this video is hard to color ugh


RebelCaptain  -  One scene - “Welcome Home”.

“I’m not sure four of us is quite enough,” she said. Baze grunted dismissively and looked to Bodhi. “How many do we need?” “What are you talking about?” Jyn asked. Baze jutted a finger, pointing behind Jyn.


Green Gables Fables #32 || “There was open rivalry between Gilbert and Anne now. Previously the rivalry had been rather onesided, but there was no longer any doubt that Gilbert was as determined to be first in class as Anne was. He was a foeman worthy of her steel. The other members of the class tacitly acknowledged their superiority, and never dreamed of trying to compete with them.”

It’s really heavy energy, diving into the abyss. My head is spinning and it’s hard to focus. I feel…very clouded. which is not my normal. I’ve been doing yoga when i can and trying to just find that creative, playful energy as much as I can.

Tread lightly. Find your playfulness through this one.

 if you have to watch tv, color, make art or play video games just do it, because this energy is just ugh…it’s rough. 

Find your fun even if you have to push yourself out of what you normally do

 Hang in there. <3