this video is doing things to me

And just when the will to do animatics comes back I found this…….
Now, I know internet is public and I know that everyone can SEE what I put on the internet but this does not give you the right to do whatever you want with something that I made.
This shouldn’t bother me as much but unfortunately it does. Mostly because I DIDN’T GIVE PERMISSION TO USE MY VIDEO and either I recived a request to use it. Worst of all, I came to know it nearly a month after it was made.
Taking aside the fact that the react has three times the visual of the original video (wich I forcefully hope didn’t become money in pokets that aren’t mine) but honestly I wouldn’t be so pissed if ANYONE said something about the animatic. The girl (please note this could be her like it could have been anyone else using my or anyone’s work without asking) as long as all the people in the comments hardly said NOTHING about the animatic making my work seem so much less that it actually was. The discussion was mostly about how Angelica sacrificed so much for her sister and, yes, this is true but… If you’re gonna talk only about the song then why do an animatic reaction at all?
That said, reactions on videos, especially when the videos are indipendent animations/animatic that take incredible amount of work to complete, are harmful to artists, especially the ones not popular like me. You (everyone that do reactions) are taking views away from us with your videos, a video that you made in 3 minutes while it took us MONTHS to complete. That’s not fair. Sure, the girl in question here was nice enough to give me credits and a link to the original but we all know that so few people will click that link.
I’m just…. sad it had to be like this….. If you said younger me that one day her creation would have gonna be reacted on some big channel she wouldn’t be able to belive it, but now, with all the experience (even if little) I have gained in the years I can say I am not ok with this. Maybe some people are happy someone reacted to their videos and that’s compleately fine but every artist has different thoughts on this and that’s why it’s so important to ask before you do anything. I pictured the possibility of this happening but I made the error of giving for granted that I would have recived a request to use my video and then politely denied it. A request, I remind you, THAT NEVER CAME. And if it came, a request that I’ve not responded or approved.
Sorry for the rant but I feel awful about this….. I won’t start any drama because I know how drama ends up on the internet but I really had to take this off my chest. This brings me to use the good old disclaimer at the beginning of the videos, the one that say without any mistakes that I do not give permission to use them.

Tldr: if you’re gonna make a reaction video please make sure you have asked permission to the original artist to use their work and that they are ok with it. If you’re gonna watch a reaction video please make sure you give a click to the original too. Thank you.

“Don’t Remember” Audio

Okay, don’t quote me on this but the audio that muffled/ echoed sounds a lot like…

“Do you remember?”

“Soon” (???)

“I see you” (???) (edit: I think it might be “I saved you.” but again, not sure.)

“We were going to do great things.”

“…resist….” (I can’t catch what’s before or after that, but I think I heard the word resist)

“…” (There’s another mumble I can’t make out.)

“Go to sleep”

I’m probably not right, hence why I put question marks, but the lines without question mark I’m almost 100% certain that’s what said. 

Anyways, now that I got that out of the way,…


I heard creaking, which makes me think of Darkiplier because of the creaking noise in ADWM, Don’t Play This Game, Markiplier TV, and Darkiplier Vs. Antisepticeye. But, there is no audible ringing noise, which is the other signature sound for Darkiplier. I don’t know. I immediately got Darkiplier vibes, but that could just be the horror ambiance of the video. 

Idk, tell me what you think or if you can understand what’s being said in the video. 

Speech Source: A Long Emotional Night – Far From Noise

Today’s video had me thinking about a lot of things; flashing back and forth from the past to the present. It was an odd experience. But wow, do I really enjoy videos like these. Jack, if you are reading this, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for believing in us; for believing in me. Your words of encouragement really inspire your community to move on and create great things. We have built a strong support system because of you. Because of you, I have met some of the greatest people. Because of you, I have found my motivation to do many things. So, yeah, thank you. Thank you so much.



Things I do in bed:

  • Read
  • Write drafts of fan fic ideas I will probably never get around to actually finishing
  • Scroll through Tumblr for an inordinately unhealthy amount of time looking at certain life ruiners…
  • Write drafts of scenes for current fan fics
  • Read
  • Make lists
  • Look at cat videos in Instagram
  • Write posts like this one
  • Did I mention reading?

Things I don’t do in bed:


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okay but how can anything beat pinof 1 please rant about how gay that thing was

pinof 1 is GOOD™. it’s the one that started everything and it’s fascinating how it’s become a real tradition. kinda makes my heart break (in a good way).

but what makes it so good?
it’s probably the most genuine one; it was their first proper video together and it’s such a random one?? no script, no expectations, no pressure.
i love dan’s little tour of phil’s house and how comfortable they already are with each other.
i love the bit when phil is filming dan on that piece of training equipment and it always reminds me of phil filming dan singing and being weird in the tabinof bts video. some things never change, do they?
and then of course there’s the “voldemort is pretty fit rbh” “i look like voldemort” “i would bang voldemort” exchange and idk man wow subtle
and then the tackle??? which i can’t explain?? dan’s soft and surprised chuckle is everything???
and then at the end when they’re doing the heart-hands thing their arms are linked??? like??? wtf??? cute???
and dan’s ICONIC “this is the most fun i’ve ever had” WOW

can u believe they kept that stupid piece of paper for eight years? who even does that?

When jack cries in videos (like today)

And then he gets all motivational or rambles (in a good way) it makes me want to send hugs to him and I’m like JACK NO DONT U THINK THAT and ahhhh :(



ID #73841

Name: Michelle
Age: 18
Country: Mexico

Hello! I’m kinda shy but I’d like to try this!
I love languages, I myself am learning French and just starting Japanese, I’m actually studying foreign languages in college.
I like reading books and fan fiction, reading is what I do most of the day, I also like watching Netflix series like Sherlock, Lie to Me, The good Place, Scorpion, Limitless (;w;) and stuff like that. I like playing some video games too, but I’m not a gamer, I like playing sims and sonic and most Mario games and things like that.
I also like anime like hetalia, black butler, naruto, blue exorcist, toradora and so on.
I’m an INFP (if you like MBTI) and I don’t know what else to write! Thanks for reading!

Preferences: +16 is fine by me. Online for now, but it may evolve to snail mail once we get to talk a little more (and someone explains it better to me, thank you).

How did you choose the artwork for Ritual?

How did you choose the artwork for Ritual?

I kept seeing these different visuals. I lay things out just like I do for the album, and I creatively come up with concepts for the covers and the videos. Chris, Kevin, and the boys in the band, they trust me to do the vision. They still give me insight and they have great ideas, but if I get these things in my head, they want me to show them so they can see what page I’m on. So, I lay it all out, and we all work together to come up with the best way. I just saw it in my head, and we planned it all out where I would be floating in the in-between. I wanted it to feel like I’m being lifted up into this light in the artwork, that I was floating in this beautiful place. It’s crazy, because some people think it’s scary, but to me it looks euphoric and beautiful. It’s just a matter of perception and how you choose to view it.

Hey guys! I just wanna write something, cuz I don’t feel like doing anything else right now. I’m sick and I feel horrible, but @thiamfresh​ wrote a new chapter for Airplanes and I’m gonna read it as soon as I finish writing this post. That Thiam fanfic is one of my favorites and everytime I read a new chapter I smile like an idiot to my phone, I’m sure y’all can relate! Even though it feels like I’m dying, I look forward to reading the next chapter.

I have some plans for next week or maybe after next week, it really depends on how I feel. I really wanna do a Thiam week on my blog with new content everyday for a week. So Thiam gifsets, edits, oneshots, incorrect quotes or maybe even a video who knows. I’ll keep you updated and there might be a schedule or something. I take requests, so send me your ideas as well and I might do something with it! 

And the last thing I wanna talk about is music, cuz I love music and I’m sure you do too! I love pop punk, punk rock, indie rock, indie pop and all that kinda stuff. There are some songs that really reminds me of Theo, Liam and Thiam and I’m gonna list them down below. If you like those genres too then I’m 100% sure that you like the songs too. 

We Were Sharks - Bridge Burner 

Neck Deep - Serpents

Basement - My Favourite Game (Cover)

Movements - Third Degree

Taking Back Sunday - What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost 

As It Is - Soap

Citizen - Jet

Turnover - To The Bottom

The Neighbourhood - West Coast

Stephen - Crossfire

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you can fix all of it by using s4s to batch fix it, i think xmiramira made a video on how to do it

Thank you! I will have a wee look around for it! I actually think me trying to batch fix things was what broke it all! I’ve been meaning to clear out for a while, so maybe this is a message to say it’s time! 

@therealjacksepticeye I just finished your gameplay of far from noise. It moved me so much, I just had to share my thoughts and thought there might be a higher chance of you seeing it when I add a drawn picture haha. I know this isn’t great but I am by no means good at art, didn’t have much time and wanted to do something simple cause any other thing wouldn’t have fitted the game. So I drew Jack going away from the cliff at the time he started YouTube. Realizing he didn’t just fail. He isn’t uncreative or not smart enough. This when life welcomed him to what would make him happy.

I really loved the video. And that sentence doesn’t nearly show how much it meant to me. I’ve been through a lot this past year. Which sounds stupid of a 15 year old to say but panic attacks, anxiety and depression made me feel like I was at the end of my life. Like I was in this car. I still think that sometimes because things seem to get worse every time I feel a little better.

And videos like this are exactly the thing showing me it does get better. Jack. I wouldn’t be where I am now without you. I started crying after this video and after hearing what you said in it. I won’t forget any of the things you said. But what moved me the most is you believing in us.

You mean that. You also mean every one of us. Not just in general. No. You mean me. This girl in Germany now knowing it will change. You believe in me getting better. So I will keep on fighting. Thank you for being there Jack. Seriously

Don’t forget we’re there for you as well

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How was the concert? I didn't get to go to the one her rip

it was the best thing in the world. patrick’s voice was impeccable, his high and low notes were perfect, i screamed at the top of my lungs and yelled as if there was no tomorrow. i sang as loudly as my vocal cords allowed me, and i didn’t even care about people hearing me. i stayed in the moment, but took a few videos. expensive mistakes, hmtod, centuries, and mskwyditd were the absolute BEST. i got a lanyard! fall out boy paid tribute to the football players who kneeled for BLM!! chester finally got the recognition and love he deserved!!!! it was so loud in the best way possible. ugh, i’m already feeling post-concert depression. sorry this was so long, it was my first concert and it was amazing :,^)

Things from Dateline yesterday that tripped me out:

• lyle would stare into Alicia’s office constantly; also i found out later she let him in once but he just sat there and said nothing and he never did it again (kitty must’ve told him not to do that in fear he’d tell her something)

• Jose showed a room full of adults a VHS of adults performing sexual acts in front of kids

• lyle said he’d substitute his defense with a 30 second video of him being raped. (Lyle pls)

• Pamela said she kept a photo of kitty with her face disfigured and brains blown out ??? (??!!)

• Pamela also said that Leslie was more evil than Lyle and Erik

• Pamela also said that she’d shoot Leslie 2wice with a gun with 2 bullets while others said they’d kill Lyle and Erik

• Allan (cousin) said he could hear Lyle and Erik being whipped whenever he’d stay over at their house

•Diane (cousin) said that when Jose was with Lyle and Erik in their rooms it wasn’t permitted for anyone, not even kitty, to go down that hall

• also too many fucking commercial breaks

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List five things that make you happy then pass this on to the ten most recent people in your activity!😍 (Looks like you got this already, but maybe you want to answer more 5 things? 😅)

Lots of things make me happy, so here come five more!! :D

1. Time with my son! :) I love when he comes over just to chitchat or watch videos or game…whatever. I just enjoy him being here! :D

2. Sleeping…I used to HATE it and I felt like it was a waste of time. Now I just enjoy the whole feeling of falling asleep and waking up. :P

3. Solitude…I enjoy being by myself most days. VERY rarely do I need human interaction outside of gabbing here on Tumblr. :)

4. Mustard and onion pretzels… They are awesome and make me smile. 

5. Summer gowns that hang to my knees…I wear them year round because they are COMMMMMMFFFFFY! <3

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Soo, I fall for BTS with the video of Jin and Hobi where they couldn't stop laughting in AHL, and i loved them all in once even today, i can't choose one, i do have moment where one stands out but the others are still just after, the only thing "bad" was that i had such a hard time telling Tae and Kook apart, and the ship nama in the comment did not help me 😂

asdfghjk okay Jin’s and Hobi’s laugh is life itself so I completely understand where you’re coming from. Also with Kook and Tae… SAME O MY GOD. I had such a hard time telling them apart and now I feel ashamed cause they don;t even look alike?? 

there were a lot of references in the new video, did you catch them all? let’s take a look.

1. nils sjoberg

remember that time she wrote a song with calvin harris but used a different name? this is that name, on one of the gravestones. after releasing that she had actually written the summer hit “this is what you came for,” calvin harris, among others, threw a fit on twitter - even though it had been agreed that if calvin and taylor broke up, she could express that she had written the song.

2. the out of the woods dress

this blue dress probably looks familiar! it’s the same one she wore in the out of the woods music video, the last music video of the 1989 era. this poses the same frantic question, are we out of the woods yet? as this grave-digging taylor suggests, not yet.

3. here lies 2014 met gala taylor

at first glance, it just looks like the taylor from before laying there, but after pausing it and going back, one realizes that isn’t zombie taylor, rather 2014 met gala taylor. 2014 would have been the start of the 1989 era, and the out of the woods video was the end of it, thus: by the end of 1989 era, she was ready to “bury” it.

4. the dollar bill

if you look just next to taylor’s shoulder, you can see a good ole george washington. one single dollar bill. is this a reference to taylor’s sexual assault trial recently, and the one dollar she won then? most likely, because if you go to other shots of her in the tub that aren’t directly above her, the dollar bill isn’t there, meaning it was edited in later, which would explain how it got there so late in the game. it stands for the simple victories everyone else gets to celebrate, while she does the same things and gets flack for it.

5. et tu brute

a famous line from shakespeare’s julius caeser, “et tu, brute” means “and you, brute?” right as marcus brutus lands the fatal blow in julius caeser’s, his once-friend’s back. this is a metaphor for all the people that taylor thought she could trust, before they turned around and trashed her name.

6. the tea

probably pretty simple to grasp - the tea is hot. alternatively, she, the snake in the video, gets to serve the tea this time around, or, she gets to lay down her side of the story.

7. car crash + paparazzi

did you see what happened here, at face value? taylor was in an expensive vehicle that got in a head-on crash, but everyone just stood back and took pictures, instead of rushing over to help. is this a reference to all the times that everyone stood back, took pictures, and laughed at her when she was beaten down? yes.

8. the grammy

the grammy blends in with the gold of the car and her outfit, so it’s pretty easy to miss, but there it is, in her hand, even though the car crashed. perhaps the future is being predicted?

9. the birdcage + leg tattoo

look closely at taylor’s leg, and you can see what looks to be a snake tattooed there. not to mention, here she is entertaining in a birdcage, which is guarded. she’s trying to have fun in this prison, biting her tongue, being the girl everyone wants, but she longs to be let free.

10. robbing a bank/stream co., blind for love

besides getting major harley quinn vibes, what else do we notice here? taylor swift robbing a vault, which says “stream company.” remember that time that taylor wrote an open letter to apple music and called her money hungry, even though she was taking her music off to benefit poorer artists? yes, we do. this is what she’s referencing here. also, her shirt says “blind for love” which makes sense, because she frequently refers to herself as a hopeless romantic, someone who opens theirselves up for love, even if it means getting hurt.

11. the squad

without explaining anything else, this scene can be described as a crowd of blank faced people, staring at taylor swift, who stands upon a stage looking menacing, and impressing one message upon the crowd: u, squad. it’s reminiscent of all the times people said taylor swift was over, because her friends, fans, or sales were fake or temporary. this is like a visual representation of the comments people made about taylor forcing people to do things for her to create the image she desired.

12. fake friends

and here we have the mannequins of the girls from the prior scene, chopped up. this one is pretty straight forward, these “friends” that taylor thought she had sometimes turned out to be more fickle and “fake” than she thought. also, can we talk about how taylor’s red boots are reminiscent of kinky boots? because yes.

13. the dancers, i heart ts

before taylor enters the room, the dancers are goofing around, but the second she comes in, the jump to attention, and rip off their jackets to reveal shirts that say “i heart ts.” it’s a throwback to when tom hiddleston wore a shirt with the same message on the fourth of july in 2016, and everyone said that she had forced him to wear it. it’s the same thing as before with the squad - the world decided that she had forced all these people to love her, not that they actually did.

14. the fight for glory

every time you pause this video, you come across a different taylor. squirrel pajamas wanegbt taylor, 2015 bbma’s taylor, 2014 acm’s taylor, wanegbt red tour taylor, 2016 new years rockin’ eve taylor, sparkly guitar fearless tour taylor, bleachella taylor, ballerina shake it off taylor, 2016 vma’s taylor… the list goes on and on. here, you can see them all fighting and clawing, trying to stand on top. it reminds me of “i don’t like your kingdom keys, they once belonged to me,” and the parallels between long live and new romantics in that line alone. all those times, she thought she’d made it to a point in her career where she could be respected as much as other artists in her tier, only to harshly realize she was going to get her name ran through the mud for doing the same thing as everyone else. the fight for glory is steep, and unfair.

15. junior jewels

looks familiar right? not quite! it is the same theme of the shirt, but look closely at the signatures - they’re signatures of actual people this time around. names like ed, selena, este, lena, blake, and ryan, among others, can be seen on her shirt, representing the true friends that stuck with her through her reputation being bashed.

16. “SHUT UP!”

here, all the different versions of taylor are repeating things that the media or other celebrities had said about her, until finally 2009 vma’s taylor repeated the same thing that 2017 taylor said in an instagram post - “i’d very much like to be excluded from this narrative.” the entire time, you can hear camera shutters going off and people chatting, presumably the rest of the world watching as she got torn apart. when vma’s taylor makes this final statement, all the other taylor’s, as well as what sounds to be an entire off-screen crowd, yell “SHUT UP” before the screen goes black. this is a powerful image, and it’s supposed to be. all the times she suffered, and people told her that she was overreacting, faking it, or doing it for publicity. if you feel remorse for seeing young taylor getting yelled at, or sorrow for the taylors falling when she said “because she’s dead,” you’re doing it right. 

nothing in this video was an accident.

if you’re angry at taylor for this video exposing things you said about her, or you’re repeating any of the words the versions of herself said at the end, you’re proving her point. her reputation was destroyed because people made a sport of making fun of her. and now, as taylor said, there will be no explanation, just reputation. 


Steven Universe, 1976.
The only thing that keeps me from making a full video of this is the need of a properly funky arrangement of the theme song.

More retro-fitted shows filed under my “title art” tag.
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