this video is doing things to me

okay but what if back to you is about him going back home to the place where he was raised, the people that raised him and made him who he is today what if in the music video they have a child actor portray a young Louis running around the city doing things he did as a child, playing football, being with his family, what if this song kills me


I want to start off that i’ve been pretty chill about people reposting my work because I hadn’t seen it as a problem, especially since to me it was just fan art and I didn’t really care. However, it’s really starting to bug me. Significantly because most of the things getting reposted is my old work. 

It’s embarrassing. Please do not repost my work any longer. I’ve given Permission in the past, so if I already have then we’re cool, and that was my call. I thank you kindly for tagging me and giving me credit, but I am now very uncomfortable with this. 

Especially youtube videos. I haven’t seen any with my work that were monetized ( that i know of ), but i forgot that youtube pays. Please, no more youtube videos. I’m really worried and incredibly uncomfortable. 

Please, do not repost my work anymore. 

almost 200 days on HRT, braving it out and posting a video of me doing one of my vocal exercises - singing! as usual i’m very nervous about posting this, uh, this is dr. horrible’s ‘everything you ever’, or at least a couple verses of it since neil patrick harris stuff is the only thing i can sing right now without my voice cracking to a million pieces.

i never really sang before starting T, at least i never recorded it or liked it. here’s an example of my voice before T (X) that was taken a bit over a year ago. it’s really jarring to look back on, haha. anyway, sorry for the weird facial expressions and whatever else, thank you <3 

Madness Fics

There are four in the collection here:

Madness Series

They do NOT go together… they are separate one shots… The first one was written on the teaser video - and the rest afterwards. I was playing around with doing another one… and I think I am gonna stop at these. If I feel inclined to finish it Ill add it. 

But these are from the last few days. For some reason I keep starting WIPs and really need to knuckle down on Peep and finish these up… then move to other things. I have prompts still i am trying to work on, but my mind keeps trailing off into other places. 

But Madness wrecked me - so I write three quick one shots over it!

Enjoy! <3

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baraturtleboyfriends  asked:

Lidge/Pance -pidge/lance headcanon. Pidge HATES doing chores, she was the baby in the family so she got away with doing basically whatever she wanted. Whenever it's her turn to do something, at first she bribes Lance in to doing stuff for her (movies or whatever) but then Lance stops asking for things and just genuinely does things for her cause she asks?? And it makes him happy?? And she's like shit man he's considerate and nice to me how do I do this?? Cue exploratory dates on new worlds etc


Okay, but consider they start doing the chores together, that way things go faster, it’s not as boring and they get more free time to play video games together.

Lance will protect her from sunburns and poison oaks!! ❤


@gelseybellNice review! Though nerd in me must say I’m not throat singing (wish I could!) but another kind of multiphonic.

@delaneycirce: @gelseybell Can we just get a video of you breaking down the technique u use in the show/discussing multiphonics that you use in Malloy work in general?

@gelseybell: This is a thing I should do! I should do this! I will do this. Not sure when but this is a thing I will do.

@tcdonovan: Gelsey - I’ll even shoot and edit it for you!

@gelseybell: @tcdonovan Truly? Let’s make this happen!

Please Read

One of my best friends got accepted into a national women’s soccer thing.

I’m super proud of her and happy for her!

I’m trying to make a video/clip show fill of videos of her friends saying “Congrats!” and such.

I’d also like art and/or cards saying “Congrats!” to her!

@hamil-tots sent a really cute art already and I love it!

If you can help please message me!

Take My Wife Please

I’d love to thank @mywifesawesomebutt for this fantasy. Usually it’s women who submit fantasies for me. In this case, it’s the woman’s husband who submitted this. Enjoy.


When I’m not busy training slaves and I’m on my iPhone, I typically go on Tumblr. Just so many great pics and videos if you like seeing women in bdsm. I came across this one call @mywifesawesomebutt and posted a lot of pics of this woman’s ass and getting a lot of ass torture. I started rebloging and posted a few comments.

One day, he direct messaged me and told me about her and the things he liked to do to her. Her name was Virginia, 54, 5'4" and shoulder length reddish brown hair. She was a little on the chubby side but very cute. Of course with the workout we put our slaves through, she might eventually lose some weight. He even sent me a couple of pics. The man(who didn’t give me his name) said he loved doing things like all kinds of spankings using his hands, a flogger, paddle, riding crop, cane, strap, a wooden spoon or heated metal ruler. He would fuck her up the ass sometimes using a huge dildo and liked to give her enemas. Decided that she was the next target.


Obviously since I had chatted with her husband, I had to have an airtight alibi. I flew to New Jersey(where I originally was from and had family and friends) on the Saturday we were going to kidnap Virginia. I sent Bruce, Rick and Tara to do the kidnapping. They live in Illinois. They flew out in the private jet we owned.

They arrived there at 11am central and rented a van . After about an hour of searching, we found her. She was getting her hair and nails done. She was wearing a red kind of dressy t-shirt that showed her cleavage, a blue jean mini skirt and black colored gladiator sandals. Tara went in the salon to have her nails done and keep her under surveillance. Then she overheard that her husband was away for the day and overnight with friends and was home alone. Bingo.They then followed her home. She lived in a nice neighborhood. It would be her last moments in that neighborhood. After about 5 minutes, they made their move. They rang the doorbell and grabbed her. She put up a struggle and then Bruce pulled out a syringe needle and gave her a shot in the neck of a tranquilizer. Within a minute or two, she was unconscious. The gang then took rope and secured her wrists behind her back, her ankles and attached more rope to put her in a hogtie. They then placed a head harness ball gag around her followed by a leather hood around her head.

Totally secure, they placed her in the van and drove to the air strip and we boarded the jet and placed our newest slave in small cramped cage and they took off back home.


About half way back, the slave began to regain consciousness. She was obviously scared and was moaning under her gag in fear. But Rick who like other slaves we acquired was groping her and made an interesting discovery.

“Hey gang, check this out, I think this slut’s enjoying this”

Bruce and Sydney check out the slave’s panties and noticed they were wet. I think all the slaves we capture eventually realize that this is the life they’re meant to live.

The plane touched down in Virginia at 7pm eastern time. They got back to the slave training facility about an hour later. We brought her to the bottom floor. We gave her water in a dog dish and since her wrists were bound behind her back, she was forced to drink with her mouth.

Then we stripped her of her clothes and locked her in the arch back device. I arrived just after that having decided to return upon hearing of our acquisition of our new slave. I decided to let her know what she was in for.

“Hello Virginia. As you can see, you’re no longer a free woman. You’re now our sex slave. Our property. You are now merchandise. You are just a set of tits and three fuckholes. For us to use and abuse for our pleasure. You’re a worthless whore, a brainless cunt, a piece of meat, a fucktoy. Starting now, you will go through your transformation from an independent woman to an obedient, compliant sex slave. We will torture you physically, psychologically and sexually. You’re body is now ours. Once you complete your training, you will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder”

We again placed her harness gag and leather hood on her and earbuds to hear her disorientation tape. A vibrator that was on a timer was placed on her clit to edge her provide tease and denial all night. The water she drank was laced with a stimulant to increase her sexual urges. She had alligator clamps attached to her nipples, a wired metal dildo attached to her pussy and a wired butt plug attached to her asshole. The wires would trigger a sensor giving her electro shock if she somehow managed to dose off or cum. Her training and transformation had begun.

To be continued

Five Things

Thanks for the tag, @bisuratonkachi! ^^/

5 things you can find in my bag

• AoT wallet
• 1 key with about 5 keychains
• Hand sanitizer and wet wipes 
• Chapstick
• Phone charger

5 things you can find in my bedroom

• Television and xbox
• Posters. All over. Anime. Movies. Video games. My crappy artwork.
• A desk
• A dresser that has games and movies instead of clothes.
• Cats.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do

• Uhhh. Travel, I guess?
• Live in the quiet countryside with my cats. In solitude.
• There’s nothing else really.
• Maybe go to college.
• Do something with my life.

5 things that make me happy

• My cats.
• The cats that are mine.
• Rain. Lightning. Thunder. 
• Cute cats that are also known as my cats.
• Caramel.

5 things I’m currently into

• Anime. Naruto, to be specific. 
• Mass Effect. Always.
• Fanfiction,
• Music. 
• Memes.

5 things on my to-do list

• Write some of my fics since it has been two weeks.
• Finish Naruto. Then start Shippuden. 
• There’s a lot of anime on my list to finish tbh.
• Annoy my cats.
• Go to Physio probably.

5 things you might not know about me

• I have a few cats and I love them more than the world. They’re mainly named after characters.
• I had PAO surgery on my left hip about 6 weeks ago and I need to get the right side done in a year.
• I’m in a constant state of being simultaneously stressed and indifferent. 
• People think I’m hard to talk to?? I probably am
• I lose interest in things fast and bounce between hobbies every few weeks,

I’m tagging @ashletoony @bravado-raven @iheartanimanga @sensitiveangell @annabeth7895 @haypunk @the-anime-potato @thewriterash @thallarz @comesitbymyfire 

No pressure to those tagged ^^/

Anyone that sees this can do it as well, it’s fun!

Gamer mom gushes about toddler playing Mario

Oliver plays super Mario 3D world on the Wii U. Yesterday he was in my lap playing and he was doing stuff that I didn’t know was possible and didn’t teach him. Like the controller game pad thing has a touch screen. I’m old so I ignore it and look at the tv and press buttons. He grew up on iPad and thinks touch screen very important. So he showed me you can break blocks by touching them. You can stun and flip over bad guys. You can make invisible blocks show up. All by touching. So he goes into a screen and stops moving Mario- collects all the stuff and breaks all the blocks and stuns the goomba and then uses the buttons to move and jump to the next area.


hey guys today I’m going to be showing you how to do a thing that is explicitly stated in the title and the description of the video but I am going to explain the general concept and why you might want to do this for 5 solid minutes like you’re a small child before actually showing you


Fatphobia runs deeper than conventional beauty standards and what clothes we “can and cant” wear.

Fatphobia is so internalized and we’re so aware of that. Me and any of my friends that are also bigger can’t even eat around people because of the looks and the judgements we’re scared we’ll get from people. 

Hell I can’t even go out in public, i can’t dance, I can’t hang out with my friends, I feel like I can’t do anything without being some sort of laughing stock. 

because somepoint, in my life, ive seen a video or soemthing of a fat person doing something that’s just a normal part of life as something that’s funny, that if i were to do some silly every day thing, it’s funny specifically because I’m fat.

so yeah. you can reblog your “fat is beautiful uwu” posts and then turn around and reblog a post thats supposed to be funny because a fat person is eating weird, dancing, or just having fun because you think its funny that their fat even though you wont admit thats the reason. 



This was a video I was extremely excited to do!! May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, so I knew it was a great time to learn about some new people and facts in Asian American and Pacific Islander history and culture!! My friends join me and quiz me on what I may or may not know and we all learned new things! Hopefully you do too and enjoy!!

Okay, there’s something about Voltron that I’ve been pondering for awhile and I strongly feel the need to point this out because I have yet to see anyone else do it.

Haggar is voiced by Cree Summer (one of my favorite voice actresses of all time, but I digress) and in the Belly of the Weblum episode we hear Cree Summer’s voice again, as the mascot Weblum for Coran’s video.

The reason this happened can only logically be one of two reasons.

1. They just got Cree Summer to voice a second character which is a common thing to do, and heck the lady can do a lot of different voices.


2. Haggar knew Coran when they were both younger, and somehow she got pulled into putting on the weblum costume to do his instructional video, and frankly I’m hoping that is the case because that is freaking hilarious.  She probably thinks this video got destroyed, so just imagine her rage upon learning that not only does it still exist but the paladins, her enemy, have seen this.

This is my new headcanon and no way can take this away from me.

Happy simming for Autism Acceptance Month <3 

i say “i’m seeing a therapist” and he takes a step backwards. why he wants to know. what happened. what made me like this, basically. what was the final step that pushed me safely into the side of scary people like them.

there’s a lot i think about. like how my illnesses effect me outside of the actual symptoms. like beyond the weight there’s a second river to drown in.

i mean we don’t talk about having to stare at employment papers where they ask you to self-identify your problems. that little bead of sweat that forms when you worry - what if i don’t tell them and i need help? what if i tell them and they think i’m a risk factor? what if they won’t give me the job?

we don’t talk about the way some people act when they find out. the ones who are rude about it are one thing. but then there’s those people you thought were your friends who act like you just told them you’re infectious. who become weird and distant and suspicious like a switch flipped. like if they get to close to you, you’ll give it to them.

we learn to be okay with things we overhear on the bus but we never get used to it coming out of the mouth of the people we love. we carry this secret with us like a rotted fruit, clutching it to our bodies. we’re ashamed of our scars in front of our boss. we don’t talk about our panic attacks during lunch breaks. when the cop pulls you over “i’m disassociating” isn’t an excuse we can open the page on. when you watch people make these ranting posts about how real friends always text back, how if someone loves you, they’ll find the time to spend. success stories make other people cry with inspiration while some part of your brain is saying you can’t do that, you’re not like them. things are uglier at the bottom. you can’t explain why you can’t just make friends. you can’t write because you’re depressed but when you’re depressed you write best. you can’t eat today and no don’t ask why please. nevermind taking the train. never mind trying to be happy. never mind reading books and watching movies and wondering where exactly are people like you in hero stories. i watch a video where a man tells me that being depressed is just a mindset. when i wear all black someone remarks i look particularly emo today. it’s 2017 does anyone say emo anymore, i ask her, and she laughs, “you just look like one of those fake-depressed girls.” okay.  

i don’t tell him my therapist is actually why things don’t happen anymore. why i’m getting a handle on it. my tongue feels swollen. i feel embarrassed talking about it. in the highest twist of irony, i think of how many people know my problems anonymously on the internet. i almost spill out all my troubles onto him. instead i tell him it’s just a precaution. that i think everyone should really see a therapist, they’re brain mechanics and we all need a tune-up now and then. he relaxes.

okay. okay. i’m sorry i’m one of them.

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?


dan is a good and lovely person pass it on