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Can I share a thought with you? Beauty Guru Yuri. Like idk he has a youtube channel where he does makeup tutorials and where he vlogs about his days and he makes makeup and clothes haul. And I just want Otabek to get this unhealthy obsession with Yuri's videos and he spends the whole night watching this gorgeous blond teaching youtube about smokey eyes and winged eyeliner.

Anon, I just had to.

“Hey, this is Yuri. Today I’m going to show you how to do a smokey eye. I know there are about a million tutorials of this on Youtube, but it was requested and I figured why the fuck not.”

Otabek snorted.

“So as always, all the products I use are listed in the description. This is not a sponsored video, it’s all my own stuff. But if Urban Decay ever wants to drop me a line, hopefully they’ll know where to find me ‘cause their shit’s really good. Anyway, let’s get started.”

Otabek watched the blond rummage for something in front of him that was just out of sight.

“I already did my base and there’s a whole other video on that, so check that out too, if you’re interested.”

Otabek had already, in fact, checked that out. About a month or so ago he was just casually browsing Youtube, when a thumbnail of something blond and pretty caught his eye in his recommended videos. Follow me around St. Petersburg the video was called. He clicked the link with mild interest to find one of the most beautiful boys he had ever seen, strolling through the city, frappucino in hand, making snarky comments at the camera. 

He found out that this guy was named Yuri Plisetsky and his channel consisted mainly of daily vlogs, videos in which he showed stuff he had bought which were apparently called hauls, Otabek had learned, and make up tutorials. Now apart from a smudge of eyeliner during an experimental phase when he had been sixteen, Otabek didn’t touch make up, didn’t particularly care for it. But then there was Yuri, with shiny blond hair that fell messily to his shoulders, high, sharp cheekbones and pouty lips to which he applied a candy pink gloss. His best feature were his eyes, spring green and clear as glass, looking defiantly at the camera even when he had just put on sparkly eye shadow. He had slender fingers and swore like a sailor and in a month Otabek had binge watched all of his videos and as a result knew more about liquid lipsticks than he ever needed to know. Yuri was fascinating. He was duality personified, long limbed and graceful, yet blunt and coarse. Otabek couldn’t look away. 

He had sat through Yuri gleefully holding up crop tops and platform sneakers and leopard printed anything to the camera, Yuri musing about his life in St. Petersburg, his fluffy cat on his lap, telling little stories and bitching about two guys he called Katsudon and The Old Geezer. He looked almost sweet and vulnerable in those moments and it had felt like listening to a friend somehow. Otabek had tried not to stare too hard at the blond in that try-on video in which he wore jean shorts which, quite frankly, looked about two sizes too small on Yuri’s surprisingly plump ass. The tiny see-through top he had been wearing wasn’t helping. Otabek could swear that the blond was eye-fucking the camera sometimes, cocking his eyebrow with a little smirk.

Don’t be a creep, he thought to himself, don’t crush on some random, beautiful guy on the internet. 

Don’t pause the video of him in those jean shorts.

But here he was, eagerly watching Yuri’s latest as soon as he got a notification, like a complete dweeb. 

“Now this look is pretty much suitable for everyone,” Yuri continued, “Looks good with any eye colour.”

Yuri moved closer to the camera. “It’s nice on blue or green, like mine. But I especially like it on brown eyes. It makes them even more smoldering.”

The blond flashed the camera the cutest grin. “I love brown eyes.”

Otabek could feel his pulse in his throat. He groaned. 

Playlists for The Signs

*use sun and moon, even though they’re all really good songs*

•sketchhead- arctic monkeys
•in bloom- nirvana
•i dont care- fall out boy
•only- nicki minaj ft drake, lil wayne & chris brown
•bleeding out- imagine dragons
•break the rules- charli xcx

•white teeth teens- lorde
•young god- halsey
•formidable- stromae
•we dont believe whats on tv- twenty one pilots
•hey you- pink floyd
•stolen dance- milky chance

•jealou$y- the neighborhood
•roses- the chainsmokers ft. rozes
•3005- childish gambino
•pumped up kicks- foster the people
•soap- melanie martinez
•new americana- halsey

•work song- hozier
•octahate- ryn weaver
•oh fairytale lullaby- bombay bicycle club
•happy little pill- troye sivan
•angels- the xx
•someone new (cover)- amber run

•focus- ariana grande
•feeling myself- nicki minaj & beyonce
•girls/girls/boys- panic! at the disco
•cheap sunglasses- RAC
•i wanna be yours- arctic monkeys
•bubblegum bitch- marina and the diamonds

•budapest- george ezra
•goodbye blue sky- pink floyd
•stressed out- twenty one pilots
•come as you are- nirvana
•radio- lana del rey
•talkshow host- radiohead

•tennis court- lorde
•i found- amber run
•oh new york- milk and bone
•girls like girls- hayley kiyoko
•nature boy- aurora
•grand piano- nicki minaj

•high by the beach- lana del rey
•street spirit- radiohead
•dressed in black- sia
•far alone- g-eazy
•comfortably numb- pink floyd
•heart shaped box- nirvana

•nepal- uss
•living on my own- freddie mercury
•all eyes on me- tupac
•bat out of hell- meatloaf
•ride- twenty one pilots
•running behind- holychild

•sunday candy- donnie trumpet & the social experiment
•mother- pink floyd
•same old love- selena gomez
•dont- ed sheeran
•unapologetic bitch- madonna
•do i wanna know- arctic monkeys

• the 1975
•knives- madonna
•fever- the black keys
•buddy holly- weezer
•ode to sleep- twenty one pilots
•video games- lana del rey

•drive- halsey
•cosmic love- florence + the machine
•from eden- hozier
•kites- amber run
•rise up- andra day
•truce- twenty one pilots

special thanks to: @blossomastrology
for doing the first post for collab month!

((day 1))

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Yoooo can you write headcanons of the guys coming home to Candy after cheating? Like they feel a terrible regret or something i dunno

,,me when i got the request; o(-( lol kaha out-//shot

Okay I’m just kidding but - sure. I’m 1000% ready to put this under the cut,, I’m just gonna pretend,, Candy is dreaming,, and uh I named this notepad as ‘WHY’ in my documents so…enjoy??


  • Feels horrible as soon it happens, it just all dawns on him at once.
  • Can’t bring himself to look at Candy
  • Looks like death,, he can’t believe he just did that.
  • Gets very tense around Candy 
  • Feels like death, looks like death.
  • Hates seeing Candy getting upset about his avoidance.
  • Would rather Candy not find out by herself, he’d rather tell her.
  • Would be very sleep deprived, he just feels beyond horrible
  • Avoids Candy, he can’t even SEE her.
  • Cuts off his so called ’s/o’ real quick
  • Probably told his s/o about Candy, apologized for his stupidity, then cut her off. 
  • He’d be very nervous around Candy ?? he’s just scared of the idea of losing her
  • Doesn’t even care for Castiel, which is rare.
  • He’s lacking in his work but he doesn’t even care about that ?? Also very rare.
  • Not as uptight. As if Armin asked to burn down the school it’d be a ‘go on ahead’.
  • Nath would eventually tell Candy the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Could never forgive himself. 
  • Would confess in the library, where they first kissed.
  • Confesses two days after.


  • Already felt horrible doing it and coming back home afterwards.
  • Tries to be as casual as he can, he CANNOT have Candy thinking about him cheating.
  • Plans to tell her as soon as he can.
  • Leaves his s/o without notification, as if she never existed.
  • Won’t answer his phone or text Candy for the first few days.
  • Gets kinda tense around Candy, he doesn’t makeout with her as much.
  • Doesn’t completely avoid Candy just brushes her off with an ‘I’m busy’ or 'I have to go’.
  • Still gives Candy kisses and some hugs…just not as much as he did before.
  • Can’t stand himself, gets very angry at his decisions
  • Probably not even upset he’s just ?? Angry with himself.
  • Doesn’t play with Demon as much
  • Terrified of the idea of Candy leaving him.
  • Doesn’t confide in anyone or anything, he’s just gone.
  • Wouldn’t look like anything is wrong with him but Lysander knows something is troubling him.
  • Doesn’t tell Lysander anything - but drops hints of 'something that he wishes he’s never done’.
  • Castiel eventually grows tired of his paranoia and hiding everything from Candy, and tells her. No fancy place, park, just wherever she is - he’s telling.
  • Confesses the next week.


  • G  u  i  l  t  y  .
  • Would never think he’d do something like that.
  • Absolutely blank - just what did he do…?
  • More quiet than usual,, just guilty.
  • Writes a lot in his notepad, just hinting poems of his feelings.
  • Starts kissing Candy a lot less, doesn’t even try to surprise kiss her.
  • Believes that Candy will leave him.
  • Would explain to his s/o about Candy and ask her not to contact him again. 
  • Honestly feels like the worst person ever
  • Tries to still be intimate with Candy but can’t help but think about that ’s/o’ of his.
  • Can’t focus properly on his poetry, stops writing at some point.
  • Sleeps a lot more than he usually does.
  • Tries to brush Candy off as politely as possible.
  • Knows if he tells Rosa he’d either get smacked. Or smacked.
  • Can’t imagine his life without her it’s just ?? Empty. It’s Rosalya all over again but worse.
  • Tells Leigh about it, literally the closest person to him.
  • Looks down to the ground a lot, doesn’t make eye contact with anyone.
  • Talks very long walks to clear up his mind.
  • Would confess in a private area like the library or the basement.
  • Confesses 3 days later.


  • Everything came crashing as soon as he walked in tbh, it was just so much.
  • Can’t believe he just did that.
  • Swears to himself a lot, just “I’m such an asshole” or “What the fuck Armin”.
  • Hesitant when Candy touches him, he can’t help but think of all that crap he did with that girl.
  • Tries to play video games for comfort but just gets so mad.
  • Would tell that s/o about his girlfriend and how he doesn’t want any contact with her of any kind.
  • Rarely kisses Candy on her lips. It’s either the cheek or her neck..
  • Looks so bothered like his default expression is just ’
  • Is a lot less intimate/flirty with Candy than he was before.
  • Looks very upset,, just he doesn’t smile much
  • Has very short conversations and casual conversations with Candy.
  • Kinda neglects his own needs like someone needs to remind him that those doritos need someone to eat them.
  • Accepted the fact that if Candy left him, he deserved it.
  • Can’t SLEEP usually Armin is just out in 2.5 seconds but the boy is just sweating,, 
  • Tells everything to Alexy like a few days later. Alexy would tell. him. OFF.
  • Confesses after classes when it’s time for break, most likely in the locker room.
  • Confesses the next week.


  • No no no no no.
  • Beyond upset when he gets home. Did he just do that ?? To his girlfriend - to his everything ???
  • Gets so angry with himself. 
  • Almost cries but the tears don’t fall. Angry tears.
  • Doesn’t really text Candy, which he usually does when he’s away.
  • Has pulled 180’s on her if he saw her in the halls just - gone.
  • Drops his s/o like a hat, doesn’t even tell her anything - Kentout.
  • Kisses Candy a bit longer like for a few more seconds than usual, as if she’s going to melt if he doesn’t.
  • Would honestly take it in that Candy would leave him…
  • Wants to spend as much time as he possibly can.
  • Very hesitant to kiss her sometimes.
  • Tries his best to keep a calm demeanor around Candy.
  • Hates hearing about Candy missing him…it’s just that he can’t be around her, not as much anyways.
  • Can’t confide in anyone, very upset just - leave him be.
  • Such as most of the guys, he’s beyond horrified of the idea of Candy leaving.
  • Has had nightmares of her leaving and boy - they were very bad.
  • Can’t sleep a whole night, usually takes a lot of naps.
  • Becomes less active…just sits around at home or in his room.
  • Cookie misses him, though Kentin still pets Cookie and gives treats.
  • Honestly, he would confess to her over the phone. He can’t look at her and she probably can’t even stand to look at him.
  • Confesses 4-5 days later.


hp ship aesthetics

ron and hermione~ silly hats. random road-trips. freedom. singing along to your favorite song when it comes on the radio. warm tea in cups clasped in mittens. scarves. sheer curtains. big, shaggy dogs. perfectly wrapped presents with bows. holiday wreaths. saving the box from fancy chocolates your s/o got you. pressed roses in shakespearean plays. pumpkins. laughing so hard your stomach hurts. fallen leaves that haven’t turned brown yet. what home feels like.

dean and seamus~ warm crackling fires. when you’re so happy you feel like you’re going to explode. fireworks. charcoal. sketchbooks with rough paper. bruises on fists from fights and necks from nights with no sleep. that moment when you finally get what you’ve waited for and wanted forever. strawberries. inside jokes. being a shoulder to cry on, and having one when you need it. cheering on your favorite team. low, intimate chuckles. anticipating something so much that you’re worried you’ll be let down, but then it’s even better than you thought it would be.

ginny and lunameadows. flowers in your hair. that bubbly feeling that fills you up when you can’t stop laughing. dancing in the rain with no shoes on. sunlight after the rain clears. skirts. orange cats playing with string. spinning in a new sun-dress. babbling brooks. patterned designs. exploring in the woods. sunlight streaming through treetops, making the ground look speckled. crying without knowing quite why. scrapbooks. the feeling right before the fall. 

ginny and hermione~ notepads. black notebooks and matching fountain pens. the smell of fresh broomstick wood. sweaters. holding hands and watching the red-orange sunset. the smell of freshly-mown grass. when a prank fails but you had fun with it anyways. movie ticket stubs. old books with yellowing paper, books that have stories of their own that have nothing to do with the words on the pages and that get thicker each time you read them. a new day after a bad week.

lavender and parvati~ secrets. giggling. knowing something no one else does. old clocks and pocketwatches. constellations that you see reflected in your best friend’s eyes as you star-gaze. chapped lips. cinnamon. honey in your tea. glitter and sparkles. hour-glasses. when you apply eyeliner just a little crookedly. diaries with locks, the keys to which have been lost. origami fortune-tellers. freshly-sharpened pencils. gems on manicured nails. those nights when you feel limitless.

harry and ginny~ going to a candy shop for the first time. ordering a scotch and downing it in one. bouncy balls. driving in a convertible with the top down and your hair flying out behind you. game nights with your friends, posting silly photos and videos of all your antics the day after and smiling to yourself. the exhilaration of a long-sought victory. sun bringing out natural highlights in your hair. ripped jeans. the rush right before a first kiss.

luna and cho~ blue flowers. blank sheet music with treble clefs. ravens. sunflowers. hairs standing up on your arms and the back of your neck. flowers kept in necklaces. soft drizzles. lying in the grass, naming shapes you see in the clouds. that feeling you get after cleaning your room. duct tape dresses. ribbons. making the heart shape with your hands. tree houses. communicating through a string with a cup at either end. collecting coins. fully-stamped passports. finding a way to be okay after everything.

neville and luna~ sun-showers. stained-glass windows with the light streaming through at just the right time of day. warm milk before bed. botanical gardens at night. the smell of pure vanilla extract. random compliments to strangers. giving your friends hand-made cards and home-made gifts that are actually good. daisies. holding hands on swings. polka-dots. the giddiness of first love.

james and lily~  whiskey that burns your throat. feathers. all-nighters, working down to the wire, with only coffee keeping you going. a windswept look. binge-watching a whole season in one night. getting sunburn at the beach. classic rock. strings of mini-lanterns. snow dulling rainbow christmas lights. leather jackets. winning a teddy bear at a theme park. dusty boxes holding mysteries. going to a midnight opening of the first film of your favorite book series.

remus and sirius~ adventures. black licorice. long, complicated words you only learned the meanings of so as to impress people at parties. firecrackers. the feeling you get when your friend tells a bad joke and you laugh at how bad it is. quills. gas-lights, new orleans style, with stands and everything. plaid. the smell of oak. oxford commas. that moment when you realize it’s all about to go to shit anyways so you stop caring and just laugh.

bill and fleur~ seashells. butterflies. windchimes. swans. a sense of belonging. cobblestones. piano. light illuminating dust dancing by the window. getting paint on your clothes. shiny golden plates. plastic forks. mugs from every place you’ve been. a lot of mugs. chestnut. laughing at yourself. love songs at three in the morning. jumping in puddles. when it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t need to be in order for it to be just what you need.

Sometimes I want to forget all about BAP.. Just to discover them again and get my mind blown and soul destroyed into tiny pieces all over again. The excitement and the shortness of breath that this group brings with it’s eargasmic songs and eye candy visuals, I want to feel it over and over again, like a new BABY.

The Good Fight 1.07 Preview: Aaron Tveit Sections Only (x)

“What is this, Ms. Lockhart?”

All three seconds Aaron is onscreen in the preview for the upcoming episode of The Good Fight. We’ve yet to find out if he’s Spencer Zschau in this, but he’s already saying the same sort of lines…

Let’s Play! (Yooran One-Shot)

This whole one-shot started from my best friend and I talking about me wearing Markpiler PJ pants in my Saeran cosplay then it turned into a headcanon about how Saeran would like Jack’s Antisepticeye and Mark’s Darkiplier. But anyway, this is like the first fic I’ve ever written and posted and of course it’d be about Yooran.

So basically Yoosung introduces Saeran to his favorite Let’s Players on YouTube.

Also, possible trigger warning for slight descriptions of a very brief mention of suicide during the  Antisepticeye video they watch.  

You can also read this on my AO3

Yoosung jumped onto his bed, plopping down next to Saeran. “Alright!” he said pulling out his phone he held it up for both of them to see it clearly. He clicked the ‘YouTube’ icon which pulled up the white and red screen with tons videos on it. Yoosung excitedly scrolled through a bunch of them.

“So… you’re going to make me watch some random idiots on the internet play video games?” not fully understanding his excitement over the whole thing. He raised an eyebrow as the gamer clicked an icon of a man with bright green hair and his mouth wide open. “I can just watch you play.”

“Noooo, it’s not that same. This guy is funny, and likes to yell a lot.” He explained as they waited for the video to buffer. “His name is Sean, but he goes by Jack.”

“You yell a lot when you play games, too.” He turned to look at Yoosung slightly. “I don’t see wha-“

WHACK! “TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADDIES” Suddenly a loud high-pitched Irish accented voice came from the small device in front of them, causing Saeran to jump a bit earning a giggle from Yoosung. “MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE”

“Fuck he’s loud.”

“I told you.”

He did. But God this guy was annoying. What was he yelling about? There was nothing even happening. Is he always this loud? “I bet his neighbors hate him.” Yoosung laughed again at his comment.

“Just watch Saeran, I promise you’ll like him!”

Saeran let out a sigh trying to focus on the small screen in front of them as the man shouted at some pixelated people. He’d stamp papers and let them go. “Sooo what’s the point of this game? It’s not like the games I’m used to seeing you play.”

“Ah, this is a different kind of game. It’s called Papers, Please and he ha-” He stopped and paused the video turning to Saearan. “He explained in the beginning what it was about….” He pouted his lips a bit realizing that Saeran wasn’t paying attention. “You weren’t listening were you?”

Saean looked away guiltily seeing his face sadden a bit. “He… uh… I was listening. I just wasn’t clear on what was going on.” He lied. Well, it was true he had no idea what was going on because he wasn’t listening.

“Riiiiight.” Eyeing the redhead with doubt. “Well, in the game he plays as an immigration inspector and gets to decide who can and can’t enter the GLORY GREATEST COUNTRY OF ARSTOTZKAN” he shouted at the very end, earning a rather puzzled look from Saeran. “Just waaaaatch” he whined as he started it again.

“Okay, okay.” He huffed watching the green haired man yell and talk to these fictional people; putting on the worst fake Russian accent he’d ever heard. It was cringe worthy.

“WELCOME GLORY GREATEST!” The man shouted.

Oh, so that’s what Yoosung was yelling about it. He was catching on as he watched but still couldn’t shake his annoying voice out of his head, this guy’s pitch was everywhere and nowhere all at once. One minute he’d be ‘Oh hello little old lady~’ to ‘DENIED! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY!’ to be honest Saeran kind of liked it when he yelled at people get the hell out of his line.

As the video went on Yoosung caught Saeran smiling a bit at the things Jack was saying and actually enjoying himself. He couldn’t help but stare at him as he watched the video. He hoped he could watch more videos like this with him. He had another Let’s Player he wanted to show him after this so maybe they could watch both of his favorites together.


Yoosung turned back to the screen and trying to stop the next video from popping up but was too slow so he just paused it, and set the phone in his lap turning to Saeran once again this time with his face animated and joyful. “So! What did you think of Jack?”

Saeran thought for a bit before answering knowing depending on his answer that smile would drop, and he loved seeing his face shine like this. He knew Yoosung loved doing things with him, he was always trying to get him into stuff they could do together. The whole gaming thing didn’t work out too well, it ended up with Saeran breaking one of Saeyoung’s computers and him been “grounded” from touching any computers for the next three months. So he guessed Yoosung thought the next best thing was for them to watch video games together. He opened his mouth finally speaking “He was… loud,” His eyes adverting a bit. “But he was funny, I guess.”

Yoosung’s eyes widen and he wrapped his arms around Saeran knocking him over on the bed. “I knew you’d like him! I told you he was funny!” he rubbed his cheek against the other boy’s causing a groaning noise from Saeran. He tried to push Yoosung off him and his finger accidently hit the phone’s screen unpausing the next video. They both heard the familiar WHACK and the Irish accent. Yoosung sat up off of Saeran holding the phone in his lap. Saeran sat up as well and they stared down at the video.

“And welcome back to carving pumpkins!” His hair was a dark color green in this video. Saeran liked this color better, it wasn’t as annoying. The man held a huge pumpkin and sat in the middle of the room, and the face cam was full screened, unlike last time.

“Ahh… I don’t like this video…”

“Why not?” Saeran adjusted himself crisscrossing his legs getting comfortable again.

“It’s a bit creepy…” his face winced, and he went to click off it when he suddenly felt a hand stopping him.

“I want to watch it,” Saeran said with interest. The fact Yoosung was creeped out by it made him wonder what was so bad about it. His last video wasn’t scary at all he couldn’t see this man being creepy even if he tried. Besides the difference of this video already had him hooked, it didn’t seem like he was playing a game this time.

“Fine. But I’m not watching!” Yoosung closed his eyes and left the phone on his legs as he crossed his arms pouting again. Saeran rolled his eyes at the boy and grabbed the phone off of him to see it better.


The Irish man was his normal happy-go-lucky self so he couldn’t figure out what had Yoosung so defiant that he wouldn’t watch it. In this video it seemed to be Halloween, Saeran only recognized the holiday for all the candy Saeyoung and MC brought home, which he ate most of leaving only the things he didn’t want for them. But he knew Halloween was known for it’s scary themes, not that he found them as such. He continued the video and the man had now finished drawing the face on the pumpkin.

“Ha, that’s bad” rather amused at the stupid black inked face. Then suddenly something happened. It was only a second but he caught it and the man seemed to as well as he got up to go check it out walking off screen. The video changed and the man was on the side of the screen, but he didn’t seem… right. Just as quickly as it happened the video went back to normal and the man returned and started to carry on, as usual, carving the pumpkin and joking around, but the strange happenings continued making Jack stop again. This time when the face popped up it was clearer, it was a darker more evil version of the happy man. Saeran hummed at this, it was getting good now.

Yoosung’s eyes were now open and had been looking over at the video despite his protests of not wanting to watch it. He leaned his head on the other man’s shoulder speaking again, “I really don’t like this part…” hearing the hitch in the boy’s voice Saeran wrapped his arm around him pulling him close to his chest, Yoosung grabbed on Saeran’s sweater burying his face into the fabric. Just then the video glitched again and the green haired man stopped what he was doing as it switched from his dark version to his normal self, he looked like he was in a trance and began to slit his own throat, killing himself.

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming!” He said probably little too enthusiastic at the sudden turn of events. The video changed entirely showing the evil Jack again, he yelled at the camera and the video ended going black. Saeran let out a whistle. “Maybe this dude isn’t so bad after all.”

Yoosung shot up out of Saeran’s embrace “That’s one of his worst videos!”

“He’s not like dead though is he?”

“No… That’s just a special thing he did for Halloween. It’s his dark alter ego called, Antisepticeye.”

“I like it.”

Yoosung just gave him a glare clicking out of Jack’s videos. Going to another page, this time some weird guy with… Saeran narrowed his eyes… a pink mustache? What the fuck?

“We’re going to watch Mark now. He’s super funny, and a great guy! He gives to a lot of charities and stuff.”

“Sounds like a goody two shoes.”

“He’s a nice person! And he’s half Korean!”

“Right, start the next video.”

Yoosung scrolled through all his videos before deciding to go with his most popular one - Five Nights at Freddy’s. It was one of the games that freaked him out, but… he gazed over at Saeran, with his boyfriend by his side, he’d be okay. He felt comforted when he had wrapped his arm around him earlier. He clicked the video and Mark’s booming voice sounded throughout the room.

“Hellooo everybody my name is Markiplier, and welcome to Five Nights at Freddy's”

The man had black hair and wore glasses. His webcam sat up in the corner just like the previous man did. There didn’t seem to be much to this game, the camera could only move side to side and you could close doors, turn on a light, and pull up security cameras, but the dark theme got his attention. “So this one is about… what?”

“Okay, so you play as a security guard at this kid themed restaurant where the animatronic robots come and try to kill you every night, you have to survive all five nights, without being stuffed into a suit or running out of power. It’s one of the scariest games, ever!”

“Uh huuuh.” Not believing him in the slightest, Yoosung’s ‘scary’ and his ‘scary’ had totally different meanings. It was only a bit ago the boy was cowering at a video that was all an act, and now he’s watching a game where evil robots try to kill you? Though as the game went on he quickly realized it as only because he was sitting right next to him that he was okay with watching it. Yoosung’s hand had intertwined with his own in Saeran’s lap.

Things started to pick when the robots started to move, the man started to yell and make weird noises into the mic that made Saeran question this guy’s sanity. It wasn’t even that scary? But the man freaked out at almost every little thing, calling the robots names as his voice cracked like a prepubescent teenager. Suddenly the power meter hit zero and the small room of the game was plunged into darkness causing the man and Yoosung to let out a frightened gasp.

“Haven’t you seen this?”

“Y-Yeah, but that doesn’t make it any less scary.”

Searan smiled at the pink tint on the boy’s face. The man on the screen started to hyperventilate and shout when the flashing eyes of the animatronic bear appeared at the door. Then 6 am came and there was the dinging of a bell. “Oh, hey, he made it through the first night alive.” He was actually surprised because he thought for sure Mark would have died right there. He was a bit disappointed, though, he wanted to see this idiot’s over the top reaction to his death. But the next night started and it seemed to be harder than the first one. Good. He smirked as the man freaked out even more; clearly having more trouble with this night. There was more yelling with over exaggerated talking to characters in the game.

Yoosung had been holding the phone up for the both of them for almost fifteen minutes, and his hand had begun to shake, Saeran noticed this taking the device from him. “Scared?” Saeran moved his right arm up so Yoosung could move around it.

“No! My arm was just getting tired.” He let go of the hand he had been holding and climbed into his boyfriend’s lap. His legs laid across him, and he wrapped his arms around Saean’s neck in an embrace, laying his head on his shoulder.

“Sure.” Saeran switched the phone to his other hand, moving his left arm around the boy so he could hold him he brought the phone closer for them to see. Saeran flashed a smile down at Yoosung though he didn’t see it. While Saeran was distracted by the blond hair on him Yoosung’s grip got tighter then there was an “OH FUCK!” from the man. Saeran turned just in time to see the fox animatronic enter the room emitting a high-pitch shrieking sound followed by screaming from both Yoosung and the Let’s Player. The man on the screen was sobbing trying to catch his breath grabbing his chest like he was having a heart attack. Saeran couldn’t help but laugh. That’s what he was waiting for.

“Saeraaan that wasn’t funny.” Yoosung snapped at him.

“Well, it wasn’t scary.” Saeran snapped back.

“And as always I will see you in the next video! Buh-bye!” The man signed off and the outro music played. Saeran paused the video and rubbed Yoosung’s back.

“How did you like Mark?” Yoosung pulled his head back a bit to see Saeran’s face more clearly.

“Eh, he was over the top. All his reactions didn’t seem real.”

Yoosung frowned, “They are real, and Mark isn’t fake. I’m sure that’s how my reactions would be if I played that game in a dark room by myself.” He shuddered at the thought of doing that.

Saeran tilted his head to the side and thought on that, he could actually see him freaking out arms flailing wildly. He let out a chuckle and agreed with him on that. If he could see Yoosung reacting the same way. Maybe the man hadn’t been faking it, and he’s really bad with horror like Yoosung is.

Saeran scrolled through more of Markiplier’s videos, there were a few that seemed intriguing enough, but nothing that caught his immediate attention. “Hey,” he nudged Yoosung a bit. “Does this Mark guy have an alter ego like the loud Irish man?”

Yoosung spluttered not expecting him to refer to Jack as ‘the loud Irish man’ but also the fact he wanted to watch something similar to Antisepticeye. “Uh… Yeah. He’s called Darkiplier.” He brought his arms around front so he could take the phone typing in the search bar. “I don’t remember what videos he’s in, just that there is that one where he was just sitting in a dark room smiling really creepily…” he clicked on a Darkiplier compilation video someone had made.

So far it wasn’t all that creepy, but it could have been the fact it was just a bunch of scenes split up into one video. Though the very end got his attention and apparently Yoosung’s as well because he gave the phone back to Saeran wrapping his arms around him again whimpering in his ear. He took the phone and ruffled his hair. Darkiplier’s voice got softer and softer and distorted. The video darkened and the heart beating effect got louder it was almost overwhelming until Yoosung couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Ahh! Turn it off! Turn it off!” He cried out and hiding his face behind Saeran’s back.

Saeran touched the screen stopping the video and he turned off the phone. “I think we’ve had enough YouTube for the night” he felt Yoosung’s head nod agreement. Saeran leaned up tossing the phone onto the nightstand next to the bed before bringing a hand to Yoosung’s head. “Hey, look at me.”

He turned to face him, and the hand that was on his head was now at his face. He felt the warmth of Saeran’s hand calming down a bit. His eyes flickered up to meet teal ones. “So… did you at least like them?”

“They’re not so bad. Maybe we could watch more together sometime.”

Yoosung’s face lit up with glee his lips finding the red headed twin’s.

Saeran was surprised at the sudden kiss but it wasn’t unwelcome, he smiled into the kiss returning it before they pulled away. “You’re a dork you know that?”

“Yeah!” he nodded cheerfully. “But I’m yours!”

“You are.”

I really love Jack and Mark, so anything negative Saeran had to say was just his opinions because I love them to death, they are my absolute favorite Let’s Players.

But I hope if you read this you enjoyed it! Feedback is welcome because I’m still learning. Thank you so much! ^^


Aries: Louis Vuitton, high heels, mac lipstick, football, Donald Trump
Taurus: Mac & Cheese, rivers, lavender, piercings & tattoos
Gemini: Vsco filters, tacos, music, the mall
Cancer: the smell of baking in the kitchen, burning candles, uggs hoodies
Leo: video games, Polo Ralph lauren, french berets, long hair
Virgo: Books, coffee dates, macaroons, red lipstick, short hair
Libra: Natural hair, big eyes , sarcasm, Reeses cups, jewelry
Scorpio: Dark purple, isolation, hot wings, cigarettes
Sagittarius: christmas trees, lakes, blue hair, deep voices, laughter
Capricorn: pugs, cardigans, graphic tees, cotton candy, kissy face
Aquarius: Harry Potter, political debates, dry humor, cars
Pisces: incense, tea, hugs, kimonos,

Author: PyromanicSchizophrenic

Summary: Your boyfriend has an Easter surprise for you. The catch? You have to find it yourself.

Warnings: Well, it’s Jacksepticeye, so language. Also, not proofread, and I have no idea why I chose this particular gif (except for how cute Jack is here)

Originally posted by optimalotter

“(Y/n), wake up!”

You groan tiredly, rolling over and burying your face in the pillow. You don’t know how the hell your boyfriend is possibly so awake at this hour (whatever this hour is), but you do know that you are absolutely not awake with him.

“(Y/n)!” he tries again. “Come on, if I’m awake right now you can be too.” You don’t bother pointing out that his Irish accent gets thicker and more stereotypical when he’s tired, and that he sounds like he does when he’s recording a St Patrick’s day video which means he’s exhausted.

“Sean, go the fuck to sleep,” you say grouchily, lifting your head just enough for the words to not get muffled by the pillow. 

“SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!” he shouts, making you jump and fall out of the bed. “Oh, good! You’re up!”

“Sean McLoughlin, if you value your life at all, you will—“ You don’t get the chance to finish your threat before he’s pulling you up, grinning that bright smile that always makes it impossible for you to stay mad at him. “Never mind,” you sigh. “‘M still tired though.”

“But it’s Easter!” Sean exclaims happily.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake. Is that what this is about?” You glance at the clock. It’s actually about half noon, but given Sean’s sleep schedule (and the one you now hold so that you and him are actually awake at the same time), that’s basically seven in the morning.

Sean gasps dramatically. “(Y/n)!” He sounds as if you’ve personally offended him. “This is an important Christian holiday! You can’t fuckin’ swear!”

You stare at him blankly. You know that he knows what he did, and you know he did it thinking it was funny. You’re not laughing. You aren’t.

“Oh come on, that was funny,” he says after a moment.

“You’re lucky you’re pretty, Jack-a-boy,” you say instead, patting him on the shoulder.

He bats his eyelashes at you. “Am I the prettiest?” he asks you, looking for all the world like a male beauty pageant wannabe.

“No,” you say bluntly, giggling at the dramatic way his face falls.

He perks back up quickly, though, and he grabs your hand and drags you out into the living room.

“Sean, please tell me you didn’t hide a bunch of Easter eggs around the apartment that you’re going to make me look for,” you say (demand) when he finally stops, throwing an arm around your shoulders.

“‘Course not,” he says flippantly, making you question the truth of the statement. “I’ve got too much editin’ to do to watch you look for eggs for two hours.” He’s right, and you do know that. You’re still wary, though.

“So what did you do?” you ask him suspiciously. “And don’t just say ‘nothing,’ you Irish bastard, I know you well enough to know that you did not wake me up at half noon solely because today is Easter with no plans for anything else.”

“I didn’t hide a bunch of Easter eggs,” Sean repeats, which not only doesn’t answer your question but also makes you think that he hid something else.


He just smiles innocently at you.

Sean,” you try again.

“Well, whatever it is I hid, it’s not findin’ itself,” he points out. “Would you be more willin’ to participate if I told you in my Papyrus voice?”

“No thank you,” you say after a moment. “Will you at least tell me what it is I’m looking for?”

Sean’s grin changes from innocent to a cat that got into the cream. He’s actually going to make you look for anything out of place. This is going to be a long Easter.

“Aw, come on, you love me,” he says, seeing the murder in your eyes.

“You are really testing the limits of the truth of that statement,” you inform him, getting to work looking for whatever the hell it is that he hid. “It is in this room, at the very least, right?”

“It’s not in the bedroom,” he allows, sitting down on the couch. “Other than that, every room in the apartment’s fair game.”

“Even the bathroom?” you ask, arching a brow.

“Alright, not there either.”

The bright side, you think as you check the bookcases, is that the apartment is smaller than any of the houses you grew up in (your family moved around a lot), so there aren’t that many hiding places. The downsides, of course, are that a) you have no fucking clue what the fuck you’re looking for, and b) Sean is much more creative when it comes to hiding places than your parents ever were. Also, when you’re hiding something for a (y/age)-year-old to find, you can get a lot more complicated than when you’re hiding something for a three-year-old.

“Alright, you little shit,” you say after a minute. “I’m looking in the fridge.” Sean likes hiding things in the fridge, for some fucking reason. Last week he hid your shoes in the fridge (he hid the shoes because he didn’t want to leave the apartment; you are genuinely unsure why he thought the fridge was the best place).

When you open the fridge, though, right there in a place of honor, is a note: I’m not THAT predictable haha

“I’ve got too much editin’,” you repeat mockingly, over exaggerating Sean’s accent. “I can’t watch you look fer somethin’ fer two hours.” You shut the fridge, pause, then open it again, take the note and a can of cola, then close the fridge. You crumple the note into a ball and lob it at your boyfriend’s head, nailing him right in his green hair.

“I see you got my note,” he says, turning around and grinning at you again. He’s having far too much fun with this.

Your cola’s going to turn into a beer before the end of this.

“Alright, just so I’m clear, I’m looking for something Easter-themed that is not in the bedroom or the bathroom and that’s all you’re telling me?”

“Two things,” Sean corrects. “One of ‘em’s easy, though. Wide open, can’t miss it.”

“Is anything painted to look like Sam?”

Sean’s eyes go wide. “That would have been awesome!” You’re tempted to take that as a no, but knowing him he could just be throwing you off. “But no, nothing is painted to look like Sam.”

You narrow your eyes suspiciously, but you do know that Sean wouldn’t lie to you, even about something as dumb as this. “Okay,” you say finally. “I’m going to check the office.” He stands up to follow you, and you can’t tell if that means you’re on the right track or absolutely wrong.

You open the door to the office and stop. “Sean, please tell me I’m not actually seeing that.” Sitting on the computer chair is a giant chocolate rabbit—and by ‘giant,’ the box boasts three pounds of solid chocolate. You can’t eat that much chocolate , and you are very adamant against letting Sean have any of it. He may not be as crazy in real life as he is in his videos, but more in the sense that it’s not a constant thing. If you think giving Jacksepticeye three pounds of chocolate is a bad idea, then giving Sean McLoughlin three pounds of chocolate isn’t exactly better.

“His eyes are blue like mine,” is all your boyfriend has to say in his defense.

“Sean, I’ve had normal sized chocolate bunnies with blue eyes like yours,” you argue. “That is not a valid reason for a three pound rabbit, what the fuck?”

“It’s all they had left,” he explains. “And he looked so lonely sittin’ on the shelf by himself.”

“It’s a candy rabbit, it doesn’t have feelings!”

“His name is Gerald, and he’s very offended at your attitude.”

Great, now you can’t even eat the damn thing.

You roll your eyes, but decide to just let your boyfriend befriend a three pound chocolate bunny called Gerald. As long as he isn’t eating it, he’s not harming anyone.

(Although if he eats it and then films a Happy Wheels episode for the duration of the sugar high nobody gets hurt at any point and his subs are happy.)

“Is that all that’s in here?” you ask, instead of seriously questioning why the rabbit’s called Gerald of all things.

He doesn’t answer, just shrugs, and yeah. Yeah, you’re gonna kill him before this is over.

You start looking over every inch of the office, careful not to bother any of the gifts on his shelf. You know how much they mean to him, and also that he wouldn’t hide anything anywhere where you’d need to disturb them. You also check around his recording set-up, but considerable less thoroughly. You’re a disaster around anything that has wires, and you don’t want to take down his entire career because of your clumsiness.

“Why are you like this?” you ask him as you go back out into the living room.

“Because I love you,” he answers, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your temple. “Come on, you’ve got to find it before I start recordin’.”

“I’ll find it faster if you tell me where it is,” you goad, leaning back into him.

“But where’s the fun in that?” he counters, letting go of you and sitting back down on the couch. You scowl, but start searching the apartment top to bottom anyway. His excitement’s contagious, as much as you wish it wasn’t. At any rate, your curiosity’s through the roof; Sean can be easily excited, but not so far as to be this excited about you searching the apartment for something on Easter morning (afternoon).

“You know, when I agreed to go out with you,” you start conversationally, checking the coat closet that neither of you use for much of anything, “I did not expect to be Easter hunts.”

“Exactly,” Sean says proudly. “Dating me is an adventure. You never know what to expect.”

“Also my sleep schedule gets fucked,” you add. “Like, /seriously/ fucked.”

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!”

You resist the urge to roll your eyes. It’s not a problem most of the time, but whenever you go home, not going to bed until seven am can definitely be a problem.

“You’re really enjoying watching me look for whatever the fuck it is you hid, aren’t you?”

He just grins again.

Almost an hour later, you finally—finally—find the fucking thing. It’s a plastic Easter egg, and it’s in the cabinet under the sink, perched precariously on the pipes. It’s (favorite color), and when you pick it up you can hear something rattling inside.

“I found your stupid fucking egg,” you call, walking back into the living room.

You try to pop the egg open, but it’s got scotch tape wrapped around it, keeping it shut. “Good God, you like to complicate things, don’t you?”

You start picking at the tape; there’s more of it than you’d noticed at first.

“Sean, I swear to God,” you mumble, finally getting enough of the tape that you can just unwrap the whole thing.

Your breath catches in your throat when the egg finally opens, and you see a ring settled into the bottom of one of the halves. “Sean, is this…”

You glance up at him to find him kneeling in front of you, not looking excited or mischievous anymore. Now he looks nervous, and hopeful.

“I love you, (y/n),” he says. “You’re funny, and beautiful, and the kindest soul I’ve ever met. We work so well together, both together here and when we’re apart. I’m happiest when I’m with you, no relationship I’ve ever been in has ever made me this happy before. You’re my best friend and I love you. I want to hold onto this forever. (Y/n), will you marry me?”

You try to blink back the tears that have been gathering since you got the plastic egg open, nodding and choking out a “Yes, Sean, God yes.”

He stands up and takes the ring, slipping it onto your finger as you kiss him, soft and sweet and happy.

“Happy Easter, Sean,” you whisper.

“Happy Easter, (y/n).”


Request: could u pls do a dan x reader where they are dating n the reader is very insecure (about her thighs n body, cause she is a bit chubby n has tons of stretch marks) n she finally has the confidence to wear pajama shorts in front of dan but she’s kinda timid about it n regrets wearing them n then dan goes on this rant about how she shouldn’t be ashamed and then he just go’s off how she’s amazing she is and he can’t even explain how gorgeous she is to him n it’s just cute n fluffy n they kiss a lot

Word count: 689

Warnings: Self Deprecating thoughts?

Lmao I’m bad at getting things on tumblr in time. I’m trying I promise. Enjoy!

Originally posted by dansintobdsm

You had always been insecure. From the age eleven, you had become more and more worried about your appearance, stopped wearing tight or revealing clothes. There was no-one you wouldn’t worry about them staring at your stomach or thighs, or stretch marks. You had never been skinny, no matter how hard you tried.

You sighed and continued staring at mirror. You had built your confidence up, and eventually decided to wear pyjama shorts, ones you had kept for years but never worn them, even when you were on your own. They were short enough to reveal most of your thighs and stretch marks. You felt your eyes beginning to brim with tears, but you calmed yourself down.

You were terrified about how Dan would react when he saw you. He’d never seen your legs unless it was extremely dark in the room, so he wouldn’t be able to see them really. You shook your head. Dan wouldn’t care. He wouldn’t judge. Would he?

After a few more minutes of contemplating, you moved away from the mirror and shut the bathroom door, anxiety flooding through you as you began to make your way up the stairs. You heard Phil talking in the longue, presumably doing a live show, and made it to yours and Dan’s shared bedroom. You opened the door.

“Hey,” He greeted, grinning at you when you turned around from shutting the door. You forced a smile.

“Evening.” You sat down on the bed next to him, trying not to wince when your thighs spread. You avoided his gaze. “What you up to?”

“Just scrolling through various social media.” He sighed, but you could tell he was looking at your legs. Your heart began to race.

“And watching my latest video.” You pointed to the tab, recognising the title. He laughed.

“I got to know what you’ve been up to recently.” He told you. “Apparently, a lot of eating.” He joked, as your video was you trying different candy from all over the world, but your eyes began to fill up with tears, thinking he was talking about how big you looked.

“Do my legs really look that bad?” You whimpered, before bursting into tears. Dan stared at you for a moment, then realised why you were crying, and he became frantic, shaking his head.

“No, no, I wasn’t talk about your legs!” He cried.

“Then my stomach?” You shouted, jumping up and storming over to the wardrobe and rooting through it. Dan followed you, but you turned around, covering your legs with a jumper. “Stop looking at them!”

“I wasn’t talking about your body, I was talking about the video.” He explained gently, and you paused, shaking your head and burying it in your hands. “Oh, love, come here.” He spoke softly, pulling you into a hug. You sobbed into his chest, dropping the jumper and wrapping your arms around him tightly. When your sobs turned to sniffs, he sat you down on the bed, rubbing your back comfortingly.

“I would never say that about your body. You’re beautiful.” He began, and you shook your head.

“No, I’m not. I’m fat. My curves go in and out in all the wrong places. I have scars and stretch marks. I’m just gross.” You mumbled, causing Dan to drop his arm around your shoulders and hold your face in his hands to make you look at him.

“Y/N, you are not gross, or fat, or anything. You are perfect to me. You are just the way I like you. You don’t need to be any skinnier, or prettier because you are amazing. You’re honestly stunning. I wish you knew that.” You let yourself smile a little, and as soon as you did, he beamed at you. “I promise you. You’re perfect.”

You leant in and kissed him softly, and when he kissed you back you rested your hand on his shoulder, allowing him to place his hands on your hips.

Eventually you broke for air, laying back on the bed, your fingers lacing together.

“Perfect.” He whispered as he nuzzled into your neck.

“Stop it,” You laughed, blushing.


I have to admit, Blizzard’s strategy concerning Overwatch and its female characters is downright genius.

They say “we want to do female characters better” but all the ladies they presented at the outset were a) generic pretty and b) obviously presented like eye candy, what with Widowmaker having a collar that goes down to her navel and Tracer having shrink-wrapped trousers.

So all the bro gamers who complain if that ISN’T the case laugh at Blizzard’s hilarious joke and throw their money at the game.

Then they bring out the beautifully muscled Zarya, the obviously not-skinny Mei, the well-dressed Sombra, the elderly Ana and robo-centaur Orisa. None of whom fall into the “sexy” female video game character stereotype.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but at this point, it feels like they waited until AFTER all those dudebros had given them their money to add in the features they would hate and I love it.

Joe Sugg Imagine || Love me ||

Anonymous said:

hello omg i love your imagines and i already read all of it omg <3 can you pls write an imagine about joe sugg where he is acting cute bc he wants an attention y/n, but y/n is doing something and you can make the end. thank you :) <3

- - -

“Whatcha doin’?” Came behind you, directly in your ear, you had jumped slightly, your hand going to your heart. From your cross legged position on the couch you gasped; “Joe!” in annoyance, turning your head, seeing him standing there, innocently. “Hi.” He said giving a wiggly fingers wave and a cheesy grin at you.

“What do you want?” You asked in dully now, you we’re trying to edit your video that was late already and he had been whining and annoying you for attention all morning. “Love.” He whispered, bottom lip sticking out after he spoke in a pout and his blue eyes glazing over.

“I’m busy.” You remarked, running your hands through your (colour) hair, in stress induced frustration. “You of all people should understand, I’m way behind on this video…” You sighed, watching the disappointment wash over his face. “But… (Y/Nickname).” He whispered.

“Joe! Seriously, please…” You thought you could snap at him any second, which was far from your personality. You were just having a day.

“Fine…” He whispered, dragging his feet sombrely across the hardwood flooring of the apartment, toward the small kitchen area, not looking back at you, opening a cupboard and shifting the content around inside of it.

You took in a deep inhale and exhaled it slowly, shaking your head, you went back to editing, looking up from the screen of your MacBook, you thought you felt something hit you lightly but glancing around you saw nothing, until a few moments late, you watched a red, candied heart land upon your keyboard.

A small manly giggle caught your attention, and your fingers froze over the keys, you turned your head, slowly… Toward the kitchen, where Joe was laying across the counter top, a bag of cinnamon heart candies in one hand and his arm in the throwing position at you.

“Joe!” You snapped, your tone unexpected by him as he jumped a little, the candy hearts in his hand, dropped out across the floor, scattered. “I’m just showering you with my love!” He exclaimed, watching as you stood up off the couch quickly, closing your MacBook.

“Love me!” He whined, he was bored, he wanted attention. “I do love you, but you’re testing my love right now.” You crossed your arms, narrowing your eyes at him. “Fancy going out?” He asked entirely changing the subject, you opened your mouth to speak but no words came out.

“LOVE ME!” He repeated again, moving off the counter quickly and rushing at you catching you entirely off guard.

“JOE!” You yelled feeling yourself being tackled to the hardwood floor, opening your eyes, Joe was staring at you, inches from your face, “love me.” He whispered again in a soft tone, rubbing his cheek against yours adoringly.

“Joe…” You said lowly, “get off, please.” You muttered, as he continued grazing his face against yours. “(Y/N).” He said even more adoringly in a cute as possible tone.

“I love you.” He said, finally looking down at you, as he sat up, his knees on either side of your body supporting his weight – or lack there of, off you. “I love you, too.” You rubbed your forehead.

“So, pay attention to me.” He nodded, making it sound incredibly simple. “I really need to finish my video… I would be done by now but you’ve been annoying me all day.” You pointed you staring up at him, the hardwood was cool against your back.

“It’s just a video…” Joe muttered. “It’s late.” You muttered back. “But at least you’re not!” Joe said brightly, a big smile coming across his face as he made a baby-related joke.

“Ugh.” You rolled your eyes. “Please?” You asked trying to wiggle away from under him, “Just leave me alone… Let me finish…” You pleaded, first it was hiding your computer on you this morning, and pestering but adorable texts as you tried editing in the bedroom, now tossing candy at you and tackling you to the floor.

“Fine…” He said breathlessly, nodding, giving up that he wasn’t getting any attention from you despite all of his adorable attempts and actions. “Thank you.” You said lowly, feeling a little bad now.

You both stood up, you lent over the couch, grabbing your computer, you headed downstairs, walking into the bedroom you shared, sitting on the bed getting settled back into editing and there was silence…

You kept looking up at the door you left ajar, expecting Joe standing there with something else to throw at you, but nothing… You started hoping you really didn’t hurt his feelings, but shook your head going back to editing.

A soft knock came to the door, and you glanced up and over, seeing Joe standing there biting his bottom lip, once he saw you look up, he raised his hands, his thumbs and index fingers moving to form a heart at you and he looked sad.

“I’m sorry, I bothered you all day.” His voice sounded pathetic while you stared, sighing, you shook your head. “I’m sorry, I’ll go now.” He added, turning on his bare feet disappearing from view.

“Joe…” You called to him, sighing, taking your earbuds out and closing your macbook, he reappeared looking hopeful at you. “Come here.” You waved him over and a bright smile broke out across his face, he took a short run and jumped across his bedroom onto the bed with you.

“YOU LOVE ME!” He exclaimed, wrapping his arms around you tightly, “of course I do.” You muttered, your arms wrapping around his torso, “I’m sorry I bugged you.” He kissed you softly. “I’m sorry, I ignored you.” You said after your kiss fingers, running your fingers through his hair.

“I love you.” He was smiling at you, “I love you too, Joe.” You couldn’t help but smile at his large smile. “Did you finish your video?” He asked softly, brushing a stray piece of hair behind your ear. 

“Nah.” You shook your head, knowing it was way past your upload time. “Oh.” His tone lowered again. “You’re more important.” You admitted as you snuggle your face into his chest, he squeezed you tighter into him. ..


Pairing: Atsushi x Dazai
Rating: Mostly SFW **Because I don’t trust myself <|D;;;**
Notes: I actually got this idea whilst suffering from a head cold as of late. LOL It got me thinking, “What would Dazai do if he had to take care of a sick Atsushi?” And so this story was born! Since you all really seemed to like my previous story ‘Wanted’, I hope you all like this one just as much! ^0^


“Atsushiiiiiiii~” Dazai said, who had been constantly lightly tapping Atsushi’s head, which was face down on his desk, for 5 minutes. The boy didn’t really have it in him to ask Dazai to stop. Not because he didn’t want to, cause he did, but his head was throbbing. Normally he would tell Dazai to 'Knock it off!’ or just wait for Kunikida to say “'Stop tormenting everyone and get back to work!’ but he knew that wouldn’t do any good for the pain. Sadly it wasn’t just his head. His stomach was doing back flips, his throat was soar and dry, and to top it off he was pretty sure he had a fever. And it’s only Monday.

"Lucky me…”

Keep reading

Imagine Tyler Joseph surprising you with a video of him covering “Cant Help Falling In Love” and giving you a night you will never forget.

You and Tyler have been friends since middle school. When you were the new kid and he was the only one who talked to you. Ever since, you two were always together. 

After years of watching him pursue his dreams, and when more and more people started to notice them, you couldn’t be more proud than to watch them succeed. It made you happier than anything. 

But with all the touring, you and Tyler barely saw each other. He was gone, performing in different cities, while you stayed home and worked. Living your life normally. 

Though, you managed to get a week off to go visit him for a couple of days. You were both excited to see each other.

Tyler was more nervous than anything else. After being away from you for so long, after traveling and meeting new people he realized something. He realized that all he wanted was to experience all of this, with you. He wasn’t sure why, until he talked about it for weeks with Josh. 

Josh opened his eyes, and made him see that through out the years of laughing, and talking and supporting each other, he started to fall for you. 

Tyler came up with the idea to record himself covering One of your Favorite Elvis songs. He had the entire night planned out. Except a way to shake the nerves away. 

The moment you arrived at the airport, Josh came to pick you up. Alone. He surprised you with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, and a note in between the stems. 

‘You’re lovely, with your smile so warm and your cheeks so soft. There is nothing for me but to…’

You looked up at Josh, furrowing your brows. “What is this?” You asked, waving the note in the air. 

He shrugged his shoulders, a smile playing on his lips. “I don’t know.” 

You made it to the hotel, and dropped off your things. But Tyler was still no where to be found. Josh texted your Cell. 

‘Hey, had to run. Need to set up for the show tonight. Got a car outside waiting for you to take you to the Arena.’ 

You got dressed for the night, slightly bummed from being ditched by the boys. But you understood that they were no longer an underground band. Which meant, they were always busy. 

slipping in to the car, there was a bucket of champagne with another note and a rose beside it. The note read;

‘Sorry for ditching you. I cant wait to see you though. -Ty’

This wasn’t what you planned when you decided to come down to visit the guys. You hoped that you would at least be able to see Tyler even just for a minute. But here you were, in the car, alone. 

Pulling up to the arena, the driver brought you to the back. It was quiet, with no cars in sight. Or anyone for that matter. Slowly, you walked inside looking around hoping you were at the right place. 

But the sound of music playing, caught your attention. You walked toward the stage, brows furrowing. 

Once you opened the door, your eyes landed on the dimly lit stage. There was a table with all your favorite candy and deserts, along with some champagne. As you took a step, a video began to play through a projector that was also on the table. 

There he was, Tyler sitting in the van with his Ukulele. You were more confused now than ever. But once he hit the first chord, you felt your heart stop. 

You watched the video, lingered on every note he sang. You felt your eyes well with tears. Every inch of you tingled as shivers rippled up and down your spine. Your best friend did all of this, for you. 

Suddenly, the song came to an end, and Tyler came out from the side of the stage. Nerves swirling inside of him, as his heart pounded profusely, feeling as if it were about to beat out of his chest. 

The moment your eyes laid on his silhouette, you felt your tears trickle down your cheeks, and a knot form in your throat. 

You made your way to the stage, trying so hard to contain yourself. But the longer you two gazed and smiled at each other, the harder it was. 

“What is this?” You forced out. 

He flashed a soft smile, slowly stepping toward you. His face was read and heat radiated off his body. Never in his life had he been so nervous until now. 

“I wanted to surprise you.” He muttered. 

“Well you did one hell of a job.” You chuckled. 

Tyler swallowed hard, as he was now just a few feet away from you. “Y/N, I love you.” He whispered. 

Your breath hitched to the back of your throat, being held without realizing. 

“I know this whole thing was pretty cliche, but I just wanted this to be perfect, because you deserve the best.”He stated. “Being away from you, I realized that you’re the only person I want by my side. You’re the only person I want to experience this with.” 

Your eyes stung from crying so much, and your stomach fluttered, immensely. 

“I love you so much, and I think I always have. I just wanted to know, if maybe you would like to be more than just my best friend.” He swallowed hard. Feeling his chest tighten. 

Without a single word, you closed the distance between you both, crashing your lips to his. His warm lips caused your body to tingle, feeling the kiss all the way down to your toes. You were on a high. 

“It’s about time.” You chuckled in between kisses. 

Tyler glanced at you, a smile curving on his face. In this moment, he had everything he ever wanted. 

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my full name is mikayla, my friends call me muk/mook. i'm ginger and blue eyes and i love??? candy??? and sweets in general??? also video games and memes? i'm lowkey abt the memes though, but occasionally i'll make a reference that blows everyone away. anyway, i am bi, and love everyone, but also hate everyone?? i love cats, and dogs. coffee person. but also, tea is good??? idk. v neutrual. (also you defo are pure and good)

you sound like a real fun person to hang out with :’D UMM, i dunno why Ashido Mina from bnha comes to mind and alsooo Phichit Chulanont from yoi!

Creepypasta #616: They Said A Kid Died Out Here

Story length: Long

“They say a kid died out there,” I tell them. They oooh and awww and dare each other to go, playfully poking each other in the ribs, just like they always do. We stand at the edge of the field, a safe distance from the shack. It’s a strange little structure surrounded by a cluster of thick trees in an otherwise empty meadow, like a dark oasis in a desert of tall, yellow grass. The shack is tiny—far too small for someone to live inside. At least not comfortably. Its windows are boarded up with plywood panels and someone had long ago spray-painted “Zac’s 1st birfday” on the rotting walls. The kids always ask what it means and I tell them I don’t know.

“So what happened to the kid?” they ask. “How did he die? Was he murdered? A wild animal? A serial killer?” They always want to hear The Story. I stay silent for a bit and let them wonder. It doesn’t matter what The Story is, not really. They just want it to be dark and messy. They always do. If I told them it was an accident or some family dog that went rabid, the whole thing would lose its magic. They need it to be a horror story. They want someone ripped to shreds by a faceless stranger who lures kids to creepy shacks with promises of candy and video games. They want fanged demons that drag kids to the grave and ghosts that can turn their tiny hearts to ice just by looking into their eyes. They want blood and nightmares, and that’s what I give them.

They look up to me because I’m older, usually by a year or two. They trust that I know what I’m talking about. I don’t know why. They seem to believe that once you get to 6th grade, you learn all of your town’s dark secrets. Like there’s some kind of ancient book of local lore that’s passed down to those who are old enough and wise enough to attend middle school. I let them believe it. It makes the stories better.

They stare at me wide-eyed and excited, waiting for me to spill the gory details. This is my favorite part, the suspense. I make them wait as long as I can, until they’re practically drooling with anticipation. And then I begin.

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Kiss me again.

 Request: Put these two together:

Can you do a Kian Lawley imagine where your a youtuber and he goes on tour but you can’t come with him because you have to film so he gets really sad and watches your videos for comfort but Jc gets you tickets to surprise him so you wait in line and a bunch of fan girls start to notice you so you tell them the plan and they be quiet so then you go up to Kian and ask for a stage kiss but when he sees its you he kisses you in front of EVERYONE and people record and stuff (lots of fluff) THANK YOU


Warnings: Major Kian feels.

authors note: Really enjoyed writing this, hope you like it :) Please request.

I always get asked, “what’s the best and worst thing about being a YouTuber?” The best is a hard question. If I had to choose just one it would have to be meeting my amazing fans but the worst.The worst is times when I hard to work and wasn’t able to see kian JC Conor sam rickey and Trevor do what they love doing.

Kian begged me to go on tour with him and as much as I wanted to me really couldn’t.I had loads of meeting lots of videos to make my big announcement and being 4 months pregnant really didn’t help.I had the smallest of bumps, but every time I looked in the mirror I couldn’t help but smile.Although we were young and wasn't 100 percent ready to be parents, we wanted this.Kian would always kiss my tiny bump and insisted we took a picture every few weeks to see if I was getting bigger.

“Are you sure you and the little one will be okay?”Kian asked for about the thousandth time.I couldn’t help but smile at how worried he was.He was cute when he was worried.

“Duuudddeee she will be fine if she needs you she will call right y/n,” JC said as he put his arm around kian almost dragging him out the door.

“Right,”I said giving Kian a quick kiss.

“Love you both”Kian shouted as JC dragged him to the car.

“Love you” I yelled back.Kian would be away for the next 4 weeks, I was already counting down the days until he was home just 28 to go.

*Kians pov*

Leaving y/n was the hardest.With her carrying our baby, It was even harder.I was really excited to be a dad I know I was really young, but everything happens for a reason right?Y/n was the one so why shouldn’t we start a family.Making the family was the best bit if you get my drift. It was 3 weeks into the tour and I really couldn’t get her off my mind.I missed everything about her from her smile to the way she snorts a little when she laughs too hard.The best thing about her being a youtube was at times like this when I really missed her I could just sit and watch her videos And that’s what I did.It was around 3 am the rest of the boys were asleep and I was sat in bed watching y/ns videos.I couldn’t help but laugh when she had whip cream all over her face she really was the worst at challenges.Watching her videos gave me some sort of comfort.I didn’t know what else to do.I clicked on another and another before I knew it I heard Jcs alarm go off.

“Ugh, what time is it”I heard JC faintly I was too absorbed in my watching my beautiful girlfriend.God, I missed her.

*y/n pov*

 I stretched out my arms and grabbed my phone to see I had a message off JC.I quickly opened it to see a picture of kian curled up watching one of my videos with the caption has been awake all night watching your videos dudddeee we need to do something.I couldn’t help but laugh at kians cuteness, but I couldn’t lie I had been doing the same.Watching one of kians videos helped me sleep it really helped me relax.Before I could text JC back he rang me.

“DUUUDDDDEEEE” He almost screamed down the phone.

“Yeah” I, said still sleepy.

“You seriously need to get out here we can’t take any more of kian moping around”

“I know, but I don’t even have tickets,”I said I wanted to go, but I really couldn’t.

“Everything’s sorted cars picking you up in half an hour he will have tickets you will have to Que with fans and you will be in the crowd and after the show you can see him”JC voice was quite and fast.

“Wait what does kian know?”I asked trying to take in what he just told me.

“No” And with that JC put the phone down.I couldn’t believe it.I quickly jumped in the shower and got changed.I put on a really nice dress that showed my tiny bump.

Beofre I had time to put on any makeup or do my hair the driver was here.I quickly jumped in the car I had a 3-hour car ride well make it 4 hours with all the pee breaks so I did my hair and ake up in the car.I put on just basic make up the way kian liked it and I let my hair flow naturally.I even had a little nap.When we adrived at the venue the driver passed me my tickets and I joined the fans in the que.It was only 30 minutes till the doors open so I couldn’t wait.

“WAITS THAT Y/N”I hurd one fan shout then the next thing I knew everyone was looking and rushing up to me.

“GUY GUYS quite pleeasseee Im surprising Kian I haven’t seen him for 3 weeks and really miss him,”I told them and in return got loads of awwwwwws.The fans were brilliant I took some quick pictures with them and they even helped me get into the venue saftly.

As I took my seat in the 3rd row my stomach was in flips and not just because of the little human inside me.The background music soon stopped.The guys came running on stage.My eyes filled up I just metered away from my boyfriend and wanted nothing more than to go and hug him, but I couldn’t I had to stay quite for the fans it was there show and I didn’t want to reuine it.I was so proud of all of the boys I couldn’t belive how far they had come.

“Right everyone we have a little surprise for Kian” Ricky shouted, the crowd went wild.Kians face looked confused he was so cute when he was confused.

“We all know that kian hasn’t been able to see him a girlfriend for 3 weeks because of the tour and I even found him this morning sleep curled up watching y/ns videos”Sam laughed as the picture showed on the screen behind them.Jc hopped and walked towards me.

“Guys stop I really love her okay”Kian laughed not noticing that I had stood up and started walking towards the stage.The fans all awed at Kians remark.I quickly grabbed Jcs mic as he helped me up the steps.

“I love you too”Kian head spun rpund to me.His face lit up like a kid in a candy shop.He stood their to hand over his mouth tears brimming in his eyes.“Y/n” He said softly.I waqlked over to him as fast as I could.I stood there inchs away from him.Tears streamed down my face. 

“KISS KISS KISS”The whole place erupted with chants.Kians lips soon attached to mine the kiss was deep and meaning full.I kissed back straight away.His hands wrapped around my body bringing  me closer to him.The whole place was lit up with flashes of camreas but I didn’t mind.I was with Kian and couldnt be happier.

EXO Reaction to Their Child Saying They Hate You For Not Giving Them Something

Please remember, your parents try the hardest they can. I remember being the type of kid that ‘hated’ my parents whenever they said no to me, but as I grew older I started to realize just how much my parents try. So just think before you say. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: He stared at his son with disappointed eyes the moment he heard him saying that he hated you. “Why would you say that you hate her? She has done nothing but taken care of you, feed you, clothe you, watch over you while I’m away, and so much more. You can’t say you hate her just because she won’t give you that new toy,” he scolded his son, looking as serious as he has ever. Although he was always fun and games, but when it came to things like this, he became deadly serious.

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Chanyeol: He was not entirely happy with the fact that his children were complaining about you. He came into the room, standing in the doorway and listening as he folded his arms across his chest. He was getting tired listening to all the rude things they were saying about you. “Hey! Don’t walk about your mom like that! She didn’t take you guys to the park today because she is busy working to help make money, so don’t talk about her like that,” he warned them.

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Chen: “No, I hate mom! She makes things so unfair!” Your daughter complained to Jongdae as he stormed out of the kitchen. Jongdae took her into another room so that they could talk about it. He listened to everything that she had to say about you and why exactly she was mad. Once she was done, he gave her a look that made it clear that he found something amusing. “It is funny that you would honestly say you hate your mother for not letting you stay out late. Seeing as how she already lets you do so much, it is funny that you hate her for just this.”

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D.O.: Kyungsoo was instantly disappointed the moment his son said that he hated you. He already scolded him numerous times about using the term ‘hate’ when he is upset, but he was even more upset that he was using it in terms of you. He sat his son down in the kitchen, having a deep conversation of not using the term. “You have to be careful with the word ‘hate.’ That is a very serious word, and sometimes it can be too late to take it back. Now go and apologize to your mother,” he instructed him in a calm voice.

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Kai: “You don’t have to like everything that your mother or I do, but don’t say you hate her. We are both trying are best, and she is the best mother you could ever ask for,” he reminded his children as he worked on their food for lunch. The two of them listened diligently, still a bit upset that you didn’t get them ice cream, but they quickly went to apologize to you after Jongin told them to. He didn’t like scolding them, so he tried his best to calmly talk to them about why it isn’t good to say or do certain things.

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Lay: His eyes widened when he heard his daughter complaining that she hated you. At first, he was happy to hear that she loved him because he was scared she would be upset that he was always traveling, but when he heard her say that she hated you, his smile faltered. “Don’t say that. You don’t hate her, and you know that.” He placed his hand on her head and smoothed out her hair as he reminded her how much you do for her.

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Sehun: “Ah ha! See, now I am the favorite parent!” Sehun exclaimed in a taunting manner when his son told him that he did not like you anymore. “And you said you couldn’t buy love,” he teased you as he handed the chocolate bar to his son. You rolled your eyes, getting a sweet kiss from him. “I’m just kidding, don’t say that sort of thing. Kids who get everything they want end up spoiled. This is for your own good.” He snatched the candy back with a slightly wicked chuckle.

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Suho: He never really spoiled his kids, so when they got mad at you for not buying them the latest video game, he felt truly disappointed in them. “I thought I had raised you better. What if that was the last thing you said to your mother? All because she wouldn’t buy you some game? If you get a job, then you can buy all the games you would like,” he scolded them. They could automatically tell that he was in a bad mood because of what they said.

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Xiumin: Minseok didn’t even need to say a word to let his son know that he was mad at him saying that he didn’t like you because you refused to get him a puppy. Minseok simply turned towards his son and stared down at him with his hard eyes. As soon as the angered look crossed his face, your son practically ran up to you to apologize for over-reacting to you denying him something. “Good boy, now go to your room and think about the things you want to say before you say it,” Minseok instructed him in a cold voice.

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pastelqueen-sweetascanbe  asked:

May I request a matchup if that is okay? Personality wise I've been told I'm really joyful, is always smiling, really curious, expresses my feelings really quickly (my face expression shows everything), kind, can be super girly sometimes, can be stubborn. Addicted to candy and nutella. Loves to play video games and can very overprotective like a mother. I have medium sized ash blonde hair with side bangs, hazel eyes with almond shaped eyes and fair skin with a heart shaped face. I'm 5'2" 1/2

you are….adorable, love (っ◕‿◕)っ absolutely adorable💛 hope you like this!

also sorry for that confusion earlier ^^;;;

I match you with…Zen!

  • absolutely loves all your facial expressions because he does the exact same thing 
  • is in love with your smile and has at least 200 pictures of you in his phone
  • he just thinks you’re really cute, what can i say 
  • both of you are stubborn jfc please compromise sometimes
  • you found zen’s weak spot: nutella 
  • candy, he’ll let you have as much as you want because he needs to keep his Look, but….
  • please share nutella with him
  • I can’t believe you got zen into video games
  • as a side hobby, of course, he can’t be addicted 
  • he’s actually very competitive and yells while he plays 
  • rip neighbors 
  • loves your overprotective side because he’s still insecure and you make him feel special 
  • absolutely traces your face with hearts, try not to blush too much 
  • gets you really cute clips for when you want your bangs out of your face 
  • also gives you a ton of forehead kisses 

Hey remember those prompts I asked for? I’m still working through them, I haven’t forgotten about any of you! :D

I kept getting ahead of myself with this one and I had to keep doubling back to make sure I actually addressed the prompt, haha. But I like how this turned out. Once again, I’m incapable of short fills. Oops. Enjoy!

“Sickbay to Bridge.”

“Go ahead, Bones,” Jim answered promptly, beating Uhura to the punch. He’d been signing reports for three hours straight and he’d almost welcome a full allergy panel of hyposprays to escape from it. Almost.

“Just because you’re bored with your job doesn’t mean you get to mooch off mine,” Uhura jibed good-naturedly.

Jim’s attempt at a retort was cut off by Bones’s reply, “You need to get to Sickbay. Now.”

Bones sounded stern, like Jim had been avoiding his physical for a week (which for once was not an issue, he’d actually showed up for his physical on time last month, thank you very much), but for the life of him Jim couldn’t think of any appointment he may have missed.


Jim paused at his tone; Bones didn’t sound stern, he realized, he sounded concerned.

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