this video is amazing bye

i don’t see people talking about this video often enough 

yall theres nothing not good about this video, bc you are blessed with jin’s voice for a good portion of the video, as well as the rest of bangtan, madtown and mr mr jumping around like the children that they are 

its overall a 100% good watch tbh

itsholygeek  asked:

Helloo!! I had to make a tumblr to finally talk to you. I'm the person who made videos on youtube with your FANTASTIC theories ("Holy Geek"). Like seriously dude you are amazing. I always loved pll theories on youtube, but when I found your page HOLY SH*T, I was like who is this person ? Like how? hahaha.Your theories are best than the finale, I mean it was a fucking good episode, but at least for me, didn't fell like the FINAL episode of a series :( And congrats to your Twincer theory!! Bye :D

OMG HI!!!!

Thank YOU! Your videos were amazing and my jaw hit the floor when I saw my theories being turned into videos. Thanks for the conversations you helped spark with them too :)
(I agree it didn’t feel like a finale. That seems to be a common comment!)

Are You?!

“I’m nervous.” Y/N rubs her hands up and down her thighs, looking up at Joe as he adjusts the camera in front of them.

“They’re going to be excited, love. Don’t worry.” He smiles over his shoulder at her, fixing one last thing before taking a seat beside her on the bed.

“But what if they aren’t?”

Joe shakes his head, a smile still on his lips, as he reaches over and takes his hand in hers.

“They loved you when I introduced you as my girlfriend. Were ecstatic when we announced our engagement. Our wedding video went viral. They have been wanting this since day one, Y/N. It’ll all be fine.” His thumb rubbed circles into hers, reassuring her.

Y/N nodded, letting out a small breath of air.

“Right. Okay, let’s do this.” Joe leaned over to peck her on the lips before he started the recording looking at the camera.

“Hello everybody! As you can see today I am joined by my beautiful wife!” He starts, gesturing over to her.

“Hi!” She lifts a hand and gives the camera a small wave.

“Now depending on who’s channel you checked out first, you may already know what’s going on. Because we are posting a similar video over on Y/N’s channel as well. And it’s a pretty exciting one.” Joe grins.

“And possibly slightly terrifying.”

“No worries, we’ve practiced with Caspar.”

“You’re going to ruin the surprise.”

“Not if they’ve already watched your video.”

“Should we just tell them then?”

“I suppose we ought to.” Joe turned his gaze from Y/N back to the camera. “We have a small surprise for those of you who have decided to watch my video first, which is probably smart since I’m better.”

“Oi!” Y/N smack’s him on the shoulder. “Be nice.”

“And we debated how to tell you, and then Y/N came up with the perfect idea. Want to tell them, love?”

“It’d be my honour. We are going to call Zoe and tell her our surprise, and it’ll be revealed to all of you. On my channel, we are calling my brother.”

While she talks, Joe pulls out his phone and starts to ring Zoe on speaker. He holds the phone between them while they listen to it ring.

“Ello?” Joe’s sister answers.

“Ello.” He responds, his excitement growing. “Alright?”

“Yeah, you?”

“Good. I have Y/N here with me too, you’re on speaker.”

“Oh, this isn’t some stupid prank video again, is it?” Zoe whines slightly. “Hi Y/N!”

“Hi Zoe! And no, not a prank. But we do have some news.” Y/N glances up at Joe, silently telling him to reveal the news to his sister.

“OH MY GOD! ARE YOU?!” Zoe yells happily, her next words are slightly muffled, but still clear. “ALFIE! ALFIE! COME HERE!”

“We haven’t even said anything yet, Zo.” Joe chuckles.

“Hold on. I’m putting you on speaker so Alfie can hear too!” A moment later they hear Alfie chime in a hello.

“Can we tell you now?” Y/N laughs, glancing at the camera.

“Mate, your sister is bouncing in her seat, please just say it.” Alfie says, chuckling as well.

“Alright. Y/N and I have some news to share with you.” Joe starts, and is interrupted briefly by a squeal from Zoe. “And I hope you’re ready to be an aunt and uncle.”

“I KNEW IT!” Zoe squeals over the phone excitedly, starting to talk a mile a minute.

“Congrats you two!” Alfie talks over her, happiness for the couple evident in his voice.

“Cheers, mate. Zoe, I’ll call you back in a bit. We have to finish filming this video, and then do Y/N’s for her channel.” Joe says into the phone, smiling over at his wife.

“I’m so excited! Oh, Y/N, I’m going to spoil my little niece or nephew!”

It takes a few minutes, but they finally convince Zoe to hang up the phone, promising that they will indeed be calling back soon.

“Well, there you go!” Joe shrugs, looking at the camera.

“We’re pregnant!” Y/N says, wrapping her arm around Joe’s. “Expect a new baby Sugglet in about seven months!”

“We are beyond excited, and Y/N will be filming the pregnancy over on her channel. So make sure to head over there and subscribe if you want to keep up to date on what’s happening!”

“Now we have to go, so Joe can tell my brother. Which I am very much looking forward too.”

“I’m not. I just got him to finally like me…and now he’s going to hate me all over again.” Joe sighs, running a hand through his hair. “Anyways, make sure to give this video a big thumbs up, put what gender you want down in the comments, and subscribe to see more amazing videos! Cheers, bye!” He closes out, both of them waving before he ends the recording.

“Do you need a drink before calling my brother?” Y/N teases him.

“If not before, I’ll definitely need one after.” Joe grumbles, before he switches the memory cards out. “Ready for the next one?”

“Bring it on.”