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I don’t know if you will read this! But if you do CONGRATS JACKABOY!! You mean so much to me, you don’t even know. My first video of you was “Forest (Co-op Multiplayer) w/ Markiplier”. I found you through Mark, and realized, HEY, I LOVE THIS IRISH LIL SHIT. YouTube has saved me through so many personal things, I can’t thank everyone enough. But I can celebrate their achievements. 15 mill. happened so fast I didn’t get a chance to do anything special! So I wrote this on my arm, and will wear it everywhere I go for the rest of the day! I’m not good at art, or music, or anything special to give to you, so I hope you’ll accept my words, my many thanks, and my arm. 😂 But seriously, not even 15 million pages of writing can thankyou for what you’ve done. I will always be in debt. I love you Sean! Keep being loud, keep your head up, and smile that wonderful smile. I will forever be a boss. Thanks, you Irish Green Bean. @therealjacksepticeye 💚


so it’s the end of march now and jack and casie is slowly chugging along. still working on the overworld areas (something called ‘decks’ are involved) (and they suck) and working on fixing up some underlying systems that just didn’t fuckin work but i expect a new demo out in the first two weeks of april if not sooner

in order to expedite the whole ‘make the video game’ thing i’ve been considering picking up volunteer artists and trading, like, art or lessons or something for grunt work and the like but i’m still sort of skeptical about putting any part of my project in the hands of other people but, on the off chance i do bite the bullet, i ended up drawing a new big dumb model sheet for jack and casie (to replace the older one) (admittedly, it’s because someone asked me for a reference for fan art.) (i’m not going to lie to you. it didn’t take much.)

the kickstarter goal date is still ‘before e3′, so the latest i’m willing to run it is april or may. i’m quite confident itll go through, especially considering i’ve gotten a couple of offers from distributors and publishers

i’ve actually been practicing my blurbs but my favorite is still just

“A parody pocket RPG about a mysterious robot from a long lost civilization, and Casie.”

Vegas Drabble Reqs

Hey guys,

soooo remember when i opened requests last week? so a lot of them were super plot heavy (I’m gonna get them done, don’t worry) and stuff in the past week has been like super duper hectic?

I just got assigned a huge film project (our senior class video) and I’m taking point on it bc it’s what I do (i’m a film geek lol. imma be directing and the main editor). So it’s gonna be taking up a lotttt of my time…which means that it’s going to be hard to write long things because i’m gonna be in film mode over the next month or so. i’m still gonna be writing parts for my series and y'alls requests, it’s just gonna take a while for me to get them out bc they’re super plot heavy. buuuuuuut while i’m working on this film project i’m thinking about doing requests for vegas drabbles?? like short fics like less than 1k words?if y'all are interested?? just to keep my writing brain active so when i actually have time to write again it won’t suck

anyway tl;dw, y'all should send in your vegas drabble requests! :D

Sorry for the length/emoness of this post. It is 15m related, I swear.

Idk man, the milestone video made me do that thing where you’re almost crying but not and your throat starts stinging and your chest gets a little tight. Do y'all know what I’m talking about? Also one time I did that voice catch thing where you’re trying to be quiet about tearing up, lol. Sort of wept slightly but didn’t fully cry, papa bless.

I was thinking about it earlier today, and I just don’t understand how Jack can mean so much to me when I don’t even know him personally. Like, if I ever found out that he was fake or had done something bad it would absolutely destroy me. If he decides to quit I’ll respect that and be genuinely glad he’s doing what’s best for him, but I’ll also be heartbroken. He’s not some perfect idol, but God fuck he represents and means a lot to me.

In Jack I’ve found faith in the fact that there are good people in the world, and a sense of belief in general. I’ve never looked up to people or had a ton that held fast in my core identity and worldview, but I do now. Through Jack I’ve learned to be a more positive and optimistic person, even if I still have miles of room for improvement. I whole-heartedly and unwaveringly believe in Jack and his content and this community more than almost anything else in the world. More than I believe in humankind as a whole or religion or love or the future or myself. Almost as much as I believe in books and music. A lot. I could live without his presence, but I wouldn’t be the same. A heartstring would snap.

I hate myself a little bit for it. I hate being really passionate about something because it makes me feel stupid or silly or irrational and… Idk, weak? I hate admitting I care about someone I’ve never met because it makes me feel like a freak. I worry sometimes about being too emotional or saying/doing something wrong, and I feel like the person would be disgusted by me and my fandom even though I don’t think that’s the case with Jack, who’s so kind and compassionate. I hate knowing that there’s something that makes me so vulnerable by virtue of meaning something to me. (I’m a deeply fucked up person, haha.) But you know what? That’s outweighed by how wonderful it is.

It’s incredible to know and actually believe that I matter in this community. And to have so much fun here and feel like there’s this little corner of the Internet that’s home to me. It’s been mind blowing to re-discover a love of writing I haven’t known since childhood and to have tried out (and enjoyed) video editing. To have found another thing to add to the small collection of things that make deeply and consistently feel energized/passionate/happy. (Not that I can’t be happy in regular life, just that this stuff is more reliable and deeper in my soul.) It’s so cool to see so much art and gif-making and writing and etc. from the community. And of course it’s been unbelievable to find that Jack is so genuine, interactive with the community and cares so much about the fans, and is just generally a decent and socially accessible human off camera.

I think that’s part of why I’ve never shared anything about a video or something that I didn’t like. Because even though, as Jack said today, he values our honesty and constructive criticism, I would feel bad for saying anything remotely negative and bringing down the community or Jack at all. I mean, I’ve rarely felt that way about stuff on the channel or Jack, but when I have I’ve kept it to myself especially since I don’t really have anything constructive/meaningful to add. If I do have something meaningful to add, I will I suppose.

But back to the actual video!! I’m super glad and proud that Jack continues to strive for self-improvement and reaching new goals. It’s good to see him continue growing as a person and setting an example for the rest of us. I hope his life changes go wonderfully. I’m also super eager to see what he has up his sleeve for the rest of the year. And btw, we’re probably going to hit 20 million by the end of the year, guys. I love that he considers his role/responsibility as a huge social media icon and wants to use it for good. And that he’s so ridiculously humble and real. That’s incredible.

I also want to say how much I appreciate his little speech about his role as a distraction/therapist (lol). He absolutely does make me happy for 10 or 20 or 80 minutes and is religiously a part of my nightly routine (I watch YouTube at night, and specifically make sure to watch every upload from him before bed, unless I just absolutely can’t for some reason.) His videos are an escape once in a while. But he’s not my only coping tool or light, and I’m so glad he brought that up, especially for younger viewers. It’s very important to seek out mental health assistance in multiple ways and ideally involve a professional at times. Jack’s channel is a wonderful safe/happy place, but it shouldn’t be the sole good resource in your life if at all possible. And also I don’t want him to feel burdened to be a rock for us or to put on a happy face every single day. He deserves to unguiltily feel both good and unpleasant emotions just like everyone else and be a real human.

I don’t fucking know what this train wreck post turned into, but I really hope it was at least partially sensible and not unreasonably emotional. I hope it is positive overall and contributes something to the milestone celebration in its own wierd way. I hope it was worth writing and sharing.

But more than anything, I hope Jack is super proud of himself and of his community, and that he has/had an incredible day. Congrats, man!!! 🎉🎉

Hello Tumblr Friends!

I’m on a crazy convention kick right now, but I have five months to go till MinnCon … what’s a fangirl to do?! I’ll tell you. I’m going to compile a list of convention tips and FYI’s into a video, especially for first time Con-goers. Thanks to @skinwalkerconfessions and @apurdyfulmind, I already have a list started of things to talk about! BUT I want you to benefit as much as possible from this video! So reply/reblog this, send me asks/PMs, however you want to do it, and let me know things you’re wondering about conventions. Whether you’ve been and I can share some things that might make your next convention experience easier, or you’ve never been and want to ask all sorts of questions, this is gonna be the video for you. I will talk about the SPNcons, but I’ve been to some other conventions as well, so while I'love absolutely be talking about the events geared toward our specific fandom, I’ll also be addressing some things for fan conventions in general. Super excited about this and I hope you are too! I want to be more active on YouTube (not as a YouTuber, necessarily, but in conjunction with my overall social media presence) so this is one of the ways I’m trying to achieve that. Hit me up with your convention questions, or if you have advice to share as well!

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I just want to say thank you SO much for putting up the kind of videos that you do. I really do hope you go far. It's so endearing to see someone kind of just GO for it with food and film themselves enjoying and loving every second of feasting, when it's such a frowned upon thing to actually fill yourself. You've taught me to see food as fuel, have no fear or anxiety over it and just live freely with no controls or rules and we need more people like you in the world you little glowing bean!💛🌟

Thank you so much! Appreciate it❤️❤️❤️

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Blue , I love you but why are you saying Eleanor wasn't at Louis' event ? There were videos of her there.. unless I'm mistaken but I clearly remember seeing her there. I'm not trying to be annoying but everyone is just saying she wasn't there but she ... was sadly.

She was there or you saw videos of someone and assumed it was her? Because I didn’t see anything nor I saw anyone in my dash talking about this 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:My one het friend said she’s worried about El*unor because she thinks she didn’t go to Ultra because she hates the lads and Louis won’t dump the lads for her lol

Lads before beards 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:There was this post that elounor made appearances every 7-10 days and I can’t remember if that has held since the airport? Was it between 7-10 days that we saw them at the concert?

Hm idk but lol if even her appearances are coordinated….. *Harry’s voice* sad 

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Idk I grew up in the hood and I couldn't really help but do "dangerous stuff" I ended up okay but looking back I really could have killed myself/others around me Lmaoo.

Actually maybe doing dangerous shit is a poor person thing because all the middle class kids I knew would play video games and go to the mall and stuff

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5, 6, 8, 10, 24, and 25 please?

5. oh, it’s hard to say!!! i find so many things beautiful. i think…vintage fashion, neon colors, rainy days, cities at night/sunset/twilight, glowing lights, cats and dogs, flowers, dresses of any kinds, sunset/twilight, crystals, space, anything to do with aliens…i think that’s about it. my favorite colors to see a lot of these in are purple, blue, bright pink, and gold.
6. i don’t really get why pastel aesthetics are so popular, they’re kind of boring to me. i’m also not a fan of baby aesthetics, like the ones with baby toys and alphabet blocks.
10. i like video games! my favorite games are sonic the hedgehog 2, OFF, and undertale. my favorite track from sonic the hedgehog 2 is the chemical plant zone theme!! it’s so upbeat and catchy!! i hate playing through the level itself sometimes but the theme song makes it worthwhile!!! from OFF, my favorite track is “A Stab of Happyness”. it’s very calming and cheerful to me, i wish there was an extended version of it! my favorite track from undertale is “ASGORE”. it’s so beautiful!!!!!!!
24. PERIDOT!!!!!!!!! she makes me so so happy guys like you have no idea!! i look at pictures of her a lot when i’m feeling really sad, and if i want to laugh sometimes i look at weird inbetween frames of her and some funny faces she’s been drawn with in episodes!!! sometimes seeing her on my dash makes me so happy that i smile and giggle!! sometimes i do wish she was real, the same way i do with a lot of other characters in the show. if she was real, i’d want her to be one of my best friends… though i feel like if peridot actually knew me though she’d just think i’m some weird annoying human ;w;
25. yeah, it’s a thing i do!!! with applejack from MLP, a lot of times i like to call her Jackie! i don’t do it as much with other MLP characters though. as expected, i do do it with SU characters most often. i like to call garnet Garn, pearl Pearlie, amethyst Amy, steven Stevey, connie Conn-Conn, lapis Lappy, jasper Jaz, sardonyx Yard Sard, and peridot either Purrdurr or Dottie!! i’m super weird with nicknames sometimes

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Also, posting this video I forgot that I made. But my mom found it on my phone and gave me a look, as if to say “why do you keep disappointing me?”

How often my conversations about feminism have spiraled into requests for assault. I say, “Women don’t need men to defend them,” and am asked, “Can I punch you, then?” And I say, “Women belong in movies and video games and everything,” and I hear terrible things, unprintable slurs and demands for my assault, the threatening of a young woman to shut up: What they would do to silence me. The things they’d shove between my teeth. I say, “Men cannot threaten any woman they disagrees with,” and I’m told, “Women are just as cruel. Am I not supposed to respond in kind?” In my inbox today I have deleted sixteen messages asking for my life. When I say, “Your virginity only means what you want it to mean,” I’m asked, “If you believe in sexual freedom can I fuck you?” When I say “All it takes to be a woman is to want to be a woman,” I am asked, “So if I just say that I’m a woman, can I watch you in the shower?” As if women stand shadowy behind each other in our private moments. As if being woman means sexually assaulting each other.

Part of me - cynical, unwilling to be frightened, says that it might be a nice dose of reality. My shower where I am naked but my hair becomes streaky and thin, where my body sags, where my makeup smears. To witness a woman less than sexy, legs akimbo while shaving, pulling up flab thighs to reach the underside. Part of me dares them to punch me because I fight to win and am small but I’ll kill a man if he touches me. Once I dropped a U.S Marine. Part of me, hellfire and ice queen - says come on, then. You want a fight? Come fight me.

But more is scared. More timidly deletes messages, makes sure my name is hidden, doesn’t answer the endless antifeminist comments. The insertion of men and their opinion on simple things like “I teach children to ask before hugging.” When I close my eyes sometimes I wonder if they’re right and that scares me. How much am I going to change when my voice only echoes around me.

Why are you angry. Why are you angry. What do you think we are taking from you? If it’s not already equal why would equality frighten you.

The ancient art of being a woman and trying to get your voice heard: the gentle suggestion, the peaceful comment. The quiet listening to another opinion and the fact we must acknowledge it before we can continue. That I must educate, be sweet, be feminine in my feminism or else it’s “invalid.” I must present my declaration as a timid thing: “Women maybe should be part of more things.” And then the apologies: of course I don’t hate men, yes I like plenty of things with men in them, no I don’t think women are better. And then the explanations: women are people, here is the number of women in media, here is the number of dead women in media, here are the number of shows led by men. And then I brace for it. For the bullying.

Every time I speak it’s from a flinch. From “maybe this isn’t always the case but for me it is.” From please listen. From less demanding. God forbid I state factually that men are violent. If I speak about our fathers and brothers and the cycle of anger unfolding. God forbid I suggest that just once we should cut the bullshit and treat women well without pandering to men about how that helps them. What if I say “Men shouldn’t hit anyone. Hitting isn’t an answer.”

I’ll tell you what happens. The post was up for four seconds with three notes. The message I get is “If hitting isn’t allowed I’ll just go ahead and shove a gun down your throat.”


Here is the Episode of My Brother My Brother and Me (MBMaM) on Seeso that premiered tonight (12/15) on Facebook Live! I have no idea if its chronologically the first one, but it sure is a great way to kick things off. You don’t have to had listened to the podcast before to enjoy the episode, I promise! If you are arachnophobic I highly recommend you do NOT watch this episode. 


I want to thank you for being such a big source of inspiration for me. I remember finding your channel back in 2012 by accident when I was looking for Amnesia compilations. I think you barely had 5k subs at the time? I don’t think you even had a webcam yet actually. I remember watching a vlog where you said that you wanted to upload videos everyday. You sounded committed and passionate about it. I’m someone who’s draws inspiration from passionate individuals and I thought to myself, “Alright, I’ll keep watching if you show me that you’re truly dedicated to this.”

You kept at it. I could see you were truly driven about making videos and I was curious to see where you were headed. Even today, I’m looking forward to watching what you do. Yes, I still watch your videos, though I’m more selective on which ones to watch. You still make me laugh and bring a smile to my face when days are rough.

The whole Darkiplier thing has been a weird and wondrous adventure with many ups and downs. Fun fact, I nearly scrapped him entirely because I got frustrated with the idea and I was unsure of where to go with the character. I took a long break from drawing him and my best friend @prismkitten-mivy has helped me rebuild his story. I have more plans for projects involving him in the near future and I’m ecstatic to share those ideas with the community.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this charity. I’m still in shock over how many items have been sold and how much has been raised. Your community can do a lot of good when it comes together for these events. Thank you, for being a passionate and driven individual that inspires creative people such as myself. You’re a wonderful person Mark, and I can’t wait to see where you go from here.
drawing curly hair
a quick step by step, tutorial(-ish) video on how I draw curly hair.

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Is Anxiety ok? He looked pretty down.

Yeah, it was a little bit of a realization that perhaps he might be the only facet of my personality that can let me down. As much as Anxiety tries to cover it up, there is the feeling of being the odd one out, and in this video, he also felt like he had made friends with Logan, but their exchange at the end made him feel otherwise. Anxiety does make me feel nervous about certain things I’m doing, if I’m doing them correctly, and if people will enjoy them, but there’s another layer to Anxiety that will definitely need to be explored and that will happen in a future video.