warnings: golf

That Dragon, Cancer

Length of video: 1 hour 49 minutes

I’m not going to to do strengths and weaknesses on this one, as it addresses such a personal and sensitive topic that I don’t think it’s fair. The game is visually stunning and incredibly emotional to watch, and more emotional for Sean to play, but is such an important experience that you will not regret watching it or playing it yourself. Needless to say, the theme of cancer and death is present throughout the game, so if you feel that these topics will deeply affect you then please proceed with caution.

Link to video:

Reading Your Comments

Number of episodes: 106 (ongoing)

Average length: approx. 10-15 minutes


  • Gets so many people within the community involved
  • Very calming

  • Great if you love Sean’s vlog-style videos


  • Not so great if you don’t love Sean’s vlog-style videos

Link to first episode:

The Beginner’s Guide

Video length: 1 hour 52 minutes


  • Very personal and emotional
  • Unique concept and style

  • Intriguing “story”


  • Not knowing the developer in question makes it a little difficult to understand the game at first

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Number of episodes: 5

Average length: 19 minutes


  • It’s Mario Kart
  • It’s Jacksepticeye

  • It’s Jacksepticeye playing Mario Kart


  • So much dabbing
  • Please

  • End my suffering

Link to first episode:

Pretentious GameNumber of episodes: 2 (complete)Average length: 14 minutes
  • Short episodes, easy to watch

  • Actually entertaining

  • Maybe not the most amazing game in the world but who said it was

Link to first episode:

i Saw Her Standing There

Number of episodes: 3 (complete)

Average length: 17 minutes

Strengths and weaknesses same as Pretentious Game, plus more zombies

Link to first episode:

Presentable Liberty

Video length: 1 hour 18 minutes


  • Very simplistic design
  • Strong character development and engagement


  • Some people may say that the game design is overly simplistic

Link to video:

Content warnings: suicide, gore (mild/moderate)

Opening Your Gifts

Number of episodes: 5 (ongoing)

Average length: 45 minutes


  • Another great way of interacting with the audience
  • Great if you love hearing Sean talking about stuff he’s passionate about

  • He’s so enthusastic and kind I’m going to cry


  • Too short I need 7 hours of Jacksepticeye chatting to the camera

Link to first episode:


Number of episodes: 2 (cancelled)

Average length: 1 hour


  • Such a beautiful game
  • Really engaging plot

  • Very relaxing and peaceful


  • Sean played the game for 2 episodes then never returned to it (rip)
  • It’s been 84 years

Link to first episode:

I hope you found something in this list that you hadn’t seen before, and that you’ll have something to occupy your time while Sean is on tour. If you’re reading this @therealjacksepticeye, we all hope that you have an amazing experience and, for God’s sake have a rest when you get home! No need to rush, we’ll all still be here supporting you when you get back!



Thank you all for all of your patience, but I think it will be worth the wait!!!!!!! The videos everyone sent are so incredibly touching and beautiful, it’ll definitely leave you teary eyed!!!!! 

This awesome version is the FULL version, which means every word that anyone sent is included!!!! It views almost like a fannibal documentary of awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can also find the bite sized version here:

P.S. Please if we missed you, let us know RIGHT AWAY!!!!! We tried our best to check and double check but there were ALL OF THE VIDS <3 *hugs* We promise, any missing clips are just a mistake!!!! 


I have no words….

PLEASE watch this, this is FUCKING incredible. So proud of how far this community has come.

dan and phil play the yasuhati singing challenge: a summary

first of all can i just say i’ve been hoping for a singing video literally since the day the gaming channel was announced and if they use this as an opportunity to take the piss i’m unstanning so fast

i can’t even say anything about the intro because… okay dan

they’d best try to sing properly

i can take this game as long as they properly try to sing

“the game that almost got our neighbours to call the police and we’re back doing it again because we don’t care anymore” because you’re moving??????????

“after watching the footage i didn’t know i could physically make those noises”

they went through the comments to look for songs,,,, you all best not have let me down

i already have firm ideas about the most popular requests

“this is going to be a disaster, i hope you’re ready for the best and worst video you may ever see in your life.”

phil sings my heart will go on in the shower

dan’s face suggests he is well aware of that fact

“do i have to sing it in key?” // “you have to try”

i’m going to be mad if he doesn’t try

after the first note i am already mad and dan is already traumatised

“i could never open the door, celine dion is dead”

“if i was on the titanic and someone was singing that, i’d push you off” i’m with dan on this one sorry phil

the top comment is to sing dan’s diss track

is this actually happening

oh my god it is

okay people let’s all sit back and enjoy this

phil mouths along with him that’s so cute

i am also mouthing along with him as i assume you are too but phil is cuter than all of us

freakishly tool

you look like a noodle, you’ve got hair that was cool in 2007 and wet you just look like a noodle

he’s just in a noodle state of mind it seems

i’m sad phil didn’t do his wink at the shipping with friend line

he fails the game during the reasons why dans a fail rap,,, honestly i relate that’s the one part i can never do either

subtle boaster dan is back

oh god danger men at work

people,,,, thank you but also why

“tatinof isn’t over yet!” dan pls

dan is mouthing the words along with phil this time

whilst also doing little shovey forward hand movements

dan struggles to contain his laughter and phil shushes him truly iconic

phil goes wrong and dan can’t help but correct him

dan’s doing his exaggerated crying face that he does in main channel videos i think he’s physically cringing

dan’s hair is particularly fluffy and i am living for it

why has phil’s voice suddenly gone squeaky

“phil you need to work on your subtlety. you go straight full loudness”

stop talking over each other please i’m begging you it’s incredibly hard to summarise when you do this

“the phil without a chill”

“i’m so sick of dan watching remixes of this song, it’s all i hear in this apartment” maybe you shouldn’t spend every waking moment in the same room then pal

their collab attempt ends just as soon as ig begins

the ‘help me’ dan says in the middle of his 'singing’ accurately represents me right now trying to summarise the damn thing

there are no words for this

“i feel like the police are on their way” honey you’ve made worse noises on a louder scale trust me you’re fine

shout out to the shaved sides though hello

they don’t know the neighbour who’s on the other side of the office wall

“it could be a bedroom…” // “rip that person’s marriage”

aaand now we’re into the requests i knew would come up

“gerard isn’t dead. his dream is” there are going to be some pissed off people in the comments section of this video aren’t there

is phil’s voice breaking already or is the microphone just not knowing how to handle it

“in tune!” dan represents me screaming at the laptop screen every time they open their mouths during this video

phil keeps switching between philippa and back to himself again and it’s lowkey fic inspo

“this is the worst experience of my life” you’re telling me dan, you’re telling me

we’ve all seen you both singing toxic whilst drunk don’t hide from your past

“i regret ever listening to my chemical romance because of that one experience just now, you have just ruined my life”

phil is choosing one for dan

there’s another request i saw coming

“let’s keep with this theme” what theme are you referring to there danny boy

honestly just take a second to imagine dan singing shout out to my ex

now that would be quality content


“make it more tuneful than my welcome to the black parade” // “is that hard”

this is not what we had in mind when we write singer/band aus

“you spat everywhere, so much saliva”

“you sound like a cow” phil the savage

“oh my god what am i witnessing” phil honestly same

try summarising it it’s more difficult than you think

“i can’t produce the breath” i’m sure i’ve written that line of dialogue before dan thank you for bringing my work to life

“it’s over” phil says as he places a sad hand on dan’s back

how many of you are freaking out over that contact

“i wish this was the dan and phil actually trying to sing beautiful songs that you care about experience that you crave. this is the opposite of that” YOU’RE TELLING ME DANIEL YOU’RE TELLING ME

i feel hurt

“some people in the future might enjoy this music” // “that future shouldn’t exist”

one more

a duet to finish off

aaaand here we go with toxic

will it be better than that infamous drunk karaoke video

probably not but let’s see

“we’ve been building up to this moment for our entire lives, dan. we can do it”

“your breast britney” says dan and phil is right there to drag him for it like the absolute savage he keeps proving himself to be

this is definitely going to be someone’s ringtone

i can’t wait for the new and updated dan and phil singing compilation

'with the taste of your lips i’m on a hide’ okay dan

phil is not into this at all

until it gets to the bits between verses he’s all about those parts

phil chooses to go high and dan chooses to go low


do what you will with that information, smut writers, interpret that any way you like

they nearly beat the high score

no you definitely didn’t sing the lyrics correctly dan but you did well

“i went into my own little universe then” was it a universe of not giving a tiny rats ass, phil, because it seemed like it

“i think i’m gonna lose my voice for about a month now” // “i feel like i’ve eaten a horse”

“i’d be surprised if we’ve got any subscribers left after that” i’m just sad you let me down with having singing in the title and not giving me what i’ve been craving for years

dan tries to push the video and blame onto us nice how responsible

“i feel like we should never do this again” i agree

“that’s the end of this channel, maybe” well you brought it upon yourselves if it is

“give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed our beautiful tones” how dare you mock me

“less screamy content”

“hope you’re having a good day and your ears aren’t broken” no but my heart and trust is



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If Taylor wasn't a singer and had an interest do you think she would have been a succssful model?

ABSOLUTELY! she is tall, has the body and is sooo incredibly photogenic and this is coming from fashion photographer Nigel Barker, please watch this 

(ignore the Kendall part)

so yes i do think she could be a successful model BUT she has to work on her posture and walk… but as a campaign model she would be amazing, she should be the face of a fashion house tbh

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i am unashamedly on my third rewatch of the mark of oxin video. Dan was so soft and fond and proud of phil. The comment that their 14 year old selves would have liked each other - that's the kind of quality content that I signed up for.

Dan being so incredibly pleased with and proud of Phil’s creativity absolutely made the video. I’ve only watched it through once and then I had to leave the house, and I’m already dying to watch it again. (Confession: pushed plans back half an hour to be able to watch uninterrupted the first time. No regrets.) 

I also loved how Phil kept checking in on Dan to see if Dan was enjoying it, and the way Phil anticipated reactions from Dan. 

Plus, the music! Them in their own little world geeking out over the songs, Dan knowing every song Phil used as soon as it started to play - the moment with the FF boss battle singing. Dan’s comment about inside jokes; it’s totally them communicating in their own language, playing off of each other effortlessly.

I really hope this video does well and the length doesn’t scare people off. I would be delighted if they kept playing this. On top of it being actually fascinating to see what 14 year old Phil came up with, there’s so much potential for fondness and cooperative gameplay and Phil to tell stories about his old friends or his teenage years. (Plus a nice late 90s soundtrack to groove out to.) 

Don’t scroll past this please!! :-) once upon a time there was a girl aka me Who did a thing: Hello Taylor 😊💗 I wrote you this wildest dreams fan version with so much love, inspiration and joy.🎼 if you could please do me a favor, listen to it till the end😍😘 through it, I want to express you what I feel towards you as a proud Swifty, in a poetical way. I really really hope you like it, enjoy!!😂👍🏼 i’ve been working on this for weeks. It’s been so rewarding and satisfying🙌 so guys please help me reblogging and tagging @taylorswift so she can watch it‼️😘 i’d be so thankful, 1989 million :-) GOD bless, have an incredible day, Love you Tay😍💌♥️👸👑❤️❤️❤️ Sincerely, Michelle⬆️💬

jimin: “i worked hard preparing the song so please view it in a good light”


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Can you do a primer on julien/pl? I'd love to write fic about them, but I just know bits of pieces from your hcs. But they're both so big and soft????

Hey! So when I started writing we’re not here to take part (we’re here to take over), I didn’t think PL/Julien would be more than a one-off pairing that I’d write once for fun, so it’s been thrilling to find that people are interested in them!

So there honestly isn’t much interaction between the two of them, I’m sad to say. They’re friends, and they’ve been teammates a few times, but the part about them together is gonna be fairly short, sorry! I’d love to tell you about them anyway, bc I love them. I’m so sorry for how long this is. This isn’t a primer, this is an essay with pictures.

Keep reading

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Why do you love Jungkook? Feel free to explain because I feel like I don't really get the hype around him, besides being cute and the youngest from what I have gathered so far in the fandom.

i must admit i spent quite a lot of time trying to arrange my thoughts to answer your question in a proper way, so this is the best i can do to explain the way i feel about jungkook - i’m putting this under a read more since it’s gonna be long ;;

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your videos are so pleasing to watch, sometimes i get so sleepy by watching them (not because they're boring (they're incredibly entertaining), but because watching you draw with the background music is so relaxing) and i wanted to say that i am so happy you're improving and accomplishing your 2017 goals and i hope more people appreciate your art and the amazing content you post. keep it up roby! ❤

thank you so much!! i get that a lot, also of people saying it helps their anxiety a bit which, as someone who also has anxiety, makes me glad to hear. 

also yeah i have to look back at what my goals for 2017 were but i think i’ve gotten through a couple so far :D

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Do you have any advice to pass onto beginning artists? Love your art !!

thank you so much!! ^^

well, I don’t think i have anything to say that others already haven’t but here are some things that i would tell my younger self and myself at the moment as an important reminder:

- don’t expect everything you draw to be astonishing - especially if you’re a beginner. Don’t push yourself to create finished masterpieces, your learning process should consist mainly of sketches, studies and doodles. It’s okay if they’re bad, it’s okay if they look nothing like what you had in mind. That’s normal and part of the whole process. It might sound a little discouraging but it will make you improve, I promise. Allow yourself to make mistakes!

- do studies and use references - at the beginning I considered references as cheating, I thought that artists were there to create whatever they wanted out of their minds. This is not true! You’re not a machine, you’re not supposed to know everything. References are here to help you, but you need to know how to use them. Here are two videos that teach you how to do it. Of course building your own visual library is incredibly important too and that’s why you should do studies! I think it would be better to focus on one element (form, anatomy - you can divide it into parts as well, lighting, perspective and so on…). If you want to study let’s say leg muscles, go and find a dozen of photos on the internet of different legs and analyse them. Break them down into simple shapes and draw these shapes, think how they’re connected together, take notes! This might be tiresome but I believe it’s worth it.

- practice the smart way! - please watch these videos, 

- don’t rely on talent - whether you’re considered as a “talented” person or not, talent won’t do your job, ever. It might make you learn a bit quicker, but hard work is the key here. I don’t believe in talents that much, tbh. 

- don’t compare your art to other’s people art - I know that it’s hard not to do that when we have so many incredible artists around, but try to treat their art more as a motivation, a goal to achieve, rather than something that discourages you.

- study other people’s art - again don’t try to compare yourself but analyse their works. What makes them so good? Is it the anatomy, the lighting? The atmosphere they created or the colors they chose? Study their art, but be careful - don’t copy them right away or you might find yourself copying their mistakes instead.

- listen to what others have to say - here is the list of my favourite youtube channels that focus mostly on digital art:

1. Ross Draws - one of my favourites, his videos are like a ray of sun, so funny and cheerful. He shows different approaches to illustrations, drops some very important tips and his art is goals.

2. Proko - well I think we all know this one, very useful and informative, perfect place for studying and learning fundamentals, especially anatomy. 

3. Istebrak - TONS of imporant informations, tutorials, paint overs and critique hours. Incredibly useful and the host’s attitude towards drawing is very down to earth. 

4. Kienan Lafferty - this is my recent discovery, so I haven’t watched that many videos, but you’ll find in-depth voice over processes, tutorials and tips. 

5. Sycra - again, very famous channel, tons of tutorials and speedpaintings, some very valuable advices and good attitude.

6. Ahmed Aldoori - beautiful, colorful art and amazing style. You’ll find tutorials, speedpaintings and a heathy attitude towards drawing. Plus the host’s voice is just made to be listened to. 

7. JJcanvas - one of my fave concept artists, you’ll find very atmospheric mostly landscape speedpaintings.

8. FZDSCHOOL - this is another super popular channel, over 80 videos of tutorials, advices and speedpaintings that are super useful. Focused on concept art.

9.  sakimichan - sakimichan’s paintings in time lapses

10. LevelUp - over 70 sessions with different, famous artists. Real time video processes and tutorials, paint overs and critique hours. 

whoa, I didn’t expect it to be this long, sorry! And please remember that I am not a professional, I’ve never even taken an art class, I just think that these things work for me. They might not work for you and that’s why you should find your own way of learning. I still hope you’ll find this helpful, though! ^^

Good luck! ⊂((・▽・))⊃

I watched @therealjacksepticeye​‘s FNAF Sister Location video and the very first thought I had was I gotta draw Anti