this video is actually the cutest omfg

nastyinkahkis  asked:

-Otto writes inspirational and funny things in the bathroom stalls -Georg responds them and they are both unaware that they are conversing with each other -Anna's room hasn't changed since she was five so the walls are pink and the curtains have flowers and her bedsheets are pony themed. She desperately wants a change but hasn't had the time or money to do so -Martha makes slime videos

oh good gosh Otto is definitely That Guy and lol all the best love stories start that way, when they don’t know they are talking to each other. Again, I Don’t Make The Rules This Is Just The Truth. Omfg Anna’s room is actually the cutest even if she hates it and that’s the place the girls (and guys) go to gossip and basically be lame children. Anna’s room is the innocent room and she, again, is super annoyed, but it’s their thing. Omfg Martha does oh no


what if Hanschen is a YouTuber