this video is hard but i like my psd on there


template 001 - instagram

hi guys! this is my first ever template! it consists of two .psd files, titled PROFILE and POST (take a guess to which one is which). it includes:

- the two .psd files i just mentioned

- uses the font segoe ui (not included)

- completely editable text (except for the ‘add a comment…’ in the POST file)

- 800 x 609 image size

- edit profile, follow, and following buttons (along with video and multiple picture icons) for the profile

- follow and following buttons (there is no button if it’s your account) along with an option to like the photo, a play video button, and a picture dot thing at the bottom for multiple picture posts (it only comes with three, but it certainly wouldn’t be hard to add another one if you wanted to) for the post

- my eternal love and appreciation for using my template


- like or reblog this post (please! just to get the word out)

- do NOT redistribute this or edit it and claim it as your own

- credit is not necessary (but tag me in whatever you make with it! i track #pdmapatil)

- download 

anonymous asked:

Can you give me some advices/tutorials on how to make gifs? I suck at it and hell, I've been trying to gif for two days and I still can't :(

Of course! Let me just say when you start off making gifs it can be very difficult and confusing (I know it was for me). So I’m going to try and give you lots of tips and things that I’ve learned so hopefully you can skip lots of the hard parts I had to learn on my own. Also don’t get discouraged if you feel like your gifs aren’t turning out amazing, you’ve just started and it’s taken me over the course of 3 years to start making ones I’m actually happy with, as always practice gives you experience! Anyways enough of my rambling lets get started.

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Hey everyone! As promised (a very, very long time ago), I’ll be explaining how I make my gif packs. This tutorial will be split into several parts, the first of which is focusing on a choice that comes before even the gifs are made: what television episodes (and films, though this is much simpler) to download.

After the cut, you’ll find a breakdown on what all of the words in file names really mean, as well as proof (through gifs!) that choosing the right footage can make all the difference.

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text post gif tutorial

requested by @illegalwhite

In this tutorial I’ll specifically show you my processes when I create a text post gif like the one below (from here) but since I’ve been asked a few times now how I make gifs I figured I’d make it fairly thorough so that you can use it to make regular gifs as well.

please like/reblog this post if you find it useful ✌


  • kmplayer – to import frames
  • photoshop – for editing (i use cs5)
  • video/clip – with the scene you want to gif
  • print screen – to grab the text post

Also important if you want your gifs to look really good is to use high quality videos, I prefer 720p or 1080p, without subtitles. You can also sharpen gifs to make them look crisp, but I haven’t included that step in this tutorial as it isn’t vital to making text post gifs. Also, I’ll only briefly cover coloring this time.


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❝ ▒ A TUTORIAL TO: making personalized gifs ✨⟡

okay so, upon request over @musepirations, i made a little tutorial on how i make my personalized gifs. this is actually very easy if you already master the art of editing gifs, but even if you don’t, this tutorial should explain how it’s done in a couple simple steps. all you need is photoshop ( i use cc 2015 ) and a tad bit of patience !! if you thought this was useful, please like or reblog !! thank you so much for checking this out, and good luck making your own, personalized gifs !! xoxo

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anonymous asked:

do you have some tips for making gif icons of scratch?

sorry for the delay w this , baby ! i’ve been sick the last couple of days , so i haven’t rlly been around. here’s some of my tips tho !! let me know if you’d like me to go into more detail abt any !

  • pick a cute psd that works well on different skin tones , lightings , etc. the best way to test them is to have a few different gifs ready (w different skin tones & lightings ) w no psd & put them to the test. sometimes u may just need to adjust a layer or two to make it work , or u might find that u need to change too much of the psd to make it work & sometimes it’s easier just to find a new psd ! but it’s better to work this out before you start giffing so u don’t get mid-way through a hunt or a couple fc’s in & realise that the psd may not be the best universally. i try to pick a psd that i know i’ll like in the long run, esp when it came to this blog. i didn’t want to use a psd that i would get sick of in a couple of months time.
  • you can also test textures & the place of them once u find a psd. sometimes i put the texture below the psd , others i prefer the texture above the psd. it’s all about preference !! 
  • i don’t use actions on all of my gifs as i find it can look a little bit harsh on some, especially snapchat vids. but for me, it comes down to trial & error on each new vid to whether i like it w or w/o an action.
  • make sure that the gif isn’t too short ! u don’t want the gif to look too choppy bc the gif ends mid way through a movement or smth. i tend to do between 50-60 frames per gif ! 
  • another important thing is to make sure that the gif isn’t too quick or too slow. i tend to use 0.06 sec when my gif is 60 frames, 0.07 sec when my gif is 50-59 frames, 0.08 sec when the gif is around 40ish frames & 0.05 if i ever use a gif over 65+ frames. this isn’t always definite tho !! it can change gif to gif. sometimes the time may be too slow or too fast for the number of frames compared to others. 
  • decide on a size that works best for you & your preference !! i prefer 100px gifs & that’s the size of the gifs i release on this blog. sometimes i like 80px gifs for a change, like the cartia gif below, but i always end up going back to 100px. personally, i wouldn’t go any smaller than 75px because it can be hard on the eye. if you do any smaller than 100px, make sure that u crop it so u can still see the expression on the fc’s face clearly & so it isn’t in the background on the gif.
  • i find it more enjoyable making gifs of fc’s that i’m familiar with & like. that’s why i personally take suggestions over requests, that way i have a little more freedom & can go w my muse. a way to get muse for a fc u might not be familiar w is to actually watch some of their videos before you gif them. for some reason, this has worked for me !!
  • i try to use videos that are 720p !! i’m v hesitant about using videos that are any less than 480/360p because the quality can be hard to work with even at that level. 

ultimately, gif making is all about trial & error and working out what works best for you. so just play around and have fun w it !!! you’ll find your technique pretty quickly once u get the hang of it !! 


I’m gonna start this off by saying that I’m not really the best at explaining things - and the way that I do it is probably a roundabout way, and there might be an easier way to do some of the things I do. But this is the way I do them. And, at this point, I’ve had a few of my friends ask how to make icon batches – so, I at least wanted to make a tutorial I can link them to. And if it helps someone else, that’s great.

This tutorial is made using CS5 on a Mac OS.

This is most helpful if you have a bunch of icons you want to re-edit to be a smaller size, bordered, watermarked, etc etc. I’m lazy, and I also do it with screencaps when making a lot of icons at one. Just when we get to the step where the batch is opened, before making any other changes, I resize my caps.

If anything I say doesn’t make sense - or you’d like elaboration, let me know. I can either answer myself. Or, I will hunt you down a tutorial. Let us start.

( ** EDIT : if you have issues viewing this, or my theme makes it hard for you to read, simply add /mobile to the end of the url and it will open it in a plain looking browser page . )

In this tutorial, I will be going from icons like this:

To this:

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anonymous asked:

How did you make /post/153523160006/female-hosts-of-westworld?? Tutorial pretty please :D:D !!!

Uhm, I’m going on the presumption you have at least basic knowledge of basic editing and gif making :D

1. Edit your background photo the way you want it to look - sharpen, actions, psds and everything. After you did that, open animation tab and multiply it how many times you want, I used 20 frames and I set them at 0.07 s. Select them all and then flatten frames into layers

2. Now for the snow part :D You can download these psds and pick one, or you can do it the hard way like I did and look for a video of falling snow on youtube until you find one that you like :D. I liked this one and downloaded just the first minute with this site

3. I used KM player and made a gif of the falling snow (sharpening action included), resized it instead of cropping the size I needed because I wanted really small flakes. Flatten frames into layers. 

4. Now we have two gifsets and we need to combine them :D

The snow gif had more frames than my background gif, so I only selected 20 frames and copied them

Then I went on the background gif, selected all frames and selected paste frames OVER SELECTION

5.Now, if you look into the layer section, you’ll notice that there are two layers checked for each frame-  the background and the snowflakes

Go to the snowflake layer and set it to Screen and 50% opacity. And repeat action for every single snowflake layer :D I don’t know why, but the first snowflake layer remained checked for every other layer, so I had to uncheck it. Once you reach the first layer aka the snowflake layer of your last frame, don’t forget to uncheck “propagate frame one”

6. Add whatever writing you want - I added the writing layer under the snowflake layers

And here is the final gif:

Hope it was helpful :D:D

anonymous asked:

Hello, Cat and Mouse! First of all I wanna say thank you for your all hard and amazing work around. You're y'all amazing. Secondly (a personal question): it is bad if I start to ask commissions for rp icons, gif icons, psd's and theme backgrounds? I know there's people who makes for free but I really need the money since I suffer of a mental disorder and I need money to buy my meds and my personal requirements. I am sorry for bothering you, I am just in a dilemma if I shall make it or not.

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woohoo an icon tutorial!!

so i like. normally make never make icon tutorials ( or tutorials of any kind ), but a lovely anon very kindly asked me for one, so i will deliver!! i would link them to another, but i haven’t seen any that describe it the way i make mine, so i’ll go right along. disclaimer: @hcwtovogue taught me how do to this so i will try not to butcher how she told me. this is very image heavy, but pretty simple!! 

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kalik-ing-away  asked:

I noticed you mentioned that college isn't your path, but you're still an artist! What kinds of things have you done to improve, other than "practice?" Can you be specific? How did you learn? What resources and tools did you use? I am very interested. If I don't have to go to college for art, my one true passion, then I absolutely do not want to.

-For some people, college is absolutely the best path for them, and they are very happy in art school. I have some friends who wouldn’t give up their art school experience for anything. However, I personally didn’t feel like it was the place for me, and I wrote a longer post about it a bit ago, right here:

 also wrote a post on improving here: 

so I’ll try not to repeat myself too much. I’ll sum up what I wrote in that post and add on:

-if artists you like provide any psd files, pick them apart and learn from what they do
-get pdfs or used copies (or new copies if you can afford it) of the books that would be required reading in the classes you’d be taking at art school. A lot of college websites provide this information, if you have anyone you know in art school you should ask what their required reading is, and I’ll list some books I have and find helpful below.
-pick up reference books from used bookstores of all kinds of things 
-learn how to teach yourself how to draw things. There’s a process. Figure out what elements of your drawings are weak. Maybe you’re doing a painting of cows and you’re having trouble drawing their back legs. Go find 50+ references of the back legs of cows. Draw them. Now take your drawings into photoshop and overlay them over the reference images. Find all the discrepancies. Write down everything you messed up, in bullet points. Draw them again, going down the bulleted list each time and making sure to do each thing correctly. Repeat this process until you’re satisfied. Now draw some cow legs from your head. Congratulations you can draw cow legs. Please still compile a ton of references and refer to them regularly while doing your cow painting.

Now a list of resources: 

-Tons of digital painting resources:

-Watch this video:

-This is a cool thing to learn:

-Draw some skulls:

-Explore this taxidermy site for references:

-Color scheme designer:

-Need clothing design inspiration/reference?

-Hair inspiration/reference: and 

-This is a great forum of concept artists posting improvement and helping one another:

-Amazing poses:

-This guy does amazing realistic paintings of fantasy creatures and has free recordings: I also recommend buying his lessons:

-If you don’t watch Proko, you should:

-Same with FZDSCHOOL:

-Mech and vehicle rendering related youtube:

-another concept youtube:

-Hard surface references:

-Great pinterest collection of references:

-Another pinterest collection:

-Animal references:

-Andrew Loomis’s books:

-Free textures:

-Face and expression practice:

-Another concept youtuber:

-Reference about digital color:

-Another awesome youtube artist, Bobby Chieu:

-View animal skulls in 3-D:

-Do some virtual figure drawing on youtube:

-3-D model references:

-Character design references:

-Figure drawing 3-D references

-Great magazine:

-Another awesome youtube artist, Ailah:

Books I own/have read and recommend: 

-Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter - James Gurney

-Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist - James Gurney

-Dinotopia, A Land Apart from Time - James Gurney 

-Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth - Andrew Loomis

-Drawing the Head and Hands - Andrew Loomis

-Successful Drawing - Andrew Loomis

-The Book of a Hundred Hands (Dover Anatomy for Artists) - George B. Bridgman

-Figure Drawing: Design and Invention - Michael Hampton

-How to Render: the fundamentals of light, shadow and reflectivity - Scott Robertson

-How to Draw: drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination - Scott Robertson

-The Art of Paperblue - Jae-Cheol Park 

-Portrait Painting Atelier: Old Master Techniques and Contemporary Applications - Suzanne Brooker 

-Classical Painting Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice - Juliette Aristides

-Classical Drawing Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice - Juliette Aristides

I know this was very long but I wanted to share as many references as I could, and I’m still omitting a ton, I have mile long lists. Hope this was useful! Good luck!!!


“mymrpuffin said to patynotchan:
Your fan art is amazing! But how do you make it? I know literally next to nothing about digital art, and I was hoping that maybe you could set me in the right direction! Thanks!”

Hi mymrpuffin ! so, now I don’t have time to make a video or something. I’ll try to explain what I do with some .psd I have here. I don’t know how to explain stuff, but I hope it helps a little.

First, I think digital is like traditional art. This has the disadvantage of being more hard to control the line on tablet. (maybe it gets better with practice), but you will have access to all kinds of brush and colors, and y have the God Control + Z.

Most of my drawings I do directly on Wacom, but some are things I’ve done in my sketchbook and found it fun to do digitally, like the image 1 and 2. (bc I scribble a lot and it i can to correct errors on layers) (I take photos with the phone, but I believe a scanner should be better). And digitally like the image 3 and 4.

I think the media or way that you draw do not matter ; ; the problem is learning to draw what y want, I keep searching for it..

The tools do not matter, everything is cool: Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Fire Alpaca (it is free).

On Clip Studio I use these brush

About tablet, get a Wacom! any model is ok! believe me, I already had another brand, and it was not a good experience.

Try to enter the digital, you will have a lot of fun!

BASIC GIF TUTORIAL + How to put text on GIFS

So bruhtography asked me to teach him how to make GIFs and I’ve gotten this question a lot so I decided to make a tutorial showing my process.

I kinda taught myself how to GIF on a whim this past summer so I used a lot of tutorials myself and I thought it’s be good to put all the stuff I learned in one post for everyone if they want it.

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PS Tutorial: Smart Objects

I know many PS users that basically don’t know how to use smart objects. I, personally, rarely use normal layers; I use smart objects instead, because they give users a wider space to use their creativity and help them get rid of many PS constrains such as the blur of resizing for multiple times. Using smart objects has many other benefits which will be introduced in this tutorial.

Warning: This tutorial is kind of long!!

Contents of the tutorial:

  1. How to turn layers into smart objects.
  2. How to edit a smart object.
  3. Benefits of using smart objects:
    • Multiple resizing.
    • Filters editing (Add, edit, and delete filters).
    • Changing blending options of a filter.
    • Erasing parts of the filters using the smart filters’ layer mask.
  4. Smart objects and Layer masks.

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Circle Gif on Image Tutorial

An anon recently asked how I made the sidebars for blackbirdrph.  I don’t have that particular graphic saved so I made a new one that’s pretty much the same thing.  So below I’m going to show you how to make this:

You Need: Photoshop (I use CC, though any with gif making capabilities will do), 1 Background Texture, 1 Gif, 1 PNG, and 1 Misc Texture.

Difficulty: Beginner

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My future is promising,
That’s why I take rests sometimes.
–Don’t Say “Lazy”, K-ON!

Arguably one of the most popular ending sequences in K-ON, spawing hundreds upon thousands of pieces of fanart of the girls in their respective outfits, ‘Don’t Say “Lazy”’ not only stands out as one of the more memorable segments of the series visually, but lyrically as well.

Most K-ON fans know the music of the series is not half-assed–not in the slightest. This song proves that fact and while the lyrics can seem just like a jumble of personal thoughts and trouble, along with the music video being a big moment for the series artistically, there lies some good messages, themes, and interesting tidbits laced throughout the two mediums. Taking apart the lyrics and music video separately, beyond the read more cut we will analyze the lyrics and music video in depth and connect themes and such that give this great song an ever greater clarity.

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